hrwcan someone remind me where lp: is defined?10:37
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jumoithey, here's a quick question if there is a chance to get anonymous access via bzr?14:33
jpdsjumoit: Yes, you can branch over HTTP.14:34
LeoNerdIf your branch is visible by HTTP, then sure14:34
LeoNerdThough I don't think "anonymous" is quite the right word here; obviously the server can still log IP addresses and whatnot.. but perhaps "unauthenticated" is a better term14:35
mgzbzr branch tor:...14:35
mgzsomeone want to write a plugin? :)14:35
jumoitthanks, you guys. then, i'm to try what you just told me...then, reply you.14:35
jumoitLeoNerd, yeah, that's exactly what i wanna to ask around here. thanks.14:36
jumoitactually, i wanna get source from here https://code.launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider by the unauthenticated way. :)14:38
mgzthat's no problem, just branch lp:canonical-identity-provider without a launchpad login set in your bazaar configuration14:40
jumoitmgz, when trying with unauthenticated, bzr is asking me login with ssh...14:43
jpdsjumoit: Right, because you did bzr launchpad-login at some point.14:44
jpdsjumoit: You'll have to edit: .bazaar/authentication.conf14:44
mgzjumoit: `bzr config --scope=bazaar --remove launchpad_username`14:45
mgzand the authentication.conf bits can then be left as-is14:46
mgzand you can rerun `bzr launchpad-login YOU` later to set it again14:46
jumoitjpds, yeah, i can follow what you just told setting up ssh with launchpad...but, you know, there are so many people not willing to set up an account when only cloning source from launchpad...so, i have to find out a good way to help people get source without setting up an account on launchpad to get it.14:48
jumoitmgz, any ideas on that?14:49
mgzif they don't want to set up ssh, they need to just not set their launchpad username14:49
mgzI agree setting up ssh is hard for people who don't use it on a daily basis anyway14:50
wolfrageCan some one please walk me through the standard steps to create a feature branch of a project in order to patch a bug?  The project is: lp:simplegc.14:50
wolfrageI also need some better understanding, so can I not patch this just on my local machine, but I have to create a branch on LaunchPad, but I keepdoing it wrong...14:51
jpdswolfrage: bzr branch lp:simplegc14:51
wolfrageOnce the branch is their how do I get the code locally so that I can do the patch14:51
jpdswolfrage: Then: bzr branch simplegc feature-name14:51
wolfrageahhh OK I am using bazaar explorer and the feature option is not a normal option, though one would think it would be in colaborate14:52
wolfragebzr branch will create a copy of the branch in the current directory right, so If I want it to reflect right then that should be done in a directory called trunk?14:53
wolfrageby reflect right I just mean that my previous experience with feature branches seemed to just use side by side directory levels.14:54
jumoitmgz, when inputing "bzr branch lp:canonical-identity-provider" from the terminal,  some errors came up, and telling me..Permission denied (publickey).14:54
wolfragejumoit: just went through this you need to have a proper rsa key in your .ssh directory14:55
mgzjumoit: you still haven't deleted your launchpad username from the config :)14:55
mgzreally you should just go through the ssh setup and get that working though14:56
jpdswolfrage: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.5/en/tutorials/using_bazaar_with_launchpad.html14:56
wolfragejumoit: https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair14:56
mgzright you two, help each other :)14:56
wolfragejpds: Thanks14:56
jumoityou guys, thanks. after taking steps described in these links, i can set up ssh with launchpad. and i can get source successfully...but, other guys that only wanna get source (like git clone)  think that there is no need to set up an account on launchpad. so, all i now need is all about how to get access to projects launched on launchpad in the unauthenticated way?15:04
mgzjumoit: all they need to do is *not* run bzr launchpad-login15:06
mgzyou were having issues because you'd done that, then also perhaps because it'd stored the bzr+ssh url for the branch you were looking at15:06
* jelmer waves to mgz15:08
mgzhey jelmer!15:09
mgzenjoying your snow?15:09
mgzthat was a nasty shock coming through london after being in sunny atlanta15:10
jelmermgz: ah, so it's your fault!15:10
jumoitmgz, actually, i'm also new to bzr...so, seems that there is a learning curve to get bzr work like a charm. but, now, i need only one instruction to get source on launchpad anonymously.15:12
jumoitlet's say, get source from https://code.launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider by only one instruction.15:13
jelmermgz: what were you up to in sunny Atlanta?15:13
mgzjuju sprint15:14
mgzwas pretty good15:14
mgzjumoit: `bzr branch lp:canonical-identity-provider`15:15
mgzthough as we discovered last week `bzr branch http://launchpad.net/bzr` for instance also works, due to some funky launchpad redirecting15:18
lifelessmgz: o/15:20
lifelessmgz: thanks for your thoughtful blog post15:20
mgzhey lifeless, sorry for missing you on irc a few days earlier when you pointed me at the subunit changes :)15:23
lifelessmgz: de nada :)15:23
jumoitmgz, thanks. it works well in another user (www-data) on my workstation running ubuntu10.04 by "zr branch lp:canonical-identity-provider".. but, bzr told me that writing or accessing private data needs to set up an account on launchpad.15:26
