OmnifrogI dunno how committed to minimalism I am though. I still want to get things done that arnt just "screwing with the computer"00:00
wrstha ha debian maybe?00:00
cyberangergentoo or arch....00:00
wrsthowdy cyberanger00:01
wrstgentoo, ain't nobody got time for that00:01
* wrst tries to badly rip off a famous youtube video00:02
wrstthis is interesting also: http://www.muktware.com/5370/html5-brings-netflix-samsungs-arm-chromebook00:04
bill_gillqq..... is samba required in order to share files between windows and linux? I have a small home lan. I have movies i want to share. is samba required or can i just have and nfts partition on the linux box?00:10
wrstbill_gill: samba is the easiest by far00:14
wrstbut you can read and write to ntfs just fine, but if you are networked samba is the best way to go actaully i guess the only way with windows00:14
wrstand bill_gill if you are using unity all you have to do is right click, share, then set it up ubuntu takes care of all the set up and installation of packages00:16
wrstbill_gill: actually just tried that out to make sure, works perfect00:18
bill_gillthat didn't work00:18
bill_gillwell... they all see the share but cannot access the files00:18
wrstbill_gill: that should do it i just clicked sharing options then clicked share this folder, allow others, guest access i opened it wide open00:18
wrstdid you slect guest access? and also to allow others to create and delete files, that isn't secure by any means but it will get you what you want quick and easy00:19
bill_gillsounds good... didn't work here00:19
bill_gillobvious fix right00:19
wrstdid you restart your windows box?00:19
bill_gillis that needed00:19
wrstit is likely not recognizing the changes i checked it out on my phone00:20
wrstbill_gill: with windows its always needed00:20
wrsti'm sure there is some silly way to restart something but easier to restart00:20
bill_gilljust to be sure we are on the same page.... the files are on the ubuntu box00:20
* wrst forgets more about windows every day and is happy about it00:20
wrstyes bill_gill files on linux machine and doing that made them available as samba shares that was on my phone i have no windows machine to check them with but it should work00:20
wrsthowever android is running samba also00:21
wrstactually windows would be better running samba00:21
* wrst heads out for a bit00:21
bill_gillvery funny!00:25
bill_gillso true00:25
wrstthat get you going bill_gill ?00:33
twaynepricehey wrst when I run virtualbox I get this error:  Please install the virtualbox-ose-dkms package and the appropriate00:57
twayneprice headers, most likely linux-headers-
twaynepricesudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.4.0 doesn't un00:57
twaynepriceAny ideas?00:57
Omnifroghii twayneprice00:58
twaynepricehey Omnifrog00:58
OmnifrogI think you have to specify which package you want01:00
wrsttwayneprice: not at my laptop is that on your chrome book01:00
twaynepricewrst: yup01:00
Omnifrogie.   http://blog.hostonnet.com/how-to-install-linux-kernel-3-4-0-on-ubuntu-12-04-11-1001:00
wrstis that in the chroot or native boot up?01:01
wrstso you are working off the kernel of the chrome book? that could get complicated01:04
twaynepriceWhen I do a apt-cache it jumps from linux-headers-3.2 to 3.501:07
twaynepriceOmnifrog: that didn't seem to work either01:08
wrstyeah twayneprice the Ubuntu repos probably want have headers to match the kernel on the chrome book I suspect you would have to find and compile from source01:09
wrstUnit193: you around?01:09
twaynepricethere is a newer version of crouton.  I may try to update.01:24
wrstthat might help maybe but have a feeling it may be painful to get it going01:29
wrstbut I'm sure its not impossible01:29
twaynepricemost everything else I've installed runs fine.  I can always just run stuff remotely.01:31
wrstI suspect that expecting a kernel to match what Ubuntu should be running is the issue not this is all beyond my pea sized brain01:37
Omnifrogmy optical drive is not being detected01:41
OmnifrogI suspect the last time I put a new drive in the dc/dvd got bumped to a different port01:42
Juzzyhey it's my farmer man01:43
OmnifrogFARMERS ROCK!02:28
JuzzyI have a red neck02:48
Juzzyafter spending 24 hours in 2 days planting grapes and berries02:48
Omnifrogfine, I take 2 shows tomorrow03:10
Omnifrogtomorrow will be fun03:28
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Juzzyheh frog -> pond nice04:50
Unit193wrst: Am now. :P08:59
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wrstUnit193: too late we are all asleep10:20
wrstoh twayneprice is that an ARM processor in your chrome book?10:31
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twaynepricewrst: No, the samsung has the ARM.  Mine is the Acer C7.12:09
wrstahh well that should be a problem, Unit193 you have any ideas I know you are all into kernl stuff?12:11
wrstand kernel stuff even12:11
wrstand I meant that shouldn't be a problem... I need to wake up before typing12:13
twaynepricewrst: Except I found instructions for the ARM :)   https://launchpad.net/~chromebook-arm/+archive/ppa12:15
wrstwell crud12:16
Unit193Heh. :P12:18
twaynepriceBTW, I created a xfce chroot and an unity chroot.  I find myself using the xfce one much more.  :)12:23
