micahgjamespage: jai-core, yeah, I figure it could be ported, I was wondering if there were an easier way to move forward that porting the code (and this is a sun library that hasn't been updated in 5 years, so I figure there might not be hope)01:53
xnox@pilot in02:20
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stgraberxnox: seriously? :)02:29
xnoxwell... i was pinged to sponsor a few things.... and it's my time to patch pilot..... (my phone buzzed a couple of hours ago)02:30
stgraberso you went with the night shift then ;)02:31
=== rsalveti_ is now known as rsalveti
xnoxI bet everything I patch-pilot will end up tied up in the beta1 block.03:17
=== Ursinha_ is now known as Ursinha
=== rsalveti_ is now known as rsalveti
xnox@pilot out03:54
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* xnox nap time. will be back for some awesome ureadahead patch merging =)03:54
psusixnox, eh?03:54
psusithere's some ureadahead love somewhere?03:55
xnox*two* merge proposals https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/ureadahead03:55
* psusi needs to dust off his ureadahead love and see if it's still needing updated if possible and merged03:55
psusiI had been playing with some ureadahead optimizations in conjuunction with e2defrag to pack the files ureadahead wants to preload all in order at the start of the disk... but have been thinking we might want to replace ureadahead with e4rat.. need to do some evauluation03:56
ScottKxnox: You can still upload it.03:59
ScottKxnox: Bug 1123186 might be another good one to look into.  Gregor Herman is someone it would nice to have feel good about interacting with Ubuntu.04:16
ubottubug 1123186 in jabref (Ubuntu) "Jabref: flawed dependencies force installation of OpenJDK java" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112318604:16
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
slangasekxnox: could you please commit your pam changes to the bzr branch?04:46
slangasek@pilot in04:47
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pittiGood morning05:41
pittiScottK, slangasek: NB that lightdm also doesn't support logind in a particular way, it just uses the PAM module05:42
ScottKpitti: OK. That was from one of the upstream KDE developers that's worked on the KDE greeter, so I didn't know.05:52
pittiScottK, slangasek: FYI, I followed up to bug 1153224 with some clarifications05:54
ubottubug 1153224 in systemd (Ubuntu) "[FFE] Move to logind for session tracking" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115322405:54
pittiScottK: well, the PAM module is sufficient for creating sesssions; it's of course very likely that it has knobs for shutdown/reboot, which do need to talk to CK/logind directly05:54
pittiScottK: porting that is easy (it's more or less replacing org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager.ShutDown() with org.freedstkop.login1.PowerOff()), but also not strictly required if you keep consolekit installed05:56
pittibut indeed not zero work, if you also just want to ship one stack05:56
slangasekpitti: ack06:06
slangasekxnox: I see you commented on bug #1122120 that the patch looked fine, but left it in the sponsorship queue; did you run into a problem with it?06:12
ubottubug 1122120 in tcl8.5 (Ubuntu) "Multiarchify tcl8.5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112212006:12
pittiinfinity: would you know, to disable a particular binary from a source package, is it enough to drop it from the binary .changes, or do I actually need to drop it from debian/control?06:21
pittiinfinity: doing the latter is quite intrusive to debian/rules in the systemd case and also breaks --list-missing/--fail-missing quite badly06:21
infinitypitti: Keeping it in debian/control means it ends up in .dsc, but that might not be world-ending.  Were you thinking of just seding changes at the very end of the build?06:22
infinitypitti: That should technically work and not upset things too much.  Try it in a PPA.06:22
pittiinfinity: I thought about -N'ing it from dh_<whatever calls dpkg-distaddfile>06:23
pittidh_builddeb, I figure06:24
infinitypitti: Oh, sure.  That could also do the trick.06:24
infinitypitti: It's pretty hackish (given the incorrect .dsc), but we have dscs that are incomplete and/or overly-complete in other packages, I suspect it wouldn't be a bit deal.06:25
pittiinfinity: it would appear similar to udebs or Arch: <specific> packages I guess06:25
* infinity nods.06:25
infinityIf it has a -dbg package, that will contain pointless symbols from the package you're not building.06:26
infinityBut otherwise, it should more or less behave as expected.06:26
pittino, it doesn't06:26
pittiok, thanks; it would ease shared maintenance with Debian quite a bit, as well as keeping our --fail-missing safeguard06:26
infinityIt "feels" wrong, but I appreciate the want for a small delta, if it works how you want it to in a PPA test run.06:26
pittiI'll do that06:27
slangasek@pilot out06:28
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QuintasanGood morning06:35
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pittislangasek, ScottK, infinity: libudev1 transition is child's play after all; in the end there's only one package which needs a sourceful upload (lvm2), done in the PPA by cherry-picking the upstream fix for that; all others are just rebuilds07:05
infinitypitti: Sounds promising.07:09
infinitypitti: Please don't let actual children play with it.07:09
pittiI have always wanted a lipyuhdev as a child07:10
* infinity is finding it rather embarassing that he can't seem to find a MicroSD card, despite owning dozens.07:10
infinityMaybe it's time to clean my desk.07:10
sarnoldthey _are_ tiny.07:10
pittiinfinity: maybe it would be easier if they weren't so damn small07:10
infinityYeah, exactly.07:11
infinityMaybe I'll just pull one from a phone.07:11
* pitti wonders if he's the only one who finds "dpkg-deb -z1 -Zxz -Sextreme" rather naughty07:11
infinityOf course, then I need to also locade my MicroSD USB reader.07:11
pittihow about leaving it in the phone and using mass storage?07:12
infinitypitti: Is there even any point to -1e?07:12
pittiI meant spelling/reading it, not what it does :)07:13
infinityI refuse to admit to reasons why the word "extreme" may seem naughty to me.07:13
pitti(apparently these are standard dh 9 udeb options)07:13
infinityIt certainly has nothing to do with any specific mail order agency I've frequented.07:13
pitti... for purely scientific reasons, of course07:14
infinityObviously.  For science.  I believe in hands-on experimentation.07:14
infinityRelated to the first conversation, but not the second: I miss 8 inch floppy disks.07:15
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
infinityHrm, not quite was I was looking for, but I just found a large cache of GBP and EUR.  Time for a vacation?07:18
=== Sp4rKy_ is now known as Sp4rKy
