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krabadorok, now the developer preview works. Now :)01:03
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genii-aroundHashcode: Looks like /system/bin/uchroot called from /system/bin/ubuntu_chroot is my issue. I get "clone: Invalid argument"  ... I have an strace if it helps04:48
genii-aroundHashcode: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5606893/04:51
Hashcodeit's just a script04:52
genii-aroundHashcode: Yes, but the uchroot it calls at the end is a binary04:53
HashcodeAh yes04:53
HashcodeI see04:53
Hashcodeexecve("/system/bin/uchroot", ["/system/bin/uchroot"], [/* 25 vars */]) = 004:53
HashcodeThis looks like maybe a kernel issue?04:54
HashcodeDid you recompile the kernel w/ the new options set?04:54
genii-aroundHashcode: Not yet. I got the latest dated cm-10.1-XXXXXX-UNOFFICIAL-solana.zip going, then manually copied the files which were unique from phablet-20130301-cm_solana.zip over. Then I copied the files from the armhf zipfile over to /data/ubuntu  and tried to manually run it from there in terminal emulator04:59
HashcodeOh nm04:59
HashcodeThat should have the right kernel in it04:59
Hashcodephablet has the right kernel in it04:59
Hashcodedon't change the /system/etc/kexec/kernel file.05:00
Hashcodeit's different from the cm one05:00
* genii-around makes more coffee and goes to investigate more05:03
genii-aroundHashcode: I rebooted the phone , it seemed to boot but screen went black. I'm in by adb shell now. Looks everything's running and there's just no graphics. /data/ubuntu/var/log/upstart/udev-fallback-graphics.log   indicates it's looking for a nonexistent module05:29
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doomlordi've heard that ubuntu-on-arm has 3-finger drag... how many multitouch gestures does it have?07:08
doomlorddoes it have things like pinch for "expo" or "scale" and so on07:08
doomlord4 fingers etcc07:08
NimbleI know pinching works for scaling07:10
doomlordwhen i say 'scale' i mean the compiz plugin07:10
doomlordwhat makes a mac laptop awesome is the trackpad gestures for desktop management ... I hope ubuntu on touchscreen-laptops & tablets can eventually match it07:11
Nimblethere are trackpad gestures for unity07:13
Nimblebut it depends a lot on if support has been put in for each specific trackpad07:13
doomlordi've got 2finger scrolling on my laptop yes07:13
Nimbleno, I'm talking about 3 finger and 4 finger stuff07:13
Nimblesupport for mine was put into 13.04 but I can't figure out how to get it in 12.1007:13
doomlordi know my laptop hardware doesn't do 3/4 fingers unfortunately07:13
doomlordsounds nice07:14
doomlordi found myslef using 3finger drag alot on the mac07:14
NimbleI use a lot of 3/4 finger gestures on windows07:15
Nimbleso I'd like to have it on ubuntu too because I use it way more often07:15
doomlordwhere linux "keeps up" for me is 'focus follows mouse', which i much prefer07:15
doomlord(even with globalmenu i find focus follows mouse is still useful. i just move the currnet windows up if i want to use the menu)07:16
doomlordits fast for switching windows on a trackpad07:24
doomlorddesktop switching from moving off the edge can sometimes be ok too07:25
NimbleI like to use the workspaces07:25
IanWizard-CloudI don't see anyone in here I recognize...07:26
* IanWizard-Cloud says, realizing that he's been out of the circles far too long.07:26
doomlordi'm not regular here07:26
doomlordi only dropped by when ubuntu-touch was released and check occasionally07:26
dholbachgood morning07:47
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Art-XI was wondering if canonical will release a continued version of the source instead of a preview any time soon?09:01
ogra_Art-X, how do you mean ?09:04
ogra_Art-X, all source code is available in public branches since the demo was released ... and there are daily images to test the progress09:04
Art-Xah, I'm sorry, I'm not developing on it at the moment, but planning to..09:07
ogra_Art-X, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Contribute should have links to all the sources09:10
Art-Xogra_, ok.. thank you :-) I'll have a look at that09:11
ogra_(https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-touch-preview for userspace ... pahblet.ubuntu.com for the android layer)09:11
ogra_everything you dont find in either of them comes from the ubuntu archive09:11
ogra_oh, and i think there was recently a new project formed for the core apps09:12
Art-Xogra_, interesting :-) do you know anything about the status of the core apps?09:13
Art-Xthere isn't much info on the wiki about that09:14
Art-Xwell alot of info09:14
Art-Xbut not the actual progress09:14
Art-XI stand corrected09:15
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Art-Xdidn't click far enough..09:15
ogra_there ois a wikipage for everything09:16
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MrNerdhttp://pastebin.com/T13grZP0 whats this mean?09:27
MrNerdHow is everyone?09:28
Hazzagood - not sure bout logcat sorry - whats wrong?09:28
MrNerdNo one can boot and thats what they get.09:30
MrNerdSo im trying to clear things up09:30
Hazzaon one at all can boot at the moment?09:30
MrNerdA few can09:31
MrNerdLike 2 other besides myself have gotten it09:31
Hazzausing daily yer?09:31
Hazzawell that was erupt09:32
MrNerdBacking up apps09:32
Hazzano all good09:32
MrNerdSince i bricked my phone i cant help much atm.09:33
Hazzayou bricked your galaxy?09:34
HazzaI didn't think it was possible09:35
MrNerdI dont have a galaxy.09:37
MrNerdI ported it09:37
MrNerdOver to evo lte09:37
MrNerdDidn't matter09:37
Hazzahow did you brick09:37
MrNerdNot flashing the rom.09:37
