TheLordOfTimeScottK, standard "subscribe ubuntu-sponsors" method for bugfixing a raring package, or do I need to follow a different procedure than standard?01:16
xnoxTheLordOfTime: ubuntu-sponsors should be subscribed if there is something to sponsor - like a debdiff or a patch.01:21
xnoxif there is branch merge proposal, it's already subscribed.01:22
TheLordOfTimexnox, its a debdiff01:22
* TheLordOfTime can't use bzr effectively to save his life, so... :P01:22
xnoxsubscribe ubuntu-sponsors if the next step ;-)01:22
TheLordOfTimexnox, done.  :P01:22
TheLordOfTimexnox, do they get a notification that they've been subscribed?01:22
TheLordOfTimeor do I have to say something after subscribing them?01:22
xnoxTheLordOfTime: better, we have a queue: http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/01:22
xnoxand we have schedule of daily patch pilots reviewing and uploading patches01:23
TheLordOfTimexnox, by priority or just by whatever's at the top of the list?01:23
TheLordOfTimexnox, because we've got a case of a Universe package not working out of the box due to a faulty default config file.01:23
TheLordOfTime(in Raring)01:24
xnoxTheLordOfTime: bug number?01:24
TheLordOfTimexnox, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nginx/+bug/113267801:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1132678 in nginx (Ubuntu) "nginx: [emerg] bind() to [::]:80 failed (98: Address already in use)" [High,Fix committed]01:24
TheLordOfTimeeasy workaround (add something on a line)01:24
TheLordOfTimethat "Fix Committed" was done by the debian maintainers01:24
TheLordOfTimenot but it throws an "emerg" and then doesn't run correctly01:25
TheLordOfTimexnox, TBPH i'd like to get this in ASAP, but if there's higher priority stuff then i'll be as patient as I can be with the emails about it.01:25
TheLordOfTimebleh, random words on my keyboard, time to check my OS again for bugs... >.>01:26
ScottKTheLordOfTime: Standard.01:30
TheLordOfTimeScottK, you were ninja'd by xnox :P01:31
TheLordOfTimebut *shrugs*01:31
ScottKI saw, but I still like to answer the questions directly asked of me.01:31
TheLordOfTimeI'll leave this be, apparently my keyboard's being stupid :P01:31
* xnox checks the pilot schedule, damn it's me again actually.02:20
ESphynxxnox: Should I be assigning my Ubuntu FFe bug to ubuntu-sponsor as well? :) Also should I be bugging someone to assign it to Raring? :)02:39
xnoxESphynx: what FFe bug?!02:40
ESphynxxnox: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecere-sdk/+bug/1153763 this one =)02:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1153763 in ecere-sdk (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Please update to Ecere SDK 0.44.04 for 64 bit support" [Undecided,New]02:42
xnoxESphynx: there is no need for FFe, "converted" to a sync request.02:46
ESphynxxnox: convoluted? :P02:47
ESphynxDoes that mean it's more likely to be fixed for Raring or less likely? :)02:49
ESphynxthanks for triaging :P02:50
ScottKxnox: You don't think that needs an FFe?  Seems to me like it has new features (BTW, needs sponsoring in Debian too before it can be sync'ed)02:53
ESphynxall depends on what you can 'features' really, to me that's a very vague term :P02:54
ESphynxat any rate I'd really appreciate if it could make it into Raring, as I've invested a great number of overtime hours to the detriment of my health to get this ready =)02:54
ESphynxbut yeah, the main new 'feature' is 64 bit support... that is really a bug fix if you think about it, but it required fixing the whole SDK including the compiler to support it :)02:55
ScottKFeature includes major invasive changes, so it counts.02:56
ScottKxnox: If you sponsor in Debian, I'll approve the FFe.02:56
ESphynxsounds like a deal :) many thanks to both of you ;)02:56
xnoxScottK: ok. but i do need to read the diff & build it for debian & test, it's not a quick to review & sponsor package =))))02:57
ESphynxxnox: a milestone ahead is 'haste' which will focus on speeding up the compiler, hopefully we'll go from 23 minute build to less :P02:57