pittiinfinity: FYI, I used http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/systemd-patches/0009-Disable-udev-and-systemd-packages-for-Ubuntu.patch now, which seems to work quite well07:32
infinitypitti: You might want to change the dpkg-vendor call.07:33
infinitypitti: Use --derives-from instead of --query vendor.07:33
pittican I do a boolean if with make, like if $(shell dpkg-vendor --derives-from ubuntu) ?07:33
infinitypitti: Unless we want very surprising results for people rebuilding this.07:34
infinitypitti: ifeq (Yes,$(shell dpkg --derives-from Ubuntu && echo Yes))?07:35
* infinity flails.07:36
pittiah, nice trick07:36
infinityUntested.  Pretty sure that doesn't need quoting, though.07:36
* pitti runs another build07:38
infinityErr, with a -query on that.07:38
infinity-vendor even.07:38
infinitySo not awake.07:38
pittiyeah, I've translated from adamsh to bash and infinipkg to dpkg07:39
infinityYeah, seems to DTRT.07:39
pittihttp://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/systemd-patches/0008-Disable-udev-and-systemd-packages-for-Ubuntu.patch works fine07:44
pittiI'll fix something else and then kick that PPAwards to see what it makes of it07:44
infinityHrm, curious that the manpage doesn't document dpkg-vendor as being case-insensitive, but it sure appears to be.07:45
dholbachgood morning07:45
infinitypitti: Given that vendor and parent in origins/* appear to be all mixed-case, I'd probably stick with Ubuntu over ubuntu since the tool doesn't document its case-insensitivity, but that's probably just me being paranoid.07:47
infinitypitti: I imagine if someone broke that at this point, people would scream, so the right thing to do is fix the manpage. :P07:47
pittioh, I used "ubuntu" in many places by now07:48
infinityYeah, see above.  People would scream.  One of them being you.07:48
infinitySo I should probably just push a manpage fix to Debian to document the current behaviour as canonical.07:48
=== smb` is now known as smb
dholbachFourDollars, mvo just uploaded the patch :)08:46
FourDollarsdholbach: Thanks a lot. :D08:48
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Whoopiedebfx: Hi, any timeframe when you plan to upload a new virtualbox? Or could you point to your fix for the XComposite unresolved symbol issue?10:29
xnox@pilot in10:34
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xnoxslangasek: simply was something I didn't feel like sponsoring at 3am ;-)10:34
Whoopiedebfx: btw, for auto-loading, you could use the patch in bug report 1039157 -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1039157/+attachment/3295573/+files/vbox.patch10:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1039157 in linux (Debian) "vmware/virtualbox kernel modules not loaded by default" [Unknown,Fix committed]10:38
ScottKpitti: OK.  I've no objections to the systemd update/libudev1 transition.  I'm on my way out the door, so I'll leave it for another u-release member to approve in the bug.  Like slangasek or infinity.10:39
pittiScottK: ok, thanks; that'll also require the MIR approval first10:49
seb128pitti, need to chase the MIR/security guys to get that review done, I've also an accepted FFe blocked on promotion of systemd-services ;-)10:51
pittiI would settle for a partial move to main at first for the udev libraries10:52
pittithen we can get the libudev migration out of the way10:52
pittiand it's just slightly newer code than what we have already10:52
pittibut again this needs a formal FFE first for updating systemd to 198 (that should be easy, though)10:53
seb128ev: hey11:09
evseb128: hi11:09
seb128ev: seems like your RT59730/r284 didn't work out as it should (or I'm hitting another very similar issue)11:10
seb128ev: https://errors.ubuntu.com/?package=telepathy-glib never finish loading... here11:10
evseb128: looking11:13
=== Guest32857 is now known as Zic
seb128ev: ok, I guess that's my error, unping11:16
evhm? Is it working now?11:17
seb128ev: telepathy-glib provides a library so it probably has no report against its component11:17
seb128the reports probably go to the packages using the lib11:17
evah, it wont, yeah11:17
evthere's still a javascript error to fix here that's preventing the table from saying "no results"11:17
seb128yeah, it's the "loading..." not going away that confused me first ;-)11:17
evfixed the javascript as lp:errors r29711:21
evI'll try to get that deployed today11:22
infinityslangasek: Thanks for packaging heimdall-flash, BTW.  Your version was 98% less sad than the precompiled binaries on the interwebs.  (Googling various failure modes was how I even noticed it was in the archive, probably time to go mass updating a ton of CM wiki pages to say "if you're running Ubuntu, ...")11:23
seb128ev: thanks11:23
evsure thing11:23
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=== mthaddon` is now known as mthaddon
pitticjwatson: wrt. "Check whether openssh needs to grow logind support, and add it if necessary", what particular magic should happen there?11:53
pitticjwatson: if I ssh into my box, that user gets a sessio in logind, a $XDG_SESSION_ID and $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR through the PAM module11:54
pitticjohnston: I guess that's the important bit? or is there anything else?11:54
pittisorry cjohnston, I mean cjwatson11:55
om26erwho should i contact to let know that there are quite a large number of download mirrors that are behind the main servers. like a few months behind11:55
xnoxom26er: is it known? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors12:01
xnoxom26er: hopefully someone in #launchpad can direct you to the right place.12:02
om26erxnox, its mentioned there but with "last update unknown"12:03
om26erxnox, i'll try  #launchpad Thanks12:03
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
xnoxom26er: some of the mirrors listed there, are not under our control. We cannot force push update them. They are maintained by their respective owners.12:05
smartboyhwxnox, you're the patch pilot today?12:06
xnoxsmartboyhw: yes.12:06
smartboyhwxnox, please review https://code.launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/ubuntu/raring/blender/2.66a-3ubuntu1-merge/+merge/152894 then:P12:06
xnoxsmartboyhw: way too quick =) even the diff is not there yet =))))12:07
=== popey_ is now known as popey
smartboyhwxnox, yep:P12:07
smartboyhwJust notification12:07
smartboyhwHey popey12:08
xnoxinfinity: i'll give that qemu powerpc building a try with blender above ;-)12:08
smartboyhwxnox, /me \o/ +112:08
StevenKsmartboyhw: O HAI. If you fix the description in your Launchpad MP to include more details, I'll review it.12:10
smartboyhwStevenK, OK:)12:10
infinitysmartboyhw: A 70MB diff for a merge might not always be the most clever idea ever.12:12
infinitysmartboyhw: Giving people just the Ubuntu diff over the current Debian is much more manageable.12:12
smartboyhwinfinity, debdiff ok12:12
StevenKinfinity: "Sure, I'll review that. I'll get back to by April, 2014."12:13
jpdsom26er: Do you have any particular examples?12:13
