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nellHey guys I am just wondering this process looks suspicious to me00:51
nell1648 nobody     20   0 12816  1036   632 S  0.0  0.0  0:03.01 /usr/sbin/tcpspy -U nobody -G nogroup -f /etc/tcpspy.rules00:51
nellwhat the heck is going on?00:52
calwighow does one enable the cube in kubuntu?00:53
calwiggot it00:55
mandoguitnell:   tcpspy is available through repo's so would imagine it's legit    aptitude search tcpspy00:59
mandoguitp   tcpspy                               - Incoming and Outgoing TCP/IP connections logge00:59
mandoguittcpspy:i386 - Incoming and Outgoing TCP/IP connections logge00:59
mandoguithmm.....that could have been formatted a bit better  :P00:59
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nexus`hey guys05:23
nexus`i just tried to install kubuntu05:23
nexus`but apparently it doesnt support bluetooth by default05:24
nexus`i dont have a non bluetooth keyboard is there anyway i can install this?05:24
valoriehmmm, I thought bluetooth worked out of the box05:29
valorienexus`: do you have a mouse?05:29
nexus`yea valorie05:30
nexus`but i got to the part where it was trying to force me to type in a name for the computer05:30
valorieI use a laptop, so it's hard to imagine having no keyboard!05:30
nexus`couldnt get passed it05:30
nexus`is there a way i can get into CLI on installation?05:31
nexus`sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluez-utils bluez-gnome05:31
nexus`can use that then05:31
valoriesure, but it's alt-control f205:31
valoriefrom the keyboard05:31
valorieI wonder if there is an on screen keyboard by default05:32
valoriethere is, but how to get it onscreen05:33
valorieit's called 'virtual'05:33
valorieI used alt+f205:34
valoriedidn't seem to work well with my touchpad though05:35
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qianlonghello everyone08:08
lordievaderHey qianlong, how are you?08:08
n8wi have lately been experiencing random reboots, whats the place to start trableshootin? dmesg? well i dont rly know what to look for...08:39
valorieby random reboots, do you mean your machine restarts itself?08:40
valorien8w: ^^08:40
PrincessLunaHi, how can I right click in KDE with a touchscreen. Holding down the finger doesn't work like in Windows 8 and Android.08:40
valorieI've never heard of that08:40
lordievadern8w: Syslog and dmesg are a good place to start, yes.08:40
BronySXiYLI have a Digitazz wireless dongle with Ralink RT5370 stuff, but linux can't use it, and the only driver I found was a perl script, that has an error in it, what should I do?08:45
n8wvalorie, ye...08:47
n8wlordievader, yes thx...i have found something in syslog...but its strange08:48
lordievadern8w: Does it happen on a specific time?08:48
n8wlordievader, nope...this one happened after 347 hours of uptime08:48
PrincessLunaAny suggestions on how to right click with a touchscreen?08:49
n8wlordievader, its stilla random reboot...see, the device im talking about is IoT gateway...so i need to make sure that this doesnt happen again08:49
lordievadern8w: IoT something internet related, I take. Anyhow what does the syslog say? Can you pastebin it?08:51
lordievader!pastebin | n8w08:51
ubottun8w: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:51
n8wlordievader, i have also got remote logging(cpu usage,cpu temp etc), so i can see the exact time when the machine wen down08:52
lordievaderPrincessLuna: Touchscreen, plasma-active?08:52
BronySXiYLI am calm.08:52
n8wlordievader, the machine went down at 6:33:17 this morning and the first entry in syslog is : Mar 12 06:34:17 localhost syslogd (GNU inetutils 1.5): restart08:52
n8wlordievader, nothin before that....08:53
n8wlordievader, i mean, yes there r entries, but from fabruary:/08:53
PrincessLunalordievader: Would that right click?08:53
PrincessLunalordievader: I haven't tried plasma-active yet and this computer has a keyboard, touch pad and pointing stick as well. It can be used as a tablet too.08:54
lordievaderPrincessLuna: No I'm just asking, since there is a Plasma-active channel here on freenode (#active). If it is plasma-active that you are running, you might ask there.08:54
lordievaderPrincessLuna: Ah, if it is a pc then you are probaly not runnign plasma-active.08:55
lordievaderPrincessLuna: Plasma-active is tablet stuff.08:55
timblechmannhi, testing 13.04 on one of my machines, i cannot log into kde anymore.08:56
