mjrosenblilstevie: how do you install them?00:08
mjrosenblilstevie: I asked in #fedora-arm, and they denied its existence.00:08
lilstevieum give me a sec00:08
lilsteviemjrosenb, I got the package name from fedoras own wiki 0.o00:08
lilsteviegcc-arm-linux-gnu.x86_64 : Cross-build binary utilities for arm-linux-gnu00:09
lilsteviestraight from the yum search00:09
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sbaughI guess Bluetooth is working :)00:35
sbaughAnd so is dwm! awesome!00:40
sbaughThank you Ubuntu Nexus 7 porters! I have a new netbook!00:40
lilsteviemjrosenb, find it?00:41
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infinitylilstevie: Oh shiny.  I was lied to.  Not running Fedora personally, I had to accept that lie as tentative truth.  Thanks for the correction. :)05:29
lilstevieinfinity, np :)05:29
lilstevieFC18 fwiw05:30
lilstevieI can't comment on earlier versions05:30
infinityYeah, I just assume latest release and/or rawhide as a general rule.  Older Fedora releases are worth anyone's time about as much as older Ford Pintos.05:30
lilsteviefair enough05:32
lilsteviefedoras current recommended setup is to use distcc with arm guests and an x86 server05:32
lilsteviewhich I find a little overkill05:33
infinityJust a tad. :)05:33
lilstevieif something only builds native, I'll build it native otherwise I'll crossbuild, and packaging is always done native for me05:33
sbaughWhat script/service is doing the rotation on the Ubuntu Nexus 7 port?06:33
* Snark wonders how easy it can be to use an arm chromebook with qwerty keyboard... in french...08:11
marvin24ogra_: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/133791292/flash-kernel_3.0~rc.4ubuntu29_3.0~rc.4ubuntu29-tegra.diff.gz08:45
marvin24^ this still misses a remove script08:46
ogra_marvin24, hmm, doesnt your u-boot support uEnv/preEnv.txt ? we gave up supporting booot.scr quite a while ago, so that we could use plain text files and /etc/default/flash-kernel to seed the cmdline08:51
marvin24ogra_: yes, as I said before, uEnv/preEnv is an uboot macro implemented in the omap config08:52
marvin24I can look into it again, but I don't see what's the problem with boot.scr08:52
marvin24you still need to run mkimage on vmlinuz and initrd08:53
marvin24I'll think about it to add uEnv support to tegra08:54
ogra_i.e. telling people "please edit /etc/default/flash-kernel and run sudo flash-kernel" is the std way to change your commandline with all other u-boot supported devices in ubuntu nowadays08:54
marvin24yes, editing something in /usr/share isn't nice08:54
ogra_it is mainly for systems that use SD cards indeed, so that you can just edit a txt file instead of being forced to have mkimage installed08:55
ogra_we just tried to get away from that requirement ... the /etc/default stuff is just a convenient extra to make it more like grub08:56
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hrwSnark: you can load AZERTY keymap - just do not look at keys ;D09:21
Snarkhrw, hmmm... wouldn't it be easier to keep the keyboard as qwerty but enable some dead key to obtain accentuated chars?09:26
hrwSnark: no idea. Polish keyboard is based on US one09:26
hrwand I have UK keyboard in chromebook... but I do not look at keys09:27
ogra_there are kbd stickers you could use09:28
qwertyuiop_v1Do we have support for USB DVB Cards in Ubuntu Raring Ringtail (armhf) ? WinTV-Nova-T Stick is supported (linux-firmware-nonfree) but nothing happens (no smsusb probing done) when I plugged it in my Nexus 7... ;D10:31
ogra_qwertyuiop_v1, files a bug and ask for the kernel option to be enabled, its not intentional :)10:35
ogra_apw, ppisati ^^^^^10:35
ogra_*file even10:35
apwogra_, may well not be on indeed, but yes file a bug and we can look into it10:37
ogra_i doubt it is ... i think there is a bug to enable all possible USB module options though10:38