infinitysmartboyhw: debdiffs are great for me, but it's xnox or StevenK you get to ask. :)12:13
smartboyhwinfinity, :P12:13
smartboyhwinfinity, there wasn't even a tag for it hmmm12:14
infinityIn all honesty, given how simple the merge actually is (when you strip away the 70MB patch), I'd be more inclined to just do it myself than try to fuss with sponsoring, if it was me.12:15
smartboyhwinfinity, I'm not Ubuntu dev or whatever.....12:15
smartboyhwinfinity, ah you mean you do it12:15
* infinity is still not sure why we think merges are a good way to get people to contribute for sponsorship, since they tend to be either "so trivial that your patch isn't worth the effort" or "so complicated that I need to read it line-by-line and do it myself anyway".12:15
smartboyhwinfinity, I like it though12:16
infinitysmartboyhw: Yeah.  There's nothing wrong with you liking merges.  My complaint is with having non-uploading people do them for the sponsorship queue, I guess, because of the above.12:17
om26erjpds, here both Pakistan mirrors, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors and then tried the Quwait mirror, same problem as well. What worked for me was the main server but its slow12:17
infinityThey're pretty much the silliest things to "sponsor", since I have to re-do it myself to verify it's correct.12:17
smartboyhwAnyway I'm not the one to decide12:17
tumbleweedinfinity: I don't think anyone recommends them for new people. but somehow new people find them12:17
* smartboyhw hides12:17
tumbleweedprobably because they are an easy list of things to do12:17
infinitytumbleweed: I think there've been various docs that recommend them actually.12:17
smartboyhwtumbleweed, and the Packaging Guide teaches them12:18
infinitytumbleweed: I'm sure I've seen Colin raise the same complaint. :P12:18
smartboyhwThat's why I used it12:18
tumbleweedit's something you need to know how to do. It doesn't mean you go and do other people's merges12:18
tumbleweed(not talking specifically about this case)12:18
infinityI don't even mind people merge-sniping occasionally, it really is the sponsorship aspect.  They're almost literally unsponsorable.12:18
jpdsom26er: Well, click on them for more information.12:19
infinityByt the time I'm done, I've re-done exactly the same work to verify it's correct, and then I put someone else's name in my changelog.  Which isn't really sponsorship.12:19
* tumbleweed finds sponsoring merges to be a useful way to encourage a bunch of behavior in new developers. It's a hell of a lot of work, though12:19
xnoxinfinity: smartboyhw: i have no problem with bzr merges with large diffs. Afterall all i need to do is $ bzr diff -rtag:$DEBIAN_VERSION to get the debdiff against debain.12:20
smartboyhwxnox, Ok12:20
infinityxnox: Whatever works for you.12:20
om26erjpds, i am going to try to contact their admins and see what i get out of that12:20
infinitytumbleweed: Yeah, sponsoring/reviewing/(re-doing) merges can be a good way to teach people about a ton of other packaging gotchas, and just generally rap them on the knuckles for doing silly things.12:21
infinitytumbleweed: But I'm not sure that has much to do with merges as much as it has to do with volume and diversity of packages that need merging.12:21
infinitytumbleweed: If you were to ask apw what the best packaging crash course is, he'd probably say a massive library API transition. :P12:22
apwinfinity, that'd do it ... with some gnarly c++ in it12:22
infinitytumbleweed: 17 different patch formats, a few source formats, a ton of weird ways to make that all work together, different VCSes, different upstreams...12:22
* xnox realised i'm a bit clueless with old-style / verbose dh_* way of packaging stuff.12:23
xnoxinfinity: one source package split twice in main & universe is the nail in the coffin though that hardly anyone manages to notice ;-)12:23
tumbleweedso, we should send new contributors to the +1 team?12:23
infinityxnox: Poor, poor boost.12:24
infinityxnox: You should cleverly make them interdepend strongly enough that they can't migrate without being in sync.12:24
infinityxnox: Or, y'know, help with ArchiveReorg so we can make boost-mpi go the *&!% away.12:24
xnoxi think they do.12:24
infinityxnox: Oh, do they?  Maybe all the problems were pre-britney, then.  Yay for another solved problem. :P12:24
* xnox was pondering about 3.0 (custom) which generates two source packages....12:25
infinitytumbleweed: Actually, I wouldn't mind having some new blood here and there.  The problem is that it needs to be new blood with sufficient programming clue.12:25
tumbleweedand, presumably, time12:25
xnoxinfinity: way too picky =))))12:25
infinitytumbleweed: I don't need people who understand Debian packaging (I can teach that via pain), but I need people who speak a few programming languages and can adapt.12:25
apwyeah that was my supprise, that although packaging is important, most of what one does is not packaging in +112:26
infinityapw: To be fair, I threw specific things at you because I know you're a strong programmer, there's plenty of packaging fixes in +1 too.12:30
apwinfinity, fair enough indeed, +1 was fun and i do recommend a stint12:31
infinityBut while I can teach a strong programmer to fix packaging, I'm not particularly good at teaching a strong packager C and Python. :/12:31
infinityAnd understanding WHY something breaks is critical before you go and work around it by breaking a package. :P12:31
infinity(And then understanding how to fix it...)12:31
infinitytumbleweed: But, in all seriousness, if you have people wandering in who say "I have a really good fundamental knowledge of C/C++, but don't know thing one about Debian packaging", send them my way, I can make use of them.12:33
infinitydholbach: ^12:33
seb128infinity, you don't especially need strong programming skills to be helpful on +112:34
rbasakinfinity: AIUI, having merge experience is essentially a requirement to get upload rights. So getting sponsorship for them becomes a requirement.12:34
seb128often the work is "look if Debian/upstrea12:34
rbasak(or am I mistaken?)12:34
tumbleweedinfinity: finding people like that is tough :P12:34
seb128often the work is "look if Debian/upstream/other distro have a fix for the issue we can backport"12:34
infinityseb128: Sometimes it's just patch hunting, sure.  I can teach that too. ;)12:34
rbasakI guess that only applies to people seeking those upload rights though12:35
infinityseb128: But even then, while you don't need to be a *good* programmer to backport a patch, you need to understand general programming well enough to know how to massage it and fix it when you break it.12:35
infinityseb128: I suspect you take that skill for granted, since you're good at it. :)12:35
seb128lol, could be :p12:35
infinity(I, for instance, am not a particularly good programmer, but I'm good enough to know why and how I've broken something, rather than throwing my hands in the air and saying "HALP, IT DOESN'T COMPILE")12:36
