attenterobru: possibly, i'd test it, but my system's a bit borked atm00:58
attenterobru: actually looks like it well is00:59
attentethanks for the ping00:59
robruattente, no hurry, I'm using libreoffice draw instead of dia anyway ;-)00:59
robruattente, but if you get time I can help you test it00:59
attenterobru, thanks for the offer, don't worry though, i'll take care of it :)01:00
robruattente, great, thanks ;-)01:01
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pittiGood morning05:42
darkxstpitti, which parts of systemd are missing with the proposed logind migration?06:16
darkxsti.e does journal work? and I am guessing the system unitdir does not exist though?06:16
pittidarkxst: the init bits are missing, as well as the journal06:19
pittidarkxst: the systemd unit dir already exists, but it won't be used06:19
darkxstright, I think gnome-shell mainly just uses the session tracking, but gdm might be interesting06:21
pittidarkxst: I went through that yesterday06:21
pittigdm is also just using logind06:21
darkxstok cool06:22
pittidarkxst: btw, do you know about http://codesearch.debian.net/ ?06:30
pittidarkxst: this is just plain awesome to answer questions like that06:30
pittie. g. http://codesearch.debian.net/search?q=org.freedesktop.login1+package%3Agdm306:31
QuintasanGood morning06:32
darkxstpitti, nope hadnt seen that before, thanks :)07:07
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jibelgood morning07:47
didrockssalut jibel!07:49
jibelbonjour didrocks07:49
m4n1shmvo: can you please review the software sources merge proposal?07:59
chrisccoulsonooh, this is becoming more and more regular now: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/133901866/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-i386.firefox_20.0~b4%2Bbuild1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1~mfn1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz08:03
mvom4n1sh: checking it out now, thanks for the reminder08:33
seb128hey desktopers08:34
seb128mvo \o/ wie gehts?08:34
seb128mvo, good to see you are still around ;-)08:34
mvoseb128: can't leave my friends alone :)08:34
mvoI guess its ok to upload software-properties ? freeze and all that?08:35
seb128mvo, upload away, it might end up being in the freeze queue for a day or two but that's ok08:36
mvohrm, bzr out of sync but looks easy enough to fix08:36
mvoseb128: cool, will do, thanks08:37
seb128mvo, doko ... not surprised08:39
seb128mvo, some things don't change :p08:44
mvoI was thinking exactly the same ;)08:44
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LaneyAnyone else finding that shutdown/restart just brings them back to lightdm instead of actually doing the action requested?09:37
seb128maybe a logind/ck sideeffect09:38
seb128you played with that right?09:38
Laneypitti: have you seen that?09:39
pittihey Laney09:40
pittiLaney: right, I'm fixing that right now09:40
Laneyah, excellent09:41
pittiLaney: logind currently asks systemd to switch to shutdown.target, which doesn't work without systemd09:41
pittiLaney: can you confirm you are running gnome-session from the PPA?09:41
pittiLaney: raring's should talk to ConsoleKit09:41
Laneyyes, 3pitti109:41
pittiLaney: I'll add a fallback to "shutdown" and pm-utils09:41
pittisystemd drops pm-utils completely, but I think that ought to be discussed first, so I'll add it back09:41
Laneyprobably for the best09:49
pittiah, that's working nicely10:00
m4n1shmvo: this merge req https://code.launchpad.net/~manishsinha/software-properties/add-update-after-repo-add/+merge/15018510:42
pittiLaney: FYI, updated systemd is in the PPA now11:09
pittiLaney: that should work with shutdown, reboot, suspend, hibernate11:09
Laneycool, I'll try it when it gets published11:09
pittiit is11:09
Laneyso it is! /me dist-upgrades11:12
pittiI'm not sure if dist-upgrading will restart logind properly; can you have a look while you are at it?11:14
pitti(i. e. at the output, whether you see some upstart message about restarting logind)11:14
pittiLaney: ^11:14
LaneyI don't see anything like that11:14
pittiah, indeed11:15
pittiLaney: so "sudo restart systemd-logind" it is for you11:15
pitti        dh_installinit --no-start --name systemd-logind --upstart-only11:15
pittithat might have something to do with it :)11:15
Laneyseems to restart me properly \o/11:18
pittiLaney: fixed my local package to auto-restart logind on upgrades now11:25
pittiLaney: I also tested suspend, that works, too11:25
pittiLaney: btw, do you have consolekit installed still?11:25
Laneyyes; I thought I'd run as it will be in the transition period11:26
pittiLaney: does user switchign work for you?11:26
pitti(from the indicator)11:26
* Laney tries11:26
pittiI have consolekit purged to see the fallout, and the options went away11:27
pittilocking screen and clicking "switch user" there, works11:27
Laneyyes, seems to11:27
pittiI suppose the indicator talks to CK directly; so that's on my list to port11:27
Laneyto guest account and back11:27
Laneyloginctl lists four sessions now11:27
Laneythree with seats11:27
pittiLaney: thanks; so that makes another undeclared dependency :) but at least it's on the "to port list" in the spec11:27
pittiLaney: you, lightdm, and guest?11:28
Laneyyes - guest twice (once with seat, once without)11:28
pittithe others should be in state "closing", if you run "loginctl show-session c2"11:28
pittion the actual session numbber, of course11:28
Laneywell, one closing one online11:29
pittithat doesn't directly hurt, but it's a bit of a wart (on my list, but I want to fix actual regressions first)11:29
Laneyif I switch back to guest again I'm asked for its password11:29
pittioh, your guest session is running still?11:29
Laneyyes, I user switched back to laney11:29
Laneyperhaps that's a pre-existing bug11:30
pittiLaney: yeah, didn't transition gnome-screensaver yet (I think that's it)11:30
seb128Laney, oh, you uploaded indicator-weather, can I complain to you about how broken that package is? :p11:30
Laneyno :P11:30
pittibut either way, I'll see how things communicate there; I guess gnome-session stops telling CK about "switchign user" as we already migrated that11:30
LaneyI added a session job to make its breakage less onerous11:30