lordievadern8w: Syslogd should be just the syslog daemon, this should not reboot your system. However, if it fails to restart you loose your syslogging... it might be related to your problem.08:56
PrincessLunalordievader: I know but you can install plasma active on it and theoretically it should work.08:56
timblechmannkdm.log shows me: http://pastie.org/private/juaksgr8tulwh0lhbpg6a ... it seems that it cannot connect to dbus08:57
timblechmannany idea how to resolve it?08:57
n8wlordievader, im not saying that syslogd has caused the shutdown...but its weird that there is nothin before the actual reboot...08:57
n8wlordievader, i mean, no entries indicating that smth is about to happen08:58
lordievadern8w: That is why I said it, syslog might fail. What happens after that is not logged anymore.08:58
lordievader!patience | BronySXiYL08:59
ubottuBronySXiYL: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.08:59
BronySXiYLI am patient, and the forums don;t help.08:59
n8wlordievader, the reboor happened before the syslog went down08:59
BronySXiYLThe only thing I was doing was saying "..." every now and then.09:00
MamarokBronySXiYL: which is unnecessary and only creates noise09:00
BronySXiYLSorry, I don't know everything.09:01
lordievadern8w: Are you monitoring temperatures? Mainly CPU and HDDs?09:01
n8wlordievader, yes cpu temp and motherboard temp as well09:01
MamarokBronySXiYL: I can't help with your dongle, sorry09:02
BronySXiYLNo? :(09:02
lordievadern8w: Ok, what are they, if I may ask?09:03
Mamarokwell, it's not very common, and it has nothing to do with Kubuntu, it is a general linux problem09:03
MamarokBronySXiYL: so you better ask in a more specific channel, might just be that the hardware just doesn't work in Linux, or contact the script author09:04
palassoI've searched for the specific hardware and it seems to be working for others09:05
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Guest91497buon giorno09:21
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n8wlordievader, sry for bein late...09:32
n8wlordievader, all temps r ok...09:33
lordievadern8w: Hmm that is annoying, somewhere it would be great if that would be the source of the problem... Does the dmesg give something usefull?09:35
lordievaderBit more difficult to search through...09:35
n8wlordievader, the same as the other logs...there is a gap and the first entry is right after the reboot09:36
lordievadern8w: Harddrive failure? I'm now just thinking of random things.09:37
n8wlordievader, ye well...my favorite candidate is the RAM09:38
n8wlordievader, do u think that bein low on mem could cause the system to reboot?09:38
lordievadern8w: Did you test the both of them?09:38
n8wlordievader, there is a sdcard...so no regular hdd09:38
lordievadern8w: Theoratically there is a chance, if the OOM killer kicks in and kills init (it shouldn't do that) well than things will go wrong...09:39
lordievadern8w: Or there is a script that runs a process and after the process has finished reboots, OOM killer kills the process, script reboots the pc... Again just thinking of things.09:39
n8wlordievader, i have started remotely monitoring free mem today...so lets see...09:40
n8wlordievader, ye it sounds as a possibility...09:41
lordievadern8w: You do not have the option of testing the ram (and hdd)?09:41
n8wlordievader, im reviewin the syslog.conf file now...09:41
Novusanyone around?10:55
Novusyou know about the development of kubuntu?10:56
lordievaderNovus: Many are idleing, just ask your question, see !ask for details.10:56
NovusI'm trying to figure out why for years I have had problems installing Ubuntu and have nothing but issues with it, yet I install Kubuntu and it works fine everytime 100% out of the box?10:57
Novusyou all have your own kernal or something? I mean how closely do you two develop together is at all?10:58
NovusI'm out of ideas as to why that won't install and frankly I given up on them as I actually think Kubuntu is better anyway10:58
Novusbut I would love to know why it don't work10:58
lordievaderNovus: Because Kubuntu is freaking awesome? We use the same kernel as Ubuntu does.10:58
NovusKDE is awesome!10:59
lordievaderNovus: :D10:59
Novusplease for the love of god don't install that unholy of a program Unity in Kubuntu10:59
Novusbetween that an Gnome,.. they can both kiss my @**11:00
Riddellthanks Novus11:00
Novustho I haven't figured out how to get my wobbly windows on tho, lol11:01
Riddellright click on a window border -> window manager settings11:01
