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Fudgeis it common for build time to go up, my package score is 2505 said start in 7 minutes and it has gone up :)05:48
StevenKSometimes things can push in front of you, like security builds05:49
Fudgeah guess that is expected05:50
micahgFudge: stuff in flavor packagesets get a small bump as well06:05
Fudgewhat is that?06:13
micahgFudge: take a look here: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/BuildScores06:24
micahghrm, that is excluded from PPA builds, weird06:25
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cristian_cI'd like to change the question category in Answers09:17
cristian_cWhat is the correct category where I can move it?09:17
cristian_cAny ideas?09:18
czajkowskiwhere do you want to move it to09:20
czajkowskiyou can't as you're not part of the group which it is under09:20
cristian_cczajkowski, I'd like to move it in the most appropriate category09:23
czajkowskiyou keep saying on the answer you want to reopen the issue, what exactly are you trying to achieve?09:24
cristian_cczajkowski, I opened the question because after a few days it was closed09:25
czajkowskiit wasnt after a few days it times out with no activity09:26
czajkowskiI've moved it under ubuntu as there are people who look at that area09:26
czajkowskiunder lubuntu there was only you subscribed to it09:26
czajkowskihowever for future reference commenting on it to reopen it won't help09:26
cristian_cczajkowski, and how can I do?09:27
czajkowskithere was only you on the question, nobody else was going to comment on it.09:29
cristian_cczajkowski, I did not know that it was necessary to be part of a group to be able to ask the questions in launchpad09:32
czajkowskiwell it's more nobody from lubuntu is subscribed to it09:32
cristian_cczajkowski, how can I do so? :)09:35
czajkowskiyou can't09:37
czajkowskiI've added your question under Ubuntu09:37
cristian_cczajkowski, ok, but the ubuntu team is not interested to manage lubuntu :)09:38
czajkowskinot really true tbh. anyways if not you could always post your question to a lubutu mailing list09:38
cristian_cczajkowski, thanks for the moving09:39
cristian_cczajkowski, ok, I posted the answers in the lubuntu mailing list, but I knew anything :(09:39
cristian_c*the answer09:40
cristian_cczajkowski, 12/10/1809:41
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xnoxczajkowski: please remove "Tcl" (upstream like lp project) from bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/tcl8.5/+bug/1122120 but keep Debian/Ubuntu (package like) tasks open.11:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1122120 in tcltk-defaults (Ubuntu) "Multiarchify tcl8.5" [Undecided,New]11:37
StevenKHm, I can't remove it11:39
xnoxI'm sure czajkowski has the super powers =)11:40
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czajkowskixnox: StevenK has way more than me11:44
StevenKWrong, I'm not a commercial admin11:46
StevenKczajkowski: https://bugs.launchpad.net/tcl/+bug/1122120/+delete will do it, I've removed the bug link from it11:47
ubot5Launchpad bug 1122120 in tcltk-defaults (Ubuntu) "Multiarchify tcl8.5" [Undecided,New]11:47
StevenKI get forbidden11:47
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ahasenackhi, I need help in changing a bug, it needs to apply to the landscape-client project, not landscape-server, but launchpad doesn't let me change that12:57
ahasenackLP says12:57
ahasenackBad Request12:57
ahasenackLandscape Client doesn't allow Proprietary bugs.12:57
ahasenackthe bug is #115378312:57
ahasenackand I can't set it to non-proprietary either, the little pen icon in the top right just shows the current status, doesn't let me change it12:57
czajkowskiahasenack: the set up on sharing in client doesnt seem to allow it to accept a private bug12:59
czajkowskiwhy I'm not sure12:59
czajkowski /propiertary not private I mean13:00
ahasenackcould be a mistake,13:00
czajkowskican the bug be made public13:00
ahasenackso I need to fix that first, then change the project, and then remove proprietary?13:00
