keestomreyn: final version appears to be: https://lkml.org/lkml/2013/3/11/67700:50
tjaaltontomreyn: huh?05:11
tomreyn<tjaalton> uploading -intel 2.21.405:12
tomreyn<tjaalton> yeah, it has that fix :)05:12
tomreyn... is what i was referriing to05:12
tjaaltonthat was not the kernel..05:13
tomreynokay thanks05:14
RAOFtjaalton, Sarvatt: Sounds like glamor works for 1.14 & 1.13.x; we should keep radeonsi enabled in -edgers.06:47
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tjaaltonRAOF: oh cool07:14
tjaaltonwe still have it on raring too07:14
tjaaltonbut glamor needs an update?07:14
tjaaltonhum, is it even in the archive?07:15
tjaaltonwhat a mess :P07:15
RAOFtjaalton: Nope, not in the archive; that needs to be done ):07:41
mlankhorstooh fun07:41
mlankhorstcould it be made part of the xorg group?07:41
tjaaltoni recently got an unreleased 8xxx series card, but it's not even si-based.. duh07:42
tjaaltonel cheapo series07:42
tjaaltonwas disappointed for not being able to test this stuff.. even to just notice it's "utter failure" or whatever phoronix calls it this week07:43
tjaaltonmlankhorst: yeah it probably makes sense under pkg-xorg07:56
mlankhorstyeah if it does get MIR'd, I'll ask to get pixman and all the blob packages in the xorg package list too :)07:59
tjaaltonoh that list, right08:00
mlankhorstbut ok when you checked the race condition I'll upload xorg-server 1.13.3 :)08:05
tjaaltonwell, at least the git version doesn't break anything here08:07
tjaaltonalthough if you need the race case tested then yes, within the next hour08:07
tjaaltondisabled swap and eth0 bridge so it's actually able to hit it09:10
mlankhorstit should show something in the xorg log if you do hit it09:11
tjaaltonfirst I'll try with the current one09:11
tjaaltonmlankhorst: ok, I have the current package obviously doing something there, now trying the new one09:57
tjaaltonooh, reproduce the race with it09:58
mlankhorstdoes it survive?09:59
mlankhorstah boo, logs?09:59
tjaaltonlow-graphics mode09:59
tjaaltonhere's the previous one http://pastebin.com/yRpBX0jA10:01
mlankhorstit's happy about it though10:02
mlankhorstso where does it go wrong? :S10:03
tjaaltonbeats me10:04
mlankhorstcan you paste correct log too?10:04
tjaaltonwith this kernel?10:05
tjaaltonum, xserver10:05
mlankhorstsure 10:05
* mlankhorst has the feeling it fails somewhere else in a similar fashion10:05
tjaaltonthis matches my old tests, so there's nothing new10:05
mlankhorst[     5.162] (II) intel(G0): SNA compiled: xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.21.4-0ubuntu1 (Timo Aaltonen <tjaalton@ubuntu.com>)10:07
mlankhorstis it a hybrid?10:07
tjaaltonivb sdp10:07
tjaaltonthe package is from the archive10:08
tjaaltonhere's a working one http://pastebin.com/kYRdDYv410:08
mlankhorstit's saying G0 though10:09
mlankhorstwhich is weird10:09
mlankhorstiirc that was graphics offload10:10
* mlankhorst rechecks10:11
tjaaltonjust (0) with the working one10:11
mlankhorstyeah but what is it trying to bind to..10:13
mlankhorst[     4.779] (==) Matched intel as autoconfigured driver 010:13
mlankhorst[     4.779] (==) Matched intel as autoconfigured driver 110:13
mlankhorstoh well, both have that10:14
tjaaltonwhen it fails plymouth doesn't have a chance of showing the splash, it's showing vt1 instead10:15
tjaaltonbut still would like to try with it disabled, can't remember what to put on cmdline10:16
tjaaltonremoving splash isn't enough10:16
tjaaltonplymouth.enable=0, maybe10:18
mlankhorsttjaalton: what if you remove the drmSetMaster call from plymouth? :p10:20
mlankhorstit will probably fail10:20
mlankhorstjust checking if the race is gone then10:20
tjaaltonI'll try without plymouth a few times, first was successful10:22
mlankhorstor something like in activate if (!ply_terminal_is_active (backend->terminal)) return;10:22