Novusdo i need to install compitz?11:02
lordievaderNope we have Kwin ;)11:02
Novusaw sweeeet11:03
lordievaderKwin is much better than Compiz (keep in mind I'm biased)11:03
NovusI am a fan of what works :)11:03
Novusgimmie one sec11:03
NovusI am about to take a shit on my ubuntu CD11:03
Novusand post it in the #ubuntu channel11:03
Novusi do have a few more questions when I get back tho11:04
Novusfirst big one is I am looking for a game engine that works with linux11:04
Novusi use unity3d now11:05
lordievaderNovus: No need to bash Ubuntu, still without Ubuntu, Kubuntu wouldn't be.11:05
PrincessLunaHow can I right click with a touchscreen?11:22
Novus2 fingers?11:23
PrincessLunaNovus: Does not work. In Windows 8 and android its long press11:24
Novusah good to know11:27
Novusholy shit,.. something funyn just happend11:28
NovusSo,.. I was workign for this company and my boss was a complete idoit and highers idoits....11:29
NovusI should mention because of this I no longer work there11:29
NovusI was written up in a matter of weekes cause I called someone "GoofY"11:30
NovusAnyway,.. the funny part is11:30
Tm_TNovus: wrong channel11:30
Novusthe alarm company just called me and wanted to know if I wanted to "stop the police" from going to an alarm situation at the office11:30
palassoNovus, this channel is for support on Kubuntu. For off-topic discussions you can use #kubuntu-offtopic11:31
BluesKajHiyas all11:39
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rolanddoes anyone have a problem where, resizing konsole window crashes KDE? (12.10 with latest updates)11:47
rolandit seems it's a known problem... related to videocard driver12:01
nexus`anyone have a clue why i cant install kubuntu on vmware12:06
nexus`i can install any other OS12:06
nexus`even ubuntu12:06
nexus`but kubuntu is a no go12:06
lordievadernexus`: Could you elaborate why it doesn't install? What kind of errors do you get?12:07
nexus`i just cant see anything12:07
nexus`no GUI or CLI12:07
nexus`i guess i can install ubuntu and do an apt-get install kubuntu-desktop12:07
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murthyhello everyone12:15
murthyBluesKaj: hi12:18
Artakhai'm getting te same problem here12:25
Artakhatrying to install kubuntu.. first with an usb drive i'm getting boot errors12:25
Artakhatrying with qemu i'm getting a black screen with a cursor12:25
lordievadernexus`: Can't you see anything when booting the live-cd? Or after you've installed it?12:26
Artakhai guess i'll try the ubuntu approach too12:26
nexus`booting the livecd lordievader12:26
nexus`i see the um12:26
nexus`waiting screen12:26
nexus`where it says kubuntu12:26
nexus`then has the dots under neath12:26
FloodBotK1nexus`: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:26
nexus`then after a few seconds it goes blank12:27
Artakhayeah i see that too12:27
nexus`pitch black12:27
Artakhai see a cursor12:27
Artakhabut otherwise just black12:27
nexus`yea me too Artakha12:27
nexus`the kubuntu cursor12:27
nexus`are u on a VM too?12:27
lordievadernexus`: Can you by any change go to a tty?12:27
Artakhaqemu's a vm12:27
nexus`nope lordievader12:27
Artakhai'm outright getting boot errors if i try to just boot it12:27
nexus`i get nothing but a blank screen and a cursor12:28
nexus`maybe 12.10 doesnt work with VM's12:28
nexus`since Artakha is getting the same problem12:28
lordievadernexus`: It should (or at least I think so), not being able to access the tty, is that due to limitation of vmware or Kubuntu itself?12:28
nexus`i cant do anything with it12:29
nexus`anyway Artakha installing ubuntu and doing sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop works12:30
Artakhaalright i'll go for that then12:30
nexus`just log out and select kde12:30
lordievadernexus`: Annoying workaround: install ubuntu server and then installing the kubuntu-desktop package.12:30
nexus`then log back in12:30
nexus`yea already have lordievader12:30
nexus`that works12:30
nexus`annoying that kubuntu doesnt wanna work though12:30
nexus`gonna try xubuntu here shortly12:30
FloodBotK1nexus`: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:30
lordievadernexus`: Still I recommend taking Ubuntu server instead of the default Ubuntu, less gnome/unity stuff :)12:31
Artakhawhat's the difference between ubuntu server and the regular one exactly? just less gui things?12:32
lordievaderArtakha: Ubuntu server comes without a GUI.12:33
nexus`a lot less stuff Artakha12:33
Artakhaah good12:33