Hazzaso you bricked a phone by not flashing a rom?09:38
MrNerdIt doesnt matter. How i did it thats  not the issue.09:38
HazzaI'm just asking??09:39
MrNerdIts not important.09:39
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MrNerdI dont like explaining it 70 times.09:40
Hazzaok, its all good09:40
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dholbachrsalveti, do you know how the changelog idea is coming along? maybe we should have a quick chat later on about it?10:08
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kevinwincotthas anyone installed touch on an transformer 101?10:26
kevinwincotti have a spare one lying around and wanted to give it a try, i use Ubuntu reguarly but have never played with Android before10:28
ogra_kevinwincott, yup, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices10:36
dun1982Hi, is there anyone else working with gt-p6800?10:36
dun1982or owning it?10:36
kevinwincottthanks ogra,10:37
dun1982And is it possible to run ubuntu-touch in any exynos4 based device at the moment? Is the i9100 working at the moment?10:37
ogra_dun1982, according to the wiki thats you ?!?10:37
dun1982Yes, I know :)10:37
dun1982And I added myself there as well, the question was, is there anyone _else_:)10:38
dun1982well, the answer i9300 was found from xda :)10:38
mainerrorogra_: Regarding your email on the armel question, I'd be surprised if you'd still support true i386 systems post 3.8.2 :D10:55
mainerrorWell, not surprised but I'd sure love to see how. hehe10:56
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ogra_hehe, yeah11:00
ogra_but we also dropped i486 and non PAE arches11:00
ogra_(so even old pentium wont work anymore)11:01
Namidairobecause everyone ran one of those11:05
lilstevieoldest system I have laying around is a p411:08
lilstevieand that is EM64T capable11:08
dun1982lilstevie: No amiga500 or likes?11:20
dun1982p4 is quite new if you ask me...11:20
lilsteviedun1982, in stock? no11:22
lilsteviedun1982, about 4 years ago I cleaned house and ditched all my antiquated hardware11:22
mainerrordun1982: "new" is relative, especially in the hardware world.11:23
dun1982or I might be already too old :)11:26
dun1982If I regard p4 a new design still :)11:26
dun1982The oldest x86 hardware still laying around for me is 2005 bought Centrino laptop.11:38
dun1982The olders ppc hardware laying around still is this buffalo terastation nas from 2006 or 2007.11:39
lilsteviedun1982, see your oldest x86 hardware is same era as mine :p11:44
dun1982lilstevie: well, as I said in x86, ppc world :)11:44
dun1982in arm it goes to closed 2000sh, and with z80 you can quess where that goes :)11:45
dun1982closed => closer11:45
lilstevietbh I do have a laptop in pieces that I never think about :p11:45
lilstevieibook g411:45
dun1982it is good that you do not think about it :)11:45
dun1982but anyway, good hardware for it's era.11:46
lilstevieabsolute oldest thing with a cpu I have though is my original v1 playstation 111:46
dun1982I think my little bro is still using his ibook g4 :)11:46
lilsteviethe g4 was my friends, she used it up until 2 or 3 years ago, when someone drunkenly tripped over the charging cable and cracked the lcd11:47
dun1982Hm... I have still in original package my Sega MegaDrive, which went bad when Playstation 1 was released of course :)11:47
lilstevieI miss my megadrive11:47
dun1982I never did use nintendo or playstation (still wont use those two brands). I mainly game with Pc and Xbox :)11:48
doomlordlilstevie, did you have to get rid of it ?11:48
lilstevieI did at one point have a mint condition Atari 2600 too, no idea where that disappeared to11:49
lilsteviedoomlord, yeah, one day in the late 90's it just stopped working11:49
doomlordis FPGA emulation an option that appeals11:50
lilstevielol not really anymore, I no longer have any cartridges for it11:50
infernonordostcan i flashing ubuntu touch for htc?11:55
smartboyhwinfernonordost, what phone?11:56
smartboyhwThere might be ports11:56
infernonordosthtc one xl11:56
infernonordosttoday i have ubuntu 12.04 normal via vnc on my htc11:57
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traxmacHow can you tell what image you are running?12:35
tsdgeosthere is something in etc i think12:36
tsdgeosforgot the exact path12:36
* tsdgeos is not very useful12:37
payloaddgrep -R $something /etc # where $something is something tsdgeos still remembers which must be near the line you are searching for12:38
payloaddlike "image" "version" or some possible image names12:39
tsdgeostraxmac: buildstamp12:39
tsdgeosroot@localhost:/etc# cat buildstamp12:39
tsdgeosacubens Fri, 01 Mar 2013 05:23:11 +000012:39
tsdgeosthis is my non updated nexus712:39
traxmacmine is base also12:40
traxmacdo you see that connected using adb shell?12:44
rsalvetidholbach: it is, waiting on a change to be done at jenkins so I'm able to grab the rootfs manifest12:45
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dholbachrsalveti, do you have a bug report or something for it? :)12:50
rsalvetidholbach: not actually, kind of depending on mmrazik|lunch :-)12:50
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dholbachhey mmrazik :)12:51
mmrazikrsalveti: oh..srry.. forgot about that e-mail :-/12:51
dholbachwe're talking about image changelogs in case you need some context12:51
rsalvetimmrazik: sure, np :-)12:51
rsalvetihm, our daily failed as well12:51
rsalvetiprobably due the dns issues12:51
mmrazikrsalveti: so all that I need to do is to scp the additional file?12:52
rsalvetimmrazik: yes12:52
mmrazikrsalveti: done. Should I just rebuild the last build to try it?12:55
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mmrazikrsalveti: I tried the scp command locally and it seems to work12:55