mlankhorstprobably src/plugins/renders/drm/plugin.c or something10:22
mlankhorstthat should hopefully be enough to prevent it from stealing master10:22
tjaaltonha, failuer10:24
tjaalton[     4.765] drmSetMaster failed with -1(Operation not permitted)10:24
tjaaltonwithout plymouth10:24
mlankhorstoh duh10:28
mlankhorstdrmsetmaster doesn't return err code10:28
mlankhorsttjaalton: pushed new version10:30
mlankhorstmy guess is it will fail with -EINVAL, lets see >:X10:31
mlankhorstI'm hoping for -EINVAL, in fact10:32
mlankhorstif so, I'll ask you to test a kernel patch10:33
tjaaltonbah, plymouthd _was_ still running, I'll disable it harder10:40
mlankhorstthat's fine, I just want that error again :P10:41
tjaalton[     4.901] drmSetMaster failed with 22(Invalid argument)10:43
mlankhorstlet me grab the raring kernel10:43
tjaaltonguess I need it too?-)10:44
tjaaltonoh I have it..10:44
mlankhorstis a .patch good enough?10:44
mlankhorsttjaalton: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5607392/10:50
mlankhorstblergh should probably have fixed it, missing fops_put(old_fops); ah well10:52
mlankhorstwont be able to load drm module :p10:52
tjaaltonthe last hunk failed to apply10:53
mlankhorstI'll try 3.8 ish10:53
mlankhorstapplies cleanly against 3.8.0 here10:54
tjaaltonnot -12.2110:57
mlankhorstis that 3.8 kernel?10:57
tjaaltonmaybe .2 or such10:58
mlankhorstI'll try v3.8.x branch then10:58
mlankhorststill applies cleanly o.O10:59
mlankhorstjust apply with hand, it's a small patch10:59
mlankhorstidea is that f_op gets replaced only once, and not reset on failure11:00
mlankhorstand then it drops drm_global_mutex before calling f_op->open11:00
mlankhorstdrm_open re-takes global_mutex to prevent races11:00
tjaalton    UBUNTU: SAUCE: drm -- stop early access to drm devices11:01
tjaaltonthat's a nearly three year old patch..11:01
tjaaltonwhy it didn't apply11:02
tjaaltonmind reviewing that one?11:02
mlankhorstzap it11:03
mlankhorstthis solution *should* work better11:03
tjaaltonand apply yours?11:03
tjaaltonwonder if that patch is what's causing the race in the first place..11:04
mlankhorstnah it's a fail attempt to work around it11:04
mlankhorstthen again maybe11:04
mlankhorstthough I would expect open to fail in that case with -EAGAIN11:05
tjaaltondon't recall having this bug before maybe a year ago11:05
mlankhorstI think it would still fail with that workaround because it's not complete11:06
mlankhorstjust taking global mutex seems to be a reasonable fix :p11:06
mlankhorstit could otherwise return the second open call before firstopen is called in drm11:07
mlankhorsthm or worse, possibly before load finishes11:10
mlankhorstonly it wouldn't happen on first open, but if 2 devices open in parallel, like xorg and plymouth11:11
mlankhorstfirst one would nicely block on global_mutex, second one would race ahead without any locking at all11:12
tjaaltonhmm no kms on vt11:31
mlankhorstdrm failed to load?11:31
tjaaltonno it was fine11:31
tjaaltonsecond boot, kms fine, vt change and the mouse cursor follows :)11:32
tjaaltonand can't find the greeter again11:33
tjaaltonrestart lightdm and it's fine11:34
tjaaltonha, failure11:37
mlankhorstwas afraid of that, meh :/11:38
tjaaltonmlankhorst: same as before11:38
mlankhorststill -EINVAL?11:38
mlankhorston setmaster right?11:38
tjaalton[     4.856] (II) config/udev: Adding drm device (/dev/dri/card0)11:38
tjaalton[     4.856] drmSetMaster failed with 22(Invalid argument)11:38
tjaalton[     4.861] (--) PCI:*(0:0:2:0) 8086:0162:8086:2211 rev 9, Mem @ 0xafc00000/4194304, 0xc0000000/268435456, I/O @ 0x00002000/6411:38
mlankhorstwas afraid of that11:39
mlankhorsttjaalton: could you add a printk to drm_setmaster_ioctl to find out which exactly it triggers on?11:40
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mlankhorstI'm hoping it's complaining about file_priv->minor->master, in which case I should revive the first part of bryce's attempt11:49