dholbachinfinity, errr... do what exactly?12:36
infinitydholbach: Just saying that if you have any people with programming experience but no Debian/Ubuntu experience looking for places to contribute, I can probably make use of them in +1... I know I've seen that once or twice.12:37
infinityrbasak: I'd suggest that if merges are a prereq for upload rights, we're doing it wrong, but that's something to bring up with the DMB.12:38
infinityrbasak: Given that most merges are fairly mechanical, all those ones do is add to your upload volume rather than proving anything interesting about your skills, I'd rather see people fixing packages, submitting lots of useful patches, etc.  But, I don't vote either.12:39
* rbasak is looking forward to +1 in April12:39
infinityApril will be a boring month for it, probably. :/12:40
infinityBut you'll get some inner workings of archive maintenance at least.12:40
dholbachinfinity, sure sure12:40
infinitySince pre-release is when we try to fix the few things we still have time to fix, and then give up and purge all the crap that's still broken.12:40
=== Sweetsha1k is now known as Sweetshark
cjwatsonIt was more exciting than it probably ought to have been last time.12:50
cjwatsonSpeaking of, I *really* ought to get started on +1 work this month ...12:50
cjwatsonBeen too busy fighting fires (some self-started).12:51
xnoxinfinity: gcc-4.8 fixes in april ;-)13:00
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
ReezzHey guys, could anyone help me out with a linker problem? I've set the LDFLAGS to the lib's location.. But still no help :)13:11
cjwatsonNot volunteering, but it'll probably work better if you describe the full problem up-front (perhaps with the aid of a pastebin).13:12
ReezzSure, hold on13:13
xnoxReezz: please pastebin full build-log with all command-lines verbose (e.g. no silent make rules, V=1, --verbose, etc)13:13
jdstrandpitti: hi! fyi, http://people.canonical.com/~jamie/archive-grep/13:14
pittijdstrand: good morning13:15
jdstrandhttp://people.canonical.com/~jamie/archive-grep/pitti-fs_cgroup_systemd_or_sd_booted.log that is13:15
pittijdstrand: splendid, many thanks!13:15
rtg_how does one turn off the drum sound at boot when lightdm starts up ?13:19
highvoltagertg_: start up in system recovery mode,13:19
highvoltagertg_: then take a soldering iron and shove it in until the speakers melt13:20
rtg_highvoltage, hmm, thats less helpful then you might think.13:20
rtg_these mac minis are a drag to take apart.13:20
henrixrtg_: renaming /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/system-ready.ogg should work :)13:21
rtg_ah, thats what I was looking for .13:21
pittiI guess there might be a lightdm config option for this13:21
ReezzOk so, here's the pastebin for my linker problems. http://pastebin.com/qYHC3QVS13:22
ReezzI saw that it indeed did not go through the directories I specified, but I can't make out why? (directory where the libs are is "/usr/local/lib")13:23
pitti      if (UGSettings.get_boolean (UGSettings.KEY_PLAY_READY_SOUND))13:24
pitti            canberra_context.play (0,13:24
pittirtg_: ^ that looks promising (in unity-greeter)13:24
pitticom.canonical.unity-greeter play-ready-sound true13:24
cjwatsonThat looks like just missing -l options.  What libraries include the symbols (e.g.) skeltrack_joint_list_get_joint and gfreenect_device_new_finish?13:24
pittirtg_: so try sudo -u lightdm gsettings set com.canonical.unity-greeter play-ready-sound false13:25
rtg_pitti, ack, will give it a try13:25
pitti. o { we used to have a checkbox for this in control-center.. }13:25
Reezzcjwatson: libgfreenect-0.1.a and skeltrack-0.1.a (in /usr/local/lib)13:26
ReezzI've added the dir to the LDFLAGS .. So I don't know why it won't link properly (although I'm probably missing something here :D)13:26
rtg_pitti, hmm, dbus-launch errors.... Think I'll just redirect system-ready.ogg13:27
infinityrtg_: I believe that, instead of all this fiddling about with settings, if you just mute the volume in lightdm, it remembers that independently of your user volume.13:27
infinityThere's a speaker icon there for a reason...13:27
rtg_infinity, but I'm too stupid to remember to do it consistently.13:27
infinityrtg_: Hence the remembering part.  You only have to do it once.13:27
rtg_infinity, except that I often listen to tunes and mumble, etc13:28
infinityrtg_: As the lightdm user?13:28
rtg_infinity, you mean before I login ?13:28
infinityrtg_: Yes.13:28
rtg_ah, I'll try that13:28
rtg_back in a sec13:28
infinityrtg_: Unless we broke that, the lightdm user's volume prefs used to get saved.13:29
infinityAnd you left.13:29
ReezzWell he's trying your suggestion :)13:29
infinityYes, but how dare he run off to try something while I was still being pointlessly verbose in his direction.13:29
cjwatsonReezz: forget -L; as far as I can see you're not asking the linker to use those libraries13:32
cjwatsonReezz: the linker doesn't just look for any relevant library in the directories you provide, or anything like that.  You have to actually state the library name, either using the -l option or by adding libwhatever.a to the link line13:33
cjwatsonReezz: So  -lgfreenect-0.1 -lskeltrack-0.1  should help13:33
Reezzcjwatson: Ah, that might just be it. Gonna give it a go :D13:33
cjwatsonReezz: Basically all that -L does is govern where libraries named in -l options are looked up13:34
rtg_infinity, that did the trick, though I had to reboot to get pulseaudio (I think) to behave13:34
infinityrtg_: \o/13:36
infinityIt's nice when there's an almost intuitive solution to a simple problem.  It's a bit sad when our initial reaction to "how do I" is to go rooting around in filesystem mangling and obscure settings trees, though. :P13:36
rtg_infinity, I guess its just training from the bad ol days13:37
infinityWe were dangerously close to someone suggesting locally patching lightdm of g-s-d and rebuilding it.13:37
rtg_I _would_ like to figure out why the combination of pulse and mumble consumes 75% of my CPU. that seems kind of high.13:39
infinityYeah, I don't have a simple answer to that one. :)13:39
rtg_its eventually drops down to 20-30%. some kind of network profiling ?13:39
Reezzcjwatson: Did the trick, with full path names though :) Thanks a lot!13:40
infinityOr recalculating echo cancellation or something?13:40
infinityBut unless your computer is awful, none of those things should take much CPU, so it's still pretty clearly buggy behaviour.13:40
cjwatsonReezz: You're welcome13:40
Reezzcjwatson: might you know how to add all the known installed libraries to the search list? :x13:43
pittiReezz: you usually don't want that; normally you call pkg-config --libs to find out the linker flags for the libs you want to link with13:44
cjwatsonReezz: What pitti said; the linker has no way of its own to do what you're asking, and it's (to say the least) a highly unconventional thing to do13:45