seb128I wonder how it made it to the archive11:31
seb128the postinst is doing stuff like11:31
seb128xdg-icon-resource install --theme hicolor --novendor --size 22 /usr/share/indicator-weather/media/icon.png weather-indicator11:31
seb128yeah, wth!11:31
seb128echo "Fixing incomplete weather icons..."11:31
seb128if [ ! -e "/usr/share/icons/gnome/22x22/status/weather-clouds.png" ] && \11:31
seb128    [ !  -L "/usr/share/icons/gnome/22x22/status/weather-clouds.png" ]; then11:31
seb128    ln -s /usr/share/icons/gnome/22x22/status/weather-few-clouds.png /usr/share/icons/gnome/22x22/status/weather-clouds.png11:31
seb128 11:31
Laneyquick, find out who sponsored it originally!11:31
* Laney didn't look into the maintainer scripts11:32
LaneyI just thought it would be an interesting case for a job as it tends to randomly crash11:32
seb128seems to be responsible for those postinst hacks11:33
seb128Laney, yeah, I like the upstart job idea, I don't like the postinst in there :p11:33
seb128it was added in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-weather/11.04.10+repack-0ubuntu111:33
* seb128 goes to nuke that postinst and file some bugs11:34
* Laney eyes the guest account's indicator-datetime and gsd gobbling a core each11:38
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seb128Laney, cross ppas is going to be fun11:41
seb128Laney, ubuntu-desktop has versions of those made to use systemd-services rather than the old g-s-d's interface (which is dropped in the same ppa)11:42
Laneyyeah ...11:42
Laneydo I have ubuntu-desktop?11:42
seb128Laney, if you got g-s-d from logind's ppa it will probably break stuff11:42
seb128Laney, dpkg -l | grep gnome-settings-daemon?11:42
LaneyI should probably disable some of this stuff :p11:42
seb128Laney, dpkg -l | grep indicator-datetime?11:42
Laneyit was a rhetorical question really11:42
seb128the indicator-weather do a "ln -s /usr/share/bla /usr/share/bla"11:43
Laneyarchive versinos of both of those11:43
seb128e.g symlink on itself11:43
seb128head -> desk11:43
seb128Laney, ok, dunno then, but it's likely to bite a few people, I hope we can get the MIR reviewed soon and stuff to land in the archive11:43
Laneyboth bts have g_main_context_find_source_by_id at the top11:44
Laneyanyway I have some weird system so I won't worry too much until this stuff lands properly11:45
Laneysome apparmor denials in dmesg11:50
Laney[ 1884.171060] type=1400 audit(1363089002.042:1468943): apparmor="DENIED" operation="mkdir" parent=4087 profile="/usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm/lightdm-guest-session-wrapper" name="/run/user/123/dconf/" pid=4656 comm="indicator-datet" requested_mask="c" denied_mask="c" fsuid=123 ouid=12311:50
pittiLaney: yep, jsut fixed upstream11:50
pitti(in lightdm)11:50
Laneyhow timely11:50
pittiLaney: the BP has a work item for logind support for lightdm user switching now, so at least that's recorded, too11:51
pitti(it had before, but I clarified it)11:52
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pittiLaney: FYI, if you change something in debian/control.in, you should run debclean13:10
pittiLaney: (just changing g-control-center deps, and your "Remove Recommends on gnome-online-accounts" is only becoming active now)13:10
xnoxseb128: is there a new icon for the "Software & Updates" (aka software-sources ?!)13:36
seb128xnox, not that I know, you can try asking JohnLea13:36
ogra_`xnox, there was a discussion mpt triggered on the ubuntu-art ML13:44
ogra_`(not sure what the outcome was though)13:45
ogra_`something about parachutes :)13:45
* xnox slowly backs away....13:45
xnox... it's just an icon, it's sole purpose is to be pretty13:45
ogra_`parachutes can be pretty :)13:46
xnoxpitti: gnome-power-manager the ver. string used is 3.6.0-1svn1 is that on purpose or accidental?14:03
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pittixnox: on purpose, as I committed the fix to debian svn and then uploaded that14:05
pittixnox: i. e. that shouldn't stop autosyncs, and shoudl be an indication that the next debian upload doesn't need merging14:05
xnoxpitti: right, well I'm about to spoil the fun with a -ubuntu1 https://code.launchpad.net/~dedunumax/ubuntu/raring/gnome-power-manager/bug-923292/+merge/14819014:06
xnoxit's a trivial patch, not accepted upstream yet, but it's part of papercuts project.14:07
xnoxtrivial fixes to improve usability.14:07
Laneypitti: really? I don't see the dep here14:07
LaneyI probably forgot to commit it though ...14:07
pittixnox: well, it wasn't sent upstream :)14:08
pittixnox: perhaps you could attach the patch https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=678115 while you're at it?14:08
ubot2Gnome bug 678115 in gnome-power-statistics "ctrl+w/ctrl+q shortcut for closing power statistics not working" [Minor,Unconfirmed]14:08
xnoxyeah, i was about to do that.14:08
pittiLaney: ah, that could be it14:08
Laneylike I guess I edited control.in; bzr bd -S (which runs clean); test; upload14:08
Laneyso control never got updated in the vcs14:08
Laneythat's one bit of the gnome team's workflow that I don't like14:09
pittiyeah, I trained myself to run debclean whenever I change control.in14:10
* Laney nods14:11
* xnox likes how update-maintainer learned to update *both* control.in and control14:15
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mterrydobey, why are there two software center desktop files now?  They both are showing up in the dash14:39
dobeymterry: i have no idea. i didn't add any14:39
mterrydobey, OK, will bzr blame this :)14:40
dobeymterry: hrmm, looks like both the ubuntu branded one, and the unbranded one, are installed14:41
mterrymvo, ^14:41
mterrydobey, that would be fine, but they should have OnlyShowIn or NoDisplay or something so only one is shown at a time14:41
dobeymterry: what version of software-center do you have installed?14:43
mterrydobey, 5.5.5-0ubuntu114:43
mvoI'm on my way to the train, I can check in ~1h or so if the problem is still there14:43
Laneyyeah I see that too14:44
dobeyweird, ok14:45
dobeymterry: file a bug and assign to me (or assign to me if one is already filed)?14:47
mterrydobey, let me check if it's filed14:48
psivaaseb128: pitti: Is workspaces being disabled the default setting in raring? workspace switcher is not attached to the launcher by default.14:48
