pleia2so, http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/261/builds/39546/testcases/1303/results could use some detail I think?00:21
pleia2"Use and execute the default applications found for the desktop enviroment being run"00:21
pleia2that's a bit vague :)00:21
pleia2and "Test-case Live Session Persistence" is an interesting part of the test case00:22
knomewe should get the new application tests to the tracker asap00:23
knomei promise i'll look into that tomorrow.00:23
pleia2thank you00:23
pleia2"Test-case Live Session Persistence" makes the test considerably more involved and I am losing interest in doing this test :\00:24
pleia2thought I could just load up livecd, clicky click, ok done!00:24
knomeimo the persistence test should be a separate one00:24
pleia2I loved giving this livecd test to folks at events I was doing since it wouldn't touch their harddrive and was easy00:25
pleia2I found a bug in our tour!00:32
pleia2gnumeric :)00:33
knomeit's a bug for what, 1.5 months?00:33
pleia2where does the xubuntu ubiquity slideshow live on launchpad?00:34
pleia2uses the same as ubuntu?00:35
pleia2ah, I see, thanks00:35
Len-nbYa I just updated Studio's00:36
* pleia2 nods00:36
pleia2thanks :)00:36
knomepleia2, do you need changes on that?00:36
knomepleia2, i have push rights00:36
pleia2I want to write my bug first!00:36
* knome laughs the evil, manical laugh00:36
Len-nbknome, push our merge :)00:36
pleia2I actually don't know how I want to words to go really and now my system is all dne installing so I lost the page, aaahh00:37
knomeLen-nb, if you remind me tomorrow or send me a mail about that (pasi@shimmerproject.org), i'll look at that tomorrow.00:37
* pleia2 combs through bzr00:38
Len-nbI think it has one review does it need more00:38
pleia2it's sleepytime for knome I think00:38
knomeLen-nb, i don't think so. but yeah, it's late00:39
Len-nbI forget sometimes00:39
Len-nbI am -70000:39
knomeno problem :)00:39
Len-nbhalf past midnight there?00:39
knomethat's okay. i went to bed 6am last night00:40
pleia2oh dear :)00:40
knomeand yeah, i'm meeting a client 10am today00:40
pleia2ooh, I like the circle progress thingy00:49
Len-nbBetter than dots for sure00:49
pleia2wasn't it just a bar going back and forth?00:50
Len-nbNot sure, I could look at my wifes netbook though00:50
pleia2didn't catch 1093015 on my 64-bit test, but ah yeah there it is00:50
* pleia2 will look for on 32-bit00:50
Len-nbcatfish is still not fixed/released00:52
Len-nbI am updating my xubuntu ISO now. If I have time after I do the studio test, I will do xubuntu as well. (32bit)00:58
pleia2thank you!00:58
Len-nbThe version of firefox on the ISO should come with a link to the test cases00:59
Len-nbFeature request :)00:59
pleia2that would be neat00:59
pleia2hrm, 'incomplete language support' error01:02
pleia2when booting up after install01:02
pleia2where to file?01:02
ochosii think that has been there for ages01:04
ochosiat least if you open the gnome-language-settings/dialog01:04
pleia2it was a notification on boot first time, I don't remember it :\01:05
pleia2oops, I was supposed to meet up with real life people01:08
* pleia2 goes to do that01:08
knomehf! :)01:09
knomebluesabre, hello :)01:51
knomeand good night everybody, i'm off01:51
knomesee you tomorrow!01:51
bluesabreseeya knome01:51
knomewut? :P01:51
knomemy ctrl is not working!01:51
knomeor then i'm not an a screen01:51
=== knome_ is now known as knome
knomeyay finnish freenode server01:54
knomemust've been some weird error in xfce4-terminal01:54
knomenow ctrl works again.01:54
knomeand now, night -->01:54
len_liveRunning xubuntu 13.04 from todays spin.03:00
len_liveThere seem to be a lot of things traditionally found in the System submenu that show up in the settings manager03:02
len_liveIs this on purpose?03:02
len_liveSome of these things I could argue either way, I think. Others just seem wrong.03:05
len_liveSoftware installation doesn't seem to me to belong.03:07
len_liveThe few things left in system seem they would be better in accessories.... aside from SW centre which is a duplicate anyway.03:08