qwertyuiop_v1ogra_, apw: thanks for your prompt response, I will file a bug10:39
davmor2ogra_: the phablet-flash command do you find you need to run it a couple of times if you haven't for a while?  the first seems to just error out and the second work flawlessly11:23
davmor2ogra_: phablet-flash -l I should say11:24
ogra_davmor2, i never used it :)11:29
* ogra_ just copies both zips in place with the bootloader 11:29
davmor2ogra_: fair enough11:29
ogra_ask in #ubuntu-touch ... probably when rsalveti is around, i think he knows that script11:30
* ogra_ doesnt have a supported phone so i have to do it manually anyway for my SGS2 port11:30
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davmor2ogra_`: :(12:40
davmor2ogra_`: to the non-supported phone sorry just playing catch up12:42
ogra_`non supported phone ?12:42
ogra_`you mean the guy wanting a raspberry Pi port of ubuntu touch ?12:42
ogra_`oh, you mean my galaxy SGS212:43
ogra_`well, we only suppport nexus devices officiallly :)12:43
* ogra_` thought you refer to his current ML discussion on ubuntu-phone12:43
infinityogra_`: After having JUST flashed a GS2 literally an hour ago and discovering that they don't need unlocking or any other madness, I suspect that getting ubuntu-phone going on one would be dangerously close to trivial.12:44
infinityogra_`: I'd do it myself, but I have to give this phone back to its owner now that I've unbricked it for her.12:44
ogra_`infinity, it runs absolutely perfect here since the weekend on my SGS212:44
infinityogra_`: (A Samsung OTA update bricked it, so I opted to just say "eff samsung" and reimage it with CM10)12:44
infinityogra_`: Ahh, cool, you're already on it.  Awesome.12:45
ogra_`yeah, ubuntu touch isnt much hardewr once you have the HW issues sorted12:45
ogra_`wlan was a bit tricky since there are two firmwares for the same device ...12:45
ogra_`took me a while to figure that  out12:45
rsalvetidavmor2: that's because adb12:45
rsalvetidavmor2: it seems we need to add some sort of delay from the first time adb is initialized12:46
ogra_`and it didnt work with the recent mali android drivers ... but someone patched that bit to use the former version12:46
infinityogra_`: Yeah, there are actually a whole bunch of SGS2 models, from what I discovered doing her recovery.12:46
ogra_`now its working as good as a nexus here :)12:46
infinityogra_`: Hers being the "Rogers/AT&T LTE" variety.  skyrocket.12:47
ogra_`i havent tried GSM yet since i dont want to actually unlock my SIm12:47
ogra_`ugh, yeah, i thinnk vanhoof is also still struggling to get his verizon variant to work12:47
ogra_`mine is luckily a plain GT-I910012:48
ogra_`i think slangasek also has one of tehse weirdos that were modified for a network provider12:49
davmor2rsalveti: ah thanks12:49
ogra_`rsalveti, definitely between adb root and adb shell calls12:49
rsalvetibug 114394612:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 1143946 in Phablet Tools "phablet-flash fails on first run" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114394612:49
ogra_`i even run into issues with that manually12:50
infinityogra_`: My favourite part about the skyrocket variant is that they're identical at the hardware level, but for whatever crazy reason, the volume/power combinations for accessing recovery/download modes are DIFFERENT between Rogers and AT&T phones.12:50
infinityogra_`: Can't fathom how that came to be, or why anyone thought that was a good idea.12:50
ogra_`oh my12:51
ogra_`i bet that took a while to figure out, eh ? :)12:51
infinityIt took a lot of angry button-mashing when all the AT&T-centric HOWTOs were wrong for me, yes. :P12:51
ogra_`*sigh* why the heck do people want to run ubuntu touch on their RPi !12:51
ogra_`that thread starts to annoy me12:52
infinityBut, much like fighting games on the SNES, if you mash enough buttons randomly, eventually you win.12:52
