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cjohnstondaker: ping14:54
dakercjohnston: pong14:54
daker0:1 :)14:54
cjohnstondaker: meet doanac... doanac is another django guru.. doanac meet daker.. daker rocks14:54
dakerhi doanac14:55
doanachey guys14:55
cjohnstondaker: what is your availability at http://goo.gl/tvwzO15:19
nigelbcjohnston: How about importing from LP, but that being optional?15:21
nigelbLike, it's nice if you do that. We'll honor that. But if you don't wnat to, it's cool, you can mark youself as attending on summit.15:22
cjohnstonContinue to allow a user to register in Launchpad as attending, but15:22
cjohnstonalso allow them to register in Summit as attending. The issue I see15:22
cjohnstonwith this is, which would be authoritative? It would also make sense15:22
cjohnstonthat we allow a user to edit their registration afterwards, but that15:22
cjohnstonisn't really a big deal.15:22
nigelbHow does authoritative come into the picture?15:22
nigelbthe attending data isn't used for anything else.15:22
cjohnstonits used for scheduling15:23
nigelbPlus, summit would have everyone plus some more.15:23
dakercjohnston: at work15:23
nigelbRight, I mean, it's used by summit.15:23
nigelbBut nothing else.15:23
nigelbSo summit being authortative is the right thing.15:23
cjohnstonnigelb: if you register two different times, 9-5 in launchpad 9-3 in summit15:23
cjohnstonor the other way around15:23
nigelbargh. fk.15:23
nigelbNow I see what you mean.15:24
dakercjohnston: ?15:32
cjohnstondaker: we have a call to discuss SSO issues at that time15:33
dakeri wont be availlable15:33
cjohnstonI gathered15:33
dakercjohnston: any your sso problems are mine too :)15:35
cjohnstonthats why i figured you would be useful to have if possible15:36
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cjohnstondaker: mhall119 any chance of any reviewing of the django 1.4 code any time soon? please ;-)20:05
dakercjohnston: i'll try20:50

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