dobeyah there is a bug14:49
pittipsivaa: yes, it is; you can reenable them in the control cetner14:49
psivaapitti: ack, thank you14:49
dobeymeh, and package imports being broken is a PITA.14:51
mterrydobey, point me at bug14:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 1153548 in software-center "Two icons in Dash" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:52
mterryah yes14:52
dobeyi'll fix it14:52
mterrydobey, thanks!14:52
doomlordcan anyone comment on how hard it would be to modify expo/scale plugins15:21
doomlordi have some customizations in mind , multi-level zoom for "expo" (eg show 2x2 or 3x3) and/or would like to be able to show desktop thumbnails alongside windows in "scale"15:22
doomlorddoes that sound difficult to do15:22
robrudoomlord, are you talking about compiz plugins? Install ccsm and you can tweak compiz plugins to your hearts desire... not "officially" recommended though15:26
doomlordi'm talking modifying source15:27
doomlordthese features aren't there15:28
doomlordi've got ccsm15:28
robrudoomlord, then you're on your own ;-)15:28
doomlordok i just figure someone may have dabled with the source and could comment15:28
robrudoomlord, oh yeah, tons of developers on here... but I've never touched compiz source myself, just used ccsm15:29
doomlordlast time i tried.. i found out that compiz & ubuntu repos are different :)15:29
doomlordcouldn't get it to compile & run15:29
qenghoMeeting in one hour yesno?15:30
robruqengho, yes I believe it's in an hour. I was in a panic to wake up just now only to discover that DST has shifted the meeting an hour forward...15:30
Sweetsharklaunchpad, deal with it: "finding revisions to fetch 1/598878" ...15:51
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czajkowskiSweetshark: stop breaking LP :)15:58
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
Sweetsharkczajkowski: Ill do it very tenderly!16:01
* mlankhorst hands Sweetshark a tenderizer16:04
doomlordthe fact i couldn't even compile compiz plugins before isn't encouraging16:27
doomlordbut i was talking to someone who didn't know the differences in the ubuntu repositories16:28
doomlordThere are many ways to acheive what i want16:28
seb128it's meeting time!16:30
robruhey hey!16:30
seb128Sweetshark, qengho, chrisccoulson, RAOF, didrocks, Laney, kenvandine, mlankhorst, cyphermox_, mterry, robru, tkamppeter, attente, desrt: hey16:31
* Sweetshark reporting in.16:31
* kenvandine waves16:32
mlankhorstg'day mate16:33
robruseb128, you are all an hour late, what is going on here? ;-)16:33
seb128let's get started16:33
seb128Sweetshark, hey, anything interesting you are working on? any output for vUDS? ;-)16:34
Sweetsharkseb128: 4.0.1 in raring breaking the installers. fix is in.16:34
seb128\o/ for 4.0.1 (not for breaking the installer)16:35
seb128thanks for the quick followup fix though ;-)16:35
Sweetsharkoutput for vUDS? like the next one? I could bore you with some upstream progress ...16:35
seb128no, the one from last week16:35
seb128for those who had sessions16:35
seb128I don't think you had any on libreoffice so no worry ;-)16:36
Sweetsharkother than that trying to corner the remaining unity integration issues and work on tinderboxes and more automated testing.16:36
seb128but it would be good to summarize the things decided for those who had sessions, took on new work16:36
seb128Sweetshark, thanks16:37
qenghoHello my Pretties!16:37
qengho* New stable released yesterday. Averaging about 1 every 5 days lately.16:37
qengho* chromium-browser autopkgtests. built-ins and maybe webapps!16:37
qengho* add search reporting for canonical's accountants and lawyers. Search -> $$$.16:37
qengho* armhf bugginess.16:37
qengho* will learn all I can about various webkit upstreams to prepare for packaging.16:37
seb128hey qengho ;-)16:37
seb128updated chromium \o/16:38
seb128good work there!16:38
Sweetsharkseb128: no, vUDS had no libreoffice specifics, except for heart attack by the 15g-turns in a oiltanker that is libreoffice-packaging affected by 'lets get rolling' -- 'nah, lets keep stuff as is' ...16:38
qenghoEvefry damn week.16:38
seb128they need to keep you busy... ;-)16:38
seb128qengho, thanks16:38
seb128chrisccoulson, hey16:39
Laneyhe got swallowed by a webkit debug build16:39
chrisccoulson- Made a lot of progress with Chromium crashing on arm (lots of intense v8 debugging last week)16:39
chrisccoulson- Firefox / Thunderbird updates16:39
chrisccoulson- Fixed an issue where certain test harness failures in Firefox (eg, the testsuite hanging) weren't showing up as failures in Jenkins, despite skipping half of the test suite16:39
chrisccoulson- Running tests in an almost proper session now (with gnome-session, gnome-settings-daemon and a WM) - this resulted in additional failures!16:39
chrisccoulson- Cleaning up some of the monster Jenkins integration patches as well16:39
seb128chrisccoulson, still not at the bottom of the chromium issue?16:40
seb128that's a though one16:40
* qengho weeps.16:40
chrisccoulsonseb128, i've got a pretty good understanding of what's going on now, but i had to put it to one side yesterday to take care of other daily activities16:41
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks ;-)16:41
seb128good work!16:41
seb128didrocks, hey16:42
didrockshey hey16:42
didrocks* growing tests on daily release landing and now classic maintenance of dailies with some power outage forcing to fix/workaround issues in the datacenter.16:42
didrocks* 100 scopes: strike 2, the return of the son. We are going to land it to raring. A PPA is under preparation with all this in (still moving) code. The current plan is to land those ~ 40 packages by end of next week. We'll need tester, I think kenvandine, robru and seb128 (+ popey's) help would be appreciated for installing the ppa once ready and report issues (only file and application lens will work16:42
didrocksat the beginning). Also note that we'll have to NEW them (seb128? :p) and MIR them (mterry? ;)). I'll give more info on people testing once the ppa is ready.16:42
didrocks* Adapated daily release to release to a ppa. Not as straightforward as it seems as we need to take into account that distro is a moving target as well. Preparing things to ensure that the testers are not screwed.16:42
