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hungerSo for ubuntu phone dev I get a IDE, for desktop ubuntu I am supposed to use quickly?19:07
odrahunger: I dunno!19:20
odrahunger: Don't ask me complicated questions I can't answer!19:20
odrahunger: You are making me hungry.19:20
hungerodra: I was not asking you specifically. Just want to get the full picture of where this is headed:-)19:21
odraI don't know. I don't develop for ubuntu.19:21
odraI just happen to develop apps which happen to run on ubuntu.19:21
odraIt is all a coincidence.19:21
odraBy the way what is quickly?19:21
JanChunger: you can use QtCreator for desktop apps too19:26
JanCor any of the other desktop IDEs19:27
odraOr notepad.19:27
JanCnotepad is "somewhat" limited19:28
odraOr any of those text editing programs that are not called notepad.19:28
odraBecause I made an image viewer in gedit.19:28
JanCgedit is hardly comparable with notepad19:28
odraI'm not firing up wine just to edit a text file.19:29
JanCI hope so  :p19:29
arpuhello @all19:29
odraBut I have, acidentally, many times.19:29
arpucan i use flash or air with the ubuntu sdk?19:29
arputhe problem is our app use rtmfp connections19:29
odraI don't even know why notepad shows up in the programs list. I don't know how to get rid of it either.19:29
JanCarpu: I suppose you can use Flash in web app style, but I'm not sure Flash is available on all Ubuntu mobile platforms19:31
arpuJanC, ok thx and on desktop?19:32
JanCwell, x86 & amd64 certainly have Flash plugins available/usable19:34
JanCalthough maybe not the very last one19:34
arpuok so i use the Qtwebkit browser to show my19:35
arpuflash app19:35
dz0nyarpu: librtmp also exists19:35
arpudz0ny,  librtmp is not possible for p2p rtmfp connections19:35
hungerJanC: So what is the recommended way to write desktop apps nowadays? Preferably in a way that I can reuse (parts) of the code later on a phone.19:36
arpuhmm there are arm air so binarys i can use on android so it should work for ubuntu on arm too ?19:36
JanChunger: I think it's hard to say what will or will not work once all infrastructure is ready...19:38
dz0nyarpu: that's true, flash for linux is not suported anymore. Maybe you could use Google implementation of flash(PPAPI), but that creates a lot of licensing problems I guess.19:38
arpuhmm so i need to find out how i can load the so files and play the swf  on ubuntu arm19:38
hungerJanC: Quickly seems to use something completely different. Looks like that is not the way to go then.19:38
JanChunger: Quickly can be used with whatever framework19:39
arpudz0ny,  but it should work on ubuntu arm with the air so libs19:39
JanChunger: but I'm not sure if there are Quickly templates for Ubuntu Touch already19:40
hungerJanC: Is there any idea yet on how to port desktop apps to ubuntu touch? Or must I write everything from scratch?19:41
JanCI have no idea  ☺19:41
JanCactually, I think Qt/QML should work more or less OOTB19:41
hungerSo I should use Qt on the desktop as well?19:42
JanCI think using other frameworks might work as well (either now or in the future), just that it's not tested at all19:43
dz0nyarpu:  I have no idea, officialy there is no support for Flash,Air on Linux from Adobe. Only updated flash runtime is from Google, which is bundled with Chrome.19:44
JanCwell, Adobe still releases security fixes for the Flash plugin19:44
arpudz0ny,  ok thx lot i know but air is  available  on android official19:45
arpuand i look at the soirce code from adobe air for android19:45
arpuits loading the so libs and play the swf files19:46
arpusome voodoo is done with the video and stagefridge19:46
JanCarpu: AFAIK Adobe is deprecating Air on all platforms though19:46
arpuJanC, ? on all platforms ? no19:46
dz0nyyep, the are moving to HTML519:47
arpuno not for all  flash air is perfect for game development19:47
dz0nyAs of Adobe AIR 3, Adobe has discontinued support for Adobe AIR for Linux operating systems.19:49
arpuyes right for linux  x6819:49
JanCwell, at least it won't work on desktops then19:50
arpuyes :/19:50
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JanCif I understand correctly, RTMFP is similar to WebRTC?19:53
arpuyes/no :D  it uses udp19:55
JanCand/or maybe some other open protocols19:55
arpurtmfp protocoll is open19:56
JanCwell, at least it's an open spec19:57
arpuits pefect for p2p games or video chat ...19:57
dz0nyarpu: Have you evaluated  websockets?19:58
arpuyes i built an chat text sample with websockets20:00
arpubut its not that perfext for real time gaming or video chats20:00
JanCI'm pretty sure WebRTC uses UDP-based streaming too20:00
matgeHey, I get "static bool QDesktopServices::openUrl(const QUrl&): The platform plugin does not support services" on the phablet20:37
matgewhich phablet repository does provide that platform plugin?20:38
matgeso I can add openUrl functionality to it?20:38

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