jonoczajkowski, I talked to Riddell about it00:16
jonohe didn't check with Canonical00:16
jonoI think it was probably just a bad choice of words00:17
dholbachgood morning07:45
dholbachczajkowski, not my mix - I didn't get to record last night - but you might like http://www.mixcloud.com/Frohlocker/frohlocker-spring-thing-bass-bass-kling-kling-studio-mix-132013/08:05
dholbachhola dpm08:38
dpmhey dholbach08:38
dholbachhow's life over there?08:38
dholbachdpm, can we twist the design team's arm some more? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSDKDays/Prep :)08:39
dpmdholbach, I poked them a few times more yesterday, but I got no response :/08:40
dpmI'll ping them when they're up in about 20 mins08:40
dholbachif not I guess we'll have to find two other folks :)08:40
dpmI could do another one, but it'd be nice to find some app developer to do a session. I'll send another reminder to the 2 guys who haven't come back to me yet08:41
dholbachyes, I agree08:41
dholbachthat reminds me - I have to mail the core apps people08:41
czajkowskidholbach: It's on in the background while I eat breakfast and tackle my inbox fromhell :)08:49
dholbachdon't remind me of my inbox08:49
dholbachczajkowski, thanks Laura :-P09:00
nigelbBest thing I did last night, went to bed at 1 am, becuase I was tackling inbox from 12 to 1.09:03
nigelbWoke up to Inbox Zero. Best feeling ever.09:03
czajkowskiheheh ;)09:03
nigelbdaker gave me a shock yesterday because we released LTP.09:04
dpmdholbach, only one more to go -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSDKDays/Prep10:39
smartboyhwdholbach, when's next Ubuntu Open Week?10:39
dholbachsmartboyhw, we usually did it after the release always - JoseeAntonioR and jcastro probably know10:39
smartboyhwdholbach, yeah:)10:39
* smartboyhw wants to help with it (i.e. planning and such) this Open Week:p10:40
dholbachI'm sure your help will be much appreciated10:40
dakernigelb: :)11:17
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: hey, will you do a hangout today?11:31
JoseeAntonioRsmartboyhw: we still need to coordinate how openweek will work11:32
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, how then?11:37
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dpmdholbach, have you talked with JoseeAntonioR about the SDK Days?11:41
dholbachdpm, mentioned it in passing, but will have a chat with him once he's up later on11:45
dpmdholbach, he seems to be up now, that's why I thought I'd ping him ^^11:48
dholbachhey JoseeAntonioR - como estas muchacho?11:48
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: hey, getting ready for school atm... when are the sdk days starting?11:51
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, thursday and friday - 15-21 utc :)11:51
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSDKDays/Prep is the preliminary schedule11:52
JoseeAntonioRok, that can be done easily with uonair :)11:52
JoseeAntonioR(considering they would be 55 mins sessions to get the change done)11:52
dholbachdpm, what do you think about a "ubuntu touch q&a" session? it might be not be a full replacement for a "platform overview" session, but would be very easy to organise11:53
dholbachdpm, app authors could ask all the questions they have about touch itself11:53
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, sure I'm happy to let the speakers know to finish early11:53
JoseeAntonioRdholbach, dpm: just to let you know, I won't be around by those times, so can you pleas find someone who can run those?11:54
JoseeAntonioRwe'll work on staffing the team for things like this not to happen11:54
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, yeah, I'm glad we had the vUDS session about this :)11:54
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, can you let me know who has the keys to uonair right now?11:55
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, how about Open Week?:P (Finish the SDK one first)11:55
dholbachthat'll make coordination a bit easier - I'm happy to set up a bunch of these hangouts, but probably can't stay until they all finish11:55
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: I do, you do, Jono and Benjamin Kerensa do11:56
JoseeAntonioRI think also David and Nicholas, may be worth asking :)11:56
JoseeAntonioRsmartboyhw: can we talk about this one later on? I'm about to rush for school in 2mins11:57
smartboyhwzequence, bye bye11:57
dholbachmight also be worth extending the group of folks who have the keys :)11:57
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, bye bye11:57
smartboyhwSorry zequence11:57
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: yeah, those are staffers11:57
JoseeAntonioRDidier Roche may have them too11:57
JoseeAntonioRand don't forget Jorge11:57
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, muchas gracias!11:58
JoseeAntonioRnp :)11:58
JoseeAntonioRdholbach, dpm: make sure to make the announcemnt today, and I'll move those to the calendar once I reach a decent connection11:59
* JoseeAntonioR dissapears11:59
dholbachsure sure11:59
dholbachsee you in a bit11:59
dpmthanks JoseeAntonioR!12:01
dholbachdpm, what do you think about the ubuntu touch Q&A?12:05
dpmdholbach, sorry, I was just writing about that and got pinged somewhere else. So,12:06
* dholbach hands the ping deflector over to dpm12:06
* dpm prefers using a transmogrifier12:07
popey_oh, i had an idea in bed last night!12:07
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popeyan ubuntu core apps clinic12:08
popeywhere we set aside specific hours here and there to guarantee someone will be around to answer questions on irc12:08
popeylike a doctor / MP does a surgery12:08
popeyyou just turn up with your questions and we make sure we set aside that time so we're not AFK or in meetings12:09
popeyif nobody turns up, we can crack on with other work12:09
smartboyhwpopey, quite an ide12:09
