gary_posterhey benji: you working on getting "resolved" landed in go?12:04
bachi rogpeppe1, have you had a chance to review my deploy branch?12:04
rogpeppe1bac: hiya. not yet. i'm actually taking a swap day today, but i might be able to take a look anyway...12:05
bacrogpeppe1: ok, it would be nice to get it completely resolved, especially since it is in trunk already.12:05
rogpeppe1bac: ok12:05
gary_posterfrankban, I moved unexpose up to project 1 :-) I will review in a sec.  frankban bac teknico I could use two reviews of https://codereview.appspot.com/774104312:06
* bac looks12:06
gary_postercard is in review land at top of board12:06
gary_posterMakyo, frankban I mentioned the difficulty in landing the annotation branch to Mark Ramm as an opportunity for process improvement and I think he will run with it, at least for a bit.12:08
teknicogary_poster, is there anything I can read about purpose and usage of an in-memory juju environment?12:13
gary_posterteknico, not pre-written, no.  The primary initial usage will be in the charm store for 13.04: people will use this as an in-browser "improv" rather than having everyone actually connect to some shared or not-shared server process.  We also think it will be interesting for testing, and we think we need it to implement the presentation (and perhaps creation or editing) of bundles and generally allowing an import that12:16
gary_poster someone can look at before actually deploying.12:16
teknicogary_poster, thanks. so is it going to mimic the behavior of both pyjuju and gojuju, and then be kept in sync with both?12:21
gary_posterteknico, the component here is intended to be raw behavior, irrespective of py or go.  It should need to change little, except for big conceptual changes like changing no longer subscribing to all changes.  We will have py and go "wire protocols" that will speak to this component, and yes, they will mimic and be kept in sync.  The expectation is that keeping pyjuju in sync right now will be cheap, and we will only k12:23
gary_postereep go juju in sync if it is actuvely helping our testing.12:23
gary_posters/like changing no/like changing to no/12:24
benjigary_poster: yep, that's my first priority12:24
gary_postercool thanks benji 12:24
bacgary_poster: the daily call time sprung forward, correct?12:32
teknicoright, what's the UTC time for the call?12:33
teknicouhm, reitveld barfs with "Can't parse the patch to chunks" on app/assets/javascripts/js-yaml.min.js , ok12:33
gary_posterbac, yeah, that worked for everyone yesterday, but I'm happy to wait to switch until Europe moves if anyone prefers (teknico?).  If we do move forward, the UTC time is 143012:34
bacteknico: that is a new file so there is no diff12:34
gary_posterteknico, ok.  that's a minified version of packaged code, so I don't think it needs review.  Project is https://github.com/nodeca/js-yaml12:34
bacteknico: you can see it by using the first link12:34
teknicobac, yes, I saw it in the lp diff anyway12:35
teknicogary_poster, I didn't get what the alternative time is for the call, as opposed to 14:30 UTC12:36
gary_posterteknico, the old time, which was 1530, right?12:36
teknicoI'm fine with 14:30 UTC, btw12:36
gary_posterok thanks12:36
teknicogary_poster, oh, ok12:36
* benji prepares his vast collection of DST-supporting lawmaker voodoo dolls.12:41
rick_h_hatch: around this morning? Still fighting valueChange and curious if you have a sec to take a peek.12:41
* teknico lunches12:43
gary_posterrick_h_, he'll probably be around in 5 or 10 minutes12:56
rick_h_gary_poster: thanks12:56
hatchrick_h_: yup back to work today13:35
bcsaller_hatch: when you get a sec we should check the logs on the CI charm install again, seeing issues there13:45
rick_h_hatch: otp, but want to bug you about the valueChange test in https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/juju-gui/search-widget/+merge/15273713:47
hatchbcsaller_: yeah I saw your email - was just grabbing the creds, do you want me to reply with them?13:51
bcsaller_hatch: sounds good13:51
hatchdid DST change today?13:51
rick_h_hatch: sunday 13:53
gary_posterhatch, Sunday :-)13:53
gary_posterhatch, not for you yet?13:53
gary_posterhatch, US has gotten excited about DST lately--we start early and end late13:53
gary_posterCanada may not have gotten in on the fun13:53
gary_posterMaybe you switch on the 30th like Europe?13:54
hatchgary_poster: Saskatchewan doesn't observe DST13:55
gary_posterhatch, better watch out, benji might move up there13:55
hatchit's one of the few things the whole prov can agree on :P13:55
hatchlol - not a lot of southerners can handle the winters ;)13:56
