Lumpythen the cpu drops back down and synergys just keeps going00:00
Lumpy2 days 16 hours since i last killed the gui00:00
Lumpyya know00:00
Lumpyi attract odd problems00:00
Lumpymy xwife is a classic example00:00
Len-nbOur ISO is building right now.00:03
Lumpynice, what is the version number going to be?00:03
Len-nbThis may be our beta, but I don't see releases where I should.00:04
Len-nbThere are 3 packages that need release and a merge that is still waiting.00:05
* Len-nb is updating his local copy of the studio ISO00:12
Lumpywe just mentioned it on the stream00:19
Lumpyand now we are on our weekly walking dead review00:20
Len-nbWalking dead? sounds like big city life...00:23
Len-nbI remember when I was working in Vancouver watching the "walking dead" make their way to work every morning by the thousands00:26
Len-nbLumpy, I have been using ssh -Y to play with my desktop from my netbook.00:29
Len-nbIt is slow using wireless (b style... 1 to 11 M) but works. The 100m wired net is better, though I don't think I have ever gotten even half that.00:31
Lumpyi have been thinking of other options as well00:44
Len-nbWhat I do is run xfce4-panel as soon as I login00:45
Len-nbI have one login set up with just the main menu in the panel00:46
Len-nblook here to see how it works: http://www.ovenwerks.net/UStudiodocs/menu.html00:47
Len-nbThe left menu is for the desktop and the right menu is the local box00:47
Len-nbIt would not give you the multi monitors you use right now though00:49
Lumpyi would be rather lost with out my five monitors00:52
Len-nbEmail me a map of how you do that sometime00:54
Lumpywith the new synergy, it is basically intuative00:56
Lumpyyou just name the pc and drag and drop it on the grid00:56
Lumpybut i will00:57
Len-nbI sort of have the idea how it works, but not how you use it for your workflow00:57
Lumpymy workflow, minus ts, is basically one machine01:04
len-1304So how do you use 5 monitors then?01:05
len-1304(on how many machines? 3?)01:05
len-1304What do you put on each monitor? Are they in a line?01:07
Lumpyi use thee machines01:07
len-1304I guessed right01:07
Lumpytwo on two machines and one on the third01:07
len-1304How many keyboards/rodents?01:08
Lumpy1 keyboard, 1 trackball01:10
Lumpytwo screens for chat01:10
Lumpytwo for idjc01:10
Lumpyand one for anything else i want to use01:10
len-1304Two for chat I can see, two for idjc? Hot standby?01:11
Lumpyi use screen for the actual deck and such01:11
Lumpyand another for the folders that I drag all the music in with01:12
Lumpyyou going to be up after 10 PM EST?01:12
len-1304Ah, that makes sense01:12
len-1304Not daylight yet?01:12
len-1304We just switched to pdt on the weekend01:13
Lumpywe made the switch.. current time here is 21:1201:15
Lumpywell 1401:16
len-1304I'm 181201:16
Lumpywell if you are going to be up01:16
Lumpywe can do a desktop share01:16
len-1304I should be01:16
LumpyI will get you the info shortly after we get off the air01:16
len-1304May not work out tonight as I am about to start doing test installs01:17
len-1304Just loaded studio on a USB stick, xubuntu is next01:18
Lumpyno worries, there are always other names01:18
len-1304Hmm, xubuntu is now to big for a CD01:19
Lumpyi will look over your page after the show01:24
Lumpydo you have other stuff on your site as well?01:24
len-1304Not much right now01:24
len-1304A lot of my ideas for Studio are there but are not on the menu.01:25
len-1304I had more but lost it all to a bad backup. Put the new OS in and couldn't get my backup to work :P01:26
Lumpybeen there done that over that01:27
Lumpylost my entire music drive once... Thank God for photorec and easytag01:28
* len-1304 wanders off to eat.01:32
Lumpyi will bbiaf02:32
Lumpylet me know if you are about len02:32
frewsxcvastraljava, what's that irc channel for linux audio musicians/producers? 04:50
micahgzequence: Len-nb: all 3 packages uploaded, sorry for the delay, if  you want a new ISO with the new packages for beta 1, you'll need to request it in -release, you'll need to give the packages ~2hrs or so to migrate06:03
