Bauer1any idea when this bug would be assigned/fixed? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kmod/+bug/107306200:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1073062 in kmod (Ubuntu) "modprobe: Assertion `kmod_module_get_initstate(m) == KMOD_MODULE_BUILTIN' failed" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:52
Bauer1its been around since the beginning of RR00:52
Bauer1and the suggested workaround hasnt worked for me00:52
Bauer1although I am not sure how to manually trigger it, it only happens during dist-upgrade00:53
Bauer1so I cant really test saving and re-saving the commented file during the runtime00:53
vividBauer1: it happens during update-initramfs.  but does it actually cause problems other than the obvious notification?04:56
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timblechmannhi, on my 13.04 test machine, i cannot log into kde anymore: worked fine yesterday, but broken today.08:36
timblechmannkdm's log tells me: http://pastie.org/private/juaksgr8tulwh0lhbpg6a08:36
dr_willisHeh.. kde is working here.. ubuntu has totally vanished from my login screen selections08:36
timblechmannthe interesting part of the log file: it seem to fail to connect to dbus08:37
dr_willisHmm. My list of X sessions was sooo long that ubuntu was hidden at the bottom..08:45
timblechmannanswering myself: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2124611&p=12553068 explains the isse: krandrstartup has been removed, but is still used during kde startup10:02
belgianguyI was wondering at what interval Ubuntu updates its (Synaptic) graphics drivers, is that every new release?10:46
snadgehmm.. kernel 3.8 wont boot on my netbook11:28
snadgei updated to 13.04 from 12.10 .. stock kernel wont boot.. but if i select the 3.5 kernel, it will11:29
tux_isn't Beta 1 out this Thursday?11:36
BluesKajHiyas all11:39
tux_dr_willis, apt-get moo11:44
tux_         (__)11:44
tux_         (oo)11:44
tux_   /------\/11:44
tux_  / |    ||11:44
tux_ *  /\---/\11:44
tux_    ~~   ~~11:44
tux_...."Have you mooed today?"...11:44
dr_willisI noticed on lighten I had so many Wm/de sessions. Ubuntu was off the bottom of the screen. ;-)11:46
dr_willisOn lightdm.11:51
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ryesnadge: what kind of netbook and what stock kernel (i am now testing the kernels for ath5k bug and found that 3.8.0-{1,2}-generic are not bootable but these are quite old12:21
snadgeits now booting.. not sure what i did, but 3.8.0-12-generic just installed i think12:23
snadge!bug 111013912:24
ubottubug 1110139 in linux (Ubuntu) "Broadcom BCM4313 wireless card driver not working" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111013912:24
snadgenow im seeing this.. can see the wireless network, but cannot authenticate12:24
snadgea few people mention downgrading the driver to v5 fixes it for them.. but presumably that's not what the fix should be12:25
dr_willisAmazing howmuch broadcom causes issues12:37
everesttI've been using Jupiter for power management in 12.10... I heard the project got discontinued?? Is there anything software available for 13.04 that lets me select various performance modes (Maximum Performance, Power on demand, power saving)?13:17
BluesKajeverestt, check out cpufrequtils13:19
BluesKaj!info cpufrequtils13:20
ubottucpufrequtils (source: cpufrequtils): utilities to deal with the cpufreq Linux kernel feature. In component universe, is optional. Version 008-1 (raring), package size 37 kB, installed size 227 kB13:20
everesttBluesKaj, I'll take a look at that. Thanks.13:21
BluesKajwish there was a gpu and cpu manager for those of us who use pci graphics13:22
tux_snadge, you still around?13:23
everesttBluesKaj, when I do $sudo cpufreq-aperf, it says "Error reading /dev/cpu/0/msr, load/enable msr.ko"13:27
everesttBluesKaj, so I have to run cpufreq-aperf while in different performance modes in Jupiter, note down the freq and then build a gui frontend to switch between various modes!13:29
everesttsomebody must have done this before13:29
BluesKajsudo /usr/bin/cpufreq-set -g performance orondemand or the other options in man , everestt , that's all i use it for.13:31
cjohnstonHello, I started getting "cannot create temp file for here-document: Read-only file system" last night when trying to cd around my FS.. any idea what is causing this?13:33
cjohnstonAccording to df -h I have 146gb free13:33
ryecjohnston: i know that13:42
ryecjohnston: the thing is that heredocs are actually implemented via files...13:43
* rye digs into memory and googlings...13:43