rsalvetimmrazik: cool, just trigger a ibs_sync to see12:55
mmrazikrsalveti: actually...12:56
mmrazikrsalveti: this is the last step:12:56
mmrazik    scp $tar $target_builder:images12:56
mmrazikshould I do the same with the manifest?12:56
rsalvetiotherwise I cannot get the file at our builder12:56
rsalvetimmrazik: did you find what was the issue with the dns server?12:59
mmrazikrsalveti: not really. It wasn't on our side. It looks like the bootspeed testing (done by platform qa team) was modifying the DNS in a way it broke it12:59
mmrazikrsalveti: ibs_sync now failed because of DNS :-/13:00
rsalvetiargh =\13:00
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dholbachhum... what can we do about the dns thing?13:05
mmrazikdholbach: I'm trying to ping retoaded13:06
mmrazikdholbach: it looks different from yesterday (but it might be the same cause)13:06
NazMir`I'm trying to add ubuntu core apps ppa on my device13:11
NazMir`and I get the following error "sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found"13:11
NazMir`I'm ssh'ing via usb13:12
NazMir`can anybody let me know whats missing?13:12
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ogra_`NazMir`, add it manually to /etc/apt/sources.list (and add the gpg key manually too) or install the software-properties-common package13:14
NazMir`ogra_ thanks for the tip.13:14
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NazMir`ogra_`: It worked. Much appreciate the help.13:19
mmrazikrsalveti: AFAICS ibs_sync now syncs the manifest (except the DNS errors; I workarounded for now by using an IP address)13:20
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rsalvetimmrazik: thanks, will try another build then for the touch image13:21
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frdbrnhello! i need help with RAZR XT910. I have installed like this tutorial and do not start the system. Only black screen.13:26
frdbrnhere is the link13:26
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rsalvetiawe_: so, at aosp google uses just one wpa_supplicant repo (one for 6 and one for 8)14:15
rsalvetiawe_: at cyanogen there's also https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_external_wpa_supplicant_8_ti/commits/cm-10.114:15
rsalvetiwhich seems to be used by the omap devices (kfire)14:16
gianguidohi chan14:16
rsalvetibut for the rest of the proprietary builds, there's no easy way to find out as they can customize and ship only the binaries14:16
rsalvetiso in theory we can just check and make sure we're in sync with the public 8 based repo14:17
ogra_`cant we use ours instead and turn off wpa_supplicant on the android side ?14:17
gianguidowho is working on i9300? because on the wiki there's still my name :)14:18
ogra_`it is definitely not in use on my SGS2 here14:18
ogra_`(since i load the dhd module on the ubuntu side in mine) ...14:19
ogra_`and it works just fine that way14:19
rsalvetiogra_`: we're using ours, we're just checking for incompatibilities14:24
awe_rsalveti, yea... that's what I found, but I'd seen a reference somewhere to vendor ( eg. Broadcom ) specific wpa_suppl libraries, and wasn't sure if on actual devices... the version(s) could be different than what's in the AOSP tree14:24
rsalvetidue different versions14:24
rsalvetithere are indeed a few hardware specific libs14:25
awe_rsalveti, I guess we could just run wpa_supplicant -v on a stock device.  ;)-14:25
rsalvetilet me get the link14:25
Logan_Lecterhello all14:25
awe_I'll take a look on my personal phone14:25
rsalvetiawe_: http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_hardware_broadcom_wlan.git;a=tree;f=bcmdhd/wpa_supplicant_8_lib;h=fe9dc1d1c0d0c0f9301960e9fc89fa104456f441;hb=refs/heads/phablet-10.114:26
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* awe_ isn't as brave as rsalevti and isn't yet running touch full-time on his own phone14:26
Logan_LecterI have a little trouble when I build for ubuntu mobile14:26
awe_thanks rsalveti!14:26
Logan_Lecterbash: dh_make: command not found14:26
rsalvetiawe_: for qcom http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_wlan.git;a=tree;f=qcwcn/wpa_supplicant_8_lib;h=d573fffaf2cf867ea8f7d6a8d966f02e7c74f8e8;hb=refs/heads/phablet-10.114:27
Logan_LecterI do not know what to do14:27
awe_rsalveti, yea.. that's the missing special sauce14:28
gianguidoLogan_Lecter, when this error comes out?14:29
awe_haven't worked down in the guts of wpa_suppl in awhile.... I'm pretty sure this is the cause of our poor 5G bandwidth performance14:29
awe_CRDA was a bit of a red herring14:29
awe_we may need to ship both versions...and do some runtime detection14:30
Logan_Lecterwhen i clicked build c++ projet on ubuntu devices14:31
Logan_Lecterand when i clicked on only run i have a other error14:32
Logan_Lecterhe told me : you are not root14:33
Logan_Lectergianguido: mh ?14:34
gianguidoLogan_Lecter, i'm searching... dh_make is useful when you want to make deb packages14:34
gianguidodid you installed it? is named "dh-make"14:35
Logan_Lecteri do not want14:36
Logan_Lecterjust launch my apps in my device14:36
Logan_Lecterbut if it's necesseray why not14:36
gianguidoto deploy apps to your device, you firstly need to build a deb package to install14:36
Logan_Lecterok i test thx ;)14:36
gianguidolet us know14:36
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Logan_Lectergianguido: it's not possible14:45
gianguidowhat Logan_Lecter14:45
Logan_Lectersudo don't work on openssh connection14:45
Logan_Lecter"sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified14:46
dholbachawe_, thanks for the update14:46
Logan_Lectermy log : http://pastebin.com/ZkQ3YcmN14:47
