jabainHi All,  I am experiencing an issue with 0.26 and mythcommflag failing on rebuilding the seek table.  I see lots of questions on google about this, but can't find a resolution.  Can anyone help me with this?01:03
stuartmtgm4883: mythweather package is missing at least one perl dep - Date/Calc.pm (libdate-calc-perl),19:59
tgm4883stuartm, on it20:00
stuartmthis is for the uk_metoffice scripts, could be others missing but I just happened to have them installed anyway20:00
stuartmI think one distro had a script that would automatically calculate perl deps by parsing include statements in perl scripts20:01
stuartmtgm4883: thanks btw20:02
tgm4883stuartm, what versions are needing that dep?20:37
stuartm0.26 and master20:38
stuartmseems to have been broken long before the 0.26 release but no-one noticed, in fairness they'd have to be looking through the logs and/or expecting to see the metoffice results available20:40
tgm4883stuartm, https://github.com/MythTV/packaging/commit/7568a9c0f1ad08bb9df88da4b523b16f46b745c920:54
stuartmthank you21:10
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