cjohnstonI wasn't finding anything on google that was recent, so I figured I'd ask13:44
everesttBluesKaj, is there any stat I can look at that shows the difference while running between cpufreq-set -g performance vs ondemand mode?13:44
ryecjohnston: so, you will need to check that tmp is rw when it is used13:44
ryecjohnston: I remember I was bitten by this a year ago or so and I don't recall what I was doing at that time though.13:45
BluesKajeverestt, afaik ondemand runs at half freq until full freq is required by the load13:45
ryecjohnston: but to see what happens... you may want to do set -x in your shell13:46
cjohnstonrye: I wasn't really doing much of anything.. I had a  couple terminals open, a browser, and tbird13:46
BluesKajeverestt, when you have a light load , run cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz , then again with a heavier load to see the diff13:47
ryecjohnston: could /tmp partition become readonly (if it is on / then could that be remounted r/o due to some failure) - you can grep for remount in the syslog I guess13:47
ryeunless /var is also r/o at that time13:47
everesttBluesKaj, that is what I was looking for! Will try that right away.13:48
cjohnstonrye: drwxrwxrwt   1 root root  354 Mar 12 09:18 tmp13:48
ryecjohnston: yes, it can be r/w but the fs itself may not be - see mount output13:49
ryecjohnston: btw, is it still happening?13:49
cjohnstonya.. im stuck right now13:49
ryecjohnston: wow. mount should show something like /dev/sda6 on / type ext4 (rw,noatime,errors=remount-ro) for the root volume13:50
ryecjohnston: actually, does "touch /tmp/something" work?13:50
ryecjohnston: great. mount | grep ' / ' ?13:51
ryeAlso, if you could pastebin the dmesg that would be definitely useful13:51
cjohnston/dev/sda1 on / type btrfs (rw,subvol=@)13:51
ryecjohnston: do you have /tmp on a separate partition/device ?13:52
everesttBluesKaj, the powersave option doesn't look efficient at all (src: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~cking/power-benchmarking/cpu-governor/results.txt )13:53
ryecjohnston: dmesg | grep -i remount ? Is there anything that looks relevant?13:53
cjohnstondmesg | grep -i remount had no results13:54
everesttBluesKaj, thanks for all the help.13:55
ryecjohnston: i suppose you can't write to any file now13:55
BluesKajeverestt, yeah , not the greatest , but it's the only  app of it's kind that i know of13:55
cjohnstonrye: none of my editors work13:56
ryecjohnston: dmesg | grep -i error ?13:56
* rye starts to suspect disk fai... wait13:57
ryecjohnston: pastebin /proc/mounts ?13:57
ryeof course /etc/mtab won't have rw, since it is on ro fs. Silly me13:57
everesttBluesKaj, i'll make a gui-frontend applet (is that called indicator now??) in my spare time... is there any way to find out what power mode is currently selected?13:57
BluesKajeverestt, yes  cat /proc/cpuinfo13:58
ryecjohnston: or grep ' / ' /proc/mounts13:59
ryecjohnston: /dev/sda1 / btrfs ro,relatime,ssd,space_cache 0 014:01
everesttBluesKaj, no I mean if I'm running something heavy is there any way to tell what mode (ondemand or performance) I'm currently in at the moment?14:01
cjohnstonrye: I see what.. what's causing it to go rw tho?14:01
everesttBluesKaj, cat /proc/cpuinfo isn't much help in such a situation14:01
ryecjohnston: you may want to check for disk errors now in dmesg, you may also have fs corruption that makes the kernel remount the fs14:02
BluesKajodd  everestt , thought that would show the mode14:02
ryethe ecryptfs message with -30 errno is "read only filesystem" fwiw14:03
everesttBluesKaj, hmm... google returns no helpful results on the topic. I'll look into it later. Thanks again.14:05
cjohnstonrye: what am I looking for specifically in dmesg for disk errors14:05
ryecjohnston: anything that has an "error" in it, "sda", for fs errors - "inode"14:07
everesttI'm going to use 13.04 as my primary and only os... if it is stable enough (no crashes), it's fine with me.. anyone having critical problems with 13.04?14:07
cjohnstonall I can do is grep, I can't actually open the file14:07
ryecjohnston: you may be able to use less ?14:07
ryedmesg | less ?14:07
cjohnstoni/o error14:07
ryecjohnston: on disk?.. And this is a SSD device?14:08
cjohnstondmesg |less bash: /bin/less: Input/output error14:08
ryecjohnston: if so, I would suggest copying all the valuable info right away!14:08
cjohnstonits only a couple weeks old.. everything valuable is already in the cloud14:09
ryecjohnston: ok, can you pastebin output of dmesg | grep -C 5  ?14:10