DaBaangdo we have a port for HP Touchpad that I could build?14:49
awe_dholbach, ;)-14:49
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* DaBaang looking for HP Touchpad port14:50
gianguidoDaBaang, have you seen the devices port wiki page?14:51
DaBaangwhich one gianguido?14:51
DaBaangyes I have but it doesn't list Touchpad14:53
dun1982DaBaang: Be the man then and port it :)14:53
dun1982or woman or what ever you are :)14:53
gianguidoor llama14:53
DaBaangworking on it :)14:54
DaBaanga man of course14:54
dun1982For example, I have failed 2 weeks with my p680014:54
dun1982But I still try...14:54
DaBaangjust need some pointers on setting up the vendor tree14:54
DaBaanggot all the blobs, kernel etc in place...14:55
DaBaangdon't know where to look to go further14:55
dun1982So you can build the image with the guide then?14:55
gianguidoDaBaang, read the guide?14:55
DaBaangneed to setup the "lunch <profile>"14:57
dun1982So you have the image in your <ubuntu-touch repository>/out/target ... and you have the md5 and zip-file?14:57
DaBaangis there any git repo available for another device that I could look at as an example?14:57
dun1982no information, try xda14:57
DaBaangnot yet, I have to build first using brunch14:57
dun1982so basically, you do not have device nor kernel configurations yet?14:58
DaBaangwhat device you working on dun1982? and github repo of yours to check out?14:58
dun1982ie. you are looking what to put into .repo/manifest.xml ?14:58
dun1982I work with p680014:58
dun1982The problem with that particular device is that it does not have profile in Cyanogenmod 10.1 directly.14:59
gianguidoDaBaang, your device is officially supported by cm, right?14:59
dun1982So I had to fork the kernel soruces as my own repository and fork another for device and set them up.14:59
daentechDaBaang, have you looked here? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=217527714:59
DaBaangI have put in all that needed to go into manifest.xml but in addition need to put the vendor tree14:59
DaBaangyes, touchpad is officially supported by CM15:00
dun1982Then I had to read in what bits and pieces I need from there to get my first build to run. After that I try to get it to boot (where I am failing currently).15:00
DaBaanglet me check that thread...15:00
daentechI believe in the thread it's being built using Evervolv source. I don't know how well it would work with CM10/10.115:00
dun1982No need, what you essentially need is the kernel and the device row's (2 pcs for manifest.xml).15:00
DaBaangyes, I have gone through that thread, it just has the already built zip files. I am trying to do the same15:01
DaBaangand what do I select from the long list to execute lunch?15:01
daentechOn the second page there appear to now be rough instructions15:02
dun1982I had the same issue and I had to work quite hard with github for searching any other projects that. Luckily I found 3 months old cm10.1 port which was saddly not supported by CM10.1 out of the box.15:02
dun1982What is the thread you are refering to?15:02
DaBaangthe same one ... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=217527715:03
DaBaanglet me dig into it some more, tks dun198215:04
dun1982What is the device code for hp touchpad?15:04
DaBaangits "tenderloin"15:04
dun1982This should be working for your device as a starting point: https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_hp_tenderloin/tree/jellybean15:05
dun1982https://github.com/CyanogenMod/hp-kernel-tenderloin/tree/ics for kernel (I cannot find newer version for Kernel...)15:06
DaBaangyeah, I have that in the manifest15:06
dun1982So the lines that you put into .repo/manifest.xml would be then...15:06
k1lthe problem is that the hp touchpad didnt ship with android. so the android support is not fully given15:07
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DaBaangso I have to gather the pieces like: CyanogenMod/android_hardware_atheros_wlan15:08
DaBaangand : TheMuppets/proprietary_vendor_hp15:08
DaBaangafter that a "repo sync"15:09
dun1982DaBaang:  <project path="device/hp/tenderloin" name="CyanogenMod/android_device_hp_tenderloin" remote="github" revision="refs/heads/jellybean" />15:09
dun1982 <project path="kernel/hp/tenderloin" name="CyanogenMod/hp-kernel-tenderloin" remote="github" revision="refs/heads/ics" />15:09
dun1982Try first get it to build. Start adding new components after that to kernel.15:09
DaBaangand what do I select from the list that comes up with "lunch"15:10
dun1982What list?15:10
dun1982You put those two items to your .repo/manifest.xml15:10
dun1982Then you run repo sync15:10
dun1982Then you go to device/hp/tenderloin and run the extract-tidbits.sh15:11
DaBaangok, done15:11
dun1982then you go back to repo root15:11
dun1982and you write . build/envsetup.sh15:11
dun1982And then brunch tenderloin15:12
dun1982If you get error, check that you have latest openjdk-installed.15:12
dun1982It is not installed by default in new ubuntu-desktop-installation.15:12
DaBaangoh I see... I was trying to do run lunch that gave me a long list of options to choose from15:12
dun1982Then you should start seeing a long list of warnings and errors when the build environment tries to build your image.15:13
dun1982But I'm at that point now when I try to figure out how to get the damn image to boot :)15:14
DaBaangok, let me work on that, ty dun198215:15
dun1982But I'm now off to home.15:15
daentechThere is a jellybean kernel for tenderloin: https://github.com/jcsullins/hp-kernel-tenderloin/tree/jellybean15:15
daentechI don't know what state it is in, I'm afraid, though15:15
DaBaangthat kernel from jcsullins should be good to go. That guy is a genius15:16
* DaBaang stepping out ...15:16