Artakhai'll grab that, then12:33
BluesKajno gui if you choose the headless12:33
nexus`also i did use server lordievader12:33
nexus`i already had the iso since i use ubuntu server on all of my servers12:33
Unit193Easier to get mini.iso, that way you don't have any unneeded server applications.12:34
Artakhaoh blargh12:34
Artakhait's giving me an amd64 iso12:34
nexus`not really Unit19312:34
nexus`what is Artakha12:34
lordievaderWhee, so many options :)12:34
Artakhahttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/server this12:34
Unit193nexus`: How so?12:34
Artakhai guess i could grab the lts release but at that point i could just as well get the regular ubuntu12:35
nexus`get choose 32bit...12:35
nexus`in the dropdown12:35
nexus`get 12.0412:35
nexus`its better anyway since its LTS12:35
FloodBotK1nexus`: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:35
nexus`because a lot of the stuff server comes with is needed Unit19312:35
Artakhameh i don't mind upgrading12:35
lordievaderArtakha: http://www.ubuntu.com/start-download?distro=server&bits=32&release=latesr12:35
nexus`Artakha: for server LTS is the way to go12:36
Artakhabut i want a kubuntu desktop, not a server :P12:36
nexus`dont think anyone can argue that12:36
nexus`well if u prefer 12.10 lordievader just gave you a link12:36
Artakhayeah i'll go with that12:36
nexus`i just personally prefer 12.0412:36
Artakhathanks a bunch12:36
nexus`ill let u guys know if xubuntu works12:36
BluesKajkubuntu desktop runs nicely on 12.1012:37
lordievadernexus`: We're happy with Kubuntu ;)12:37
nexus`lordievader: i just meant to compare with kubuntu12:37
Artakhacool, 80 megs less to download12:37
nexus`to see if it is a kubuntu problem or a problem with anything but regular ubuntu on VM's12:37
lordievaderBluesKaj: They have the problem that 12.10 does not run inside VMware... :(12:37
Artakhahm, 20 minutes to download12:38
* Artakha waltzes afk12:38
BluesKajwell, then ask in VMware :) , tired of ppl afraid to take a risk and do a real install12:38
Artakhathanks for the help guys12:38
nexus`BluesKaj: im not afraid12:38
ArtakhaBluesKaj, i tried to install normally12:39
nexus`i just only have a bluetooth mouse and keyboard12:39
Artakhait refuses to boot12:39
Artakhaso i tried qemu as a last-ditch effort12:39
nexus`also you know VM's are there for a reason12:39
BluesKajArtakha, my recommendation is to forget virtual unless absolutely necessary for on the job requirements , otherwise do a proper install12:40
BluesKajArtakha, if a VM is a requirement then install ubuntu and then install kubuntu-desktop and do the pure kde commands12:43
nexus`lordievader: xubuntu works12:44
nexus`so its a kubuntu problem12:44
BluesKajhttp://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekubuntu , Artakha12:44
lordievadernexus`: Have you tried the 12.04.2 version of Kubuntu in a VM?12:44
nexus`where is it12:44
nexus`all i saw was 12.1012:45
lordievadernexus`: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download-lts12:45
BluesKajArtakha, or idf you want a kubuntu install try my above suggestion without the VM ...I had to use that method a while back and it worked great12:47
nexus`lordievader: let ya know in about 30 minutes12:49
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nexus`lordievader: looks like 12.04 doesnt work either13:05
nexus`http://snapplr.com/yfrd thats all i can see13:05
lordievadernexus`: It freezes there?13:07
nexus`and when i shut it down and start it up13:07
nexus`all i can see is a _13:07
nexus`black background. doesnt work in VM's apparently13:07
nexus`oh well13:07
lordievadernexus`: A real install is not an option?13:08
nexus`not at this point13:08
nexus`im on an iMac13:08
nexus`only got bluetooth mouse/keyboard13:08
nexus`cant install any linux13:08
soeeanyoen using rsibreak ?13:11
BluesKajsoee, what's rsibreak ?13:12
soeeBluesKaj, app to count activity time and set short/long breaks for you13:12
BluesKajyeah , I see now , soee ..too late for me , probly gonna need carpal tunnel surgery soon . Can't blame the mouse and KB entirely for this tho , playing drums also causes the same condititon13:15
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KomiaPoikais there a program as good as lightroom3 or lightroom4 in linux?13:36
BluesKajKomiaPoika, what kind of app is that ?13:36
KomiaPoikaadobe lightroom to edit pictures in a batch13:36
KomiaPoikai know of darktable but it's mostly to edit raw's13:37
