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james1552Hello Room!06:13
james1552does anyone know about the Ubuntu 13.04 wallpaper IRC chat to happen tonight?06:18
james1552I'm a bit new to IRC and can't figure out if I'm connecting to the right channel06:18
Nimbledid someone point you here?06:27
james1552Yea, for the question I had but I figured out what I did wrong, I was doing the IRC part right, but I converted the timezones for the discussion event wrong :( oh well06:33
Nimbleso the conversation happened already?06:36
james1552Yea, 12 hours ago, I misread the time of it (dang American non-standardized time format)06:37
james1552I feel embarrassed now because I was supposed to help collaborate, for having a photo included in the 12.10  default wallpaper set.06:38
Nimbleoh well06:47
Nimbleaccidents happen I suppose06:47
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