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pensterhas the OS been sped up on phones or become more stable?16:11
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janimoogra_, dailies are still quantal as that's what the PPAs are at?16:21
ogra_janimo, right16:22
mhall119popey: what's the right mailing list for core apps development now?16:22
popeythat one16:23
ogra_penster, for me it is faster than android (but it is like that since day one here)16:23
popeywe should make that more obvious on the wiki16:23
mhall119popey: is the design team watching that one?16:23
mhall119popey: on my TODO16:23
pensterogra, which phone did you install the os on16:23
ogra_penster, samsung SGS216:24
Ngtrieuvi92how about HTC HD2?16:24
pensterogra, thats great! I used it with a galaxy nexus and it kept freezing16:24
popeyyes mhall11916:25
ogra_well, they should be largely the same feature wise (ram CPU power etc ... ) though the nexus is an OMAP16:25
HashcodeRuns fine on the OMAPs I support.16:25
mhall119popey: cool, thanks16:25
ogra_Hashcode, yeah, i wouldnt expect it to be any worse or better on OMAPs than on exynos16:26
HashcodeA lot of it is the kernel / GPU drivers16:26
ogra_still though, we dont even run 10% of stuff a std. android would run ...16:27
ogra_so i'm surprised to hear its stuttery for anyone16:27
HashcodeThat's sort of my point16:28
HashcodeIf the device itself has hacked in gpu stuff16:28
Hashcodeit won't run well regardless.16:28
ogra_the nexus is one of our official ones16:28
ogra_so i wouldnt expect hackery there :)16:28
HashcodeMy stuff runs newer drivers than the GNex16:28
ogra_i would rather expect my SGS2 to misbehave16:28
Hashcodefor PVR16:29
ogra_(which it does if using the latest mali driver btw... but its falwless with the former version which i currently use)16:29
Hashcodeis that a kernel interaction issue w/ the newer mali driver?16:29
HashcodeLike it needs 3.4 or something?16:30
ogra_no, it runs fine but has massive font rendering probs16:30
ogra_you get garbled fonts on all devices using the latest mali it seems ... at least thats what i heard from the other samsung ports16:31
ogra_rolling back one version fixes it though ...16:31
* ogra_ wrote his first xda post today ... 16:31
ogra_actually the first forum post in my life :)16:32
ogra_(and it is as painful as i imagined)16:32
HashcodeI feel bad for you :P16:32
popeymhall119: someone left a comment on your blog that the bug trackers for some core apps were not enabled, so he couldn't file bugs on them. Just fixed that.16:33
mhall119popey: awesome thanks! one thing off my todo list for today16:35
krabadorok, the developer prevew works right finally on i9100. Then? :D16:49
ogra_krabador, well, i'm trying to give to forum guys my working wifi setup to integrate ...16:50
ogra_(would take minutes on IRC ... but in the forum it seems to take a while :P )16:51
ogra_but yeah, with rolled back mali driver and proper wiif setup there should be a working image soon16:51
krabadorogra_, i really hope it. i know that normal users are annoying with ever the same questions/requests/stuff, but i really want to leave android on i9100 the soonest than possible16:54
krabadorogra_, you patched wifi , supporting wep/wpa and hidden ssid?16:55
ogra_well, i use the latest zip from the xda thread linked at the devices wikipage ... and added a /data/local/userinit.sh to it that loads the wifi module ... just trying to get them to move that line into the proper init.rc16:56
krabadorgreat, and you experienced some wifi settings?16:56
ogra_i dont have any hidden SSID networks here ... so i cant tell16:56
ogra_but WPA2 works fine with my visible net16:57
janimopopey, mhall119 I l know it is a wiki so all can edit but is anyone sort of in charge of it and spending time on it? I'd like to suggest making the device wiki have a column to CM's corresponding wikipage when the device is supported by CM as well16:57
janimoand maybe list all CM supported devices with blank lines where there is no support or WIP for Ubuntu Touch16:57
ogra_janimo, you mean the per device subpages ?16:57
mhall119janimo: I'd be okay with that, maybe make the column not CM-specific though16:58
janimoogra_, I may have missed that. I mean a one table overview that I saw, which I had to scan for device names and compare to CMs similar large table to see what the correspondence is and whcich CM devices are not yet suported by UT16:58
ogra_there is a WIP table at the bottom, but the working ports all have a subpage per device each ... with all teeh links etc16:59
ogra_a link to the CM database is on the portin wikipage16:59
janimoso there are a number of devices in CM or otherwise which are not yet supported but are hard to find  - this is for getting an overview of where we stand - someone with a specific device does not care about any other and goes about their porting17:00
ogra_thats linked from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting17:01
ogra_we should probably link that too on the Devices page, not sure17:01
janimoogra_, well yes, That DB has all the dozens of CM supported devices. What would be useful is a column in each row of that CM db (or a mirror of it in our wiki) containing its UT status17:01
ogra_well, feel free ...17:02
janimoI was asked to pick a device to learn porting on and it is difficult to find one that is in CM (or elsewhere in Android land) but not in UT as the tables need to bge diffed line by line17:02
janimoogra_, the 'feel free' part I understand, that is how I started my request, was wondering though if anyone has the task of gardening the wiki and a bug queue where this could be also ... well queued :)17:03