gary_posteryeah, costa rica might be a better option to escape DST...13:56
gary_posterso anyway hatch, is it still OK to have a call in 34 minutes?  And will your starting time be typically in 4 minutes?13:57
benjinow that sounds like a plan13:57
hatchgary_poster: yes and yes - I can probably work towards starting an hour earlier if it's needed13:57
rick_h_hatch: got time for a quick hangout?13:57
hatchgimme 5 just getting a few things setup13:57
rick_h_hatch: rgr13:58
gary_posterhatch, great.  Only start an hour earlier if you want to.  Let me know if you decide to, but for now I'll assume that you will start as before, in 2 minutes13:58
hatchrick_h_: ok in guichat?14:04
rick_h_hatch: sec14:04
* bac purges cobzr from system. \o/14:14
hatchrick_h_: gota hate it when fresh eyes look at something and pick out the problem within seconds eh? ;)14:15
teknicobac, oh, nice. :-) what are you using instead, the pipes bzr plugin? did thumper put out the write up he mentioned at the sprint?14:16
bacteknico: yes, they are in the doc directory of juju-core14:16
rick_h_hatch: works for me. Better something simple I didn't see vs doing it completely wrong or trying to make it do something it can't14:16
bacboth bazaar-*.txt docs are worth reading14:16
hatchvery true very true14:16
rick_h_hatch: but yea, I should propose some changes to the docs that note that though. You'd think it'd be pretty much bold'd 14:17
hatchyeah that has come up so many times in the chats but nobody has ever updated the docs14:18
hatchis there a company address book that I can download into thunderbird so it will autocomplete the emails?14:18
gary_posteryes hatch, looking14:19
hatchthanks, my search fu was failing me14:19
rick_h_hatch: https://wiki.canonical.com/AddressBook?action=show&redirect=LDAP14:19
gary_posteryeah that14:20
hatchI think I might dual boot this computer into Ubuntu instead of VMing, after a week on my laptop the VM lag is driving me bonkers :)14:21
gary_posterjujugui, call in 2 in guichat14:27
gary_posterbenji, pingy ping ping ping14:30
benjigary_poster: coming14:31
Makyofrankban, Getting broken diffs in the 'Support unexpose' code review (error: old chunk mismatch).  Can you try reproposing, maybe after merging with trunk?14:43
frankbanMakyo: sure14:43
frankbanMakyo: done14:47
Makyofrankban, Thanks.14:47
MakyoWorks now.  Review.14:47
goodspudApologies for not attending. I've been caught up in discussions14:48
gary_posternp goodspud.  Everything ok?14:51
goodspudgary_poster, all is good in the world14:52
gary_poster:-) cool14:52
goodspudgary_poster, and thanks for your comments on the user testing findings14:52
gary_posterwelcome goodspud.  I also commented on an older one from jovan2 that I had missed but it was just to try to clarify.  I maybe should have been more helpful14:53
gary_posterbut hopefully it was at least somewhat helpful :-)14:54
goodspudIt's always helpful, even if it challenges us or raises new questions14:54
goodspudgary_poster, actually we hate it when people challenge us.14:55
goodspudWe are always right damn it!14:56
gary_posterof course!14:56
rick_h_all bow!14:56
goodspudActually there is nothing better than seeing a designer react when someone doesn't like their work14:56
goodspudIt's quite funny14:56
hatchgary_poster: Ben now has all of the information that was in my head that he needed to continue on solo - what would you like me to move onto next?14:56
gary_posterhatch, there's nothing to help on with the CI/Windows stuff--it14:57
gary_poster's just wrapping up on both sides?14:57
frankbanthanks for the reviews Makyo and bac14:58
hatchgary_poster: yeah there is a deployment bug but now that Ben can get into the slave and the instances I'm sure he'll be able to get that going pretty soon14:59
hatch*famous last words*14:59
gary_posterhatch and IE is working otherwise?14:59
gary_posterall tests passing and suchlike?14:59
hatchwell right now we can't run the tests - but they will need some adjustment once they are back up and running15:00
hatchsaucelabs times out if they run to long15:00
hatchso we'll need to split them up because IE is slower than the rest of the browsers15:00
gary_posterhatch, you can run those locally, yeah?  Let's talk on guichat, that will be faster :-)15:00
rick_h_goodspud: joining the hangout?15:03
gary_posterbenji, you applied for the juju-gui saucelabs account to be open source, right?15:13
benjigary_poster: right (or that was my intent; your question raises doubts)15:13
gary_posterack benji 15:14
gary_posterbenji it is, all good thx15:17
gary_posterbcsaller_, could you join hatch and me in guichat please?15:30