didrocks* created WI for landing all components from where we are upstream for for kenvandine, cyphermox_, mterry, robru, and vorlon to look for. We need to have all that ready by the EOM in raring, under daily releases.16:42
* Laney fears the 100 scopes landing16:43
Laneyis that 100 source packages?!16:43
seb128Laney, going to be fun indeed16:43
seb128Laney, 40 packages from what didrocks just wrote16:44
didrocksLaney: no, only 40 :)16:44
Laneyoh yes16:44
didrockssee, just saved 60!16:44
robruLaney, trust me, 100 new source packages is better than dozens of things packaged in a single source package. we have a situation like that with webapps and any time you want to fix one little bug in one little thing, it's a whole new giant source package mess.16:44
seb128didrocks, nice summary, lots going on ... I'm surprised the IRC server didn't kick you out for spamming ;-)16:44
didrocksseb128: yeah, I wondered at some point to write a line and then another :p16:44
didrocksLaney: btw, you just volonteered for reviewing the FFe16:45
seb128didrocks, thanks16:45
seb128Laney, hey16:45
Laneyhur hur16:45
LaneyA probably incomplete list of things I worked on lately - GNOME updates (various syncs, merges and plain upstream updates) - Release management work now that Feature Freeze has started (reviewing FFes; if you think you still want to land a feature then talk to me / the release team) - vUDS & associated discussions around rolling releases16:45
Laney - Looking at uptart in the user session and trying to write soeme sample jobs. I don't see a clear list of targets in the BP(s); will try to come up with one myself. - Trying out pitti's logind packages and finding / being confused by bugs that pitti inevitably already knew about when I got around to IRC-reporting them. :-)16:45
Laneyirssi broke my paste, sorry16:45
ubot2Factoid 'v' not found16:46
* popey quickly books holidays far away from scopes16:46
didrockspopey: toooo late, I talked to your manager ;)16:46
popeylooking forward to it.. ☺16:46
popey\o/ new stuff16:46
seb128Laney, @upstart session: yeah, we didn't really do the work to list target, I can help looking at that this week if you want16:47
seb128Laney, thanks16:47
Laneywould be good16:47
seb128kenvandine, hey16:47
kenvandine * signon-ui for Qt5 that doesn't break the desktop16:47
kenvandine   - mardy is working on webkit1 bindings for Qt516:47
kenvandine   - I have a backported patch for qt5 that adds xembed support, I'll land that after I get some testing done16:47
kenvandine * Gwibber/Friends16:47
kenvandine   - We really want to replace gwibber on the desktop with Friends, requires a few features to land to get the new Gwibber client fully functional (this week) then we'll request a FFe16:47
kenvandineand i'll be out tomorrow16:48
kenvandine /done16:48
seb128enjoy the day off!16:48
seb128kenvandine, thanks16:48
seb128mlankhorst, hey16:48
mlankhorsttouch bug https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56578 - xorg 1.14 input testing, plymouth/kernel/lightdm/xorg-server race nailing with help of tjaalton16:48
ubot2Freedesktop bug 56578 in Server/Input/Core "race condition with active/passive grabs when opening menus with touch" [Normal,Assigned]16:48
mlankhorstand trying to make unbind for drm work correctly16:48
seb128mlankhorst, thanks16:50
seb128cyphermox_, hey16:50
cyphermox_so just now been fixing up two MIRs for a merge that hasn't landed yet for indicator-session (bugfix)16:51
cyphermox_spent part of last week fixing up patches for upstream inclusion, they all got landed, for nm-applet16:51
cyphermox_updated nm/nm-applet on raring, left with the vpn plugins to updates but will need FFE16:52
cyphermox_other than that, blocked on a hug libcolumbus transition for which code isn't quite ready.16:52
mterryhoped for a pkg called hug16:52
seb128cyphermox_, thanks16:52
cyphermox_there's hugin16:52
LaneyMaintainer: Daniel Holbach16:52
cyphermox_oh, nice :)16:53
seb128mterry, hey16:53
mterry- Light week between vUDS and a day off16:53
mterry- Some MIR work16:53
mterry- Filed branch for start of LightDM support in phablet greeter, waiting a review and me adding tests16:53
seb128mterry, thanks16:53
seb128robru, hey16:53
robruhey hey!16:53
robru* implemented since_id= for twitter, vastly reducing bandwidth usage by avoiding redownloading duplicate tweets, also fixed a bug where friends was re-notifying heinously stale tweets16:54
robru* bring up dbus interface earlier during init, solving some dbus timeout issues16:54
robru* vast reduction in complexity of db schema, making it way easier for consumers of friends to filter the db based on common criteria (this will make facebook and twitter phone apps much simpler)16:54
robru* added GPS location info to db schema, allowing us to leverage location data provided to us by social networks. currently only implemented for foursquare but I intend to add facebook soon.16:54
robru* put together a sweet flowchart of the friends stack architecture: http://ubuntuone.com/2W6HSyoN9tWUcAZL0k7Z1f (btw Sweetshark, used libreoffice draw for this, pretty slick tool! I used to use Dia but Draw is way nicer).16:54
seb128robru, thanks16:54
seb128tkamppeter, hey16:54
tkamppeterUDS session about printing: Mobile with reduced, driverless (support for IPP Everywhere/CUPS Raster, PDF, PS, PCL) printing stack, Poppler as only renderer, no GS, if possible daemons on-demand, print dialog in Touch SDK16:55
tkamppetersystem-config-printer: Printer driver auto-download working correctly from both GNOME's own printer setup tool and the system-config-printer GUI16:55
tkamppeterUpdates for Feature Freeze: HPLIP 3.13.3, foo2zjs 20130306, foomatic-db 20130308, cups-filters 1.0.30, QPDF 4.0.1. Planned is also Ghostscript 9.07, waiting for update of LCMS, see LP: #1126427, also CUPS 1.6.2 to fix LP: #106967116:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 1126427 in lcms2 (Ubuntu) "LCMS2 needs multi-threading fixes to work with the new Ghostscript 9.07" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112642716:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 1069671 in cups (Ubuntu Quantal) "no print queues displayed in pure client mode" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106967116:55