ogra_well, i know that dholbach changed it from a table to have subpages per device ... not sure if he has a grand master plan beyond that17:04
dholbachjanimo, up until now the folks who ported updated the pages17:05
dholbachjanimo, I don't know of any bug queue17:05
dholbachbut it'd certainly be nice to have some more concrete tracking information17:05
janimodholbach, thanks17:06
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janimorsalveti, is the recovery image different from plain CWM?17:09
ogra_it has an ubuntu wallpaper :)17:11
ogra_at least in that respect its different17:12
matzipan1niis the ubuntu music app meeting going on?17:15
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DanielHolmmatzipan1ni: nope. none showed up. I've been waiting for the hangout invitation17:21
=== mhall119 is now known as mhall119|lunch
matzipanDanielHolm: well... we still have to wait for canonical to release their music app, so we can get working17:24
=== XenGi_ is now known as XenGi
DanielHolmmatzipan: I cant see why we should wait for them to release their app? the thing with this project is to work on an music app together With them. this app will be the app in Ubuntu Touch -hopefylly, and if we actually make it right.17:25
DanielHolmmatzipan: you are free to e-mail me, or use the mail list. But now I have to go. Cheers17:26
matzipanDanielHolm: because i am guessing they put a lot of work in the design of the application, and it will be a pain to merge whatever we have working into whatever they have working17:28
matzipanalthough, on another note... we will have to merge anyway... so it's just a matter of when17:28
rsalvetijanimo: we got one change there to support our autodeploy script17:37
rsalvetijanimo: but you can use CWM if you prefer17:37
ogra_but you wont get the shiny ubuntu wallpaper !17:37
janimorsalveti, I was wondering about the autodeploy bit as I hadn't seen that before. So plain SWM does not have such a feature?17:37
rsalvetijanimo: http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_bootable_recovery.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/phablet-10.117:38
rsalvetiogra_: that as well :-)17:38
rsalvetijanimo: it does, but it only supports one zip at a time17:38
rsalvetiwe need to flash 2 (android + ubuntu)17:38
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ogra_(it was actually the one thing that told me that *something* had worked, even though the device didnt properly boot after flashing)17:39
rsalvetihaha :-)17:39
ogra_and indeed i had ignored that i would have called it autodeploy.zip the first time i tried :)17:40
ogra_*would have to call it17:41
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DanHow do you execute basic ubuntu programs that are in /data/ubuntu/usr/bin ?18:17
Dancan you do it from the adb shell?18:18
Dancause I would like to try and install the daily ppa for the ubuntu core apps18:18
rsalvetiDan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting#Shell18:22
janimoogra_, I am looking at the Image building section of the wiki, it suggestst things go into raring in the next few days. Is that still a valid statement with 13.04 happening and freezes in effect?18:25
rsalvetijanimo: well, we're still discussing, but we want to push some stuff already to raring18:25
rsalvetibut we need/want to be on top of raring soon18:25
janimorsalveti, for images to build on raring all of it needs to be there though right?18:26
rsalvetiso we can have our CI running as soon as the next cycle opens18:26
rsalvetijanimo: right, but we don't necessarily want to push everything at this moment, due the freeze18:26
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rsalvetiI'd say we'll probably end up having a ppa based on raring, with less packages than we have now for quantal18:27
rsalvetiso we can then remove the ppa once the raring +1 is opened for dev18:27
janimorsalveti, thanks18:27
ogra_janimo, well, rsalveti is a slacker, that "will go into raring" was written two weeks ago and we still dont have stable images :P18:27
janimoogra_, it was written in a time of great enthusiasm when we thought we were rolling :)18:28
janimowe're so 2004 still :(18:28
rsalvetiogra_: well, someone had the idea to put vUDS in the middle18:28
ogra_rsalveti, silly people, tsk18:28
rsalvetiand yeah, we thought it'd roll18:28
* ogra_ never thought that rolling thing would fly 18:30
ogra_but then i at least expected us to not have 13.04 ..18:30
ogra_and no freezes18:30
ogra_rsalveti, do we have documented somewhere that people need to bzr pull manually for the bzr bits in their git repo ?18:34
ogra_i just saw some guys mention that the browser doesnt start for them, i suspect they build from an outdated tree18:35
rsalvetinot so sure18:36
rsalvetiyeah, it's not working for me either18:36
rsalvetithat's a different bug18:36
ogra_ah, k18:36
ogra_funny, i only apt-get update the phabelt side regulary ... still have a working browser18:36
rsalvetilet me flash the latest to make sure it's still happening there18:36
ogra_though i havent upgraded today18:37
ogra_we definitely should have a howto for people to keep their repo up to date though18:37
ogra_if there is actually more involved than regulary calling repo sync18:38
rsalvetiargh, 23k/s18:38
mibofrahi rsalveti :)18:38
rsalvetimibofra: hey18:38
rsalvetinot sure it's a problem with cdimage, my router is kind of unstable today18:39
rsalvetilet me reboot it18:39
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rsalvetino fun still :-(18:45
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krabadorogra_, then, later an almost working wifi and 4210 new driver, browser and gmail are gone...18:52
ali1234gmail is a web app so no surprises there18:53
