ibeardslee7 month support for 'interim' releases01:44
ibeardslee.. under consideration01:45
ibeardsleethat combined with the LTS Enablement Stack I think does an great job01:55
ibeardsleejust got to catch those 'interim' release installers that don't bother upgrading01:56
olly7 seems a bit on the short side03:24
olly18 has struck me before as needlessly long though, since you can't actually skip releases when upgrading between non-LTS releases03:25
ibeardsleeyeah it probably is a bit short if there are more people trying to upgrade in that month .. assuming the interim releases stick to the 6 months03:26
ollywhen I used to follow the ubuntu interim releases, I tended to wait until I could afford to waste a day in case things went wrong03:27
ollyand some months that doesn't really fit03:28

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