Reezzcjwatson: Yea I understand, but there has to be a better way than manually adding each and every linked library? I'm quite new to the uni environment, but as I recall I had to export certain paths in which my used libraries (or includes, can't remember) are stated?13:47
pittiReezz: no, your build system needs to declare which library (or more abstractly, pkg-config module) it needs to link to13:48
pittiReezz: if you are using autotools there are convenient macros for that; if you are writing a plain Makefile it works similarly; just call "pkg-config --libs foo bar baz .." with all the libs you need13:49
pittiyou usually need it for --cflags more than for --libs, though13:49
cjwatsonhallyn: Hmm, I think a recent qemu change has broken grub213:50
Reezzpitti: aah, ok! Thanks :)13:50
cjwatsonhallyn: 'grub-mkrescue -o grub.iso', 'qemu -cdrom grub.iso', then type 'halt' at the GRUB prompt, and it fails to shut down - I think this is what's causing grub2 to fail to build at the moment13:50
cjwatsonThough I wonder if it's just failing to decode the ACPI table or something ...13:53
* hallyn installs xorisso...13:53
cjwatson'set debug=acpi' does sort of suggest the latter (get_sleep_type is returning -1), so maybe it's not qemu's problem; I just wonder why it changed13:54
* cjwatson sets up a quantal chroot to investigate13:55
sconklin@pilot in14:03
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=== kentb-out is now known as kentb
hallyncjwatson: a grub.iso created in a precise chroot does the same thing (with raring's qemu)14:21
hallynso sounds like qemu or seabios bug14:22
cjwatsonI'd have tried quantal's qemu by now if I hadn't created a chroot with the wrong arch by mistake14:23
cjwatsonHappens with my upstream checkout too (a bit stale but not very)14:23
cjwatsonOf grub, that is14:23
hallynbuilding upstream checkout of qemu...14:24
hallyn(hopefully that doesn't overheat my laptop)14:24
cjwatsonWill raring's qemu work with quantal's seabios, and vice versa?14:24
cjwatson(Er, meaning quantal's qemu with raring's seabios)14:24
hallynnot sure.  the versions did change, i'm just not sure how closely tied they need to be14:25
cjwatsonOK, definitely different debug=acpi output14:26
=== ogra_` is now known as ogra_
hallyncjwatson: same thing with uptodate upstream qemu14:26
hallynmy money's on a seabios bug though14:27
cjwatsonIt's far from impossible that the DSDT is just shaped differently and is tickling a bug in GRUB's parser14:28
cjwatsonDoes that live in seabios?14:28
hallynuh....  i think so.14:29
cjwatsonAnd indeed, quantal qemu + raring seabios => same problem14:29
hallynyeah, acpi-dsdt in seabios/src14:30
cjwatsonGuess I'll need to dig out the ACPI spec :-/14:30
hallyn(going by http://smackerelofopinion.blogspot.com/2010/09/hacking-custom-dsdt-into-qemu-bios.html )14:30
hallynthanks cking :)14:30
cjwatsonhallyn: OK, thanks a lot for the pointers; I'll see what I can make of it from here for a while, and will shout if I get stuck14:31
hallyncjwatson: np (last seabios change affecting dsdt directly was acpi: Use prt_slot() macro to describe irq pins of first PCI device. btw)  ttyl14:32
=== kentb is now known as kentb-afk
xnoxcjwatson: slangasek: can you look at bug 952185 again and see what's available to sponsor next, and if it's wanted or not. openssh is involved and other packages that slangasek looked at before.14:48
ubottubug 952185 in lightdm (Ubuntu Precise) "~/.pam_environment not parsed by default" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95218514:48
cjwatsonxnox: I'll have a look, but not today14:56
xnoxcjwatson: ok, thanks. Not very urgent, as i think slangasek did fix the bulk of it for raring already.14:57
slangasekinfinity: heimdall-flash> you're welcome :)  as for the CM wiki, there's a surprising amount of bad information in CM wiki pages that are locked :-P15:00
infinityslangasek: Well, I'm not sure that pointing to upstream's builds would be generally considered "bad information", except that they currently seem broken, and yours works.15:01
infinityslangasek: I also need to hunt down this upstream and figure out WTF they got their compiler.15:02
infinityslangasek: It's baking in a PI of /lib/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 (note the lack of 64 in the directory name...)15:03
infinitySo, some distro/toolchain is gratuitously incompatible with the world, and I want to find out so I can point and laugh at them.15:04
slangasekinfinity: heh, cute15:07
slangasekinfinity: I didn't mean the heimdall-flash stuff specifically; but there was some content on some of the pages giving users bad directions on how to do things on Ubuntu, and I was powerless to fix it15:07
infinityslangasek: Isn't NCommander CM upstream still?  Get him to give you teh l33t access.15:08
slangasekis he?  I didn't know he ever was15:08
slangasekbut anyway, now I'd have to remember where the page in question was15:08
slangasekxnox: well, there's still an at branch awaiting my review on there; I don't remember seeing if there's an openssh patch ready for sponsoring15:10
slangasekxnox: the bug state should in general be correct though15:10
xnoxslangasek: there are a few patches attached, one of them is for openssh last time i looked at that bug.15:10
cjwatsonThere is an openssh one, but (a) openssh is in sync with Debian and I like to keep it that way now that I've gone to all that effort to get it there, (b) I really want to check quite hard what effect this might have on other bits of openssh15:13
slangasekcjwatson: ok, understood15:19
evbdmurray: mind looking this over? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5607992/ mpt and I have been discussing how to fix bug 1077122.15:20
ubottubug 1077122 in Errors "Machine weighted at 100% 89 days after last report, 0% 90 days after" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107712215:20
bdmurrayev: I might need some more coffee for that topic, but sure.15:22
evbdmurray: whenever you have time today. I'm going to move on to your MP, then onto the script that rebuilds BucketVersions, since we have the new comparator finally in place on the cluster \o/15:22
evactually, coffee is a grand idea15:23
evoh and if anyone else finds the problem of calculating the average errors per calendar day interesting, do feel free to have a read through as well :)15:25
bdmurrayev: is it ErrorsByDate or ErrorsByRelease?15:26
bdmurrayline 22-3315:26
evby release15:27
mterrywgrant, heyo!  I have this old merge I'd like you to look at: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/launchpad-buildd/prefer-install/+merge/11731815:27
xnox@pilot out15:43
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* xnox had enough.15:44
smartboyhwxnox, LOL15:44
xnoxev: when is your patch pilot turn?! =)))))15:44
evxnox: never15:44
evfor medical reasons I can't touch other people's dirty code15:45
pittihey slangasek, good morning15:46
=== kentb-afk is now known as kentb
pittiLaney: FYI, I found a workaround for cleaning up sessions now (for logind without systemd)15:49