tkamppeterHad to rush in all new versions due to real existance of FF instead of RR came on short notice.16:56
tkamppeterOne day after UDS.16:56
seb128tkamppeter, lot of good work there16:56
seb128yeah, it has been an issue for several of us16:56
tkamppeterAnd still not ready, GS and CUPS still to come, but CUPS is a bug fix release, so not related to FF.16:57
seb128tkamppeter, we should discuss, at some point this week, on whether we want to keep the GNOME printing panel or go back to system-config-printer for raring16:57
seb128I will ping you about it tomorrow16:57
seb128(need to run into another meeting that this one)16:57
seb128tkamppeter, thanks16:58
seb128attente, hey16:58
attenteseb128, hey16:58
attentenot much from me, spent the last week fighting with autopilot, getting integration tests into unity-gtk-module, and doing a bit more rhythmbox profiling16:58
attentejust going to fix a unity-gtk-module bug robru pointed out to me last night, but afterwards planning to switch focus to the ibus indicator16:58
tkamppeterseb128, for me seems that s-c-p gets another cycle, as there is no GUI to share the local printers for getting accessed byu remote machines.16:58
seb128attente, nice coincidence, I planned to talk to you about the keyboard indicators today, to see if you would be interested working on those16:58
seb128attente, let's chat about it a bit later16:59
tkamppeterReceiving shares (at least Bonjour from CUPS 1.6.1 servers) is always on currently.16:59
attenteseb128, sure16:59
seb128tkamppeter, yeah, I think we should go back to s-c-p as well16:59
seb128attente, thanks16:59
seb128desrt, hey16:59
seb128not desrt it seems17:00
seb128so me17:00
seb128- hosted a client track for vUDS17:00
seb128which took some 2 days17:00
seb128- updated some icons for design (which involved some patching and migrations)17:00
seb128- some desktop updates17:01
seb128- tested the systemd-services transition, filed a FFe for it17:01
seb128- looked at some bugs, SRU17:01
seb128- tried to update our blueprints, postponed some work, still way behind the trendline17:01
ivankahey didrocks17:02
seb128especially after vUDS and getting some new specs17:02
ivankadidrocks, how do I see blueprint bits that are assigned to me?17:02
desrtseb128: hi17:02
desrtsorry.  was mid-rebase :)17:02
seb128ivanka, launchpad.net/~/+upcomingwork17:02
seb128ivanka, https://launchpad.net/~seb128/+upcomingwork17:02
seb128ivanka, https://launchpad.net/~/+upcomingwork17:02
didrocksivanka: you probably want to see the WI assigned to you as well: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-raring/u/ivanka.html (well 1 WI it seems)17:03
seb128desrt, no worry ... we do team round and summary of what we did in the week ;-)17:03
ivankacheers seb128 and didrocks17:03
desrtseb128: let me know if you want to come back to me :)17:03
seb128desrt, please go ahead, we were just done17:03
seb128I was last and just finished my update17:03
desrtdid a lot of small items related to the datetime stuff17:04
desrtdid a systemd upstream patch to add the CanNTP property, did one for our (old) version of systemd too17:04
desrtalso patched upstream g-c-c to use this property17:04
desrtdid some MIR paperwork17:04
desrtand started on writing the service for the dconf security proxy stuff (for app confinement)17:04
desrtjust working on some glib stuff now (fixing test failures noted by pitti's jenkins stuff)17:05
seb128desrt, thanks17:05
seb128desrt, speaking about glib, you missed the recent release rounds it seems, is that wanted? ;-)17:06
seb128current tarball is almost a month old17:06
desrtseb128: mclasen and i fight over who does the releases sometimes :p17:06
desrtbut thanks for noticing.  i'll do one soon.17:06
seb128ok, any other topic from anyone?17:06
desrtseb128: gtk 3.8 for 13.4?17:06
seb128desrt, nop, missed that shot17:07
desrtfair enough17:07
desrtgot the new harfbuzz/pango stuff though, right?17:07
seb128we are past FFe and I can't see a reason to push for it17:07
seb128new glib as well17:07
desrtthat will be a big memory win17:07
seb128new GTK would have been nice, but it has still some known regressions not fixed17:07
desrttheme stuff mostly, right?17:07
seb128no, dnd (due to the clock work), screensaver turning your screen white17:08
seb128the current tarball makes gedit segfault when you scroll (that's fixed in git though)17:08
desrtya... enough reasons to wait :)17:08
* desrt has been tracking rawhide... some things are kinda sketchy there17:09
seb128other comments? ;-)17:09
cyphermox_about rawhide? j/k17:09
didrocksrobru: mterry: cyphermox_: think about starting on the touch apps packaging for raring17:09
didrocksask me anything if you see the WI don't make sense :)17:10
cyphermox_didrocks: is the hud stuff ready?17:10
robrudidrocks, yes, I have some questions17:10
didrockscyphermox_: not yet, but please, feel free to check directly with tedg17:10
didrocksrobru: sure?17:10
robrudidrocks, but I'm not awake yet. how much longer will you be online for?17:10
didrocksrobru: I give you 50 minutes for a good coffee! :)17:11
robrudidrocks, hehe, yeah. let me just think up some questions then I will ask17:11
didrockssure ;)17:11
=== mitya57 is now known as mitya57_
seb128ok, meeting wrap I guess, thanks everyone17:13
Laneythanks \o/17:14
desrtseb128: so FFe is approved17:14
desrtdoes this mean you're going to start landing the changeset?17:14
desrtor are we waiting for jbicha to do testing?17:15
=== matzipan1ni is now known as matzipan
seb128desrt, we are waiting for17:16
seb1281- the MIR to be acked17:16
seb1282- the beta1 freeze to end (that's this week)17:16
seb1283- then we can upload17:16
Laneyyou can still upload17:17
Laneyeverything critical ought to be blocked from migration17:17
desrtseb128: MIR was acked, no?17:17
robrudidrocks, ok, I sent you an email with a dozen questions. ;-)17:26
didrocksrobru: got it17:27
kenvandinerobru,  the schema changes and the qml-friends changes, lets propose them for merging into "raring" branches so we can do reviews there17:28
kenvandinerobru, and block on the FFe for landing in trunk17:28