mlankhorstor better yet, plymouth should not call drmsetmaster and just bug out early if it didn't get master, it lost to xorg-server :P11:50
tjaaltonor just wait for the system compositor..11:51
mlankhorstcould you try that?11:58
tjaaltonso not the printk stuff?11:59
mlankhorstcould keep it, but this is for plymouth to not take master if not on active vt11:59
mlankhorstat least, I guess it works like that11:59
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tjaaltonmlankhorst: didn't try the plymouth patch yet, but the failing check was "if (file_priv->minor->master)"12:20
mlankhorstgood, plymouth one is probably the fix12:21
mlankhorstI hope12:21
tjaaltonfunny that it follows the same pattern. first boot I get the cursor-on-vt issue, second one is fine, third one fails12:21
tjaaltonfails with failsafe (hah)12:22
mlankhorstresetting or full power off?12:23
tjaaltonmlankhorst: nope, still failed12:30
mlankhorstI guess I'll revive the spin patch on setmaster then12:31
mlankhorsttjaalton: can you retest xorg-server with the patch refreshed patch?12:42
tjaaltonhm, it's probably not normal that on nearly every boot I have dmesg full of ext4_orphan_cleanup12:50
tjaalton[     4.888] (II) config/udev: Adding drm device (/dev/dri/card0)12:55
tjaalton[     4.888] (II) spinning!12:55
tjaalton[     5.111] (--) PCI:*(0:0:2:0) 8086:0162:8086:2211 rev 9, Mem @ 0xafc00000/4194304, 0xc0000000/268435456, I/O @ 0x00002000/6412:55
mlankhorstnow reset the rest to previous state, and see if it still works?12:56
mlankhorsteg default plymouth and kernel12:57
mlankhorst * radeon_driver_firstopen_kms - drm callback for last close13:00
mlankhorstvoid radeon_driver_lastclose_kms(struct drm_device *dev)13:00
tjaaltonnow I have the mouse cursor on top of a vt (blinking cursor on top-left), heard the bongos13:17
tjaaltonit didn't spin, but the intel driver spent half a second on "something"13:18
tjaalton[     4.950] (++) using VT number 713:18
tjaalton[     5.451] (II) intel(0): SNA compiled: xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.21.4-0ubuntu1 (Timo Aaltonen <tjaalton@ubuntu.com>)13:18
mlankhorstcould it be plymouth? :P13:18
tjaaltoncould, I enabled it again13:19
tjaaltonbooted fine a couple of times13:19
mlankhorstpresumably plymouth shouldn't attempt to attach if xorg-server ended up starting13:19
mlankhorstcould you try with the plymouth patch?13:20
tjaaltonnow I just got a blank screen13:22
mlankhorstfun :/13:22
tjaaltonroot      1638  1339  0 15:21 ?        00:00:00 plymouth --ping13:22
tjaaltonplymouth doesn't exit13:23
mlankhorstcan you attach to plymouthd, see if it's stuck on something?13:23
tjaalton[+0.01s] DEBUG: Waiting for ready signal from X server :013:23
tjaalton[+0.01s] DEBUG: Stopping Plymouth, no displays replace it13:23
tjaaltonfrom lightdm.log13:24
tjaaltonI need to run ->13:25
mlankhorstboo it needs debug symbols13:30
mlankhorstoh that's from lightdm13:32
mlankhorstblargh I need some way to reproduce this if I want to fix it :/13:40
mlankhorstboooo this one's too slow13:54
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Sarvatthttps://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62198 gen3 possibly messed up in x-x-v-intel 2.21.4 if anyone comes across corruption bugs on them18:22
ubottuFreedesktop bug 62198 in Driver/intel "x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel-2.21.4 and transparency" [Normal,Reopened]18:22
tjaaltoni'll check it out18:24
tjaaltonor maybe not18:24
tjaaltonforget 965gm is gen418:24
mlankhorstmy eee is gen 3 :P18:25
mlankhorstI'll test tomorrow18:25
SarvattDuke`_: probably what you're hitting18:29
Duke`_hum the last two updates seems ok for me18:34
Duke`_I remember having a glxgears with transparent background, instead of black18:36