len_liveThe result of over zealous category tags I guess. Needs to be addressed one app at a time.03:14
* len_live can't do install entire disk, he is glade someone else did03:40
pleia2Segmentation fault (core dumped)05:48
pleia2usb-creator-gtk exploded05:48
pleia2going to try again, erasing usb stick first05:49
pleia2bah, happened again, but it seems to have actually done everything..06:03
* pleia2 skips off to plug it into laptop06:03
micahgwell, we can hope for 4.12 for the LTS I guess06:11
* pleia2 nods06:12
* micahg would certainly prefer a GTK3 only version, but that seems a pipe dream at this point, maybe for 16.0406:12
pleia2well, it seems to be installing from this usb stick06:14
pleia2maybe usb-creator-gtk is supposed to end with a segfault :D06:14
micahgum, no, that's still be a bug06:14
pleia2yeah, in 12.1006:14
micahgand so was that sentence...06:14
pleia2or in the image?06:14
pleia2it's late06:15
micahgusb-creator, no app should end in segfault06:15
micahgnow, whether or not it's a priority to fix depends on how much of an edge case + how hard it is to track down06:15
micahgmaybe save the image somewhere where it can be downloaded since it seems to trigger the test case06:16
pleia2hahaha, google search for usb-creator-gtk recommends "usb-creator-gtk download" and "usb-creator-gtk segfault"06:16
micahgor, save it in case it's needed at least06:16
* pleia2 nods06:16
micahgheh, quality software at work :)06:16
* micahg goes to sleep06:18
pleia2good night06:18
pleia2ooh, boot time is snappy again06:37
pleia2doh, can't install google-chrome on 13.0406:52
pleia2 google-chrome-stable depends on libgconf2-4 (>= 2.27.0); however:06:53
pleia2  Package libgconf2-4 is not installed.06:53
pleia2 google-chrome-stable depends on libnss3-1d (>= 3.12.3); however:06:53
pleia2  Package libnss3-1d is not installed.06:53
Noskcajtherefore, sudo apt-get install those things06:53
pleia2Noskcaj: they are virtual, can't ;)06:54
pleia2(I do actually do systems administration for a livint)06:54
pleia2living too06:54
knomeheh :)06:54
pleia2they don't really exist in raring, having dependency fun now06:55
knomegood luck!06:55
pleia2heh, libgconf-2-4 exists06:55
pleia2and libnss306:55
knomewell if you're going to build a stable, you'll need a lot of building material ;d06:56
knomeyeah i know, the bad jokes...06:57
pleia2of course libgconf-2-4 is installed (as is libnss3)06:58
* pleia2 gives no cookies to chrome06:58
pleia2heh, chromium in the repos is just as broken06:58
pleia2oh, it decided to work now?07:00
pleia2after midnight, must have fed the gremlins07:00
pleia2I suspect I may have broken things by removing conflicting packages \o/07:02
knomewell done07:03
knomenow report what you removed07:03
pleia2was conflicting with libnss3-1d07:03
pleia2who needs that07:03
knome"The proposal is to reduce the support for interim releases to 7 months, thereby providing constant support for those who stay on the latest interim release, or any supported LTS releases."07:08
knomethat's probably what you wanted to read/hear07:09
pleia2oh, maybe I should read it :)07:09
knomeit's the best article from mark in a long time07:09
pleia2yay Mark \o/07:10
knomeit's something completely different from the reply to harald :/07:11
pleia2well, I'll reserve my excitement for when things settle07:13
knomesure, it's still not the final word07:14
pleia2I like the new update icon07:15
pleia2ooh, I also like our website links in the menu :)07:15
pleia2except they have no preferred application associated with them07:16
knomepleia2, they're exo-links07:16
pleia2I don't know what that means!07:16
knomethey should open in the default web browser07:16
pleia2they don't07:17
knomethe launchers on the bottom panel are exo-links as well07:17
pleia2i did change default to chrome though, maybe they did before07:17
knomedo they work?07:17
knome(especially the "internet browser" icon)07:17
pleia2internet browser opens firefox07:17
knomeok... weird07:17
pleia2no wait07:17
knomeheh :)07:17
pleia2"web browser"07:17
pleia2yeah, that opens firefox07:17
knomemaybe that's not perfect yet.07:18
knome'exo-open --launch WebBrowser' ?07:18
pleia2that seems to work ok07:19