robrukenvandine, I'm not really familiar with that process, can you elaborate a bit?17:28
kenvandinerobru, branch trunk to a raring branch17:29
kenvandinethen propose your branches to that instead of trunk17:29
kenvandineso we have a place to do reviews without the merger landing them in trunk17:29
robrukenvandine, so you want the branch to be lp:~super-friends/friends/raring ?17:29
kenvandinethings we are queuing to land in raring, pending a FFe approval17:29
kenvandineif that gets approved, we'll merge into trunk17:30
robrukenvandine, funny, a lot of what you are telling me I was just asking didrocks about in the email I sent him ;-)17:30
kenvandinei was just discussing that with him too :)17:30
didrocksyeah, you are spamming me! :)17:30
robrukenvandine, this situation has been on my mind for a few days :-P17:30
kenvandinemine too17:31
robrukenvandine, ok, raring branch created, will make new MP now17:32
robrukenvandine, ok, so if I understood you correctly then this should be what you asked for: https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/friends/simple-schema/+merge/15297117:33
robrudidrocks, there are other questions in that email though ;-)17:34
kenvandinei love this:17:35
kenvandineWhile we're at it, why are likes being stored as a double?17:35
kenvandineThat doesn't even make sense. Go home Gwibber, you're drunk.17:35
didrocksrobru: as I'm giving more info on the email, let me CC kenvandine :p17:35
robrudidrocks, thanks17:37
didrocksseeing my current state of tireness, I hope I was clear :)17:37
didrocksif not, do not hesitate to harass me :)17:37
robruharass harass!17:37
robrukenvandine, so that branch I just made at lp:~super-friends/friends/raring, is that equivalent to lp:friends/raring ?17:40
robrukenvandine, is there a way to link those? to save on typing ;-)17:41
robrukenvandine, are you reviewing my branch still?18:02
kenvandinerobru, i reviewed it, just about to test it out18:03
robrukenvandine, it's good. keep an eye out for your foursquare messages, which will now be geotagged in the model ;-)18:04
robrukenvandine, when you get around to implementing that in the qml frontend, you can take the location name and linkify it to point at google.com?q=lat,long and then people can click on it to get a map. ;-)18:05
kenvandinenah... we'll just display a map in the UI :)18:05
robrukenvandine, that too ;-)18:05
kenvandinerobru, you should update the changelog in your branch18:06
robrukenvandine, oh, what? I thought the autolanding did that for me.18:07
=== maxb_ is now known as maxb
kenvandinenow i am confused... i think it kind of does18:08
robrudidrocks, help ^^ ;-)18:08
kenvandinedidrocks has yelled at folks for not changing it18:08
kenvandinei've been updating the changelog :)18:09
didrockssorry? what branch?18:10
didrocksyou bumped something?18:10
robrudidrocks, so I've got a massive diff I want to merge into our special raring branch we just created18:10
robrudidrocks, but I didn't touch the changelog18:10
robrudidrocks, am I supposed to be writing my own changelog entries?18:10
robruI mean debian/changelog18:11
didrocksrobru: you are not forced to if you didn't bump the version18:13
didrocksrobru: but you should link to a bug :)18:13
robrudidrocks, but these are new features, they don't have bugs18:13
didrocksrobru: well, if it's a new interesting feature, you should put it in the changelog then if you don't want a bug18:13
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
robrudidrocks, ok, will do18:13
didrocksrobru: it's as you wish, for important things to mention, either bug or direct writing18:13
didrocksbug will populate for you18:13
didrocksotherwise, put it yourself :)18:13
robrukenvandine, ok, pushed updated changelog with new features listed.18:16
seb128desrt, sorry, was in a meeting, no, systemd's MIR has not been approved yet, it's being reviewed by the security team18:17
desrtseb128: i meant the FFe was approved18:18
desrti think i misunderstood what you said was pending approval18:18
seb128desrt, right, and I said we need the MIR approved before we can upload ;-)18:18
seb128e.g we need systemd-services in main18:18
seb128ok, all good ;-)18:19
robrukenvandine, ugh, just noticed my debian/changelog changes conflict with trunk, do you want me to merge it or did you do it alreayd?18:35
kenvandinei didn't18:39
kenvandinemerge it from trunk18:39
kenvandineyour branch is great btw!18:39
robrukenvandine, thanks. just merged and pushed18:41
robrukenvandine, I mean pushed to the same feature branch for the mp. please merge the mp ;-)18:41
=== Ursinha_ is now known as Ursinha
robrukenvandine, I'm gonna add location support to facebook, do you want it in the same MP or should I start a new MP for that?18:54
kenvandinenew one18:54
kenvandinethis will get merged in a few minutes18:55
robrukenvandine, ok, great18:55
achiangcyphermox_: just kicked off an nm-applet run using your dbg packages and collecting logs19:03
achiangcyphermox_: i'll come back tomorrow after i reproduce :)19:03
cyphermox_here today it'll never work, so I'm on something else19:04
cyphermox_will get to reproducing that bug on thursday19:04
kenvandinerobru, i sent you a MP for qml-friends... not sure how you feel about reviewing Qt stuff :)19:22
robrukenvandine, great, I do want to get more into Qt ;-)19:44
doomlorddo apple ptents mean 'scale' in linux has to wobble (the way it interpolates position & velocity)20:09
mterryrobru, didn't you make a wiki page to list common inlining steps?  I want to check it over again20:18
robrumterry, yeah, lemme find it again20:19
robrumterry, here it is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyRelease/InlinePackaging didrocks had moved it ;-)20:20
mterryrobert_ancell, heyo!  I wanted to poke you about some pending reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity-greeter20:23
robert_ancellmterry, consider me poked20:23
mterryrobert_ancell, jpds wanted us to SRU the gsettings and dbus interface ones if we could20:23
robert_ancellmterry, the ones with jenkins failure I didn't change the main status - I'll let you fix those parts20:28
mterryrobert_ancell, oh, hm.  I assume they're bogus..  will check20:29