micahgjust check to make sure they're all in the release pocket before asking for the respin06:03
micahg(or ask if one's planned)06:04
astraljavafrewsxcv: You're probably thinking of #opensourcemusicians06:56
zequenceLen-nb: I've set the beta ISO to rebuild08:01
smartboyhwzequence, testing the ISO now (downloading from testdrive)09:07
smartboyhwDid we update the plymouth theme too? (Since I saw plymouth-theme-ubuntustudio updated)09:14
smartboyhwLen-nb, ^09:14
smartboyhwzequence, so what did we *change* in Studio 13.04?09:37
* smartboyhw needs to send out the Ubuntu Studio 13.04 Beta 1 testing annuoncement.09:38
smartboyhwAnd why is it rebuilding?:P09:42
smartboyhwThe artworks or?09:42
zequencesmartboyhw: We need to update the build with a few uploads we just had done09:52
zequencelet me look at some of the changes09:53
smartboyhwzequence, thanks:)09:55
zequencesmartboyhw: I might be missing some stuff, but this should probably do http://paste.ubuntu.com/5607326/10:20
smartboyhwzequence, how about artwork?10:21
smartboyhwOr that sort of thing?10:21
zequenceThe only difference is a new wallpaper, but that more or less goes without saying10:21
smartboyhwzequence, ...10:22
zequenceWell, we should probably add that ubiquity has been updated too10:22
smartboyhwzequence, which one was the default? rock-theme or rock-theme-grey?10:23
smartboyhwJust asking10:23
zequenceThe blue one10:23
smartboyhwzequence, and any special things we need to test?10:23
smartboyhwChrist it's beautiful10:24
zequencesmartboyhw: Give me a bit of time. I'll write up a testing procedure10:24
smartboyhwzequence, we need a test procedure? Wow (/me wonders why we have so many procedures:P Releases and now this)10:24
zequenceWhat we need to test is basically: core audio functionality (same for graphics basically - but I might leave this out), and the new additions10:24
zequenceFor us the desktop is less crucial. The multimedia testing is the most important10:25
zequenceIf there is a grave bug with core multimedia functionality, we should work very hard to get that fixed10:25
smartboyhwDAMN I lost the whole email10:26
zequenceFor regular users, I'd say just core multimedia functionality is enough10:26
smartboyhwI want to do a Ctrl+C and it replaces all text with 'c'10:26
* smartboyhw really hates it10:26
zequenceCan't you use Ctrl+z to recover?10:27
smartboyhwzequence, no10:28
smartboyhwIt's GMail BTW10:28
smartboyhwzequence, is http://paste.kde.org/694088/ OK?10:32
zequencesmartboyhw: Looks good10:39
zequencesmartboyhw: Feel free to be the spokesperson on testing if you want, so put your name first, if you like10:39
smartboyhwzequence, no need:P10:39
astraljavaAhhh.... cool, will download beta tonight and give it a go.10:47
smartboyhwastraljava, yeah!10:47
* smartboyhw is happy astraljava is coming back to QA (sort of):P10:47
astraljavaNo time for other than testing, but that's something, aye? :)10:48
zequencei see we already have a Ubuntu Studio specific test http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/261/builds/39548/testcases/1455/results10:48
zequenceHad forgotten about that10:48
zequenceMight need an update though10:49
smartboyhwzequence, yes10:49
zequenceI think I wrote those instructions10:50
* zequence feels embarrased over how badly structured it is10:50
smartboyhwzequence, yep:P And I uploaded it to the ISO QA Tracker10:50
smartboyhwI basically have access to every single testcaes10:51
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "I basically have access to every single testcase"10:51
zequencesmartboyhw: Let's update that test. No later than tomorrow10:51
smartboyhwzequence, you want to update it?10:51
smartboyhwzequence, :)10:51
zequenceI'll ping you when I have something10:51
smartboyhwzequence, OK:P10:51
smartboyhwzequence, make sure it fits the formats10:52
zequencesmartboyhw: Which are the formats?10:52
smartboyhwzequence, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ContributingTestcases/ManualStyleGuide10:52
smartboyhwyou can run a script to check:)10:52
zequencesmartboyhw: ok, I will have a look10:53
smartboyhwzequence, :)10:53
zequenceLightworks demp13:57
