czajkowskihows folks?08:50
AndrewMcCA little cold, but otherwise good.08:51
airurandothe fire has been set by my wonderful wife and the coal is in.08:57
airurandothe house at least should stay above freezing.08:58
czajkowskiawwwww nice08:58
czajkowskiwe have sunshine today08:58
czajkowskino snow as of yet08:58
czajkowskibut a bitter bitter evil cold chill08:58
airurandoexactly the same here08:59
airurandowould love the clouds to stay away so that we might see the commet tonight.09:00
zmoylanit should be visible next week as well so it increases the chances09:00
airurando*weird and *comet09:01
airurandoI thought best viewing was over the next couple of days.09:01
zmoylanthe moon will interfere with the view but it may still be visible09:11
czajkowskioh interesting09:11
zmoylanso break out the binoculars and give it a watch.  and never use them any where near the sun!09:12
airurandoand of course if you can go somewhere with low levels of light polution in would help.09:14
slashbelaye, we're planning a ride out to wicklow gap armed with ebel's telescope on a clear summer's day09:16
zmoylanthe current comet won't be visible then slashbel09:17
zmoylanthough there is another later in the year09:18
slashbelaye, but it's too cold to head to wicklow gap09:19
zmoylanthat's why thermos flasks were invented! :-)09:19
slashbelthe roads may be impassable09:19
slashbeltis part of the point, getting away from civilisation09:19
zmoylanwelcome to ireland were civilisation is only a thin veneer :-)09:20
slashbelwell if you will travel outside the paleā€¦09:22
zmoylanmuck savages all! :-D09:23
airurandohow far out does the pale go?09:23
zmoylandepends on the year.  at it's smallest dalkey in the south iirc09:24
zmoylanwe'd clawed most of the land back pre queen elisabeth the first09:25
zmoylanor the invaders had gone native.  more irish than the irish themselves.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statutes_of_Kilkenny09:26
slashbelalthough during Elisabeth I reign all the island was under English control (as opposed to British control)09:31
zmoylantell that the pirate queen who popped into see qe i.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grace_O'Malley09:32
slashbelshe went to London to meet Elizabeth I09:33
slashbelthere became an understanding between them09:33
slashbelwe went to see one of her castles near achill, it's tiny and remote09:33
zmoylanand while it also the time of the flight of the earls there victories gave rise to an expression in england.  can't remember the phrase the storyteller told me but something along the lines of 'better to be hanged as a deserter in england than die like a dog in ireland'09:36
slashbeldescribing it as a 'flight' is always a bit unfair, the intention as i understand was to raise an invasion force from the mainland09:38
slashbelbut for political reason that didn't happen09:39
zmoylanit was the end of brehon law in ireland.  the end of celtic rule.09:40
airurandoIs there any thoughts in here on whether or not holding a team irc meeting on a weekend evening would be better than a weekday evening.10:07
airurandoI ask because I got some feedback indicating that a weekend meeting would be better.10:07
zmoylani would suspect people would have more plans for the weekend.  though i could be wrong10:08
airurandozmoylan I agree10:08
airurandoI was surprised to get that feedback10:08
airurandobut thought it better to discuss it further10:08
zmoylanweddings, mini holidays random events and groups10:08
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