ryecjohnston: also, does "stat /bin/less" work or results in an error?14:10
cjohnstongrep -C 5 isn't valid14:10
ryecjohnston: sorry,  dmesg | grep -C 5 -i error14:11
ryehm, or better -C 214:11
ryecjohnston: ^14:12
ryecjohnston: does md5sum /bin/less work ?14:12
cjohnstonmd5sum: /bin/less: Input/output error14:13
ryecjohnston: your filesystem is corrupted for sure, it's not supposed to be doing this. However, it would be great if you could somehow salvage the complete dmesg output as it may be useful in finding out the reason of the failure14:15
cjohnstonany suggestions on salvaging it?14:15
cjohnstoni guss live cd14:16
ryecjohnston: scp to some remote machine, write to some flash drive (if it can be mounted)...14:16
ryecjohnston: running "nc -l 5555 > dmesg.txt" on one machine (the one that is on the network with the broken one ) and "dmesg | nc $ip_of_the_receiver 5555" on the other one14:17
ryecjohnston: as the last resort, having a photo taken of the screen with dmesg output showing these io errors would also work :)14:18
cjohnstonrye: the only output i can see ive already pasted you14:18
ryecjohnston: you can try whether dmesg | more work14:25
ryeto future self - with virsh you can send magic sysrq for emergency remount with  virsh send-key raring-desktop KEY_LEFTALT KEY_SYSRQ KEY_U14:25
cjohnstonrye: I took a chance and rebooted.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5607833/  is after a reboot.. i dont seem to be able to catch any errors anywhere tho14:26
ryecjohnston: try running md5sum /bin/less ?14:26
cjohnstonit works14:26
ryecjohnston: you are definitely lucky14:26
cjohnstonthis is the second time its happened tho14:26
cjohnstonI'm kinda wondering, yesterday I got an update to virtualbox 4.2... when I first searched the error message, all I was seeing was stuff about virtualbox14:29
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SuperLagIs there an easy way to see what the changelog is, between Ubuntu kernels? i.e. what's new between 3.8.0-10 and 3.8.0-1215:57
BluesKajSuperLag, sudo update-grub should tell you16:07
BluesKajif you're looking on your machine16:07
BluesKaj3.8.0-11 , is afaik , that's what shows up here16:08
SuperLagBluesKaj: I know how to find out what kernel version is running. What I'm trying to find out is what has changed between kernel_1 and kernel_2.16:09
SuperLagand I found the link to the changelogs on the ubuntu domain... but the information seems scant, at best16:10
SuperLaglinux-meta ( raring; urgency=low16:10
SuperLag* linux ABI 3.8.0-1216:10
BluesKajwell ,  3.8.0-11 is it , I have the lasr 3 kernels16:10
SuperLag-- Tim Gardner <tim.gardner@canonical.com>  Thu, 07 Mar 2013 10:08:50 -070016:10
SuperLagthat's all it says16:10
philinuxSuperLag: you can view the change logs via synaptic16:10
philinuxSuperLag: also in launchpad https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/linux/3.8.0-12.2116:12
SuperLagphilinux: excellent. found it in synaptic.16:14
SuperLagThank you.16:14
SuperLagNow... not finding anything that looks like it's related to the KPs I was having on 3.8.0-10 :/16:14
philinuxInteresting bit of news. http://www.iloveubuntu.net/mark-shuttleworth-discusses-exciting-updated-ubuntu-release-process16:17
invariantIs there any channel where I can talk to people who have actual control over Ubuntu?16:22
invariantI just want to know why they seem to be incompatible with existing standards just for the heck of it.16:23
invariantIs it out of ignorance or because they knowingly want to make things not work?16:23
om26erinvariant, try ubuntu-devel mailing list16:23
invariantIn the former case, I can consider to forgive, in the latter, not so much.16:24
om26erinvariant, i don't you or me know how things will work better16:24
SuperLaginvariant: invariably, when I read what you have to say... you're making a complaint of some sort. Got anything nice to say, sir? :)16:24
invariantSuperLag, I think it's good that the mirrors are pretty much never down.16:25
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invariantSuperLag, software wise, I cannot think of anything which Ubuntu has done which was an improvement.16:26
invariantSuperLag, I like the Ubuntu on phones idea, though.16:26
SuperLaginvariant: then why not use another distro, if Ubuntu is so bad in your experience?16:26
invariantSuperLag, I like the part where typically things are made to work on Ubuntu, because it is popular.16:27
invariantSuperLag, I don't use it because it is technologically superior.16:27