knomemicahg! ^07:19
knomei'm running now07:19
knomegood night and see you later :)07:20
pleia2have a nice day07:20
knomethanks, will try to07:20
pleia2oh sure, now it opens in firefox07:20
knomeheh :)07:20
pleia2maybe because I set a default at one point now07:20
pleia2ok bye07:20
pleia2ah, so it turns out when I tell chrome "yes, I want you to become my default browser!" it actually unsets my default browser and then I have none07:33
pleia2all is well now :)07:34
pleia2(except the part where I am still awake)07:34
astraljavapleia2: I never seemed to get it working (combo with FF and Chrome).07:49
astraljavaEvery time I started the other browser, it was a mess again.07:49
knomepleia2, heh, good08:02
knomeastraljava, in my experience at least FF stops whining if you tell it not to check if it's the default browser08:02
knomebut mimetype associations generally never worked well on linux08:02
knomeand that's a shame :/08:03
knomedon't know if it's in the scope of xubuntu, but that definitely needed fixing.08:03
knomeor a UI08:03
astraljavaknome: That might be, it's been a while since I've used anything other than Chrome.08:13
lderanHello all 09:33
bluesabreknome, looks like my xubuntu-doc membership is about to expire09:49
knomebluesabre, can you renew it yourself?10:15
knomelderan, hello10:15
bluesabre"To prevent this membership from expiring, you should contact the team's administrator, Pasi Lallinaho (knome). <https://launchpad.net/~knome>"10:22
knomebluesabre, can you check if you can renew yourself now?10:23
bluesabreknome, not sure where to go to renew10:25
bluesabreeventually this year I will get a new laptop, then this will hide in the corner as an always on shell/media center10:26
knomehttps://launchpad.net/~bluesabre/+expiringmembership/xubuntu-doc ?10:26
knomereplace bluesabre with your lp nick :P10:26
bluesabrethanks knome10:27
knomethe email you got now should have a link to that in the future10:27
knomei think there was some idea behind making it "you can't renew it yourself"10:27
knomeprobably to get the reeeeally old "contributors" either tell ask us that they still contribute or get to kick them out :P10:28
knomemy typing doesn't work today10:28
lderanhi knome10:52
knomehey lderan 10:52
lderannew user of xubuntu and thought to see if i could lend any help with any dev work10:54
knomelderan, great! did you already look at http://xubuntu.org/contribute/ and seen something that would be interesting for you and fit your skills?10:55
lderanhaving a look over it as i type10:55
knomewe have recently updated it, so it should be pretty accurate10:56
knomejust let us know and we'll help you to get started :)10:56
lderanawesome thanks :D10:56
lderani can help with bug fixes and writing new software / documentation11:05
knomelderan, you'll want to chat with bluesabre, micahg and mr_pouit about bugs/software11:15
knomelderan, and me about documentation... though atm i'm a bit busy11:15
knome(pleia2 can help with docs too, but she's probably asleep)11:16
ochosilderan: how would you describe your skillset or what experience do you have?11:17
ochosi(not vetting, just wondering ;))11:17
lderani have some c, c++ experience from what i've gathered from uni and personal learnings, the bulk of my experience is in php.11:21
ochosisounds nice11:23
ochosimost of our stuff is in c+gtk11:23
lderanshall look into that after work11:24
ochosibest way to dive into code imo is to find a bug or something small that annoys you :)11:24
ochosiread the relevant code, try to patch it and see whether you can scratch your itch11:25
lderansounds good to me :P11:27
=== lderan_ is now known as lderan
scottbombIs there not a daily build for 3/12/13?14:21
scottbombLooking for Xubuntu Desktop i386 20130312.x14:22
knomewe are in the beta freeze14:30
scottbombok cool thanks14:36
=== J21_ is now known as J21
pleia2knome: can you renew me in xubuntu-doc? expiring soon16:37
* pleia2 reads backlog and renewself16:46
Unit193Just a note that not much progress has been made for libdvdcss-installer or libdvdcss-pkg, still stuck in ITP.  (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=687624)17:03