ahasenackczajkowski: yes, it can13:00
ahasenackczajkowski: can you make it public?13:00
czajkowskigreat it wont let me13:01
ahasenackthe overlay that pops up when you click on that pen icon to make it public looks wrong13:01
ahasenack bad layout, overlapping text13:01
czajkowskinot seen taht ever befoer13:02
czajkowskiwhat I'd suggest if finding someone on the landscape side of things and seeing if they can remove it from propietary and then make it public13:02
czajkowskithen we can reassign it13:03
_duncan_where's the best place to report a security bug in launchpad?13:03
czajkowski_duncan_: via LP and mark it security13:03
ahasenackczajkowski: I am on the landscape side of things :)13:04
czajkowskiahasenack: and even you can't remove it13:06
czajkowskithat means something is wrong with sharing13:06
czajkowskimakes no sense13:06
ahasenackczajkowski: right13:06
ahasenackmaintainer of "landscape" is ~landscape, of which I am an administrator13:07
czajkowskiso under the project /sharing should be who can see what13:07
ahasenackok, let me try13:07
czajkowskibut never seen it affect triaging of bugs13:07
ahasenackczajkowski: I'm getting launchpad-ops help, thanks13:09
czajkowskiahasenack: you know I'm there also right ;)13:09
ahasenackczajkowski: now I do :)13:10
ahasenacksmall world13:10
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xnoxczajkowski: StevenK: opened that Tcl task, changed it to distribution:ubuntu/pkg:hello, then removed that task.14:55
xnoxSo i had rights to move it to a different project, where i have unlink rights =) \o/ permissions models are hard =))14:55
xnoxall nice and tidy now.14:55
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ccxCZis there a feature in launchpad (bzr) to push into github repositories? (or github feature to pull from bzr, in case you know about that)20:13
thumperccxCZ: not in launchpad itself20:13
thumperccxCZ: but if you have bzr-git installed, I think you can push from bzr to git repositories20:13
lifelessccxCZ: both bzr and git have extensions to talk to the other system.20:16
soryy708Hi. I keep getting timeout errors.20:19
soryy708It's like so for the whole today.20:19
soryy708Does Error ID: OOPS-0e4b84dc979375567dd87d7db7d12d3a mean something?20:20
lifelessit allows someone here that works for Canonical to examine the cause for you.20:21
lifelessE.g. czajkowski or wgrant or StevenK20:21
soryy708Okay, this is getting annoying. Now instead of getting the occasional timeout error, I keep getting timeout errors all the time.20:24
soryy708Can't do anything.20:24
thumpersoryy708: what are you trying to do?20:25
czajkowskisoryy708: wha are you doing20:25
czajkowskithumper: \o/20:25
soryy708I'm trying to do a translation for ecere/trunk20:25
* thumper wavesto czajkowski20:25
soryy708url = https://translations.launchpad.net/ecere/trunk/+pots/ecere/ru/+translate?field.alternative_language-empty-marker=1&memo=9&show=untranslated&start=920:25
soryy708Is launchpad down or something?20:27
czajkowskisoryy708: no it's not20:27
soryy708You are right, it isn't.20:28
czajkowskiI know20:28
czajkowskiI'll file a bug and once the LP folks come online they can have a look at it20:28
czajkowskibut we di have a few already for translation timeouts20:28
mgzbug 807383 but the characteristics are quite different now20:28
ubot5bug 807383 in Launchpad itself "Timeout trying to view package's +translate page" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80738320:28
czajkowskimgz: evening you're on late20:29
soryy708I went to https://translations.launchpad.net/ecere/trunk , from there I pressed 'Russian', and then 'ecere'. That's when I get a timeout.20:29
soryy708Hebrew seems to work though...20:29
soryy708Oh, now russian works too :S20:30
ToyKeeperHi, um, is there any way to get a static link to the latest rev of a single file in a published branch?  I see a static link to view it in a browser, but no link to download without version-specific info.20:30
