bekkstsimpson: hi. may I qry you fora short time, regarding ubottu and its database?00:01
Gast4545665omg lol00:01
coldpizza72i\window page_up00:06
MoPacSo lately I've noticed that my 100mb boot partition just isn't sufficient.  Even if I only have one full kernel on there at a time, the space isn't big enough to hold that kernel plus the updates so that I can update.  I end up having to delete stuff just to try to update and pray that there's no crash in the meantime.  The rest of my hd space is a LUKs LVM.  Question: am I screwed?00:07
coldpizza72i/tmp/guest/home : no such file or directory00:07
coldpizza72iMoPac: ^00:08
MoPaccoldpizza72i: are you running from inside the VM's guest account, from a live CD/USB, or something else?00:08
coldpizza72iVM's guest act00:09
MoPaccoldpizza72i: the guest account might not be able to see, and almost certainly wouldn't be able to delete, files on your normal user's home folder00:10
coldpizza72iMoPac: so then what do i do00:11
MoPacalthough maybe it's possible within the guest account to switch users?  I'm not sure -- guest isn't usually a sudoer and I'm really not very knowledgable about user management00:11
coldpizza72iMoPac: if su is what u meant i get setgid: operation not permitted00:12
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MoPaccoldpizza72i: I think your best bet is to mount the filesystem from outside, or, when booting ubuntu, to boot to a command line00:12
coldpizza72iMoPac: how do u boot to cmd line00:12
MoPaccoldpizza72i: maybe there's a safe mode option during boot of the VM?  I'm not familiar with running ubuntu in a VM00:13
MoPacat login screen, there is also usually a key combination you can use00:13
MoPacone sec00:13
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MoPaccoldpizza72i: from login screen, it might be ctrl-alt-f1 or ctrl-alt-fX, where X is some low number00:16
MoPacnow, that might give you a root shell, and I don't know the deal off the top of my head about whether that root user can easily modify the files in /home/youruser or whether you have to switch or do something more fanc00:17
MoPaccoldpizza72i: also, I've seen it suggested that pressing Shift when the VM is booting might get you into recovery mode00:18
MoPacthen you can ask it for command prompt /shell or whatever it's called and try to get to your file that way.00:18
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nmittalhi.. the scrolling on my ubuntu has been reversed.. how can i fix that?00:20
MoPacnmittal: what do you mean by reversed?00:20
nmittalwhen i scroll the wheel on mouse the list goes up instead of down00:20
latterahow would I tell which version of glibc is installed?00:21
nmittalbasically.. opposite of usual00:21
elisa87 hi do you know the reason I am receiving these errors in my make ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5606250/00:21
nmittalMoPac, anything?00:22
MoPacnmittal: so I think that "natural scrolling" reverses the direction00:23
Shubuntuhey guys i'm trying to use curl to proxy download a link and pass it to mercurial to clone, how do i do that?00:23
MoPacnmittal: If you have Ubuntu Tweak, under miscellaneous, you can toggle it on or off there00:23
nmittalMoPac, where is that option00:23
nmittalMoPac, oh ok.. let me see00:23
latteranvm, found it00:23
nmittalMoPac you are spot on.. thanks a lot00:24
MoPacnmittal: no problem00:24
coldpizza72iMoPac: the only thing in /home is my account folder00:26
Gast/go #debian00:27
MoPaccoldpizza72i: right, the .xAuthority file should be right in your main home directory00:27
Gast/join #debian00:27
MoPacso, e.g., /home/John/.xAuthority00:27
elisa87"~/.bashrc" [readonly] 126L, 4477C  (What should I do if my ~/.bashrc is readonly?)00:27
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MoPaccoldpizza72i: you might have to do something to view hidden files, since the leading dot marks it as "hidden"00:28
jribelisa87: output of « mount »?00:28
mandoguitGast:   this irc server (spotchat) has #linuxmint-debian      for #debian I believe you need to log onto the freenode irc server first00:28
coldpizza72iMoPac: ls -a.. right?00:29
jribmandoguit: we're on freenode now though the official #debian channel is on oftc00:29
MoPaccoldpizza72i: could be that.  I'm pretty n00b-ish at doing folder or text document stuff in shell00:29
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coldpizza72iMoPac its still not there though00:30
MoPaccoldpizza72i: can you see other files there that begin with a dot?00:30
mandoguitjrib:  lol   mea culpa!    I thought I was on spotchat.... sorry folks  :)00:30
coldpizza72ifound it00:31
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coldpizza72iits in !00:31
coldpizza72ii mean ~00:31
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elisa87jrlib http://paste.ubuntu.com/5606513/00:31
MoPaccoldpizza72i: ah, yeah, sometimes /home/John/something is written at ~/something00:31
MoPac*written as00:31
coldpizza72iHow do i exit the terminal(what button combination)00:32
coldpizza72inevermind i got it00:32
coldpizza72iMoPac: this did not solve my problem00:32
MoPaccoldpizza72i: you're sure the old .xAuthority file is gone?00:33
coldpizza72iMoPac: i moved it to .xAuthorityBackup00:33
MoPaccoldpizza72i: try moving it to a subfolder or renaming it something else entirely -- I've seen files like ".xAuthorityc" get auto-generated, so it may still be finding it00:34
latteraanyone know where I can download the version of glibc that ships with ubuntu 10.04?00:35
coldpizza72iMoPac: still doesnt work00:35
MoPacnext idea would be for you to read the .xsessionerrors file00:36
MoPacit's in the same place00:36
coldpizza72iNew question: How can i put a file somewhere that a guest could see it? Can i put it on the guests Desktop?00:36
selena2013hello should i install virtualbox from , software center or from their website ??????00:38
bekksselena2013: website. Oracle provides a PPA.00:39
cam`is there a better theme someone can recommend?00:40
ZeloZelosselena2013, you should always use the software center 1st, download source 2nd and compiling 3rd.00:40
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cam`the buttons and everything seem really bubbly, if that makes sense00:40
bekksZeloZelos: Which isnt true in terms of the PPA of Oracle and their changelog.00:40
ZeloZelosanything other then useing the software center's provisions are not promised to work00:41
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bekksZeloZelos: In terms of vbox: anything else than using an official version is not supposed to be working, nor to be supported by vbox/oracle.00:43
bekksZeloZelos: So make choices.00:43
ZeloZeloswhich choice is supported by this room then?00:45
latteradid ubuntu not release the source for glibc for lucid? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/glibc00:47
ns-nazrican you help me00:47
ZeloZelosask away ;)00:47
ZeloZelosno need to ask to ask, just lay it out man ;)00:48
ns-nazriEncFS Password:00:48
ns-nazrifuse: mountpoint is not empty00:48
ns-nazrifuse: if you are sure this is safe, use the 'nonempty' mount option00:48
ns-nazrifuse failed.  Common problems:00:48
ns-nazri - fuse kernel module not installed (modprobe fuse)00:48
ns-nazri - invalid options -- see usage message00:48
FloodBot1ns-nazri: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:48
ns-nazrii won into faster, sorry00:49
ZeloZelosns-nazri, what was you attempting to do?00:50
elisa87I could finally install llvm without error but I don't know how to tell the ubuntu to use the one which is installed in /research/jalal/llvm ??00:52
ns-nazrimount in encrypted folder is not working00:52
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ZeloZelossorry ns-nazri the only thing i know how to do with fuse is encrypt a folder00:58
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ns-nazrizelozelos : how01:02
dr_willisfuse: mountpoint is not empty - use a differnt mountpoint ns-nazri01:04
tivardiangreetings from snowy england! complete noob with a question about xchat on ubuntu 12.1001:05
KI4ROtivardian, Welcome.  Ask away01:07
tivardiani need to know what file directory xchat is saved to in the file system, in order to add some files for an xchat theme01:07
pbwizkidhello all01:07
tivardianhave searched but is confusing as so many folders are found01:08
Mdnighttivardian, type whereis xchat01:09
KI4ROtivardian, Try .xchat2 in your home directory01:09
mandoguittivardian:   have you tried    ~/.xchat201:09
m000gleIs there any way to fully integrate Pidgin into the Ubuntu Messaging Menu, similar to how Empathy comes by default? ... For example: closing the window closes to the messaging menu, instead of GTK icon or closing the program entirely; having the online/away/offline alter Pidgin's status etc01:09
dr_willisI imaginme theres an xchat channel also.01:09
tivardianmandoguit, will try your suggestion01:10
OerHekstivardian, open filemanager, there is a ~/.xchat/ folder hidden for themes and logs01:11
zimzum77what up, how do i know what kernel update i need for my precise system01:11
dr_williszimzum77:  normally you just use the latest kernels01:11
tivardianOerheks, thanks...will let you know how it goes01:11
zimzum77i should updte them no??01:12
zimzum77cool link01:17
* N8Dawg pulls up a chair.01:18
zimzum77dr_willis, i normally don't have to upgrade my kerenel01:18
dr_willissad thing about xchat.. years ago it had a nicer default theme/colors.. and had more features/differnt defaults.. :) its slowly been dumbed down over theyears01:18
dr_williszimzum77:  there can be security updates in newer kernels. or fixs to differnt drivers and other things.. do what you want01:18
cbakerI wrote earlier about trying to install Ubuntu on a HP Thin Client (t5550).  It has a VIA Nano u3500 1 GHz processor, VIA VX900 Media Processor, 1 GB RAM with 128 MB reserved for video, and 512 MB Flash memory.  Twist3d had indicated that he thought 12.04 or 12.10 desktop 32 bit should work.  I tried both without much success.  12.10 booted, had some "longhaul" broken message, then got to...01:19
cbaker...desktop, and then "try" "install", choose try, and then something about video in basic mode.  could not get past this.01:19
zimzum77i saying it's best to stay on top of that01:19
grafthi, is there a good way to view pptx files aside from LibreOffice?01:21
cbakerit seems that for some reason the video isn't supported or could not be detected correctly.  but when I choose the different options to debug or troubleshoot just went in loops.  only could look at logs.  this device has 2 DVI ports on it.  I am only using 1 to an HP LCD monitor.01:21
cbakerAny ideas?01:22
dr_williswhats the video chipset on that thing?  for a low end system you may wan tto try lubuntu  cbaker .01:22
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cbakerdr_willis I assume it is the VIA VX900 media proc with 128 MB of the RAM reserved for video.01:23
dr_willisIve never heard of a  VX900 video card. so its possile its not got much linux support.  Or its some SystemOn a Chip thing01:24
dr_willisHmm - heres mention of it - i think...01:25
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dr_willisseems they use the 'openchrome' drivers.. and the system works better if you add moar ram.01:27
* N8Dawg is looking for help on fixing a resolution problem with a Dell 2320.01:27
cbakerdr_willis i did see in the logs something about "CHROME". in that reference, he was able to get it to run 1024x768 before upgrading.01:31
cbakeris there any tricks I could try to get stock 12.10 to run dr_willis?  what is Linux Mint anyway?01:32
dr_williscbaker:  a ubuntu spin off.. i just googeled for that  vx900 and saw that  as a hit.01:33
dr_willisthe drivers should be in a default ubuntu install. I got drivers for it here on my 13.04 test system01:34
dr_willis$ locate openchrome01:34
cbakeris there a way to manually force the resolution to just 1024x768 on the USB boot01:35
dr_willisfrom what im reading - that driver is not very developed..01:35
dr_willisperhaps try the nomodeset option01:35
cbakercan you tell me how to do that?  sorry, novice01:35
HemebondAnyone using onboard optical digital audio with Ubuntu 12.04?01:35
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:37
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cbakerdr_willis, so on boot I hit a key of some sort and then can manually run a boot with an option?01:38
pppZerohah! thanks dr_willis! my NAS machines all do that, ssh worked though, so i've never worried about fixing it01:40
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cbakerdr_willis, the funny thing is the boot up, splash screen and "try" "install" screen all appear in high resolution (1024 or higher).  it appears the nomodeset option disables all that.  that seems to work.  is there a "generic" driver that boot is using that I could use for the live desktop?01:43
usermod7_whois usermod701:43
* N8Dawg is new here and looking for help.01:44
pepeedoes someone knows about an app in which to write random notes?01:44
restartwat up01:44
redrivedHi guys, can please point to me a URL on discussing about suspend/sleep/hibernate issue and resolution. I am currently testing 12.10.01:44
N8DawgI've got a Dell Inspiron 2320.  I can not get 16x9 mode to work. The graphics are stuck at 1024x768 and skewed.01:45
KI4ROredrived, Search on Google there are a lot of sites that come up01:47
redrivedKI4RO: yes I am still searching for it. :) If anyone has experience about it please share to me any link .Thank you.01:48
* N8Dawg starts a pot of tea.01:52
* miracast says no to chinese tea01:54
krabadordr_willis, do you know if for integrated intel graphic on 845 chipset, packages on ubuntu repositories are at the best performance?01:56
greybottpepee: Cinta Notes01:56
greybottpepee: But that's for Win. There were sth somilar for Linux..  Tomboy01:57
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xenofilerHi all. Anybody interested in helping me with a lock issue when trying to install a program?01:57
pepeethanks greybott01:58
dr_willispepee: theres an evernote client out for ubuntu now.01:58
pepeedr_willis, cloud service?01:58
xenofilerI would like to ask if anybody knows how to get arround this issue: E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?02:00
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »02:00
dr_willismake sure no other package manager tools are running xenofiler02:00
xenofilerunfortunately this is locking it synaptic 1903 root   14wW  REG   8,19        0 5516400 /var/lib/dpkg/lock02:00
* N8Dawg offers Miracast a soda.02:00
xenofilerive already killed it once but once i run the install it just locks right back up02:00
dr_willissee the !fixapt commands02:00
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »02:01
xenofilerill try that ubottu02:01
xenofilerwell that worked to get past the first part02:02
xenofilerThank you Ubottu.02:02
greybottI found funny that some people think, that the bot is real person02:02
OerHeks!cookie | ubottu02:04
ubottuOerHeks: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:04
xenofilerthank you guys, you were awesome. ill keep a link to pop in here.02:05
OerHeksanytime xenofiler02:05
Curs0rHello all. I'm having trouble getting cairo happening with php. I know I have libcairo2-dev installed, I put it in dynamic extensions in php.ini,php keeps throwing PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/20090626+lfs/cairo.so'02:06
Curs0rIt's quite right, it's not in there02:06
* N8Dawg has to depart.02:08
N8DawgI'll check back later.  :-)02:08
krabadorhow can i look what video driver is installed on the system?02:10
packetfrogkrabador,  lshw -c video02:12
packetfrogrun as sudo02:12
OerHeksCurs0r, so you need cairo.so or change cairo.ini ? see 1st post http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1471531.html02:13
Curs0rChecking that out thanks OerHeks02:13
krabadorpacketfrog, thanx02:14
mandoguitkrabador:   might want to try   http://code.google.com/p/inxi/      very nice utility/script02:15
krabadormandoguit, yes02:16
krabadormandoguit, seems great02:16
matrixhello there02:17
Curs0rOerHeks, awesome, thanks man02:19
OerHeksCurs0r, yw02:19
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greybottHave anyone notices that Chrome is faster on Ubuntu than on other distros? .. (I see you Google, what you did there...)02:21
widiis there such thing? chromium is fast on manjaro also02:22
DharberUbuntu 12.10 user and Chrome  cannot/will not play back  Google Play Video02:23
greybottDharber: :O02:23
subcoollil help please- im following a guide that says to edit xorg.conf - but.. i dont have one. lol - Im gonna guess its because im running kde and gnome..02:23
subcoolSO what do i offer.02:23
dr_willisxorg.conf dosenthave much to do with kde or gnome...02:24
greybottsubcool: xorg is X Desktop, Gnome or KDE runs of top of xorg02:24
dr_willisX auto configures for the most part these days. people rarely need an xorg.conf02:24
OerHekssubcool xorg.conf is no longer used standard, but you can still make one to put settings in02:24
subcoolOk.. let- .. hahah02:25
subcoolhttp://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=154888  -- it says to edit it..02:25
subcoolso what do i edit?02:25
dr_willismake the file...02:25
greybottsubcool: Create new file02:25
dr_williswe dont really know what you are doing..02:25
subcoolcheck the link02:25
subcoolchange the Disable for Composite to Enable like this:02:26
subcoolOption "Composite" "Enable"\02:26
greybottvim for begginers ... blasphemy02:26
subcooli know vim02:26
greybottGood for you xD02:26
dr_williscompiz has a setting for turning composit on/off i belive...02:26
subcoolyea- **twirls finger**02:26
dr_willisand it should be enabled by default.02:27
SolarisBoycan you only run desktop effects with nvidia cards?02:28
dr_willisSolarisBoy:  they can work with other cards02:28
subcoolwell- thank then.02:29
Curs0rOerHeks, despite that php -m now shows cairo loaded, my php file still throws Fatal error: Class 'CairoImageSurface'... any ideas?02:29
SolarisBoydr_willis: thanks02:29
Curs0rIt occurs to me I did not restart aapache, that may be my fault lol02:29
OerHekslong time i played with cairo02:30
Curs0rOerHeks, that was it, disregard hehe, now I gotta figure out how to make pango happy02:30
krabadora friend of mine have installed something that now wants to updates 2 packages called "unsecure"02:35
krabadorhow can i watch what package needs this last package, to both uninstall02:35
whdiwhat does it mean?02:35
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dr_willisinstalled what exactly? and wanting what? i dont think theres an 'unsecure' package..  but if they are comming from a source with no gpg key installed.. they could be considered from an unsecure source.02:36
whdisuch as PPA?02:37
whdii don't install ppa packages at all02:38
Trinstahi can someone help me with my problem?02:38
dr_willisand the problem is?02:38
xzasedanyone know how to set permanent static routes? I have modified the /etc/network/interfaces and have added at the bottom of my eth1 config "up route add default gw my_ip" and restarted the network, even rebooted, but the default is still the eth0 gateway02:38
krabadorok, how can i look from terminal, what package needs another one that i can't update because "unsecure"02:39
carreraGreetings!  :)02:39
dr_willisthe apt-get tools show whats going to get installed normally02:39
TrinstaI have ubuntu 12.10 installed. My wireless connection works fine but randomly drops sometimes02:39
Trinstathe connection to my router is still established but i dont seem to get any internet02:40
holsteinkrabador: you can paste the output of apt-get update in a pastebin.. that might help pinpoint.. could be a bad PPA02:40
carrerahas anyone used the computer-janitor-gtk?02:40
Trinstamy windows does not have the same problem while the problem occurs on the ubuntu02:40
=== Dr_Manhattan is now known as DrManhattan
krabadorholstein, ok02:40
dr_williscarrera:  that tool has been phased out of newer releases.. it could be a bit dangerous and clean out to much stuff.. use it with caution02:40
holsteinTrinsta: you can try a different driver if there is one available.02:40
Trinstaa simple restart of the connection solves it02:40
carrerathanks dr_willis !  :)02:41
carreraI installed computer-janitor-gtk but good thing I asked before I ran it02:41
dr_willisrunning it is ok.. use it with care. and confirm what its removeing befor you let it do so02:42
Trinstadr_willis: i should say it happens quite frequently around every 3-5 minutes02:42
carreradr_willis, oh, okay!02:42
KI4ROcarrera, I use the janitor in Ubuntu Tweaks and it seems to do the job02:42
dr_willisTrinsta:  id check askubuntu.com for your exact chipset. could be a bug in the drivers02:42
carreraKI4RO, I just installed gnome-tweak-tool package and that's how I came to know of the computer janitor02:43
PrinterHi, can anyone tell me the difference between CUPs and TurboPrint? I mean if my printer supports CUPs do I really need the TurboPrint?02:43
dr_willisPrinter:  i doubt if you need turboprint02:44
dr_willisi thought it was comercial drivers for some printers..02:44
carreraKI4RO, what's the Ubuntu Tweaks?02:44
Curs0rOerHeks, got pango working in no time building off the info you gave me. Thanks a ton02:45
Printerdr_willis: ok thanks.02:45
KI4ROcarrera, Package available in the software center...lets you make tweaks too numerrous to list02:45
Loverboyquien habla espanol por aqui02:47
Loverboyquien habla espanol por aqui02:49
Loverboyq me ayude con este chat q desconosco02:49
holstein!es | Loverboy02:49
ubottuLoverboy: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:49
maxpeddoes anyone use lynx browser? do you know what the blue bar near the bottom of the page is called?02:49
linda666hi... i have installed xserver-org-input-multitouch but my multitouch monitor which is connected to my laptop still is unable to function... what should i do?02:50
holsteinlinda666: doesnt work at all?02:51
linda666holstein, it works as a normal monitor. touh function doesnt work02:51
Loverboysome body knows how to save any conversation here02:52
holsteinlinda666: how does it connect? vga and usb?02:52
holsteinLoverboy: copy/paste to the editor of your choice02:53
linda666yes, i couldnt connect using hdmi.. so its vga and usb02:53
dr_willisthats weird that hdmi dident work.. or it does usb OVER hdmi?02:53
holsteinLoverboy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XChatHowto02:53
linda666not that it didnt work... i couldnt connect because the cable was not hdmi02:54
Trinstadr_willis: its a problem with the carl917002:55
Trinstaany tips on how to fix it? or replace carl9170 with something else?02:55
linda666the multitouch monitor model is HP Compaq L2206tm02:55
Trinstaseems that driver is buggy and bombs out the internet02:55
dr_willisIf theres no alternatives.. theres no alternatives...02:56
holsteinTrinsta: i would try a different driver if one is available02:56
Trinstadr_willis: looks like you were right03:07
Trinstaits a known bug for my specific Wireless USB03:08
TrinstaDWA-160, its manageable under 12.4 but even worse on 12.10 which is what im running =[03:08
Trinstalooks like ill have to go pick up a new wireless connector03:08
philwonghi... if you install ubuntu and use it until a brand new version of ubuntu is released... do you have to backup your data and delete everything and reinstall the new ubuntu?03:09
BkttCan anyone suggest me good hacking or technology channels?03:15
GrnEyedDvlhello everyone03:16
pizzadudeBktt: could you be more descriptive? and are you talking about youtube?03:16
GrnEyedDvlam looking for some help with lighttpd03:16
BkttPizzadude: no i'm sorry. Im talking about irc channels03:17
pizzadudeBktt: lol ok03:17
cjfsBktt, #steamlug is great for talking about hacker evolution duality and DEFCON03:19
=== test2 is now known as IcePee
Bkttcjfs: thank you!03:20
Trinstacjfs: is that for hacking steam games?03:20
cjfsTrinsta, ;-P03:21
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krabadorhttps://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/2013/intel-linux-graphics-installer , lightyears away from nvidia and ati installers03:28
dr_willishmm.. the intel drivers are normally included..03:29
rajI forgot my root password!03:29
rajcan I check if I even ever set one?03:29
dr_willisraj:  you mean your users sudo password?03:29
rajno, i know the sudo password03:29
dr_willistheres no root password by default03:29
rajoh ok03:29
rajso what if I wanted to move around as root?03:29
rajsu root03:29
dr_willisuse  sudo03:29
dr_willisdont use su03:29
=== Guest25091 is now known as asdffdsa
sbaughHey, how can I get bluetooth to run on startup, i.e. have a bluetooth keyboard be usable on lightdm.03:30
rajbut I'm getting permission denied when trying to enter a directory03:30
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo03:30
dr_williswhat are you trying to do exactly? use sudo -i for a root shell03:31
rajaahh perfect!03:32
rajso is there any way to see a directory listing while a regular user?03:33
rajwith sudo privileges03:33
dr_willissudo ls    perhaps.. ;)03:33
philwongif you install ubuntu and use it until a brand new version of ubuntu is released... do you have to backup your data and delete everything and reinstall the new ubuntu??03:33
rajdr_willis, doesn't work03:33
raji tried =T03:33
dr_willisdetails are better then saying 'dosent work'03:33
dr_williswhat are you doing exactly?03:34
rajthere's no output from `raj@raj-ubuntu:/mnt/WinRaj$ sudo ls03:34
krabadordr_willis, yes, but their installer are really great03:34
sbaughphilwong: No, you can update from version to version03:34
dr_willisraj try sudo ls /mnt/WinRaj/03:35
dr_williskrabador:  dident even know they had one. ;)03:35
rajdr_willis, nope03:35
rajsame thing, no output after asking me for my pw03:36
krabadordr_willis, :)03:36
dr_willissounds like the directory is empty..03:36
rajdr_willis, it's not03:36
rajI can see everything with root03:36
rajsudo -i03:36
philwongwhat if I modified the Xserver which is responsible on the functioning of teh caps lock feature... will the upgrade overwright everything which I will then have to re-modify the xserver?03:36
sbaughphilwong: Depends on how you modify it. What are you planning to do?03:37
dr_willisraj:  cant say ive ever noticed the issue.  could be how its mounted.03:37
HemebondCan someone remind me on how to fix pulseaudio|alsa master/pcm issue where the master volume doesn't actually scale the volume?03:38
philwongModify the functionality of the caps lock03:38
rajdr_willis, it's mounted via vbox03:38
rajif that matters03:38
philwongif I have already doen it in my existing distro installation... will upgrading revert it?03:38
dr_willisphilwong:  how did you modify it?03:39
philwongactually I did not but I might have someone who would03:39
sbaughphilwong: No, if you are changing the caps lock key to trigger a different key with xmodmap, upgrading should not revert it. If you are doing something more advanced, it might.03:39
philwongits due to this problem03:39
philwongunless this problem is fixed in the new one.. I might not have to do any modification03:40
sbaughphilwong: That change would not be carried over between xserver versions, no.03:43
molensiswhere can I look at the default applications in running media in ubuntu03:44
philwongsbaugh: so it would be overwritten right?03:44
philwongand I would have to redo it03:45
sbaughphilwong: Yes03:45
SecretFireMobileHow do i make it so that streamripper doesnt skip the first audio track?03:45
meLonI've *still* got a secondary x screen trapping my mouse/cursor ;_; http://askubuntu.com/questions/261574/cursor-trapped-on-secondary-x-screen03:48
sbaughHow can I get my bluetooth keyboard to not unpair on restart?03:50
HemebondSo... do I need to reinstall again?03:51
HemebondCan't reset alsa to a working state?03:51
dr_williswhat did you do to it?03:52
HemebondNot sure.03:53
HemebondBeen trying to find out why I don't have digital audio.03:53
HemebondI added one line to modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf03:54
HemebondRemoving that line and rebooting didn't help.03:54
rico129Hey guys03:54
dr_willisUsing hdmi? or what exactly Hemebond ?03:54
Hemebonddr_willis: Using optical.03:55
rico129Could someone help me out a little?03:55
dr_willismight need to mess with the  pavucontrol or pavumixer app.03:55
HemebondHDMI via my video card seems to work. But I don't appear to have a digital audio device for my onboard audio; only analog.03:55
dr_willisHmm.  my HDMI sound comes from my video i belive.03:56
HemebondI only have HDMI/DisplayPort 203:57
HemebondWhich is my video card.03:57
ethana3My memtest is failing constantly but my system only kernel panics when I have my corrupted external drive hooked up :p i've gotten false positives in memtest before... is it completely broken in 12.04?03:57
repusi am in need of help with groups and compiling04:01
Loverboyhi, some body could telme how to send a file in this chat please04:01
dr_willismost irc clients support the dcc sending methods..04:02
dr_willisbut its most likely easier to just use a file shareing site04:02
Loverboyok, what site please04:02
repusi am using the 'make' command. everyone is in the same group. when one user compiles something, it compiles fine. the next user attempts to issue 'make clean' and it returns errors about not being able to delete files.04:02
HemebondHad to change alsa-sink to PCM.04:03
repusrm: cannot remove04:03
pineneedlespineahow do i check an ntfs file system in ubuntu?04:03
rajhow can I get a list of all possible groups on my system, not just the ones for a particular user?04:04
HemebondLOL. Far out. Now I'm getting distorted/slowed sound.04:04
_cronus_pineneedlespinea, you can't really ... there is ntfsfix but it doen't work that well04:04
jribraj: getent groups04:04
Jmasterwhere can i open hosting bussiness?04:04
jrib!ot | Jmaster04:04
ubottuJmaster: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:04
rajjrib, getent?04:05
jribraj: sorry.  I mean: getent group04:05
rajah ok04:05
rajwhat's getent stand for?04:05
jribraj: get entries04:05
pineneedlespineawhat does "not work well" mean?04:05
_cronus_pineneedlespinea, it doesn't fix anything but trivial problems04:06
jribrepus: well by default files won't have group write permissions so that's not surprising04:06
rico129so i downloaded teamspeak and ran the whole "chmod +x file.run" and "./file.run" but how exactly do I install it so that it appears as an icon in the gnome app launcher. I feel running it from my download folder isn't exactly /organized/...04:06
pineneedlespineawell windows is restarting while starting up, and the hard drive goes BINGCH cliCK* but ubuntu works fine =c04:07
ubottuteamspeak is the proprietry VoIP software see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TeamSpeak  For a open source alternative consider using Mumble http://mumble.sourceforge.net/04:07
rico129thanks ubottu04:07
dr_willisThere should be a teamspeak in the repos/ppa04:07
rico129dr_willis: teamspeak just ran an update, i hope mumble will let me connect to my friends server and not bother with "incorrect client version" errors. Im checking it out right now.04:08
=== Loverboy is now known as Systemerror
_cronus_pineneedlespinea, you could try ntfsfix. it will probably trigger windows chkdisk not next reboot to windows.04:09
pineneedlespinearight thats what i was thinking about04:09
pineneedlespineathank you04:09
Systemerrorany body how use mac os04:09
dr_willishds making funny noises... better get backups done..04:09
repusjrib, i have g+s on the parent folder prior to adding any files to the folder04:09
jribrepus: so?04:09
diegohelp i reboot now launcher and upper bar are gone04:10
=== f00dMonsta_ is now known as f00dmonsta
diegoneed to get them back help04:10
_cronus_pineneedlespinea, also what dr_willis said...04:10
repusjrib, do you understand what that does?04:10
jribrepus: yes04:10
repusjrib, and how it relates to my issue?04:10
jribrepus: yes04:10
rico129dr_willis:  your hard drive is making funny noises?04:10
diegohelp please launcher and bar gone04:10
diegohow to get back04:10
repusjrib, do you have a suggestion to fix it?04:11
jribrepus: fix what?  What do you want to accomplish?04:11
repusjrib, i need to be able to issue the 'make clean' command prior to compiling. regardless of who compiled last time04:11
dr_willispineneedlespinea:  said his was making weird noises04:11
jribrico129: why?04:12
jribrepus: why?04:12
jribrico129: this seems like a strange request, thus why I'm trying to figure out exactly what you are doing04:12
repusjrib, because any user in the group must be able to do this. as it's a group and that's what people in groups do.04:12
HemebondVolume control back to semi-normal. Still no digital output.04:12
rico129jrib: regarding the teamspeak issue or mumble?04:13
jribrico129: neither, I mistabbed; sorry04:13
rico129jrib: hehe k04:13
Sir_LetoI cannot get get vnc to work for the life of me.04:13
Sir_Letohttp://pastebin.com/KmezrVc4 the output04:13
Sir_Letoof vncserver04:13
pineneedlespineanot worried about back ups just need to have things work...and OS config takes about 4 hours each fresh install so...hmm if this doesn't work i'll try a safe mode restore =/ but a proper check may remove or mess up viri if any...04:14
diegoi have to re install unity04:14
dr_willisIf the Hd is making wonky noises.. i would expect it to die in the near future04:14
diegothe launcher and taskbar are gone04:14
dr_willisdiego:  most likely you dont.. You need to get the video card drivers working right04:14
pineneedlespineait's brand new and ubuntu works fine xD04:14
dr_willispineneedlespinea:  you said your HD was makin weird noises or not?04:15
pineneedlespineawhen windows tries to start up yes04:15
jribrico129: still sounds like a strange request. I'd encourage you to give more details about why this is needed.  In any case, your issue is as I stated originally, your files do not have group write permissions.  If you want the group to be able to modify/delete them, then you need to ensure the files have group write permissions (actually to delete them, you just need parent directories to have group write04:15
jribpermissions (and belong to the right group of course)).  You can do this by changing umask (NOT on a per-directory basis) or ACLs.  Again, I'd encourage you to explain why this is necessary at all.  Why don't the users just compile in their own homes?04:15
diegohow on earth i do that04:15
dr_willisif the HD dies.. then both os's will die most likely ;)04:15
pineneedlespineamust have had a power outage with windows open is what i'm thinking04:16
jribrico129: again, sorry.  That was for repus04:16
rico129no worries jrib04:16
dr_willisdiego:  i see people have similer proglems with unity/compiz not starting correctly. normally its due to the video card drivers neeidng reinstalled.04:16
=== aarcane_ is now known as aarcane
diegohold on i think i got it back04:17
repusjrib, it's a group project. and it saves space to have all users in the same group04:17
dr_willispineneedlespinea:  there are windows rescue/repair cds you can get seen them mentioned at the lifehacker site. also the #windows channel may know04:17
pineneedlespineasome day i'll get my nvidia 52 and 5500 paired and working right xD04:17
pineneedlespineaah right cross-support hehe04:17
dr_willisyou dont normally want to try to repair windows fs from within linux04:18
pineneedlespinea=/ crap04:18
repusjrib, i have all permissions set correctly at this point. the files in question are being created during compile. how would i set up umask to accomplish this?04:18
jribrepus: default umask is 02204:18
repusjrib, yes04:19
jribrepus: so if you want files that are created to be group-writable, you need to change that04:19
repusjrib, it was my understanding that with group access enabled, it dynamically changed the umask from default of 022 to 00204:19
rico129be right back04:20
HemebondMy HDMI digital audio is only stereo.04:20
jribrepus: what does "group access enabled" mean?04:20
=== ZombieShark is now known as LaserShark
jribrepus: what are your permissions on the parent directory, anyway?04:21
repusjrib, group rws04:21
zizooHey guys, I'm in GNOME Classic on Precise, trying to rebind workspace switching to use alt+win+arrows instead of ctrl+alt+arrows. I use the Keyboard app, and go in and fix 'em up, but I find the bindings undone when I log in next time. All other rebindings (terminal to alt+win+'t', etc.) stay how I set them. Why not workspace switching?04:21
repusjrib, i'm going to private message you04:21
jribrepus: ls -ld output, not paraphrasing please04:21
jribrepus: please stay in channel04:21
repus# If USERGROUPS_ENAB is set to "yes", that will modify this UMASK default value04:21
repus# for private user groups, i. e. the uid is the same as gid, and username is04:21
repus# the same as the primary group name: for these, the user permissions will be04:21
repus# used as group permissions, e. g. 022 will become 002.04:21
FloodBot1repus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:21
repusfigured i'd get kicked for that...04:22
jribrepus: use a pastebin in the future04:22
jribrepus: ls -ld output....04:22
repusjrib, drwxrwsr-x that is the output of ls -ld04:22
pineneedlespineaso why are my old nvidia lumped into "common" but do not load or be seen...lspci lists them...i have drivers from nvidia??04:23
jribrepus: it's not :/04:23
repusjrib, i don't understand why it's not what you are asking for...04:24
jribrepus: type "ls -ld directory_in_question" and paste *everything* you see04:24
repusdrwxrwsr-x 6 kbizzle pa_man 4096 Mar 11 23:4104:24
jribrepus: thank you04:24
jribrepus: anyway, you can look at permissions for a file that you believe you should be able to delete (when you run make clean) but aren't able to04:25
=== LaserShark is now known as ZombieShark
repusjrib, i understand this. the issue is making the files have the correct permissions so they can be removed during make clean.04:25
repusjrib, does it make sense what i am trying to explain?04:25
pineneedlespineaAre there any drivers for old nvidia cards i can install easily for 12.04/unity?04:26
