derekvso are traffic tickets in downtown detroit a thing03:49
derekvi thought actually they weren't a thing03:49
derekvbut I guess they are03:50
snap-lderekv: Yeah, it's called fundraising11:27
snap-lWell, that's embarrassing11:45
rick_h_snap-l: doh, password reset time?11:56
brouschI like this suggestion http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/124612:22
snap-lrick_h_: Yes12:32
snap-lThough the machine in question isn't accessible without ssh keys12:32
snap-lTomorrow can't come soon enough, along with better bandwidth.13:10
snap-lyea, I need to convince them to turn the wireless off, or at least show me how to turn it off13:15
snap-lApparenty it's one of those home networking jobbie-doos13:15
snap-lOf course, if it works better than my current router...13:16
rick_h_damn I think my eyes are cursed. "I'll just replace this footrest...hmm...oh that one looks nice"13:16
rick_h_and of course it costs 5x the rest of them :/13:16
snap-lrick_h_: You have expensive tastes. :)13:17
rick_h_I mean look at the rest of the 'customers also viewed..."13:18
snap-lrick_h_: you just need to train your cats better13:18
rick_h_I've trained them to run when I enter the room13:18
snap-lthey'll sit for hours as a footrest13:18
rick_h_works well for me13:18
snap-lWwait, footrest? Are you sitting again?13:18
rick_h_I sit for some of the day. I can't do the whole day standing13:19
snap-lDude, this isn't a footrest, it's a fucking skateboard13:19
rick_h_but it looks like a nice footrest :P13:20
snap-lhttp://www.aaafurnituredirect.com/servlet/the-12496/Maitland-Smith-4231-dsh-026-Mahogany/Detail?gclid=CJvSj_Gi97UCFULf4AodvywApg <- rick_h_13:22
brouschNow that's a footrest13:54
jrwren_juju is a cross platform alternative to elastic beanstalk.14:17
rick_h_no lockin ftw :)14:17
rick_h_l..o...l https://twitter.com/DGoddamnGlover/status/31052325378761933117:20
snap-lYou're not a real hipster until I see you at the coffee shop with one of these: http://ur1.ca/d1pqs17:22
dzhowe actually have book binding equipment at the local hackerspace17:26
dzhonot a press, but some trimming hardware17:26
dzhoone of which could probably lop off a leg without slowing down17:26
snap-lYeah, the local game shop has a POD service that has trimming and binding stuff17:29
snap-land yes, it looks like serious business17:30
brouschsnap-l: Remember how I said yesterday that I had no idea what "Roll up the rim to win means"?17:32
snap-lbrousch: Saw the commercial?17:32
brouschThis morning I went to Tim hortons, and there, in giant letters on my cup is "RRROLL UP THE RIM TO WIN"17:32
snap-land now you know17:33
rick_h_hmm, wher's jcastro been18:42
snap-lHe's still on IRC, just not in this channel18:43
snap-lHoping the whome community kerfluffle didn't scare him away.18:43
snap-lIt's all because greg-g ragequit18:43
snap-lthough greg-g still shows as having signed the CoC.18:44
* snap-l unsigned it in solidarity18:44
greg-gthe original one, not the updated one18:44
greg-gI de-memberized18:44
brouschI believe the official term is bobbitized18:45
brouschGoes well with CoC18:46
brouschTo join, sign up for the CoC. To leave, you bobbitize18:47
* greg-g hangs head18:49
brouschToo much?18:50
greg-gnaw, it was the obvious next step18:50
snap-lgreg-g: Ah, I unsigned both18:57
brouschsnap-l: You can't unsign! You're our leader!19:01
snap-ltechnically, it's not a requirement19:03
snap-lat least I didn't see anything about it outside of being a member or ubuntero19:04
snap-land I'm not sure it's even being followed. I mentioed the Collaborator section to Mark S. on G+19:05
snap-lmy big concern was the community seems to get this information after the roadmap is determined19:05
snap-lThat's been my pain-point with the community thus far.19:08
dzhosnap-l: he references bug #1 but then talks about how it's a multi-device world.19:32
dzhoThe problem with that is that bug #1 is aimed specifically at the dominance of one company, Microsoft, of one platform, the desktop.19:33
dzhoIn a multi-device world, both of those matter less.19:33
snap-lYeah, and eventually I may resign the CoC19:57
snap-lbut for now I think I need a break to regain my enthusiasm19:58
greg-gthere's #ubuntu-expats on OFTC ;)19:59
snap-loftc? rly?19:59
greg-g'tis where Debain channels live19:59
brouschOnly channel I've ever visited there was #cherrypy20:02
jrwren_rick_h_droid: w/out a makefile in curdir, i can make blah and it will search for blah.c and invoke CC or blah.cpp and invoke CPP, what is this default makefile?22:08
snap-lMUG Meeting tonight22:11
rick_h_jrwren_: no idea :/22:30
rick_h_lol http://instagram.com/p/WxGDicmT9b/22:32
snap-lrick_h_: That's awesome. :)22:35
jrwren_rick_h_: turns out, you can just leave empty rules23:49
rick_h_jrwren_: defaults ftw!23:58

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