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meetingologyMeeting started Tue Mar 12 18:01:33 2013 UTC.  The chair is pleia2. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.18:01
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pleia2who all is here for the Ubuntu Women project meeting? :)18:01
pleia2#link http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/Agenda18:02
Dolasillao/ (I have dconnection in the hotel!!!! )18:02
pleia2meeting agenda ^^18:02
pleia2Deindre sends apologies at not being able to attend18:02
pleia2#topic Raring Blueprint18:03
* Cheri703 adds contest to agenda18:03
pleia2#link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-r-ubuntu-women-project-goals18:03
pleia2Cheri703: any updates on Career days sessions?18:04
pleia2contest is in the blueprint anyway :)18:04
Cheri703No. :s we were going to have Laura do hers on 03/01, but that got pushed >_<18:04
pleia2ok, just let me know when it gets rescheduled to so I can pop it into the Classroom calendar :)18:05
pleia2we had a couple other women from Canonical on the list too, any progress there?18:05
Cheri703no >_> /me has been a bit of a slacker18:06
pleia2no worries, I think we've all be quite busy this cycle :)18:06
pleia2ok, so, UW contest18:06
pleia2#topic Contest18:07
pleia2didn't see any replies on list to the RFH https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2013-March/003713.html18:07
pleia2(request for help)18:07
pleia2I think giving some examples of what kind of questions people should be proposing would help get some volunteers18:08
Cheri703yeah, either myself or Pendulum will send out some more information18:08
DolasillaI agree with pleia2, I think otherwise people may not know exactly which kind of questions are expected18:09
pleia2great, thanks Cheri703!18:09
pleia2presumably once we have a few more volunteers, we can actually get it rolling :)18:10
Cheri703yeah :)18:10
pleia2#topic Any other business18:10
pleia2short on subjects this meeting :) anything else anyone wants to discuss?18:10
pdurbini have a question18:13
pdurbinshould this channel be listed at http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/IRC ?18:13
pleia2pdurbin: ah yes, probably :)18:14
pleia2pdurbin: could you add us?18:14
pdurbinhmm. i don't have an account on that wiki. does anyone else?18:14
pleia2I don't know that many of us are involved with that wiki, perhaps you could create an account?18:16
pleia2looks like they also offer signup via facebook login18:16
pdurbinbleh. facebook. i don't have an account18:16
pdurbinoh, they also support local accounts18:16
* AlanBell sees an edit button for some reason18:16
pleia2(this is my attempt to not do everything, so if someone could pitch in here I'd really appreciate it :))18:17
* AlanBell edits18:17
pleia2thank you AlanBell!18:17
pdurbinAlanBell: thanks!18:18
pleia2alright, I think that's it for today18:18
pleia2thanks to everyone for coming, alwaysgood to see new faces :)18:18
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Mar 12 18:19:07 2013 UTC.18:19
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-women-project/2013/ubuntu-women-project.2013-03-12-18.01.moin.txt18:19
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-women-project/2013/ubuntu-women-project.2013-03-12-18.01.html18:19
pdurbin"faces" :)18:19
AlanBellit just let me edit it without authenticating which is nice, captcha at the end18:19
Dolasillabye! :)18:23
IdleOnethank you for the quick catch up meeting :)18:24
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pdurbinAlanBell: hmm, I'm curious why you linked #ubuntu-women and not #ubuntu-women-project22:48
pdurbinI guess I'm confused about the difference, apart from the fact that this channel is logged22:48
Cheri703This channel is primarily the "serious business" channel, the other one is the social/chat channel. kind of like ubuntu and ubuntu-offtopic22:49
pdurbinCheri703: ok. thanks. pretty quiet in here, seems like. :)22:52
Cheri703yeah, it's usually only active during meetings or if the ops need to discuss something22:52
pdurbini see22:52
AlanBellI didn't really think about it, but yeah, what Cheri703 said ;)22:57
pdurbinI'm pretty disappointed that open source is often unfriendly to women23:02

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