jribrepus: I understand what you are trying to do yes.  I've explained what you need to do, but if it's not clear then I need the information I'm asking you about04:26
repusjrib, are you asking me to post the permissions of the files that i'm not able to delete?04:26
leptoneis there a way to pastebin a pdf?04:26
jribrepus: yes04:27
repusjrib, didn't look like a question to me :/04:27
repusjrib, one sec04:27
=== canonical is now known as sakinews
repusjrib, drwxr-s--- 3 sniper pa_man 4096 Mar 11 23:44 ex04:27
jribrepus: well yes, I was saying *you* should look at them and determine what you need to change.  But if you don't want to do that, you can share them here and we can look at them together04:27
zizooSo what could be resetting my keyboard shortcuts for workspace switching? Is the Shortcuts tab under the keyboard settings dialog not the correct place to go?04:27
repusjrib, i've already done it. hence, why i am here ;)04:28
jribrepus: so what happens when you try to delete this file?04:28
repusjrib, an error04:28
jribrepus: with "rm" say04:28
jribrepus: what error?04:28
shawni love tmux04:28
repusjrib, rm error.04:28
shawni cant believe i was using screen for all these years04:28
jribrepus: again, be specific04:28
shawntmux is awesome04:28
repusjrib: rm: cannot remove `R.java': Permission denied04:28
repusfor example04:29
leptoneshawn, directed at me?04:29
jribrepus: full path to this file?04:29
pineneedlespineaLike i have open arena...and it plays slow, i'm not sure i have my nvidia drivers installed properly??04:29
repusjrib, /home/pacman/source/out/target/common/obj/APPS/Mms_intermediates/src/com/android/mms04:30
shawnleptone: no, this just happened to be the channel i was in when i discovered if i ssh into my laptop and attach irssi on both i can use my desktops keyboard on my laptop without plugging it into it lol04:31
shawnthen i freaked out04:31
jribrepus: only thing you can really do is use ACLs then.  Even if you change umask, g+s won't act recursively.04:31
rajafter adding the current user to a group, do I have to do anything to enable that?04:31
jribraj: log in again04:31
rajso I have to exit everything and come back?04:32
leptoneshawn, nice04:32
jribraj: basically, yes04:32
repusjrib, how would that be setup? would that allow files created by the 'make' command to have proper permissions for any user within the group to issue a 'make clean' and have it be successful?04:32
meLonI need help getting three monitors working correctly two ATI cards: http://askubuntu.com/questions/261574/cursor-trapped-on-secondary-x-screen04:33
shawnleptone: because i used to use my desktop keyboard on accident when i was using my laptop04:33
shawnnow i can do it on accident, on purpose04:34
jribrepus: ACLs allow you to set permissions for additional users and groups (so a file can have user1 permissions, user2 permissions, etc.).  That's not really relevant for your issue.  But ACLs can also recursively set default permissions on a directory.  So you can use that.  You need to add the "acl" option to the partition these files are on, then you can find details in man pages of setfacl and getfacl04:34
jrib(sorry I don't know of a good online link for these).  Personally, I think it would be better to not bother with this.  just setup a git repo and let people clone the project, work on it, compile, whatever, and then merge back changes04:34
diego_hi friends04:35
jribrepus: oh there's one way you could avoid this I guess.  Change umask and change the primary group for the relevant users.  But this applies system-wide and not just on a specific directory (like ACLs would)04:35
jribrepus: you would essentially be sharing *every* file this way though, not just the project04:36
zizooshawn, lol that's awesome. btw, I just tried that with a remote emacs client, and it also works. Heheh.04:37
diego_how are you?04:37
repusjrib, thank you for giving it thought. the project is setup as a git. i suppose the easiest way would be to have a username setup for the directory and allow everyone to login with the same username?04:37
diego_any can help?04:37
jribrepus: that's another option, yes.  Why don't you just let people clone the project if they want to make changes to it, compile, etc.?04:38
repusdiego_ anyone can help. post your question04:38
repusjrib, the issue is that multiple people want to login and run test builds or test changes...04:38
repusjrib, on the same machine...04:38
jribrepus: so let them clone the project to their machine and do test builds, etc?04:38
repusjrib, it is a buildbot :)04:39
diego_i have install matlab but "cp: fallo al extender «/tmp/mathworks_3047/java/jarext/xercesImpl.jar»: Error de entrada/salida04:39
whdibuild a pxe/gpxe server then everybody can boot via  lan or wan04:39
sbaughHow should I have ubuntu run a command on system launch? I need it to have been run by the time I hit lightdm.04:40
jribrepus: still seems like people are going to step on each others' toes unless they make sure to only have one person working at the same time04:40
jribsbaugh: what command?04:40
repusjrib, google calendar ;)04:40
sbaughjrib: A command to connect to my bluetooth keyboard.04:41
sparkycan i get some one to help me04:41
jribrepus: heh.  I guess the one login idea is probably easiest then.  ACLs would do what you asked originally though04:41
shawnzizoo: try resizing the virtual terminal when in irssi its trippy04:41
sbaughjrib: specifically "sudo hidd --connect 00:1F:20:4B:32:20" not that it is important04:41
repusjrib, i am trying to avoid system-wide changes. ;)04:41
repusjrib, thank you for your help and thoughts! :D04:42
jribsbaugh: I guess you can drop that in /etc/rc.local (without sudo).  There is likely a better way, but I don't know offhand and must leave.  I encourage you to research this though04:43
sparkyor rather a .bin file to text04:43
sbaughokay, thanks jrib04:43
sparkyso i can edit and rebuild into bin04:43
diego_i have install matlab but "cp: fallo al extender «/tmp/mathworks_3047/java/jarext/xercesImpl.jar»: Error de entrada/salida04:44
diego_any idea04:45
shawnwhat kind of terminal emulator to try with i3?04:46
shenxdong02Nice to meet you guys :)04:47
rico129strange... now my backgrounds are all glitched out. probably video card driver issues.04:48
sparkycan any one help me convert a .bin to .bin.fex04:50
diego_jojo this no terminal04:50
rico129i'm being asked to install drivers on x.org 6.9 or later or generate distr... package.?04:52
rajhow come I don't have to ut users in the sudoers file with ubuntu?04:53
shortstraw8I am having a java problem a weblink school assignment says that the plugin is not there but I have it installed. It will search for a plugin and never finds one any ideas?04:54
rico129alright I'm not quite sure why it failed...04:55
osiris5118hi all04:56
pineneedlespineahow does ubuntu 12 handle rendering 3d?04:56
diego_hi osiris04:56
doomlordubuntu runs gl fine i find04:56
zizooshawn: Woah, that's weird. o_O Thanks, I think, lol.04:57
pineneedlespineado i need to get them?04:57
osiris5118i find it good also, though When i initially ran a new install on one of my radeon gpu pcs I needed to reinstall driver package04:57
pineneedlespineaopen arena is gl correct?04:57
whdiis there any direct3d game for linux?04:58
zizooshawn: The Emacs client doesn't seem to care if I resize a remote frame. Displays normally. Makes sense, since I can already re-open that buffer in multiple different views just locally. Though it is a bit disappointing, in a way. xD04:59
dizzylizzyMy friend is having an issue in Ubuntu 12.10 concerning hotkeys. He says that although he sets Super-T to run a terminal, every couple of days it resets to emptying the trash. Anybody know if there is a mechanism that resets the hotkeys and how to disable it?05:00
zizoodizzylizzy: I was having a similar problem myself. What method does he use to set this shortcut? Maybe I can figure something out.05:03
zizoodizzylizzy: or she*05:03
zizooOops, heh. You said he already. I must be getting tired. xD05:03
pineneedlespineawhdi you could try running some in wine05:04
pineneedlespineagoogle around and save some time nd see if others have found ones that work05:05
rajhow come I don't have to put users in the sudoers file with ubuntu?05:05
pineneedlespineacombat arms worked at one time xD05:05
osiris5118favourite linux compatible game guys?05:06
pineneedlespineatremoluos xD05:07
pineneedlespineathere was another RTS i used to play can't remember the name it was 3d05:08
osiris5118i've been loving a simple oldschool fps called assault cube05:08
pineneedlespineahive something05:08
osiris5118like a dumbed down version of css05:08
dizzylizzyzizoo, I'm afraid I don't know what method he's using to set the shortcuts. I really ought to get him in here.05:08
dizzylizzyzizoo, is there a method that seems to stick for you?05:09
dizzylizzyosiris5118, nethack05:09
pineneedlespineai think sword worked at one time05:09
osiris5118nethack? is that a 2d rpg, from memory?05:10
pineneedlespineai miss my musketeers in fact05:10
wayneWheres the offtopic area ?05:11
osiris5118is there a games channel?05:11
dizzylizzyosiris5118, it's a rogue-like, yes05:11
gwinbeewayne: #ubuntu-offtopic05:11
wayneI'm trash on sleeping pills05:11
pineneedlespineathen go to sleep xD05:12
pineneedlespineawhy would one take sleeping pills and stay awake haha05:12
osiris5118i've hsd ubuntu for years, but only got xchat today, so a total noob05:12
rajhow come I don't have to put users in the sudoers file with ubuntu?05:12
pineneedlespineayea i use xchat when web chat doesnt work right05:13
zizoodizzylizzy: Give me a moment, checking something. I think my problem is related to my Compiz window manager. Do you know if he uses Compiz? I understand the default is Metacity. I had to install Compiz.05:13
dizzylizzyYou had to install compiz to get the hotkeys to stick?05:13
* dizzylizzy inhales sharply through teeth05:13
zizoodizzylizzy: Ah, no, I already had Compiz, and it was interfering!05:14
zizooI installed it previously.05:14
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest25895
shawncan anyone help me please?05:15
dizzylizzyAh, okay05:17
dizzylizzyshawn, what do you need help with?05:18
shawninstalling i305:18
shawni am trying to install the latest version from a 3rd party repository05:18
shawnper the instructions on their website05:19
shawn:18] [shawn(+i)] [3:freenode/#ubuntu(+CLcfjnt)] [Act: 1]05:19
shawnshawn@Lubuntu:~$ ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list05:19
shawn-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3153 Mar  7 21:28 /etc/apt/sources.list05:19
shawnshawn@Lubuntu:~$ sudo echo "deb http://debian.sur5r.net/i3/ $(lsb_release -c -s) universe" >> /etc/apt/sources.list05:19
shawn-bash: /etc/apt/sources.list: Permission denied05:19
sam113101you need to be root to edit sources.list05:20
sam113101shawn: ^05:20
shawnnot sudo?05:21
sam113101didn't see you did05:21
shawni thought ubuntu has root disabled05:21
sam113101do it manually then, I guess?05:21
Flannelshawn: sudo in that case works on the echo, not the >>, so to do that, you need echo [stuff] | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list, but it might be better to just stick it in a folder in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/, such as /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.sur5r.net05:22
Flanneler sorry, stick it in a file within the directory /etc/apt/sources.list.d/05:22
shawnFlannel: thanks for the suggestion.  what should i name the file?05:24
Flannelshawn: I suggested debian.sur5r.net, but you can call it whatever you'd like.05:24
zizoodizzylizzy: Ok, looked into it further, and folks on the forums are saying that keybindings with super/win don't stick. Some say to edit it with dconf, but results are mixed. Mine is working now, for what it's worth, but my problem appeared to be with Compiz.05:25
dizzylizzy"keybindings with super/win don't stick"05:25
dizzylizzyif that's not a bug then I don't know what is05:25
nexus`i just tried to install kubuntu05:26
nexus`but apparently it doesnt support bluetooth by default05:26
nexus`i dont have a non bluetooth keyboard is there anyway i can install this?05:26
DaemonicApathynexus`: You might try asking in #kubuntu.05:26
nexus`i did no answer there05:26
nexus`but since its so similar to ubuntu05:27
nexus`figured u guys might know05:27
nexus`i got a usb mouse05:27
FloodBot1nexus`: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:27
zizoodizzylizzy: Of course. Here, found the bug page. Go vote it up, and have your friend do that too. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/99588505:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 950160 in OEM Priority Project precise "duplicate for #995885 Unity blocks other programs from binding globally to Super+* (* = any key)" [Critical,In progress]05:27
nexus`i couldnt get around the initial install stuff though where it tries to make u type in a computer name05:27
zizooSeems to have a lot of attention already, but it never hurts to pitch in.05:28
shawnFlannel: N: Ignoring file 'debian.sur5r.net' in directory '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/' as it has an invalid filename extension05:29
zizooAlso, dizzylizzy, I am a liar. GNOME Classic, which I use, defaults to some other window manager, but the standard Unity Desktop uses Compiz. So you might try finagling with its keybindings as well.05:29
DaemonicApathynexus`: According to http://idebian.wordpress.com/2008/07/06/manage-hid-bluetooth-devices-in-linux/ you can use "sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluez-utils bluez-gnome" to install bluetooth stuff.05:30
Flannelshawn: Alright, I guess apt wants you to name it *.list, so go ahead and append a .list to the end of it.05:30
dizzylizzyzizoo, Thank you!05:31
dizzylizzyI'll forward him this information05:32
DaemonicApathynexus`: More details and steps to configure them at the site.05:32
nexus`ty DaemonicApathy05:33
DaemonicApathyyw nexus`05:33
zizooNp dizzylizzy, hope that helps. I'm gonna take off for the evening now though, as I have far too much homework to be helping people debug Linux problems. I only came 'cause I had the same problem! xD05:35
WhiteHippoHello all. I have an intermittent problem with ubuntu, suspected cause being banshee. After several hours of playing music, it messes up the taskbar graphics into squares of.. colour pixels.05:35
dizzylizzyzizoo, I appreciate you taking the time, I just wish I could diagnose the problem myself05:35
WhiteHippoi'm running ubuntu 12.10, cinnamon if that helps.05:36
subcoolcould someone help- im trying to do something with xbmc - and it requires, either openbox , or lightdm - but when i run it- i get permission denied. EVEn as root.05:37
subcoolIm banging my head here.05:37
Jordan_Usubcool: How are you trying to "run" openbox or lightdm?05:38
subcoolJordan_U, In XBMC05:38
subcoolJordan_U, http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=154888&page=405:38
subcoolIm gettin NO where with this.05:38
Chef_Catzwith what?05:38
researcher123my OS suddenyl became slow .What can I do?05:39
Jordan_Usubcool: I'd rather not read that entire thread. Is there a command that you're trying to run?05:40
Jordan_Uresearcher123: How suddenly? Were you logged in and doing things when it went from normal to slow?05:41
researcher123Jordan_U: it takes time to log in also05:41
shawnFlannel: that works05:42
Jordan_Uresearcher123: That doesn't answer either of my questions.05:42
sbaughWhat does the startup applications program in Ubuntu edit?05:42
researcher123Jordan_U: Since a fortnight I have downloaded so much of files then it slowed down05:42
Chef_Catzjordan_u do you know about the wolvix distro?05:42
Chef_CatzI need help installing it05:42
Jordan_UChef_Catz: No, and this is #ubuntu. For support for other distributions you'll need to ask in their support channel / forums.05:43
subcoolJordan_U, i hear that complaint- HAHA- yea.. its in a script.. The script calls for either openbox or lightdm, but nothing happens- when i exit the program and view the cmd prmopt it says permission deneied- even as root.05:43
researcher123Jordan_U: each application n browser open late05:43
Jordan_Usubcool: The normal way to start lightdm is by running "sudo service lightdm start".05:43
subcooljordan,  so maybe i just needed to reboot?05:44
Chef_Catztheres nobody in that channel but I found stuff about it on ubuntu forums so I thought I'd come here05:44
Jordan_Uresearcher123: I asked two specific questions. Please answer them both, or if you don't understand them say so and I'll try to clarify them.05:44
Jordan_UChef_Catz: Sorry, but we have an official policy of only supporting Ubuntu here.05:45
researcher123Jordan_U:I am not much expert but know a little05:45
Chef_Catzwhat's the latest version of ubuntu?05:45
subcoolJordan_U, hahaa- that just really hurt it..05:47
Jordan_UChef_Catz: Ubuntu 12.10 (Ubuntu 12.04 is the latest LTS release).05:47
sbaughDear god Ubuntu is such a maze05:47
subcoolsbaugh, i hear that05:47
sbaughSo how do I add something to the list of possible sessions in lightdm?05:48
researcher123Jordan_U: please explain your questions05:48
sbaughsubcool: Don't think bad of GNU/Linux for Ubuntu's poor organization05:48
subcoolahhh- i blame all linux.. lol05:49
subcooli went from redhat, to mandrake to ubuntu.05:49
=== innmalint is now known as lbj90
lbj90anyone know of a way i can get TTYs back after installing nvidia drivers? I've tried editing my /etc/initramfs/modules and /etc/default/grub already05:50
Jordan_Uresearcher123: First, did it seem to become slow over the course of a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days (time between it seeming to run fast and it seeming to run slowly). Second, were you logged in when it started to get slow? (this is a yes or no question)05:50
researcher123Jordan_U:  it seem to become slow over the course of a few  days. YES05:52
Jordan_Uresearcher123: Can you pastebin the output of "dmesg"?05:53
researcher123Jordan_U: Let me try the command05:53
researcher123Jordan_U: Here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/5606985/05:55
subcoolJordan_U, ok- that didnt help.. :/05:58
sbaughI have added multiple things to my /usr/share/xsessions and none of them have shown up06:01
rajis udev something important?06:02
rajis that what allows plug and play?06:03
Seveasraj: quite06:03
dingusworrellAnyone had issue with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 Server not getting past ureadahead after rebooting? I have a down production system that after removing USB drive, it just hangs there.06:03
Seveasraj: among other things, yes06:03
=== azend is now known as aZn
rajwhat're the other things Seveas?06:04
Seveasanything to do with hardware and drivers06:04
rajso not important in vbox perhaps?06:04
dingusworrellAnyone? I can't get the system to boot and its a big problem. fsck goes against all partitions, and they are clean, but it seems MBR or Grub doesn't want to move to next step and just hangs after ureadahead message06:05
=== aZn is now known as azend
james1552Does anyone know about the Ubuntu Wallpaper IRC thing tonight.06:06
rkhshm1I'm following this link to setup a shared printing service via my ubuntu machine ... But in the first point itself.. I'm not able to find system->administration->printing menu anywhere06:06
mokushjames1552: what ubuntu wallpaper irc thing?06:06
rkhshm1i checked for the mentioned pkgs but all of them are already installed on my machine.06:06
Jordan_Uresearcher123: I don't see anything enlightening there. How about /var/log/syslog ?06:07
james1552For the next release 13.04 to discuss potential wallpapers from the Flickr pool (I know it's a little off topic for this IRC but it is Ubuntu related)06:07
rkhshm1my machine is 12.04 .. Please help06:07
Jordan_Urkhshm1: Search for "print" in unity, or run "system-config-printer".06:07
rkhshm1Jordan_U: ahh. thanks that did the job.06:08
Jordan_Ujames1552: #ubuntu-discuss and #ubuntu-offtopic are good places for such discussion.06:08
rkhshm1thank you06:08
Jordan_Urkhshm1: You're welcome.06:08
james1552alright, thanks :)06:09
Jordan_Ujames1552: You're welcome :)06:09
lbj90Does anyone have working TTYs with nvidia-current?06:11
rkhshm1Jordan_U: Do i have to setup Samba to actually allow windows clients to see the printer connected to my machine?06:12
sbaughWhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy isn't lightdm picking up my xsessions in /usr/share/xsessions06:13
james1552No one seems to be responding in the other ubuntu rooms.. :(06:14
james1552is there a good channel to just ask general IRC help, thats a bit more active?06:15
Jordan_Urkhshm1: I believe that it should be set up automagically.06:15
sbaughif this is how "easy to use" ubuntu is no wonder linux has a reputation for being complex!06:15
sbaughHas anyone successfully placed an xsession in /usr/share/xsesssions/?06:16
rkhshm1hmm.. But when i looked into my colleagues windows machine (win 7) and tried to print a file i was not able to find the designated printer being shown on that machine06:16
Jordan_Urkhshm1: Is that in an office environment?06:16
rkhshm1Jordan_U: yes06:16
Jordan_Urkhshm1: Is there a workgroup/domain for the company?06:17
rkhshm1Jordan_U: well actually we are in a shared office setup where the infrastructure is given by the complex owner.. SO i'm not sure about anything.. ANd our IT guys are not here today06:18
Jordan_Urkhshm1: You likely need to be sharing the printer to that same domain/workgroup (I don't know how to do this), and it may require an administrator account on the domain controller to do so.06:18
lbj90sbaugh i may be wrong but doesn't Xresources belong as ~/.Xresources?06:19
lbj90I gave up on an arch install today but at least Xresources worked-- granted that may not translate over to Ubuntu06:20
lbj90nvm misread that, you said xsessions..06:20
=== jerm is now known as Guest89163
joostshaoany  phper ?06:22
gnuskoolphp has a room06:22
Jordan_Urkhshm1: If your collegue can log into his account from any machine, then that means that he's logged into a domain. I don't know a whole lot about Windows domains and policy but I know enough to say that it can make this type of thing more complicated (especially if the computer you're trying to share the printer from is not logged into the same domain, which while possible, is probably not the case with your Ubuntu machine :)06:22
ferronicahow to remove NDIS Wrapper 1.58 installed via terminal downloaded from sourceForge06:22
ferronicahow to remove NDIS Wrapper 1.58 installed via terminal downloaded from sourceForge06:25
aeon-ltdferronica: was it installed with apt?06:26
ferronicaaeon-ltd, downloaded from Source Forge and did Make install06:27
ferronicaaeon-ltd, and make uninstall something like06:27
ferronicaaeon-ltd, nowi want to completely remove NDIS from my system06:28
aeon-ltdferronica: so you've done 'make uninstall', then it should be removed, but if it has configs leftover i wouldn't know where to find them06:29
ferronicaaeon-ltd, Downloaded version 1.58 latest version from SourceForge.com06:29
ferronicaaeon-ltd, ya want to remove all stuff from system06:29
ferronicaaeon-ltd, even all configs06:29
aeon-ltdferronica: i'm sorry, i don't know how to find the configs.06:32
=== Termana is now known as Guest60815
sgo11hi, how can I set the default plymouth theme to text? So far, I can achieve this by manually creating a default.plymouth link to text.plymouth. not sure if this is the correct way since normal process is to use update-alternatives command. thanks.06:36
Seveassgo11: the alternatives setup seems to solve the purpose of selecting different graphical and text themes, not to set the default to text06:39
sgo11Seveas, yeah, that's right. that's why I am asking what the proper way to set the default to text is. :) so far, I just manually "rm default.plymouth" and then "ln -s text.plymouth default.plymouth" something like this. it works. not sure if it's the correct way or not. :)06:41
=== dark3n is now known as dark3n|off
Seveassgo11: it's as correct as any :)06:42
* sjd_zeus .06:42
=== sjd_zeus is now known as sjd
sgo11Seveas, ok, cool. ^_^06:43
sgo11plymouth graphical mode is not working with nvidia driver. very sad. not sure when this can be solved.06:44
joostshaowhat is the new features in 13.04??06:46
sbaughHey, my xsessions that I put in /usr/share/xsession aren't showing up in lightdm, any tips?06:46
aeon-ltdjoostshao: ask in #ubuntu+106:47
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
haiderhaiderCan anyone tell me where I can get mpeg codecs for Kubuntu?06:48
Seveassbaugh: pastebin the .desktop file, and the output of ls -la /usr/share/xsessions/06:49
Seveashaiderhaider: ubuntu-restricted-extras06:49
Seveas!info ubuntu-restricted-extras | haiderhaider06:49
ubottuhaiderhaider: ubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Ubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 57 (quantal), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB06:49
=== julius is now known as Guest11396
sbaughSeveas: thank you! just a second06:52
sbaughSeveas: http://pastebin.com/GzkR16D406:53
haiderhaiderseveas: Sorry I am new to this and not really sure what you are trying to tell me.06:53
sbaughhaiderhaider: Install that package he mentioned06:53
sbaughhaiderhaider: specifically, do "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras"06:54
haiderhaidersbaugh: Trying it now06:54
Seveashaiderhaider: I'm telling you to install that package :-)06:54
haiderhaiderseveas: Thank you it's downloading now.06:55
the_dark_knightHi, I am following this procedure - http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-install-mysql-5.6-on-ubuntu-12.10-including-memcached-plugin to install mysql 5.6 on ubuntu 12.04. On the step where I do - /etc/init.d/mysql.server start I am getting an error saying - "Couldn't find MySQL server (/usr/bin/mysqld_safe)" Why? Also as I am installing mysql5.6 from source the mysqld_safe is in /usr/local/mysql/bin/ dir. What should I do? please help me out here.06:55
haiderhaidersbaugh: Thanks for making it clearer.06:55
sbaughSeveas: Anything that jumps out to you about the xsessions? Please tell me I did something blatantly wrong and easily fixed :)06:56
Seveassbaugh: the one doesn't have a comment, the other has an Exec that may be bogus (if your homedir is encrypted, it can't access it. It may not be executable)06:56
suigeneriscan you help? I've been getting '/bin/sh: libc.so.6: no such file or directory' or similar message when I try to switch kernels. I have a /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 but that is a symlink to /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc-2.15.so06:56
Seveasalso, it's spelled Herp Derp Derp :-)06:57
suigeneris(I think)06:57
sbaughSeveas: Okay, I'll try correcting that06:57
=== Santosh is now known as Guest12508
Seveassbaugh: (back in 15, running to a train)06:57
sbaughSeveas: wow, I... changed custom.desktop, and it's not showing up, but now derp.desktop is06:59
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
rohitkavI am unable to connect to wifi. Kindly help07:09
rohitkavon my ubuntu machine07:09
ferronicarohitkav: WLAN Specification07:09
jonyhow can I open a second Krusader window in Ubuntu 12.04?07:11
NovusSo lastnight-this morning I had an aweful time installing ubuntu,.. so much to the point where I just gave up and installed ubuntu07:11
Novusthe last issue for those who wern't here was the nvidia GPU07:12
Novustoday I found this07:12
leptonenovus what? you had trouble installing ubuntu so u gave up and installed ubuntu07:12
Novusinstalled kubuntu07:12
Novusbut watch the vid07:12
leptonelove nixie :)07:13
leptoneive seen the video07:13
leptonewhat r u trying to do07:13
Novusnothing now07:14
Novusi sold the comp07:14
jonyhow can I open a second Krusader window in Ubuntu 12.04?07:18
suigeneriscan anyone help me with a kernel issue?07:20
the_dark_knightHi, What does this error mean - "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'"?07:20
jonyI've found out: SHIFT+click07:21
suigenerisI've been getting '/bin/sh: error while loading shared libraries: libc.so.6: cannot open object file: No such file or directory'07:22
somsipthe_dark_knight: mysql is possibly not running07:22
suigeneriswhen trying to switch kernels07:22
Seveassbaugh: neat trick :)07:23
suigenerisSeveas: I assume you can help me07:23
suigenerisactually I'd been waiting for you07:24
Seveassuigeneris: looks like you're trying to boot either an ancient kernel or an x86_64 kernel. Why?07:24
NovusSo I got a trick I wanna try07:24
Seveasthe_dark_knight: most likely that mysqld isn't running.07:24
NovusI wanna see if it is possible07:24
Seveasthe_dark_knight: another explanation could be that you changed the socket path07:25
suigenerisSeveas: long time ago, I'd installed xen and that brought its own kernel. I now want to get rid of it07:25
Novusmy new rig has a slot for an entire hard drive to be pluged in as if it was a flash drive07:25
Novusyou just drop it in07:25
Novusonly trick is you have to have it pluged in before you turn on the system so the bio recognizes it07:26
Seveassuigeneris: oh, I have no experience with exorcizing xen I'm afraid.07:26
suigenerisSeveas: so, I thought just switching kernels and uninstalling would be sufficient, but no07:26
Seveassuigeneris: try installing linux-generic (or linux-server on a server) first, that should bring in the most recent kernel for your release07:26
Novuswhat I'd like to do is whenever the hard drive is in place on boot up it just loads that and not the internal hd's07:26
erickLeehow do i fix empathy non connectivity?07:27
suigenerisSeveas: I'm now on a LiveCD and uname -a gives me: Linux ubuntu 3.5.0-23-generic #35~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 25 17:15:33 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux. that is NOT 64 bit, right?07:28
Seveassuigeneris: correct. And you're trying to chroot into the old os?07:29
suigeneristhat uname -a is after the chroot of course07:29
Seveasbut uname doesn't care about chroot07:29
Seveasso, do this: file /path/to/chroot/bin/bash07:29
erickLeethe error i encounter is faid to retrieve your personal info from server.07:29
suigenerisSeveas: /bin/bash: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.24, BuildID[sha1]=0xf199a4a89ac968c2e0e99f2410600b9d7e995187, stripped07:30
erickLeeit has been this way since i configured my router07:30
Seveasok, so all 32 bit. And the system in the chroot is ancient.07:31
Seveaswhy not reinstall with a supported version of ubuntu?07:31
Seveashmm, that me just be the buildd kernel, nevermind07:32
Seveassuigeneris: what's the release installed in the chroot?07:32
suigenerisSeveas: 12.04. not so ancient07:32
suigenerislivecd is 12.04 as well07:32
Seveasok, so in the chroot, apt-get install linux-generic07:33
suigenerisI'm doing dhat now07:33
* suigeneris crosses Seveas' fingers as well as his own07:33
ferronicarohitkav, can i get help regarding Geary07:34
suigenerishopefully, I will not have to reinstall OS and lose more than I can afford07:35
omenrealon the bright side atleast linux has a fast install time? lol07:36
suigenerisSeveas: I got errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5607105/07:37
suigenerisomenreal: that was for me?07:37
suigeneriswell, I'm at work man, I've to work07:37
Seveassuigeneris: bindmount /dev into the chroot (mount -o bind /dev /path/to/chroot/dev07:37
blue112Hello here.07:38
rico129Alright I can't get my video drivers installed correctly. Any help for installing ati hd 5770 drivers? i have a screenshot of my desktop to kind of help the situation. can I post imgur links?07:38
omenrealyea that was at you im actually reinstalling linux as we speak on my desktop do to my issue07:38
suigenerisSeveas: this is to be executed outside chroot, right?07:38
Seveassuigeneris: correct07:38
Seveassame for /proc and /sys07:38
blue112rico129, you can post anything that may help understand your problem.07:38
omenreali actually have the same problem as him pretty much but with a 645007:39
rico129http://i.imgur.com/v5an0b1.jpg here's the imgur link to get an idea. everytime i try to install ati hd 5770 drivers following forum post instructions it never installs and just says error.07:39
rico129i have dual monitors.07:39
blue112rico129, looks like missinstalled drivers.07:39
rico129I followed instructions on a forum to remove unity and install gnome 3 experience. hope that didn't mess anything up either.07:40
blue112rico129, I don't think so. I run on gnome 3 too.07:40
blue112Did you install AMD Catalyst ?07:40
rico129I tried but it fails at one part07:40
rico129i'll run it again and take screenshot.07:41
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
omenrealblue112: Are you good with amd related issues?07:41
rico129i downloaded the latest drivers from amd's website.07:41
suigenerisSeveas: for future reference, I have to mount /dev /proc and /sys every time, prior to chroot, right?07:42
Seveassuigeneris: can be done after chrooting. But yes, bindmounting those will make running things inside the chroot easier07:42
blue112omenreal, not much, I run on a nividia/07:43
suigenerisSeveas: got it. another lesson learned. thanks :)07:43
omenrealrico129: is it a fresh OS install? did you do the linux headers and such?07:43
blue112rico129, installation when without any problem ? Could you paste the content of /etc/X11/xorg.conf at pastebin ( http://pastebin.com/ ) ?07:43
rico129Alright so I choose "Generate Distr Spec Driver Pkg" read the agreement, click agree, under package generation I pick from either redhat,suse, or build package for detected OS: ubuntu/quantal, i pick ubuntu07:44
rico129It's  a fresh install.07:44
rico129no less than 2 hours working on it. all i did was download mumble, teamspeak, and wine.07:44
omenrealrico129: did you get the linux headers?07:44
rico129I don't know what that is..:-S07:44
blue112rico129, so it did work correctly. Did you run an ubuntu update or reboot your computer ?07:45
* suigeneris crosses everyone's fingers and goes to reboot07:45
suigenerisSeveas: installation completer. anything I have to do before reboot?07:46
rico129I tried installing the ati drivers, restarted and it didn't give me the desktop. just the background picture. I then CTRL+ALT+F3 to terminal and tried starting up gnome-shell and it said operation not allowed, did a reboot and got to desktop.07:46
Seveassuigeneris: nope.07:46
Aliengeloops sorry, mt07:47
rico129http://imgur.com/i94v2aQ this is the error and i'm going to check log.07:47
suigenerisSeveas: thanks07:47
omenrealrico129: before installing an amd driver you should have done sudo apt get linux-headers-generic if you havnt already07:47
rico129I didn't do that omenreal07:47
blue112rico129, I see. Maybe your kernel get updated in the mean time. You should maybe try to reinstall.07:47
blue112Oooor, look the log file, yeah07:47
blue112And copy it to us if you don't understand it :p07:47
Seveassuigeneris: (fyi, I'll be offline in a few minutes, back online half an hour after that)07:47
rico129i thought error logs go to /var?07:48
blue112rico129, usually, yes. This one doesn't.07:48
omenrealanyway reinstall finished so time for me to start asking amd related graphics questions too... sigh07:48
blue112People should really get NVidia cards when they know they are going to use linux07:49
blue112there is really less bugs with thoses.07:49
Seveasblue112: or intel. I've been using intel for years without problems.07:49
omenreali didnt have any plans on using linux i just got bored 3 days ago lol07:49
blue112omenreal, yeah, but if you want to play some games...07:50
ntzrmtthihu777rico129: pastebin would be better for such things.07:50
rico129Will start using it ntzrmtthihu77707:50
blue112rico129, you should try to use the binary installation. It may work better.07:50
sgo11I give up ATI card about 10 years ago when I switch to Linux. ATI is always broken in Linux.07:50
omenrealmhm thats why im here... to let the smart people tell me how dumb i am and hope i get it working lol07:50
ntzrmtthihu777sgo11: I got an ati card, works just fine :D07:51
rico129I actually tried the binary installation following a guide i saw in a forum. didn't go well.07:51
omenrealwhat kind ?07:51
ntzrmtthihu777lemme see07:51
blue112rico129, what didn't go well ?07:51
rico129installing from command line.07:51
rico129err.. terminal.07:51
omenrealmy issue is with ati radeon hd 645007:51
ntzrmtthihu777ATI RS880M [Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series]07:51
SecuRex0Hey guys how about use ubuntu mainly for my own desktop?07:52
sgo11ntzrmtthihu777, ok... you are lucky then. hehe. about 10 years ago, ATI was very bad on Linux. :)07:52
rico129So you recommend doing the linux headers first?07:52
ntzrmtthihu777SecuRex0: easily done, I use it on both my machines. laptop and desktop07:52
blue112rico129, yeah.07:53
rico129"sudo apt-get install lin...headers"?07:53
blue112rico129, you don't have to be afraid of terminal since you're here and we're all terminal pro-users :D07:53
rico129well that's comforting :P07:54
omenrealOkay so from a fresh install... just updated how would i go about installing the ati radeon hd 6450 drivers? already tried most of the ways listed and i just get a black screen and have to uninstall to get my screen back any ideas?07:54
blue112rico129, sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic07:54
blue112omenreal, black screen is generally a problem which driver. You can look for it in dmesg or /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:54
blue112rico129, ok. Now you should try install the binary driver.07:55
rico129what exactly is this linux headers? is it generic drivers?07:55
rico129curious what the headers means in that.07:55
SecuRex0ntzrmtthihu777: I've used Windows from now, so wondering if linux-installed desktop is suitable for me.07:55
blue112rico129, it's files the drivers need to compile against your kernel.07:55
ntzrmtthihu777rico129: its what it says it is, headers.07:55
sgo11blue112, rico129, I guess it depends on which version of linux header does ati driver use. for ubuntu 12.10, nvidia driver, you have to install a old version of linux header before installing nvidia-current. that was a bug in ubuntu 12.10.07:55