pittislangasek: quick status update: libudev1 transition prepared in PPA (was trivial after all, just cherrypicking an lvm2 upstream commit, the rest works), logind shutdown/reboot/suspend etc. now works, and sessions are cleaned up properly15:50
pittislangasek: so by and large we are now blocked on the small FFE for updating systemd and at least a partial MIR for moving systemd's libudev* bits into main15:50
=== alexlist` is now known as alexlist
seb128slangasek, pitti: if you partial MIR please partial MIR systemd-services as well ;-)15:51
pittiseb128: well, neither me nor slangasek are in ~ubuntu-mir15:51
pittithe udev bits are certainly trivial, as we already ship libudev in main15:51
pitti-services might need an actual review15:51
seb128I just wanted to mention it15:51
=== deryck_ is now known as deryck
seb128I guess jdstrand/security team will want to review that one15:52
=== ev_ is now known as ev
jdstrandsarnold is assigned to that15:55
jdstrandI think he is actively working on it15:55
vibhavjdstrand: Incorrect usage of format strings is a security risk, right?15:56
pittisarnold: are you looking at the raring package (version 44) or the PPA (version 198)?15:56
jdstrandvibhav: there is a class of vulnerabilities called format string vulnerabilities, yes. the compiler should pick these up and reduce them to DoS if using gcc15:58
vibhavjdstrand: I had fixed a format string vulnerabilites in thoggen, would this qualify as a security update? https://code.launchpad.net/~vibhavp/ubuntu/raring/thoggen/fix-format-string-warning15:59
vibhavAnd ther merge request for it: https://code.launchpad.net/~vibhavp/ubuntu/raring/thoggen/fix-format-string-warning/+merge/15096915:59
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
jdstrandvibhav: only if errmsg->str is attacker controlled. even then, in lucid and higher this would result in an application termination and likely only 'low'16:01
vibhavjdstrand: How are the incorrect use detected?16:02
jdstrandvibhav: you have to go through the code paths and see how the error message is set16:03
jdstrandvibhav: if it is just pulling strings from enums or something, then no worries. if you are adding a string that comes from outside your program which an attacker can control, then it would likely qualify as a security vuln16:04
vibhavjdstrand: I mean how is the application terminated in lucid and higher? Is there a mechanism for detecting these risks?16:04
seb128jdstrand, thanks ;-)16:05
jdstrandvibhav: iirc, it is abort16:10
jdstrandvibhav: the mechanism is code inspection. eg, going backwards from that point, seeing all the callers of the functions that calls that patched code, etc16:11
vibhavjdstrand: ah16:12
vibhavjdstrand: thanks16:12
cjwatsonIs it just me who has to look up which way round dd's seek and skip arguments go every single time?16:13
pitticertainly not; clear case of poor naming16:15
sarnoldpitti: I started with the raring version (44) and moved to your ppa version after seeing your request :)16:18
sarnoldcjwatson: every. single. time.16:18
cjwatsonoh good.  what's the word for Schadenfreude when it applies to yourself as well?16:19
cjwatsonSchadenschade :P16:19
pitticjwatson: "Trost"? :-)16:20
cjwatsonHeh, maybe16:21
cjwatsonschwacher Trost16:21
vibhavmaking fun of yourself?16:21
bdmurrayev: have you noticed the bucket page for most failed buckets appears empty?16:35
evthat got cut off16:36
evand causes an exception that I'll fix now16:36
bdmurraywhich exception? I just fixed one regarding bucket ids16:38
evbdmurray: that'd be the one :)  https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops-local/2013-03-12/59978.errors.ubuntu.com116:40
evbdmurray: https://bugs.launchpad.net/errors/+bug/115418916:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1154189 in Errors "Short URLs for buckets" [Undecided,New]16:43
bdmurrayev: looking at the pastebin again I'm not clear where the system id exists in ErrorsByRelease16:45
bdmurrayev: particularly the statement in lines 24-26 regarding 'first time we saw an error from this system'16:47
evbdmurray: I originally has the system id as part of a composite for the column name, but realised it wasn't needed16:47
cjwatsonhallyn,stgraber: Right.  The problem here is that seabios moved the description of the S5 state out of the DSDT into an SSDT.  GRUB should (I think) gain the ability to parse those, but can't right now16:48
evbdmurray: we could the number of unique systems elsewhere (the denominator), we just need to somehow weight each instance of problems seen over this period (the numerator)16:49
evand we have the data to do that in the column value, the date of the first time the system which is responsible for this instance reported an error for that Ubuntu version16:50
bdmurrayso then is the statement regarding the system in lines 50-52 also unnecessary?16:56
evbdmurray: which part of it? Each column name is a uuid.uuid1(), which we create for each error coming in. Each value of that column is the date for the first time we received an error for the release, for the system reporting.16:58
smoserstgraber, could you take a read / offer thoughts on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/maas/+bug/106957017:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1069570 in MAAS "1 MAC Address, two IPs - DNS is "out of sync" with DHCP leases databases, I think..." [Critical,Triaged]17:02
bdmurrayev: I guess I'm not seeing the relationship between ErrorsByRelease and a system e.g. a378 from line 117:03
evbdmurray: there doesn't need to be. Instead of providing a key, the system identifier in this case, that we use as a link off to another column family where the rest of the data lives, we just include the data we need in the ErrorsByRelease CF17:04
evwhich duplicates it, but that's a common pattern in nosql17:04
evso we never actually need to know what the system identifier is. We just need to know that for the uuid for the error instance we're recording, the system first reported an error on X date17:05
blitzkrieg3would it be possible for someone to sponsor bug 102550817:05
ubottubug 1025508 in OEM Priority Project precise "Some keys in keyboard layout show duplicate character labels" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102550817:05
evbdmurray: we'll then grab the number of unique systems from UniqueUsers90Days and use that as the denominator17:05
evbut we don't need system identifiers for the numerator17:06
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
psusicjwatson: why does grub know or care about the acpi s5 description?17:08
cjwatsonpsusi: It has a 'halt' command17:09
cjwatsonWhich is quite important in its test suite17:09
cjwatson(BTW sorry but I really don't have time to get into a design discussion about this right now)17:09
stgrabersmoser: it's on my todo for when I get to look at bug reports, this week for sure, maybe today, if not, tomorrow17:10
psusiahh... nifty.17:11
psusikind of a strange thing to move to an ssdt17:12
