bkerensaYeah I think he was just trying to point out that it mentions "Extra support for the flavors"00:13
bkerensaas in more than is already done00:13
bkerensaI know I donated to the flavors and have no idea what it did :D00:13
* pleia2 nods00:14
bkerensabut yeah fraud was a bad word00:14
pleia2the whole idea to donating to a company is weird to me anyway ;)00:14
bkerensathe whole idea of donating to a company that already gets lots of my time for free is weird but I hoped the money would pass through to support things :D00:15
bkerensalike more Xubuntu stickers!00:15
pleia2I'd much prefer to give a little money to actually developing it than promoting it00:16
pleia2one is somewhat useless without the other :)00:16
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kryptusCan anyone tell me how to get rid of a boot glitch.  I'm running Xbuntu 12.10 and it works great but that glitch annoys me.  I'v also encountered it on debian and ubuntu.  Is it that grub2 has a bug or something?07:18
pleia2what is the "boot glitch"?07:19
kryptusI could kind of compare it to a glitchy set of black and white lines like a vertical barcode flickering for abot 15 to 20 seconds.07:23
pleia2happen to be a dell? looks like others have had this problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/198937/grub-menu-screen-flicker07:24
darthrobotTitle: [grub2 - Grub menu screen flicker - Ask Ubuntu]07:24
pleia2(I haven't seen it on my systems though)07:24
pleia2actually, not even my dell07:24
kryptusNo it's a Gateway laptop.07:25
kryptusI think the link might help...  Thank you!07:26
pleia2well, it's a different boot loader currently served up by some random person's ppa, so it's not something I'd recommend07:27
kalenjohnsonI think I had that problem on my Gateway, which was using an Nvidia 8800m07:29
kalenjohnsonhaven't seen the issue on my newish laptop with a 560m though07:29
kalenjohnsonI've seen it happen in a VM with other distro's though, just tonight with Fuduntu, so I'm thinking it might be sort of random...07:30
kryptusWhat if I were to replace grub with lilo?07:31
pleia2lilo is unmaintained, not sure it would even work07:35
* pleia2 clearly has not appropriately fixed her internal clock for DST :(07:36
pleia2time to try and sleep07:36
kalenjohnsonme too07:37
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bkerensapleia2: top of the morning19:20
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