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Squirmnuvolari: doesn't seem to be doing anything04:54
Squirmthe movements seem to be smoother. but it seems unbalanced maybe. I should actually try and test the cog04:55
Kiloshi magespawn you the only one here05:25
Kilosand Squirm 05:25
Kilosor aint your away thing working05:26
nuvolarimornings oom Kilos  and Squirm 05:27
Kiloslo nuvolari daars nou n verassing05:27
nuvolariwaarso oom Kilos ?05:49
Kilosjy is skaars die laaste klomp maande onthou05:50
nuvolariooh :P05:53
nuvolariis ek die verrassing?05:53
Kiloshi henkj 06:11
henkjhi Kilos 06:12
Kiloshiya maiatoday SmilyBorg_w 06:16
Kiloshehe she was slow today06:17
maiatodayhi Kilos06:18
Symmetriahrm, new version of droid out or something?06:29
Kilosmôre inetpro 07:24
inetprouh, goeie more Kilos07:25
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ThatGraemeGuymorning all :)07:41
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 07:41
magespawnMaaz tell Kilos it looks like i was brought back without knowing it09:08
Maazmagespawn: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode09:08
Symmetriaman, I hate BBEEE more than anything in the whole world09:11
Symmetriait's so damn stupid that as a single person you gotta run around getting stupid (very expensive) certificates 09:13
SquirmSymmetria: I'm sure you mean BBBEE10:27
Kiloshmm... no fly today10:42
Kilosyo plustwo 10:42
Kiloshi Banlam bakuman charl 10:42
charlhi Kilos 11:53
charlhow's it going11:53
Kilosgood ty and you?11:54
charli'm good thanks12:13
Squirmnuvolari: so I got it to hover, by adjusting the gain. then I could hardly move the thing. so I adjusted it back a tad. then it decided it wanted to do a forward flip. then I tried again and again and lost the nut that holds the prop on. prop shot about 10m, who know where the nut disappeared12:15
superflygood afternoon all13:22
Kiloshiya superfly 13:23
Kiloswhere you been13:23
Kilosmeetings i spose13:32
ThatGraemeGuy'ello :)13:52
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Kiloswb magespawn 14:43
Kilosyo Trix[a]r_za 14:44
magespawnhey Kilos, now i am on my way home14:45
magespawnlots of away people14:46
Kilosyeah been dead here today14:48
Kilosnearly Squirm too when prop took off14:48
Kiloscoulda given him a harecut14:48
Kilosor shortened him a bit. like with a guillotine14:49
magespawnlater Kilos15:01
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* nuvolari smacks Trixar_za and runz16:34
Trixar_zaOh hai nuvolari16:36
* superfly had a good day pairing with HawkiesZA16:43
magespawnsuperfly what does that mean? ^16:55
Kilosevening guys16:55
magespawndid anyone else read about that cloud computing access for robots?16:56
magespawnskynet is born17:01
* magespawn goes to find a link17:01
magespawnactually a have a few links tonight17:02
magespawnhttp://www.makeuseof.com/tag/watch-tv-shows-on-xbmc-with-these-add-ons/ unrelated to robots17:03
magespawnhere is the robot link http://www.scienceworldreport.com/articles/5477/20130310/robots-now-access-brain-cloud-potentially-making-cheaper.htm 17:05
magespawnhey Vince-0 17:13
magespawnnuvolari: what is this about a new forum?17:14
nuvolarimagespawn: I dunno really, someone launched an ubuntu forum for south africa17:16
nuvolarinot sure if I started off on the wrong foot there :P17:18
magespawnhave just had a look, maybe they think it is a good idea because the other is 'too' busy17:18
nuvolarimagespawn: but we have an ubuntu-za specific forum which is not used 17:19
nuvolariit would have been better if they could run that if the need is great enough17:19
magespawnahh i see17:20
magespawn some ppl like the creation to be theirs17:20
nuvolariyeah :P hence my comment on the IRC part17:20
magespawnindeed, maybe this person is not aware of the existing community17:22
magespawnit might be a good idea to introduce ourselves and make an 'official' connection17:23
magespawnthe person who posted it to the list is not the owner of the site17:24
nuvolarithe website looks pretty nice thugh17:24
nuvolaribut it's as recent as the start of march17:25
magespawnthe copy right is MyBB Group, is that My Broadband?17:25
nuvolarinope, PHP BB maybe?17:26
nuvolarias in the board software17:26
nuvolari"MyBB is a discussion board that has been around for a while; it has evolved..."17:28
magespawnahh right17:28
nuvolariWhat's the correct english version of the afrikaans saying "Koning kraai op sy eie mishoop"?17:29
nuvolariif anybody knows17:29
magespawnevery dog barks in his own yard17:30
nuvolariyeah, that's about it17:32
magespawnis there anything against somebody setting up another forum?17:32
nuvolarimagespawn: not at all17:33
nuvolariwe are not a governing body I believe17:33