Duke`_ok, I just installed 2.21.4, going to reboot18:39
SarvattDuke`: ah sorry, another bug then18:41
Sarvatti updated edgers right after you complained in case it was a transient bug, so much changes every day and i hadn't for a week18:42
Duke`eh ;)18:42
Duke`the 20130301 version was terrible, X totally broken18:43
Duke`black screen and it was hard to switch to a VT18:44
burpdear ubuntu-x people20:41
burpnvidia-current 304.84 in the precise ubuntu-x-swat PPA depends on xserver-xorg-core20:42
burpbut the new https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack depends on xserver-xorg-core-lts-quantal20:42
burpso they can't be readily installed together20:43
burp(and maybe shouldn't :)20:43
burpI haven't been able to find any more information on this20:44
burpexcept these gentlemen on askubuntu who ran into the problem: http://askubuntu.com/a/25788920:44
burpwill ubuntu-x-swat stick with the current situation, or are there plans for compatibility with the LTSEnablementStack?20:44
jcristauwhat does the lts stack buy you if you're using nvidia's driver anyhow?20:46
burpI'm not sure yet. :)20:47
burpbut currently if you install bumblebee on a 12.04.2 system, X doesn't startup anymore20:48
burpthat would be reason #1 to clear things up20:48
burpalso, bumblebee systems have Intel graphics as wel20:48
burp(the LTSEnablementStack seems to be default on new 12.04.2 installs. I just got burned by this problem.)20:49
Sarvattsudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-lts-precise :)20:49
bryceyeah bumblebee should probably update their depends20:50
Sarvattthat'll downgrade you back to the older stack20:50
burpit's not bumblebee20:50
burpbumblebee only depends on nvidia-current20:50
burpbut nvidia-current depends on xserver-xorg-core20:50
burpis there no solution possible where the enablement stack is also supported?20:50
tjaaltondon't use the ppa?20:51
burpone needs the PPA if one has a NVIDIA 7xx no?20:51
burp(this laptop has NVIDIA GeForce 710m)20:51
bryceburp, ah.  mlankhorst was working on getting that resolved.  Check with him.20:51
tjaaltonwell there are other versions available on precise20:52
tjaaltonif bumblebee depends on nvidia-current then fix that20:52
Sarvattthe nvidia driver is whats messed up in the ppa20:52
tjaaltonbut why use the ppa?20:53
Sarvattbjsnider: ya didnt pick up tseliot's recent packaging changes it looks like20:53
Sarvattbecause newer blob drivers actually are worth upgrading to? :P20:53
tjaaltonand there's nvidia-310, no?20:53
Sarvatt304.84 is still newer20:54
tjaaltonprobably doesn't matter for this hw?20:54
burpso should I not want to install the latest nicely packaged nvidia binary drivers on this Ivy Bridge i7 with NVIDIA GeForce 710m in Optimus configuration?20:55
Sarvattit fixes a kde logout problem, xrandr rotation, and speeds up font rendering, perfectly valid reasons to want to update it..20:55
burpIt felt like a logical thing to do at the time.20:55
tjaaltonok then, so wait for it to get fixed :)20:56
Sarvattthanks for the heads up it was broken20:56
burpI should probably double-check if it has been reported and if not report it, no?20:56
Sarvattburp: nah its not a distro bug, reporting it here was right :)20:56
burpok great thanks!20:57
Sarvattbjsnider: patch incoming for fixing the precise blob depends21:11
Sarvattbjsnider: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5608946/21:12
Sarvattburp: just uploaded it, should be up in a few hours21:18
burpwow, that's awesome, thank you very very much!21:19
bjsniderSarvatt, is it just in precise?21:24
mlankhorstbjsnider: it's only needed for precise, unless you want to backport the enablement stack to quantal ;)(21:25
Sarvattbjsnider: yeah, its a pain in the rear i know :(21:26
mlankhorstbut you could probably harmlessly sync those changes back to later21:26