lordievaderKomiaPoika: In my opinion there is not, Lightroom is one of my reasons to keep Windows on my laptop.13:38
Artakhableh, tried to boot the ubuntu server from my usb drive13:38
KomiaPoikalordievader: did you ever try darktable?13:39
Artakhait just farted "no operating system" and dropped down to the hard drive :P13:39
Artakhathis is getting quite annoying13:39
lordievaderKomiaPoika: No I haven't, is it any good?13:39
lordievaderArtakha: How did you try to make the usb drive?13:40
KomiaPoikalordievader: didn't try it yet, but it presents itself as the lightroom alternative for linux13:40
BluesKajArtakha, dunno if you noticed my suggestion above , about installing ubuntu then doing the the pure kde commands to get kubuntu13:40
ArtakhaBluesKaj, that's what i'm trying to do13:41
Artakhalordievader, formatted with mkfs.ext3 and installed with unetbootin13:42
lordievaderArtakha: Did you try it with the Usb Creator (not sure if you are running Ubuntu <- standard installed in there)13:43
Artakharunning debian lenny right now13:43
BluesKajArtakha, no cdrom? , usb installs seem to have probs and bugs13:43
ArtakhaBluesKaj, no cds at hand right now13:44
jussihow does one change the oxygen style so that I have square buttons not round?13:45
KomiaPoikacan you put the task bar on top in kubuntu 12.10?13:48
Torchyou can in KDE, so why not in 12.10? ;-)13:49
jussiKomiaPoika: yes, you can13:50
jussiKomiaPoika: right click the bar, panel options, panel settings, then click and drag the screen edge button13:51
KomiaPoikajussi: thanks14:21
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KomiaPoikais the ubuntu 12.10 default interface gnome?14:27
lordievaderKomiaPoika: Unity, a UI based on Gnome.14:27
BluesKajKomiaPoika, unity is the default in ubuntu afaik14:28
KomiaPoikaso which is better now really, unity or the lastest kde with kubuntu?14:33
lordievaderKomiaPoika: We here would (ofcourse) say Kubuntu, in #ubuntu they would say Ubuntu/Unity is better...14:33
KomiaPoikafair enough14:34
jman074i got disconnecte14:54
jman074how do i dowload oracle java from terminal14:54
ben___apt-get install <packagename>14:56
ben___or go to website, download it, then read the install file in the downloaded file14:57
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mandoguitsudo apt-get install <packagename>14:59
ben___mandoguit you have to not put sudo in the first go around15:00
ben___so you can use <sudo !!> the second time lol15:01
lordievaderben___: To install you allways need sudo rights, for apt-cache you don't need sude.15:01
rbergIs oracle java in the repos? I didnt think so.. webupd8 has a nice package that grabs the bin from oracle and installs it in within the package manager15:02
lordievaderjman074: Download the tar-ball from here: http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp?locale=en15:03
ben___theres a bunch of the libs in the repos but the jdk or sdk isn't in there15:06
ben___there are Mono libs though15:07
jman074lord you still here15:29
jman074lord what do you think about this15:29
lordievaderjman074: I don't use java (of any kind), so no idea. I do remember just grabbing the tar-ball and following oracles (was sun back then) instructions on installing it.15:31
murthy-> dinner15:34
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jman074okay im trying to take classes and firefox says i need some plugins to view all media on the site. :( someone told me to download oracle do yo know of a way around it. but first of all what was the way to type in terminal to get sys info15:38
BluesKajsome workplaces insist on oracle java due to contractual and technical reasons15:39
lordievaderjman074: Firefox usually tries to find the pugin itself, is Java one of those plugins it cannot find?15:39
jman074it searched for like twelve hours15:40
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lordievaderjman074: Download the tar-ball from here, the instructions are next to the download link: http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp?locale=en15:40
rbergmuch easier.. it does all the update-alternatives for you15:41
BluesKajor this jman074 , http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/index-137561.html15:43
jman074thanks guys appreciate it. how do i know if i have 32 or 64 bit15:43
BluesKajjman074, uname -a in the terminal15:44
lordievaderjman074: Run "arch" from the command line.15:44
jman074sweet so run the linux x64 or linux 64 rpm15:45
BluesKajx86_64 means you have 6415:45
