bigjoolsmattrae: that usually indicates a dhcp leases parsing problem01:14
mattraebigjools: thx, yeah i was seeing the leases file still show the hostname as maas-enlist for hosts that were deployed.. unless i was confused02:29
bigjoolsthe leases file doesn't have hostnames, what do you mean?02:29
mattraebigjools, roaksoax here's some of the different errors i've received. i think i saw a validation error regarding a mac address as well. http://pastebin.com/WKcBv9zt02:30
bigjoolsmattrae: that paste means nothing to me, I need to see actual logs02:31
mattraebigjools: those are the exceptions raised. i had to write them down. i'll see if i can get better logs02:33
mattraebigjools: regarding the hostname in the leases file, its 'client-hostname'. looks like thats sent by the client.. i'm just trying to find other symptoms that could possibly be related to why some nodes are not being added to the zone file. thats my main issue, and02:38
bigjoolsmattrae: the primary reason in my experience is that there's something funky in the leases file that prevents maas from parsing it02:38
bigjoolsthe DNS entries are all driven from there02:38
bigjoolsso first check that your expected IP/MAC is in there and then check the logs02:39
bigjoolsthe leases file format is fragile :/02:39
mattraeah sweet, so if i'm able to fix the leases file that may fix the zone file?02:39
bigjoolsno, it might be a parsing bug02:39
mattraecool well that gives me some hints.. i'll look at the leases file02:40
bigjoolsor it could just be that the leases file is not getting parsed at all02:40
mattraeahh ok, i'll keep that in mind when i look at it again tomorrow02:43
bigjoolsmake sure that the celery log shows the job running02:50
AskUbuntuHow to delete a MaaS node which is in 'commissioning' state? | http://askubuntu.com/q/26692413:07
mattraeroaksoax: i'll try to get more logs from maas/libvirt/syslog today. right now we're working around the dns issue by manually editing the zone file to add records it forgot to add. if i can continue doing that I will to get the rest of the nodes deployed.13:17
mattraeroaksoax: we were running into additional problems deploying to nodes though, juju could not find machines that were 'Ready'. I tried different constraints and removing constraints. it could have been a typo so we're trying to add those nodes again today13:18
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roaksoaxmattrae: ok remember to clearout constraints as they seem to be permanent14:30
roaksoaxor "global"14:30
mgz`juju set-constraints arch= cpu= mem=` should be enough if you're reusing a bootstrapped environment but don't have any services14:34
mgzah, sorry, =any, not =14:34
roaksoaxmattrae: ^^14:35
mgzgenerally you want to do `juju destroy-environment` if you've made maas config changes, which will blow away most juju settings except those you have locally in ~/.juju/environments.yaml14:37
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mattraeroaksoax, mgz: sweet that will help. i'll make sure there are no constraints14:50
mattraeroaksoax: right now we are enlisting a node and getting an exception of "one or more MAC addresses is invalid". I have a printout of the exception and the lease14:50
mattraeroaksoax: the maas interface shows that the node is declared. is this exception something to worry about?14:51
roaksoaxuhmm if it got enlisted dont think so14:52
mattraecool sounds good14:52
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mattraeroaksoax, bigjools: i am leaning strongly on the issue of nodes not getting added to dns being related to the leases file. i see that the leases file has different info for nodes that are added to dns and nodes that aren't. i'll work on getting the leases file to examine16:59
roaksoaxmattrae: that might be related to an issue in isc-dhcp17:00
mattraethere is a private lp bug opened to track the issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-advantage/+bug/115418417:00
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1154184 not found17:00
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bigjoolsroaksoax: hey23:04
bigjoolswhen is the sru planned?23:04

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