janimorsalveti, multiple device builds should be possible without a make clean between right by reusing the out/common parts?18:56
rsalvetijanimo: you'll only share the host part I believe18:57
rsalvetiyeah, there's something wrong with the browser18:57
rsalvetiI'm trying to download the latest image but my network is slow as hell today18:57
krabadorogra_, oh, what abount gsm calls on i9100?18:58
krabadorrsalveti, it's a canonical strategy...18:58
krabadoryou're network i mean :)18:58
pleaseworkdoes anyone know what filesystem ubuntu touch uses?18:58
krabadorpleasework, fat3218:59
krabadorpleasework, i'm joking18:59
rsalvetipleasework: ext418:59
ali1234actually, it uses whatever the phone "normally" uses19:04
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traxmacis the browser totally broken on todays build?19:27
rsalvetibfiller: if you get a change to look at it ^19:29
rsalvetiI'm still downloading the image19:29
CasmoHehe, I'm currently buying a secondary SGSII (With a broken screen xD) so I can use that for developing needs :>19:29
traxmacdo you install a new build every day or use apt-get to update?19:30
CasmoInstall the new build.19:30
bl4dehi guys...how can request merging code for the calendar-app?19:35
rsalvetihm, browser is working fine, maybe the renaming caused the issue19:37
bl4dersalveti, can you help me?19:38
rsalvetibl4de: you mean how can you propose your code to be merged?19:38
rsalvetiyeah, seems the renaming didn't reach the shell =\19:39
rsalvetilet me fix that19:39
bl4dersalveti, I'm new to the ubuntu development cycle, and I want to join to the team...I have added some functionalities to the calendar app, and I want to know if and how can I propose my code to be merged into app code :)19:40
rsalvetibl4de: right, I believe the calendar-app code lives at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calendar-dev19:42
rsalvetibzr branch lp:ubuntu-calendar-app19:42
rsalvetiso, for you to propose changes, you need to start from this branch, commit something locally with bzr (bzr commit -m "commit message") and then propose a merge request19:42
bl4dersalveti, yes yes, I have already branched and edited the code, but I want to upload it and propose :)19:42
rsalvetiyou can do that easily by pushing your branch to launchpad, like "bzr push lp:~yourusername/+junk/yourbranchname"19:43
rsalvetiif you're part of the team you can also push to lp:~yourusername/ubuntu-calendar-app/branchname19:44
bl4deFound the problem :)19:44
bl4dein the wiki, the "+junk" part is missing :)19:44
rsalvetimhall119: might be able to help you better as well :-)19:44
rsalvetilet me check19:44
rsalvetibl4de: yeah, because it's trying to match the branch with the project19:45
rsalvetiwhat is the error you're getting when using lp:~<your_launchpad_username>/ubuntu-calendar-app/<unique_branch_name> ?19:45
krabadorplease developers... fix the browser, and the gsm calls...that i can install on my i9100, i'm very android annoyed.19:46
rsalvetiI should have the fix for the browser later today19:46
rsalvetithe gsm might be device specific19:46
bl4dersalveti, "bzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url "bzr push lp:~alessandrofac93/ubuntu-calendar-app/selectable-days""19:47
mhall119bl4de: if you're pushing a project branch, use the project name instead of +junk19:47
rsalvetimhall119: that should have worked, shouldn't?19:47
bfillerrsalveti: browser probably broken because package name change? maybe new shell and others didn't get released19:47
bl4demhall119, but bzr (used from Qt creator) is giving me the error I posted to rsalveti19:48
rsalvetibfiller: yeah, the rename was done only at the browser itself19:48
rsalvetibfiller: looking at the shell now19:48
mhall119bl4de: ah, maybe qtcreator isn't using the same bzr19:48
mhall119bl4de: try if from the terminal19:48
bl4demhall119, yes, now I try from the teminal...19:48
bfillerrsalveti: I approved release MR's for the other related packages - webapps-demo, build config. Was an MR for the shell but I didn't see it19:48
bl4deyes, from the console it works :)19:49
mhall119bl4de: ok, so qtcreator must have it's own bzr then, weird19:50
rsalvetibfiller: seems it was merged, just not released https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/phablet19:50
mhall119bl4de: you could maybe do it from qtcreator if you replaced 'lp:' with 'bzr+ssh://launchpad.net/'19:50
bfillerrsalveti: yup, I see that19:50
krabadorrsalveti, great, than tomorrow i've some great news. i would ask you a thing : cm10.1 for now is the driver base for UbuntuTouch, but for exemple , i9100 isn't properly supported, for many reasons. can developers use sources from samsung , that delivered official sources of jb for i9100 ?19:50
bfillerrsalveti: let me do an MR for release19:50
rsalvetibfiller: cool, I can approve it19:51
bl4demhall119, maybe...anyhow I pushed it correctly :)19:51
rsalvetibfiller: hm, the mr also did a release19:51
rsalvetibfiller: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/phablet/revision/45119:51
rsalvetimaybe issue with jenkins19:52
bfillerrsalveti: didn't make it to ppa19:52
rsalvetibfiller: yeah, will just push by hand for now19:53
rsalvetiso we can get this fixed19:53
bfillerrsalveti: ok thanks19:53
rsalveti1.60 wasn't released either19:56
rsalvetilet me check jenkins19:56
bl4deguys, if I want to get last changes from a remote branch to my branch, which command should I give?19:56
mhall119bzr pull <remote_branch>19:58
mhall119if it says you've diverged (your branch has changes and the remote one has changes), you'll need to run: bzr merge <remote_branch>19:58
rsalvetikrabador: can, it's just that's more work :-)19:58
