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JamesTaitHappy World Day Against Cyber Censorship, everyone! :-D09:21
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kirklandhowdy -- how do I disable the music streaming service?21:12
kirklandalso, I'm getting this, "Reason: Payment Method DISCOVER-SSL is unknown; The Payment Method is not available."21:17
beunokirkland, hi!21:18
kirklandbeuno: howdy21:18
beunokirkland, there isn't a way to disable it, other than cancelling the subscription21:18
beunothe latter is interesting21:18
kirklandbeuno: okay -- how do I cancel the subscription?21:18
kirklandbeuno: or, when it expires later this month, does it cancel automatically?21:19
beunokirkland, let me look up your account to see how you got it21:19
beunokirkland, right, you got it from the promo21:19
beunokirkland, it will cancel it on the 26th21:19
kirklandbeuno: okay -- basically, I got the free trial when I bought an album, I got the expiration notice, and I just want to ensure that I'm not auto billed for it after the trial expires21:19
kirklandbeuno: coolio21:19
beunokirkland, I can cancel it for you now21:19
kirklandbeuno: sure, I don't need it21:20
beunokirkland, you will not be auto-billed21:20
beunokirkland, done!21:20
kirklandbeuno: thanks.  and the discover card issue?21:20
beunokirkland, that one's interesting. You got an email with that?21:20
kirklandbeuno: nope, just a message in the browser21:21
beunokirkland, when doing what?21:21
kirklandbeuno: checking out, after entering my card details21:21
kirklandbeuno: confirmed payment21:21
kirklandbeuno: and then this error21:21
beunokirkland, I see21:21
beunojoshuahoover, you around?21:21
joshuahooverbeuno: i am21:21
* beuno steps aside21:21
kirklandbeuno: thanks for the pointer21:22
kirklandjoshuahoover: just FYI, I failed to purchase an album with this error message, "Reason: Payment Method DISCOVER-SSL is unknown; The Payment Method is not available."21:23
kirklandjoshuahoover: through the web music store21:23
kirklandjoshuahoover: I've moved on, and bought the album through Amazon in the meantime, but I thought someone here might want to know about that21:23
joshuahooverkirkland: sounds like something is failing in regards to 3dsecure or whatever discover calls it to protect credit cards online21:23
joshuahooverkirkland: thanks for letting us know, i'm looking into it21:24
kirklandjoshuahoover: sure thing, no problem21:24
joshuahooveractually, it sounds like this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-payment-service/+bug/80184121:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 801841 in Payment service "Discover card not working" [High,Confirmed]21:25
joshuahooverwhich sounds like we don't really support discover cards...tisk, tisk21:26
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