ChinnoDogMobileTurkey: elaborate02:30
ChinnoDogI think you are trying to bridge a remote switch or computer to your wifi network with another router. I do that with my Internet connected TV and DVD player in the other room.02:36
MobileTurkeyhere we go:03:01
MobileTurkeyI have my laptop connected to my wifi03:02
MobileTurkeyand i have a desktop connected to the laptop via ethernet03:02
MobileTurkeyI got it figured it03:02
MobileTurkeyjust had to add route sand assign a static IP03:02
MobileTurkeythe problem now is the xbox 360....03:02
MobileTurkeyi only get 3 options with the 360...03:07
MobileTurkeyip address, gateway and subnet03:07
ChinnoDogMobileTurkey: Are you using your laptop as a router or a bridge? A bridge would be easier and allow you to pass DHCP traffic through to your PC and xbox.03:20
MobileTurkeyas a router03:21
ChinnoDogi.e. Everything you plug into your laptop will get its address auto-assigned and be on the same subnet as the rest of your network.03:21
MobileTurkeyyou can't bridge properly witha wirelss router03:21
ChinnoDogWhy not? I do it.03:22
MobileTurkeyit won't work for me!03:22
MobileTurkeyi get operation unsupported03:22
ChinnoDogIt works for me. :D03:22
MobileTurkeyusing bridge-utils?03:22
ChinnoDogI use a linksys router03:22
ChinnoDogIt has custom firmware but I'm pretty sure I could do it with the factory firmware too03:22
ChinnoDogMutantTurkey: idk what the proper tools are to set up the bridge in linux. Just saying, bridge would make your life a lot easier.03:25
MobileTurkeythat's the difference buddy03:26
MobileTurkeyI've got some po-dunk realtek crapolah03:26
MobileTurkeyif I could bridge, I would bridge03:26
MobileTurkeyi cannot bridge so I didn't03:26
MobileTurkeyoverall it hasn't been very hard to do it this way03:26
ChinnoDogMobileTurkey: You can do it with crap routers. Set them to same SSID, same channel, same encryption key.04:07
ChinnoDogAnd turn off DHCP on the remote router04:08
jedijfMutantTurkey: i would use the router as the router11:37
jedijf morning too11:39
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dog, turkeys and everything else12:26
ChinnoDogchirp chirp20:05
InHisNameGood afternoon, ChinnoCricket20:06

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