rick_h_jcsackett hatch if you get a few min can you look over https://codereview.appspot.com/7519044/ ? See the notes in the comments to help explain why a couple things are the way they are15:32
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=== teknico_ is now known as teknico
hatchrick_h_: this._events.push() is sure ugly...we should pool our brains at some point and come up with a better solution - don'tyathinks?16:11
rick_h_hatch: yea, I had thought about a wrapper like this.addEvent()16:11
rick_h_and sticking that on Y.Widget, but didn't go that far yet16:11
rick_h_maybe an extension! :)16:11
hatchhaha yeah I'd like to almost see that as part of event16:12
hatchLuke is rewriting event in his spare time so maybe I can chat with him about adding something along those lines16:12
rick_h_hatch: hmm...you'd have to get it into the Widget destructor though so not sure how that would work 16:12
rick_h_it seems you'd just be able to auto/pretty up the Widget side. 16:13
hatchgood point.... a base extension then16:13
hatchbecause view, widgetm and plugin would bennefit from it16:13
rick_h_ugh, not sure...guess I'd have to see how that would work16:13
hatchyeah I have no idea16:13
rick_h_I only thought so far as a wrapper around _event since I agree it's fugly16:13
hatchand doesn't minify very well16:14
rick_h_meh, gzip ftw ;P16:14
gary_posterhey hatch, what's your charm branch?  I want to see if something I have merges cleanly16:19
gary_posterthank you16:20
hatchthat's from memory :) sorry for the lack of link16:20
hatchrick_h_: review done - just a few small things16:25
rick_h_hatch: thanks for the feedback. 16:26
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-lunch
hatchrick_h_: oh - I wasn't sure exactly where the notes about the events applied to so I just made the comments anyways :)16:31
rick_h_hatch: yea everything looks all good. 16:32
hatchmy laptop has an expansion slot thats 3.5cm x 0.5cm - anyone have any idea what it's called?16:34
hatchI'm wondering if I can get a display port card so I can use my laptop as my daily computer16:35
hatchhah - figures, right after I ask I find it :D16:35
hatchlooks like I'd have to do a ExpressCard USB3>DisplayPort now that sounds like a driver nightmare16:39
gary_postertherve, hi.  we have a release of juju-gui with landscape bits.  https://ec2-50-17-161-4.compute-1.amazonaws.com/ is example with landscape annotations (that I plan to shut down soon ;-) ).  password is "admin" but I don't think you'll need it.  You may want to use our ~juju-gui charm (juju deploy cs:~juju-gui/precise/juju-gui) rather than the default charmers now; we have a merge pending, and have some other change16:54
gary_posters coming.16:54
thervegary_poster, cool, looking16:55
thervegary_poster, there are some additional bits in the URL, I don't know if it's your tests data: computers/criteria/environment:env0/computers/criteria/service:mediawiki[...]16:57
gary_posteroh, the doubled up bits16:58
gary_posterwhen everything is artificial it's hard to notice that :-/16:59
gary_postertherve, I think it is the data: annotations are being produced according to the pre-Kapil approach and our code is working with the post-Kapil approach17:00
gary_posterthat is, our fake annotations are old, but gui code is new17:00
thervegary_poster, ok. we'll see how it goes with the real deployment then :) thanks17:00
gary_postercool therve.  I look forward to hearing, and we'll jump on fixes if needed.17:01
* gary_poster declares that url as no longer open. :-) messing with some other things there now.17:02
hatchgary_poster: the changes you made to lbox would those have come down in the PPA?17:04
gary_posterhatch they are in our (gui) trunk.  it is just an lbox config17:04
gary_posterin a .lbox file17:04
hatchohh ok17:04
gary_postertherve confirmed it is the old data, fwiw17:05
hatchI can't seam to propose bcsaller_'s branch because it's saying there is no diff17:13
gary_posterhatch, branch of which?17:13
hatchthe ie-cuts branch17:13
gary_postercharm or gui17:13
hatchyou may have just got an email that shows a 0 diff too17:14
gary_posterhatch, you are trying to propose ititself17:14
hatchit's trying to merge itself17:14
gary_posteryeah that :-)17:14
hatchso I need to branch trunk, merge ie-cuts then propse that?17:15
gary_posterhatch, try merging trunk17:15
gary_posterthat would be easiest17:15
gary_posterand probably best17:15
hatchalright I'll try that17:15
hatchrick_h_: did you forget to add the input.focus() in charm-search.js ?17:27
hatchyour comment says that you added it but it's not there :)17:27
rick_h_hatch: looking, sec17:28
rick_h_hatch: bah, pushing up now.17:30
rick_h_hatch: actually will add a test for that as well so that I don't miss it again.17:30
