tartarI wonder, though, if writing to console in upstart scripts in Lucid could block?00:46
tartarI hear plymouth owns the console and bug 785242 implies that writing to it may cause a dead lock.00:47
SpamapStartar: you should only have one 'console owner' active at one time00:54
SpamapStartar: you can have some other console owner after plymouth exits00:55
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cwillu_at_workI want to set up a job that will ignore its start-on stanza based on a test, but can still be started manually via "start foo-job"15:08
cwillu_at_workis there an environment variable or something I can check to distinguish?15:08
SpamapScwillu_at_work: pre-start is for that15:08
SpamapScwillu_at_work: in pre-start, you can just run 'stop' and the job's start will be cancelled15:08
cwillu_at_workbut that would also trigger if I ran "start foo", wouldn't it?15:09
SpamapScwillu_at_work: the env variable to check is '$UPSTART_EVENTS'15:09
cwillu_at_workah, thanks15:09
SpamapScwillu_at_work: it will be empty with a manual start/stop15:10
tartarthanks, SpamapS 16:54
tartarI guess this prevents from easily debugging upstart scripts by echo-ing messages16:55
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tartarAlthough the hardest cases that need debugging may lose that tmpfs file on reboot.16:59
SpamapStartar: you can have console output as many times as you want17:02
SpamapStartar: only console owner is dangerous17:02
SpamapStartar: and newer upstarts log everything to /var/log/upstart now17:02
tartarBut I thought plymouth could block these writes to the console when it makes itself busy.  The console output lockup bug made me think that "owning" the console meant plymouth injecting itself into the data flow between /dev/console and the screen.  I guess I mis-interpreted the bug.  (I disliked the newer upstart logging into separate files from each conf file.  This makes observing the timeline difficult).17:08
SpamapStartar: yes plymouth can block, but its job is to not block, and multiplex things properly.17:08
SpamapStartar: cat /var/log/upstart/* | sort works17:09
SpamapStartar: the date/time stamps are ISO and sort perfectly17:09
tartarBy "blocking" I mean stopping the upstart scripts where they try to write to stdout.17:09
tartarThanks for the sort trick.  I did not see timestamps in some Ubuntu 12 setup.17:10
SpamapStartar: some things don't have timestamps actually17:11
SpamapStartar: so you're right about that ;)17:12
SpamapSperhaps upstart should have that as an option17:12
SpamapStartar: I'm on crack. I spot checked 2 things, and they had timestamps, but those two things were both openstack components which log with a nice structured logger17:12
SpamapStartar: its just raw "whatever the programs printed"17:13
SpamapSslangasek: ^^ possible upstart feature idea.. add timestamps to logs17:13
slangasekSpamapS: yes, I've been thinking we ought to do that.  Could you file a bug report so we don't lose it?17:25
slangasek(and/or provide a patch? :)17:26
SpamapSlooking at both right now17:29
xnoxif my crazy idea works, it will be wonderful.19:21
SpamapSxnox: in the US we say it like this: "Hey, watch this!"19:25

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