nuvolariit's just that the energy could be well spent if it went into the official forum17:33
magespawnso then the best thing to do would be to make a strong connection between the existing  and the new17:34
nuvolarinow it will look stupid if there's the official ubuntu-za forum with little/no activity and some 3rd party ubuntu-related forum being quite active17:34
nuvolariyeah, if they can take over management of that it will be great, but in the end we will still be divided because most of us prefer the mailing list, and feel that managing a forum and a amiling list with our capacity is not worth it17:36
nuvolariand if we do connect with them it will be like 'who do you think you are? we can do what we want! Bullies!' 17:37
nuvolariwhich is not our intention17:37
magespawnno indeed not, so it must be handled diplomatically17:38
nuvolarioi, who's the ubuntu members around here, we needz halp!17:39
magespawnit could also be a very positive thing17:40
nuvolarijust so by the way... where did they get the ubuntu CD's if not through maiatoday?17:41
nuvolarihttp://ubuntulife.co.za/forums/showthread.php?tid=5 "Win Ubuntu Linux CD's!"17:41
magespawni saw that, no idea, maybe they made their own17:42
magespawnas an aside i got quasseldroid working on galaxy pocket17:43
nuvolariooh nice17:43
magespawntiny screen, but i get lots of add on date with a cellc contract17:45
nuvolarihmm, wasn't there a mitos in here before?17:46
nuvolaria user on ubuntulife17:49
magespawnahh i see on the list of members17:49
magespawn i see there is a mazal on there too17:49
nuvolariit's like a total separate community being 14 members already17:49
magespawnsome things grow fast17:51
magespawnit has a blog style website attached to it too18:09
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magespawnpowered by wordpress18:19
Kilosohi cocooncrash_ tail and all18:21
Kiloswebs been messing around18:22
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Kilosyou well?18:22
cocooncrashYup, doing fine18:22
Kiloskeep up the good work18:22
magespawnnuvolari maybe we should get superfly or inetpro involved in this discussion18:48
Symmetriaholy crap, the roads to grahamstown are horrific18:53
magespawni am out of here, night all.19:14
ThatGraemeGuyevening all19:34
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 19:34
Kilosthank heavens for tab complete19:34
ThatGraemeGuyit's not *that* hard to type surely? :P19:35
ThatGraemeGuyi need to start a blog to keep track of all those obscure things i know how to do, but never quite remember exactly19:36
ThatGraemeGuybeen playing the "how to i boot from grub rescue prompt?" game for 10 mins :-/19:36
Kilosso long and all the caps in between19:36
Kilosow that a bad one19:37
ThatGraemeGuy'G' was already registered when I got here :D19:37
Kilostry ctrl+alt+f219:37
ThatGraemeGuyi got it sorted, thanks ;)19:38
Kilosif you get cli thing then apt-get install grub-pc19:38
Kilosi hate that grub prompt thing19:38
Kilosi have a cd called supergrub it works well for that19:39
Kilosactually boots into the os for you then you can reinstall grub19:39
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 19:40
nuvolarilo ThatGraemeGuy 19:40
ThatGraemeGuyi have 2 smallish partitions to hold a root fs, and a fat partition for /home. so time and again when i install on the alt root partition, then decide not to keep it and blow it away, i forget to fix grub before rebooting19:41
ThatGraemeGuyhi nuvolari 19:41
Kiloshi nuvolari 19:42
KilosThatGraemeGuy, you just used those commands at the grub prompt?19:43
ThatGraemeGuyyes, that gets you back to your normal grub menu, then you can select a bootable entry19:44
Kiloswow ty19:44
ThatGraemeGuythen 'sudo update-grub' and 'sudo grub-install /dev/sda'19:45
ThatGraemeGuyassuming it is actually sda of course19:45
Kilosi spend 30 mins everytime19:45
Kilossometimes more19:45
Kiloseven done clean installs when i got that prompt19:46
superflyhey ThatGraemeGuy19:46
Kilosbut where does the msdos6 come in19:48
Kilosthats old dos19:48
Kilosi have it on stiffies19:48
ThatGraemeGuyit's 'msdos' the partition type, not the O/S19:51
ThatGraemeGuyas opposed to a GPT-style partition19:51
ThatGraemeGuy(hd0,msdos6) in grub is /dev/sda619:52
Kilosah ty19:52
Kilosmine are all ext419:53
ThatGraemeGuyext4 is the filesystem19:53
Kilosmost drives been zeroed and ubuntu installed directly19:53
Kilosoh do we still use dos partitions19:54
Kilosmbr instead of gpt you mean19:54
ThatGraemeGuygrub and parted call them 'msdos', but yeah, they're MBR19:54
ThatGraemeGuysudo parted /dev/sda print19:55
ThatGraemeGuyPartition Table: msdos19:55
Kilosoh my thats disgusting19:56
Kiloshehe anyway have a good night guys19:57
Kilossleep tight19:57
ThatGraemeGuynight :)19:57
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