shadeslayeryofel: have you looked into how we can add more tests ?00:04
shadeslayerlike, starting X, starting KDE, launching dolphin00:05
yofellook at the post_upgrade_tests. I haven't looked at them much yet00:05
shadeslayersomeone fixed qtwebkit00:06
shadeslayerno, ppc still doesn't build, and it was forced into -release00:06
yofelshadeslayer: about X: possibly in EC2 or qemu. I tried to run X from LXC today and... did it wrong I guess00:08
shadeslayermaybe stgraber can advise on that?00:09
shadeslayeryofel: so, the only issue with LXC remaining is the grub issue?00:31
phillwxnox: ping01:23
stgrabershadeslayer: looks like it and Colin is looking at it, so that should be fixed soonish02:07
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phillwSergioMenesesAFK:  ping04:28
pittiGood morning05:42
shadeslayerstgraber: cool, thanks06:58
dholbachgood morning07:45
pittihey dholbach07:46
jibelgood morning07:47
pittibonjour jibel07:47
jibelHey pitti07:47
dholbachsalut mes amis07:47
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cjwatsonI've fixed bug 1153992 and am going to be respinning a slew of images accordingly; currently working out which ones (probably mostly server/alternate but I'm not sure yet)12:07
ubot5bug 1153992 in Ubuntu CD Images "Raring server and precise d-i installations fail at the clock configuring step" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115399212:07
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cjwatsonRaring respins as follows: Lubuntu Alternate *, Ubuntu Server * (I think the latter isn't taking part in the beta though)12:41
cjwatsonPrecise respins as follows: Kubuntu Alternate *, Ubuntu Alternate amd64+mac amd64 i386, Ubuntu Server *, Xubuntu Alternate *12:41
cjwatsonAll marked on the tracker.12:41
smartboyhwcjwatson, :)12:42
smartboyhwballoons, hiyas15:05
balloonssmartboyhw, hello15:05
smartboyhwActually balloons Startup Disk Creator never worked for me:P15:13
balloonssmartboyhw, i'd like a nice test for t15:13
balloonsso folks have expressed interest15:13
balloonsyes, i hear it doesn't work from folks alot15:13
smartboyhwballoons, grr? /me is too busy on packaging + Beta 1 testing15:13
balloonsso we should test it and get it fixed15:13
balloonsit tends to regress each cycle15:13
balloonsand give people trouble15:13
smartboyhwballoons, very weird isn't it?15:14
cjwatsonSomebody improving its autotests would help a lot, I expect15:15
* smartboyhw does not know anything about autotests so he is out:P15:17
phillwwell, after the power outages yesterday, my i/net speed has got higher! I now have the magnificent rate of ~ 140 Kb/s instead of ~ 70 :D15:17
smartboyhwphillw, XD15:18
smartboyhwphillw, how's Lubuntu testing going for Beta 1?15:18
balloonscjwatson, indeed15:18
phillwsmartboyhw: I'm just zsyning up my amd64 for it, desktop PPC has passed, but alternate is a fail with bug 115397215:19
ubot5bug 1153972 in linux-ppc (Ubuntu) "powerpc: error while running 'modprobe -v yenta_socket'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115397215:19
smartboyhwI'm checking the Ubuntu Studio builds15:20
smartboyhwShould be alright (except the new artworks haven't arrived, the builds haven't finished)15:20
phillwartwork is not on freeze yet :)15:20
phillwI only know for certain, as the voting on lubuntu artwork has just finished :)15:21
smartboyhwphillw, for Ubuntu Studio we are getting it in today15:21
smartboyhwJust checking to see if it installs15:22
smartboyhwDamn forgetten to make TestDrive have bigger HDDs.15:22
phillwsmartboyhw: so no beta 1 testing for ubuntustudio?15:24
smartboyhwphillw, no15:25
smartboyhwphillw, we are participating15:25
smartboyhwBut then the artwork isn't in the respins (yet)15:25
phillwthen artwork should be landing during the freeze for beta 1 :)15:25
phillw*should NOT be*15:26
* smartboyhw shouldn't have said no, forgotten that English is no + no=no instead of no + no = yess15:26
balloonscjwatson, since i have you.. and maybe xnox too.. someone was asking about downgrades.. that is the old images used to allow you to take say a 12.04 install and "downgrade" to 11.10. I wouldn't really call it a downgrade, just a re-install of an older version, but supposedly there was terminology calling it a downgrade in old images. Can you confirm/deny this? Is "downgrading" like this going intended to be an option that appears when you us15:26
smartboyhwphillw, !?15:26
balloonse an image to install ubuntu on a pre-existing ubuntu installation?15:26
smartboyhwballoons, whoa!?15:26
cjwatsonballoons: I think it exists largely by accident; I don't recall what it's called15:27
cjwatsonI remember it took us by surprise when we started getting bug reports about it breaking15:27
balloonscjohnston, that was what i suspected.. So in short, this was never intended15:27
balloonsBut imho, you can simply do a fresh install and re-mount your /home yourself and achieve something very similar... literally downgrading packages is not going to work15:28
balloonskk, thanks15:28
balloonscjohnston, sorry mate.. blame autocomplete!15:29
cjohnston1 2 3 tab15:29