ubottuDebian bug 687624 in wnpp "ITP: libdvdcss-pkg -- automated installer for libdvdcss" [Wishlist,Open]17:04
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
scottbombOne thing I've noticed is that at end of the installation the installer tells me that it's done and time to reboot but it doesn't say when to remove the installation media. Out of curiosity, I unplugged the USB thumb drive I was using and it caused a kernel panic. Should I file a bug against ubiquity ?17:32
bluesabre_I think only the live cd/dvds ask to remove the media, but I might be wrong17:34
pleia2yeah, I think it should just reboot when it's done with things w/o asking any questions17:36
xnoxscottbomb: you riped out the installer out of the live system. you should have clicked reboot, and it would have later displayed message when to remove the usb stick.17:37
scottbombI've been testing the daily ISO for the past few days and it never prompted me to remove the stick. I've just done it after the computer restarted and before the BIOS message. Kind of a haphazard way of doing things but that's what I've been doing up until today when I figured I should bring it up.17:42
xnoxit does on ubuntu.... one gets purple screen (plymouth) ubuntu logo and a message: Please remove installation media.17:43
bluesabre_I think that is only on the live cd, and possibly live media created by unetbootin/usb-creator17:48
bluesabre_live usb in general doesn't prompt to be removed17:48
knomepleia2, good good17:52
pleia2knome: since we all know 13.04 is happening, I suppose we should do something about docs :)17:54
pleia2maybe not work on translations stuff yet (that's still up in the air when it comes to rolling and whatnot)17:54
pleia2I'm thinking we just have volunteers read the docs and submit bugs (and patches if they're comfortable with that)17:55
knomesubmitting bugs sounds like a lot of overhead bureaucracy17:55
knomebut fine.17:55
pleia2how else would you have them report?17:56
knomemerge requests.17:56
knomethat would also make people want to fix more things at once, not file a bug for every single type17:57
pleia2that's the "if they're comfortable with that" part17:57
pleia2I suspect most aren't17:57
knomewell, to be honest17:57
knomepulling the bzr branch and pushing to private repo is really easy17:57
knomei can even write instructions to that17:58
pleia2sorry, I did mean patches in the form of MPs :)17:58
pleia2it's bzr plus writing it in the doc format17:58
knomeand you don't really need to know anything about coding to change the documentation code17:58
pleia2tends to make people go cross-eyed17:58
knomeyeah, but most of that is set17:58
knomethey can test-build the documentation to read it as html17:58
knomethere are scripts for that17:59
pleia2ok, so maybe we write up something on how to use bzr as a doc person, but if all else fails they can submit a bug ;)17:59
knometbh, people should just step up. we can't do all the work.17:59
knomelearning how to pull/push bzr is the least they can do18:00
pleia2they won't18:00
pleia2it's intimidating18:00
knomeit's different for completely random people who find a bug in the docs and then disappear18:00
knomelearning bzr?18:00
pleia2pushing a merge proposal18:00
pleia2worries about doing it right, whether their change will matter18:00
knomeyes, i agree that's a bit more intimidating18:00
knomeand we should make sure that's as smooth as possible18:01
knome(and actually review them as they show up to clear the doubts)18:01
knomewhich is completely fine, because you only need to approve18:01
knomei'm not saying i won't take bug reports18:02
knomei just don't want to, and i don't think it's at all unfair to ask other people to do the bit to get a merge request for me/you18:02
knomebut yes, i do think we need to document it well because people won't do it if we tell them to "get the branch and send us merge requests if you find bugs"18:04
knomei wouldn't18:04
pleia2me neither :)18:05
knomei'll look at the US slideshow merge request today and try to document that to us18:05
knomeultimately, this way we'll have something to strive/target for for the contributors18:05