hatchthat sounds good17:31
gary_posterhatch, I saw your ie-cuts mp, cool.  will review in a minute.  that's a pair branch so you only need 1.17:31
hatchgary_poster: yeah the propose got all messed up, so I'm trying again17:31
gary_posterfor your charm branch, I have a change I'd like to either make after you or with you17:31
gary_posterhatch, oh!17:31
gary_posterI won't look at it then, nm :-)17:31
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gary_posterhatch, for charm branch do you want me to propose the combined branch, to take that off your plate?  We could probably all then look at stuff and approve it and move on :-)17:32
gary_posterI just verified that it worked17:32
gary_posterwith staging and building17:32
gary_posterand default17:33
hatchrick_h_: there is one issue with focusing though - if the user has something else focused and then all of a sudden that input is in focus they may be all 'wtfyo where my focus go?'17:33
hatchgary_poster: sure that would work17:33
hatchunless bcsaller_ has made any changes to it ?17:33
hatchbesides logs that is17:33
rick_h_hatch: right, so the comes about by something in the UI thinking that the search needs to be udpated. If they click on smoething that does that (category link) the UI will change around anyway.17:33
hatchrick_h_: gotcha - just wanted to point that out17:33
rick_h_hatch: yea, ideally I'd not have to focus first, but I think it's a good trade off and if I'm wrong we'll tweak it another way17:34
hatchgary_poster: ok the patch set two diff'd properly in codereview17:34
gary_posterok cool17:34
hatchrick_h_: yeah I would like some way to trigger the valuechange without focus, but I"ve wanted that for a long long time heh17:35
rick_h_hatch: I'll probably have to tweak things as it is once I tie in autocomplete into that search input17:36
rick_h_but works for the moment17:37
hatchoh yeah for sure - I was just mentioning in general - requiring a focus creates issues when a manual value set should also trigger it17:38
hatchin $project~1 I had that issue17:39
hatchgary_poster: did you propose the combined branch? I haven't received an email yet17:49
gary_posterhatch, I had some escapades of my own, but it is here (no rietveld): https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/charms/precise/juju-gui/bug1117896/+merge/15297317:49
hatchahh gotcha :)17:51
sinzuibac, anyone, we have a juju-core branch. Who do we ask and where to get a review?17:52
BradCrittendensinzui: ask in #juju-dev17:52
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
bacsinzui: you'll need two reviews that say *exactly* "LGTM".  no other combination of english words or characters are accepted17:53
bac"this is the most awesome branch ever and i demand you land it now" does not count17:53
sinzuibac, yep, We've been through that17:54
bacsinzui: the reviewers over there are pretty good about watching their email and handling reviews without bugging htem17:54
* sinzui now type lgtm, r=m, just fucking land it17:54
hatchgary_poster: looks good - although I think the print's under first_path_in_dir() probably aren't needed - I am pretty sure we only added those for debugging18:13
hatch192, 195, 197, 19818:13
hatchtaking lunch18:16
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gary_posterhatch, ack thanks, will remove18:59
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
hatchI'm pretty sure the changes to the charm require our changes to deploy_charm_for_testing.py to function19:02
hatchso hopefully ben is making headway on that deployment issue19:02
gary_posterhatch, other way around.  deply_charm....py needs the charm.19:05
hatchoh...right, that's what I meant19:05
hatchmy head is just full of circular references19:05
hatchpretty soon I'll run out of ram and explode19:05
bacgary_poster: where you going to bump the WIP limit on 'story 1'?19:06
bacnot 'where' but 'were'19:07
gary_posterbac I got cold feet, but yes,  done.19:07
gary_posterwell, saving19:07
gary_posternow it is done19:07
back, thx19:07
bcsaller_hatch: The tests are running again, I've been looking into the IE failures, I still see timeouts19:08
hatchoh ok I was just about to start on that using EC219:09
hatchglad you poped in :D19:09
hatchwhat was the issue with the deployment?19:09
gary_posterhatch, you can land the ie fixes branch I think19:09
gary_posterif the branch was in a pair then we only need one review19:09
hatchsounds good19:10
benjigary_poster: any preferences for my next card?19:10
gary_posterbenji, cool that you landed the go thing.  I think I'd vote for you working on the go stuff: implementing existing go commands in JS, or working on additional go commands19:11