lilstevieogra_`, it is quite simple, people purchased the rpi thinking that it would be the go-to hardware13:07
ogra_`yeah, i still wonder what made them think that13:07
lilsteviebecause they don't understand the whole ARMvX issue13:07
lilstevieogra_`, pricepoint13:07
lilstevieogra_`, everyone has this notion that if something is cheap, it will become the standard13:07
ogra_`heh, so "ceapest" *must* be good ... indeeed :)13:08
ogra_`well, i was hoping to not have any RPi discussions anymore, but somehow that crap is re-occuring every few months13:09
Snarkogra_`, hrw eh, I don't mind using a qwerty as long as I have convenient access to dead keys...13:09
ogra_`yeah, thats tricky on the chromebook ...13:10
ogra_`there are so many keys missing13:10
* ogra_` really misses delete13:10
lilstevieI did a whole rant the other day about how people still insist on releasing armv6 devices in another chan,  and how I will only consider something if it is armv7 but even then there are conditions, and the first thing someone asked me was if I owned a rpi, and if not am I planning to13:10
hrwogra_`: I have Del on F1013:10
ogra_`hrw, i have vol up there (as labeled)13:11
ogra_`the three volume keys are actually mapped like labeled for me13:11
ogra_`(indeed i could change that but would have to re-map the volume stuff elsewhere)13:11
ogra_`and wheer del usually sits there is the power key ...13:12
hrwogra_`: Esc F1 F2 F5 F11 F4 VolDown VolUp PgUp PgDown Delete Power - my setup13:20
hrwlilstevie: devices <cortex-a15 are below my radar of interest13:21
xnoxogra_`: does the rpi discussion frequency matches the batch rpi shipments arrival from china?13:30
ogra_`heh, no idea, i try to stay away as far as i can from the RPi :)13:30
ogra_`its just crappy proprietary HW13:31
xnoxOpenCrap (tm)13:31
ogra_`its like a broadcom wlan card that expanded to a whole PC13:32
hrwmarvin24: on which devices you checked your flash-kernel for DT devices patch?13:33
marvin24hrw: ac10013:34
marvin24but should work on all tegra2/3/413:34
hrwon chromebook I do not produce /lib/firmware/KERNELVER/ libs13:34
marvin24libs? or device-tree?13:35
infinityhrw: Well, you should start. :)13:35
marvin24this actually comes from the ubuntu raring kernel (3.8)13:35
infinityhrw: The distro mainline kernels do.13:35
hrwinfinity: maybe one day when I switch to uboot chainload13:35
marvin24hrw: does /proc/cpuinfo contain "Flattened Device Tree" at all?13:36
hrwmarvin24: Hardware        : SAMSUNG EXYNOS5 (Flattened Device Tree)13:36
hrwinfinity: kernel packaging is weird enough already13:37
* xnox notices that pxz and busybox compatability has been fixed now.13:42
* xnox TODO merge busybox13:42
ogra_`damned, so i wont have any excuse anymore to not implement xz tarballs13:42
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ppisatilp 112683614:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 1126836 in ubuntu-nexus7 "The error "df: warning: cannot read table of mounted filesystems: No such file or directory" is shown. Splash screen appears, then black screen." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112683614:03
ppisatithis is exactly what happens to me14:03
ogra_`which is still unexplainable to me14:04
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ppisatiat least i'm not the only one14:04
ogra_`ppisati, no, thats the whoopsie bug that was fixed the same week14:05
ppisatiogra_`: tried yesterday img, still there14:05
ogra_`it exposed the exact same behavior14:05
ogra_`yes, you said so14:05
ogra_`but it is definitely not realted to that one14:06
ogra_`everyone who had that issue confirmed it fixed after the whoopsie fix14:06
ogra_`and it was weeks ago14:06
ogra_`i'm pretty sure what you see is kernel/HW related14:07
ppisatican we have the serial console on usb?14:08
ppisatii se network manager keeps trying to bring up usb014:08
ppisatiso i guess kernel is still alive14:08
ogra_`ppisati, there is a serial console on usb ... in parallel to the usb0 iface14:09
