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smartboyhwjhodapp, ping14:54
jhodappsmartboyhw, pong14:54
smartboyhwjhodapp, private message?14:54
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johnkjaerWhen I'm trying to change the mode to "tv mode". I try to push the "gear button" but nothing happens. And dash crashes.17:00
tgm4883jhodapp, how good are you with unity preview stuff17:19
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jhodapptgm4883, in what respect?17:41
tgm4883jhodapp, I'm trying to figure out a way to pass some info along after clicking a button in a preview17:41
tgm4883there doesn't seem to be a way to do that (it just passes the URI)17:42
jhodapptgm4883, ah, well that specific of a thing, probably not the man to ask because all of that stuff got redone a bit (I am not aware to what extend) for 13.0417:42
tgm4883hmm ok17:42
jhodapptgm4883, oh, well I think you could embed it in the URI17:42
jhodappand parse the URI17:43
jhodappugly I know17:43
tgm4883I don't know if I'll be able to do that17:43
jhodappthe other thing would be to ask in #ubuntu-unity17:43
tgm4883jhodapp, I'd need to alter the URI after the user clicks the button17:43
tgm4883I asked in #ubuntu-unity last week, no response17:43
jhodapphmm, maybe try the mailing list then17:44
jhodappand if that still doesn't work, I can ping a specific person or two for you17:44
tgm4883ok, sounds good17:44
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