SuperLagevidently it's not working for you... or you wouldn't be complaining as often as you do16:27
SuperLagthat's just my $.0216:28
invariantSuperLag, there are social reasons (ignorance of the general population) why people still use Ubuntu/Fedora/etc.16:28
SuperLagI could be wrong, and I'll take my lumps, if that's the case16:28
invariantSuperLag, no, I just know what perfection is.16:28
invariantSuperLag, and I know the difference.16:28
SuperLaginvariant: then go make it16:28
invariantSuperLag, sure, Canonical could pay me.16:28
philinuxinvariant: apply for a job with them16:28
SuperLaginvariant: I doubt they would hire you. You'd have to be a good fit.16:29
SuperLaginvariant: and arrogance wouldn't make you a good fit, I'm guessing16:29
BluesKajhehe , aint that the truth , SuperLag :)16:29
invariantSuperLag, no, I would have to be of sufficiently high intelligence to do my job and of sufficiently low intelligence to listen to what other stupid people have to say.16:29
SuperLaginvariant: I rest my case.16:30
invariantSuperLag, in short, it wouldn't be a good fit, indeed.16:30
invariantI could however try Red Hat someday.16:30
invariantI generally get along quite well with those people.16:30
SuperLagoff you go, then16:30
BluesKajthen why are you here , invariant ..perfection is it's own reward , have you been rewarded lately?16:30
invariantThey are competent at least.16:30
invariantBluesKaj, curiosity.16:31
invariantBluesKaj, and yes, I improved a lot on the vanilla Ubuntu.16:31
BluesKajcuriosity ?16:31
SuperLagBluesKaj: no... invariant likes polluting the channel with his sarcasm and vitriol.16:31
invariantPretty much like everyone else does, I expect, although I do it a bit more extreme.16:31
philinuxIIRC nothing is perrfect16:31
BluesKajSuperLag, , no kidding had him on ignore for weeks :)16:32
invariantI think I had BluesKaj on ignore too for not being able to comprehend questions.16:32
invariantphilinux, how is that related to what I said?16:33
BluesKajinvariant , then go somewhere where ppl will answer your questions16:33
invariantAlso, technically, things like a package management system could easily be brought in a state of near perfection16:33
invariantApparently, Ubuntu is too scared to do all the work to do so.16:34
invariantInstead, they make App Stores.16:34
invariant(which is a crappy Python application, btw)16:34
SuperLagTime to break out the /ignore. Sheesh.16:34
invariantDon't ask if you don't want to hear the answer.16:35
om26erThis channel is for discussions about development release of Ubuntu. Offtopic conversations are destined for #ubuntu-offtopic16:35
SuperLaginvariant: no, I'd expect you have something positive to contribute to the conversation, rather than just incessant whining / bitching about what you don't like. Don't like it? Bail. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.16:36
SuperLagMy apologies to the "powers that be". I'm done.16:37
invariantSuperLag, that would have been your mistake then.16:38
invariantSuperLag, you asked "then why not use another distro, if Ubuntu is so bad in your experience?"16:38
BluesKajinvariant, join a debating society , maybe you'll get more satisfaction out of life there ...boo hoo  already16:41
invariantBluesKaj, I don't quite understand how you don't comprehend the structure of the conversation.16:41
invariantBluesKaj, if you wouldn't have said anything, I wouldn't have said anything for at least a few weeks.16:42
BluesKajfrankly , I don't care ...goodbye16:42
Tribaalwell I guess the username is fitting :)16:42
vivid!offtopic | invariant16:42
ubottuinvariant: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.16:42
BluesKajbest to just use the ignore option16:43
philinuxBluesKaj: what u make of this. http://www.iloveubuntu.net/mark-shuttleworth-discusses-exciting-updated-ubuntu-release-process16:44
bjsniderwow, nice job by atheros open-sourcing their firmware16:45
Tribaalbjsnider: oh? great news!16:45
bjsnideron a couple of usb chips http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTMyNTY16:46
BluesKajphilinux, if it's a rolling release between LTSs then I think it could work well. As far kubuntu is concerned , have no clue if they'll follow suit16:46
SuperLagBluesKaj: philinux: why wouldn't the variants (Xubuntu, Kubuntu, *buntu) follow suit?17:03
philinuxSuperLag: no idea at the moment. It's early days in the discussion17:04
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yofelSuperLag: because they have a shorter release sycle than 2 years which also depends on upstream (KDE releases every 6 months). So being forced to only properly release every 2 years doesn't really work.17:28