dholbachsounds great to me12:09
popeybut the slot is well publicised and allows for multiple app developers12:09
popeyrather than having app-specific meetings12:09
popeywe publish the log as if it were a meeting, and highlight any specific interesting conversations / decisions on the wiki / list / blog12:10
dpmdholbach, re: the touch Q&A yes, it's a good idea, but we should make sure the people answering the questions are at least a bit familiar with the SDK as well12:10
dholbachhum... should that be part of the sdk days or separate?12:10
popeyand regular12:10
popeyand during the working day for canonical people so we know they will be around12:10
smartboyhwThat is:P12:10
popey"Ubuntu Core Apps Surgery" or "Ubuntu Core Apps Clinic" - which give the impression we're solving problems..12:11
popeyrather than just chatter12:11
popeyit was one of those ideas I had whilst drifting off, so may well be silly :D12:11
dpmpopey, I think it's a good idea, but what I would recommend is to stick with the current regular meetings for at least a couple of weeks more before changing the process again. Right now, the teams need cadence and guidance, and I think it's important to keep the pace we started last week with the meetings.12:14
dholbachdpm, http://pad.ubuntu.com/9kYJOxlsyb - feel free to update - I'll go and ping a few folks about the remaining session slot and who will kick off the sessions12:29
dholbachdpm, do you think we should just add a big fat link to uonair above the timetable?12:32
dpmdholbach, yes, I think that's a good idea12:34
dpmdholbach, I've added a note about joining, and I'll add a quick note about asking questions. What channel do you think we should use? #ubuntu-app-devel (so that we can bring some life into it) or #ubuntu-touch (to use the current momentum of the phone/tablet announcement)12:38
dpmactually, that's an open question to everyone on the channel, feel free to chip in :)12:38
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dholbach#ubuntu-app-devel sounds good to me12:40
dholbachwe just need to change the link on uonair12:40
dpmok, then I've added that to the announcement12:42
dholbachdpm, where shall we do the announcements - shall I post on the fridge and then get it on omg?14:40
dholbachdpm, we might need to change the wiki page a bit - let me do that first14:40
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, the schedule for the SDK days is filled - do we need to add stuff to a calendar or some such?14:40
dholbachhey jono15:00
jonodholbach, hey, lets go15:00
dholbachjono, I used the hangout in the calendar15:00
dpmhi dholbach, sorry, I was away for lunch. I think d.u.c would be a better place than the fridge. d.u.c goes to the planet too15:08
dholbachsounds good15:08
dholbachdpm, in a call, but I'll take care of the wiki page15:09
dpmdholbach, sure, let me know if I can help when you're done with the call15:09
jonodholbach, lets restart15:11
dholbachjono, yep15:11
jonomhall119, will just be a min and then will be there15:31
mhall119jono: np, whenever you're ready15:33
dholbachdpm, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSDKDays ← do you think the link is obvious?15:51
dpmdholbach, what? no marching ants around the link?15:51
dholbachdpm, what's the markup for that? I just know the monkeys swinging from left to right - that's {{🐵}} - right?15:53
dpmdholbach, ok, ok, you can use the monkey markup to make it more obvious, then ;)15:56
mhall119http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1a5lcf/announcing_the_first_ubuntu_sdk_days/ yay! upvotes appreciated16:47
=== Topic unset by vibhav on #ubuntu-community-team
vibhavCould some change the topic?16:49
vibhavMy IRC client is misbehaving16:49
=== popey changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: Work Items: http://goo.gl/PyfNU || Don't forget to "flesh them out a little bit" || Community Trello: http://goo.gl/n4or5 (experiment) || Things to work on (in order): work items ||
popeydpm's channel: http://goo.gl/o2IR516:49
czajkowskipopey: how did you roll back to the last topic16:49
* vibhav hugs poppy 16:49
=== popey changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: Work Items: http://goo.gl/PyfNU || Don't forget to "flesh them out a little bit" || Community Trello: http://goo.gl/n4or5 (experiment) || Things to work on (in order): work items || dpm's channel: http://goo.gl/o2IR5
popeydone \o/16:50
popeyczajkowski: magic16:50
popeyand/or copy/paste, you choose16:50
vibhavAnyways, sorry for the unnecessary commotion16:50
popeynp ☺16:50
popeyxchat huh? cursor in the wrong place? easily done16:51
vibhavpopey: andchat16:51
popeyI managed to paste an ubuntu link into a Jolly etherpad earlier today16:51
popeymade them all go ʘ‿ಠ16:51
vibhavMiddle click?16:51
vibhavEvery. Damn. Time.16:52
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dholbachrrnwexec, perfect :)17:33
dholbachall right my friends - time for me to call it a day - see you all tomorrow! :)17:33
rrnwexecdholbach: happy to help. have a nice evening.17:34
dholbachyou too17:34
* dpm calls it a day too17:34
dpmsee you all17:34
vibhavGood night community17:35
mhall119|lunchJoseeAntonioR: hey, do you know where I can find the onair video where we talked about the smart scopes service?17:54
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dakerhey mhall119, how will people report bugs against https://bugs.launchpad.net/webbrowser-app ?18:48
popeyhmm, good question18:48
mhall119daker: I'll poke ken18:49
dakermhall119: it's not the only one19:06
popeydaker: what else?19:08
popeyI enabled bug tracking on the core apps that were missing it19:08
popeyright, the non-core ones19:09
popeywell, "core" ones ☺19:09
dakerand what's the difference between qtubuntu-camera & camera-app ?19:12
dakerczajkowski: hi21:31
czajkowskievening hows things daker21:32
dakerczajkowski: fine :)21:33

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