BluesKajnot rpm , look for a .deb15:46
lordievaderjman074: You need the tar-ball (tar.gz), not the rpm, rmp is for red-hat for example.15:46
lordievaderBluesKaj: The page I gave him doesn't provide debs... :(15:46
BluesKajthen self extracting15:46
jman074sorry lord i don't understand what is tar.gz15:47
jman074i don't see it15:47
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lordievaderjman074: It's the non rpm option :P15:48
BluesKajhttp://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp?locale=en , has self extracting container15:48
lordievaderBluesKaj: We probably mean the same thing ;)15:49
jman074okay lord here we go gonna try this wish me luck15:49
lordievaderjman074: No luck required, you probably have the dependencies.15:49
jman074i hate new computers. its like a car its not good till its broke in right15:50
jman074lord when it finishes downloading it it do the rest15:52
lordievaderjman074: Check the instructions page, it is next to the download link.15:52
jman074i did that then i seen another link for ubuntu looks like spanish or french j/k15:53
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lordievaderjman074: It's this one: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/linux_x64_install.xml15:54
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jman074yeh i at that but on that page there is another link for ubuntu15:55
lordievaderjman074: Hey now you mention it, you could also go with that route.15:56
jman074i already started downloading the tar.gz one and when i click on ubuntu it has another file errr if i follow the directions on the first page it will still work right/15:57
lordievaderjman074: Can you try that sentence again, I'm not following. You started downloading the tar-ball, and then?15:58
jman074is it going to make any diff if i install targz file or do i have to click on the ubuntu link and do it that way16:00
lordievaderjman074: Version number, perhaps. But nothing major I recon.16:02
jman074i got this link from the file i started downloadinghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java16:02
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jman074so i did ubuntu way and it took me to software center how bout that16:14
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PrincessLunaHow can you right click?16:44
PrincessLunaI mean right click using a touch screen16:47
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SouL_Hello guys and girls17:25
SouL_Someone knows why the brightness goes darker without touching it sometimes?17:25
rosco_ySouL_: sounds like your power settings are kicking in and dimming the panel17:28
rosco_yor am I missing the point17:28
SouL_Sometimes I'm working and the "light" goes off17:29
SouL_I configured it on systemsettings but now I don't know why17:29
SouL_Thanks for answer by the way, rosco_y :)17:29
rosco_y:) sure, glad to be able to help once in awhile--I sure get a lot of help around here :)17:30
rosco_ydon't think I'd make it without my irc software.....17:30
test_hi there, using raring and have now a problem.... I unexpectedly ended up at lightdm login in screen, despite having auto-login set...... whenever I login now, I do end up back at lightdm login. I already tried to dpkg-reconfigure lightdm and still the same.... then I replaced lightdm with kdm and same behaviour there17:47
jman074hello everyone18:02
jman074lord you available18:02
lordievaderjman074: Jup, I'm here.18:03
Mamarokjman074: do you have more than one desktop isntalled? Then this is absolutely normal, how else do you want to change desktop?18:03
lordievaderjman074: Btw use my full nick (use autocomplete :)), in that way I get a ping.18:04
jman074um no just one desktop and it has four work spaces18:04
test_hi Mamarok18:05
jman074lordievader i got the java to work. but i boo booed. when the applet is loading it says i chose not to trust it. i would like to trust it now lol18:05
lordievaderjman074: As I said earlier, I do not use java. No idea how to change those settings.18:06
jman074i think that is a browser settting got somthing to do with the certificates. i loaded the page again but it says the same thing.18:07
Mamaroktest_: sorry, that was actually meant for you18:08
Mamarokjman074: sorry, I misdirected my answer18:09
lordievaderBe right back, got to do some dishes.18:12
ntzrmtthihu777question about the kde desktop in relation to the gnome-desktop18:29