blue112omenreal, looking at the error messages will help us to understand your problem, and debug it.07:55
blue112sgo11, really ? That's lame.07:55
ntzrmtthihu777SecuRex0: I have used windows all my life, excluding the last year, and I don't regret a single thing about it.07:55
rico129Not sure what headers meant ntzrmtthihu777, but I think i got it now.07:56
omenrealim on a fresh install now so i dont have any errors yet07:56
rico129to install binary i should just "yum install ati-binaries"?07:56
rico129not that easy huh lol07:57
ntzrmtthihu777SecuRex0: and the best thing about linux, for the most part, is you can burn a disc and test it on your system before installing.07:57
sgo11blue112, look at this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2070426   for ubuntu 12.10 fresh install, people have to install  linux-headers-3.5.0-17-generic before installing nvidia. I am not sure ATI though.07:57
blue112rico129, nop. You should download binary drivers from amd website.07:57
rico129alright. i'm on it07:57
zvm-vlamHi all07:57
zvm-vlamCan anyone help with getting a instance running on kvm ontop of Ubuntu to be able to see my tape drives (instance is a Linux Net Backup server)07:58
rico129ati website leads me to a .zip of catalyst. and i think it's a .run inside? Proceed?07:58
SecuRex0ntzrmtthihu777: how about active-x? many things from microsoft are not compatiable with linux.07:58
blue112zvm-vlam, I think it's a little too technical for this channel. You may want to go to a more specific channel.07:59
ntzrmtthihu777SecuRex0: depends on those many things you speak of. I currently have 4 microsoft-based softwares installed\07:59
ntzrmtthihu777SecuRex0: you can pm and I can talk a bit more about it, as this is not really tech support per se08:00
SecuRex0ntzrmtthihu777: what's pm? this is ma first time to come to irc chann here.08:00
SecuRex0it means private message?08:00
blue112SecuRex0, yeah. You can use /query USER to query a user.08:01
ntzrmtthihu777or just /q USER08:01
rico129i just got a "appor - k" ubuntu  is ready notification" alert? should I reinstalled?08:02
blue112rico129, sounds like apport. It runs when a program crashes.08:02
blue112rico129, did you launch that binary in a terminal ?08:02
rico129I'm trying to find the binary. so far i found the .zip with a .run inside.08:02
blue112rico129, the .run is the binary?.08:02
blue112You just have to run it inside a terminal.08:03
rico129alright, didn't know that. Good news. I have the binary.08:03
blue112Do you know how to do that ?08:03
rico129"chmod +x | ./<name"08:03
blue112&& instead of |08:03
historico129: you can find out with file somefile.foo08:04
blue112Well, actually no08:04
blue112chmod +x name08:04
blue112Will do the trick.08:04
FloodBot1blue112: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:04
blue112But since it's a driver, you should add sudo before running it.08:04
blue112FloodBot1, yeah yeah, sorry.08:04
suigenerisSeveas: unfortunately same error08:04
rico129"chmod +x ./<file.run>"08:04
historico129: Which driver are you trying to install btw?08:04
rico129catalyst 13.108:04
blue112rico129, sounds good.08:04
historico129: Stop08:04
historico129: Why aren't you using the repos to install it?08:04
rico129histo: I don't know how to do that.08:05
historico129: You can't easily uninstall AMD's version. It will break your system.08:05
histo!ati | rico12908:05
ubotturico129: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto08:05
blue112histo, I always runned fine with binary driver from catalyst.08:05
rico129alright time for some reading.08:05
histoblue112: Right there is no point to do that.  If you try and remove that driver your system will be broken08:06
TakeItEZ!worksforme | blue11208:06
ubottublue112: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/08:06
rico129i don't want that :(08:06
histoblue112: if you install it hte proper way you won't have problems.08:06
historico129: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI  Here follow this08:06
rico129thank you histo08:06
tasslehoffis there a way I can check the kernelconfig for the current kernel on my system?08:06
rico129thanks blue112 for helping too.08:07
TakeItEZtasslehoff: /boot/config-$(uname -r)08:07
histotasslehoff: why not just uname08:07
suigenerisSeveas: are you there?08:07
blue112Nobody was there for helping but there's always people here trying to telling what not to do.08:07
tasslehoffTakeItEZ: thanks08:08
rico129I don't think histo was leading to that blue112.08:08
histoblue112: I just popped in.08:08
historico129: blue112 basically you should be using hardware drivers to install them.08:10
tasslehoffmy compiles stops with "cc1plus: out of memory". I have 8GB ram, and it is nowhere near that when it crashes. someone told me to check CONFIG_VMSPLIT. now I need to figure out why :)08:10
blue112histo, hardware drivers ? What do you mean ?08:10
histoblue112: What version of ubuntu are you on?08:10
blue112histo, 12.04. I have no driver problem btw :308:11
rico129where is the hardware drivers manager in ubuntu?08:12
histoblue112: in 12.04 if you navigate to system settings or gnome-control-center there is a hardware drivers GUI that assists users in installing the proper driver if it's not provided by default.08:12
historico129: Which version?08:12
rico129lol this is embarrasing...08:12
historico129: in 12.04 it's where I just told blue112 in 12.10 its System Settings > Software Sources > Hardware08:13
rico129ok heading there now.08:13
SecuRex0rico129: that's okay, open your system settings menu, and look for first.08:13
suigenerisanybody can help me? I've been getting '/bin/sh: error while loading shared libraries: libc.so.6: cannot open object file: No such file or directory'. what I lately did is chroot into the OS and apt-get install linux-generic08:15
rico129i'm on ubuntu 12.1008:15
rico129there is no hardware tab, but i see additional drivers.08:15
historico129: yeah that's it08:15
=== rajesh is now known as Guest50482
Guest50482if there are two ftp servers running in my system, how'd I know which one I am connecting to?08:16
histoGuest50482: Depends which ports they are listening on.08:16
rico129i see two options. fglrx and fglrx-updates08:16
SecuRex0suigeneris: serach on web about libc.so.6 and download it, after all put it on /lib/08:16
rico129try fglrx first?08:16
historico129: What other options do you have? can you paste a screenshot08:17
histo!paste | rico12908:17
ubotturico129: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:17
Guest50482histo, nice idea... thanks :)08:17
Martin_1Hi there, I am looking for a gnome/ubuntu customization guru for my question on askubuntu !  http://askubuntu.com/questions/265450/gnome-desktop-menu-layout-problem Thanks !!!08:17
zetheroowhat is lsb_release and why is it error-ing out almost daily?08:17
SecuRex0suigeneris: you must know a binaries which are not compiled with platform-independant option depend on their own things such as libs, or something like that.08:17
histoGuest50482: Yeah you could have one listening on one port and a different one listening on another. Any reason you are running two in the first place?08:17
SecuRex0suigeneris: that means, you've to make your system suitable as your binary.08:18
TakeItEZzetheroo: "error-ing" how?08:18
Novusit's offical I now have 6 hard drives! :)08:18
SecuRex0download or reinstall libc.so.6 for your ubuntu version and put it into /lib/ directory.08:18
historico129: yes fglrx08:18
ntzrmtthihu777Novus: >3< gimme!08:18
Guest50482no, actually I want to use vsftpd, but I think there's already one installed by default08:18
rico129thank you histo08:18
suigenerisSecuRex0: my uname -a after chroot shows i68608:18
Guest50482the default one and vsftpd, both listen on port 2108:19
zetherooTakeItEZ: I get these popup messages asking me if I want to report an error ...08:19
TakeItEZGuest50482: there is no ftp-server in a default installation08:19
SecuRex0suigeneris: i686, what version of the linux you are on?08:19
histoGuest50482: Well the shouldn't both be listening. And there is no default one.08:19
suigenerisSecuRex0: 3.5.0-23-generic #35~precise1-Ubuntu08:20
rico129should my monitor be flashing bright red and yellow rapidly?08:20
rico129just kidding :P08:20
rico129can I just log out or is a reboot in order?08:20
historico129: Logging out will not work. You woul dhave to load the module and restart X to not reboot. So if you don't know how to do all that. Just reboot08:21
SecuRex0suigeneris: hmm i think the better way is that reinstalling ubuntu which is the same version with yours to Virtual Machines, USB, or something having storage and extract your dependant libcs and copy it.08:22
rico129When you say X, does that mean X window?08:22
SecuRex0suigeneris: but wait. i'll search it.08:22
rico129i'm going to reboot, but just curious.08:22
suigenerisSecuRex0: does i686 not mean 32 bit?08:22
Novuswhat does on do with 6 hard drives?08:22
TakeItEZsuigeneris: it means 32bit08:22
SecuRex0suigeneris: it means 32bit. x86_64 means 64bit kernel.08:23
SecuRex0otherwise not for the linux kernel, but for the cpu, you type:08:23
SecuRex0cat /proc/cpuinfo or grep flags /proc/cpuinfo08:23
Novusquestions about GPU08:24
SecuRex0under flags parameter you will see various values. among them one is named tm(transparent mode) or rm(real mode) or lm(long mode)08:24
Novusdo I need to use nomodset for ati cards?08:24
SecuRex0rm is 16bit, tm is 32bit, lm is 64bit you know.08:24
rico129Ah yes! This is more like it! Thanks histo!!!08:24
SecuRex0suigeneris: I send you a private message with answer08:26
rico129alright now we have my first error. it won't let me use extended dual monitors. I get an error. Should I try fgxlr-updates histo?08:26
=== Red_M is now known as Guest28669
suigenerisSecuRex0: I have once been told I should edit /etc/ld.co.conf and rebuild the cache. I did that. but now that edit doesn't exist. I wonder if I should do the same thing08:29
historico129: It's not seeing the other monitor. Is it hooked up?08:31
rico129yep. I think I just found the amd CCC though.08:31
rico129going to try this and see if it works.08:31
rico129Yes, yes. It's working!08:34
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)08:35
=== torpet|away is now known as torpet
=== Guest28669 is now known as Red_M
histoNovus: some of them yes08:35
rico129Now comes the tough part guys, who wants to help me configure a 500 SAS SAN?08:35
rico129just kidding.08:36
wookiepookywhat does extra cluster in $bitmap mean for disk errors?08:38
n8wi have lately been experiencing random reboots, whats the place to start trableshootin? dmesg? well i dont rly know what to look for...08:39
=== dbugger is now known as EnriqueMoreno
rico129Now onto my next task. How do I "properly" install a program so that it will be in the gnome launcher with all the other programs.08:41
rico129It's pretty much just running all the files from my download folder. Should I drop it in /usr/bin?08:41
Ben64rico129: what are you trying to do?08:42
Georg_0815hi there, i have a more or less ubuntu related problem08:43
xkcdI am using Ubuntu 12.10 I installed chatzilla addon on my firefox 19  I am unable to connect to freenode IRC but I am able to connects to others I asked people on #chatzila moznet IRC08:43
histo!software | rico12908:43
ubotturico129: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents08:43
histo!manual | rico129 This will also be a good starting point for you.08:43
rico129Well Ben64. I downloaded teamspeak 3, and ran the installer and it's now just a folder sitting in my downloads folders and i open the program from there.08:43
ubotturico129 This will also be a good starting point for you.: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:43
xkcdThey asked me to run grep nameserver /run/resolvconf/interface/*` and `dig +trace chat.freenode.net08:43
rico129thanks histo08:43
rico129that's what I need.08:43
Novuswhat is a good IRC chat client?08:44
Novusfor ubuntu?08:44
historico129: teamspeak is a little different. They distribute a binary. You'd have to create the shortcut yourself. I don't believe ts3 is in the repositories08:44
xkcdafter this they said your local resovler is has some fault08:44
histoNovus: most people use xchat when they start. I use weechat.08:44
rico129I checked and there is only ts2 currently.08:44
wookiepookyI need to edit what boots during windows start up...defraggler is hanging, i've uninstalled it, but the defrag on boot-up keep trying to run =c08:44
=== torpet is now known as torpet|away
dr_willisNovus:  i perfer weechat these days08:45
historico129: Yeah so unless there is a PPA you are stuck downloading it and creating a shortcut yourself.08:45
histowookiepooky: ask in #windows08:45
wookiepookybut i'm using ubuntu....08:46
Novusalright,.. going to try installing ubuntu on my new righ08:46
rico129does ubuntu come with an antivirus running off the bat?08:46
Novusbe back in a bit08:46
rico129ubuntu 12.10 to be exact?08:46
dr_williswookiepooky:  and we know very little about the innerds of windows..08:46
wookiepookyrico, no not that i kno of08:47
suigenerisSecuRex0: nothing worked, still the same message :S08:48
histo!av | rico12908:48
ubotturico129: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus08:48
rico129That's interesting histo!08:49
historico129: You have to lose the windows mentality and read that manual link that ubottu told you about. That will be the biggest help and answer most of your initial questions for day to day tasks08:50
rico129Just cracked it open!08:50
historico129: linux != windows and doesn't have it's problem08:50
dr_willisit has its own. ;)08:51
historico129: I'm referring to this link http://ubuntu-manual.org/  of course08:51
rico129the whole system settings interface reminds me of mac os x08:51
rico129on gnome 3.08:51
TakeItEZdr_willis: don't scratch the "linux is safe" image...08:52
dr_willisBiggest danger to a Linux system i see in here on a daily basis - is the enduser doing somthing silly.08:52
histoIf the distro maker can be trusted yes.08:53
PrincessLunaHow can I get right click to work with a touchscreen. On Windows 8 and Android, it works by holding down a finger for a while.08:53
TakeItEZusers should be kept away from linux-systems, true08:53
histoTakeItEZ: they are in a way with sudo08:53
TakeItEZhisto: they aren#t08:54
histoTakeItEZ: uac is important on any system.08:54
TakeItEZhisto: this "sudo" thing makes people run almost any command using sudo because they don#t know when it is really needed and when not08:54
histoYou can't fix stupid08:55
TakeItEZunfortunately, true08:55
dr_willisnot in any legal ways.. at least. ;)08:55
=== torpet|away is now known as torpet
wookiepookyhow do i run regedit as root in terminal...well cmd.exe since i have to run that to get to regedit =c08:57
TakeItEZwookiepooky: this is not #windows08:57
wookiepookywho said nything about windows?08:58
TakeItEZwookiepooky: you08:58
artreiTakeItEZ, i think i'm one of those people that always run sudo, please tell me when i shouldn't use it?08:58
wookiepookyi asked about terminal08:58
TakeItEZartrei: in most cases08:58
TakeItEZwookiepooky: stop trolling, neither cmd.exe nor regedit exist in linux systems08:58
wookiepookyquit being ignorant they are on your hardrive and other dual boot systems08:59
artreiTakeItEZ, any resource i could read about this sudo things?08:59
TakeItEZ!sudo | artrei i don't know if that explain backgrounds08:59
ubottuartrei i don't know if that explain backgrounds: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:59
wookiepookyi'll try in #wine ty09:00
artreithanks! TakeItEZ09:00
suigenerisartrei: you shouldn't run it in the cases you don't need root access09:00
rico129alright i'm going to test this out, wish me luck guys!09:00
TakeItEZsuigeneris:biggest problem is to decide if you need or not, in most cases09:01
artreisuigeneris, TakeItEZ what's the bad thing that would come if i use sudo in every command?09:01
TakeItEZartrei: you might break thing you woldn't break with limited user-permissions09:02
suigenerisartrei: you end up removing system files09:02
suigenerismight too09:02
SolarisBoyor improperly permissioning files whic hshould be owned by you09:02
suigenerisartrei: changing sudo permissions is the worst09:02
suigenerisbelieve me, I know. that happened to me09:03
xkcdHi, I am using ubuntu 12.10 I am unable to connect to freenode IRC using chatzilla09:03
xkcdI asked the guys at #chatzilla on moznet IRC09:03
xkcdthey asked me to run grep nameserver /run/resolvconf/interface/*` and `dig +trace chat.freenode.net`09:03
xkcdseeing the results they said your resolver is being dumb09:03
rico129well.. that didn't work.09:04
xkcdthese are the results09:04
xkcdtold me to ask over here09:04
TakeItEZ xkcd try "sudo sed -ri 's/(127.0.*)/\nnameserver \1/' /etc/resolv.conf" and connect, does it work then?09:04
* suigeneris shakes fist at those who ban pastebin.com09:04
SolarisBoyyour resolver is localhost.... bust that can be normal...09:04
=== torpet is now known as torpet|away
suigenerisSolarisBoy: beginning 12.04, resolver is localhost09:05
vjacobhiya. what' the deal with running 3.2.37, but having only installed packages for 3.2.0-37 ?09:05
suigenerisI don't know why09:05
SolarisBoysuigeneris: i know09:05
SolarisBoyit caching09:05
vjacobmy linux kernel says it's newer than the packages that I have installed running uname.09:05
rico129looks like I can't play dota 2 on ubuntu09:05
xkcdTakeItEZ: Nope its not working09:05
Ben64vjacob: what does uname -a say09:06
SolarisBoythe dnsmasq is using your upstream DNS servers suigeneris09:06
vjacobBen64, 3.2.37 #109:06
Ben64vjacob: no, paste the whole line09:06
historico129: What didn't work?09:06
ikoniavjacob: you have updated your kernel, and not rebooted for it to become live, most probably09:06
vjacobI can't. It's on another system09:06
blue112xkcd, but you are currently on freenode using chatzilla...09:06
ikoniavjacob: then copy it09:06
vjacobikonia, ah, that may be09:06
Ben64vjacob: then read it better09:06
SolarisBoyxkcd: frist ping and ensure you can reach systems fine on the net09:06
vjacobfunny that09:06
Ben64Linux ben64 3.2.0-38-generic #61-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 19 12:18:21 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:06
vjacobBen64: chill dude09:06
Ben64notice the 0 before the 3809:06
SolarisBoyor in fact xkcd try to resolve against a DNS using that same dig line - remove +trace you don't need it also09:07
vjacobI can read.09:07
vjacobit says 3.2.3709:07
ikoniavjacob: is that exactly what it says ?09:07
vjacobikonia, hold on there. i'm rebooting09:07
ikoniathat's not an ubuntu kernel09:07
rico129histo: I installed wine, then windows mozilla on it, downloaded steam, logged in, and downloaded dota 2, launched it and resolution dropped- one monitor cut out, and could only see my desktop at low res, but hear ingame music. had to reboot.09:07
xkcdnow it seems to be working09:08
SolarisBoyxkcd: you should find out about your setup09:08
xkcdI dont know how after I pinged I guess09:08
SolarisBoyxkcd: it may work because you just put an internet dns server into resolv.conf - pinging it won't enable it09:09
SolarisBoyif you removed trace thats what did it -09:09
SolarisBoynot everyone lets you recursively query their dns -09:09
vjacobikonia: that may be. Although I don't remember compiling and installing another.09:09
vjacobikonia, boot problem09:09
SolarisBoyxkcd: you should really figure out what broke it initially though - because without a small adjustment - your system won't persist that little dns change you made on a reboot - =)09:10
vjacobikonia: This is the line in grub: "Ubuntu, with Linux 3.2.37"09:10
vjacobno other kernel alternative09:10
historico129: They make steam for linux09:10
ikoniavjacob is this a vps ?09:10
vjacobdon't know what a vps is09:11
ikoniavjacob: is this your physical machine ?09:11
rico129histo: I don't think dota 2 is available for steam linux. I'll check right now though. would be nice09:11
vjacobI just did apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade09:11
ikoniavjacob: is it in a data center ?09:11
vjacobikonia: no09:11
vjacobthis is a physical machine09:11
historico129: if not you'll have to check wine's appdb to see if dota or whatever game is working09:11
histo!appdb | rico12909:11
ikoniavjacob: can you see it - is it with you09:11
ubotturico129: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help09:11
Ben64rico129: it should be working in the future09:11
rico129thanks histo09:11
vjacobikonia, yes09:11
rico129Ben64: alright I'll just dual boot to play games.09:11
vjacobrescue mode doesn't let me access the encrypted disk09:12
rico129until then!09:12
Ben64rico129: wine works on many games09:12
ikoniavjacob: ok - so it sounds like you've made significant changes to that machine as that is not an ubuntu kernel09:12
xkcdSolarisBoy: Do you know method by which I can I find that out09:12
vjacobikonia, I don't remember doing that honestly, in fact I'm regularly updating only to ubuntu kernels09:12
ikoniavjacob: ok - well someone has done a significant change to that machine.09:12
vjacobikonia, that may be but I'd be surprised09:13
SolarisBoyxkcd: by default ubuntu runs network-manager - see if you have that running. use 'ps auxwwww|egrep network-manager'09:13
rico129found some info here on winehq09:13
vjacobikonia: I don't understand, why isn't there an older kernel alternative in the boot menu?09:13
ikoniavjacob: probably because someones removed them when they put their own kernel in place.09:14
Ben64vjacob: pastebin "cat /etc/apt/sources.list* /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*"09:14
vjacobBen64: the machine is inaccessible09:14
SolarisBoyxkcd: in the output if present you will see a conf line like this '--conf-file=/var/run/nm-dns-dnsmasq.conf' type 'cat /var/run/nm-dns-dnsmasq.conf' and whatever is present in "server=" is the actual dns you use09:14
Ben64vjacob: i thought you were just on it?09:14
ikoniaBen64: he rebooted09:14
vjacobno I rebooted on the suggestion of ikonia09:14
ikoniaI did no suggest you reboot09:14
ikoniavjacob: I did not suggest you reboot at all09:15
Ben64and it died upon reboot?09:15
vjacob[10:06]  <ikonia> vjacob: you have updated your kernel, and not rebooted for it to become live, most probably09:15
SolarisBoydoesn't sound like he said reboot09:15
ikoniavjacob: yes, where did I say reboot, I offered a possible suggestion09:15
vjacobfair enough, I guess I read too much into yoursuggestion09:15
ikoniavjacob: you then provided details that this was not an ubuntu kernel09:15
Ben64not sure what to suggest then09:16
vjacob(according to you)09:16
ikoniaso rebooting at that stage....would not be wise.09:16
ikoniavjacob: can you boot from a livecd and get some package info for us09:16
Ben64there is disk encryption09:16
v2zzis there any tool in linux(ubuntu), that shows mount errors? don't offer /var/log09:16
SolarisBoyis the old kernel still available? - can you boot back into that?09:17
xkcdSolarisBoy: Its not returning anything09:17
ikoniaof course there is.....as average home users need disk encryption on their root file system...09:17
SolarisBoyxkcd: then your not running network manager09:17
vjacobis there any way to continue a boot that interrupts upon trying to load iptables?09:17
ikoniavjacob: try to boot into single user mode09:17
ikoniavjacob: it won't bring up networking, so doesn't bring up iptables09:17
SolarisBoyxkcd: in which case - however your configuring your network - your dns is broken - or even your not properly configuring it -09:17
ikoniavjacob: append "single" to your boot line09:17
vjacobok, trying09:17
SolarisBoyupdate-grub too09:18
Ben64v2zz: dmesg?09:18
cristian_cHow can I switch audio from mono to stereo?09:18
cristian_cAny ideas?09:18
=== mike_ is now known as Guest24646
xkcdSolarisBoy: But for this ps auxwwww|egrep network-manager I am getting some output which contained the the --conf-file you menstioned09:19
rico129any recommendations for a dock?09:20
SolarisBoyxkcd: oh and your saying that file is empty?09:20
SolarisBoyxkcd: do you have your interface configured for dhcp or static conf?09:21
servvswill the restore disk image in the "disks" program work with ntsf via usb?09:21
xkcdSolarisBoy:  which interface?? I didn't get you09:24
vjacobI added the 'single in the linux starting with 'linux...' using the emacs-editing of grub (1.99) and then hit Ctrl-x, as the bottom lines mention09:25
vjacobdo I have to type something else before Ctrl-x? Doing the above didn't seem to make any difference after rebooting09:25
SolarisBoyxkcd: it looks like you may need to open the network-manager applet in the top menu and take a look at the setting for your default interface - usually eth009:26
vjacobi.e. my line was "linux /vmlinuz-3.2.37 single root=/dev/mapper/machine-root ro"09:26
SolarisBoyxkcd: check to see if it's a static setting (you set the IP address and other fields manually) or if it's DHCP (it's auto configured when you get a network signal)09:26
vjacobtrying now instead with 'single' on a separate line + ctrl-x09:27
vjacobnot recognized09:27
SolarisBoyvjacob: single belongs after the ro09:27
ikoniavjacob: single should be the last option09:27
vjacobah, thx09:28
jiltdilvjacob, use init=/bin/bash instead of single perhabs will do the trick after getting the single user mode  do  mount -o remount, rw /  now done09:28
FloodBot1ikonia: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:28
SolarisBoythat was kind awesome =)09:28
jiltdilvjacob, append at the end of the line09:29
xkcdSolarisBoy: I am using ubuntu 12.10  it has no network-manager applet09:29
ntzrmtthihu777anyone aware of a command to list all installed themes?09:29
vjacobjiltdil, that sounds like a neat idea09:29
SolarisBoyxkcd: what the heckles - hrmm i just tried nm-tool and i dont see any details about dhcp/static there - let me look around..09:29
vjacobtrying ikonia's approach first then will try that too09:29
zetheroois there a way to check that a Raid1 setup is functioning correctly?09:29
ikoniazetheroo: what type of raid, hardware/software/fake09:30
jiltdilvjacob,  Both is correct , if first will not work then try second, it is more when you have password protect single usermode09:30
zetherooikonia: It's setup during Ubuntu install ... so I am guessing it's software Raid!?09:30
TakeItEZxkcd: ubuntu-12.10 has that applet in the top right09:30
belgianguyhi, I'm having glitches in my Unity desktop/Compiz, it seems as if an underlying terminal cursor is shining through09:30
ikoniazetheroo: cat /proc/mdstat09:30
vjacobadding 'single' after 'ro' on that line didn't seem to make any difference (still assuming only ctrl-x is necessary to press afterwards)09:31
belgianguyand I get whole black streaks of some sort of hazy terminal like view shining through09:31
ikonia /mode -bbbbbb *!*@  *!*@81-197-42-184.elisa-mobile.fi  *!*@ip24-251-168-64.ph.ph.cox.net *!*@host81-158-66-85.range81-158.btcentralplus.com09:31
=== redtape-renegade is now known as redtape-AFK
jiltdilvjacob,  after adding you have to boot using ctrl+x of perhabs  hitting  "b"09:32
SolarisBoyxkcd: check this file /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf and see if the option prepend-name-servers is uncommented -09:32
vjacobjiltdil, I'm in09:32
vjacobyour idea worked09:32
zetherooikonia: does this look ok ... ?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5607260/09:32
vjacobI'm surprised that 'single' wouldn't work09:33
SolarisBoyxkcd: how are you expected to check/configure network in 12.10 is there no alternate option??09:33
ikoniazetheroo: all fine09:33
ikoniazetheroo: it's rebuilding09:33
SolarisBoyi mean assuming you didn't know about using the terminal or so..09:33
jiltdilvjacob, yes it would be perhabs09:33
zetherooikonia: ok nice!09:33
ikoniazetheroo: your performance will be bad until the rebuild finishes09:33
vjacobjiltdil, what would be the obvious next step? :)09:34
xkcdSolarisBoy: , TakeItEZ  : I looked my present network's IPV4 settings it says Automatic DHCP09:34
ikoniazetheroo: this isn't an SSD is it (please say no)09:34
zetherooikonia: right - understood :)09:34
jiltdilvjacob, now do what you want ;)09:34
zetherooikonia: no ... why?09:34
ikoniazetheroo: that's fine, software raid mirroring wrecks them09:34
vjacobthanks btw ikonia for the observation that it's not a ubuntu kernel. is that based solely ont the kernel version? (12.04)09:34
SolarisBoyxkcd: ok09:34
zetherooikonia: ok .. good to know09:34
xkcdNo it is not uncommented09:35
vjacobjiltdil, is /bin/bash not the default even without that line, and why would adding actually get me further than 'single' ? Are there other reasons than password protected single user mode?09:36
vjacobI don't think I have that enabled09:36
SolarisBoyxkcd: thats fine - i would open up network-manager applet and add a dns server to my IPv4 settings - your dhcp server may not be giving you one09:37
vjacobjiltdil, I have no idea what I want to do here to be honest, but I guess I will start looking around at the kernels09:38
jiltdilvjacob,  /bin/bash ask kernel to directly  give him bash09:38
vjacobseems strange. my /boot is empty, although my  /vmlinuz points to a kernel inside /boot09:38
SolarisBoyxkcd: if your comfortable with you can add that -09:38
vjacobin other words, that overrides the (eventual) loading of bash, as it would normally have happened (after iptables, etc finished)09:39
vjacobeven stranger (and why I originally joined this channel to ask about this):09:39
xkcdSolarisBoy: What is
SolarisBoyxkcd: i believe it's google public dns09:40
vjacobLinux vjacob-machine 3.2.37 #1 SMP Tue Feb 26 09:33:16 CET 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:40
SolarisBoyxkcd: thats the ip address the guy had you set your resolver to use also.. =)09:40
vjacobbut my initrd.img and vmlinuz point to 3.2.0-38 and 3.2.0-37 kernels09:40
vjacobI so don't get this! :p09:40
xkcdSolarisBoy: :)09:41
TakeItEZSolarisBoy: it is google-dns and ok for testing. for daily use ... better to use something really free09:41
SolarisBoyi was going to say that... eventually... but sometimes it gets contrived in places like this...09:41
vjacobah, I need to load a separate boot partition of course.09:42
TakeItEZgoogle owns a CA now, so better to avoid using his dns09:42
SolarisBoygoogle also owns half of mountain view - haha09:42
SolarisBoyi like OpenDNS - but what i do is program my router to use those and i point my clients behind me router to my router - xkcd09:43
moldycan i somehow use an ubuntu 12.10 box running unity to remotely display x11 apps from another machine (x11 forwarding)?09:44
Seveasmoldy: yes, ssh -X that.other.machine09:44
SolarisBoyxkcd: in affect my clients still end up caching whatever they get on localhost - and it's been pretty reliable09:44
=== redtape-AFK is now known as redtape-renegade
SolarisBoymoldy: ssh -n -q -X that.other.machine 'app' if you want to background the ssh process or make a shortcut or something -09:45
=== torpet|away is now known as torpet
SolarisBoyand have keyless access - hah09:45
SolarisBoy*passwordless ;<09:46
vjacobjiltdil, if # update-grub fails after finding various images with the error "/var/log/lvm: mkdir failed: No such file or directory. File-based locking init failed. done" is that going to stop me from booting normally anyways?09:46
ntzrmtthihu777anyone know of a way to not need to use a plaintext password in the .mailx config file?09:46
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: doesn't seem the option exists for those clients09:50
=== wannado__ is now known as wannado
ntzrmtthihu777SolarisBoy: we meet again :P :/ dang, that sucks. I know you can do an md5 hash in the grub menu09:50
ntzrmtthihu777ban-hammer be strong :P09:51
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: i don't know mailx isn't a daemon maybe you can do something fancy before calling mailx to decrypt it on the fly -09:51
ntzrmtthihu777SolarisBoy: erm what. lol, I'm just a tut kiddie, not so innovative yet :P09:52
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: no clue - store as an encrtpyed string write it to a hidden file somewhere discreet call mailx to use that file if possible and then delete it on mailx exit?09:53
rico129whenever I stretch a window and at other times I hear crackling on my speakers.09:53
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: just freestyling right now =)09:53
TakeItEZSolarisBoy: ntzrmtthihu777 don't forget to hide/encrypt the decrypting script too09:53
SolarisBoyOR - use a more suitable client for your needs -09:54
TakeItEZ1st step, chmod 700 $HOME09:54
zolidznakehi scooby09:54
SolarisBoyalpine doesn't use plain text passes in files for instance -09:54
ntzrmtthihu777SolarisBoy: if you know of a better way to send email from terminal I am all ears09:54
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: ^09:55
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: i use alpine to send and receive mail on my system - if your just doing local sends with mailx it should work out the box09:55
moldySeveas: i get "Can't open display:". i thought it was because the connecting machine has no x11 server running, but maybe i was mistaken?09:55
ntzrmtthihu777TakeItEZ: erm, not so knowledgable on the chmod ### codes, but would that not screw me over royally?09:56
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: no thats royally secure in fact09:56
TakeItEZntzrmtthihu777: it limits access to your home to you (and root)09:56
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: no ones should be in your $HOME but you - that first bit implies your user can get there -09:56
SolarisBoy^^ and root =)09:56
DJonesrico129: Probably a daft question (but something I've problems with) If you're using a wired mouse, its not the mouse cable knocking the speaker cable/connections, I get crackling caused by a loose connection on the jack plug connecting to the sound card09:57
TakeItEZthere is imo no valid reason for the 755 $HOME, nobody has to have access to a users file09:57
ntzrmtthihu777TakeItEZ: interesting, thankies. but on another level, it is just a nice placebo. no one comes to my house, and if they have my hdd then they can boot a live cd and still get my pw from .mailrc09:57
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: not if you encrypt your disk09:58
rico129DJones: Nope, but good to know!09:58
TakeItEZntzrmtthihu777: fde is the only mean against that09:58
moldySeveas: never mind. x11forwarding was disabled. thanks :)09:58
=== acidflash_ is now known as acidflash
BeyROBOThi, hows it going09:58
DJonesrico129: That was my only thought on that issue09:58
TakeItEZor at leas encrypted homes09:58
BeyROBOThi, hows it going09:59
SolarisBoyTakeItEZ: ntzrmtthihu777 and that exact point is why FDE is a great option to *use* despite whatever loss of performance you get which is generally minimal09:59
ntzrmtthihu777SolarisBoy: true, true. but quite frankly that's a bit much for me, I have seen too many folk in here locked out of their $HOME over that.09:59
SolarisBoyencrypted homes is nice - until someone wants to brute force your /etc/passwd and you find thats 'plain text'09:59
SolarisBoyTakeItEZ: no worries - well mailx is old and modeled after mail10:00
SolarisBoyit doesn't support anything other than plain text it seems =(10:00
ntzrmtthihu777perhaps I could replace the pw with a function...10:00
SolarisBoyassuming it's interpreted as shell or something sure10:00
SolarisBoyif not you just broke the config -10:00
ntzrmtthihu777eh, I could always delete said function and re-insert the pw. maybe I can come up with something so complicated no-one but a super hacker/mathmatician could figure it.10:01
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: like i said if you make the password a string that you can decrypt with say openssl - it should be hard to get a little funky pipe one liner buried somewhere and hooked into your mailx command10:02
SolarisBoysaid one liner should simply cat | decrypt | write ;  call mailx to use ; delete; exit10:02
belgianguyugh, is there a way to revert from a (non PPA) AMD/ATI beta driver? Seems it's bringing more pain than gain10:02
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html10:03
SolarisBoybelgianguy: should be deleting the driver - then use ppa-purge to remove the ppa files10:03
BeyROBOThi, hows it going10:03
DJonesBeyROBOT: This is Ubuntu support, if you have an issue, feel free to ask it, if you want general chat please use /ubuntu-offtopic10:03
SolarisBoybelgianguy: removing the driver package rather i should say -10:03
=== robert_ is now known as Guest15756
belgianguySolarisBoy: through uninstall.sh ? would that be sufficient?10:04
belgianguyor would I need to reactivate the OSS driver as well?10:04
SolarisBoybelgianguy: preferably should be using apt to remove it10:04
SolarisBoybelgianguy: how did you *install* it?10:04
belgianguySolarisBoy: manually :(10:04
ntzrmtthihu777belgianguy: ouch10:04
belgianguyfrom the AMD site10:04
SolarisBoyso where did the ppa business come in? belgianguy ?10:04
dr_willisif you used apt to install. use the apt tools to remove10:05
ntzrmtthihu777ppa = <310:05
belgianguySolarisBoy: it didn't, I said 'non ppa' as in "not from a PPA"10:05
SolarisBoyoh my bad lol10:05
belgianguybut I get black flashes10:05
SolarisBoybelgianguy: go to the AMD/ATI site and get the removal instructions10:05
belgianguyand it seems a tty cursor is flashing through the Unity/Compiz desktop10:05
dr_willisthe .run drivers incluide an --uninstall option normally10:05
SolarisBoy^ - but confirm it with the ATI README or whatever it should be available10:06
belgianguyand black tears as if my desktop was teared apart10:06
SolarisBoy./<file>.run --help even10:06
belgianguyah, k, thanks dr_willis and SolarisBoy , will investigate that first10:06
rico129just spent an hour trying to get a weather extension working.10:07
selena2013just installed new Gothic fonts10:08
SolarisBoythis is like twitter lol10:08
selena2013is a big ubuntu twitter10:08
BeyROBOThi, hows it going10:08
rico129hehe. Well the weather extension isn't working. I'm getting an overlay-scrollbar error10:08
selena2013whats going on ?10:08
ntzrmtthihu777rico129: then get rid of them :D10:09
