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thafreakOMG, I'm SO tired of freakin compiz...14:03
thafreakevery day I come to work, and my machine is unresponsive for like 15minutes14:03
thafreakwhile compiz swaps in14:04
dzhosame with my laptop at home14:04
thafreak1.7g resident? seriously14:04
dzhoI pick it up and it just . . . sits there14:04
thafreakwhat make is it?14:04
dzhofunny thing is, I pick it up and I'm looking at my *desktop*14:04
dzhoHP G42 mumblesomething14:04
dzhobottom-of-the-barrel 14" from a couple of years ago now14:05
thafreakMy old desktop at work did something similar14:05
dzhobasically, the cheapest 14" I could find off the shelf that had a proc that did virtualization.14:05
dzhoeventually, the screen locks, and *then* I can log in14:05
thafreakonly the screen saver wouldn't unlock, just left my screen black14:05
dzhoand then it's about 6-10 seconds before I can work with it14:05
thafreakbut it wouldn't go to IO hell14:05
dzhofrom a security perspective that the screen doesn't lock right away is horrifying14:06
thafreakyeah....i hear you14:06
thafreakespecially when it doesn't lock 100%14:06
thafreaklike you can still see some windows for some reason14:06
dzhoat least it responds to keyboard, so I can move over to a virtual term and check that the thing hasn't totally lost its mind14:06
thafreakthat happens to me alot14:06
dzhoor, shut it down, depending14:06
dzhoit's funny to me that there's this guy at our LUG that complains about them having dropped non-PAE support.14:07
dzhoso his 12 year old thinkpad is not supported out-of-the-box because for some inexplicable reason, even though PAE was already old news by then, IBM put a chip in that didn't support it.14:08
thafreakoh boy...14:08
dzhoand I'm thinking that's the least of your worries coming up, pal.14:08
dzhoI guess no kernel is worse than bad graphics support, though.14:08
thafreakdzho: what desktop does this laptop of yours run?14:09
thafreaki mean DE14:09
dzhothafreak: stock 12.04 mostly14:09
dzhoso, Unity14:09
thafreakso unity?14:09
thafreaksame here14:09
dzhopaultag: haha14:09
thafreakI'm blaming that14:09
thafreakI just installed kubuntu 12.10 on an old laptop, and frankly, I like it much better14:10
dzhomy netbook, which is still going strong, but which is even more underpowered, I'm not even going to try to take to 12.0414:10
thafreakeven gtk apps seem to be rendered correctly now14:10
dzhogot an external USB spinner as scratch/backup for taking it over to Debian14:10
thafreakI'm using my POS netbook right now...it's crunchbang14:10
thafreakI WOULD use my work desktop, but it's in IO hell right now14:11
thafreak75+% IO Wait...14:11
thafreakwith compiz using 45% of mem14:12
dzhoI have that problem on a 10.04 desktop, because I put aide on it, and aide is launched by default from /etc/cron.daily, so I don't get to pick when it starts chewing up disk IO and cpu calculating md5s14:12
dzhoat some point, I'll make it a proper cron job and run it when I'm not usually here, but I haven't figured out where I want to put the cron script14:13
thafreakhmm...well, I got frustrated with this box, so I put collectd on it to graph it's weirdness14:13
dzhoplus, you know, screwing around with the package configuration has me a bit sad.14:13
* dzho goes to look up collectd14:13
thafreakrrd graphing tool14:13
thafreakwanna see some graphs of this disk io...see if there's a pattern maybe14:14
thafreakThis is nuts...I go to virtual console, and work the cli, and my disk light goes off14:15
thafreakI think, oh, it's done swapping14:15
thafreakI go back to the desktop, and boom, disk light goes solid again...14:16
thafreakI put 12.04 "LTS" on here thinking it'd be a "stable" desktop...ha14:16
thafreakI got shit to do, and actual deadlines... :( no time to re-install...14:17
thafreakanyone know if lxde uses compiz?14:17
thafreakI bet xfce does14:17
thafreakOk, apparently the solution, kill -9 compiz...14:20
dzhoit's the only way to be sure14:26
dzhounfortunately, it's hard to do from orbit14:26
thafreakmaybe I need to treat it like a windows box, and reboot it frequently?14:27
dzhogotta love that bug #114:28
thafreaktasksel install lubuntu-core14:29
thafreakmaybe this will help14:29
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thafreakSo, been running lxde since my reboot this morning18:01
thafreakthe machine is still not swapping yet...18:01
thafreakso, I'm blaming unity...I guess I'm finally on the anti-unity bandwagon :/18:02
* skellat looks to cue up the Weird Al Yankovic song "Another One Rides The Bus"18:03
* skellat finds it here: http://tinysong.com/11vi618:06
skellatthafreak: Did your machine meet or exceed the minimum recommended specs?18:06
thafreakintel core i5 w/4gb of ram...I hope that's well above min specs!18:07
skellatIt is18:07
thafreakFunny thing is, my previous machine was a core2 duo w/4gb of ram, and it ran fine18:07
thafreakmy previous box was a system76 machine though, and the new one is a dell18:07
skellatThat's why I run Xubuntu and my parents run Lubuntu18:07
skellatI'm usually running hand-me-down hardware18:08
thafreakwell, I've got lubuntu on here for now...so I can at least get some work done18:08
thafreakthis is my work machine...it's basically hand me down...18:08
thafreakit's my boss's "refresh" machine...18:08
thafreakshe some how talked them into getting her a macbook...and still giving her a refresh machine18:09
skellatThat's excellent interpersonal negotiation skills, I suppose18:09
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