=== mitya57 is now known as mitya57_
kaleoUbuntu suddenly displaying everything in Chinese, known bug?17:12
kaleomaybe related to one of these 2 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-session/+bug/992263 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screensaver/+bug/102480017:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 992263 in gnome-session (Ubuntu) "Gnome switches to chinese language " [Undecided,Confirmed]17:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1024800 in gnome-screensaver (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 12.04 switches to Chinese language" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:13
cjwatsonpsusi: It was something to do with some fancy qemu integration in seabios, apparently17:13
cjwatsonLooks like it patches the SSDT at run-time17:14
xnoxblitzkrieg3: it hasn't even make it into the sponsorship queue http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/ ubuntu-sponsors is subscribed, somebody will get around to it soon once it's in the report.17:18
xnox(report updates every hour or so)17:19
blitzkrieg3xnox: okay, thanks17:19
blitzkrieg3xnox: I think I subscribed a while ago, any reason it didn't make it into the report?17:19
blitzkrieg3xnox: I just added the libgnomekbd component17:19
xnoxblitzkrieg3: strange. adding tag patch to it, to see if that will make a difference.17:20
blitzkrieg3xnox: thanks17:21
xnoxblitzkrieg3: right, so none of the open tasks were against ubuntu.17:21
xnoxblitzkrieg3: the g-c-c is invalid, and the rest are on the upstream projects.17:21
xnoxblitzkrieg3: now that libgnomekdb (ubuntu) added it will finally appear on the report.17:21
=== mhall119 is now known as mhall119|lunch
xnox(not sure about tag patch, i don't think it's required but added for good luck anyway)17:22
blitzkrieg3okay, so it was because I forgot to target libgnomekbd (ubuntu) I guess17:22
jbichakaleo: that's bug 103521917:26
ubottubug 1035219 in Baltix "In System Settings preference tool/keyboard layouts page automaticaly wrong language selectedGNOME" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103521917:26
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
psusicjwatson: why would s5 be changed at runtime?  weirdness17:33
xnoxblitzkrieg3: it's up on the report now. should be dealt with soon.17:39
xnox(well give it a couple of days)17:39
blitzkrieg3xnox: awesome, thanks again for your help17:39
xnoxno problem.17:39
blitzkrieg3xnox: yeah I'll re-ping if no one picks it up17:39
cjwatsonpsusi: http://code.coreboot.org/p/seabios/source/commit/d51c4a0df1ae7bcb20ec3d569e409cf50f3ed760/ is all I know17:55
mitya57debfx: hey, what's happening with bug 1081307? Were your packages rejected from -proposed? If yes, do you have any plans to upload the new ones?17:56
ubottubug 1081307 in virtualbox (Ubuntu Quantal) "virtualbox-dkms 4.1.12-dfsg-2ubuntu0.2: virtualbox kernel module failed to build [merge request]" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108130717:56
* mitya57 can prepare the updated packages (maybe on the weekend), but wants to know if/why debfx's ones were rejected17:57
infinitymitya57: slangasek's comment in bug 1031217 explain why the previous upload was rejected.18:04
ubottubug 1031217 in virtualbox (Ubuntu Quantal) "Ubuntu 12.04's use of networkmanager+dnsmasq breaks DNS for virtualbox VMs" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103121718:04
=== mhall119|lunch is now known as mhall119
infinitymitya57: If you'd like to fish his out of the rejected queue and add your fix on top, that's cool, but please update the other two bugs with proper SRU justifications and testcases.18:06
infinitymitya57: Otherwise, just uploading your own fix and letting him deal with the others later is just fine. :P18:06
kaleojbicha: thanks!18:07
=== maxb_ is now known as maxb
mitya57infinity: Thanks! I think it'll be fine to just re-upload his changes with the SRU information added and changelog fixed18:12
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
* mitya57 will look at other two bugs and add missing information tomorrow18:13
hallynstgraber: cgroup-lite breakage18:20
hallynstgraber: at least on a server iso, after first reboot, none is mounted on /sys/fs/cgroup18:21
hallyndid mountall start doing that?18:21
hallynyeah there it is in /lib/init/fstab18:22
hallynaaaaand.  i see stgraber did it :)18:23
tkamppeterOdyX, hi18:23
tkamppeterOdyX, a second patch to complete the fix of bug 1069671 is posted by Mike Sweet, CUPS STR 4291.18:24
ubottubug 1069671 in cups (Ubuntu Quantal) "no print queues displayed in pure client mode" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106967118:24
stgraberhallyn: hehe, yeah. I thought we had a check in cgroup-lite that should have dealt with that properly?18:30
hallynstgraber: yes, it deals with it by saying "if that's mounted dont' do anything'18:31
hallyni can just pull tat check if that's the right thing to do :)18:31
stgraberhallyn: ah, I thought it'd still setup the cgroups and just not mount /sys/fs/cgroup itself18:32
hallynit just figures that someone's been mucking with it, so it doesn't want to mess things up18:32
hallynstgraber: should cgroup-lite just be merged into mountall? :)18:33
NCommanderslangasek, infinity: wow, that's special (re: linker path). I thought heimdall-flash was open source, but if it isn't ....18:33
stgraberhallyn: ah, ok. Then we should change that. Either to assume /sys/fs/cgroup is always mounted or to only mount /sys/fs/cgroup if it's not mounted and then always setup the cgroups18:33
stgraberhallyn: mountall doesn't create directories and cgroup-lite may at some point do more than create directories and mount stuff18:34
hallynstgraber: really someday soon cgroup-lite may go back into libcgroup18:34
hallynjbernard is working on sysvinit scripts so we can have both upstart+sysvinit scripts there for simple boot stuff18:34
hallynanyway - i'll update cgroup-lite, thanks.18:35
slangasekNCommander: it is open source, and a proper build is in Debian and Ubuntu.  That's separate from the question of upstream distributing bustificated binaries.18:39
stgraberhallyn: np. Sorry for not noticing that the logic was wrong before I changed mountall. I wrongly assumed it'd do the "right" thing.18:39
hallynstgraber: heck, at this point it may be better to turn cgroup-lite into a mounted-cgroup script18:40
hallynbut not right now18:41
hallynstgraber: so i take it i should now not umount /sys/fs/cgroup when it stops?18:42
stgraberhallyn: right18:42
=== Ursinha_ is now known as Ursinha
infinityNCommander: That has nothing to do with heimdall-flash itself, per se, and has to do with whatever distro/toolchain they're using to build their binaries.18:44
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
slangasekxnox: eh, how is bug #1154260 anything but a kernel bug?19:26
ubottubug 1154260 in upstart "FTBFS in test-suite on overlayfs" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115426019:26