smartboyhwWhy doesn't the ISO load the live session!?15:19
smartboyhwAh it does now:P15:19
Len-nbzequence, the slideshow has been merged20:56
zequenceLen-nb: Yep. Saw a notice20:57
Len-nbI don't know when it will be released though. Xubuntu has some changes to make too20:57
Len-nbAnd edubuntu20:57
zequenceI was just in #ubuntu-release requesting a rebuild of our beta1 ISO20:58
zequencebuilding now20:58
Len-nbHave our settings/look/etc been released?20:58
zequenceI upgraded a ubuntustudio install earlier today, and it seemed ok20:58
zequenceYes, this morning20:58
zequenceWell, morning for me20:58
zequenceYesterday midnight for you20:58
Len-nbI tested xubuntu 32bit last night21:00
zequenceBig difference?21:00
Len-nbI can do ours tonight21:00
Len-nbI have been running xubuntu 13.04 on my netbook for a few weeks now... the settings manager is the biggest thing.21:01
zequenceLen-nb: btw, no pulseaudio oddities for you?21:01
* Len-nb is not sure their settings manager is right either21:01
Len-nbPA has been fine.21:01
zequenceI mostly use Gnome, and I've had some weird problems with the volume applet causing PA to do fast repeats for a while21:02
Len-nbThe big problem I have with xubuntu is I have to open alsamixer to get any sound21:02
zequenceIt doesn't happen right away though. After maybe 15 min of use. 21:02
Len-nbIt works fine for most internal sound setups, but not with an ice1712..21:03
zequenceLen-nb: For your onboard, or m-audio?21:03
Len-nbthe maudio21:03
zequenceWell, it's the way it is. PA is not supposed to raise the HW levels21:03
Len-nbI don't have speakers hooked up to the internal.21:03
Len-nbYa, I didn't call it a bug21:04
zequenceIt would be nice if the PA mixer would include all the stuff that alsa reveals21:04
Len-nbNo, I don't think so21:05
zequenceReally no reason not to, I think21:05
Len-nbFor most people it would be too much21:05
zequenceMost people don't use multichannel audio devices21:05
Len-nbRight and for them things just work21:05
zequenceThey do however get everything that alsa shows21:06
Len-nbInstalling gedit on xubuntu requires a reboot21:06
zequenceSince, onboard devices adhere to certain standards that multichannel devices don't21:06
Len-nbYa they do now.21:06
zequenceOr, I should say pro audio devices21:07
Len-nbMany people do not consider my delta as pro21:07
zequenceIt wouldn't hurt to have a aux section with levels that didn't fit the standards21:07
Len-nbI don't know what the answer is.21:08
zequencePro, semi/pro, what's the difference, other than quality and price?21:08
Len-nbWe have extra mixers for that21:08
zequenceIt's not a consumer card anywayu21:08
zequenceYes, we do21:08
zequenceBut, as you just said, you aren't able to control your device from PA21:08
zequenceAnd, that is pretty confusing21:08
Len-nbpersonally, I can't tell the difference21:08
Len-nbIt is better than having PA change my levels after I have them set.21:09
Len-nbOn my netbook, I set my input with mic boost off and use atten at 0. as soon as something opens a pa port, pa changes it to mic boost on and atten reduced21:11
Len-nbmic boost is noisy....21:11
Len-nbWith the d66, whatever I set on the inputs stays that way.21:12
Len-nbFor pro work that is much better.21:12
Len-nbPA can control device levels even if jack is using that port with my internal device21:13
zequenceI suspect that is because on those devices, the software level and the hardware level are one and the same21:13
Len-nbNo, it is because the boost is big 10db jumps21:14
Len-nbrather than getting the big jumps at the top, pa starts with atten 30db down21:15
zequenceWhen you change the volume for you onboard device using PA, there is only one level to be changed. HW and SW are one and the same. When you change the master level for m-audio, it's just a SW level.21:16
Len-nbatten goes up 1 or 2 db at atime till almost -20db then goes back to -30db with +10 boost21:16
Len-nbIt looks like one level, but it controls both21:17
Len-nbwatching alsamixer shows two levels moving. sometimes big jumps. after the HW is to max then SW cuts in... so that makes three levels one pa control plays with21:18