mterryfginther, for unity-greeter autolanding, I assume I need a jenkins login to restart a jenkins job?  I don't recall if I have one, but there doesn't seem to be a signup option20:40
fginthermterry, let me check20:43
mterryfginther, this is on jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com20:43
fginthermterry, jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com doesn't execute any jobs, it's basically just a viewer20:44
fginthermterry, i don't have a login there either20:45
fginthermterry, is something not merging? The usual process to retrigger autolanding is to approve the MP.20:46
mterryfginther, ah...  How is are the links that jenkins leaves in comments like "to restart this job..." supposed to work?20:46
fginthermterry, ah that.20:46
mterryfginther, oh fair.  I was just thinking I'd actually do what jenkins suggested  :)20:46
mterryrobert_ancell, I no longer have permissions to set the merges Approved...  :(  But doing so will retry the jenkins runs20:47
fginthermterry, that's a bug20:47
fgintherit might even have a number ...20:47
robert_ancellmterry, oh really?20:48
fginthermterry, https://bugs.launchpad.net/jenkins-launchpad-plugin/+bug/114923220:48
ubot2Launchpad bug 1149232 in jenkins-launchpad-plugin "link to retrigger a job is wrong when publishing jobs to jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com" [Undecided,New]20:48
robert_ancellmterry, oh, it's probably because you're not in the PS team right?20:48
robert_ancellmterry, I just invited the canonical desktop team, but it looks like someone has to ack that20:49
seb128robert_ancell, ok, accepted it20:50
robert_ancellmterry, try now20:50
seb128did I just sign up for extra work for our team? :p20:50
robert_ancellseb128, totally. I just unsubscribed ps :)20:53
margadesrt, you are not around, are you?21:17
* marga in the wrong tz.21:17
margaRunning 'sudo dconf update' is causing cinnamon to die with sigabort.  I'm trying to find out what is causing that, but with not much luck up to now.21:18
margaI get this funny message: GLib:ERROR:/build/buildd/glib2.0-2.32.3/./glib/gvariant-serialiser.c:1320:g_variant_serialised_n_children: code should not be reached21:20
margaIt's always funny when something prints stuff like "this should never happen"21:20
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
desrtmarga: hi.21:54
desrtmarga: almost definitely a refcounting problem somewhere in cinnamon21:55
desrtmarga: a backtrace would be very highly useful21:55
desrtmarga: valgrind would probably also find the issue21:55
margadesrt, I've been struggling with the backtrace21:57
margaI have it, it's big, but gdb doesn't show anything useful when bt21:58
desrtprobably you need to install some dbgsyms packages21:58
margaMaybe, but i'm used to at least seeing _something_21:59
margaIn this case it's such a level of nothingness that I think something else is wrong21:59
margadesrt, ^22:01
desrtpretty useless22:01
margaI think it's because it's an abort instead of segfault22:02
desrtnah... gdb is perfectly capable of getting reasonable data out of aborts22:02
margait's aborting because glib's g_assert_not_reached ();22:02
desrtit's more likely because memory is getting trashed22:02
desrtdoes valgrind say anything useful?22:02
margauhm... let's try that.22:03
margawell, valgrind complained about so much stuff that it's hard to find the real one22:07
desrtya... so start with the first one22:07
desrtthis is C22:07
desrtonce things start going off the rails you can't really trust anything else after that22:07
desrt...including gdb backtraces, as it were22:07
margayeah... But this is gtk22:07
margavalgrind always complains about gtk stuff22:07
desrtare you looking at leaks or memory errors?22:08
desrtleaks ya... but it ought not to be complaining about invalid reads/writes22:08
margaI just did a valgrind run without params22:08
margaIt's complaining a lot about Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)22:08
desrtcan you paste the whole log?22:08
margaAnd also about invalid reads22:08
margaI don't have it all... It went over my scroll limit.  I'm going to re-run this outputting to a file22:09
margadesrt, that's a big paste for you :)22:13
desrtthe zlib ones are probably harmless22:13
desrt==7250== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)22:13
desrt==7250==    at 0x51222CF: ??? (in /usr/lib/libmuffin.so.0.0.0)22:13
desrt==7250==    by 0xAB99258: g_settings_get_mapped (in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgio-2.0.so.0.3200.3)22:13
desrt==7250==    by 0x5121CFA: meta_prefs_init (in /usr/lib/libmuffin.so.0.0.0)22:13
desrt==7250==    by 0x511F500: meta_run (in /usr/lib/libmuffin.so.0.0.0)22:13
desrtthis is the interesting one for sure22:13
desrtsee if you can get dbgsyms for libmuffin and have another go at it22:14
margaUhm, I think I'll need to rebuild it.22:14
desrtis this something you custom-built locally?22:15
margasort of.  It's the ppa, downloaded, built and signed22:15
margaSo, it's the same code, but re-built internally, for security reasons22:15
desrton one hand that seems excessively paranoid22:16
margaheh :)22:16
desrtbut on the other hand it's like... if you have the resources to pull that off, why not?22:16
desrtand clearly you do22:16
margaWell, I'm going to rebuild this and everything... I hope it doesn't take long22:16
mlankhorstdesrt: kind of useless if you can sneak your evil thing into the source code though ;)22:17
margawell, we are supposed to review the changes before rebuilding22:18
margabut yeah, it can go wrong.22:18
mlankhorst*cough* openssh-server22:18
margaI was thinking the same22:19
margaOh, how I hate cdbs...22:40
margaSo, I'm rebuilding muffin, but it's getting stripped, even though I'm using the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip,noopt, that I've always used for this.22:40
margaAnd finding out why means getting into this cdbs mud :-/22:41
Laneyaren't they whitespace separated?22:41
margaLaney, not according to policy22:41
margaand cdbs shouldn't require them to. But I'll try that anyway.22:41
Laneyyou're reading a different policy to me then ;-)22:41
margauhm, they added this whitespace thing recently, I guess.  I'm old :)22:43
margalet's try again with whitespace...22:43
Laneynot that I'm saying cdbs can't be independently buggy :p22:44