mgz(I'm assuming, old oopses all gone) no single bad sql statement, timeout deep in tal, and about a 2:1 sql to non-sql time spent20:31
ToyKeeperLike, to view...  it looks like this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~person/project/branch/view/head:/file.ext20:31
soryy708Damnit, filled out a page, pressed 'save and continue' and got a timeout again. (Error ID: OOPS-59948e58100833d52c4356a0888c476b)20:32
ToyKeeper... but the download link looks like: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~person/project/branch/download/head:/branchname-daterev-blah-1/file.ext20:32
mgzToyKeeper: use bzr if you want to get a file automatically20:32
mgzer... robotically?20:33
ToyKeepermgz: It must be wgettable; the intended users don't even know what bzr is.20:33
mgzbut know what wget is?20:33
ToyKeeperSomething simple that comes with Ubuntu by default, at least.20:34
lifelessToyKeeper: that download link is staic20:34
lifelessToyKeeper: head: is a symbolic link, sortof :)20:34
mgzlifeless: the download link has a revid in it20:34
ToyKeeperThe actual URL here is, for example, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-support/ubuntuone-client/scripts/download/head:/tomboysyncvalidator.-20110217154106-prhppjfgrewp4lvd-1/tomboy-sync-validator.py20:35
lifelessmgz: gnar. I thought we had a namespaced version.20:35
lifelessToyKeeper: that looks stable to me.20:35
lifelessToyKeeper: thats the fileid, not a revid20:35
ToyKeeperIt's going into a FAQ where users can copy/paste a command to get the latest version of a file and then run it.20:35
lifelessisn't it ?20:35
lifelessmgz: ^ ?20:35
mgzright, *fileid20:35
lifelessfileid is stable20:35
mgzToyKeeper: both wget and bzr are in main20:35
mgzneither are in ubuntu core20:36
soryy708Aaaand another timeout...20:36
mgzjust have step #1 be `sudo apt-get install bzr` rather than `sudo apt-get install wget`20:36
ToyKeeperPerhaps I should just cron a bzr pull somewhere on a public-accessible server and link to the files from there.20:36
lifelessToyKeeper: I don't understand the issue.20:36
czajkowskisoryy708: yes that is the problem with timeouts, they sometimes work20:36
lifelessToyKeeper: do you think the url is unstable. Or do you object to it being long ?20:37
czajkowskiwe are trying to fix them and are currently working on bugs marked critical20:37
mgzlifeless: she wants latest, not static version20:37
lifelessmgz: that *is* latest.20:37
czajkowskibut with only 2 people working on the bugs, it may take some time20:37
soryy708czajkowski: When do you approx. Launchpad will be usable?20:37
czajkowskilaunchpad *is* useable20:37
ToyKeeperlifeless: Mainly, the intended audience needs a short one-liner to get and run a script, and I'd prefer not to have to update the FAQ every time there's a branch update.20:37
mgzit's got a fileid, it's always the same version if you hard code the url in your script or documentation20:37
mgzrather than being updatable by changing the branch20:37
lifelessmgz: fileids are *not* per-rev20:38
mgzah, good point20:38
mgzit is a fileid, not a revid20:38
lifelessroman.yepishev@canonical.com-20130227134321-gxq09ay4nonrg5bo is the revid of head20:38
mgzToyKeeper: ^ignore me, listen to lifeless20:38
lifelessroman.yepishev@canonical.com-20121129122316-gm3afi5ukyt0kuuv is the revid of the last change of that file20:39
ToyKeeperI could probably wrap it in a bit.ly URL or something, I suppose.20:39
lifelessToyKeeper: a bit.ly link would be fine.20:39
lifelessthe download link will be stable unless one of two things happen: the filename is changed, or the file is deleted and readded.20:39
lifeless(or you rename teh project, team or branch)20:40
lifelessand it will give you latest.20:40
mgzor delete the branch, or the earth gets hit by a meteor20:40
mgz...a big one20:40
* ToyKeeper tries to get curl to do it... but it seems curl's content-disposition feature can't parse LP's headers20:47
ToyKeeperwget --content-disposition works though.20:47
micahgwebops: could someone give sagari some love please?22:06

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