DJonesBeyROBOT: No need to say that every time you join the channel10:09
selena2013this Gothic fonts are kool10:09
SolarisBoyrico129: which package name?10:09
s4ltness!tweets pong pong pomme pommes10:09
ubottus4ltness: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:09
Pie_MageLast restart: 4 Weeks 1 Day 9 Hours 14 Minutes 49 Seconds10:09
tzarcWindows7 Uptime: 4days 9hrs 8mins 25secs Best: 8wks 6days 23hrs 52mins 42secs10:09
tzarcWindows7 Uptime: 5wks 1day 2hrs 2mins 53secs Best: 5wks 1day 2hrs 2mins 53secs10:09
SolarisBoyrico129: are you using a default ubuntu install?10:09
rico129gnome-shell-extension-weather and i'm on gnome 3.6.210:09
DJonestzarc: Please disable that uptime script10:10
SolarisBoyahh gnome-shell =( im on unity sorry10:10
rico129SolarisBoy: I installed ubuntu 12.10 7 hours ago and followed a forum guide to remove unity and install gnome 310:10
ntzrmtthihu777rico129: I use gnome-panel10:10
rico129gnome panel you say... i'll check it out right now ntzrmtthihu77710:10
ntzrmtthihu777rico129: whate exactly is the overlay scrollbar error?10:10
Pie_MageLast restart: 4 Weeks 1 Day 9 Hours 16 Minutes 7 Seconds10:11
tzarcWindows7 Uptime: 4days 9hrs 9mins 42secs Best: 8wks 6days 23hrs 52mins 42secs10:11
tzarcWindows7 Uptime: 5wks 1day 2hrs 4mins 10secs Best: 5wks 1day 2hrs 4mins 10secs10:11
rico129"Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "overlay-scrollbar"10:11
SolarisBoyyea gnome-shell is a whole other beast still wrapping my head around unity configurations and so sorry rico129  =( probably can't help at all10:11
vjacobany grub-experts on chan?10:11
ntzrmtthihu777rico129: did you remove the overlay-scrollbars?10:11
BeyROBOT Ubuntu is the best platform in the world! :P10:11
SolarisBoyvjacob: whats the problem your having?10:12
BeyROBOT ahola!10:12
rico129I don't even remember...I may have ran a remove unity command that took it all to the void?10:12
vjacobSolarisBoy, not being able to update grub boot options10:12
ntzrmtthihu777rico129: I have never used said extension, and I have purged almost all of unity (I kept lightdm and unity-greeter because I like the purdy login screen)10:13
SolarisBoyvjacob: are you running update-grub after your changes? and what file are you changing?10:13
vjacobbooting using init=/bin/bash ... # update-grub fails after finding various images with the error "/var/log/lvm: mkdir failed: No such file or directory. File-based locking init failed. done" is that going to stop me from booting normally anyways?10:13
vjacobnot changing any file as such10:13
selena2013i have the ubuntu touch circle wallpaper installed10:13
rico129I just ran sudo apt.....overlay-scrollbar and it installed it.10:13
selena2013is freaking kool10:13
rico129ntzrmtthihu777: do you have a screenshot of your desktop?10:14
ntzrmtthihu777selena2013: the ubuntu-pie thing?10:14
SolarisBoyvjacob: ok10:14
ntzrmtthihu777rico129: not right now, But I can make one10:14
selena2013yea the same one they use for the phones and tablets10:14
vjacobjust tried rebooting10:14
selena2013circle live wallpaper10:14
rico129would be interesting to see what others did10:14
vjacobnone of the kernels that seemed to be added are listed10:14
vjacobbut I got that error at the end too10:14
SolarisBoyvjacob: can you pastie the full error you get on update-grub - vjacom rebooting generally isn't a good fix for anything -10:14
vjacobSolarisBoy, can't paste, it's on another machine as such (no network)10:15
vjacobbut that's more or less the whole line above10:15
SolarisBoyvjacob: silly question do you use lvm or use a seperate mount for /var ?10:15
vjacoblvm is used, since the main partition (besides /boot) is encrypted.10:16
ntzrmtthihu777rico129: http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/5788/screenshotfrom201303120.png10:16
vjacobso two partitions in all, but wouldn't update-grub only be modifying /boot ?10:17
ntzrmtthihu777rico129: its nothing fancy, just some tweaks on an existing re-master of ubuntu.10:17
SolarisBoyalrighty so it's encrypted lvm -  when you are in the root shell - do you see all your lvm mounts present?10:17
SolarisBoyvjacob: ^10:17
BeyROBOT ahola!10:17
zetherooI have installed Ubuntu 12.04 server onto one of our servers for the third time in a row and each time after successful install, on the first reboot, I end up at "error: no such disk"  and  "grub rescue"!!10:17
rico129it's nifty looking, ntzrmtthihu777!10:17
SolarisBoyzetheroo: sounds like grub is pointing to incorrect things -10:18
SolarisBoyzetheroo: how are you installing?10:18
ntzrmtthihu777rico129: the background changes every 5 minutes10:18
vjacobSolarisBoy, I'd say yes10:18
zetheroothe frustrating this is that I performed the identical install on another identical server and there was no issue10:18
vjacob/dev/mapper/vjacob-machine  (mounted on /)10:18
vjacob/dev/sda1 (/boot)10:18
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest25082
zetherooSolarisBoy: how am I installing? using an Ubuntu CD ...10:19
SolarisBoyvjacob: ok vjacob is /var/log/lvm present?10:19
vjacobSolarisBoy, not in the overview from "df"10:19
ntzrmtthihu777zetheroo: its not always an obvious question. I personally know of no less than 4 ways to install ubuntu10:19
cristian_ginestrciao c'è qualkuno?10:19
rico129I just switched over from windows xp. everything looks amazing to me.10:19
ntzrmtthihu777!fr | cristian_ginestr10:20
ubottucristian_ginestr: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:20
vjacobSolarisBoy, /var/log is there, but there's no /var/log/lvm10:20
rajeevCan somebody help me into getting connected to wifi ? I have installed ubuntu & cant find 'Enable Wireless' to be checked condition10:20
ntzrmtthihu777rico129: windows xp, the last good windows in my opine.10:20
vjacobnote that I'm overriding the normal startup process using "init=/bin/bash"10:20
zetheroontzrmtthihu777: well I am doing nothing out of the ordinary ... just a simple install with Raid1 ... and as I said this install worked without issue on an identical server using the same CD and the same steps10:20
SolarisBoyvjacob: strange i dont have it either10:20
SolarisBoyvjacob: in a normal run level i dont have that folder either - but anyway no worries10:21
vjacobright now I'm just glad I'm back in... thought everything was lost for second10:21
SolarisBoyvjacob: maybe make that directory and try 'update-grub' again ;>10:22
vjacobbut how to get boot working normally again10:22
SolarisBoycouldn't hurt -10:22
vjacobah it's /var/lock/lvm. sorry for the typo. do you have that?10:22
zetherooso how do I fix this in Grub Rescue ... ?10:22
vjacob/var/lock -> /run/lock here10:22
SolarisBoyzetheroo: what type of raid1? hw?10:22
rico129ntzrmtthihu777: i like xp, but it's time to move one!10:23
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
SolarisBoyvjacob: i knew that sounded weird... /var/log/lvm?10:23
zetherooSolarisBoy: software10:23
vjacobthere's no mention of /var/log/lvm at all10:23
selena2013ubuntu forever10:23
vjacoband there's no /run/lock10:23
rico129wow.. pushing 90 minutes trying to install this little weather extension. I should just reformat..10:24
vjacobso that's why there's no /run/lock/lvm I guess10:24
vjacobadding '/run/lock/' and then '/run/lock/lvm' seems to allow update-grub to finish10:25
rico129hello JoFo10:25
vjacobSolarisBoy, thanks!10:25
SolarisBoyvjacob: /run is generally a tmpfs by the way =)10:25
vjacobwhat's the proper way to unmount everything cleanly at this point?10:26
vjacobreboot/hutdown don't seem to be allowed10:26
SolarisBoyvjacob: maybe it didn't get enabled due to your single user mode'ness - however you could have simply mounted it all the same and it should just appear and worked as well - but in that case of the latter its the proper way to do it10:26
belgianguydr_willis SolarisBoy: so far, so good, uninstall --force was needed, but I still have a GUI :)10:26
SolarisBoybelgianguy: nice work10:27
zetherooanyone with experience in grub rescue ?10:27
SolarisBoyvjacob: for your reference : 'mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /run/lock'10:28
vjacobzetheroo, wassup?10:28
zetherooI have installed Ubuntu 12.04 server onto one of our servers for the third time in a row and each time after successful install, on the first reboot, I end up at "error: no such disk"  and  "grub rescue"10:28
SolarisBoyvjacob: or you can limit the size with -o size=<N>m - where m is a number of megabytes10:28
SolarisBoy*N =(10:29
belgianguyzetheroo: boot loader problem?10:29
SolarisBoysounds like a can't find disk problem10:29
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vjacobSolarisBoy, did that instead10:29
zetheroobelgianguy: I guess ... but I need help with Grub Rescue console10:29
SolarisBoyvjacob: sweet10:30
vjacobSolarisBoy, so how do I unmount my partitions as cleanly as possible?10:30
vjacob# umount ?10:30
SolarisBoyvjacob: why?10:30
rajeevAnybody can help with wifi driver install here ?10:30
vjacobto reboot  :)10:30
SolarisBoyvjacob: yes by the way - technically you shouldn't need to do that typing reboot does all that10:30
vjacobwith one of the other kernels hopefully10:30
vjacobI get 'shutdown: Unable to shutdown system'10:30
SolarisBoyshutdown isn't sufficient10:31
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ntzrmtthihu777sudo shutdown, right?10:31
vjacobwell I'm root already10:31
ert3goHello, I am on ubuntu 12.04 and I want to install  libhighgui2.1 libcvaux2.1 libcv2.1 . When I do apt-get , i get "Couldn't find any package by regex 'libhighgui2.1'10:31
ert3goHow do I install them?10:31
SolarisBoytry 'shutdown -r now'10:31
vjacobSolarisBoy, same error10:31
SolarisBoyone sec...10:32
sgo11vjacob, 'sudo shutdown -h now' ?10:32
SolarisBoyvjacob: init 610:32
A_JI require a little help in netwroking. I installed samba on my ubuntu pc and set a drive to share. this is what error i get when i try to access it on windows http://puu.sh/2gn0S10:32
ntzrmtthihu777oh yeah, forgot about the -h now10:33
SolarisBoyhalt works and reboot doesn't?10:33
zambai want to set up a local file system over ftp.. what can i use for that?10:34
vjacobSolarisBoy, I just unmounted and hit ctrl+alt+del eventually. someone suggested as an alternative (next time): to remount,rw10:34
A_JI require a little help in netwroking. I installed samba on my ubuntu pc and set a drive to share. this is what error i get when i try to access it on windows http://puu.sh/2gn0S10:34
zambakind of like for sshfs10:34
vjacobsorry remount,ro10:34
dr_williszamba:  theres fuse ftp tools for that..10:34
zambadr_willis: yeah.. but that?10:34
SolarisBoyvjacob: oh you said you wanted to reboot - not remount10:34
dr_williszamba:  search the repos.. i donmt use ftp any more..10:34
SolarisBoyvjacob: mount -o remount,rw /10:34
TheGreyo/ how can I find out what driver I need from the repos? I have a Thinkpad T20 with a NVS 4200 Quadro card10:34
dr_willisftpfuse perhaps.. fuseftp10:34
vjacobSolarisBoy, I did...but weirdly... I rebootedand the kernels that update-grub still don't show in the grub boot menu10:34
dr_willisi recall ther ebeing several10:35
zetherooso nobody has any experience with grub rescue!?10:35
vjacobeven though they were listed as being added running update-grub10:35
ntzrmtthihu777zetheroo: what are you trying to fix10:35
vjacobzetheroo, that error doesn't seem to ring any bells10:35
zetheroontzrmtthihu777: dude ... I have spelled out the issue more than once now ... :P10:35
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SolarisBoyzetheroo: when you break into a grub shell let me know10:36
ntzrmtthihu777zetheroo: but I have been doing other things, refresh me.10:36
rajeevzetheroo: Do you have any other operating system along side it ?10:36
oskar-zetheroo:  you can take a look at a grub configuration and try to put in the statements line by line. after loading some modules, you may be able to use tab completion. i suggest to look for the device.map or try grub-legacy.10:36
vjacobzetheroo, what wa the last grub command or configuration change you performed?10:36
zetheroontzrmtthihu777: simple install with Raid1 -- install goes peachy ... then "error: no such disk" and I am at Grub Rescue prompt10:36
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SolarisBoyzetheroo: when your there - try to ls hd0 and use tabbing - cycle through the partitions and find your boot folder after with the tab completion10:36
ert3gocan I get any help installing openCV2.1 in ubuntu?10:37
SolarisBoywhen you find it the right partition with /boot on it - change your grub to point to that drive10:37
ntzrmtthihu777zetheroo: no experience there10:37
zetheroook I found this ... might give it a try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131958110:37
SolarisBoyoh - what i just said?10:37
higsonanybody here who can help me with USB, automount, /media/$LUSER changes in 12.10 ?10:38
ert3goIs downloading and extracting this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/opencv/2.1.0-7build1 tar.gz package the proper way10:38
zetherooSolarisBoy: when I do ls the first device is md010:38
belgianguyanyone know if Ubuntu's gfx drivers are updated in its lifetime?10:38
SolarisBoythtas because your using soft raid - thats expected id assume10:38
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SolarisBoyzetheroo: ^10:38
belgianguyor does that only happen when installing/upgrading?10:38
zetherooSolarisBoy: yeah ... so I am looking for a drive with a path to /boot .. correct?10:39
vjacobSolarisBoy, no errors now running # update-grub10:39
SolarisBoyzetheroo: thats correct10:39
zetheroook will check10:39
vjacobbut the supposedly added kernels still don't show upon boot10:39
vjacobany ideas why that might be?10:39
SolarisBoyzetheroo: further your looking for your kernel and initramfs under there - you can use tab completion by the way10:39
ntzrmtthihu777I'm out, later all.10:39
vjacobI've got 3.2.0-38-generic, 3.2.0-37-generic being added in addition to 3.2.37 but only 3.2.37 shows10:39
SolarisBoyvjacob: that is strange10:40
rico129All I had to do was restart my shell... wow.10:40
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SolarisBoyvjacob: ok try this - are those files actually in /boot?10:40
vjacobthey are10:40
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SolarisBoyhrmm stranger10:40
vjacobwell not so strange since update-grub is finding them10:41
vjacoband probably working somewhat10:41
vjacobwhat's stranger is that they aren't showing upon boot10:41
vjacobat least update-grub gives no errors10:41
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SolarisBoyvjacob: are you confirming the grub file is actually changing pre-reboot?10:41
TakeItEZvjacob: does "grep menuent /boot/grub/grub.cfg" list those extra kernels?10:41
SolarisBoycorrect ^^ vjacob10:42
SolarisBoycheck that file10:42
vjacobI get this: "The program 'grub' is currently not installed."10:42
SolarisBoybut wait?10:42
ert3goIs downloading and extracting this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/opencv/2.1.0-7build1 tar.gz package the proper way to install openCV2.1 on ubuntu?10:42
SolarisBoywhy would you get that?10:42
SolarisBoyvjacob: grep not grub10:42
vjacobSolarisBoy, I don't know. It says grub 1.99 when booting10:42
* vjacob needs my glasses10:43
vjacobok, get this... doing the grep (I have  used this command occasionally :)10:43
vjacobI get all the kernels I think10:43
vjacob8 lines, including the two kernels I wanted added before10:44
SolarisBoyhrmmm ok ok ok how about this - do you have ALOT of kernels - to the point that you may need to scroll down to see them all at boot?10:44
SolarisBoybecause i hope this isn't the issue..10:44
vjacobno, there are only 4 lines upon boot10:44
TakeItEZvjacob: but those aren't shown in the boot-menu? i'd rewrite grub into mbr10:44
vjacobincluding 2 memtest10:44
Fuzzleshow do i use the open source drivers?10:44
vjacobTakeItEZ, indeed...10:44
Gyro54is there a simple way to install a Sierra 320u 4g modem on Lubuntu 12.04?10:44
vjacobTakeItEZ, how?10:44
SolarisBoygrub-install probably10:45
rico129SolarisBoy: do you use Evolution for email?10:45
dr_willisGyro54:  run the proper jockey-gtk or jockey-text tool and hopefully it can download any needed drivers10:45
TakeItEZvjacob:sudo grub-install /dev/sda                   check man-page10:45
Guest89472hello folks, i have a question about usb modems and minicom in ubuntu 12.04...not sure if this is the right place to be asking though10:45
SolarisBoyrico129: no i use alpine10:45
vjacobis there any danger in doing both grub-isntall /dev/sda1 as well as grub-install /dev/sda ?10:46
SolarisBoyvjacob: one is not needed if you do the other10:46
SolarisBoyyou really should be installing to the disk10:46
Gyro54dr_willis: What is jockey-gtk10:46
vjacobgotit. thanks a bunch TakeItEZ + SolarisBoy . *crosses fingers*10:46
dr_willisGyro54:  the addational drivers helper tool10:46
SolarisBoyvjacob: np yw!10:46
dr_willisGyro54:  look for addational drivers  in the menus10:46
Gyro54dr_willis: Thanks10:47
Fuzzleshow do i remove additional drivers thats installed and go to the open source srivers10:47
SolarisBoyFuzzles: turn them off in the additional driver applet10:48
FuzzlesSolarisBoy, will that remove the driver, how d i install the open source driver10:48
SolarisBoyFuzzles: the open source driver should be there and set to your fall back once removed @noveau10:49
FuzzlesSolarisBoy, ok thanks10:49
SolarisBoyFuzzles: it deactivates the driver - not sure how it handles removal it deactivates and activates noveau10:49
vjacobSolarisBoy, :( the grub boot list is the same as before10:50
* SolarisBoy always spells that wrong and knows it 10:50
vjacobI wonder if it's because it's installed to /dev/sda110:50
vjacobtrying again doing it to that instead of /dev/sda10:50
TakeItEZvjacob:sudo grub-install /dev/sda       MBR, not into a partitions10:50
vjacobTakeItEZ, I did that before10:50
vjacobTakeItEZ, no change.10:50
Novusgood loard,.. never using this system ever again10:50
FuzzlesSolarisBoy, ill see what happens tring to get games working such as tf210:50
vjacobNovus, what's going on?10:51
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Novuseveryfucking time I try ubuntu since 9.10 nothign but problems! What's going on? It seems canonical is more concerned about making fuckign cell phones then a decent OS that actually works when you install the fuckign thing! I'm sick of this shit, fuck Mark, Fuck canonical, I'm out!10:53
vjacobTakeItEZ, well my bad idea didn't work of course :/10:53
vjacoband the reason i... LVM I am guessing10:53
vjacobgrub-etup warns about a partitionless disk10:54
vjacobhmm. out of ideas.10:54
zetherooSolarisBoy: ok I finally found /boot/grub on 'md/0,gpt1' ....10:54
vjacob# grub-install /dev/sda10:54
vjacob"Installation finished. No error reported."10:55
dr_willisNovus:  so do you hae an actual support question?10:55
vjacobwhy then aren't there other kernels showing upon boot?!10:55
SolarisBoyzetheroo: now check your grub.cfg and see if thats actually the root which is set.10:55
vjacobmaybe I should do that too10:55
zetherooSolarisBoy: is there a way I can boot from that device?10:55
vjacobthe menu entries are in grub.cfg10:56
zetheroobecause it may be easier to fix stuff once in Ubuntu itself ... no!?10:56
zetherooSolarisBoy: besides how does one check a config file in the Grub rescue area!?10:56
vjacobI feel like moving out the 3.2.37 from /boot but it seems risky.10:56
SolarisBoyzetheroo: type root=(md0,gpt1)10:57
vjacoband here I was... just wanting to use a new wireless USB NIC.10:57
zetherooSolarisBoy: I already did "set root=(md0,gpt1)"10:57
* vjacob gets off soap box10:57
SolarisBoyzetheroo: then do a 'kernel /boot/kernelfilename options' and then a initrd '/boot/initramfilename' and thena  'boot'10:58
dr_willisvjacob:  ive bought bout 4 usb dngles in the last 2 months - all worked out of the box. no issues10:59
zetherooSolarisBoy: is this one command? initrd '/boot/initramfilename'11:00
SolarisBoyzetheroo: 'initrd /boot/initramfilename' yes11:01
vjacobdr_willis, thx for the info :)11:02
vjacobI got the Edimax EW-7811Un.11:03
vjacobsince it was recommended for Raspberry Pi too11:03
vjacobbut I digress. got them grub blues.11:04
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SolarisBoyvjacob: maybe try a fsck ?11:04
SolarisBoynot saying that will work but it's pretty weird11:04
vjacobaye, trying11:04
zetherooSolarisBoy: when I try to do the kernel command I get unknown command 'kernel'11:05
SolarisBoyzetheroo: oh my bad in grub2 it's linux instead of kernel11:05
SolarisBoy'linux /boot/kernelaname options'11:05
zetherooSolarisBoy: I tried linux instead of kernel and its the same unknown command 'linux'11:06
vjacobSolarisBoy, I can't, it's encrypted and fsck.crypto_LUKS is not found11:06
vjacob(since / was unmounted)11:06
SolarisBoyzetheroo: doesn't sound like your in grub1 or grub2 then.....11:08
zetherooSolarisBoy: no idea  ... all I did was install Ubuntu Server 12.04 on a brand new system ... ;)11:09
vjacobthanks for all your consideration.11:09
vjacobgonna take a break.11:09
vjacobeverything was working fine until this morning for a month.11:09
SolarisBoyzetheroo: try it again from the set root= portion11:10
SolarisBoyzetheroo: note that there are no qoutes in the actual commands.11:10
rico129bedtime. Thanks for the help everyone.11:10
zetherooyeah I have tried it several times with no luck11:11
vjacobSolarisBoy, is it strange that 'grub' is not installed, while 'grub-install' and 'update-grub' is ?11:11
SolarisBoyvjacob: is grub2 installed?11:11
SolarisBoyvjacob: it seems more like a command-not-found blooper lol11:12
vjacobI don't think grub2 is installed11:12
SolarisBoyit should be..11:12
SolarisBoyif it's a default installation and all11:12
vjacobhow can I check?11:12
Ben64dpkg -l | grep grub11:13
vjacobdpkg -i doesn't let me finish due to being on a read-only fs11:13
SolarisBoydpkg -l 'grub*'11:13
SolarisBoyvjacob: did the remount rw not work for you?11:13
oskar-zetheroo:  why do you use gpt? i assume, your problems are caused by grub not well supporting gtp11:13
SolarisBoyvjacob: it's dpkg -l for listing btw -i is for installing11:14
SolarisBoylisting should indeed by r/o11:14
vjacobI thought it was working, but hmm, not sure11:14
zetheroooskar-: yeah you are probably right ..... but like I said .... this is just a simple Ubuntu install with RAID1 ... I did not try anything funny11:14
zetheroooskar-: so why it's using gpt I have no clue11:14
SolarisBoyvjacob: easy to tell after you do it type 'mount' and observe the line correlating to your / mount point you will see if it's currently ro or rw11:14
oskar-zetheroo:  is the disk size above 2 tb?11:15
zetheroooskar-: the RAID1 on which Ubuntu is installed is comprised of 2 x 1TB HDD's11:15
vjacobok, it looks like it's rw, but I actually don't see mention of /.11:15
SolarisBoybut it's a mirror so it's 1TB11:15
zetheroooskar-: there are also 2 x 3TB HDD's in the machine untouched11:16
vjacobI see mentioned: /proc, /sys, /sys/fs/fuse/connections, /sys/kernel/debug + ecurity /dev /dev /pts /run/lock /run/shm /run/lock11:16
SolarisBoyzetheroo: but they aren't a part of the md0 right?11:16
zetherooSolarisBoy: right - only the 2 x 1TB HDD's11:16
SolarisBoyvjacob: heh ok11:16
oskar-zetheroo:  maybe the installer is guessing to better use gpt because of their existence11:16
vjacob'grub*' ?11:17
SolarisBoyzetheroo: oskar- does have a point however - usually i see the labels as msdos partitions in grub11:17
SolarisBoynot gpt*11:17
zetheroo oskar-: no, I tried the Ubuntu install without the 2 x 3TB HDD's in there and it was the same issue11:17
SolarisBoyis there previous labeling on he disks though?11:18
vjacob#dpkg -l 'grub*'11:18
vjacobun   grub11:19
vjacobun  grub211:19
vjacobii   grub-common11:19
vjacobii   grub-coreboot11:19
SolarisBoyuh  oh11:19
vjacobii   grub-gfxpayloa11:19
vjacobii   grub-pc11:19
vjacobii   grub-pc-bin11:19
zetherooSolarisBoy: what do you mean?11:19
SolarisBoyim wondering why it's using gpt.11:20
vjacobii   grub2-common11:20
SolarisBoyvjacob: use pastebin in the future for long output.11:20
psakriiany pointers for creating debian packages for web applications ?11:20
SolarisBoyfine with me =)11:20
vjacobso it looks like grub _is_ installed (version 2) for PC/BIOS11:21
SolarisBoypsakrii: why would you need to debian package a *web app*?11:21
oskar-zetheroo:  do you have any uefi stuff in the mainboard activated? i don't know much about uefi/gpt, except that it is somehow related11:21
vjacobat least grub-pc and grub-pc-bin. I assume that 'grub' and 'grub2' are not necessary.11:21
SolarisBoyvjacob: possible11:21
zetheroo oskar-: very possibly ... should I disable it if it's enabled11:22
SolarisBoygrub is deprecated - i thought grub2 was default11:22
PrincessLunaHow can I right click with a touchscreen?11:22
psakriiSolarisBoy: it would be easy for setting up the web app on local or staging servers11:22
zetheroo oskar-: actually I am certain there is something liek that enabled11:22
oskar-zetheroo:  you could try it, and then ubuntu might not get the idea to use gpt11:22
zetheroo oskar-: should I disable it and reinstall Ubuntu?11:22
SolarisBoypsakrii: so you want to package the application code?11:22
vjacobwell I don't remember diverging form the defaults, and I've only ever been suggested to install grub-pc/grub-pc-bin. no mention of grub2 missing before11:22
SolarisBoypsakrii: what does the application run in?11:22
vjacobbut I can't rule out that my system has been tampered with.11:22
zetheroo oskar-: ok ... but should I reinstall Ubuntu as well ?11:22
psakriiSolarisBoy: its runs on PHP11:23
SolarisBoypsakrii: use git11:23
oskar-zetheroo:  depends on your decision, how much time you want to invest to get the current installation working...11:23
WhiteHippoHi all. I have an issue with ubuntu 12.10/cinnamon/banshee. my taskbar turns all pixelated where the icons are supposed to be after a few hours of having banshee running.11:24
WhiteHippoideas ?11:24
WhiteHippoand also my text is all grey. is that normal ?11:24
Ben64we can't help you with cinnamon :(11:24
psakriiSolarisBoy: that would be for version controlling i m talking about setting up the web app along with dependencies11:24
SolarisBoypsakrii: no - that would be for deploying to your web root -11:24
WhiteHippocan you point me to someplace with cinnamon help Ben64?11:24
oskar-zetheroo:  with uefi/gpt disabled and normal dos partitions a new installation should work out of the box11:24
Touhou11WhiteHippo: Try a less buggy DE, like XFCE11:24
WhiteHippoDE = ?11:25
SolarisBoypsakrii: use submodules - generally people package binary executables - not simply the web files that compile a web app - so im just saying using git and submodules you can pull the app easily (local/dev) and deploy it in the same hand11:25
Ben64WhiteHippo: i dunno, check the cinnamon website?11:25
WhiteHippoXFCE = ? (sorry. ubuntu noob)11:25
WhiteHippoah. ill do that.11:25
SolarisBoypsakrii: but if your intent on having a debian package it's really nto hard at all to unwrap some files to a location - would be a pretty shallow package though -11:25
psakriiSolarisBoy: hmmm ok cool any specific reason why only binary executables are packaged11:26
SolarisBoypsakrii: i didn't say *only* i said generally - because thats how packages are delivered - your talking a web app11:26
oskar-zetheroo:  and for array created from the bigger disks you could simply use no partitions, but instead create a LVM physical volume directly on top of it11:27
SolarisBoyit's code in files under a WEB_ROOT - people generally use git - or whatever to control what appears there - in the same hand a git clone to a WEB_ROOT of a working PHP app - is in turn - deploying it.11:27
Touhou11It matters more with web software to have the latest stable version, because of security issues. So it's not a good idea to use old versions in repositories11:27
TakeItEZpsakrii: there are also packages for stuff like wordpress, drupal etc11:27
SolarisBoywhich i was going to mention - if your intent on having something like this - take a look at how they do those ones which are generally a copy of files to a location -11:28
SolarisBoyBUT they generally also setup a web conf for apache and bounce the web server as well -11:28
ludwig_ok so when i have a folder on my desktop with a python application inside, i can double click it and have it run. When i put the same folder in my home folder, when i double click the applicaiton it opens as a text fire.. i dont see any options in the right click menu.. how can i get it working there?11:28
swulf--I just got ubuntu installed on my Macbook pro, and the damn function ('fn') key is where the control key *ought* to be :)  Can anyone point in a direction to do something similar to this ( http://www.technobuffalo.com/2011/02/04/macbook-fn-key-as-control-oh-yes/ ) ?11:28
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psakriiSolarisBoy: ok coo11:29
dawkirsthi, what is the /opt directory for?11:30
SolarisBoypsakrii: you can do that debian package thing but if your developing trust me - git is easier - think code changes... do you want developers to have to reinstall myapp-deb-package on each code change or do a git pull?11:30
Seveasdawkirst: 3rp party software installed with another mechanism than .deb files11:30
psakriiSolarisBoy: Git pull will only update the code rite but will not update the dependencies11:31
dawkirstSeveas, ok...so this tutorial is misleading? http://www.technoreply.com/how-to-install-sublime-text-2-on-ubuntu-12-04-unity/11:31
SolarisBoypsakrii: it depends on what you consider dependancies and how your "dependancies" are tied into your repo11:31
zetherooI cannot find where to disable UEFI in the server BIOS11:31
psakriiTakeItEZ: thanks i was talking about packaging  web app like deb packages11:32
zetheroo oskar-: I cannot find where to disable UEFI in the server BIOS11:32
ludwig_ok so when i have a folder on my desktop with a python application inside, i can double click it and have it run. When i put the same folder in my home folder, when i double click the applicaiton it opens as a text fire.. i dont see any options in the right click menu.. how can i get it working there?11:32
MakiAtohi brothers11:32
Seveasyes. that symlink into /usr/bin is wrong, you could put it in /usr/local/bin (same for the desktop file, should go in /usr/local/share)11:32
SolarisBoypsakrii: EG if your dependancies is another set of code for instance maybe some python or something - maybe you want to make that a submodule - in where it's like a git repo within another git repo and with seperate versions - from there you can do things with hooks that git doesn't already do by default to manage deps11:32
Seveasdawkirst: /usr/local is for 'sysadmin installed local things'11:33
dawkirstSeveas, ok, thanks :)11:33
SolarisBoypsakrii: if you mean deps as in - it installs system based application components (like binary & library files) statefully on disk, no git does not do that11:33
dawkirstSeveas, the /opt reference is correct then, right?11:33
psakriiSolarisBoy: yes thats what i meant11:34
SolarisBoypsakrii: how many times does one need to install apache? and is it needed to install apache each time you deploy your application? maybe im getting a little too consulty =)...11:34
Capprenticewhat gnome themes are available for ubuntu 12.04 ?11:35
SolarisBoythats my job but - yea - its up to you - seems clunky though - 'reinstall apache/redeploy code' vs 'git pull' on a system that _already_ has those things installed - unless it's required11:36
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psakriiSolarisBoy: :) of course not apache need not be installed everytime. Debian can handle it rite if apache is not installed it shall install it else it will continue11:36
CapprenticeCan anyone confirm whether Intel Linux Graphics installer works or not ? - https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/2013/intel-linux-graphics-installer11:37
SolarisBoyi would opt for telling my developers to already have system utilities to test/run web apps on their systems - and then enforce the git repo on them11:37
Seveasdawkirst: yeah11:37
SolarisBoypsakrii: in your case if thats what your bent on - it sounds like you would want to make a custom debian package with dependancies of it's own11:38
Touhou11I would avoid git if you can, there are many decent SCMs out there11:38
Seveasgit is a decent scm, it's great even :)11:38
psakriiSolarisBoy: yes i want to try it out11:38
SolarisBoypsakrii: like TakeItEZ mentioned check out the drupal.deb file - you can unarchive it and look at it11:38
psakriiSolarisBoy: ok that should help !! thanks a lot11:39
BluesKajHiyas all11:39
SolarisBoypsakrii: grab it with 'apt-get download drupal'11:39
SolarisBoyTouhou11: git is the only decent scm11:39
psakriiSolarisBoy: Thanks11:39
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Touhou11SolarisBoy: Hahahaha... my sides. It has the most terrible interface known to man, pretty much broken by design. SCMs like Fossil or Mercurial are a million times better11:40
SolarisBoyinterface is cli...11:40
Touhou11SolarisBoy: Yes, and it's incredibly obtuse to use.11:41
SolarisBoyTouhou11: this is unheard of in real world implementation - maybe at your house lo11:41
SolarisBoyTouhou11: for the challenged sure =)11:41
dak0Hello guys anyone using wine here I got simple question ?11:41
SolarisBoyyou didn't even name SVN or CVS are you actually serious?11:41
SolarisBoymercurial? really?11:41
* SolarisBoy dies11:41
Touhou11SolarisBoy: So it's intentionally difficult to use? Think about what you're saying. The same tasks in Fossil or Mercurial are much quicker to accomplish, you don't have to work around a ridiculous interface11:41
SolarisBoywho said it's difficult?11:42
dak0How do I run "As Administrator" in Wine ?11:42
dr_willisdak0:  here or #winehq11:42
Touhou11SolarisBoy: Anyone who's used better alternatives...?11:42
SolarisBoy1) look at git web site and compare their docs to ANY other11:42
SolarisBoy2) get real11:42
ludwig_ok so when i have a folder on my desktop with a python application inside, i can double click it and have it run. When i put the same folder in my home folder, when i double click the applicaiton it opens as a text fire.. i dont see any options in the right click menu.. how can i get it working there?11:42
SolarisBoy3) git commands are a summary of 2 things git and an action11:43
dak0Thank you dr_willis11:43
SolarisBoygit pull, git init, git push, whats hard?11:43
=== Elliott_ is now known as Guest35591
dr_willisGot ontopic.    :-P11:43
SolarisBoyoh blah11:43
SolarisBoyim done with this foolishness anyhow.11:43
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit11:43
Seveasludwig_: what's the output of this command: ls -la /home/yourname/path/to/the/python/thing11:43
Touhou11SolarisBoy: Clearly you've only used SCM in the most simple fashion if that's what you would struggle with11:43
=== Astradeu1 is now known as Astradeus
SolarisBoydude i run SCM sites larger than your company - stop please11:44
Touhou11SolarisBoy: Sure you do... sure11:44
SolarisBoybite me11:44
SolarisBoysays the mercurial genius11:44
* SolarisBoy re-dies11:44
SeveasSolarisBoy: tonsofpcs behave. Just ignore each other if you don't get along.11:45
SolarisBoyok Seveas11:45
Seveassorry tonsofpcs, tab error :)11:45
Touhou11Doubt you've even tried out alternatives, too busy sucking Torvalds dick11:45
SeveasTouhou11: stop. right now.11:45
SolarisBoysensitive a tad?11:45
SolarisBoygit isn't even gnu btw...11:46
SeveasSolarisBoy: stop it.11:46
SolarisBoyok ok ok11:46
Touhou11!ot | SolarisBoy11:46
ubottuSolarisBoy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:46
vjacobSolarisBoy, I got the boot working.11:47
SolarisBoyvjacob: noice! what did you do?11:47
ludwig_ls: cannot access -: No such file or directory11:47
ludwig_ls: cannot access la: No such file or directory11:47
ludwig_ls: cannot access /home/Printrun/pronterface.py: No such file or directory11:47
vjacobSolarisBoy, I don't know. I tried running # update-grub211:47
vjacobbut still not sure what made the menu option appear11:47
=== oal_ is now known as oal
Seveasludwig_: then spell it correctly....11:47
dr_willisludwig_:  spell it right?  Use the tab key11:48
rogierUnder Gnome 2 I could set a applet on the upper taskbar to chance the brightness of the backlight on my laptop screen. Is this still possible under gnome 3 classic?11:48
vjacobor where the kernel came from11:48
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.11:48
SolarisBoyvjacob: you know i was going to mention that at one point11:49
SolarisBoylol glad you got it straigtened out !11:49
vjacobme too. a lot of work not going to waste on this account.11:49
vjacobthanks for sticking with it11:49
SolarisBoynp vjacob11:49
vjacobI might have lost my nerve otherwise.11:49
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest60307
SolarisBoyand nerves are good to keep11:50
ludwig_idk.. i dont really understand this. Isn't there some way to fix this without persuing something more complicated than the problem itself?11:50
SolarisBoywhen people tell me i have some nerve i smile11:50
Seveasludwig_: hmm, could be possible in the gui too. Rightclick the file, go to permissions and make sure the execute permission is set11:52
ludwig_yes it is.11:52
SolarisBoyis your username Printrun? ludwig_11:53
vjacobyou've got persistence.11:57
user82hello. i have a question about "fstrim". fstrim trims a huge amount of data when i run it every hour, is that normal?11:59
ludwig_username is ludwig11:59
vjacobheh. everything working or so it seemed. just ran ./install.sh once for my wireless USB adapter. ran it again, since I wasn't sure if it was all installed. after running it again, I notice that wireless access points are showing in the ubuntu network menu pulldown. then.... kernel panic!12:00
vjacobmust be my lucky day.12:00
dr_willisWhat wireless has a install.sh?12:01
vjacobEdimax EW-7811Un12:01
dr_willisNot seen one of those. Mine are all plug and play...12:02
vjacobapparently it works out of the box on Linux Mint and another distro, but not on Ubuntu so far :)12:02
=== xasasdasd is now known as mancipar
dr_willisSeems odd. Unless they just released a driver for it i guess.12:03