knome(first they need to do merge requests, once they are doing well with that, they can start approving them)18:06
knomeand i think that's also the way to make xubuntu's future look brighter, to get more contributors that are committed18:08
knome(no pun intended with "committed")18:08
bluesabre_thats a lot to read18:36
bluesabre_one sec18:36
knomewhich of these are appropriate? http://packages.qa.dev.stgraber.org/qatracker/milestones/249/builds/27871/testcases18:36
bluesabre_I guess at this point, only parole18:38
bluesabre_catfish hasn't been updated yet (unless I missed that)18:38
knomeok, i'll push that to production then18:39
bluesabre_I think we should allow bugs to be reported against xubuntu-doc.  Requiring people to pull/push and merge will keep beginners away18:39
bluesabre_like pleia2 said, its intimidating18:40
knomebluesabre_, does bug filing go with normal procedures for parole or do you need something else?18:40
knomewe don't have people in the docs team who weren't around last cycle.18:40
knomeit's time to step up, really18:40
bluesabre_normal bug filing (ala launchpad) should be acceptable18:41
knome(and as i said, bugs are fine if they *really* can't do merge requests)18:41
bluesabre_makes it easier: ubuntu-bug parole18:41
bluesabre_it would probably be fine for merge requests and stuff if we have an awesome "contributing to documentation" documentation18:42
bluesabre_but somebody will have to merge request that too ;)18:43
knomei can create a brief one18:43
bluesabre_I don't think it would be bad to start there then18:43
bluesabre_and we can all review and revise it to make it easy18:44
bluesabre_then do a call for documentation :)18:44
skellatWhere's the branch to pull from so I can later potentially make a merge request?18:45
skellatWe're still working in the Quantal series?  There's no separate Raring series?18:46
pleia2looks like it hasn't been created yet ;)18:47
pleia2we do want to work on raring though18:48
pleia2so sounds like first step is making a raring series18:48
skellatLaunchpad is saying the Quantal branch was carried over into Raring and imported as the docs package already18:50
pleia2knome: ^^ ?18:52
knomeweird that it doesn't show up in the project though.18:52
knomei'd ask #ubuntu-docs18:52
knomeLen-nb, US slideshow approved and merged19:09
bluesabre_that's just the package19:15
bluesabre_the quantal xubuntu-docs.deb is in raring since we haven't released a new one19:16
knomei think we need ubuntu docs team to create the new series19:17
knomesomebody else want to work on that or will i?19:19
bluesabre_can't, still at work19:19
knomepleia2, did you ask about it already?19:20
pleia2no, in meeting19:20
Len-nbknome Thank you.20:47
dhrasmusi dropped by to tell you all that you rock, and that Xubuntu 12.04.2 was able to make use of some hardware that lots of other Linuxes failed on20:49
knomethanks. enjoy!20:49
dhrasmusI'd also like to report a few hiccups with the installer. Could somebody direct me to the best place to do that?20:50
knomewhich version?20:50
knomeand are the bugs about the *installer* or the *installation* ?20:51
dhrasmus12.04.2 20:51
dhrasmusI did a text writeup here: https://plus.google.com/110626487457815460245/posts/j5dwGBGp3cA20:51
dhrasmusI'm still a little intimidated by Launchpad and don't quite get how that all works :-/20:52
dhrasmusEg, if I report a bug on the Xubuntu 12.04.2 LTS installer, will that get shared with Ubuntu and its other derivatives too?20:52
knomethose look like bugs in the ubiquity installer20:52
knomein this case they are shared problems, yes20:53
knomesee if the bugs exist in that list20:53
dhrasmusI'll do that, thanks!20:57
knomethank you :)20:58
dhrasmusyup :)21:00
micahgbluesabre_: I think catfish will have to wait until after beta 1, sorry21:04
micahgat least we got parole in there21:04
knomemicahg, bluesabre_: just ping me when other testcases are fine to be pushed to production21:04
* skellat is glad he finished his training for the May 7th Primary/Special Election he may or may not be working as a substitute precinct election official22:40

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