ScottKxnox: I have not given it a review.  If you sponsor, you're responsible (as usual in Debian).02:57
ESphynxxnox: Sorry to have landed on you :(02:58
ESphynxxnox: I missed 2 lintian warnings overrides, sorry03:15
xnoxnot your fault, I do end up sucked into weird packages all the time. I guess it's karma =)03:16
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dholbachgood morning07:45
freeflyingare we still using revu for package review/sponsorship seeking?09:43
freeflyingor there is similar website09:43
tumbleweedthere's also mentors.debian.net (and we prefer new packages to be added to Debian, not Ubuntu)09:47
tumbleweedand for changes to packages already in the archive, just stick a debdiff in a LP bug09:47
freeflyingtumbleweed: what about a new upstream release in Ubuntu09:48
tumbleweedfreeflying: debdiff restricted to the debian directory?09:49
tumbleweedor a bzr merge proposal09:49
freeflyingtumbleweed: not restricted to debian dir09:50
tumbleweedfreeflying: ?09:51
freeflyingtumbleweed: like upstream has a new release, and maintainer has it packaged, which is the best workflow for him to seek for sponsoring upload09:53
tumbleweedI suggested two: a debdiff filtered on /debian/ or a bzr merge proposal09:53
tumbleweedboth are fine09:53
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tumbleweedalso, don't forget we are past feature freeze, so getting new releases in is hard09:53
freeflyingtumbleweed: indeed10:14
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* xnox ponders to ship a package emacs-os, it will override and replace .desktop files, for example gnome-calculator.desktop Exec=emacs --eval '(calc)' and so on.14:00
ogra_`will it overrride the kernel ?14:01
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jtaylorpbuilder-dist does not take --save-after-login?20:37
jtaylorjust lost 4 hour scipy compilation I wanted to reuse20:37
tumbleweedit takes arbitrary arguments20:38
jtaylorapparently not save-after-login20:39
jtaylorin raring20:39
jtaylorit does accept bindmounts20:39
jtaylor(but not bindmount)20:39
tumbleweedno, seriously, arguments are passed through unmodified20:40
jtaylorwhy doesn't it work then?20:40
jtayloralso does it really pass through?20:41
tumbleweedthat's for you to find out :)20:41
jtaylorit explicitly rejects bindmount20:41
jtaylorwhereas save-after-loginis just silently ignored20:41
* tumbleweed can't see any code to reject bindmount20:42
jtaylorso at least something is inconsistent20:42
tumbleweed--debug-echo is your friend btw20:42
jtaylorit only drops save-after-login with powerpc20:43
jtaylornot amd6420:43
jtaylorkind of sucks as its more useful with ppc :/20:44
jtayloroh no I just overlooked it20:45
jtaylorso its a pbuilder issue20:45
jtayloran ordering issue20:46
jtaylorpbuilder-dist puts it to the end of the line20:46
jtaylorputting it behind the --login works20:46
tumbleweedif the ordering matters, we can force the right ordering20:46
jtaylorhm no20:50
jtaylorits not related to ordering20:50
jtaylorits qemu :/20:51
jtaylorif I trigger a unsupported ioctl in the chroot20:51
jtaylorthe chroot is not stored20:51
jtaylorunfortunately triggering it is easy, just press °c20:51
tumbleweedhow does pbuilder know that you triggered an unsupported ioctl?20:52
tumbleweeddoes it get a signal?20:52
jtaylorI don't think pbuilder handles that20:53
tumbleweedpbuilder does the storing of the chroot when you are done with it20:53
jtayloryes I wonder how the ioctl could mess that up20:54
jtaylormaybe not the chroot shell gets the ^C but pbuilder itself20:54
jtaylorso pbuilder aborts?20:54
tumbleweeddunno. strace/gdb?20:56
tumbleweedthe one odtity with qemu-user-static chroots is that you can't have setuid binaries, but I can't see how that's relevant here20:56
jtaylorpbuilder is a shells script, not so nice for gdb20:58
jtayloron the other hand I can just put echos in20:58
jtayloryes it gets the signal from the chroot21:01
jtaylorit traps that so it cleans up after itself21:01
jtaylorbut it does not handle save-after-login anymore21:01

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