psivaacjwatson: Raring server installations fail  at the clock setup step with today's images, reported bug 1153992 for that09:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 1153992 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "Raring server installations fail at the clock configuring step" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115399209:52
psivaacjwatson: infinity: just noticed that this affects precise d-i installations as well, I'll update the ^bug accordingly09:55
infinitypsivaa: Did that machine fail to DHCP?10:07
infinitypsivaa: Or did the DHCP server change in some curious way?10:07
psivaainfinity: if you mean the host machine, then i dont think so because the failure is occurred in a vm on my local host machine and in our server10:09
infinityHrm, no, maybe not related to DHCP...10:10
infinityBut I can't see how this would have changed in both precise and raring recently.  Did your testing methodology change?10:10
infinityThe two packages involved here haven't changed in precise since well before release.10:11
psivaainfinity: not really, i was able to reproduce this manually too, but what do you think about this entry in the log10:11
psivaaMar 12 07:18:20 debconf: <-- 10 netcfg/dhcp_ntp_servers doesn't exist10:11
infinityThat was the red herring I was looking at.  But it just means that the DHCP server didn't give any NTP info, which is perfectly valid.10:11
infinityAnd is what I would see here too.10:11
infinityAnd what most networks would see.10:12
infinityBut it then looks like it's trying to display a question at critical priority that you skip?10:12
infinityAre you running fully preseeded/noninteractive and obtusely skipping that question? :P10:12
infinityd-i clock-setup/ntp boolean true10:14
infinityd-i clock-setup/ntp-server string ntp.ubuntu.com10:14
infinityThough, the second one should have a sane default.10:15
infinityAnd does.10:15
infinityActually, both do.10:15
infinityMar 12 07:18:20 debconf: --> INPUT medium clock-setup/ntp10:16
infinityMar 12 07:18:20 debconf: <-- 30 question skipped10:16
infinityMar 12 07:18:20 debconf: --> GO10:16
infinity^-- Are you skipping it somehow in your preseed?10:16
psivaainfinity: nope, the clock is normally set from the location and also it does not explain why it should happen in my manual installation10:16
psivaaalso the same preseeds worked fine till yesterday10:17
psivaainfinity: d-i clock-setup/utc boolean true10:18
psivaad-i clock-setup/utc-auto boolean true10:18
psivaad-i time/zone string US/Eastern10:18
psivaaare the entries in the preseed10:19
infinityCurious.  I may leave this one to cjwatson, since it's 4:20am here.10:21
psivaainfinity: ok :), thanks for looking into it though10:22
xnoxdaylight saving time change?10:52
xnoxtz-data change in raring?10:52
xnoxnothing else looks obvious.10:53
cjwatsonnetcfg/dhcp_ntp_servers not existing is *not* a red herring - the db_get there has no || true, so a template existence failure will crash clock-setup10:56
cjwatsonI suspect a regression from my cdimage changes yesterday10:57
cjwatsonpsivaa: Thanks - I'll take it from here10:59
psivaacjwatson: thank you10:59
cjwatsonIndeed, netcfg is on the 20130311 raring server images but not 2013031210:59
ogra_convergence ! ... just telll them to use 3G :P11:05
infinitycjwatson: Oh, hah.  Did that also break precise?11:24
cjwatsonI expect so11:25
infinitycjwatson: I misread it as "the template doesn't exist because dhcp didn't give us results", but I suppose the templates there regardless, just without a value.11:25
cjwatsonBut I'm not caffeinated enough to have figured it out yet11:25
cjwatsonindeed, 10 doesn't exist vs. 0 OK RET=""11:25
infinityThis is why I shouldn't debug at 4am, though, and why I handed it off. :P11:25
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