krabadorrsalveti, oh, great, i supposed that ubuntu touche would need only cm10.1 bloat19:59
bl4deWoops >:(20:03
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rsalvetiSaviq: who is taking care of the qml-phone-shell package now?20:12
rsalvetibfiller: ^20:12
bfillerrsalveti: Saviq and co20:12
rsalvetilatest ci failed at jenkins when running the test cases20:13
rsalveti  1 - tst_QmlTests (SEGFAULT)20:13
rsalvetiand at the ppa due lack of dependencies20:13
rsalvetiImportError: No module named distutils.sysconfig20:13
rsalvetiCMake Error at tests/autopilot/CMakeLists.txt:6 (install):20:13
bfillermzanetti: any ideas? ^^^^20:13
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agcalamitaITAEvening guys. Anyone tried the latest daily? Anything interesting? Is it correct that there isn't a change log/release notes yet? (for dailies)20:32
rsalvetino changelog yet, in progress20:35
agcalamitaITAOk -- Thanks Ricardo!20:35
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nOStahlwhat is best tablet under 250 that will work with ubuntu touch reasonable20:37
matgeHey, I get "static bool QDesktopServices::openUrl(const QUrl&): The platform plugin does not support services" on the phablet20:38
matgewhich phablet repository does provide that platform plugin, so I can add that functionality?20:38
agcalamitaITAWhat does the platform plugin do...? Sorry -- don't know what repo it's in...20:41
nOStahlany ideas?20:42
matgeseems there is some platform <-> qt interface in form of a plugin20:43
matgeon the desktop, openUrl() works fine, but not on the phone20:44
matgeso there seems to be that plugin missing20:44
agcalamitaITAAhhhh -- that makes sense.20:45
matgeah, that's it: https://launchpad.net/qtubuntu20:55
matgethe whatsapp client20:58
agcalamitaITACool! I'm not great with programming -- getting lost in Launchpad :\20:59
agcalamitaITAHowever I'd be happy to test20:59
matgeYes, I'm doing a big relese this week. I'd be happy if you could test afterwards21:01
matgehm https://launchpad.net/qtubuntu is not the right thing21:01
rsalvetimzanetti: https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/unity/phablet_adding_python_builddep/+merge/15301321:02
agcalamitaITAmatge: Let me know when it's ready and I'll give it a go. Installing the SDK in a moment to test a few things.21:04
mhall119popey: do we have tarmac or something auto-landing MPs for core apps?21:11
DaBaanganybody encounter error like: build/core/base_rules.mk:525: system/core/mkbootimg/Android.mk: Module "unpackbootimg" has useless module tags:21:49
DaBaang... while porting to a new device21:50
agcalamitaITAWhich device?21:50
DaBaangHP Touchpad21:50
agcalamitaITAand are you using -l or -b?21:50
agcalamitaITAAre you using phablet-flash?21:51
agcalamitaITAThat's most likely  why it's failing -- as it's not on the supported list you may want to follow these instructions -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting -- or take a look at this thread on XDA devs -- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=217527721:54
DaBaangYes, you are right and I have consulted those links as well. Trying to create a new port here instead of using the pre-installed phablet zip21:56
DaBaangtrying to fix the *.mk scripts21:58
agcalamitaITAAhhh right -- Ok. Not tested a device port yet as I'm using a Nexus 422:01
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rsalvetinow qml-phone-shell is finally available at the ppa, fixing the broken facebook/browser/gmail app22:10
mzanettirsalveti: thanks!22:19
RobbyFanyone install daily core apps on touch? I can't find the ppa, I had it the other day but I update the phone daily.22:20
agcalamitaITADid you install them from the phone over SSH or using QT Creator?22:22
RobbyFubuntu_chroot shell22:22
RobbyFI had the ppa, never got a chance to execute it22:22
RobbyFI think i found it, and of course my wife needs my help22:24
matgeagcalamitaITA: If you are on the ubuntu-phone mailinglist, you'll see the announcement there22:27
agcalamitaITAThanks! That's pretty useful!22:27
agcalamitaITAmatge: I'm not at the moment. I'm familiar with Ubuntu and *nix but new to t a lot of this stuff. Have you got a link?22:29
matgehttps://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg00658.html is the initial announcement22:30
matgehttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-phone you can sign up for the mailinglist22:30
matgecurrently, whosthere has some severe bugs, so I'd not use it until my next announcement22:30
agcalamitaITAThanks! I'll sign up!22:31
frankencodehi bl4de22:59
bl4dehi frankencode :)22:59
frankencodewelcome to the playground22:59
bl4dethanks! :)23:00
frankencodei'm learning so much here...23:00
bl4dei am currently studying the PageStack :)23:00
frankencodenever heard about that before23:00
bl4dehttp://design.ubuntu.com/apps/building-blocks/page-stack :)23:02
bl4dein the API is this http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/qml/mobile/qml-ubuntu-components0-pagestack.html#details23:02
bl4de...but here in Italy  are the 0.02 am, and actually I am too tired for thinking...XD23:03
frankencodei'm loading sql syntax before going to sleep23:04
frankencodegives me pleasant dreams23:04
bl4deahahhah night frankencode, night to all! :)23:05
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azathoth_hey all, I'm just trying to install ubuntu-touch on my nexus 7, and it's been hung up on the Pushing autodeploy.zip, anyone know if this is an issue or does this take a bit23:12
ali1234it shouldn't take excessively long23:13
azathoth_hmmm, yeah it's been about 5-7 mins already23:14
azathoth_I'll give it to the 10 mark than restart the process23:14
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