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artreiso i was using ubuntu and install lxde before i move to lubuntu entirely, i still have the lxde profile, can i delete this profile? or make lubuntu profile my default?16:13
holsteinartrei: i just select it at login, and the next time, it is what is suggested.. is that enough?16:14
artreiholstein, can i delete that lxde profile? or it is also exist in lubunt package16:15
holsteinartrei: you can do literally anything, since its all open.. what i do is, i choose the lubuntu session, then i get that , as "default" for the next logins.. is that enough?16:19
holsteinotherwise.. what sessions do you have? what are you wanting to remove?16:20
Scouselooking to install lubuntu on old pc for kids, does it support Google Chrome?16:21
artreiScouse, chromium is default browser but you can also install chrome16:21
holsteinScouse: lubuntu is ubuntu.. so anything in ubuntu is suppported.. the question is, doesn chrome support lubuntu, and yes it does16:21
Scousepc spec is Intel celeron 1.7ghz proessor and 400mb ram16:22
holsteinScouse: just download the iso, and try it live on your hardware16:22
artreiaccording to task manager, i only use 250mb ram right now16:23
Scouseonce downloaded can i run it live on windows to see if i like it and it runs ok before fully installing16:24
artreiScouse, boot from CD16:25
holsteinScouse: you run it live from the cd.. you could literally have no hard drive in the machine16:25
Scousedownloading lubuntu 12.10 now and unetbootin16:29
holsteinScouse: i, and others have suggested 12.04.. use what you want though16:29
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ScouseAfter being advised to look into Lubuntu as opposed to ubuntu I had a quick look on Youtube and heard about a nicer lighter alternative called Bohdi. Which is better to use for a windows user and linux newbie?16:56
ScouseI do like how Lubuntu look like a old windows system though16:58
Scousebut i do prefer how ubuntu looks16:59
wxlScouse: it's hard to say what's "better." i have found bodhi sometimes difficult to deal with. lubuntu has great support, but it's not 100% user-friendly, although it is imho the best blend of lightweight and easy to use. you might try mint.17:00
wxl Scouse: or better yet, just get a live cd of lubuntu and try it out.17:00
Scousewas going to download lubuntu and put it onto a live usb had to switch from old pc to laptop though17:01
Scousecan you have a apple style application bar or ubuntu application bar in lubuntu?17:04
wxlwell really you can add whatever you want but the general rule is the more you add, the less lightweight it gets17:04
wxli find there is a direct correlation with how pretty you want things and how heavy the operating system is17:05
holsteinScouse: you can try most any of the distros live.. try them and decide for yourself17:09
Scousethat is true, the system is old and being used by the kids so want it to run and be simple for them to use but having never used linux before I obviously have a few reservations but windows is just such a heavy OS and makes the system lag17:09
holstein"simple" is also a matter of opinion, to some degree.. most folks want what they are accustomed to, and i dont know that that is for you or your family17:10
wxlas i said, part of that is all the prettiness and/or convenience features17:12
Scouseis lubuntu that different from windows in terms of opertion17:12
wxlif you don't need a gui, you end up with a REALLY LIGHT operating system :)17:12
wxlultimately, no, all operating systems are basically the same. but it's like bicycles. you could have a single speed and a road bike and a mountain bike. they do the same thing, just differently.17:13
Scousegui doesn't really make much difference as long as possible to add shortcuts to desktop as 99% of time everything is done ONLINE17:13
holsteinif you want windows, i would use windows.. i dont, so i use linux17:14
holsteinis lubuntu capable? sure.. will it work for you and your family? its is absolutely 100% free/easy for you to find that out for yourself17:15
Scouse@holstein - you are not really providing much help or information just trying to get me to go off and install operating systems. As I have already said the main reason for looking to install a version of linux is because windows is too heavy to run on the old pc17:17
wxlScouse: as i said before it's hard to definitively answer the question of what's better. there's no one answer to a subjective question. i think that's why holstein appears to be elusive.17:17
holsteinScouse: you dont have to install it, at all17:17
holsteinScouse: you can literally remove your windows hard drive to keep it "safe" if you like17:18
wxlassuming we're not talking about particular windows-only applications, you can do everything in linux you can in windows and then some.17:18
Scouseno but you are just basically saying go try this and this and this17:18
holsteinScouse: i can not tell you if you will "like" it.. i can say it is capable.. and it works for me.. and i can share for you examples of how it works for me, if you like17:18
wxlthe only this anyone has said to try is the live cd, which is a temporary version that runs in memory and is not installed at all17:18
holsteinScouse: i am just saying, you *can* try it for yourself.. and see.. i have no idea what your needs are, and i cant say it will meet them all in a casual chat on IRC17:19
Scousethanks then for no real help and just arragance17:19
holsteinScouse: i migrate users to linux all the time, and there is a process of evaluating applications used. you have mentioned chrome.. and chrome workks grat17:19
ntzrmtthihu777question about the lubuntu desktop in relation to the gnome-desktop18:25
ntzrmtthihu777in gnome the menu items are sorted by their *.desktop files "Categories" line, is it such in lubuntu?18:26
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