Sarvattcould just make them all except precise then make the precise at the end slapping that patch on though21:26
Sarvattmlankhorst: except he's still doing lucid blobs even :)21:27
Sarvattwould need to extend the number of abis it provides21:27
mlankhorstnot for much longer?21:27
bjsniderburp, you have which chip?21:27
bjsnideri can't find a record of that one21:27
Sarvattbjsnider: rebadged 620m21:28
bjsniderhe shouldn't be using the ppa then21:28
bjsnidertoo new21:28
bjsnideronly geforce 6k/7k hardware21:29
burpI shouldn't?21:29
Sarvattburp: does it work? :P21:29
burpit seems to!21:29
burpI'm only just installing the thing21:30
burpbut optirun glxspheres is doing the right thing much faster than the intel is doing it21:31
Sarvatt-310 probably doesn't even work on it since the one in precise is so old21:31
brycegood sign21:31
bryceSarvatt, :-/21:31
burpcancel that21:32
burpactually the intel with vblank_mode=0 is much faster than than optirun21:32
Sarvatttry optirun glxinfo and see if it says nvidia21:33
burpit does :)21:33
burpOpenGL Renderer: GeForce 710M/PCIe/SSE221:33
burpvs OpenGL Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Ivybridge Mobile21:33
burpnvidia gives 120+ frames per second21:33
burpintel almost 20021:34
burpI sure hope that nvidia is sleeping most of the time21:34
mlankhorstit has to copy twice21:34
burpshees I should probably get me a real irc client21:34
mlankhorstnobody said optimus worked well21:34
* mlankhorst tests on lapptop21:34
Sarvatton a real app it'd probably be much better :)21:35
burpI'm just happy that there's something with which I can keep it sleeping21:35
burplemme try primus just for reference21:36
burpa much more respectable 160+ frames per second21:36
burpI'm actually really happy with this cheapskate performance laptop so far21:38
burpif anyone's interested21:38
burpAcer V3 571G with Full HD IPS display (very pretty), Intel i7 quad core (real quad), 8G RAM and big slow hard disk for 800 eurobucks21:38
burpseems to run ubuntu 12.04.2 fine!21:38
burp(no I'm not selling)21:39
* mlankhorst wonders where you get glxspheres from21:39
Sarvattmesa demos, we just dont package it21:39
burpon this system it seems to come from virtualgl21:39
* mlankhorst builds21:39
* burp wonders what IRC client is en vogue these days21:40
burpirssi still? or something else?21:40
Sarvattoh nope, its packaged with virtualgl21:40
burperr, seems to be windows?21:41
burpit does say "the chat cool people use"21:41
burpI see what they did there21:42
mlankhorsthm guess you're right21:46
mlankhorstugh c# too21:46
mlankhorst275.781442 frames/sec - 289.647733 Mpixels/sec21:49
burpwhat graphics?21:49
mlankhorstradeon and i91521:49
Sarvatt76.287995 frames/sec - 80.123756 Mpixels/sec whee ultrabook hd4000 :)21:51
mlankhorstwas with DRI_PRIME=1 so it rendered on the radeon21:52
* mlankhorst tries i91521:52
mlankhorsterm native radeon*21:52
Sarvattoh 32 bit version is much faster21:54
mlankhorsthow do I kill off vblank?21:55
mlankhorstthat doesn't seem right :p21:55
mlankhorstoh.. right, no syncing between i915 and radeon probably21:56
Sarvattisn't that what you're working on........?21:56
* Sarvatt coughs21:56
mlankhorstit's tear free!21:57
mlankhorstbut that doesn't mean userspace performs its own sync correctly21:57
Sarvattwoohoo, starcraft 2: heart of the swarm time :)21:57
Sarvattlets see if this bugger works in wine21:58
mlankhorstSarvatt: anyway syncing should work tear free, but if both ddx drivers don't tell that they wrote or read something, you could have 2 reads off the same frame22:00
mlankhorstso it shows as higher fps ;P22:01
* mlankhorst will be sure to break wine this friday22:01
RAOFmlankhorst: Hey, do you know off hand what would happen if I close() a prime dma-buf fd after importing it? Do I lose access to that buffer?22:25

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