ludwig_ok i fixed it12:03
dr_willisTest it in 13.0412:03
ludwig_if you change the filetype to open with "home"  , it runs, rather than running it with some other application like a text editor12:03
=== fork is now known as Guest77556
=== attente_ is now known as attente
TakeItEZvjacob: 12.10 has the correct driver, check "modprobe -l rtl8192cu"12:11
=== ZombieShark is now known as LaserShark
histovjacob: what chipset is the card?12:11
_ultimatei have two identical omnikey card readers installed on ubuntu after rebooting they get confused and i have to start swapping the ports around to get them to work again, can somebody help me lock the ids of the readers with udev or similar12:18
SolarisBoy_ultimate: do you know the kernel device names for each reader?12:19
_ultimatei think i can find that out12:21
_ultimatelsusb should list that am i correct12:21
vjacobTakeItEZ, ah.. I'm on 12.04.12:22
vjacobhisto, rtl8192cu12:22
vjacobgood to read about 12.10 though12:22
SolarisBoy_ultimate: somewhat you can probably match on the ID's if they are different with udev, do those readers create any sort of device path under /dev ?12:22
_ultimateSolarisBoy, how do i check that with udev12:23
onemake me King as we move toward a one world order12:23
oneNovus Ordo Domini12:24
SolarisBoy_ultimate: check your dmesg output and see if you can find the associated device(s) names that are under /dev - when you get them use udevadm info -a -n /dev/<device_name> to get the udev attributes12:24
DJonesone: Stop the offtopic comments12:24
oneDJones: no u12:25
SolarisBoy_ultimate: another thing you can do is run udevadm monitor while plugging something in and out of the reader - it should print the kernel names and any custom attributes you can match on12:25
_ultimatejust looking12:27
vjacobTakeItEZ, the trick seems to be simple. 'make; make install; modprobe 8192cu'. it's working now. thanks for the help earlier.12:29
vjacobapart from that I had a few password authentication problems, but they appear to be solved now. not withstanding the antenna mode/password authentication mode.12:33
TakeItEZvjacob: just remember you need to build it again, everytime your kernel gets updated12:33
vjacobaye, duly noted. thanks!12:37
vjacobguess I won't upgrade soon ;)12:37
=== cprofitt_ is now known as cprofitt
TakeItEZvjacob: i just checked my 12.04, it already has 8192cu too (
latteraso I'm trying to find the src for glibc used in ubuntu 10.0412:41
latteraanyone know where I can find it?12:41
SolarisBoylattera: try apt-get source <package_name>12:42
=== acidflash__ is now known as acidflash
latteranope, didn't work12:43
_ultimateSolarisBoy , they both show on dmesg12:43
SolarisBoy_ultimate: technically it sounds like your looking to set the cards with udev not the readers - so do you have something plugged into atleast 1?12:44
nomad7611Hi there I need help ! I' m new to ubuntu and I need to transfer my system wich is installed on a 16g USB drive to my newly installed HD ... can anybody help ? Am I at the right place to ask ?12:44
SolarisBoylattera: seems that source package isn't available - if it's not included in something else you can search online for glibc-2.13-1 + source12:45
_ultimateyes SolarisBoy i can insert a card no problem12:45
SolarisBoy_ultimate: once you insert a card get the /dev/<name> that gets created and run udevadm info -a -n /dev/<name>12:46
=== Termana is now known as Guest22853
vjacobTakeItEZ, peculiar. I tried insmod 8192cu but it didn't work at the time. I now realise why: I was booted using that d.... 3.2.37 kernel12:46
vjacobanyway, it's good to know.12:47
vjacobthanks again :)12:47
=== h00k_ is now known as h00k
vjacobcya, folks and thanks for supporting and making Ubuntu so pleasant!12:47
SolarisBoy_ultimate: pull it out and put it in the other slot and do the same action again - look at the attributes on each card & reader and create a rule using something from the reader to match on and something from the card to match on - make 2 rules like this for each reader/card12:47
_ultimatewhere can i search for the dev name12:47
SolarisBoy_ultimate: it really depends on what your plugging in - but it should be in the end portion of the dmesg buffer now if you just plugged it in12:48
=== redtape-renegade is now known as redtape-AFK
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest35998
keepguessinghi I have configured system wide proxy and installed ubuntu-tweak. When i click on apps i cannot see anything there. i am using ubuntu 12.0412:49
_ultimateyes i can see the reader at the end of the dmesg12:49
keepguessingThis is a fresh installation.12:49
latteraSolarisBoy: yeah, I've been searching (I'm looking for glibc-2.10-1 in Ubuntu 10.04)12:50
_ultimatewhich piece of information about the device will tell me its udev12:50
latteracan't find a single page that shows it12:50
keepguessingI tried running ubuntu-tweak with --debug flag but there is not error in it.12:50
SolarisBoylattera: is it a storage device? is it automounted?12:50
momin90909Do anyone know alternative to MS Paint for Ubuntu12:50
latterain fact, there is a page that lists all the glibc versions in each release, but for some reason 10.04 was skipped12:50
momin90909that is as simple12:50
keepguessingmomin90909: gimp12:51
SolarisBoylattera: LFS site probably has it12:51
SolarisBoyhttp://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/6.5/chapter06/glibc.html lattera12:51
keepguessingits not a alternative. its much better12:51
latteraSolarisBoy: thanks, but I'm looking for the one from Ubuntu, since Ubuntu heavily modifies software like glibc12:51
BluesKajmomin90909, gnome paint12:51
momin90909@BluesKaj is it that simple12:52
nomad7611Can someone help me transfer my system installed on a usb stick to my newly installed HD ? please !12:52
lesshastehow can you take a screenshot of an entire web page?12:52
lesshastethat includes the part you would scroll down to12:52
_ultimateit shows me that the reader is connected to usb 2-1.512:52
BluesKajnomad7611, dunno look in the software center for a description12:52
BluesKajmomin90909, ^12:53
SolarisBoylesshaste: they have browser plugins and stuff for that - haven't seen any system utility or built in feature though12:53
momin90909oh yes it is12:53
SolarisBoylesshaste: you can save the web page as an html =)12:53
dr_willisnomad7611:  you can dd the USB onto the HD.12:53
momin90909Thanks very much12:53
lesshasteSolarisBoy, which plugins are you thinking of?12:53
alocerany one in iran pvt msg me plz :|12:53
SolarisBoylesshaste: i forgot the names google it =)12:54
SolarisBoylesshaste: full screen screen shot + chrome/firefox12:54
nomad7611dr_willis : thanks ... how do I do that ?12:54
lesshasteSolarisBoy, pdfit it seems12:54
SolarisBoyseems so if your running FF lesshaste give it a shot12:55
dr_willisnomad7611:  id use a second live USB. Boot it. Plug in os USB.   Then use dd with the right options12:56
nomad7611I ' m new to Ubuntu is dd a command line in terminal ?12:56
SolarisBoyyou'll probably need to update your grub.cfg to point to the right disk12:56
nomad7611ok I get it thank you very much !12:57
dr_willisnomad7611: if you are new.. id just use the installer12:57
torpethi, what is the best way to make a triple-booting win/ubuntu/anyotherlinux distro system?12:57
dr_willisAnd reinstall12:57
torpetactually i want to try out grub-efi, but i want this setup to be quite stable12:57
torpetshould i still rely on the old bios-mbr?12:57
dr_willistorpet: that may be a good idea12:58
SolarisBoytorpet: create a new partition install the distro there and update grub12:58
lesshasteSolarisBoy, it's great! :)12:58
lesshasteSolarisBoy, only problem is that it saves an image but I can live with that12:58
nomad7611dr_willis:  Yeah... you are probably right a fresh install would probably be more easy for me thank you for your advice !13:00
_ultimateare you still there solarisboy13:05
SolarisBoyyes but on the way out.13:05
_ultimatei have found the device with udevadm monitor13:05
SolarisBoy_ultimate: run udevadm info -a -n </dev/device_name> get the attributes and create a rule using the differing attributes on each card13:06
SolarisBoyi need to go sorry =( laterZ13:06
=== Onixs_ is now known as Onixs
torpetdr_willis: so you wouldn't recommend uefi for what i want?13:08
zetheroowell I am installing Ubuntu for the 5th time now on this server ... trying to find a method of install that will actually work!13:09
zetherooI even tried installing with a manually created EFI partition and that was useless ...13:09
zetheroothis is extremely painful... :(13:10
cfhowlettzetheroo, suggest you ask in #ubuntu-server13:11
everesttwhat's the irc channel for 13.04?13:11
ubottuRaring Ringtail is the codename for Ubuntu 13.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+113:12
lesshastehow do you get acroread to remember your setting  (double sided for example)?13:13
Abuhey, i have a problem with latest ubuntu server edition, if i leave it on its own the screen goes black and it stops responding13:16
cfhowlett!ubuntu_server|Abu, suggest you ask in #ubuntu-server13:17
everesttubottu, thanks13:18
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)13:18
dennyI want to connect to a PPTP VPN using Ubuntu 12.10 - what should I read?  I see a 'VPN Connections' sub-menu under my network applet, but it's empty - how do I add/configure a VPN connection?13:19
everesttubottu, you passed my Turing test ;)13:19
ubottueverestt: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:19
everesttubottu, why not?13:20
ubottueverestt: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:20
cfhowlettdenny, see your vpn provider instructions.  then add the VPN and follow the wizard.  PPTP is one of the options ...13:20
lesshastehow can I print a large image over two pages?13:20
dennycfhowlett: expand 'add the vpn' please?13:20
everesttubottu, repeating the same thing does not mean you are a bot... you're a human acting like a bot aren't you?13:20
dennywhere do I do that?13:20
ubottueverestt: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:20
Picieverestt: please stop.13:20
everesttPici, ok :)13:21
cfhowlettdenny, VPN connections > configure VPN > VPN > Add13:21
dennyyeah, that's not there, as I said13:21
dennyVPN Connections sub-menu is empty.13:21
_ultimatereally struggling with this udev stuff13:21
dennyit pops up a little grey box about 2 pixels high13:21
dennydo I need to install something?13:21
cfhowlettdenny,what version of ubuntu?13:21
cfhowlettdenny, different from mine as I'm on 12.04 ubuntustudio.  Search your tab for "vpn"13:22
dennymy tab?13:22
dennyoh, is that a unity thing?  not running unity13:23
dennygnome classic13:23
_ultimatejust want linux to lock two usb ports to two devices on start up13:23
cfhowlettdenny, ask in the channel ... I haven't seen gnome in years ...13:23
dennycan I not run the vpn whatever it is from the command-line?13:24
cfhowlettdenny, again, I've forgotten all that stuff.  re-ask you query.  it's doable, I'm just not the guy to advise you as to how.13:25
gipzoHello. I have one program which is spamming to output. How can I make it stop doing this? Tried to >/dev/null, but then it consumes 146% of CPU. When I pipe it to the file it generate 1.4 gb in a 5 minutes...13:26
* denny reboots into Unity13:26
jribgipzo: what program?13:27
gipzoIt is a server for zaagtech multitouch sensor...13:28
gipzoIt's like driver for it13:28
jangkr|kdenny: have you installed networkmanager-vpnc?13:30
dennyjangkr|k: for a PPTP connection?  no13:30
dennyI'm getting somewhere now though, looks like it was a gnome bug, menu options missing/not working13:31
gipzowhen i start this server from terminal - it works fine, but when i start it in script like "zinFrameServer &" - it starts to spam13:31
jribgipzo: what do you mean by "start this server from terminal"?13:32
jangkr|kvpn works fine on xfce13:32
cfhowlettjangkr|k, indeed it does13:32
=== redtape-AFK is now known as redtape-renegade
gipzojrib: i have ubuntu server, when i start it in one terminal, then switch to another and start my app - everything works fine13:33
redtape-renegadeGubuntu: !ping13:33
gipzojrib: my application is starting in xinit13:33
=== redtape-renegade is now known as redtape-AFK
jribgipzo: I don't really understand exactly what you are doing... I'd suggest contacting the developers for the program13:34
gipzoi'll try, but they are from china...13:36
lesshaste is there some way of printing a pdf of an image over two pages?13:37
cfhowlettgipzo, you might want to use a different tool ... perhaps one that isn't developed in a country with its very own gov't funded computer espionage corps?13:38
meowsus_I have three NVidia driver options, the normal one and two that are marked as 304 and 310 experimental.13:39
meowsus_Are the experimental releases newer than the base driver?13:39
keepguessinghi i found the solution. its a problem with the ubuntu tweak 0.8.3 version. as it is not able to work without a proxy.13:40
=== richard is now known as Guest55361
whatitisfinally got winblows fixed, some curropted memory.dmp? again?13:43
Guest55361How to install software13:44
whatitiswhat software?13:44
cfhowlettGuest55361, install software through the software center13:44
whatitis!software center13:44
auronandace!software | Guest5536113:44
ubottuGuest55361: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents13:44
Guest55361moonos ubuntu13:45
blunttyim running ubuntu 12.10 on my hp 620 and i get a graphical glitch at start up... could this be a driver thing?13:45
Guest55361i am new on it13:45
whatitisany luck with nvidia drivers yet?13:46
blunttyhavent tried this is only 2nd day on linux13:46
lesshastehow can I convert a pdf of an image to png without losing resolution?13:46
=== derWachert|BNC is now known as derWachert
cfhowlettlesshaste, gimp MIGHT be able to do that ...13:47
whatitisthere is one heck of a learning curve sometimes..but once you learn it, it seems restricting to go back to windows...13:47
whatitisa pdf is not an image but like  word document13:47
whatitisyou'd have to extract the image from the file...usually referenced at a website or your harddrive?13:48
Guest55361when i go to install software an error occurred13:48
whatitispng and bmp's are close in quality...higher would be raw..13:48
whatitiswhat is the error?13:49
cfhowlett!details|Guest55361, what error13:49
ubottuGuest55361, what error: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:49
Guest55361W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/w/wxwidgets2.8/libwxbase2.8-0_2.8.9.1-0ubuntu6_i386.deb13:49
Guest55361  404 Not Found [IP: 80]13:49
Guest55361W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/w/wxwidgets2.8/libwxgtk2.8-0_2.8.9.1-0ubuntu6_i386.deb13:49
Guest55361  404 Not Found [IP: 80]13:49
Guest55361W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/f/filezilla/filezilla-common_3.2.2.1-1_all.deb13:49
Guest55361  404 Not Found [IP: 80]13:49
FloodBot1Guest55361: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:49
Guest55361W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/f/filezilla/filezilla_3.2.2.1-1_i386.deb13:49
Guest55361  404 Not Found [IP: 80]13:49
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:49
=== vox_ is now known as vox
whatitisI am not sure my legacy nvidia cardsa are installed properly how do i do this in 12.04?13:51
dudzso this female who i'd like to sleep with, i built up a pc for her out of old components i had laying around, i'm just installing ubuntu on it now, comments?13:56
whatitiswth dude13:56
DJonesdudz: The first part of that sentance wasn't necessary13:56
=== bravewolf is now known as Guest74335
cfhowlettcomment?  sure: this is tech support.  dating advice is elsewhere13:57
dudzjust trying to put things into scope13:57
cfhowlett*tech support*13:57
whatitisif she doesn't have a bf just spend time with her, everything should fall into place13:57
dudzshe lives to far away, i have met her before, i talk to her online mostly13:57
whatitistry to feel out if she hints at "i want the guy to do everything for me" thing13:57
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:58
grenadecx-AscendLets rename #ubuntu to #dating13:58
whatitisbut ubuntu would be an excellent start13:58
whatitislots of tutoring to do with it if she has the patienence and you can do it online as well13:58
whatitisyou cn even collaborate here13:58
dudzyeah i just thought it was funny, i was going through the time trying to figure out what windows version she had already from her laptop to put that on, then i just thought why not just chuck ubuntu on it, i havn't tried 12.10 yet13:58
Guest74335hello. i'm tring to get secureboot working. I've installed on my 12.04.2 grub-efi-amd64-signed shim-signed and linux-signed-generic-lts-quantal. how can I setup now shim and grub signed? the installation script does not put them on the efi partition13:58
Bangwhistlethere is a lot of great open source desktop managing software with features specific to managing desktops that you've built specifically to increasing your odds engaging in coitus13:59
whatitisdo you kno if she is bi?13:59
dudzyeah she said she is13:59
whatitishaha wonderful14:00
Poindexter_Has anyone here used the new SeaGate 4Terabyte hard drive? What backwards non-compatible BIOS problems might there be. Any comments?14:00
killerhow can i ssh into a ubuntu machine (at my home)14:00
BangwhistleI wrote a special version of grep that you should check out dudz, it's called grope.  It's for searching a remote desktop for information that might increase your chances with this girl14:00
jribBangwhistle: it's great that you are writing software, but this channel is just for support with ubuntu.  If you want to talk about your software, you can try #ubuntu-offtopic14:01
Poindexter_Lots of BIOS problems with anything more than 600 gigs of disk space.14:01
jrib!ssh | killer14:02
ubottukiller: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)14:02
akaariaiI am having annoying problem where USB keyboard drops a couple of first characters when I start typing. Maybe some sort of power management problem? I am using Ubuntu 12.04. Any pointers where to look for solution?14:02
killerjrib: do i need to open a specific port before sshing into a machine14:03
Poindexter_Akaariai, perhaps someone spilled liquid in the keyboard. That is a major problem these days.14:03
jribkiller: you need to install the openssh-server on the machine you want to ssh into.  Have you done that?  Whether you need to open ports, depends on whether you've closed them and your network setup14:04
Poindexter_Try another keyboard first.14:04
Poindexter_If the problem persists then set your default settings to another setting. Make sure that your keyboard is for the country you are in.14:05
akaariaiPoindexter_: OK, will try those first.14:07
Poindexter_Try using another keyboard first.14:07
Poindexter_That should tell you everything.14:07
akaariaiOK, will see if I can find one somewhere.14:08
Poindexter_If you have the same problem try two keyboards just to make sure that some donkey didn't spill some liquid on they keyboard.14:09
DerJungeHelp! When I am trying to install ubuntu 12.4.2 via USB I keep getting this error message saying casper/vmlinuz is mizzing14:09
Poindexter_Liquid spilled on the keyboard creates errors.14:09
Poindexter_Also a bad cable or try another USB port to make sure.14:10
cfhowlettDerJunge, first run md5sum to verify the iso.  then boot the usb and run "check disk for erros"14:10
=== adellam_ is now known as adellam
Poindexter_A USB port can go bad just like a bad cable.14:11
DerJungemd5sums are good and the usb is good14:13
BeyROBOT ahola!14:15
Poindexter_Greets Bey and Never.14:16
jman074need to install oracle java on ubuntu. how do i do this14:17
BluesKajtype oracle java into the software center search , jman07414:18
jman074i tried that. what about a terminal command14:18
delinquentmeOK all ... IM trying to do some witchcraft here....14:20
delinquentmeI need to make a ton of the same file ... with 1 var swapped out14:20
delinquentmeshould this be a shell script?14:21
akaariaiPoindexter_: I found a cure - it was power management after all. Solved by "echo on > /sys/bus/usb/devices/7-1/power/control"14:22
Laurencebhi, im trying to install latest gnu octave on ubuntu 10.0414:22
jribdelinquentme: sure.  Sounds strange though14:22
KomiaPoikais the ubuntu 12.10 default interface gnome?14:22
Laurencebsudo apt-add-repository ppa:octave/stable14:22
Laurencebfails  gpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect to host14:22
Poindexter_Akaariai, good show. Glad you are thinking right.14:22
Neverworld-Hackhow do you use xchat14:23
sianiosHello, I want to check what ip accessed my webserver, is there any log file? and where can I find it? Running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS14:23
Poindexter_There are so many posibilities. Keep in mind that the hardware checks are first. I speak from experience. I have been working in the field for almost 55 years with Electronics and Electromechanical devices.14:24
ejvNeverworld-Hack: http://xchat.org/docs/14:24
ejvNeverworld-Hack: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XChatHowto14:24
jribsianios: /var/log/apache2/access.log usually14:24
delinquentmejrib, so I've got this https://gist.github.com/delinquentme/514327114:24
sianiosok thanks14:24
guigouzubuntu 12.04.2 (with the latest kernel) does not boot on a macbook pro with nvidia 320m if I load the nvidia driver14:25
jribdelinquentme: what language is this?14:25
delinquentmethe iterate_vars need to be stuck into the file ..... now the only thing I'm worried about ... is  line 13 where I've got both kinds of quotes14:25
ejvi sense a question in there somewhere...14:25
delinquentmejrib,  ruby14:25
jonythe folder icon of my mounted samba partition shows a lock14:25
jonyand I'm only in read only mode, how can I change to full permission?14:26
delinquentmeim generating the base files which are to be fleshed out individually later14:26
=== ogra_` is now known as ogra_
jribdelinquentme: ask #ruby for help with ruby.  I would just use sed for what you described originally.  But any language would be fine14:26
jribdelinquentme: or is this the file that you want to modify and make copies of?14:26
ejvjony: http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/using_samba/ch09.html14:26
delinquentmeI was hoping to iterate through the vars in a linux shell util14:27
delinquentmeand create that ruby file14:27
Guest74335how can I install nvidia-current on 12.04.2? it depends upon xserver-xorg-core14:27
jribdelinquentme: define "the vars"14:27
delinquentmecitations covariates cultivars ensembles entities errors formats managements methods pfts priors sites species traits treatments users variables yields14:27
jribdelinquentme: is that what's inside the parentheses in your first line?14:28
ejvjony: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/SambaClientGuide is also quite a good reference14:28
delinquentmejrib, correct14:28
jonyI have a Windows 7 share, I want to full access it in Ubuntu 12.04, I mounted like this: sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=jony,password=66918jony // /mnt/docsrv01_Documentation_Server14:28
jonybut it mount only read-only14:28
jribdelinquentme: it seems weird to generate this.  Can't you do it "better" and avoid all this duplication?14:28
jonyI want it writeable14:29
kk0710Hey guys, I am running ubuntu on my windows machine in a VM.  I set up ssh and it works locally but I want to be able to ssh into it from school.  I assume that setting up a dns server is the way to go?  If so what is the recommended site to use?14:29
delinquentmejrib you're right ... except other than these first tests ... alot of the code needs to be specified to each variable14:29
huttankk0710: forward port 22 from ur home router to the computer with ssh, thats what u need =)14:30
ejvkk0710: dns has absolutely nothing to do with it, who told you that...14:30
huttankk0710: dont matter if its virtual or not14:30
delinquentmeso theres not much overlap ... IE all the files once created, will be running different code14:30
kk0710let me rephrase14:30
kk0710my public IP is dynamic14:30
kk0710I know I need to forward port 22 from router to machine, but need a way to access my public ip14:31
ejv!enter | kk071014:31
ubottukk0710: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:31
jribdelinquentme: make some version of the file with XXX everywhere you want the variable to go.  Then you can do « for var in citations covariates cultivars ensembles ...; do sed "s/XXX/$var"; done ».  Is that what you were thinking of?14:31
huttankk0710: sign up to dyndns or some other service that allows u to assign an easy host to ur IP14:31
kk0710Yah those whole 3 lines were so troublesome lol.14:31
kk0710Thank you huttan, sorry I didn't clarify my question previously14:31
kk0710Not sure dyndns is free though14:32
ejvThe *good* consumer routers on the market include APIs to plug into _many_ DNS services including DynDNS, No-IP, FreeDNS, etc. that will perform updates *for* you.14:32
huttankk0710: not sure havent used it for years ...14:32
jribkk0710: pick any service that ddclient or inadyn support...14:33
kk0710huttan: yah it's not free.14:33
ejvAs far as enter as punctuation, time to kick bad habits early.14:33
huttankk0710: try one of the ones ejv wrote out14:33
jribdelinquentme: maybe add "/g" to the end of the regexp...14:35
delinquentmejrib, if you had to give one linux util which would give me a massive step in the direction of a 10x programmer14:35
delinquentmewhich util?14:36
jribdelinquentme: 10x programmer?  What is that?14:36
huttandelinquentme: what do you mean with that ?14:36
delinquentmehuttan, jrib the famed concept of a really good programmer can be 10x as efficient as their peers14:37
belgianguyhi, I'm on 12.10 but I can't close my lid without the screen going black14:37
delinquentmeI see this kind of meta programming as one of those tools14:37
belgianguyand I need to reboot14:37
jribdelinquentme: I don't know that such a thing exists.  But I suppose one piece of advice would be to pick a good text editor and learn it well (vim or emacs for example).  This kind of discussion would be more appropriate in #ubuntu-offtopic though; we can continue there if you want14:38
huttandelinquentme: if u wanna learn an efficient language, try ruby14:39
=== karthik is now known as Guest33867
BeyROBOT Ubuntu is the best platform in the world! :P14:43
rrezonhow does a bot work ?14:44
elijahI am trying to run a script that invokes gnome-terminal, I would like to pass along an option to have "always on top" = true, so it stays on top during its short life. I see that gnome-terminal has a --geometry option. Is this the right option to tinker with to achieve this?14:44
zolidznakewich bot ?14:45
rrezonany bot !14:45
zolidznakewhat type of bot ?14:45
jonyI try to mount my windows 7 share doing this: sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=jony,password=66918jony,file_mode=0775,dir_mode=0775 0 0 // /mnt/docsrv01_Documentation_Server14:46
rrezoni don't know i just heard that people use bots on IRC14:46
rrezonwhat is this14:46
jonybut it will mount only read-only, WHY? :(14:46
zolidznakeit is a socket client wich connect to a IRC server14:46
rrezonam I a bot ?14:46
* grenadecx-Ascend steals samba password14:46
jonycorrect command:  sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=jony,password=66918jony // /mnt/docsrv01_Documentation_Server14:46
jonybut it will mount only read-only, WHY? :(14:46
icerootjony: because the user "jony" does not have write-permission?14:47
rrezonis there any book or anything so I can learn more about IRC and irc bot and other services ?14:47
zolidznakeyou know programming ?14:48
MakiAtopuppylinux is much better that ubuntu im switching14:48
jonybut I executed this too: sudo chown jony /mnt/docsrv01_Documentation_Server14:48
rrezonno nothing14:48
MakiAtopuppylinux runs from ram14:48
zolidznakesearch over google ircbots for linux14:48
MakiAtolike any good OS should be ruunned14:49
rrezonyes I will . thnx14:49
jonyiceroot, but I executed this too: sudo chown jony /mnt/docsrv01_Documentation_Server14:49
icerootjony: and the smb.conf is the to writeable=yes for that share?14:49
layan911hi all14:50
jonyiceroot, the share is made on a windows 7 pc, I want to mount that share in ubuntu 12.04 with full access14:50
icerootjony: if you dont set it to "writeable = yes" or "read only = no" you have a read-only share14:50
icerootjony: and the user jony has write-access on windows?14:51
icerootjony: and we are talking about the same user? i bet one system is using the local user, the other system is using the domain-user14:51
sonOfRaIf I open a drive via SSH in nautilus, it is possible to enter a path. If I enter /var/www, it works, but /var/www/ it does not. Is this a bug? Or are trailing slashes forbidden for a certain reason?14:51
layan911I developed a software (a simple shell script) for all Linux, if you use "Docky" this ShellScript add options to Docky14:51
jman074how do i download oracle java with terminal14:51
MakiAto!warn root14:52
Raymond_RHi all, what is te best way for me to convert to 64bit from32? Is there anything I should be wary of?14:52
jonyif I connect from the ubuntu's file manager, it asks me the username and password, and after entering it, it allows me to write in it too14:53
jonyiceroot, if I connect from the ubuntu's file manager, it asks me the username and password, and after entering it, it allows me to write in it too14:53
jonyiceroot, in the ubuntu's file manager there is a little lock on the mounted folder's icon14:55
jonyiceroot, does it meen something in this issue?14:55
jonyiceroot, and at owner it shows root and all of the other properties of the folder are disabled14:56
Fuzzlescant get steam working in 12.04 something abut open gl need upgrading and says something else14:57
ejvyou want us to guess? really? lol14:57
FloodBot1ee12155: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:57
Claude_hello there14:57
jonyiceroot, my other mounting folders has the root owner too but they don't have the little lock on the icon14:57
ee12110ja ta14:58
ee12110manda-me as cenas14:58
_ultimatei am still having issues with trying to lock a usb device to a static port with udev or similar can anybody help14:58
ee12155carrega aí14:58
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:59
Claude_i have a problem when booting ubunru server, i want to run mount -a automatically15:00
jonyiceroot, please help me jony.dobrai@hanna.ro15:00
jonyiceroot, I must leave now, thanks ahead!15:00
ejvClaude_: place the rules you want in /etc/fstab15:00
c0ciub2mih2ilHello, on a ubuntu 12.10, conky v 1.9.0  I have the following problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/conky/+bug/40534015:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 405340 in GTK+ "Conky background uses gtk_color_scheme's window background color, at random" [Medium,Fix released]15:01
c0ciub2mih2ila screenshot http://imgbox.com/adi5oINB  Is it solvable?15:01
Claude_@ejv i placed in fstab but it is not mounting directly only when typing mount - a as root to work properly15:01
ejvthere's probably an error then15:02
jhutchins_wkClaude_: What kind of device?15:02
Claude_@jhutchins_wk i have ubuntu server15:03
Claude_guys all i want is to run automatically mount -a when booting15:05
ejvClaude_: you could try writing your own upstart script, add it as a service15:06
SharkMuttleworthejv: Don't you mean systemd? Upstart is deprecated15:06
ejvyea whatever Ubuntu calls it15:07
_ultimatei have two pcsc card readers and i want to lock each one to the usb port it is attached, does anyone know how15:07
Claude_sorry i am new to ubuntu, where i can find the upstart file to add my command ?15:07
_ultimateupstart file15:07
_ultimateas a normal user or root15:08
_ultimateyou can add commands to start programs on start there15:08
_ultimatebut you can also use the startup programs application15:09
_ultimateClaude_ you can run "sudo nano /etc/rc.local"15:10
_ultimateor your can also use gedit if you want a more familiar text editor15:10
_ultimatedepends on what ubuntu install you have15:10
Claude_i added my command (mount -a ) to /etc/rc.local but also it is not working when booting15:11
k1lClaude_: why mount -a?15:11
k1lClaude_: that happens every boot automaticaly15:11
ejvmount -a $WHAT?15:12
ejv-a, mount all filesystems in fstab, ok so why not just add the entry in fstab, since it's automatically read anyways...15:12
_ultimatei have two omnikey card readers and i want to lock each one to the usb port it is attached, does anyone know how15:13
Claude_yes"sudo mount -a " and that what makes my NAS IP written in fstab to be mounted15:13
k1lor he wants to mount some network stuff that is not available at that stage15:13
_ultimatei have been looking at udev and found the udev id but i am unsure where to go from there15:13
holstein_ultimate: what do you mean by "lock"?15:14
_ultimateholstein when i reboot the machine the two readers get confused so i have to unplug them and replug them and then they work again15:14
Fuzzleso my last install of ubuntu i installd grpahics driver from amd site worked fine till kernal updated and broke it how come this happened?15:15
k1lFuzzles: that is the problem with "driver from site" why not use the driver from ubuntu repo?15:15
holstein_ultimate: i dont know if that is a port issue.. when you reboot with just one in at a time, does that work?15:15
_ultimatei want ubuntu to remember what is connected to each port after i reboot15:15
_ultimateyes it works fine holstein15:15
ejvClaude_: it sounds like you want to use smbfs or cifs-utils15:15
_ultimateit also works fine with debian15:15
Fuzzlesk1l, because when i play a game with steam it askeds t update open gl15:16
_ultimatewith both of them debian is fine, but i have found debian a bit sad lol15:16
BLZbubbahi guys, when I adjust the resolution and rotation in the Settings, where does it store that configuration info?15:16
ejvClaude_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently15:16
holsteinFuzzles: the kernel upgrade is what "broke" it.. you can either not upgrade the kernel, or just reinstall the drivers.. you choose to maintain your drivers manually when you install them manually15:16
BLZbubbafor some reason it is stuck on Clockwise even though I need CCW15:16
_ultimatei remember doing this a long time ago but i cannot remember how i did it15:16
Fuzzlesholstein, how do i do that when i i rebooted i just got a black screen so i couldnt reinstall it15:17
holsteinFuzzles: you can boot the older kernel and remove.. you can use tty to do it from the command line.. you can just boot the older kernel that is working and use that one15:17
k1l!ot | happyface15:18
ubottuhappyface: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:18
FashdeyHey :) - I have ubuntu server ed. 12.10, I want to make a full backup (like image to install if system should break) anyone got a solution for that? (I do NOT have physical access to this machine)15:18
ejvFashdey: man rsync, man dd15:18
Fuzzlesholstein, i think i tried to boot the old one but it wouldnt, is there anyway to get steal wrking with the supported driver?15:18
holsteinFashdey: without physical access, just copy over what file you want/need..15:19
fhedstromIs it possible to somehow configure an email account with exchange 2010?15:19
FashdeyEjv, I will try to check them out :)15:19
holsteinFuzzles: you think? try for certain.. at boot time.. from the grum menu, under the older kernels menu.. you can remove whatever driver you installed by whatever method the creator suggests via TTY15:20
holsteinfhedstrom: i would ask in an exchange support venue15:20
Claude_@ejv ok thanks for the link i will try that15:20
Fashdeyholstein Also if I want to make a full backup, to just paste into a fresh installed ubuntu?15:20
Fuzzlesholstein, i cant now i did i reinstall acouple of days ago, so your saying if i boot into the old kernal removed the driver and then booted back into the new kernal and reinstall the driver?15:21
holsteinFashdey: i would just copy my data, and put it back.. dd as ejv mentioned.. i use clonezilla when i do have access15:21
latterayay, got the source to libc for ubuntu 10.0415:21
latteraafter I install it, though, everything segfaults, heh15:21
ejv10.04 is pretty old, why bother?15:22
latteraanyone know the proper steps to installing a custom glibc?15:22
meLonI am trying to get three monitors working with two Radeon HD 6950's.  I was planning on having two share an XScreen, and create a secondary X Screen for my third monitor.  My current issue is that my cursor gets trapped on my secondary x screen and was wondering if anybody would mind helping me diagnose what could be causing this issue. http://askubuntu.com/questions/261574/cursor-trapped-on-secondary-x-screen15:22
latteraejv: a bug in llvm's interaction with the rtld15:22
holsteinFuzzles: im saying.. boot the older kernel. if it boots, the kernel upgrade is what "broke" the driver. you reinsatll the driver module into the newer kernel, or just use the older kernel, or remove the driver and use the one from the repos15:22
gabkdllyI am playing around with byobu, and I really like it. But when I open vim with multiple tabs, ctrl-pgdn does not work. Why?15:22
ejvyou should use a more appropriate environment, perhaps gentoo and their overlay system if you're mucking about glibc15:23
ejvgood luck to you15:23
thek_Question: How can I easily get the currently configured DNS servers from Network manager if I'm getting this information through DHCP?15:23
latteraI'd love to, but the bug is only reproducible under ubuntu 10.0415:23
tgm4883thek_, nm-tool15:23
thek_tgm4883 cool, thanks.15:24
Fuzzlesholstein, how would i reinstall the driver in the new kernel, do i need to be booted in that kernel?15:24
holsteinFuzzles: you can use TTY, if you cant get into a graphical environment.. and just follow the procedure the creator suggests15:25
irvwhat's terminal command to allow encrypted dvds to play on ubuntu?15:25
Fuzzlesholstein, whats tty15:25
holstein!tty | Fuzzles15:25
ubottuFuzzles: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution15:25