margait might be that it's not buggy, it's just a big mess22:44
margaman dh_strip says that if "nostrip" is present, it won't strip22:44
margaWhy should cdbs meddle with my env options?  It really shouldn't but...22:44
margaIn any case, I do hope this is it22:45
margayay, not stripped.  Thanks Laney.22:47
Laneywoot. happy debugging!22:47
* Laney goes to bed22:47
margaBacktrace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609198/23:00
margaValgrind: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609202/23:01
brycemarga, install some -dbg / -dbgsym packages ;-023:05
margaI think I found the bug23:07
margaI mean the valgrind bug23:07
marga... I mean, I found the bug that causes valgrind to complain.23:07
margaI'm unsure if that bug is really what's causing cinnamon to misbehave, but I'm going to do some monkey patching23:08
desrtmarga: pretty obvious problem here...23:10
desrt  MetaVirtualModifier mods;23:10
desrt  if (!string_value || !meta_ui_parse_modifier (string_value, &mods))23:10
desrt  if (mods != mouse_button_mods)23:10
desrtif string_value is NULL then 'mods' will be used uninitialised23:10
desrtwhich it may well be because of   string_value = g_variant_get_string (value, NULL);23:11
margaI'm looking at the code and I'm disliking the whole thing23:11
margamany things done wrong.23:11
desrtthe reason you see it on 'dconf update' is simple: it broadcasts that _all_ settings may have changed23:11
desrtincluding ones that aren't set at all23:11
desrtthey have an implicit assumption here that if a key changed they should be able to read it23:11
margadesrt, didn't we fix that?23:11
desrtmarga: different pieces of software can be differently affected?23:11
margaSorry, sorry, I'm misremembering.  We fixed gconf plugin's behavior on receiving that broadcast23:12
desrtother software can misbehave in the same way23:12
desrtand i guess (unfortunately for you) not too many people are using 'dconf update'23:12
desrtso these types of issues are rarely found23:12
desrtanyway... i don't think this is the cause of your crash23:12
desrtbut probably it's a similar issue in the same code23:12
margaWe will find aaaaaall the dconf update bugs.23:13
desrt==23835==    at 0x5138AFF: button_layout_equal (/usr/local/google/home/marga/muffin/src/core/prefs.c:1247)23:13
desrtthis one is way more interesting...23:13
margathat's the one that I've just "patched" (i.e. forced it to return true)23:14
margaTo see if it was the cause23:14
desrtbutton_layout_handler is a mess of a function23:14
margathat's the one I was cringing at23:15
desrtthis is not the problem either23:18
margaFrom the backtrace it seems that the problem is in the  settings_changed function, that calls: g_settings_get_value(settings, key), where settings is a GSettings object and key is "keybindings/"23:19
desrtalthough clearly there is yet another unrelated issue there23:19
desrtya.  exactly.23:19
margaBut that looks like a valid call to me...23:19
desrtyou maybe found a GSettings bug here23:20
desrtit depends what the docs say23:20
desrt...if they say anything at all23:20
desrtcan you install the glib dbgsyms and go one more time?23:22
desrtthey're part of the standard glib packaging, so hopefully you don't need to rebuild....23:23
desrtvalgrind is not being helpful here.... you want the gdb backtrace23:23
desrt#15 0x00007ffff1e4a541 in ?? () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgio-2.0.so.023:23
desrt#16 0x00007ffff60c21e4 in ffi_call_unix64 () from /usr/lib/libmozjs185.so.1.023:24
desrt#17 0x00007ffff60c1c21 in ffi_call () from /usr/lib/libmozjs185.so.1.023:24
desrtthe invalid call is coming from javascript code?!23:24
margacinnamon has some js plugins23:24
margalike the panel applets or something23:24
margaI'll look for glib debug23:24
desrtplease do23:27
desrti don't trust this backtrace identifying these as belonging to libmozjs23:27
desrti have an extremely difficult time imagining anyone silly enough to write something to do this kind of patching of signals from JS23:27
margaNew backtrace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609269/23:29
desrtso there is at least one gsettings bug here23:31
desrtg_settings_get() should be crashing sooner23:31
desrton a key with '/' in the name....23:31
desrtwith a better assert message23:31
margais it wrong that they key is /keybindings?23:32
desrtand yes...23:32
margayes, that... It's wrong?23:32
desrti'm reading the code over and over and i'm unsure how that could leak into the code23:32
desrtare you using a particularly old glib?23:32
desrtthat'll do it23:32
desrtcherry-pick this into your glib: ed492a5de2a217c08bccd4032b1122fba2f25c6f23:32
desrtthat'll fix it23:32
margaOk... Let's see if I can decipher that :)23:33
desrtya... this fix was made in the 2.33 series23:33
desrtso this is indeed your problem23:33
desrtthis actually fixes both problems: the problem of g_settings_get() rejecting sooner and the problem of the '/' getting there in the first place23:34
desrtLaney: around?23:35
margaProbably not... said going to bed almost an hour ago23:35
desrti'm going to cherry-pick this over into the 2.32 branch upstream23:35
desrtand i'll try to find someone to SRU it tomorrow23:36
margaYou know you rock, right?23:36
desrtif you could test the patch in the meantime it would help with the SRU23:36
margaYes, yes, I found the commit already, now trying to find how to download it23:36
desrtso it seems i did the cherry-pick at the time i made the change... and upstream release 2.32.4 already has the fix...23:39
desrtso someone just needs to package that23:39
desrtmarga: did you already have a bug open about this?23:41
margaNot in launchpad23:41
desrtk.  i'll file that.23:41
margaThis just hit us today, I've been debugging for about 4 hours23:41
margarebuilding glib sure takes a long time :)23:46
desrtlots of tests23:46
desrtand i think the debian package builds several variants23:46
margaYeah, that's likely23:47
margaPlease give me the bug number, so I can chime in once this is done.23:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 1154370 in ubuntu "[precise SRU] crash due to improper handling of "/" in GSettings" [Undecided,New]23:49

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