benjisounds good19:13
MakyoThat destroy-service branch was so much easier than the addunits one.  Should've started with that.19:14
hatchbac: do you have your ubuntu vm disk shared with osx?19:14
bachatch: no19:15
hatchahh ok, I wasn't sure if you were actually working in ubuntu or osx19:15
baci think gary used to do the other a long time ago19:15
gary_posterhatch it is a pain because of file permissions and changed owners and such.  I ended up mounting nfs in OS X and it was ok.19:19
hatchahh ok that's what I was thinking of doing - I am trying to find the best @home dev env with my current hardware19:20
gary_posterI liked the nfs solution pretty well, actually19:20
gary_postergetting it set up was a bit of a pain but not too bad iirc19:20
hatchthings like email might be a little bit of an issue19:21
hatchso that might have to stay in the VM19:21
gary_posterhatch, I actually used server Ubuntu only19:21
gary_posterI did everything else in OS X19:21
gary_posterand forwarded ports and such19:21
gary_posterthat was the annoying part19:21
gary_postersometimes I just mucked with my /etc/hosts filein OS X19:22
gary_posterthat sometimes worked ok too19:22
hatchI hate spending time making things work instead of being productive19:24
hatchmaybe I'll make my own 'ubuntumini' :P19:24
hatchlooks like dual booting them now isn't has hard as it once was19:25
hatchcould pick one of these up http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1685610200119:27
hatchit has a tbolt port19:27
hatchso should I write this documentation in markup?19:59
gary_posterhatch, where are you going to write it?  The charm uses markdown, the gui uses ReST, and the wiki uses...something that I forget20:00
gary_posterhatch, so if you want to write the main docs in markdown, I guess you ought to decide that the charm is the best place to write the docs :-)20:01
gary_posterthen you could add links in the other places20:01
hatchI'm writing it in a google doc but then I'll likely save it into the gui as that's likely where people would be initing the tests from20:01
gary_posterReST should be target them20:01
gary_posterWe consume them and make a site with them20:02
gary_posterhatch, basics are simple. http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/user/rst/quickstart.html20:02
hatchReST was a very pooly chosen acronym haha20:02
hatchalrighty rest it is20:03
hatcham I to keep to an 80 char limit in rst files? Does the parser know not to break the lines in the middle of a sentence ?20:58
benjihatch: yes (or 79, like the more refined among us) and yes21:00
hatchok so I don't or do need to leave a space at the end?21:01
benjiHere's a reST quick reference: http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/user/rst/quickref.html21:01
benjinope, no space at the end of lines21:01
hatchmaybe I'll do 78 just to be extra refined :P21:01
hatchlol 21:02
hatchbcsaller_, when is your EOD now?21:32
hatch32 mins ago? :)21:32
bcsaller_hatch: still going 21:33
hatchoh alright - things going ok with the tests? I saw that the deploy worked so that's good :)21:34
bcsaller_hatch: yes, that all seems to be working again, but I haven't figured out why the other isn't working still21:35
bcsaller_and it still takes a long time to try something21:35
hatchwell...why don't you manually set up the canonistack instance from the jenkins slave and then manually fire off the selenium tests?21:36
hatchthat way you can avoid the instance setup time21:36
hatchI know that we ran into issues with the deploy leaving things around - but if you ssh into the canonistack instance you 'should' be able to avoid that21:37
hatchif I am thinking correctly21:37
hatchjcsackett, review completed21:40
bcsaller_hatch: yeah, I was thinking that as well. I'm also thinking of adding to the wait_for primitive to support a retry count21:40
rick_h_droidjcsackett ping21:47
rick_h_droidsinzui when you do the hangout with can you invite me manually? on the mobile side atm. 21:48
rick_h_droidsinzui are we on22:05
rick_h_droid? 22:05
sinzuiI'm just pinging huw22:06
hatchbcsaller_, were you able to get the sauce labs tests to run locally on your machine? Without going through EC2 or Canonistack? 23:03
hatchI remember you mentioning something about it but I'm not sure what the result was :)23:04
hatchgary_poster, bcsaller_ first draft http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hatch/juju-gui/ci-documentation/view/head:/docs/continuous-integration.rst23:09
gary_posterGreat start hatch, thank you!  Perfect23:19
gary_posterI will look at it more closely tomorrow23:20

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