holstein!dvd | irv15:25
ubottuirv: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:25
cronuslattera, why dont you use 10.04 then? (either in a vm or in chroot)15:27
latteraI am15:27
latterabut I need a non-stripped version of glibc15:27
Fuzzlesholstein, ok ill go back to using the driver from their site and if i have this problem again ill try the tty like you said :) thanks learn something new every day15:28
jriblattera: there are unstripped packages somewhere.  hold on15:28
jriblattera: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash15:28
holsteinFuzzles: tty is just a text console where you can work from if you cant get to the desktop.. there is also the recovery console options at boot15:28
Jinxed-How can I migrate my entire setup exactly, but to a smaller harddrive safely and easily15:29
DarthEaronso i get prompted with tty1 when i log in and when i press CTRL + ALT + F7 its just gibberish to me, i tryed logging into tty1 and issuing "sudo service lightdm restart" but on only brings be back to the F7 thing. i think i should mention that this happened exactly after rebooting after installing the nvidia propriatary drivers...15:29
cronuslattera, you could check if there is a debug package glibc-dbg or something15:29
holsteinJinxed-: i use clonezilla15:29
Jinxed-holstein, clonezilla is fantastic but only if the destination drive is greater than or requal15:29
irvalso, is there any way to get into a ubuntu install remotely by default?15:29
irvssh? vnc?15:29
holsteinJinxed-: i shrink them clone15:30
irvor an easy command i can give the end user to enable ssh/vnc?15:30
DarthEaronnormally i would google this kind of thing but i cant luanch gui, also i tryed backing up xorg.conf and then restoring it from the old one then rebooting but nothing15:30
holsteini have my data backed up before starting15:30
Jinxed-holstein, you shrink your partitions then clone?15:30
cronuslattera, apt-get source might be a good way to get the code and build it yourself with debuild15:30
Fuzzlesholstein, ye like a terminal where you can run commands, i tried the recovery console but could work it maybe next time ill have some idea15:30
mrAlmondjoin #lxde15:31
mrAlmondops sorry15:31
DarthEaronanyone have any idea? or at least let me know were i can find help?15:31
holsteinJinxed-: correct15:31
tgm4883irv, wouldn't the end user still need to work our port forwarding and their public IP address?15:31
holsteinDarthEaron: how are you failing to get to a GUI? can you get to tty? can you login as your user?15:32
Fuzzlesholstein, actually now i thnk about it when it booted after updates it didnt go into unity it made me login to a black screen with text which sounds like the tty your on about right?15:32
irvtgm4883: it's a remote site for my work, i have a VPN connection there15:32
irvI can ping their workstation, but can't SSH15:32
irvor vnc heh15:32
irvso if i can give them a terminal command to type in to enable that, i can fix the rest of their issues without making the drive15:32
tgm4883irv, so for SSH, they would need to install the ssh server "sudo apt-get install ssh" should do it15:32
irvi just forgot to turn on ssh when i wasup there15:32
DarthEaronholstein: yes i can, im on the computer now using irc in tty1, tty7 shows like gui tryed to launch but didnt, when i boot ubuntu all i get is tty1, i tried sudo service start lightdm and stop and restart but does not work...15:33
holsteinDarthEaron: startx might kick out some handy errors.. i would try renaming the xorg.conf.. i would try forcing vesa.. i would remove any drivers you recently installed.. i would try the graphics recovery option15:34
=== dark3n|off is now known as dark3n
=== sid__ is now known as Sw33NY
DarthEaronim trying to run startx after "sudo cp xorg.conf xorg.confBACK"15:37
holsteinDarthEaron: and? any errors there? how about using the vesa driver in the xorg.conf?15:37
=== plist is now known as Gary
=== Gary is now known as Guest10511
DarthEaronholstein: i dont know what you mean by vesa..like failsafe? i could copt the xorg.conf.failsafe to xorg.conf? oh also the error told me more information would be in /var/log/xorgsomething... cant i send that that file over IRC? instead of pasting in here?15:39
latteracronus: thanks, I used `apt-get source` to fetch the source, I didn't know debuild existed15:40
holstein!paste | DarthEaron paste what you think would be relevant.. sometimes i go and change the "driver" option in the xorg.conf to "vesa".. where did you get this xorg.conf?15:40
ubottuDarthEaron paste what you think would be relevant.. sometimes i go and change the "driver" option in the xorg.conf to "vesa".. where did you get this xorg.conf?: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:40
latteraI'll try with debuild15:40
=== Vin100|Home is now known as Vin100|Free
DarthEaronit basically says Failed to initilize the NVIDIA kernal module. then it just shows it unloading the nvidia module and one called wfb and one called fb15:42
holsteinDarthEaron: where did you get the driver? the xorg.conf? from tty you can remove the driver you installed and boot the machine15:43
jhutchins_wkCool!  aptitude update segfaulted!15:43
jhutchins_wkSo did apt-get update - reading package lists... Error!15:44
k1l!away > dark3n15:44
ubottudark3n, please see my private message15:44
holsteinjhutchins_wk: i would run "sudo apt-get update" and pastebin the results15:44
jhutchins_wkholstein: Like I said, segfault.15:45
holsteinjhutchins_wk: feel free and paste the error for myself and the other volunteers15:45
DarthEaronthe original xorg came was eddited when i installed the new driver, the failsafe one is one that came on the system, i looked it uses vesa driver and it still gives same output on startx. how do i remove the driver i installed? i installed it with the "additional drivers" program...15:45
pa3lohi all15:46
jhutchins_wkholstein: 10:44 < jhutchins_wk> So did apt-get update - reading package lists... Error!15:46
alexsnhey guys, I have an issue with unity where the top right icons vanish from sight after a new hours15:46
holstein!ati | DarthEaron you can read here and see if you can remove what you installed15:46
ubottuDarthEaron you can read here and see if you can remove what you installed: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:46
s4ltedhi pirate party at #cisco15:46
jhutchins_wkLooks like it may be attempting to reboot now...15:46
s4ltedjoin now15:46
_ultimatei have been reading online and i cannot find any more information about setting a specific device to s specific usb port, can anybody help me15:46
alexsnany idea how to debug / resolve this15:46
SharkMuttleworthalexsn: Unity is quite buggy... I suggest using a reliable interface like XFCE instead15:46
holsteinjhutchins_wk: open a terminal, and run "sudo apt-get update" and paste the *exact* error.. you can copy paste it so myself and the other volunteers can see *exactly* what happens15:47
jhutchins_wkholstein: That IS the exact error.15:47
DarthEaronubottu: im stuck in command line, i cant view that... the whole problem is that i have no gui15:47
ubottuDarthEaron: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:47
alexsnany idea how to reset it?15:47
holsteinjhutchins_wk: let use know after "it" finishes rebooting then..15:47
DarthEaronis he really a bot?15:47
DarthEaronthats awesome.15:48
DarthEaronso how can i remove the driver i installed?15:48
holsteinDarthEaron: you can boot live, and run a desktop.. you can share what hardware you have, and someone can lok on the wiki and see what you might have installed.. you can search for nvidia15:48
alexsnShadowStruck, any idea if I can reset it?15:48
s4ltedhi pir4te p4rty at #cisco join now15:48
jhutchins_wkholstein: After (spontaneous)  reboot, aptitude update completed successfully15:49
holsteinjhutchins_wk: might want to test the hardware then.. ram/hard drive.. just to be sure15:49
DarthEaronahh...well i cant get that for in right now. my lunch break is over in about a half hour so ill just mess around on irc untill then. Thank you i really appriciate the help holstein15:49
jhutchins_wkholstein: Could be bad, it's an old GX280.15:49
holsteinDarthEaron: you can use lspci | grep VGA to see what hardware you have15:50
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=== khoward is now known as poser8
=== witquicked_ is now known as witquicked
holsteinDarthEaron: could be as easy as removing nvidia-current .. sudo apt-get autoremove nvidia-current15:52
DarthEaronNVIDIA corperation GF119 [GeForce GT 520] rev a115:52
holsteinDarthEaron: i would run "sudo apt-get autoremove nvidia" and hit tab and see what autocompletes15:52
DarthEaronthats probably it bec uase it says its freening almost 200 mb with sounds right by how look it took to downlaod15:52
Arithmos"With a single, unifying force, [s]Linux[/s] Ubuntu might become a legitimate challenge to Windows/OSX. " LOL the troll of the year15:53
=== elena_IK is now known as elena-IK
DarthEaronthe log says someting about no screens found when i run startx now15:54
DarthEaronthe log says someting about no screens found when i run startx now15:54
holstein!paste | DarthEaron15:55
ubottuDarthEaron: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:55
harrisrwhat is the raspbian channel15:55
_ultimatei have found a site on udev rules http://www.reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html15:55
holstein!pastebinit | DarthEaron this can be handy if you are on a CLI and stuck15:55
ubottuDarthEaron this can be handy if you are on a CLI and stuck: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com15:55
k1l!alis | harrisr15:56
ubottuharrisr: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*15:56
_ultimatei do not understand how to make a rule for my device though as they are not well known devices15:56
DarthEaronthats really usefull ubottu15:56
holsteinharrisr: http://www.raspbian.org/RaspbianIRC ..but this is not the place to ask for channel refferals15:57
DarthEaronholstein: okay so i got a really crapping gui now when i do startx, thanks man ill download the drivers straight from nviia this time now that i know exactly what card i have, thank you. i appriciate everyones help15:57
holsteinDarthEaron: thats progress.. good luck!15:57
troulouliou_devhi could anybody tell me where is mounted an ipad when plugged to ubuntu ?15:58
troulouliou_devi do see it in nautilus15:58
troulouliou_devbut i don't see it in df -h15:58
holsteintroulouliou_dev: i dont think the hardware mounts like a drive15:58
troulouliou_devholstein, yeah it is a inode/folder ???15:58
troulouliou_devin properties15:58
_ultimateneed to smash usb ports!!! arggghh15:59
holsteintroulouliou_dev: i dont have the hardware here, but if you question is "why is my ipad not mounting like a hard drive?".. im suggesting it doesnt have that funcitonality15:59
troulouliou_devholstein, no i can not access the applicaitons files inside ipad' documents15:59
holsteintroulouliou_dev: whats the error?16:00
DarthEaronawesome, i got the driver and installed and running without reboot that was awesome. oh by the way what happened to make ubuntu boot really fast? after bios i have a 6 second boot time and a 2 sec login time and a 3 sec powerdown time16:00
=== deww_ is now known as deww
troulouliou_devholstein, the folder content could not be diplayed ... unhandled Apple file control error16:01
holstein!grub | DarthEaron there are "wait" options there in grub16:01
ubottuDarthEaron there are "wait" options there in grub: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:01
pentestbrasilyour Brazil16:02
holsteintroulouliou_dev: http://askubuntu.com/questions/139295/how-can-i-edit-a-root-file-on-a-non-jailbroken-ipad https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rhythmbox/+question/132583 helpful troulouliou_dev ?16:03
troulouliou_devholstein, think it is a bug in ubuntu in fact : http://libiphone.lighthouseapp.com/projects/27916/tickets/270-unhandled-apple-file-control-error-7-upon-attempting-to-open-app-folder16:04
VIkFreezeanyone familiar with setting up kerberos on 12.04?16:05
holsteintroulouliou_dev: Meanwhile, if you don't mind using ifuse, then you won't have this problem and can mount your documents folder just fine every time.16:05
troulouliou_devholstein, not installed16:07
ScouseLooking to install Ubuntu...will ubuntu 12 run on my old pc running Celeron 1.7Ghz processor with 400Mb ram ???16:07
holsteintroulouliou_dev: thats just from that link you gave.. as a workaround.. i wouldnt wait around on fixes for iOS.. you never know how challenging those can be to fix/patch16:08
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
holsteinScouse: i would want more ram.. i would run lubuntu16:08
k1lScouse: that is a real slow one. you should try the Lubuntu and i think with the 12.0416:09
holsteinyeah, i agree about 12.04 as well ^^16:09
SharkMuttleworthScouse: Try a more light-weight distribution like Arch Linux with a basic tiling Window Manager16:09
Scousewhat is lubuntu...I have always run Windows but tried ubuntu a while back and liked it but dont want to alter OS on laptop. Looking for something that will run quicker on old pc for the kids16:10
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.16:10
k1lSharkMuttleworth: that is the ubuntu support in here.16:10
SharkMuttleworthk1l: Yes, but Ubuntu really isn't good on old computers. Especially not with Unity16:11
artreiso i was using ubuntu and install lxde before i move to lubuntu entirely, i still have the lxde profile, can i delete this profile? or make lubuntu profile my default?16:11
=== john__ is now known as __john__
holsteinSharkMuttleworth: lubuntu is quite appropriate. you can invite Scouse to a PM, or the OT channel to discuss ot matters16:12
k1lSharkMuttleworth: thinking of your nick and  your comment on upstart i consider you stick to the guidelines in here. you have seen that there was a recommendation for Lubuntu.16:12
troulouliou_devholstein, no idea how it is mounted ? gfvs commadn do not give any output16:12
ScouseDoes Lubuntu look and feel like ubuntu?16:13
holsteintroulouliou_dev: i dont have that device, so, correct. i have no idea how it is mounted.. if i needed to mount an ipad, i would try the workaround suggested..16:13
artreiScouse, its actually more like windows16:13
* figure002 is surprised to see Mark online16:13
holsteinScouse: lubuntu looks like lubuntu, and you can try it from a live CD16:14
figure002holstein: lubuntu looks like lubuntu? that's a shocker :P16:15
troulouliou_devholstein,  ok16:15
Scousegoing to look at the website and youtube brb16:16
PrincessLunaHow can I right click?16:16
k1lPrincessLuna: use the right mouse key?16:17
artreiclick the button next to left click16:17
SharkMuttleworthPrincessLuna: Not yet a feature implemented in Linux16:17
PrincessLunak1l: artrei SharkMuttleworth  Sorry I meant right click using a touchscreen16:17
figure002lol @ Mark16:18
SeveasSharkMuttleworth: please stay helpful in here. #ubuntu-offtopic is for random nonsense16:18
k1lPrincessLuna: which ubuntu, which device?16:18
SharkMuttleworthPrincessLuna: System preferences->Mouse, there's an option for a long press to count as right click16:18
Scousehow do i change rooms?16:19
k1lScouse: /join #channelname16:19
jali_fscouse "/join #roomname"16:20
philinuxScouse: /j  channel16:20
Scousethank you16:20
jali_fanyone have experience installing printers?16:20
figure002PrincessLuna: I actually prefer to enable two-finger-scroll from the mouse settings, then right-click is tapping with two fingers (MacOS style)16:20
philinuxfigure002: same here16:21
PrincessLunaSharkMuttleworth: I'm using KDE and there is no such option and even in Gnome, I believe that option only applies to the mouse16:21
=== DarkAceZ is now known as fundies
k1lPrincessLuna: which ubuntu version= which device is it?16:22
PrincessLunafigure002: right click works like that with the touchpad but not the touch screen16:22
figure002jali_f: what is your problem?16:22
PrincessLunak1l: 12.10 or 13.04. Thinkpad s230u16:23
=== fundies is now known as DarkAceZ
figure002PrincessLuna: ahh, i thought you meant touchpad. I have no experience with touch screens, sorry16:23
=== zephyr is now known as Guest63840
PrincessLunafigure002: Under 12.10 touch works (single only), Under 13.04 multi touch works but for some reason there is no way to right click and its annoying. In Windows 8, right click works by holding down the finger for some time.16:25
JaySwoozleI dont think there has ever been a more stupid question asked but, im installing wine right now and I reacher what looks like a microsoft policy agreement thing, and  cannot figure out HOW TO PRESS THE OK BUTTON16:26
k1lPrincessLuna: http://askubuntu.com/questions/26106/make-long-click-act-like-a-right-click16:26
k1lbut i dont know whats that on kde16:26
ikoniaJaySwoozle: try using tab to hilight it16:26
holsteinJaySwoozle: maybe just tab to it? and hit enter?.. take a screenshot if needed16:26
kostkonJaySwoozle, probably the msscorefonts eula. press tab16:26
figure002PrincessLuna: can you enable Two Finger Scroll in Ubuntu 12.10?16:26
JaySwoozleYes thank you guys!16:27
JaySwoozleI feel like a real moron now...16:27
ikoniaJaySwoozle: no need16:27
PrincessLunafigure002: With touchpad yes16:27
JaySwoozleHOTS here i come!16:27
PrincessLunak1l: No such thing in kubuntu and even in Ubuntu I heard its only for the touchpad / mouse.16:28
figure002PrincessLuna: hmm, don't know about touch screen then16:28
execatDoes anyone know where I can find the server side code for the Ubuntu tour (this: http://www.ubuntu.com/tour/en/)?16:29
ikoniaexecat: I don't think it's public16:29
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
execatikonia, :-/ Is it because of some Ubuntu policy (sorry, not sure how the community works) or just that someone forgot?16:30
ikoniaexecat: it's a website....they don't normally mage websites backend available.16:31
SharkMuttleworthexecat: Server side code? Isn't most of it just done in the CSS and Javascript you can see as part of the page?16:31
rkmi m new ubuntu user.16:32
execatSharkMuttleworth, 1. Nice username. 2. The backend is the part I am expecting to look at, because it's working in a weird way. When I type in localhost from the tour web browser, it takes me to /my/ localhost page.16:32
execatI just thought it was amusing, and wanted to look at the code, as to how it did it.16:33
ikoniaexecat: it's not meant to be replicated onto your server16:33
SharkMuttleworthexecat: Probably just an iframe to do that16:33
jrtappersrkm, Any questions?16:33
ShapeShifter499what is the highest byte value I can go with when encrypting ssh keys?16:35
jrtappersShapeShifter499, The bigger the keys get, the slower it gets16:36
=== Praxi_ is now known as Praxi
ShapeShifter499jrtappers, slower to generate? or slower connections?16:37
ShapeShifter499idc how slow it takes to generate16:37
jrtappersShapeShifter499, Slower to generate, slower to login16:37
ShapeShifter499jrtappers, what size do you suggest?16:38
ert3goHello, can someone help me install openCV 2.1 on ubuntu 12.04?16:38
jrtappersShapeShifter499, Depends, 2048 is the Default, 4096 is very high. Is this for a personal machine?16:39
jrtappersYour main security focus should be on securing the private key, If an attacker got that it wouldn't matter about key length, unless it has a password16:40
ShapeShifter499jrtappers, I have a 25 alphanumeric passphrase on the key16:42
shade34321if i'm tarring a file can I do this tar czvf /some_other_dir/tar_dir.tgz dirname/ to tar it in another directory?16:42
jrtappersShapeShifter499, Is it a home machine, or not? I usually go with 4096 and Fail2Ban for extra security16:43
llutzshade34321: sure16:43
jrtappers*well, less log file mess16:43
shade34321llutz: thanks, didn't want to try it before I checked because the data is crucial and therefore can not be lost. Thanks!16:43
ShapeShifter499jrtappers, well seems it worked fine for the max limit of 1638416:44
ShapeShifter499yes I'll use it16:44
=== KLaZZie is now known as JD
ShapeShifter499jrtappers, does it just slow the initial login or the whole speed of connection?16:44
=== NqkakyvTakyvLud is now known as purpleshot
ExtremeHi, I installed a gedit plugin but I can't find it in Gedit > Preferences > Plugins. The files are at: ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins but the plugin doesn't appear in the list.16:46
jrtappersShapeShifter499, I think just generating16:47
jrtappersShapeShifter499, http://www.hermann-uwe.de/blog/creating-32768-bit-rsa-keys-for-fun-and-profit A bit old but relevant16:47
guffytfHi, all. I uploaded a file to an Ubuntu machine from a Mac via command-line scp and the file has a few thousand lines. On the destination (Ubuntu) machine, I can see the file using 'more', but 'wc -l' says it has 0 lines. Any idea what's going on?16:49
belgianguyI've been dabbling with JMeter for the last hour, seems a bit more sophisticated than Siege16:49
belgianguywrong chan16:50
ShapeShifter499jrtappers, sweet I'll stick with my freshly generated16384 rsa key then lol16:50
guffytfOh, I just tried head, and it displayed loads of data all on one line. Maybe my end-of-line characters are wrong??16:50
ShapeShifter499jrtappers, weird though I can't seem to go beyond that value,   I get an error " key bits exceeds maximum 16384"16:50
ShapeShifter499jrtappers, same error on my netbook16:52
jrtappers16384 * 2 = 32768, may be the problem16:52
jrtappers32768 is listed as the max length so there may be bugs at half full length, seems like too close for coincidence16:53
feydraurha80where can i ask a few things about .deb package management ?16:54
Sarger001Want to dual boot with puppy, but guys over at puppy ushered me over to here.16:55
dtcrshrSarger001: puppy is awesome to make a snes / sega box :D16:55
dtcrshrwhat bothers you?16:55
Sarger001Oh, partitioning help.16:56
Sarger001I've got my partitions made16:57
Sarger001but don't know how to install into that partition16:57
holsteinSarger001: i have never installed puppy.. i would just install ubuntu, and boot puppy live, and make it a save partition16:57
holsteini should say, i have not installed puppy after i did it once and decided it was unecessary16:58
Sarger001 Ubuntu is installed.16:58
=== Guest35591 is now known as Elli0tt
Sarger001Do i need to edit the GRUB Bootloader once installed?17:01
Sarger001Or will it auto update?17:01
Testtube302Hello I currently have Ubuntu 8.04LTS Server running a older kernel 2.6.24-21-server. I am trying to install the Kernel sources but it appears they have been deleted?17:01
=== Upasna is now known as sweet_kid
Testtube302I am getting Package linux-headers-2.6.24-21-server is not available I have checked online and the package seems to be gone.17:02
kapepyI have a problem with star TSP 650 printer. The printer seems to be connected okay, but I can not print anything. Trying to print test page results the job going into queue being  marked as "processing". Nothing comes out. What could be wrong?17:04
ashutoshnick GrungeMachine17:06
kapepyI downloaded, compiled & installed the driver from Star homepage. Oh, and I'm running 12.04 with 64bit kernel17:09
Testtube302Hello I currently have Ubuntu 8.04LTS Server running a older kernel 2.6.24-21-server. I am trying to install the Kernel sources but it appears they have been deleted? I am getting Package linux-headers-2.6.24-21-server is not available17:09
mandoguitkapepy:    no printer expert here but you might want to try using the CUPS setup.....   enter the following in your web browser  https://localhost:631/  >  CUPS for Administrators > Adding Printers and Classes17:09
=== florin is now known as Guest60435
gummyw0rmzWHATS up :D17:10
Fetentoneciao a tutti voi! 1835 utenti :D17:11
kapepythanks mandoquit :) What should I check from there?17:11
kapepyprocessing since17:11
kapepyTue Mar 12 18:44:16 201317:11
kapepy"Ready to print."17:11
Fetentoneragazzi, qualcuno saprebbe dirmi come mai nei link in Xchat il click diretto del tasto sinistro del mouse non mi apre il browser? eppure mi sembra tutto settato per bene. Per aprire il link devo necessariamente cliccare col tasto destro del mouse e poi opzionare Apri collegamento nel browser. Grazie17:12
woodtGreetings!  Who is the Ubuntu/Debian maintainer for Drupal6?17:13
jrtappersHow do I set up mouse buttons in ubuntu, IE thumb buttons17:13
PhysicistGreetings folks..17:13
k1lwoodt: see in launchpad.net or on packages.ubunut.com17:13
k1l!it | Fetentone17:13
ubottuFetentone: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:13
woodtThanks, K1l17:13
kapepythe printer has been processing the test page for half an hour now...17:14
k1lwoodt: packages.ubuntu.com (had a typo in the url)17:14
PhysicistMy ubuntu 10.04 is without sound.. I tried install a package Alsa for Beats Audio and I do not listen anything... The installation did not finish because one problem in compilation.. Any advice?17:15
llutzwoodt: apt-cache show drupal|grep -i maintai17:15
llutzdrupal6 even17:15
yourimym1hey how to sudo edit config file from terminal ?17:15
woodtThank you, llutz17:15
kwyjiboToday's challenge. find the word "Linux" on ubuntu.com. Good luck.17:15
SonikkuAmericayourimym1: Umm, which config file do you need to edit as root?17:16
k1lyourimym1: sudo nano /path/to/file17:16
=== matzipan1ni is now known as matzipan
k1lkwyjibo: that is not the topic  for a technical support channel17:16
yourimym1SonikkuAmerica: set_config file for something i need17:17
antzam i still muted or can ppl hear me?17:17
jrtapperskwyjibo, Like this http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu ? :D17:17
SonikkuAmericayourimym1: k1l has it right, just make sure you absolutely need root permissions.17:17
Extremeantz: we can hear you! :)17:17
Testtube302I can hear you17:17
PhysicistCan anybody help me?17:17
SonikkuAmericaantz: We read you loud and clear.17:17
antzyay :)17:17
SonikkuAmerica!anyone | Physicist17:17
ubottuPhysicist: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:17
SonikkuAmerica!gq > SonikkuAmerica17:18
ubottuSonikkuAmerica, please see my private message17:18
kwyjiboFrom Ubuntu.com's download page: "My Ubuntu setup is faster than a PC and prettier than a Mac..." It's still a PC.17:18
SofSAbout cupsd.conf, I am trying to set it so normal users cant access the admin pages, but can still add/remove printers. Got this far: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5608304/ but there is that error. Any ideas?17:18
llutzkwyjibo: do you have any ubuntu support question?17:18
SonikkuAmerica!ot > kwyjibo17:19
ubottukwyjibo, please see my private message17:19
Testtube302How often is it appropriate to repeat a question for help?17:19
PhysicistSonikkuAmerica: I already asked.17:19
PhysicistMy ubuntu 10.04 is without sound.. I tried install a package Alsa for Beats Audio and I do not listen anything... The installation did not finish because one problem in compilation.. Any advice?17:19
yourimym1SonikkuAmerica: sudo nano /home/moataz/set/config , where to right the file name to be edited ?17:19
yourimym1before path or after ?17:19
k1lyourimym1: stop17:19
SonikkuAmericayourimym1: After (syntax you have there is correct)17:20
k1lyourimym1: there should not be root rights needed in your home folder17:20
yourimym1k1l: ?17:20
Sarger001Is it possible to reinstall GRUB?17:20
eianI want to setup a few LXC containers to have "pass-through" networking - I want to have them grab DHCP addresses from my home router. I can't find a guide to set this up...17:20
SonikkuAmericayourimym1: If you're trying to edit a config file inside your home dir tree, you shouldn't need to sudo.17:20
yourimym1SonikkuAmerica: sudo nano /home/moataz/set/config set_config  like this ?17:21
yourimym1i can't save it while in dir17:21
llutzSarger001: sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc && sudo update-grub17:21
SonikkuAmericayourimym1: Just try [ nano ~/set/config ] for now17:21
Sarger001Will that update the bootloader?17:21
Sarger001Or do i have to do that manually?17:21
SonikkuAmericaSarger001: Pardon my butting but yes, it will.17:21
=== mhall119 is now known as mhall119|lunch
SonikkuAmericaSarger001: That's what the [ && sudo update-grub ] part is about17:22
Testtube302Hello I currently have Ubuntu 8.04LTS Server running a older kernel 2.6.24-21-server. I am trying to install the Kernel sources but it appears they have been deleted? I am getting Package linux-headers-2.6.24-21-server is not available17:22
Sarger001ok, so if i've just installed puppy to dual boot with ubuntu, i can just reinstall grub?17:23
Sarger001instead of editing menu.lst17:23
llutzSarger001: there is no menu.lst with grub217:23
layer3[Guest9234] anyone here17:23
woodtJust noticed that my Drupal 6 install on 10.04 is out of date despite having the latest official packages.  Anyone know how best to handle this?17:24
Sarger001Great lol, everyones telling me to edit menu.lst17:24
ert3goHello, please help me resolve this error : http://pastie.org/646224217:24
philinuxSarger001: run sudo update-grub in ubuntu17:24
Sarger001So if i reinstall grub, puppy will appear alongside ubuntu?17:24
Sarger001That's great17:24
=== XenGi_ is now known as XenGi
layer3[Guest9234] can someone help iam new ti ubuntu i just installed it im woundering do i need to install a virtualbox or no is it needed?17:25
philinuxSarger001: depends if puppy took control17:25
ert3goyou're better judge of that layer317:25
Guest52391Ubuntu: why is cmatrix missing from the repo all of this sudden?17:27
holstein!info cmatrix17:27
ubottucmatrix (source: cmatrix): simulates the display from "The Matrix". In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2a-4 (quantal), package size 16 kB, installed size 100 kB17:27
ert3goHello, can anyone help me solve this error : http://pastie.org/646224217:28
holsteinGuest52391: i find it here.. whats the issue?17:28
yourimym1SonikkuAmerica: how to save file from nano then after editing ?17:29
llutzert3go: you need package libv4l1-dev   or whatever package libv4l1 contains17:29
Guest52391holstein: unable to locate package cmatrix17:29
SonikkuAmericayourimym1: Hit Ctrl+X, then Y, then ENTER. You'll be back at terminal and the file is saved.17:29
holsteinert3go: i ran "apt-cache search libv4ll" and came up with libv4l-0 and libv4l-dev in the 12.04 repos17:30
holstein!info libv4l-dev17:30
ubottulibv4l-dev (source: v4l-utils): Collection of video4linux support libraries (development files). In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.8-2ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 7 kB, installed size 56 kB (Only available for linux-any; kfreebsd-any)17:30
yourimym1SonikkuAmerica: thx very much for help17:30
yourimym1and thx for all also :)17:30
ert3goholstein, I think I did apt-get install libv4l* and downloaded it17:30
philinuxGuest52391: which version ubuntu you got17:31
holsteinert3go: just confirm then, since you use the word "think"17:31
ert3goholstein, sudo apt-get install libv4l1*17:31
holsteinert3go: i would actually sudo apt-get install what returns from the search17:31
ert3gobut now I've run into different errors :/17:31
holsteinGuest52391: sudo apt-get install cmatrix , and pastebin errors17:32
eydaimonwhat switch does lsof need to display ports instead of service name? I can't see it in the manpage17:33
eydaimonfound it17:33
mkozjaki have been struggling with getting a simple php using 'sqlite_open' to work - all i get is 'PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function sqlite_open() in /var/www/getch.php on line 3'; i have everything installed; phpinfo() shows that everything is loaded; any ideas?17:34
ert3goholstein, can you help with this : http://pastie.org/646230517:34
mkozjakphp -m | grep sqlite17:35
holsteinFile /home/ert3go/OpenCV-2.1.0/opencv.pc.cmake.in does not exist. ..maybe it needs to me created ert3go .. or maybe whatever you are trying to install is broken.. what are you doing?17:35
cconstantinehey all, I'm having problems with my laptop's wifi; it's doing 802.11n really horribly and I can't figure out how to tell the wireless card to not do 802.11n (network related modules are: rtl8192ce, rtlwifi)17:35
Testtube302Hello I currently have Ubuntu 8.04LTS Server running a older kernel 2.6.24-21-server. I am trying to install the Kernel sources but it appears they have been deleted? I am getting Package linux-headers-2.6.24-21-server is not available17:36
ert3goholstein, trying to install openCV 2.1 on ubuntu 12.04 so that I can run sikuli properly. I am following this guide : http://opencv.willowgarage.com/wiki/InstallGuide_Linux17:36
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support continues until 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.17:36
holsteinTesttube302: its EOL soon17:37
gummyw0rmzEOM rounds complete17:37
Testtube302I undestand that17:37
Testtube302But its not EOL now.17:37
Testtube302And i have it in production...17:37
holsteinTesttube302: i wouldnt worry about having a server specific kernel.. try the generic.. or /join #ubuntu-server ..also, think about migrating17:38
eduhi there, I'm using irssi (with screen) I run nicklist.pl but names doesn't appear. In ubuntu 12.04 need to configure something more?17:38
ert3goholstein, trying to install openCV 2.1 on ubuntu 12.04 so that I can run sikuli properly. I am following this guide : http://opencv.willowgarage.com/wiki/InstallGuide_Linux17:40
holsteinert3go: if it were me, i would start here http://www.sikuli.org/download.html and download and start with the readme there17:40
ert3goholstein, I did that too17:41
ert3goholstein : /home/ert3go/Sikuli-r931-linux-i686/Sikuli-IDE/libs/libVisionProxy.so: libml.so.2.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:42
ert3gothat's the error I get when I run a sikuli script ^17:42
holsteinert3go: ask the maintainers17:42
elena-IKhow do I prevent my virtual terminals from beeing flooded with kernel messages? I put "loglevel=3" in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT /etc/default/grub, but after entering the luks password the messages appear again. "dmesg -n 3" does the job fine after boot, but how do I do that automatically?17:42
ert3gook thanks holstein17:42
ubottugit is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)17:43
bhaveshhow do I type in superscript and subscript in ubuntu? I tried copying from a HTML file with <sub> and <sup> tags which I used but it was again normal text when I pasted in glade. However pasting from wikipedia worked.17:43
misterswagim having issues trying to get unity to be back to default17:43
misterswagi instaleld gnome 317:43
misterswagbut it went heywire17:43
misterswagppa-purge gnome3 and ricoz testing17:43
misterswagand i get red artifacts in unity17:43
misterswagin chrome17:43
misterswagmission icons17:43
superbootmisterswag: Don't use the Enter key for punctuation. We arn't afraid of long paragraphs.17:44
misterswag:) i will remember that17:44
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
Guest52391philinux: 12.1017:46
misterswagits like it went to an oldie theme17:46
heikoLhttp://i.imagebanana.com/img/jompmxhg/VirtualBoxError_001.png  <- is this VirtualBox Extension Pack somewhere in the repos? or do I really need to install that manually after every VirtualBox update?17:46
Extremebhavesh: For a Label switch on "Use markup" in the "General" tab of the Label properties. img: http://i.stack.imgur.com/HR3Kz.png17:47
Guest52391holstein: E: unable to locate package cmatrix17:47
holsteinheikoL: i think so, since it cant be included by default17:47
holsteinGuest52391: sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get install cmatrix17:47
yourimym1i have problem , i tried to instal kde plasma desktop and to enjoy kde with experince but things went wrong , so i canceled installation (closed terminal window) , and now am using unity , the problem is whne i run system update i get things for kde , but i dont wanna to have this updates in the update list , is there remove command or something to ignore these kde update  and make it wont appear in my update list ?17:47
holstein!info cmatrix17:49
ubottucmatrix (source: cmatrix): simulates the display from "The Matrix". In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2a-4 (quantal), package size 16 kB, installed size 100 kB17:49
=== raj` is now known as raj
bhaveshExtreme, thanks, but there is no such option for editing text of a button17:51
eduhi there, I'm using irssi (with screen) I run nicklist.pl but names doesn't appear. In ubuntu 12.04 need to configure something more?17:52
holsteinyourimym1: i would go to a package manager and remove whatever kde apps and libs you dont want17:52
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
holsteinedu: run /names17:52
Guest52391holstein: did it thrice17:53
holsteinGuest52391: did what?17:53
Guesty93can someone help i just downloaded ubuntu first time do i need a virtualbox or is it needed?17:53
holsteinGuesty93: depends on what you want to do, but you dont need virtualbox to boot the live CD17:53
_raven(how) is vlc able to open playlists which contain only one line of file?17:54
Guesty93i dont do much online im on youtube alot17:54
holsteinGuesty93: you dont need ubuntu to watch youtube.. what are you trying to do?17:55
Guest52391holstein: maybe i dont have that repo enabled17:55
Guesty93iam having trouble setting up the virtualbox is why i ask if it was needed17:55
holsteinGuest52391: open synaptic, or the software center and search..17:55
Guesty93i wanted something differnt then windows17:55
holsteinGuesty93: it depends on what you are doing17:55
holsteinGuesty93: if you want to replace windows..17:55
Guesty93just chat and go on youtube thats it17:56
holstein!install | Guesty9317:56
ubottuGuesty93: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate17:56
Guesty93i like ubuntu better17:56
yourimym1holstein: am afriad to remove wrong package , , any other way , or i remove any kde named package even kde lib something ?!17:56
holsteinGuesty93: you *are* chatting.. and i assume you have a web browser.. but, if you like to install ubuntu, that link shows how17:56
lisandrop05hello  to every one I'm installing firehol and when I exec "frirehol try" I get a lot of errors like this: "iptables: Memory allocation problem." I where lokking at top command while I where doing and is a lot of memory free in the system17:56