slangasekxnox: this is the known, "overlayfs lies about inotify support" bug19:26
infinityxnox: slangasek is refering to bug 882147, if it's not familiar to you.19:28
ubottubug 882147 in coreutils (Ubuntu) "overlayfs does not implement inotify interfaces correctly" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88214719:28
infinityxnox: You could, arguably, "fix" upstart's testsuite to skip that test when it detects that it's running on overlayfs, I suppose.19:29
infinity(I was going to do the same for glibc's testsuite, then decided to just use aufs instead and lowered my blood pressure in the process)19:29
xnoxslangasek: well surely, upstart can detect broken inotify support and surely it can skip those tests?! we already skip all of inotify tests, if there is no inotify support or all inotify watches are taken up.19:32
infinityxnox: You can't detect broken inotify support.  That's part of the bug.19:32
infinityxnox: You can, however, detect that you're on a filesystem that you don't like.19:32
xnoxinfinity: and you can totally inspect mounts, add one more confsource which is the location of the overlayfs upperdir and totally get complete inotify support, for the purposes that upstart needs ;-)19:34
infinityxnox: 0x794c764f being the magic statfs constant for overlayfs, if you feel the urge.19:34
xnoxafterall we made multiple conf-sources rock for user-sessions, why can we not abuse that for system init. Since well there are _two_ /etc/init dirs when running on top of overlayfs.19:34
xnoxinfinity: sure, but the other two are combined in the same way upstart combines multiple sources.19:35
xnoxinfinity: hence upstart really just needs the upper & lower dirs separately prefferably, we combine the outputs ourself.19:35
infinityBut sure, you could do something vile like that.  I tend to think that second-guessing your VFS layer is just writing bugs for future programmers to hate you for, but...19:36
xnoxhardly vile, just willing to bend backwards to get inotify support.19:36
infinityI think it's vile to assume you know the structure of something that's meant to be opaque, yes. :P19:37
infinityThe fact that you *do* know the structure is irrelevant, it could all change tomorrow, and the bug is with you, not the kernel, cause you're only ever supposed to be "talking" to the top layer.19:38
xnoxinfinity: sure we can make the top layer authorative, but we can accept commandline options for something else to tell us where the other layers are, like for example on livecds we can be told by (casper?!) that there are other places to listen for inotify watches.19:39
slangasekxnox: I think hacking around overlayfs in upstart's test suite is a losing proposition.  Like infinity says, it's writing bugs for future programmers.19:46
slangasekxnox: tests fail when running on overlayfs because *upstart* fails to work correctly when running on overlayfs.  overlayfs at a minimum should be fixed to not lie about supporting inotify19:46
xnoxslangasek: what about establishing additional watches & rewalk confsource when we get inotify events for other (shadow) directories?19:50
slangasekxnox: doesn't that come back to assuming implementation details about overlayfs?19:51
xnoxno, it's a generic file based API to ask upstart to essentially do `initctl reload-configuration`19:53
xnoxi'm not proposing for upstart to transverse and try to figure out exactly how many times nested overlayfs there is, simply "by the way please inotifywatch this dir as well"19:54
infinityxnox: The livecd use case that everyone cares about (I installed ssh but the job isn't found) could be solved with a dpkg trigger that registers interest in /etc/init and forces a conf reload.19:57
infinityslangasek: ^19:57
slangasekxnox: sorry, my question is, "what dir"?19:57
slangasekis this a matter of passing information from the mounter to upstart?19:58
slangasekinfinity: put the trigger in casper?  we don't want to have to rely on a trigger on the installed system.  Also, this doesn't solve user jobs19:59
xnoxI am prototyping a demo locally, now. I'll post something to upstart-devel once I have it working. But yeah, it's the usecase infinity outlined above.19:59
infinityslangasek: No, have the trigger in upstart.19:59
slangasekthen that means the trigger is active post-install too20:00
infinityslangasek: But yeah, it doesn't solve user jobs on a live union.20:00
slangasekwhich is wasteful20:00
infinityIt's mildly wasteful, but I assume executes quickly.20:00
infinityIt made more sense when I suggested it six months ago, before user jobs came into the picture.20:01
infinityAnyhow, I'm going to take a jetlag-induced afternoon nap, I've been up all night.  Back later this evening.20:01
infinityI'm not wildly happy about the idea of assuming overlayfs implementation, but given that casper needs to do that already to mount the filesystem inthe first place, if it then just passes the top layer as an extra argument to upstart, that's probably not world-ending.20:03
infinityAny change in how overlayfs works would have needed a casper change regardless, so now it would just need two.20:04
xnoxinfinity: yeap.20:05
mdeslaursoren: were you planning a ruby1.8 upload for LP: 1142977?20:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1142977 in ruby1.8 (Ubuntu) "Timeout module segfaults" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114297720:32
Sweetsharkcjwatson, bdrung: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/1:4.0.1-0ubuntu2/+build/4361643 <- should be finished any minute now ...20:41
yofelany reason why lp:ubuntu/raring/apport is lagging behind the archive for several versions?20:58
slangasekyofel: import failures explained here: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/20:59
sorenmdeslaur: I tried to poke doko about it, but didn't catch him. It was during vUDS, so I guess that's to be expected.20:59
yofelslangasek: thanks! Didn't know about that page yet20:59
mdeslaursoren: ok, I'll try and poke him about it too...I don't want the doko beatdown either :)21:00
sconklin@pilot out21:25
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stgrabersmoser: finally got around to looking at that isc-dhcp bug. I'm not against carrying patches, it wouldn't exactly be the first one we have and that ISC disagrees on. I'll take a closer look tomorrow.22:01
wgrantmterry: Hm, you should probably get infinity's opinion on that. Really someone should just upgrade sbuild.22:47
=== fire is now known as baba
mterrywgrant, apparently we are very divergent at this point, and we didn't want to risk unforking?  (iirc)22:47
wgrantmterry: That's completely wrong, we've wanted to unfork for several years. I did most of the work a few years ago, but ddebs and similar bits and pieces ended up problematic.22:50
wgrantSo it's the preferred approach22:50
wgrantMostly just a lack of time :/22:50
mterrywgrant, ah fair OK23:17

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