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mgzright, it very helpfully does. getting the source worked fine, and that branch can be pulled fine from there on15:27
mgzif they want to submit things back to you, they do need to either do that ssh setup or host their own branches somewhere else that you can access15:28
jumoitmgz, thank you for your suggestion. then, i will tell them  what you just told me. thanks again. :)15:29
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LarstiQmgz, jelmer: oh, if you want some more snow, we have plenty!15:58
mgzno, it's okay, you can keep it :)16:00
LarstiQmgz: if you change your mind, I'm sure it will still be here till April16:00
jelmerLarstiQ: (-:16:15
jelmerIt seems like Brits and their trains are fairly delicate creatures..16:15
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wolfrageOk so from earlier I have made my patches, now I need to upload my feature branch to LP right, then I can request a merge right?16:24
jelmerwolfrage: yep16:25
wolfragejelmer: is it: bzr register-branch16:27
wolfragejelmer: or do I just push?16:28
jelmerwolfrage: you can just push16:29
jelmer'bzr register-branch' is only really useful if you are hosting your branch elsewhere16:29
wolfragejelmer: OK16:30
jumoitmgz, still there? any ideas on this case. (under /home/user1, setting up an account on launchpad as well as ssh (both works well). but, for the sake of security, i don't want to share private key under /home/user1 with /home/user2. but, user2 still can get source on launchpad by the authenticated way. PS: user1/2 both based on the same workstation)16:34
mgzprivate keys are password protected and user-only readable16:35
jumoitmgz, then, i set up a file called /home/user2/.ssh/config16:36
mgzssh will even complain if you have the wrong unix perms on your private key16:36
mgzthe solution is user2 also creates a set of ssh keys16:37
jumoitbut, so many ssh keys is not a good idea on the same workstation, i think. so, what would be the best for the case.?16:38
mgzit's the right solution, the .ssh directory is per-user rather than machine wide for a reason16:39
jumoitlet's say, user1 is my home, while user2 is something else like www-data for apache2. user2(www-data) is used to host some sites16:40
jumoituser1(my home) used for development.16:40
mgzokay, so if both users are really you, then you're doing something else wrong :)16:43
mgzeither your bot should have its own credentials, or it should use read-only access, or you should just manually do the bot steps16:45
jamjelmer: /wave16:47
jelmerhey jam :)16:47
jelmerjam: isn't this time well past your work day?16:48
jamjelmer: yeah, it is almost 9pm now, but I have my work call with my US manager (deryck), so I was around16:48
jumoitmgz, all right, all right...actually, there is some private data on launchpad required to set up account on launchpad...so, when deploying some site under /home/www-data, must set up one account as well to get access to private data.16:49
jammgz, jumoit: if you don't want to share the ssh creds, can you just put both pub keys into the same LP account?16:49
jamI realize having a bot account would be ok, but sometimes that is clumsy (LP requires a unique email address for every user, so bots have to get yet-another address from my home domain)16:49
mgzjumoit: I don't see why the www-data needs write-access to launchpad currently16:50
jammgz: well, he may want it to use bzr+ssh, and we never did implement unauthenticated ssh access.16:50
jelmerjam: ah :-)16:50
jumoitmgz, when deploying sso site against https://launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider, it really needs what i just said...16:51
mgzreally? I doubt that... in what manner?16:52
jumoitmgz, when setting up a virtual env by fab bootstrap, it really needs bzr16:53
mgzit needs read-only access, I can understand16:53
mgzcan't see why it'd need to push changes16:53
jumoitno, it need more...16:54
jammgz: well, they hard-coded bzr+ssh urls, so thus need bzr+ssh :)16:54
jamI haven't ever seen bazaar.isd. I wonder if that is inside the canonical network.16:54
jumoitjam, i have no idea on that. but, i think, mgz could tell you more16:56
mgzfile a bug, and then fix the branch, there's no reason you have to live with other people's broken code when you have access to the source and they take patches :)16:56
jumoityeah, i have done that. plus, you guys in that project will promise to correct it.16:58
mgzthe point is, you can fix it, then propose the fix16:58
mgzno reason to wait for someone else to get to it.16:58
jumoitno, i have no right to push...just report bugs. that's.16:59
jumoitthat's all16:59
mgzyou don't need push rights16:59
mgzyou fix your branch. and comit16:59
mgzthen push to your launchpad namespace, and do 'propose merge'16:59
jumoityeah, good point.16:59
jamjumoit: the *easy* answer, give the bot an ssh key, and then add both ssh keys to your account. The other way, rename all the "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/" branches to be "lp:" and bzr will figure out where to get it.17:00
jambazaar.isd is trickier.17:00
jamenvironment.py rewrites them to be from bazaar.launchpad.net, but I'm guessing the deployment process does it differently for production.17:00
jumoitjam, like you said, that will be replaced by bazaar.launchpad.net. so, i guess that you're also a python programmer, right?17:02
jumoitwell, you guys, thanks for your helping around here. see ya. and have a good time. :)17:05
jamgood luck jumoit17:05
jumoitwell, let's hope so, jam. :)17:05
jumoitjam, you know, python is really python;-)17:06
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