ntzrmtthihu777in gnome the menu items are sorted by their *.desktop files "Categories" line, is it such in kubuntu?18:29
Mamarokntzrmtthihu777: you want to know if the Menu in KDE has categories? Of course :) And there are not that many ways to sort those18:30
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ntzrmtthihu777Mamarok: Sorry, was afk. what I mean is are they sorted by the same mechanism?18:55
KazoeyHow do I register my nick again?19:15
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode19:16
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MamarokKazoey: see the link above19:17
KorrosionThank you19:17
jman074is any one using open jdk java19:24
jman074im running open jdk java 7 how do i delete temp internet files"applications and applets"19:26
rbergHello, I am on kde 4.10.1 and new multi-monitor daemon is working really well, is there any way to have it not prompt me to to run the configuration tool every time? it just works (so far)19:30
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palassoAnyone knows what #kubuntu-bugs is for? It doesn't have a topic title. Does it correlate to what #ubuntu-bugs is? It's not on this list: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:00
Mamarokpalasso: is there actually somebody in there?20:01
jman074im running openjdk java 7 anyone know how to trust applets or delete temp internet files20:07
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palassoMamarok, 5+ ppl20:15
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Mamarokpalasso: this is only a channel where bugs are listed by a bot, so unless you are into bug fixing it will not be very useful for you20:17
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palassoMamarok, sometimes I report bugs ;)20:17
Mamarokwell, it is still no sue for you as the channel is not for reporting bugs20:18
Mamarokno use*20:18
Mamarokthere is a bot that lists new incoming bugs, so it is only useful for people who fix bugs20:18
palassoI am logged in for 10 hours in this channel and there was no activity20:19
Mamarokbecause there were no bugs reported against kubuntu on launchpad20:19
Mamarokkde bugs are reported upstream so that channel will not have much traffic20:20
palassoShould some OP create a topic title so it'd be more straightforward for ppl like me for what it's for?20:20
Mamarokno, why? it is only useful to insiders, there is a reason why it is not lsited20:20
palassoIn order to have a hint on what it might be I went to #ubuntu-bugs to see that topic title20:20
Mamarokhow did you end up in there anyway?20:20
palassoI just searched for kde and kubuntu channels on freenode and noticed that #ubuntu-bugs is on the list while #kubuntu-bugs isn't20:21
palassoI mean on the wiki list20:21
Mamarokwell, as I said, that is for a reason20:21
Mamarokand I just explained it to you, didn't I?20:22
palassoThat it's only useful to insiders20:22
Mamarokand what it is for and why it is not lsited20:22
palassoIt's for listing new bugs that are filled on LP for Kubuntu20:23
Mamarokyes, that's what I told you, isn't it? So no need to repeat :)20:24
palassoSorry I thought you asked me20:24
Mamarokno, that was rethoric English20:24
palassoTo tell you the truth I still don't understand why #ubuntu-bugs is on the wiki list while #kubuntu-bugs isn't (and why the one has topic title while the other doesn't). In other words why they are treated somewhat different20:25
yofelpalasso: #kubuntu-bugs isn't really used these days anymore. #kubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-bugs are sufficient20:27
palassoI see. thnx yofel for the info :)20:27
Mamarokand why was my explanation not sufficient?20:27
yofelthe announcement part is done on the ~kubuntu-bugs team mailing list on launchpad. For all of ubuntu there's #ubuntu-bugs-announce20:27
Mamarokoh well...20:28
palassoNice, I'll look into it ;)20:28
palassoMamarok, no worries. You explained to me some things ;)20:28
Mamarokthen why did you ask the same question again? seriously...20:29
palassoI didn't find it to be the same question. But let's leave it here. There is no reason to argue :)20:29
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lordievaderjman074: Yes?21:58
jman074hey there21:58
lordievaderjman074: Good evening.21:58
jman074im having trouble unpacking and installing the tarball into the /usr/local directory21:59
jman074i figured out how to change to that directory but i don't know how to move the file there and install it21:59