Unit193Mainly because Xfce is awesome.12:24
wrstUnit193: any ideas on twayneprice's virtual box stuff?12:27
Unit193I haven't seen it. :P12:27
twaynepriceI'm wondering if it is a problem to run virtualbox in a chroot.12:30
wrstUnit193: scroll up just a bit will keep us from having to re type it all ;)12:31
Unit193wrst: I wanted a re-type!  ;)12:31
wrstforget it :P12:31
Unit193twayneprice: From what source?  This is "virtualbox"?  And quantal?12:32
Unit193StarTrek "All Our Yesterdays" is rather sad, actually.12:33
twaynepriceI just saw this here:  https://plus.google.com/112449749826562830126/posts/ZS9WaegrZYH12:33
twayneprice"I was able to run my chromebox from Google IO with ubuntu 12. Then I updated the kernel and was able to get VirtualBox running...Then I was able to install Windows Vista 32bit on a USB sdd....The rest was downhill from there....Lol.... (Virtualized Windows on Chromebox.....heresy..... I know)..."12:33
twaynepriceSo at least it seems possible.  What does it mean to "update the kernel"?12:37
Unit193I'd assume sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, unless he means another source or recompile.  linux-headers-generic may be what you're looking for?12:38
Unit193This is virtualbox as found in the main repos?12:38
wrstUnit193: since it is a chroot and he is using the chrome books kernel will stuff out of the repos actually work?12:39
twaynepriceyes, I just did the main repo.  That may be the problem.  :)12:40
Unit193wrst: Virtualbox?  I do not know.  Could try installing the vbox kernel driver outside of the chroot, buuut.12:40
wrsttwayneprice: i would think the virtualbox package is fine but the kernel driver stuff is going to be the real issue i think12:41
* wrst should let Unit193 talk 12:41
* wrst should be quiet12:41
twaynepriceThe nice thing is that if I completely hose it, it just takes about 30 minutes to get back to factory.  I didn't bring it to work today, though, so I can try anything until tonight.  :(12:42
Unit193wrst: I don't actually know, never tried it like this, and never had a chrome book.12:42
wrstme either :)12:43
twaynepriceI wonder if updating the kernel was the missing step.12:44
Unit193Well, I'd think you'd need headers for the kernel that virtualbox will be interacting with, that'd be the chrome kernel.  But you don't have the chrome headers in the Ubuntu repos.  I'm guessing with the vbox driver in ChromeOS as long as it can access them outside of the chroot.12:47
wrstis a vbox driver available in chrome os?12:49
twaynepriceI'll play with it more tonight but I wonder if doing the dist-upgrade will get the kernel to a version that I can find the linux headers for.12:56
wrsttwayneprice: from within ubuntu i don't think so because that doesn't effect the actual kernel you are using13:02
twaynepriceI wonder exactly what the guy did on the google plus comments to get it working.  He may have had the Samsung too.13:08
twaynepricewrst: My son is going to Peru for a month and is wanting to take a cheap laptop.  He's getting a chromebook.  :)13:13
wrstperu? business? pleasuer? mission trip? none of our business?13:18
twaynepriceHe is visiting a friend from high school that was originally from Peru and moved back there after college.13:22
DJOmnifrogperuvian obelisks!13:23
wrstahh cool twayneprice sounds like an interesting trip13:27
twaynepricewrst: Yea, he's looking forward to it.  DJOmnifrog Are there famous obelisks in Peru?13:28
DJOmnifrogthere are!13:29
DJOmnifrogwell, I don't know how famous they are13:30
wrstmorning DJOmnifrog13:33
DJOmnifrogmorning wrst `13:33
DJOmnifroghow nice. the DJ who is supposed to come after me is MIA14:01
cyberangerDJOmnifrog: so, does that mean your stealing his hour?14:44
DJOmnifrog he just showed up a few minutes ago14:44
DJOmnifrogI wasn't even supposed to be on this morning. I was filling in for someone else :\14:45
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wrstOmnifrog: you are the universal dj?14:54
OmnifrogI'm the sucker that picked up the slack14:55
OmnifrogI still have my regular show this evening :\14:57
wrstOmnifrog: you are one of those people... you know the responsible type ;)15:02
Omnifrogthe grown up in the group, lol15:03
wrsttotally possible15:06
OmnifrogI have kids as old as some of them15:08
wrstyou are dealing with kids literally then15:10
Omnifrogthere are a few 20 somethings on the staff15:22
Omnifrogmy daughter will be 24 soon15:22
* wrst thinks he isn't the oldest person here now15:23
twaynepricewrst: As long as I'm here, you aren't the oldest.  :)15:38
wrstgood point twayneprice ;)15:39
wrstthere was competition for that second spot however but I think I'm safely in third now15:39
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wrstDJOmnifrog: how's it going?23:02
wrsthello chris458523:02
DJOmnifroghi wrst23:02
wrstyou doing your "normal" shift now? :)23:03
DJOmnifrogyeah, heh23:04
DJOmnifrogthe forest season is going to kick my ass23:05
wrstsounds like work23:06
chris4585hey wrst23:10
wrsthow you doing chris4585?23:10
DJOmnifroghi chris23:10
chris4585alright, enjoying my day off23:11
wrstcool chris4585 days off are golden23:14
chris4585how are you wrst23:20

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