yofelthough everyone's looking for ways to do that based of the LTS or some other way17:29
yofelgeh, the recent chromium-browser update now pulls in half of unity/gnome17:32
yofelhttp://paste.kde.org/694406 the fault of unity-chromium-extension it seems17:37
SuperLagUnity. UGH.17:45
test_hi there, using raring and have now a problem.... I unexpectedly ended up at lightdm login in screen, despite having auto-login set...... whenever I login now, I do end up back at lightdm login. I already tried to dpkg-reconfigure lightdm and still the same.... then I replaced lightdm with kdm and same behaviour there17:49
yofeltest_: er, if that's kubuntu please install kde-workspace-randr17:53
yofelthat should get it working again17:53
test_yofel: I <3 you :)17:56
test_next thing I'd have tried was to use dpkg --set-selection < package.lst17:57
test_doing a nightly dpkg --get-selections > package.lst17:57
yofelexcept that this is a new package17:57
yofelit's the screen management split out as that's being replaced by kscreen17:58
yofelsomething just went wrong17:58
test_yofel: I have no idea what you just said about kscreen but it works17:59
test_hmmm, can't set monitor settings.... it clones instead of using --right-of and resolution is offset and display management from systemsettings doesn't work18:01
test_guess I'll have to use xrandr then18:01
test_already done :)  http://paste.ubuntu.com/560843218:04
test_that means now I have time for food :)18:05
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test_bye bye and thx18:08
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!18:18
ubottuHey Christel, Corey, Dave2, Fuchs, Gary, Martinp23, Myrtti, Pricey, VorTechS, jayne, marienz, nalioth, niko, nhandler, rob, stew, tomaw, I could use a bit of your time :)18:18
bjsniderthat person just called someone in to ban them18:21
bjsniderdoesn't make sense18:22
IdleOnesome trolls like to get attention by being annoying18:22
IdleOnejust delete everything except the words trolls in my last sentence18:23
s9iper1my touchpad stop working a moments ago it was working  fine any help ?19:07
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ryeAnybody got e1000 card?19:44
bjsniderIdleOne, why does a person have the time for that sort of thing?19:57
IdleOnebjsnider: you chose to put your free time and energy towards free software. some people chose to put it towards being a jerk.19:58
IdleOneWhy is the jerk a jerk is, I think, impossible to answer.19:59
bjsniderperhaps fat tony should kneecap them19:59
IdleOnethat wouldn't be very ubuntu like now would it :)19:59
MoPacHello all -- I have recently upgraded my Raring boot files from a live USB (as well as the grub MBR).  Following this, grub no longer understands that it needs to enter cryptsetup and open my LuKS volume to find my boot partition (which is an LV inside the LUKS container). I have backups of old boot files but cannot find where the step is that's missing.21:20
MoPac(Have also asked on regular #ubuntu as may not have anything to do with distro version)21:20
mattviatoranyone here that can help me get my broadcom4312 up and running21:28
mattviatorit conked out after upgrade from lts to raring21:28
Bauer2I started getting error Destination Host Unreachable today over my wifi, rebooting did not help...  I am out of ideas...  Any help pls?21:34
mattviatorya my wifi is borked as well21:40
mattviatorhappened right after upgrade21:40
MoPacDriver issue maybe?21:40
mattviatornot sure tried removing everything and doing it from scratch21:41
mattviatorbut no go21:41
mattviatorbroadcom 4312 proprietary driver21:41
mattviatorthen of course went to goolge there about a million suggestions i tried a few of them as well none worked21:43
MoPacIn your network settings, does it show a hardware address for your adapter?21:44
mattviatorya i see the mac address21:45
MoPachm, so it knows where the wifi card is and can interact with it sufficiently to know the MAC...21:46
mattviatorfrkill shows no hard or soft block21:48
mattviator brcmwl-0: Wireless LAN21:49
mattviatorSoft blocked: no21:49
mattviatorHard blocked: no21:49
mattviator  21:49
mattviatorwird thing is have no clue what   acer-wireless: Wireless LAN is21:49
mattviatortheres only one adapter for wifi21:49
larsthi all21:49
mattviatoriwconfig actually shows eth2 but doesnt have its hardware address/mac21:51

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