ogra_`check your dmesg14:10
ogra_`the prob is that yu first need to modify the bootimg to boot with init=/bin/bash, then set a root PW, drop the init= again to be able to log in14:10
ppisatiogra_`: no new ttyUSB* here14:10
ogra_`its ttyAMA or some such14:11
* ogra_` forgot how the composite gadget calls it14:11
ppisatii see the serial14:11
ogra_`you should get a login14:11
ogra_`but there is no user or root pw14:11
ppisatiogra_`: can't we set a default user? ubuntu/ubuntu?14:12
ogra_`not without horrid hackery, nope14:13
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Snarkogra_, hrw the chromebook keyboard doesn't seem really usable... I'm wondering if a nexus10 + bt keyboard wouldn't be better (though three times more expensive)14:38
hrwSnark: depends what you need14:38
ogra_depnds if you want to sit in a comfy chair with the thing on your lap or not14:43
ogra_if you always have a table its no issue to use an nx1014:43
Snarkogra_, http://www.cdiscount.com/informatique/clavier-souris-webcam/bluestork-clavier-bluetooth-avec-support-tablette/f-10702151616-bskbpadbtf.html ?14:49
ogra_well, i guess it will be wobbly and loose ... but try it14:50
ppisatiogra_: the nexus7 img, what kind of archive is that? tgz? squash?14:50
ogra_i used my nx7 for a while with wireless kbd ... and its slightly painful to always have to search a place to have it stand on14:50
ogra_ppisati, a special fastboot ext4 based sparse file format .... containing a rootfs tarball14:51
ppisatiogra_: can i "open" it in some way?14:52
ogra_you can convert it with simg2img from android-fsutils14:52
ogra_then you can loop mount it14:52
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* Snark wonders when the new batch of arm tablets will get out... april? may?18:12
RoyKSnark: what tablets?18:47
SnarkRoyK, hmmm... isn't it the right word?18:54
Snarkhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tablet_computer <- it's the right word18:56
SnarkRoyK, I don't understand your question, then18:56
RoyKwhat arm tablets are you talking about?18:56
infinitySnark: They don't tend to release in batches, I think is the confusion.  Manufacturers release products when they release products...19:00
Snarkthere are generally points in time where they make big announces19:01
Snarkand my question is : when is the next occasion they have to make such?19:02
infinitySnark: You'd have to ask every manufacturer that.19:07
infinityMy calendar doesn't have a "big tablet announcement day" on it.19:08
Nekoinfinity, generally CES is the big tablet announcement day ;)19:10
Nekoexcept it's more like a weekend. Google IO is the "we weren't ready at CES" fallback. But they do tend to announce them all at once to get one-up on each other, at CES, and then go silent (and usually don't produce) for the rest of the year.19:11
NekoSnark, so you gotta wait until January basically19:11
Nekothe "new batch" came out already, got zero traction because the Nexus 7+10 beat the shit out of them.19:12
lilstevieand asus, who are usually pretty vocal about their refreshes haven't done one yet, probably cause their weird lifecycle with tf201/tf300t/tf700 + n719:44
angelocHi guys, I'm building a minimal image for sabre lite21:16
angeloceverything boots correctly, but cannot make ethernet working21:17
angelocthere is no eth0, and ifup eth0 raise an error21:18
angelocbootlog shows no signs of ethernet device?!21:18
angelocogra_: have you some hints?21:20
angelocanybody here?21:34
angelocI think I solved my problem21:46
angelocit related to an invalid mac address in  uboot21:46
angelocbug 81731521:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 817315 in Linaro U-Boot "eth0 doesn't get a valid MAC address on startup" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81731521:47
angelocbye, thank you21:48

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