lordievaderjman074: First extract it to a dir you have write acces to, your home dir or something.21:59
jman074one sec and i will do that22:00
lordievaderjman074: In what directory?22:02
jman074home directory into the downloads folder22:02
lordievaderjman074: Hm... Ok, in a terminal change to that folder.22:03
jman074would that be cd /home22:04
lordievaderjman074: No, "cd /home/<user-name>/Downloads"22:05
lordievaderjman074: Where does the folder need to go?22:05
jman074i doesn't really i just need to install it22:05
lordievaderjman074: You just asked me how to move it to some folder...22:06
jman074yes we extracted to a folder now we need to install22:07
lordievaderjman074: Are you following a guide?22:07
jman074now it says move .tar.gz archive binary to current directory22:09
lordievaderjman074: Can you link me to the guide?22:09
jman074the ubuntu one didn't work so im just doin the origional linux22:10
murthy__lordievader: whats your time zone?22:10
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lordievaderjman074: Can you give me a link?22:13
jman074 http://www.java.com/en/download/help/linux_x64_install.xml#install22:14
lordievaderjman074: Does the folder /usr/java exist (should be /usr/share/java IMHO)22:15
murthy__lordievader: late for you? got some time?22:16
jman074/usr/shar/java is a directory22:17
lordievadermurthy__: Depends, is it something bit?22:17
murthy__lordievader: to the devs22:17
lordievaderjman074: Good, "sudo mv /home/<user-name>/Downloads/<extracted-java-folder>/ /usr/share/java/"22:18
lordievadermurthy__: To the devs? I'm no dev...22:18
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jman074says no such file or directory22:24
lordievaderjman074: You replaced the things between the < > with the correct information?22:24
lordievaderjman074: And what you just said about /usr/share/java is correct too?22:25
lordievaderjman074: Then there is probably a typo in the way you copied the command, note there is space between "java-folder>/" and "/usr/...."22:28
jman074yeh i copied good22:28
jman074ill try once more22:28
murthy__lordievader: good night22:29
lordievaderSleep wel, murthy__22:29
jman074still no go22:30
jman074bash: jman074: No such file or directory22:30
lordievaderjacky: Can you show what you are exactly typing?22:31
lordievaderSorry jacky, misdirected.22:32
lordievaderjman074: ^22:32
jman074jman074@sniper:~$ sudo mv /home/<jman074>/Downloads/<jre1.7.0_17>/ /usr/share/java/22:33
lordievaderjman074: Remove the < and >, then you have a hit!22:34
jman074i feel slow22:34
jman074jman074@sniper:~$ sudo mv /home/<jman074>/Downloads/<jre1.7.0_17>/ /usr/share/java/22:36
jman074ignore that22:36
Mamarokjman074: remove those < and >, you shouldn't sue those in folder names22:36
jman074jman074@sniper:~$ sudo mv/home/jman074/downloads/jre1.7.0_17/ /usr/share/java/22:36
jman074[sudo] password for jman074:22:36
jman074sudo: mv/home/jman074/downloads/jre1.7.0_17/: command not found22:36
Mamarokand there is a typo, space after mv missing22:37
Mamaroksudo mv /home/ etc22:37
lordievaderjman074: And it is Downloads, linux is case-sensitive.22:37
jman074okay pray for me here we go22:37
stackycan anyone please let me know if there is a solution to the failure in configuring interface of wifi on Broadcom BCM4313 802.11b\g\n in kubuntu 12.10... i have already tried ndiswrapper22:37
jman074i think it worked now what22:39
uglyoldbobwhat do I need to do to get a copy of nslookup that supports ls?22:39
lordievaderjman074: Delete the tar.gz file and you're done, according to your guide.22:40
jman074where is the tar.gz file at now22:43
stackyplease anyone .... configuring Broadcom BCM4313 802.11b\g\n on kubuntu 12.1022:43
lordievaderjman074: You saved it somewhere ;)22:43
jman074thanks for putting up with me i don't know what i would do without you lol22:44
lordievaderHehe, it's allright jman074. I'm glad I could help.22:45
Mamarokstacky: I don't know, and Broadcom is not exactly Linux-friendly22:45
Mamarokstacky: patience, if somebody knows they will answer22:45
vincents_mobhelp please i can't access kde anymore i think its something to do with my screen22:45
stackyMamarok:  OK :)22:46
lordievaderI'm off to bed, sleep well.22:47
vincents_mobwhen i try apt get kubuntu-settings-desktop i get nessesary kubuntu-qtquick1-components but is not installable and error holding defect packages22:49
uglyoldbobok it seems "dig axfr" accomplishes what i need22:52
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