cjohnstonI thought maybe you had some insight as to my system going read only15:29
cjohnstontwice :-/15:30
xnoxballoons: we have safety nets to to prevent ubiquity from allowing that, but it can be forced to do so.15:39
xnox(these days)15:40
balloonshey xnox.. ahh.. so there's still magic ways around things I'm sure15:40
xnoxballoons: the border line is that a devel-daily can be almost always be used to up/down grade devel release. Cause we don't know if the daily is newer or older than the dist-upgraded install.15:40
xnoxballoons: it's entirely unsuported, and if things break the user gets to keep both pieces.15:41
xnoxwe will accept data-loss bugs, at most....15:41
balloonsweird.. yea i supposed i dist-upgrade my system, then do an upgrade.. heh15:41
balloonsto last night's image15:41
xnoxexactly =) and currently i just let that through, for the sake of installed raring didn't upgrade for a month, grab a daily to perform in-place upgrade, which should be valid.15:42
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Noskcajdoes anyone know if we need to have a new version of bug 1065789 for this release? i'e just been reporting  it.19:30
ubot5bug 1065789 in ubuntu-website-content "the release notes link in installer points to www.ubuntu.com" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106578919:30
balloonsNoskcaj, I believe they want them filed against the ubuntu-website19:58
balloonsnot against the installer (they can't make the link work :-) )19:58
Noskcajballoons, someone reported the bug anew today and i've marked it as a dup20:01
balloonsNoskcaj, ty20:01
balloonshow are you today?20:01
Noskcajgood. you?20:03
balloonsnot too bad.. i was feeling really sick yesterday night20:05
balloons"yesterday night'.. wow my english skills..20:06
Noskcajwould "last night" not have been easier to write20:07
Noskcaji'm trying to make my gaming pc silent by using car parts to cool it.20:08
Noskcaji have to go and eat food, bye20:08
Letozaf_balloons, Hi, I was just looking for some beta1 ISO to download and found this: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/261/builds/39529/downloads20:19
Letozaf_balloons, :D no link20:19
balloonsi saw that on there.. i missed the no dl link tho20:22
balloonsi blame plars20:22
balloonsLetozaf_, i'll fix in a moment20:23
Letozaf_balloons, no problem, I know were to go to fetch them anyway20:23
balloonsLetozaf_, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntukylin/daily-live/current/20:23
Letozaf_balloons, ty I'm already downloading20:24
Letozaf_balloons, the download is quite slow :( I will probably have to zsync and test them tomorrow20:25
Letozaf_balloons, by the way as I never tested Ubuntu Kylin, will it be in Chinese ? I mean is there also English ?20:29
balloonsohh.. how did I miss this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox/+bug/1101867.. vbox4.2 made it to raring via contrib :-020:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 1101867 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "virtualbox-guest-dkms 4.1.22-dfsg-0ubuntu2: virtualbox-guest kernel module failed to build [VBoxGuest-linux.c:206:49: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘g_VBoxGuestPciId’]" [High,Fix released]20:44
plarsballoons: what did I do now?20:55
balloonsplars, lol.. i saw you joined, so i blamed u for ubuntukylin not having an iso download link20:55
plarsballoons: oh good, I was concerned I might go all day without breaking something20:56
Letozaf_balloons, I had reported bug 1152942 and now I was trying to install on another USB key and got this after reboot https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwSy2uwGals0YnJYcjh6WUpXOTQ/edit?usp=sharing21:17
ubot5bug 1152942 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity crashed during ARM image install on Panda board" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115294221:17
balloonsLetozaf_, ohh my.. is the disl ok on that box?21:20
Letozaf_balloons, the strange thing is that the bug happened with one USB key and the picture thing happened on another USB key, as for the SD card, well maybe I should try to change that21:21
balloonsyea.. that's quite odd21:21
balloonsi'd want to make sure those disks are all in good shape21:22
Letozaf_balloons, yes maybe I will try to change the SD card and find another USB key and see what happens21:22
phillwballoons: it seems lp was having a break (possibly wanted a walk), the bug look up is now working again bug 110186721:55
ubot5bug 1101867 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "virtualbox-guest-dkms 4.1.22-dfsg-0ubuntu2: virtualbox-guest kernel module failed to build [VBoxGuest-linux.c:206:49: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘g_VBoxGuestPciId’]" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110186721:55
phillwballoons: I tried to grab the details of that bug and lp gave me a polite 404 error, then the bots could not find it, or other bugs. All seems to have returned to normal :D21:56
phillwxnox: you still about?22:37

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