studio-user989hello ?00:06
magic_silver_boxwhales ftw00:14
magic_silver_boxwow i am just at the end of my rope even trying to figure out how to download a driver or a module or whatever01:30
magic_silver_boxwhat a mess01:30
holsteinmagic_silver_box: nail it down for me, and i'll try and help02:01
holsteinmaybe you dnt need a driver02:01
magic_silver_boxoh thanks02:09
magic_silver_boxi have an emagic unitor 8 mk1 serial port 8x8 midi interface02:10
magic_silver_boxubuntu studio 12.04 doesn't see it automatically02:10
magic_silver_boxor at all02:10
magic_silver_boxthe serial port _is_ active02:10
holsteini havent used a serial port in years02:11
holsteinmagic_silver_box: i would get a $4 USB midi adapter that works02:11
magic_silver_boxi need eight ins and eight outs02:11
magic_silver_boxi have a huge amount of gear02:11
holsteinmagic_silver_box: i would *not* waste time with any USB hardware.. or serial hardware02:11
holsteini would just purchase a usb unit02:11
holsteinmagic_silver_box: did it ever work?02:12
holsteinmagic_silver_box: then it likely will not02:12
holsteinmagic_silver_box: you can always ask them for a driver.. but i would just get a USB one02:12
magic_silver_boxi figured out the is a generic serial port midi driver inluded with my build/distro/whatever it is02:13
magic_silver_boxhold on let me get on with that box02:13
holsteinmagic_silver_box: i would just test it02:13
holsteinmagic_silver_box: i would open JACK and see if its there and route soemthing with it02:14
magic_silver_boxi did all this modprobe crap and figured out some arguments that wouldn't kick back an error02:17
holsteinmagic_silver_box: just try and use it02:17
magic_silver_boxto try to install it02:17
magic_silver_boxi know02:17
holsteinmagic_silver_box: how do you know its not?02:17
magic_silver_boxhow do i use it?02:17
magic_silver_boxhow do i install a driver?02:17
holsteinmagic_silver_box: get JACK running and try routing with it.. see if it shows up02:17
magic_silver_boxall the documentation for this OS is so cryptic i think you just have to be the guy who wrote it in order to understand it02:17
magic_silver_boxforgive me, i'm feeling really furious and i hope i don't offend or make a fool of myself02:18
magic_silver_boxall right let me run jack again brb02:18
holsteinmagic_silver_box: you need to ask for documentation from where it should be coming from02:19
holsteinthe vendor02:19
holsteinwe cannot provide you documenation on how to use that hardware.. its challenging02:19
holsteineveryones case is different02:19
holsteinmagic_silver_box: i *can*, and will remain constructive with you and troubleshoot as best i can02:20
silverb0xi know. i told you, i'm just trying to use this generic driver i found that might work02:20
silverb0xi need to take a break02:20
holsteinsilverb0x: do you know its not just working?02:20
silverb0xim totally going to blow yo and youre trying to help02:20
holsteinsilverb0x: usually its just working02:20
silverb0xblow yo? blow up02:20
holsteinsilverb0x: i get it, man02:20
holsteinits frustrating.. no doubt02:20
silverb0xran qjackctl02:21
silverb0xnothing shows under midi02:21
holsteinright.. click on "connect" and see if you see the device in "midi" or "jack"02:21
silverb0xthis client thing is kind of cool though02:21
holsteinthere are others.. if you prefer02:22
holsteini like qjackctl02:22
silverb0xyeah it doesn't show02:23
holsteinthen, i would just get a USB midi unit02:24
holsteina cheap one02:24
holsteini got one for like $11.. no shipping02:24
holsteinjust get it, and get started02:24
silverb0xbut i need a whole lot of I/O02:24
holsteinsilverb0x: you have none now02:25
holsteinsilverb0x: you coule drop $11 and get some02:25
holsteinthen, test.. see if you care about using ubuntu/linux02:25
silverb0xfor 8x8 you can get the unitor, which is rock solid; you can get a midiman/m-audio midisport 8x8, which is not; steinberg midex, which might work with linux, i don't know; or motu, which is to be avoided02:25
holsteinid say 1x1 is better than 0x0, or dealing with unspupported hardare02:25
silverb0xthe other option is to get the unitor mk2, which is USB but still is not on the list of ALSA-supported hardware02:26
holsteinOR.. get a few 1x1 USB ones02:26
silverb0xi am going to have a good setup or none at all02:26
holsteinsilverb0x: you have none right now02:27
holsteinsilverb0x: midi is midi. ther is nt "better' transmitting of note on and note off messages02:27
holsteinmidi is midi.. the sound creation is where you get the quality..02:28
silverb0xi disagree. quality interfaces have good timing, and cheap ones have notoriously bad timing02:29
silverb0xespecially if you're forced to run all sixteen channels on one cable. midi does not support simultaneous events.02:30
silverb0xfor dance music, that's a problem.02:30
silverb0xi have to go outside02:30
holsteinsilverb0x: mine has the same timing as jack02:30
silverb0xi'm worrying myself02:30
silverb0xthanks for your assistance, be back later02:30
holsteinsilverb0x: all im suggesting is, you literally get a $10 bill and try it02:30
holsteinyou might not like the midi options anyways02:30
holsteinalso, try some other live CD's02:30
holsteintry AVLinux live02:30
holsteintry the old 64studio live CD02:31
holsteinsilverb0x: ubuntu cant provide you a driver.. you dont know if that link you have will work with current kernels02:31
holsteinthe vendor can, but likely wont02:31
hectorlopezhi there ardour 3.0 its here D:03:24
holsteinhectorlopez: check #ardour ..its not released yet, thought there are lots of PPA's and sources for getting it03:25
frewsxcvwhat's that irc channel that has foss musicians/producers?04:36
dn4what is the best text to speech program for ubuntustudio10:49
zequencedn4: I don't think we've done any work on making that easy on Ubuntu Studio, so generally, just whatever works best on regular Ubuntu11:49
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leonetHola, alguien podria guiarme en español para revisar la configuracion de sonido de mi pc, lo acabo de instalar pero no suena nada19:48
holstein!es | leonet19:48
ubottuleonet: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:48
leonetTks holstein19:48
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