holsteinyourimym1: then dont remove anything17:57
Guesty93yes i already have downloaded ubuntu it works fine i like it better then windows i just needed to know if i can run ubuntu without virtualbox17:57
holstein!info firehol17:57
ubottufirehol (source: firehol): An easy to use but powerful iptables stateful firewall. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.273-1 (quantal), package size 171 kB, installed size 840 kB17:57
holsteinlisandrop05: are you typo-ing it?17:57
yourimym1holstein: any other way ?17:57
holsteinyourimym1: to what?17:58
yourimym1to solve my problem ?17:58
holsteinyourimym1: you dont have a problem.. you have kde packages you installed, and you dont want them anymore.. if you want to remove them, remove them17:58
holsteinyourimym1: if you are "afraid" then, just go with what you got17:59
=== geekpwn_ is now known as boo
lisandrop05holstein: I don't untherstand what you means17:59
yourimym1holstein: i cant remeber the packages i've added is there default name for it  ?17:59
holsteinlisandrop05: you say "i exec frirehol". is that a typo?18:00
Guest52391holstein: it is not there18:00
lisandrop05holstein: no, I execute "firehol try command"18:00
holsteinyourimym1: i would open a package manager and search "kde".. or see what is in the list that you wnt to remove and remove them18:00
yourimym1holstein: http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu like this one ?18:00
holsteinyourimym1: like, any kde application that you dont want on your system..18:01
holsteinlisandrop05: i use ufw18:02
yourimym1holstein: appreciate you help :)18:02
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.18:02
holsteinyourimym1: it shouldnt hurt to just leave them there.. just take up space on the disk18:02
Guest52391is it in community repo18:02
lisandrop05holstein: I'm on ubuntu server18:03
yourimym1holstein: it's just bothering me while chooseing what to update18:03
holsteinlisandrop05: ufw is the non-gui version i use on server18:03
elena-IKis putting "dmesg -n 3" in /etc/rc.local a good/bad idea?18:03
lisandrop05holstein: but I'll need to reconfigure my rules18:04
lisandrop05wich work OK on another servers18:04
holsteinlisandrop05: i would try the server channel, or wait for another volunteer familiar with firehol18:04
lisandrop05I just don't know why I'm getting this error18:04
lisandrop05server channel?18:05
holsteinlisandrop05: /join #ubuntu-server for the server channel18:05
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Mip5Hi Folks - I've got a powerful machine (dual qc processors, 24 GB of ram) running 12.04. Recently apt-get update goes fast (fast downloads), but then crawls during Reading Package Lists. It often takes 20 minutes! Any ideas or things to try?18:06
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=== maxb_ is now known as maxb
ert3goholstein, can you explain me the steps in comments of Jac Obi here : http://karytech.blogspot.in/2011/02/opencv-22-on-ubuntu-1010.html18:08
fegoI am using a dell inspiron 15 R , this system is so silent while on windows 8 but the fans get busy when i run ubuntu for a while. This system has intel hd 4000 graphics18:10
holsteinert3go: i dont like to get that far out of the repo versions.. things tend to break, and i dont know what features you are trying to get, but i would ask yourself if its worth it.. this could be only the start of the hassle18:10
ert3goholstein, :(. I am following the steps mentioned here : http://www.samontab.com/web/2010/04/installing-opencv-2-1-in-ubuntu/18:11
holsteinfego: you can try something like jupiter http://www.webupd8.org/2010/07/jupiter-ubuntu-ppa-hardware-and-power.html though i would know how to remove and undo18:11
kimibe_nCan anybody tell me if UCK or ubuntu bilder are stable as you can suggest me to use at work for 10-15 machines?18:11
holsteinkimibe_n: i just used clonezilla and cloned mine18:11
kimibe_nholstein livecd would be very nice...18:12
anononai built 12.04 on a ppc mac by terminal now i cant get gui to connect to wired or wireless - tried booting from a live 13.04 but graphics are hopeless - anyone know how to enable connections from terminal or to upgrade from the live cd im booting from?18:12
kimibe_nholstein that's why I am searching an iso creator...18:12
holsteinkimibe_n: id say just try them.. i found issue with all of them.. and deciced not to use one.. try remastersys as well18:13
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:13
holsteinanonona: i would try that from the live CD... ppc suppport is challenging18:14
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ18:14
kimibe_nholstein remateresys does not have update since long time and it's support is too bad.. I am trying uck and ubuntu bilder. they seems works fine. but I just try them at home. I dont have a change to try them at office..18:15
kimibe_nholstein what did you see as problem?18:15
holsteinkimibe_n: using them, and getting a result that was usable..18:16
raven_i am trying out this script: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/24952/script-to-monitor-folder-for-new-files i do not get any filename output - any ideas?18:16
kimibe_nholstein did you use uck and ubuntu-builder both?18:16
anononayeah that didnt work - ppc is too rare for the info to be easy to get18:16
kimibe_nholstein hmmm.. :(18:16
holsteinkimibe_n: ^^18:16
KatnissEverdeenis selena gomez a virgin?18:16
ntzrmtthihu777wth did I walk into?!18:16
compdocyou walked into lust etc, it seems18:17
KatnissEverdeenban me!18:17
kimibe_nholstein I had found the same page.. But I think uck and others are making the same thinks on background..18:17
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!18:17
KatnissEverdeenban me!18:17
ubottuHey Christel, Corey, Dave2, Fuchs, Gary, Martinp23, Myrtti, Pricey, VorTechS, jayne, marienz, nalioth, niko, nhandler, rob, stew, tomaw, I could use a bit of your time :)18:17
KatnissEverdeenban me!18:18
MyrttiKatnissEverdeen: how about you just go away18:18
raven_how to monitor a folder for new files and get the filename of them?18:19
eduholstein: I'm not looking for that, I need nicklist.pl running18:20
eduhi there, I'm using irssi (with screen) I run nicklist.pl but names doesn't appear. In ubuntu 12.04 need to configure something more?18:20
holsteinedu: i put my .pl's i the directory suggested at the site.. i'll look18:21
holsteinedu: i am using irssi in screen as well18:21
raven_how to monitor a folder for new files and get the filename of them?18:21
holstein!patience | raven_18:21
ubotturaven_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:21
eduholstein: In 12.04? I have the script in .irssi/scripts/ and do /run nicklist but nothing changes18:22
holsteinedu: /usr/share/irssi/scripts is where i put them... i just put my config and plugs where i want..18:23
eduholstein: when I put /run nicklist irssi says: Nicklist loaded18:24
anononaanyone know a command i can give from a live 13.04 to upgrade my 12.04 ? with no graphics due to an old ppc machine18:24
holsteinedu: i dont use nicklist but the plugs i use are loaded18:24
holsteinedu: i have to run, but http://scripts.irssi.org/ is what i used18:26
Zer0GlitchDoes anyone have a get for Truecrypt?18:26
holsteinZer0Glitch: a get? i get it from http://www.truecrypt.org/18:27
Zer0GlitchDownload .tar.gz has no install file. Can't get it to run.18:27
tgm4883Zer0Glitch, did you run the file in the tar.gz file?18:28
Zer0GlitchYes. Only opens in text format.18:28
Zer0GlitchI'm thinking either one of my file associations is poorly directed, or i'm using the wrong command18:28
tgm4883Zer0Glitch, I have a feeling that you need to make it executable and run it from the command line18:29
bean__tar xf whatever.tar.gz18:29
holsteinZer0Glitch: typically, you would ask truecrypc for help.. but you download and exctract and run the setup that is extracted.. click it and follow the instructions18:29
Zer0Glitchtar xf makes it executable?18:29
holsteinZer0Glitch: you can also literally click on it. im doing it now18:29
bean__no, it'll extract it.18:30
holsteinZer0Glitch: its installed and running...18:30
Zer0GlitchWhen I click on the truecrypt-7.1a-setup-x86 it keeps opening in LeafPad18:31
holsteinZer0Glitch: try right click and open in terminal.. try navigating to it in terminal and running it18:32
tgm4883Zer0Glitch, LeafPad probably took over opening shell scripts18:33
=== ghoti_ is now known as ghoti
korHi, does some one knows? how can i change the priority and memory usage of some app? i mean permanently, thanks.18:34
=== mpmc is now known as mpmc|Away
Mip5Gotta run - thanks anyway. M18:36
buddha__Hello...is this thing  working ?18:40
kimibe_nplease if anyone using uck or ubuntu-builder tell me your experiences..18:40
DJonesbuddha__: Yes18:40
DJones!de | buddha__18:40
ubottubuddha__: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:40
=== IboS_ is now known as IboS
DJonesbuddha__: No probs, just thought it worth mentioning for future reference18:41
buddha__I shall keep that in mind ;)18:42
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lhoerstenI have sticky edges disabled in 12.04 but my mouse is still getting stuck in between monitors. anyone know how to fix this?18:43
tgm4883lhoersten, sticky edges?18:46
lhoerstentgm4883: yeah18:47
raven_how to monitor a folder for new files and get the filename of them?18:47
tgm4883lhoersten, where did you set that?18:47
lhoerstentgm4883: settings -> dislpays -> sticky edges18:47
tgm4883lhoersten, did you also change the launcher placement on your far left monitor?18:49
lhoerstentgm4883: no it's still on my far left monitor where it defaulted to18:49
tgm4883lhoersten, by default, it's on both monitors18:50
lhoerstentgm4883: then yes I must have changed it to just the primary monitor18:50
raven_how to monitor a folder for new files and get the filename of them?18:50
=== torpet is now known as torpet|away
tgm4883lhoersten, hmm. Odd, because with sticky edges off and it set to only use my left monitor, it doesn't stick to my middle monitor edge18:51
tgm4883raven_, I'm unsure of a program that could do it, but if you know python it's not too difficult18:51
lhoerstentgm4883: it never used to for me either. I rebooted and now its borken18:52
tgm4883lhoersten, sorry I couldn't be more help18:52
lhoerstenraven_: inotify18:52
daemoenlo all.  found an oab-java project for ubuntu, happen to know if it supports both the jre and jdks ?18:52
* daemoen would imagine there must be a few users here familiar with it (oab-java6 on github)18:53
lhoerstenraven_: check out "man inotifywait"18:53
tgm4883raven_, looks like iwatch will do it http://iwatch.sourceforge.net/index.html (iwatch uses inotify)18:54
quantumI am just about fed up with Debian.18:54
Zer0GlitchSo I managed to fix the issue with my Truecrypt install opening in Leafpad. I used alien to turn the .tar.gz into a .deb and installed that way.18:55
jrib /msg ubottu truecrypt18:55
quantumLooks like raring might be out next month?18:55
jrib!truecrypt | Zer0Glitch18:55
ubottuZer0Glitch: Truecrypt is a free open-source on-the-fly disk encryption software.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TruecryptHiddenVolume18:55
DJonesquantum: Correct18:55
quantumWill XFCE be up to date on Raring?18:56
tgm4883quantum, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=xfce&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all18:56
Zer0GlitchThanks ubottu18:56
DJonesquantum: Best asking in #ubuntu+1 thats where support is for unreleased versions18:56
quantumIs selinux integrated in Ubuntu?  Upstart?18:57
tgm4883quantum, it would appear that xfce is up to date on quantal18:57
ubottuSELinux is available on Ubuntu, but not officially supported. Ubuntu uses another security framework by default, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor18:57
czzhellopat, how can I grep more than one string while using whois?18:58
quantumIs AppArmor easier to use?18:58
tgm4883quantum, I've not used selinux since fedora core 6, so IDK18:59
quantumtgm4883: Is AA fairly easy to use in practice tho?18:59
jribczz: grep 'foo\|bar'18:59
tor_i moved some music folders and had to choose merge in the target directory. but now i get double folder listings. what is this and why wil not my windows computer read those spesific folders. windows complains that it is unknown location18:59
tgm4883quantum, I'd browse that page, it's got good info on it19:00
tor_the files is on a external usb drive ntfs19:00
czzjrib, Thanks. What's the "19:00
czzjrib, What's the "\" for?19:01
jribczz: to escape the |19:01
quantumI notice that Fedora has dropped Upstart.  Any idea why?19:01
jribquantum: this channel is for ubuntu support; we wouldn't know19:01
DJonesquantum: You'd have to ask in the fedora support channels19:02
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rrezonhey guys check this out http://hollywoodtodaynews.com/19:02
quantumWell have there been problems with Upstart?19:02
FloodBot1rrezon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:02
LuizAngiolettihow do I post something on pastebin without a GUI?19:02
=== ms|food is now known as mikestewart
ShibumiCould you use lynx?19:03
v2zzhi! i try to synchronize my data folder to drobox folder. use rsync with only 2 params so far recurcive and update and they do well for me. but, when i rename directory it's not renamed, it's only copied (so 2 dirs appear on destionation). anybody knows how to make renaming work?19:03
=== fuzzy_ is now known as mildfuzz
LuizAngiolettiShibumi: no. No links. I have no mouse.19:03
LuizAngiolettiShibumi: so I can't really copy the error messages...19:04
xrqhi! I followed the ubuntu.com instructions for setting up a usb stick to boot ubuntu on a mac.  when I start it with the option key down, the stick does not show up as a boot device.  how do I boot from it?19:04
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rrezonhey guys can you check this web page for me so i can just look at how many people are online right now http://hollywoodtodaynews.com/19:05
ShibumiLuizAngioletti Can you upload files to paste bin? Because if so, you could cat the errors into a file, then use lynx to go to paste bin, and upload it19:05
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
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ShibumiLuizAngioletti There's also pastebininit, it allows uploading of files to pastebin from cli. You can install it with apt-get install pastebininit19:06
rogierI used a applet in the upper taskbar in gnome 2 to set the brightness of the backlight on my laptop. Is there something available in gnome 3 classic?19:06
ShibumiLuizAngioletti Here's the URL: http://linuxers.org/article/pastebinit-command-line-pastebin-client19:06
Limurxxrq: Some kinds of bios simply don't support booting via USB, or need to enabled in the boot settings. Did you check that?19:07
tor_ubutntu has f#c#ed up my music folder. i need some help19:08
xrqLimurx: it's a mac. it doesn't have a bios19:08
xanguarogier: if by classic you mean fallback mode, i believe it does use Indicators, doesn't it¿ https://launchpad.net/~indicator-brightness/+archive/ppa http://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/what-application-indicators-are-available?page=2&tab=votes#tab-top19:09
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xangua!language | tor_19:09
ubottutor_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:09
jman074is anyone running openjdk java 719:09
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest33645
xrqLimurx: also, all modern macs like this one do support booting via usb stick19:10
tor_yes, sry19:10
=== swappermall is now known as Guest37625
ShibumiLimurx Can't you use rEFIt?19:10
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
tor_but i need and want help now19:10
rogierxangua: that seems for unity. Gnome 3 classic is an option in the start up menu (where you can choice for unity/ gnome 3/ gnome 3 classic. I think it's a mode for people who prefer the gnome 2 like interface.19:11
s9iper1my touchpad stop workingi dont wana logout or restart how can i set it back ??19:12
jman074i need to delete my temp internet files "applications and applets" im running openjdk java 7. any one know how to accomplish this19:12
Shibumis9iper1 Why don't you just log out?19:12
=== jorick_ is now known as jorick
Limurxxrq: I never used a Mac to be honest :) From my experience, it doesn't depend on if the pc is old or not, but the bios. As this doesn't apply to macs, I ran out of knowledge ;)19:14
s9iper1shibumi:i cant logout i am middle of some work anyother way to set it back19:14
tgm4883s9iper1, what kind of touchpad?19:14
dhciI can launch nautilus and see my smartphone appear as SAMSUNG_Android_SGH-I747 but I'm wondering how it gets that name. I don't see it in the /dev/disk/by-id area for example. I'd like to mount this automatically with udev to a fixed mount point19:15
s9iper1tgm4883:its laptop touchpad19:15
Shibumis9iper1 You could try "sudo rmmod psmouse" and then "sudo modprobe psmouse"19:16
pepeponhi, i have a maxtor hd from a dvd recorder and i would like to recover the data. Right now it is connected and the BIOS recognize the HD, however i cannot "see" the unit from ubuntu, is there anyway to do so ?19:16
tgm4883Shibumi, I was thinking similar for synaptics19:16
Shibumis9iper1 Or whatever touchpad driver your ubuntu is using19:16
Shibumis9iper1 Isn't it synaptics-input-x86 or something like that now?19:17
dhcipepon did you try running 'dmesg' from a console to see if it listed as a /dev/ device? also /dev/disk/by-uuid can sometimes show it as a device entry that you can mount19:17
s9iper1shibumi: its working by those command thanks dude19:17
Shibumis9iper1 Cool beans!19:18
akar1mhi ubuntu19:18
pepeponany hint?19:18
holsteinpepepon: depends on how it is formatted, and if you are "allowed" to access it. wont hurt to try photorec from the testdisk suite19:19
holstein!info testdisk19:20
ubottutestdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.13-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 516 kB, installed size 1201 kB19:20
pepeponinstalling it now19:20
pepeponfrom sudo apt-get...19:20
holsteinpepepon: its what i use on drive that wont mount, and let me access data.. its more for "broken" drives than proprietary formats19:20
pepeponholstein:  can you tell me the basic commands to check it ?19:21
quantumAnyone know of an open-source cloud service (not software) which is free, -and- allows you to use your own private key?19:21
IndustrialI'm not in Unity, rather I'm using i3wm right now. What services am I missing? I get this error a lot: https://gist.github.com/Industrial/9cc306bf7d7383f7c56319:21
Shibumiquantum Would that be spideroak?19:21
pepeponholstein:  i just executed testdisk19:22
Shibumiquantum I know they let you have private keys19:22
holsteinpepepon: there are no "basic" commands that are going to do anything for you. you have a drive that has been formatted by a proprietary system. best case, you bang you head against the wall for a bit, and get the files off.. unlabled ..or, you get some information as to what format they used on the drive19:22
quantumShibumi: Nice, thanks.  I'll check it out.19:23
quantumbuddha_: Didn't work.19:23
pepeponholstein:  i got to the point where i have to choose the partition table type19:23
buddha_What did i do wrong :)19:24
buddha_quantum: What did i do wrong ?19:24
quantumbuddha_: just teasing...19:24
holsteinpepepon: that is the problem.. and the answer is, they dont have to let you know the type, or let you access it19:25
pepeponi see19:25
holsteinpepepon: i would try some read-only options.. it literally shouldnt hurt anything19:25
pepeponyes, but which oneÇ?19:25
holsteinpepepon: i would start with the first one that looks plausible, then to the next..19:26
pepeponno idea19:27
pawel_Hello :D19:27
holsteinpepepon: you can always ask them what they did19:27
pepeponthanks a lot holstein  the problem is that i dont know the dvd recorded, my dad just gave me the hdd19:29
holsteinpepepon: maybe he can recall what manufacturer, or let you know that the data is really not all that important19:29
pepeponholstein:  the hdd is from his boss xD19:31
pepepongonna reboot19:32
pepeponanyways, i appreciate your help buddy!19:32
holsteinpepepon: you will need to know that to do anything .. otherwise, you can just try all the options19:33
coolrootthe only thing i regret is leaving ubuntu .... i made that coz i need to before 10.04 will be outdated now i got 12.04 and my laptop can't keep up with the gfx .... decide to go mint and from there can't get help from people :(19:37
tgm4883coolroot, did you try unity 2d?19:39
tozencoolroot: lubuntu or xubuntu19:39
hpubuntuhey I just had a package fail during installation in the software center,   I need a command to reset the displaced packages,  I did it before I cannot remember,  dpkg - l  or something? can someone help?19:41
tgm4883hpubuntu, was it "apt-get -f install"?19:41
coolrooti got mint now19:41
holsteinhpubuntu: i usually run 'sudo apt-get update' and look for error messages19:41
tozenhpubuntu: dpkg -a configure ?19:42
hpubuntuyes that's it thank you all19:42
holsteincoolroot: what desktop environment? you can try XFCE.. i feel like it is a lot like the older gnome2, just well supported19:42
coolrootfirst cinnamon and not happy on that to huge my laptop can't keep up the fx on that so decided mint MATE but less support less help on the web too19:42
holsteincoolroot: i prefer XFCE to mate, but enjoy what you got, and keep in mind, this is the ubuntu support channel19:43
tozencoolroot: noprobs mint is debian based as well ;)19:43
coolrootyeah i should've stayed to 12.04 and get xfce on what am i thinkin that time!?19:44
coolrootsorry just sayin my frustration no wonder ubuntu is gettin huge19:45
lacrymologylatest openssl has a bug http://rt.openssl.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=3002&user=guest&pass=guest this is affecting my ubuntu 12.04 box. Is there a way to downgrade?19:48
jali_fanyone have experience setting up brother printers on networks?19:51
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
cjhey folks19:51
cjhow do I check the default permissions of /etc/mail and /etc/mail/* in the sendmail package?19:51
Akiva-MobileWith ubuntu one, and my account, is there a way to save my software configuration? So say when I do a new install, I just load my profile, and it installs my entire suite of software?19:51
tozencj: hayea19:51
tgm4883lacrymology, do you know the previous version? You can install a specific version of a package by doing 'apt-get install <packagename>=<packageversion>'19:52
cjAkiva-Mobile: yeah: dpkg -l > /tmp/foo ; cp /tmp/foo /media/my-usb-disk19:52
* cj ducks19:52
Akiva-Mobilecj: I was thinking more along the lines of a cloud19:53
Akiva-MobileI actually hate usb drives19:53
Akiva-Mobilethey corrupt so easily19:53
DJones!cloning | Akiva-Mobile19:53
ubottuAkiva-Mobile: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate19:53
elisa87Do you know how to solve "/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/bits/fcntl2.h:45: undefined reference to `__open_too_many_args'" http://paste.ubuntu.com/5608741/ ???19:54
Akiva-MobileDJones: Ah, so its not mainlined yet. need at least a level 2 user.19:54
janisozaur_how can i record two audio streams (e.g. from external webcam microphone and laptop's integrated mic) at once?19:55
giacomobuonsera a tutti19:57
janisozaur_!it | giacomo19:59
ubottugiacomo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)19:59
raven_vlc: how to reload the playlist every loop20:00
WizzzI use pm-hibernate to hibernate, i have 8gb ram. When i resume, only 4 gb of ram filled and depending what memory pages are in swap that might result in applications20:00
Wizzzhaving too much page faults and being unresponsive for a long time is there a way to restore exactly the pages i had in ram when i hibernated, or fill as much ram as possible?20:00
dtcrshrsilly question, iv i put up an hard drive with ubuntu installed, into another machine , completly different, will it boot?20:02
lacrymologytgm4883: I'm looking at the update history, and it looks like it upgraded from 1.0.1-4ubuntu5.6 to ..ubuntu5.7. If I try to install openssl=...ubuntu5.7 it says "already at it's newest version", if I try ...ubuntu5.6 it says version ..5.6 not found20:02
nick|herehi. I got a SSD system. What should i put on the SSD ? I'll put my /home to a 7200 rpm Drive(way bigger). Should I keep /usr and /var on SSD or move some other too? (SSD is 250G)20:02
llutzdtcrshr: most likely it will, problem might be graphics/wifi20:02
tgm4883lacrymology, you did 'apt-get install openssl=1.0.1-4ubuntu5.6'?20:03
dtcrshrany quick way to fix it?20:03
llutzdtcrshr: depends on the chipsets20:04
llutznick|here: /usr has to be on SSD for performance20:04
nick|herellutz: what i thought is only moving my /home folder to 7200 HDD. rest should be on SSD(which 250G should be way more than enough I assume)20:05
raven_vlc: how to reload the playlist every loop20:05
llutznick|here: 250GB is huge for a system without /home. i'd put /home also on SSD and use the 7200rpm drive as data-drive (mounted somewhere)20:06
aim1159anybody have an idea where can one find a faq on thing provisioning in ubuntu on kernels >= 3.2?20:06
=== adriano is now known as Guest52348
nick|herellutz: yeah figured that out just then. checked out my usage. I'll probably do what you proposed.20:07
nick|herellutz: thanks mate20:09
meowsusHey. I just did a fresh install of Quantal. I installed the nvidia-current-updates package, for the drivers for my card, and now my TTY virtual consoles' resolutions are huge and totally unchangeable, from what I can tell from what I read around the internet. Editing /usr/default/grub isn't working for me. Does anyone have a few minutes to help me troubleshoot this?20:09
raven_vlc: how to reload the playlist every loop20:11
meowsusI hate this channel20:11
rajis there any point in a quake-like terminal? can't I just configure any terminal to hide/show in a particular location of the screen?20:11
tgm4883raj, like !guake?20:12
tgm4883!info guake20:12
ubottuguake (source: guake): Drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.3-3 (quantal), package size 110 kB, installed size 836 kB20:12
auronandacemeowsus: feel free to leave20:12
llutzraj: or yakuake (kde)20:12
ponkeraj: point -> nostalgia, convenience. but yes, you most certainly can make something similar yourself, one way or another.20:13
meowsusauronandace: haha, yeah. I do. Thanks ;)20:13
buddha_dhindsanewbie here....Do you copy20:13
tgm4883!ask | buddha_dhindsa20:13
ubottubuddha_dhindsa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:13
rajtgm4883, llutz, ponke, yes I use both yakuake and guake so I can have multiple terminals available for hide/show with a keystroke20:14
elisa87what's the reason for this error? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5608741/ is there any fix to it?20:14
nullby7ewhy setup gives me cannot create/initilize hdd (created partition) in hdd partition section?20:14
rajI, however, would like to just use one terminal20:14
rajI'd prefer having two guake's, in fact, over two yakuakes20:14
nullby7eafter creating of drive, in copying files20:14
rajsimply because I can copy/paste with ctrl+c and ctrl+v20:14
rajbut both those terminals only allow one session20:15
auronandaceraj: does tmux work inside them?20:15
ponkeraj: so fire up a multiplexer of your choice?20:16
rajtmux is like screen right?20:16
raji'd imagine so20:16
ponkeraj: yes, quite a bit like it, indeed.20:16
rajoh, I see, you're saying to have tabs in there basically20:16
dougskofor what its worth, you can definitely run screen inside screen20:16
rajno, I'd rather have two different consoles20:16
dougskoit gets confusing though20:17
rajthey have tabs builtin anyway20:17
=== pesasa_ is now known as pesasa
=== away- is now known as away
rajthis is what I currently have http://i.imgur.com/atqgcoj.png20:18
=== torpet|away is now known as torpet
rajbut I'm setting up another system, and it would be nice to have two guakes, or two terminals that allow ctrl+c/v that I can script to hide/show20:18
* MDTech-us_MAN has a problem20:18
MDTech-us_MANapt-get output: http://pastebin.com/mBb1itg9   (see last 10 lines)20:20
ponkeraj: sounds like you need to try going -mouse ;P you can split terminals, c/p between them easily and so forth...20:20
MDTech-us_MANplease help20:20
ponkeraj: the habit would probably empower you in many environments (if you are going in to admin)20:21
rajponke, I never use hte mouse! :)20:21
raji just like to see split screens with as much realestate as possible20:21
rajand then hide them quickly20:21
dougskoraj: you can split screen a screen session20:21
MDTech-us_MANwhy am I getting http://pastebin.com/mBb1itg9 ?20:21
rajdougsko, I'm aware, but then I'd have to stretch the window too20:22
* MDTech-us_MAN still needs help!20:22
Anoniman86Hou are using Steam on Ubuntu Linux with AMD Radeon card here?20:23
ponkeraj: ah well, do what you please, if it works it works :)20:23
raji think i'll go with gnome terminal since it allows for multiple windows and ctrl+c/v20:23
auronandace!please | MDTech-us_MAN20:23
ubottuMDTech-us_MAN: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude20:23
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: i would reinstall the kernel..20:23
karstengreetings to all, can someone help me before i surrender? T_T i got the infamous blue faces bug....20:23
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: you can also try installing synaptic and try clicking "fix broken packages" in the menu20:24
karstenanyone can help me out?20:24
=== ms|eat is now known as mikestewart
raven_vlc: how to reload the playlist every loop20:25
auronandacekarsten: change the setting for hardware acceleration in flash20:25
karstenit makes such error outside flash O_O20:25
karstenflash is ok20:25
* SevenBizzos yawn20:26
llutzraven_: try #videolan20:26
auronandacekarsten: then i have no idea what this blue face bug is20:26
karstenoh damn i'll have to reinstall everything again?20:26
dougskokarsten: in youtube?20:27
auronandacekarsten: or you could simply describe your issue in more detail20:27
holsteinkarsten: none of the volunteers have suggested that you reinstall.. what bug are you referencing?20:27
karstenok in simple word20:27
karsteni have videos in sopcast player that have blue hue20:27
kinjhello, I have efi system and I wanted to install bootloader on a usb and ubuntu on hd20:27
karstenin youtube all is ok20:27
dougskokarsten: perl -pi.bak -e 's/libvdpau/lixvdpau/g' /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so20:27
dougskothat fixes it for me in youtube anyway20:28
karstenin youtube is 100% ok20:28
dougskoit could still just be a flash issue20:28
auronandacekarsten: sopcast player?20:28
holsteinkarsten: what videos? where?20:28
karstenit's a streaming program that allows to watch tv on it20:28
karstensop: streams20:29
auronandacekarsten: if that uses flash then try what i told you above20:29
karstenit does not20:29
auronandacekarsten: are you certain?20:29
dougskoMDTech-us_MAN: try getting rid of ndiswrapper temporarily, as per: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ndiswrapper/+bug/97892020:29
holsteinkarsten: you are using http://code.google.com/p/sopcast-player/ ?20:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 978920 in ndiswrapper (Ubuntu) "BUILT_MODULE_NAME[#] required if linux-headers-* is installed/updated after the ndiswrapper-dkms package" [Undecided,Fix released]20:29
karstenholstein, it should be that one20:30
holsteinkarsten: what are you using then?20:30
karstensopcast player as i said holstein20:30
holsteinkarsten: the one that you just said "it should be that one"? .. then it *is* that one?20:30
kinjanyone knows how to make a bootable usb for efi system?20:30
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:30
karstenit is that one but i got it from a repository20:30
holsteinkarsten: i would try that one ^^20:31
holsteinkarsten: that is the one the site suggests you use for your operating system20:31
kinjactually i want to install  just bootloader on uefi and it should access the iso which resides on the gpt hd20:31
kinjbootloader on usb20:31
kinjfrugal install20:32
karstenholstein, you mean the flash fix? youtube videos do play ok, shall i try it anyway?20:32
KeyboardNotFoundIs ubuntu bot ubottu is open source ?20:32
auronandace!bot | KeyboardNotFound20:33
ubottuKeyboardNotFound: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots20:33
holsteinkarsten: i mean, the version i just linked for the player the site suggests you use20:33
holsteinkarsten: if its not flash, then its not flash.. flash fixes wont do it.. but if you are using a ramdom repackaged version from ppa, the site doesnt suggest that.. they suggest the one i linked, and asked if you are running.. and you are not20:33
KeyboardNotFoundcan i download and run ubottu script ?20:34
karsteni have no clue about how to get non .deb packages running20:34
holsteinkarsten: there is documentation at the link i gave, that i got from the main site20:35
karstenholstein, ok i'll look into it, i was suggested to always use repositories. i'll give it a try20:35
holsteinkarsten: http://www.sopcast.com/info/contact.html is where i would go for help, since everything else is fine.. after trying the version they suggest20:35
holsteinkarsten: i dont find a version in the repositories.. you said you added a ppa, correct?20:36
karstenholstein, if i'll follow their guide i should uninstall the package i already have ?20:36
holsteinkarsten: the package you have, which *didnt* come from the repositories isnt working, correct?20:37
karstenholstein, it do work perfectly beside the blue hue20:38
RalliasHow do I change which bridge a previously-created LXC vm is attached to?20:38
holsteinkarsten: where did you get the package youare using?20:38
janisozaur_KeyboardNotFound, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bots/ubuntu-bots/devel20:39
karstenholstein,  i don't remember it was on various ubuntu help pages20:40
Bray90820so youtube is very choppy on Intel GMA 315020:41
fbdystangHi, noob question. In ubuntu, I have PHP, MySQL and Apache installed. Where do I find the sendmail script file? Is it a part of Ubuntu, PHP, or Apache?20:41
tgm4883fbdystang, do you have a path to the file?20:42
bekksfbdystang: What do you mean by "sendmail script file"?20:42
holsteinkarsten: it wasnt int he default repos.. and if you have no idea where it came from, you cant ask for help. i would remove it, and install the suggested one.. or deal with the issue20:42
karstenholstein, going to try it now, sopcast player wasn't in any official repository anywhere20:43
fbdystangI am using a program that by default calls /usr/sbin/sendmail however, I go to that path and do not find a file. So I am wondering which piece I am missing from PHP, ubuntu, or apache to get it working20:44
achandrafbdystang, you need to install sendmail if you want that as your smtp relay . its not part of php,mysql or apache20:44
fbdystangachandra: sudo apt get install sendmail?20:45
bekksfbdystang: You are missing a MTA. Either sendmail, postfix, exim, qmail, ssmtp, or whatever.20:45
achandrafbdystang, ^^ exactly20:45
achandrafbdystang, yes that is correct if you want sendmail..20:46
fbdystangbekks, achandra, Got it, what does a lamp stack normally use20:46
achandrafbdystang, are u trying to install a specific set of these packages for a reason? what are u trying to achieve ?20:47
tgm4883hmm, fun fact. /usr/sbin/sendmail doesn't appear to be in the sendmail package20:48
M1chaHi, I thinking about buying a new laptop but it has 1080p at 15.6inch(my current is 1366x768 at 15.6inch) and I fear that the UI will be very smalli in Ubuntu. Does Ubuntu support full dpi-sclaing like android? Last time I tried this only fonts could be scaled.20:48
bekksfbdystang: The MTA thgat the admin chooses to install.20:48
gnuskoolfbdystang: sendmail on the isps i use20:48
fbdystangachandra, actually, I installed phpscheduleit on a server a long time ago, and I can't remember what I set up. Everything else works perfectly, but no mail.20:48
kalenjohnsonM1cha, actually I find the UI in ubuntu pretty comfortable. I have the same res and screen size as you20:49
kalenjohnsonbut then again, I've been using it for a few years20:49
fbdystangthe default in the config file is usr/bin/sendmail so I am wondering what program usually utilizes that file20:49
kalenjohnsonM1cha, I think you adjust pretty quickly though, and unless you have eye problems, you will appreciate all the screnen real estate20:49
harrisrcan i use a picture as a certain folders icon20:50
karstenholstein, seems i get an error with the suggested install too20:50
llutz!find /usr/sbin/sendmail20:50
ubottuFile /usr/sbin/sendmail found in citadel-mta, courier-mta, dma, esmtp-run, exim4-daemon-heavy, exim4-daemon-light, lsb-invalid-mta, masqmail, msmtp-mta, nullmailer (and 5 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=/usr/sbin/sendmail&mode=&suite=quantal&arch=any20:50
llutzfbdystang: there you go20:50
M1chakalenjohnson: I really don't like that resolution. In my opinion 1080p on 20inch is already too small.20:50
kalenjohnsonM1cha, I'm not sure about DPI scaling though. You can adjust font sizes and icon sizes20:50
kalenjohnsonM1cha, are you using that resolution with ubuntu?20:50
M1chakalenjohnson: adjusting font/icon sizes is very horrible everything is small except fonts then that doesnt look very well20:51
RimtechI have 2 VPN connections, one is at tun0 and one is at tun1, how can I make it so that all traffic destined to a specific subnet goes to tun1 and all other traffic to tun0, what would the iptables commands look like20:51
M1chaI currently use 1366x768 on 15.6 inch and it has the perfect size in my opinion20:51
achandrafbdystang, if thats the case install sendmail and give that a try20:51
fbdystangllutz, awesome, but none of those seem to be based on the phpscheduleit.20:52
nick|herecan anyone recommend me a good download manager ? (something along the lines of jDownloader, though i'm not a fan of Java apps much)20:52