zequenceWhen you use PA with m-audio, nothing moves in the alsamixer21:21
Len-nbYes that is correct21:21
Len-nbI was talking about the internal device... which is why I am glad pa doesn't mess with it21:22
zequenceOn my onboard however, there is actually per output controls. And PA only controls the master21:22
Len-nbeven if it does take more steps to get sound the first time21:22
zequenceAnd if the master shows in alsamixer, I suspect that is also a HW level. Not just a SW one21:23
Len-nbMine does funny things because the two outputs are speaker and headphone.21:23
zequenceMy headphones level isn't changing. Neither is PCM. Only one called Master21:24
Len-nbplugging and unplugging the PH shows the pa master vol jumping between the two levels21:24
zequenceMy PA mixer just crashed, when I tried selecting another input21:24
* Len-nb has to go pick up son21:25
zequenceThat's device specific21:25
zequenceLen-nb: When I plug in headphones on a laptop, a "Speaker" level is muted21:29
zequenceWhat also happens is that PA remembers which level you had on headphones21:29
zequenceAnd will change to that21:29
zequenceWhen you unplug, the level changes back to what it was before21:30
zequenceMy mic input is slightly amplified too21:31
Len-nbiso roll is finished21:46
zequenceLen-nb: Besides the slideshow not being updated, and if all is bug free, do you have any more changes you would like to do at all?21:58
zequenceI'm hoping we can be done soon for this release, and start planning for the next one already21:59
zequenceI have some big plans for next release. Want to really make things happen this time around21:59
zequenceWe still need to do testing of course21:59
zequenceMy vbox aint working22:01
ubuntu-studioApparently my onboard stereo outs are nr.5 and 6 out of 822:26
ubuntu-studioSo, when I start jack, the PA sink connects with the wrong channels22:27
ubuntu-studioToo bad22:27
holsteinthats rather hardware specific though22:27
holsteinand you can re-route it easily22:27
ubuntu-studioIt is22:27
ubuntu-studioBut, its still too bad22:28
ubuntu-studioTheres no way to make PA connect with your jack stereo out automatically. all though, in my case, this will be the case with all jack apps22:28
holsteinwell, with *your* jack stereo automatically22:29
ubuntu-studioDid I say anything else22:29
holsteinso far, its worked out of the box on my hardware, though i disable it22:29
holsteinyeah, you said "your"22:29
ubuntu-studioAnyone with this device22:29
holsteinand mine is fine :)22:29
holsteinwonder who we would have to bug to get that working properly..22:30
* micahg says not it22:30
holsteinmicahg: lol ..i was thinking it could be *way* upstream22:30
ubuntu-studioholstein, btw, its zequence22:31
ubuntu-studioIm trying out the live DVD22:31
holsteini was assuming it was you22:31
holsteinwas it like that in 12.04? or do you remember?22:31
ubuntu-studioI dont usually use the onboard device. The interface is all done in ALSA22:32
ubuntu-studioSo, probably its been that way from the start22:32
ubuntu-studioBut, wait22:32
ubuntu-studioAh, yeah. Its just jack that doesnt care about that sort of thing22:32
ubuntu-studioIt just lists all the outputs22:33
ubuntu-studioIn order22:33
ubuntu-studioautoconnection in jack is a little messy IMO22:34
ubuntu-studioHavent used sessions much though. Perhaps they can terminate unwanted auto connections22:35
ubuntu-studioWhen using the qjackctl patchbay, you still get autoconnects - whatever connections you add22:35
ubuntu-studioplus, not -22:35
ubuntu-studioIve got an American keyboard22:36
ubuntu-studioI'm a little amazed. No xruns at 32 frames/period, as long as I don't don't touch any windows23:01
ubuntu-studionoveau is otherwise not good at low latencies23:01
ubuntu-studioI'm getting the weird PA fast repeats on here too. Been that way since PA 3.023:10
ubuntu-studioBut, other than that, things look pretty ok to me23:11
ubuntu-studioText in Krita is white, against white background (at least this opening window)23:15

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