tgm4883fbdystang, what does phpscheduleit have to do with sendmail?20:52
achandradepending on your religious belief some people find sendmail clunky and overcomplicated with its cf nomenclature20:52
holsteinkarsten: you can troubleshoot those erros with the package maintainer ..since you know who that is now20:52
M1chakalenjohnson: but if ubuntu is too small for me I cant buy an 1080p laptop. And I'll never use windows (8) :P20:52
fbdystangachandra, can sendmail run independandtly of ubuntu, apache, and PHP?20:52
karstenholstein, i can? sound good how would i do that?20:53
achandrafbdystang, thats sort of like asking can apache run independently of ubuntu, php and sendmail. ;)20:53
fbdystangtgm4883: /usr/sbin/sendmail is listed as the default sendmail script20:53
achandrafbdystang, its an app or service built for a purpose -- to act as an MTA.   So whether it runs on ubuntu or not is like asking does it run on sun solaris20:54
llutzfbdystang: and all those packages listed above provide that program/funcionality. so what is your problem?20:54
achandrafbdystang, just dont expect that people will help u here if decide to run it on a sun box ;)20:54
kalenjohnsonM1cha, well I'm not sure if you can do DPI scaling like in android or Windows. It's not in the standard settings, but you might want to check out extra programs like CCSM or one of the Unity editor programs20:54
holsteinkarsten: i would literally ask them.. email, or whatever is suggested when you go to support20:55
tgm4883fbdystang, so? I wouldn't expect sendmail to ack the existance of phpscheduleit20:55
kalenjohnsonM1cha, otherwise, your option is either to find a different laptop or set the resolution lower. Neither is ideal, but that's how it goes.20:55
fbdystangachandra, Ok, that is answers it. I am not using sun, nor would I want to.20:55
kalenjohnsonM1cha, in my opinion, it's better to have too many pixels than too little :)20:55
M1chaif I set the resolution lower. Couldn't the image get blurred due to the scaling?20:56
achandrafbdystang, u need to understand the relationship of the os ubuntu, against the services and apps that are supported or offered on it20:56
achandrafbdystang, then understand that there is potential interaction between those apps. and notice my language...potential20:56
karstenholstein, thanks for all i'm completely new to linux and i've had some big problems managing it so far :)20:57
achandrafbdystang, they can run independent of one another or together... to support some application20:57
fbdystangI am self taught over many years playing with linux, no formal training, so I have just put the pieces together, broken stuff, and fixed other stuff. So you are right20:57
M1chaI don't have good eyes and If an letter is smaller than 1/4 inch its hard to read it for me20:57
achandrafbdystang, might behoove you to go to ubuntu1 and download the server edition book...its useful and will teach a lot20:57
kalenjohnsonM1cha, it won't be as sharp as having it at full resolution, but give it a try and see if you notice20:58
achandrafbdystang, its not that expensive, and probably worth the buy20:58
kalenjohnsonM1cha, I mean, if you don't notice a slight blur, then you can use a lower resolution without issue20:58
fbdystangachandra, I thank you for the advice. Looking into it right now :)20:58
M1chakalenjohnson: I'll have to find an laptop in a store which I can try. most laptops sold in store here are crap and don't have such resolutions :P20:59
M1chabut thx for your help so far20:59
kalenjohnsonM1cha, but you said you had a 20" monitor, try it on there. It'll probably be less noticeable on a smaller laptop20:59
M1chaI had such an monitor at work once. but thats some time ago21:00
kalenjohnsonoh i see21:00
achandrawhy is it that people send private IMs when you know im NOT going to answer21:00
M1chabut I'll find a system to try21:00
achandrathis has got to easily be the 10th time21:01
achandraanyone get these?21:01
* kalenjohnson messages achandra, desperately hoping for a reply21:01
* tgm4883 messages achandra as well21:01
achandravery annoying21:01
achandrai dont want to buy tomato sauce, or be asked if i own a turbo toilet and need service21:02
elisa87My llvm version is 3.1 . Do you know why I am receiving this error and how to fix it? /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -l-lLLVMAsmParser21:03
elisa87 21:03
=== amachu_ is now known as amachu
elisa87Could you please take a look at this ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5608924/21:04
kinjI have a live usb for ubuntu and I want to boot thru an iso on hd21:04
kinji have a efi system21:06
M1chahow soon will ubuntu's xserver replacement be ready? maybe then they support dpi scaling :P21:07
SonikkuAmericakinj: Did you check the EFI documentation?21:08
=== creese_ is now known as creese
=== antimon_ is now known as antimon
creeseWhen I ssh into localhost, it doesn't load my .profile. Any idea why this is so?21:13
elisa87!find "llvm asm parser"21:14
ubottuasm is not a valid distribution: extras, hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, stable, testing, unstable21:14
elisa87How to install "LLVMAsmParser" ? LLM Asm Parser21:14
MoPacNeed grub help (rather urgent).  My root directory is an LV inside a LUKS container.  After new kernel and re-installing grub MBR from live USB, grub works but cannot find my root directory.  It does not seem to understand that it needs to open the LUKS container first.  I  have looked through backed-up boot config files but cannot spot the difference. Help please!21:14
MoPac(Clarifying above: I also installed new kernel from Live USB, with both root LV and boot primary partition mounted.  This is probably why, when it wrote the config, it didn't realize it had to deal with a LUKS step)21:16
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ojkolsrudtesting...=P first time run21:22
probyraj:  from india ?21:22
=== Elliott_ is now known as Elli0tt
ojkolsrudproby: receiving? I wanna test this..21:23
Linux_N00bI wanna create an ISO image to burn a mkv file which is larger than 4 GiB. When using genisoimage I'm getting this error File file.mkv is larger than 4GiB-1. -allow-limited-size was not specified. There is no way do represent this file size. Aborting. Any idea?21:23
probyojkolsrud:  do a ping21:24
trismelisa87: it is in llvm-3.1-dev, but your problem there is probably that you have two -l in a row, it is just -lname21:24
rajproby, what gave it away =P21:24
ojkolsrudproby: is the ping command /   ping?21:24
kalenjohnsonLinux_N00b, are you on a 32-bit system?21:25
ojkolsrudproby: what for, anyways?=P21:25
probyit is to ping21:25
Linux_N00bUbuntu Precise Pangolin 32 bit21:25
probypong :p21:25
harrisrcan i use a picture as a certain folders icon21:25
harrisrcan i use a picture as a certain folders icon21:25
harrisrcan i use a picture as a certain folders icon21:25
FloodBot1harrisr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:25
ojkolsrudproby: yeah, i know what ping is, but what would you read out of my latency?=P21:26
kalenjohnsonLinux_N00b, I dont remember if it's 32-bit systems or a specific filesystem that doesn't support files larger than 4gb21:26
harrisrcan i use a picture as a certain folders icon21:26
kalenjohnsonLinux_N00b, but that sounds like it could be your problem21:26
harrisrcan i use a picture as a certain folders icon21:26
elisa87trism:   trism: elisa87: it is in llvm-3.1-dev, but your problem there is probably that you have two -l in a row, it is just -lname (CAN YOU PLEASE explain more ? :) )21:26
ojkolsrudharrisr: i think you'd have to draw it yourself21:26
k1l!patience | harrisr21:26
ubottuharrisr: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/21:26
harrisrojkolsrud, i have the picture21:26
=== proby is now known as dead_proby
trismelisa87: like when you link to libm, it is -lm not -l-lm, so -lLLVMAsmParser not -l-lLLVMAsmParser21:27
=== jayson_ is now known as unlucky
soahcccWhat is the best choice to virtualize an ubuntu host whereas the host performance is much more important than the guest performance. The best would be an interoperability solution. My first thought was virtual box :)21:28
ojkolsrudharrisr: in that case, first try scaling it down, to say 150x150px using gimp or something... Man, I began explaining thinking you wanted to change a program's icon=P sorry, I'm not sure. But, I bet someone knows, if you googled it21:28
elisa87trism so should I hack the script I am given? There's nothing wrong with my system?21:29
trismelisa87: I have no idea, that is just my impression from the pastebin output21:30
ojkolsrudI'm using irssi here now.. how to A) change username? and B) join other networks while still being connected here?21:31
mattviatorneed a hand getting my broadcom 4312 wifi going21:31
mattviatorenable networking has the check next to it  enable wifi it wont let me click there21:32
harrisrcan i use a picture as a certain folders icon21:32
firstworlddoes lilo still run freenode?21:32
mattviatora folder icon is essentaillty a picture21:33
ojkolsrudharrisr: which file manager do you use?21:34
DoWhileGeekok, so I'm trying to access a usb device serially, but I dont know which it is because theres like, 30 "tty" things in the /dev/ folder. How do I figure out which it is?21:35
tgm4883DoWhileGeek, aren't usb devices usually 'ttyUSB#'21:36
tgm4883DoWhileGeek, also, you could look at dmesg21:36
mattviatorright click a folder's icon, click on properties in the contextual menu, in the properties window click on the framed icon (top left)21:37
mattviatorthat should open the dialog to choose a new icon21:38
MoPacelisa87: you wouldn't happen to be the one who last July wrote  an extended how-to for kernel restore from live USB, would you?  (Sorry if mistaken; name and age are close)21:39
Bray90820Anyone wanna help me get my GMA 3150 working21:41
rajwhy does no one ever talk about gnome terminal being a go-to option for terminals?21:41
Bray90820with my GMA 3150 the playback is very choppy21:42
kRypt0nhi, got an issue with firefox21:43
kRypt0nwhen firefox starts maximized, it's not completely maximized, it's like a few pixels short from the right side21:45
elisa87How can I search inside files of a folder  (grep -irn is wrong? )21:47
elisa87 grep -irn '-l-lLLVMAsmParser' *21:48
elisa87grep: invalid option -- '-'21:48
elisa87Usage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...21:48
elisa87Try `grep --help' for more information.21:48
iwannaflingpooelisa87: do you have a file in that directory that starts with a - character?21:48
trismelisa87: -l is an argument to gcc not part of the lib, the lib name is just LLVMAsmParser21:49
cesar__ .21:49
elisa87trism:  iwannaflingpoo I want to see where it has been defined like that! I don't know how to fix the error in the paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609039/21:50
MoPacI would very much appreciate any help with getting my grub2 bootloader to load the dm_crypt module and unlock my LUKS partition before trying to open my root LV, which for obvious reasons it can't find right now21:50
elisa87trism: I got it. The problem is that I haven't written the script and can't find where it has been defined21:51
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elisa87trism it is defined like this ..I found that script http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609057/21:54
trismelisa87: line 24 is your problem21:54
elisa87trism should I just comment it ? Or should I modify it ?21:55
trismelisa87: or alternatively, putting -l in front of all the names in the libs array21:55
trismelisa87: yes you could just comment it21:56
dbuggerGuys, When I do "alsamixer", I dont see line-in. Can anyone help me find out why?21:57
Griz64G'day folks. I need to speak with a wifi (pcmcia) guru, please. ;-)  seems 12.04 thinks my card has a HARDWARE SWITCH on it and won't activate it.21:58
DoWhileGeektgm4883: I'm trying to connect to a "port", and the app just gives a selection and theye all tty's21:59
firecan cinnamon be installed on ubuntu ?22:00
Griz64DoWhileGeek, ttyS0 = COM1, ttyS1=COM2, etc.22:00
DoWhileGeekGriz64: aha!22:01
=== Administrateur is now known as welovfree
keepguessinghi I have ubuntu 12.04 installed. I am behind a procy server at my office and I face issues with configuring the software center22:05
keepguessingI have tried setting the proxy using the network tool22:05
keepguessingBut no matter what I do I am unable to select a different mirror22:05
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest41572
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
elisa87trism:  Thank you so much. It fixed the error :)22:09
rzyzhello, does the display manager have to  continue to run after a login?22:09
limachi i just changed my permissions in var/www by adding users to group and i made it so that users can add/delete files. but when i go to save a file in it as a regular user...it says permission denied.22:09
limacdid i do something wrong?22:09
histokeepguessing: can you browse the web normally on that machine?22:09
keepguessinghisto: yup22:10
histolimac: please pastebin the output of ls -l /var/www   and groups as one of your "users"22:10
keepguessingi am able to wget from the command line22:10
keepguessingapt-get install also works22:10
rzyzbecause, it take 50Mo of RAM , and a never go to the the login page.22:10
histokeepguessing: So what is the problem with the repo then?22:10
keepguessingthe repo is slow so i tried using the software sources to search for a new mirror22:11
rzyzdoes any one has an idea?22:11
keepguessingit keeps coming back with unable to find mirror22:11
bekksrzyz: The display manager to run, yes.22:11
limachisto: http://pastebin.com/nFE348uu22:11
keepguessingmy mirror is pretty slow. but i am on a pretty fast internet.22:11
histokeepguessing: mirrors.ubuntu.com22:12
rzyzbekks, what is his job when i am on the xfce4 desktop?22:12
histolimac: sorry need the output of ls -l /var22:13
keepguessinghisto but how should i know which one to select22:13
bekksrzyz: its job is managing your display(s).22:13
histokeepguessing: by your country code22:13
keepguessinghisto: ah my country ppa is pretty slow22:13
=== rk1 is now known as rk
histokeepguessing: Well ppa's are different now.22:14
limachisto: here you go http://pastebin.com/ujtPg2TY22:14
=== mmnicola1 is now known as mmnicolas
keepguessinghisto: I am using my countrys mirror currently btw22:14
larsthi all22:14
larstshould I fetch 12.10 or 12.04?22:14
histolimac: are the users trying to create files there or edit them?22:14
rzyzbekks, so.. what's the difference with the wm  ( xfwm4 in my case) ?22:14
limachisto: create them22:14
limachisto: im trying to save a file i wrote in gedit to that folder22:15
histolimac: well your user limac isn't a member of the users group22:15
bekksrzyz: The window manager is irrelevant at that point-22:15
jpdslarst: Whichever you prefer.22:16
rzyzbekks, do you have a link that explain this subject?22:16
limachisto: oops. my bad i fixed it now. i should have put limac as the group22:16
limacthank you for the help histo :)22:17
limacand it works now22:17
histolimac: np that will just be for your user.   There are several ways to accomplish what you want system wide if other users need access22:17
larstshould I fetch 12.10 or 12.04?22:17
auronandacelarst: up to you22:18
ubottuMark "sabdfl" Shuttleworth is our favourite cosmonaut, the founder of Canonical and the primary driver behind Ubuntu. You can find pieces of his thinking at http://www.markshuttleworth.com22:18
limachisto: i just need it for myself now (also, im the only account on my system)22:18
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)22:19
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120422:19
histo!botabuse | larst22:20
ubottularst: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".22:20
=== aguadito is now known as Austerity-Sucks
histolarst:  12.04 is Long term support22:20
histolarst: 12.10 has some updated packages as it came out 6 months later. And 13.04 is coming out next month. If you are going to be running something in a production environment I would run 12.0422:21
larsthisto: there are drastic changes22:21
histo!ot | maxjezy22:21
ubottumaxjezy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:21
histolarst: Not really.22:21
larsthisto: yes there are22:22
maxjezyoy, sorry22:22
larsthisto: didn't you read Mark Shuttleworths blog?22:22
histolarst: Changes in which version?22:22
larsthisto: in general22:22
jpdslarst: "drastic", don't be so melodramatic.22:22
holsteinthere are changes, but those changes are arguably "drastic" and 12.04 *is* suggested for production environments22:22
larsthisto: nonLTS might only have 7 months in future22:22
k1llarst: do you have a actual technical support issue?22:22
TheDracleI'm trying to get GLSlideshow to use an RSS feed URL. http://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/man2.html22:23
TheDracleI use xscreensaver-demo, but whenever I add an RSS URL, it mangles the URL, and says it's an "Invalid Directory"22:23
histolarst: Are you asking a question then?22:23
=== jduro_ is now known as cantoma
jpdslarst: Try them both for yourself, and see which one fits best for you.22:24
=== swappermall is now known as Guest61183
larsthisto: I'm using Mint 14 and I think about changing to Ubuntu 12.04.222:24
TheDracleI.E: Entering into 'Choose Random Image' on the 'Advanced' tab http://test.org gets converted to: http:/test.rrg22:24
Griz64G'day folks. I need to speak with a wifi (pcmcia) guru, please. ;-)  seems 12.04 thinks my card has a HARDWARE SWITCH on it and won't activate it nor does Network-Manager see either my wired or wireless connections..22:24
glevilrecwhy does ubuntu hurts my eye22:29
Seveasglevilrec: you're not supposed to stab your eye with the dvd!22:29
dbuggerGuys, When I do "alsamixer", I dont see line-in. Can anyone help me find out why?22:29
=== MK` is now known as MKCoin
Seveasdbugger: hit F4 to switch to capture controls.22:30
Bray90820Anyone wanna help me get my graphics driver working22:31
Seveas!anyone | Bray9082022:31
ubottuBray90820: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.22:31
Bray90820ok i will just ask22:31
Bray90820i have an intel gma 3150 and i can't get the graphics driver working  correctly22:31
=== ericab_away is now known as ericab
Seveas!doesn't work22:32
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.22:32
Bray90820as of right now i can watch youtube in windowed mode but the second i go full screen it stutters22:32
Bray90820like i can watch youtube windows in 1080 p perfectly but full screen at 480p stutters22:33
holsteinBray90820: i would have realistic expectations.. i would try chrome browser with the current version of flash ..i would test other vids (not flash)22:33
jhutchins_wkBray90820: What's your CPU & RAM?22:33
thulsa_d00mhola everyone22:34
histoBray90820: What browser are you trying in?22:34
Bray90820firefox 1.5 GHz Intel Atom and 2gb ram22:34
histoBray90820: try chromium  or html5 and test22:35
jhutchins_wkBray90820: What resolution?22:35
histoBray90820: also are you running 64bit or 32bit ubuntu?22:35
histoBray90820: sorry meant were you running 64 or 32bit windows before?22:35
holsteinBray90820: too bad.. i dont think the 64bit chrome has the flash that is supported22:35
histoholstein: chrome has flash built in22:36
Bray90820i was never using windows22:36
Bray90820only ubuntu22:36
histoBray90820: You said windows can do it fullscreen22:36
k1li dont think the atom got enough power anyway22:36
holsteinhisto: i was told the 64bit version doesnt.. and in my tests, that has been supported22:36
Bray90820i said i can do it windowed meaning not full screen22:36
histoholstein: I'm running it here with flash built in right from google's repo so no idea what you are talking about.22:36
Bray90820histo i said Windowed meaning not full screen22:37
histoBray90820: ahh yes.  It's a struggle to get an atom to run fullscreen flash. I have an atom based system with an nvidia GPU and it struggles with fullscreen flash using hardware acceleration.22:37
jhutchins_wkBray90820: Again, what resolution are you trying to run full screen?  Your CPU may not be powerful enough.22:37
holsteinhisto: i'll PM you if you'd like.. what im talking about is, i was told the 64bit version doesnt provide its own flash.. it=chrome..22:37
histoholstein: it does22:38
holsteinhisto: when i go to http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ from the only 64bit install i have, the results do not support that22:38
jhutchins_wkI thought chrome used html5 instead of flash.22:38
holsteinhisto: i will check again22:38
Bray90820jhutchins_wk 480p but 1080 p can run fine not full screen22:38
jhutchins_wkBray90820: I mean what is the screen resolution you're trying to run it on, not the signal res.22:39
aguiteli am in old laptop running 10.04 ,how install ati drivers ,video card is :ATI Technologies Inc Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350M22:39
Bray90820what is my screen resolution?22:39
histoholstein: http://imagebin.org/25002722:39
jhutchins_wkBray90820: xrandr in a console will tell you.22:40
holsteinhisto: looks good..22:40
jhutchins_wkBray90820: mine says DVI-0 connected 1680x1050+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 430mm x 270mm22:40
Bray90820jhutchins_wk 1366X176822:40
jhutchins_wkBray90820: I think you might find that a 1.5G Atom just can't do full screen flash at that res.  You could experiement with reducing it step by step and see where it starts to run smoothly.22:41
holsteinBray90820: you can try html5 http://www.youtube.com/html522:42
cronusBray90820, 1768? are you sure?22:43
Bray90820cronus 1366X76822:43
cronusBray90820, oh right. I have the same resolution and the same problem on a different card22:44
EMPHASISWhat's a good OCR program, plz?22:45
Bray90820cronus so it's just a limitation of flash?22:47
=== fire is now known as baba
holsteinBray90820: thats what i agree with.. you can try the flash from chrome, or html5 ..or play a vid locally22:47
Bray90820i hope it's not my card22:48
Bray90820because i watch a lot of videos with xbmc22:48
cronusBray90820, i don't know. i have heard that flash does not use video acceleration22:48
dbuggerSeveas, I did, but line in doesnt appear there neither22:48
EMPHASISA good OCR program, anyone? Please?22:48
dbuggerSeveas, just a CAPTURE device, but I think thats not the Line in22:49
cronusBray90820, because it has to do some postprocessing...22:49
ubottuFor OCR (optical character recognition) software in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OCR for packages and instructions.22:49
holsteinEMPHASIS: ^^22:49
EMPHASISubottu: thanks.22:49
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)22:49
EMPHASISholstein: ditto thanks22:50
Bray90820i guess i wil just have to try my video stuff out and see what works and what doesn't22:50
judahitewarrior7I am trying to make a bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive from within Ubuntu, can anyone help me with this?22:50
hubuntuif I am going to have some VMs runnning in my desktop, which ubuntu version should I use?22:51
hubuntuthis is mainly for testing varnish and additional tools (server software only)22:51
hubuntujust use ubuntu-server? or is there a jeos or cloud thing? I will be using kvm22:53
aguiteli am in old laptop running 10.04 ,how install ati drivers ,video card is :ATI Technologies Inc Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350M22:53
histo!ati | aguitel22:54
ubottuaguitel: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto22:54
cronushubuntu, maybe not what you want, but i think juju a nice tool for these types of tests. it uses lxc though...22:55
brotherBoxHello people. I have a huge problem with encrypted partitions and fear that all my data are lost. I had a setup of a Windows installation, a free partition and an extended partition, containing Ubuntu.22:56
hubuntucronus, thanks for the tip, but I will test admin (java) and stats tools (zeromq+protobuf) for varnish, so I think I will do a bare -server install22:57
brotherBoxThis extended partition had four logical partitions, a boot partition, a root partition, a home partition and a swap partition, of which the last three (/, /home and swap) were LUKS encrypted with the alternate installation22:57
g3org3shello , i installed ubuntu 12 but i dont like the bar on the left , how can i make it look like old ubuntu ? like a start button in windows22:58
brotherBoxAfter re-installing Windows (it was a corporate Windows version full of adverts) I wanted to restore GRUB, so I followed the instructions on an Ubuntu website, which mentioned a tool called "Boot-Repair"22:58
Ben64!nounity | g3org3s22:58
ubottug3org3s: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic22:58
jatakkg3org3s: The bar is on the left because you're using Unity. The only thing you can do is install a different DE.22:59
=== baggar11_ is now known as baggar11
brotherBoxAfter running this one, the extended partition is shown as "unallocated" and GRUB won't install from the rescatux cd22:59
jatakkg3org3s: I recommend Cinnamon or Xfce.22:59
Ben64don't use cinnamon if you want support here22:59
brotherBoxWhat can I do? I fear that all my data is lost since I was naive enough to not have a backup ;_;22:59
jatakkBen64: Why not?22:59
Ben64because... it's not supported here22:59
jatakkBen64: What do you mean supported? Nothing is "supported", it's just an IRC channel.23:00
g3org3sthank you all will try that23:00
=== lolwut is now known as Guest15340
jatakkBen64: It's not like we're only allowed to talk about Unity23:00
Ben64jatakk: this is an ubuntu support channel, we support ubuntu here, not cinnamon23:00
jatakkBen64: Are you a moderator?23:01
k1l_jatakk: we dont support cinnamon in here since its not in the repos.23:01
holsteinjatakk: check the guidelines and channel topic23:01
Ben64that is not relevant23:01
thulsa_d00mi think a little explanation might help jattak understand if anyone would be so kink23:01
mrawesome_how can i remotly connect to the internet from a different computer in linux23:02
jatakkIf it's a rule I'll follow it, however stupid it may be...23:02
g3org3sBen64, investigate gnome-tweak-tool ? can u elaborate a bit plz ?23:02
Ben64jatakk: basically what k1l_ said is right. we only support things in the official repositories23:03
twist3dbrotherBox, unfortunately it looks like your hard drive is doing exactly what it told you23:03
Ben64g3org3s: do you have 12.04 or 12.1023:03
twist3d*you told it23:03
thulsa_d00mjatakk, from the little i've read, cinnamon is not the "official" DE supported by ubuntu, while others such as xfce are23:03
khildinHello all.... I need some help to fix Unity shell... When I log in with Unity, I don't get a launchbar and no Dash... no menu on top of screen.23:03
khildinI use 12.1023:04
twist3dbrotherBox, you can try undelete me to recover the partition23:04
Fenaralananyone here knows about notebook ram memories?23:04
Ben64g3org3s: then you can install gnome-panel and you can have a gnome2 style desktop23:04
khildinI already tried all the reset options, incuding deleting profile settings23:04
khildingot an errorlog here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609204/23:04
khildinany suggestions?23:04
OerHeksbrotherBox,  i have no experience restoring grub2 with encrypted ubuntu, maybe this page is any help >> http://stephentanner.com/index.php/2011/05/restoring-grub-for-an-encrypted-lvm/23:04
OerHeksbrotherBox, i think your data is still there, maybe you want to mount the encrypted partition to backup your data first23:05
g3org3sBen64, how can i make it run default on my ubuntu ?23:05
notmeHi, I am looking for a cluster management software for Ubuntu. Something like Rocks/Scyld/Bright cluster manager. I need this to build HPC cluster with Ubuntu for my company, we will pay support/licensing. Does anyone know such a product?23:05
Ben64khildin: you need 3d video drivers23:05
brotherBoxtwist3d, pardon? I never told the tool to mess around with my encrypted partitions. Can you please link me to this "Undelete me"? I get results that are not helpful to me23:05
Ben64g3org3s: once you install gnome-panel, you can choose "gnome fallback" from the login screen, and then it will work23:06
brotherBoxOerHeks, the damage is already done I fear. If you allow I will boot into a linux live system to give you more information. Please hold on a few minutes.23:06
khildin3D for intel onboard videochip?23:06
Ben64khildin: do you have a dual gpu thing?23:06
khildinBen64: no it's an old HP laptop23:07
khildinbut unity did work before23:07
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Ben64khildin: you sure its intel? i've only seen this problem on ati and nvidia23:08
khildinit's an HP 6910p laptop.... as far as I know it has intel onboard video23:08
Ben64khildin: well then... i'm not sure what the problem is, sorry23:09
g3org3sBen64, getting this error http://pastebin.com/VnEEzG6k23:09
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Ben64g3org3s: you have to log out and then choose gnome fallback before logging in23:10
g3org3sBen64, thank you will try that now23:11
Bray90820HTML5 works so much better then Flash23:14
Bray90820but does anyone know where i could find an HTML5 video to test out HD23:15
PiciBray90820: http://www.youtube.com/html523:15
tgm4883Bray90820, http://www.quirksmode.org/html5/tests/video.html23:15
Bray90820pici i couldn't tell if i was watching HTML5 on youtube or not23:16
Bray90820tgm4883 is that HD23:16
tgm4883Bray90820, IDK, let me look23:17
Bray90820thank you23:17
Bray90820gm4883 i will be back n about 40 minutes23:19
* Bray90820 is away23:19
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tgm4883Bray90820, here you go  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v2L2UGZJAM23:24
tgm4883Bray90820, be sure to change it to 1080p then during playback right click the video and see if it's html523:25
jonnyf1vecan sombody give me some advice on LTSP23:26
Mar8elinapws mporw na milhsw me atoma?23:27
kostkon!gr | Mar8elina23:27
ubottuMar8elina: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes23:27
jonnyf1veAnybody have advice on LTSP23:29
holsteinjonnyf1ve: just set it up and try it23:29
jamesd why ubuntu not enable sshd by default!!! that is just anti unix!!! or they blocked it via firewall..23:29
jonnyf1vei want to know do i have to have a dhcp server all the thin clients in my office already have static ips will it still work23:30
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ubottuLTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project23:30
ponke_jonnyf1ve: there's nothing really hindering a working scenario with such a setup, just don't mess up with the ranges.23:30
ubun22is the ubuntu phone, ubuntu laptop and ubuntu desktop running the same OS?23:31
ubun22i mean ubuntu tablet instead of laptop23:31
k1l_jamesd: just install the ssh server.23:32
=== ubuntu is now known as brotherBox
brotherBoxI am back.23:32
brotherBoxSorry, Windows took so freaking long to install the updates...23:32
khildinBen64: I double checked and I have a Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller23:32
ponke_ubun22: probably depends on your definition of "OS", read more at http://www.ubuntu.com/devices23:32
k1l_ubun22: no, its based on different systems. but its planned to be the same system with 14.0423:32
jamesdk1l_, i will but now i just came down stairs, figured i would configure the rest of the stuff remotely, i installed the system and dhcp for the networking and username...23:32
k1l_jamesd: its not blocking ssh in any way. so install the ssh and its working.23:33
khildinI am a bit out of ideas how to fix this.... :-/23:33
Ben64khildin: yeah i googled the model number you gave and it is intel. so i'm not sure why it's not working23:33
Ben64khildin: perhaps the intel driver isn't loaded23:33
jamesdk1ng, i know.. just bitching before i go back up stairs...23:33
k1l_jamesd: then please consider not using this channel for ranting. this is a technical support channel23:34
khildinlspci | grep VGA gave me the exact model23:34
intraderI have an overheating laptop - when psensor temp2 exceeds 100C the laptop shutdows. This invariably happens with any full screen video (temp2 rapidly increases). I have tried jupiter. An alternate distro like Mint, Solaris, or Suse does not have the problem with same clip and browser (firefox). I am running linux 12.04.23:34
ponke_jamesd: sshd default on for a consumer distro  would be the definition of idiotic23:34
ubun22ponke_ k1l_ : are all of the different versions open source?23:34
k1ngjamesd, what?23:34
k1l_ubun22: yes23:34
Ben64khildin: pastebin "lsmod" maybe?23:34
k1l_k1ng: tabfail23:34
brotherBoxI am taking a screenshot of the hard drive scheme shown by gparted23:35
brotherBoxThe first partition is the boot thingy for Windows, sda2 is the Windows partition, sda3 is empty by choice23:37
jamesdperhaps i should file a bug report or would it be a request for enhancement, or perhaps a performance regression, ubuntu used to install sshd by default its helpful if the user has more than one system and would like to securely transfer files.23:37
brotherBoxsda4 is the extended partition with boot, root and home in it. Apparently, the swap partition is excluded from the "merge" that took place, but it is still encrypted.23:38
brotherBoxThe huge chunk in the middle however got messed up by the boot-repair program. What choices do I have?23:38
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ponke_jamesd: pointless, really. never going to happen because of the resulting unsecure default setups that would flourish as a result of such a policy. just mod. your rollout accordingly.23:40
OerHeksbrotherBox, that looks really messed up, i am not sure testdisk can resolve this23:42
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brotherBoxI have one last hope...could I somehow search for the "partition" headers in the chunk?23:43
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khildinBen64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609301/23:45
froekis there a specific channel discussing ubuntu for devices?23:46
froektablets/phones/android etc..23:46
ikoniafroek: #ubuntu-touch23:46
froekikonia, cheers23:46
brotherBoxI am scanning the disk with testdisk now23:47
brotherBoxThanks so far, I'll see where this gets me.23:47
OerHeksbrotherBox, maybe testdisk can > http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step23:47
brotherBoxI am on it OerHeks23:48
brotherBoxThanks for you help guys. I really appreciate it.23:48
yourimym1hey need help to delete kde component , cuz i don't want them in updates like this http://uppix.net/4/9/7/f0f8f2c588143da95f718826c19c8.png23:48
ic3hi, does anybody know how to fix lightwm bug -> can't login, just throwing back to the login screen. works for `guest' user. gdm also works23:48
Ben64khildin: well you have the driver loaded...23:50
shadowfleeR.I.P Aaron Swartz  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ-E8ckq1MU23:50
ikoniayourimym1: you want help with what ?23:50
Ben64khildin: can you run "glxgears" ? it may require you to install a package23:50
siezerhello. I'm on a 64 bit box, and would like to install a 32 bit package with a lot of deps.. I've already enabled the repo, but am having trouble coming up with the correct apt incantation. any help?23:50
ikoniasiezer: strongly advise against that23:50
ikoniasiezer: use packages designed for your architecture, or designed for multilib23:50
OerHeksic3, known issue with .Xauthority  after update, see answer #2 >> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/103683023:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1036830 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Can't log in unless remove .Xauthority or use gdm" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:51
ikoniashadowflee: don't need to see that stuff, please don't post it again. This channel is for ubuntu support only23:51
yourimym1ikonia: delete kde component after unsuccessful installing  , to prevent it from updates or neither appear on update list like this http://uppix.net/4/9/7/f0f8f2c588143da95f718826c19c8.png23:51
khildinBen64: does it require to add a specific PPA23:51
ikoniayourimym1: open package manager, select components, click remove23:51
Ben64khildin: no23:51
holsteinyourimym1: choose them by name.. or just ignore them23:52
siezerikonia yep. I'm well aware. but I have a strange and specific use case and need to override23:52
khildinBen64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609316/23:52
khildinthat's the output23:52
ikoniasiezer: unless it's designed for multilib - it's not going to work23:52
Ben64khildin: "lshw -C VIDEO | grep -i driver" just paste the driver line, like this is mine ---- configuration: driver=nvidia latency=023:53
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khildinconfiguration: driver=i915 latency=023:54
khildinlooks ok to me23:54
BLZbubbawhere does Ubuntu keep the screen rotation setting?23:55
ic3OerHeks: it works. thanks23:56
Ben64khildin: yeah i'm confused. maybe someone else here has more ideas23:56
BLZbubbain nouveau it does some kind of xrandr request to apply the setting I choose in the display config23:56
OerHeksic3 have fun23:56
BLZbubbaif i change it, the setting only stays until i log off23:56
yourimym1ikonia: holstein : this is the whole ppa i have which one to remove  http://uppix.net/e/b/2/9922baf611c9a9da16ef52bd9eee6.png23:57
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html23:57
khildinthe weird thing is... gdm is working fine... only unity is not23:57
holsteinyourimym1: purging ppa's is quite different that removeing a few pacakges23:57
khildinI get some kind of 'semi' desktop in Unity... screen without launcher/dash and without menu23:59
Ben64khildin: thats to be expected when 3d doesn't work23:59
khildinI can launch applications through terminal23:59
Ben64khildin: you could install a DE that doesn't require 3d as a temp fix23:59
yourimym1is that altrenative than deleting it from ppa under software resources menu ?23:59
BLZbubbanever mind, i'm a moron23:59
khildinI'd rather have unity... but now I am 'forced' to gnome23:59

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