X-warriori'm on xubuntu trying to compile xfc4-sensors-plugin but I'm getting a lot of undefined reference error (undefined reference to `xfce_panel_plugin_menu_show_configure'). How to fix this? Ideas?00:05
sevenforallI don't know why, but I get the urge to redesign xubuntu.org, even though the current design isn't half bad.00:15
knomesevenforall, constructive input is welcome00:15
knomesevenforall, we're just in the middle of refreshing the site (not completely, but some parts of it)00:15
sevenforallWell it's hard to give constructive input about something I am visualizing.00:15
sevenforallNot that I disagree or argue with it.00:16
sevenforallI could try making a mock-up tomorrow, perhaps00:17
sevenforallI have no idea what the site's running on, though.00:18
knomeit's wordpress00:18
knomebut please note that we're not looking for a complete redesign at the moment00:18
sevenforallI should be getting into WordPress sometime soon.00:18
sevenforallI understand.00:18
knomei'm the author for the original theme and as i said, we're in the middle of refreshing it right now00:19
sevenforallIt's a pretty neat theme none the less, but it seems to be a bit too 'formal', not exciting enough for today's standards.00:19
knomeit would be most useful if you sent your feedback to our developer mailing list00:19
knome!xubuntu-devel | sevenforall00:20
ubottusevenforall: The Xubuntu developer mailing list information can be found at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-devel00:20
sevenforallI'll consider that.00:20
knomeif you don't want to do that, you can drop in at #xubuntu-devel and ping me there, so we'll get it logged on the appropriate channel00:20
sevenforallWell there's not much I can add through words anyway, really.00:26
knomesure. links to urls are okay too (and don't have to work eternally)00:27
sevenforallI might make a quick sketch tomorrow.00:27
sevenforallGoing to sleep now, cheers ;)00:28
knomegood night and thanks00:28
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fetzyI am trying to install xubuntu from a flash drive, and I get to connect to a network step, it sonnects to the network, and then stays on that page forever. I clicked continue, but it just kept loading. Does anyone know what the problem is?02:28
holsteinfetzy: i dont connect and do upgrades during install02:28
fetzyi also tried that and it didnt help.02:29
holsteinfetzy: tried what exactly?.. the installer fails in many ways? how?02:29
fetzyI tried to not connect while doing the install, but it still did the same thing.02:29
fetzyhold on im  switching over to my dads computer02:31
fetzyok im back, and i am running the installer now02:32
holsteinfetzy: go to the live desktop02:32
fetzyim there02:33
holsteinfetzy: try installing from there02:33
fetzyok.I am at the screen that says Preparing to intall, and it is stuck there. I've clicked on continue and the mouse is doing the loading thing.02:35
nukkeis there a guide on "cleaning" linux? like getting rid of temporary files, clearing the clipboard, removing the browser cache and offline files, etc03:09
holsteinnukke: i would look in the browser you are using.. myabe use the "incognito mode"03:11
nukkeholstein: already do that. i run firefox in private mode and have it set up to remove cookies on exit etc, but when i was using windows, whenever i ran ccleaner it deleted "compact databases" that firefox left behind03:12
Cheri703I am going insane. I am apparently incapable of installing .net 2.0 or 3.0 in xubuntu 12.10 >_< I have been fighting with it all night. I keep getting errors saying "it appears mono is not installed" or "dotnet20 install completed, but installed file /home/cheri/.wine/dosdevices/c:/windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll not found" even though that file exists and is in place. Anyone have thoughts on that?03:19
holsteinnukke: maybe just use a LIVE usb stick03:20
holsteinCheri703: i would try #wine-hq03:20
Cheri703ok, thanks03:23
visitor1hi there03:45
visitor1i want to start xchat with a launcher but i dont get the command right, i start xchat with  LANGUAGE=fr xchat&, so what do i have to write for the command?03:46
Sir_LetoI cannot get get vnc to work for the life of me.04:09
Sir_Letohttp://pastebin.com/KmezrVc4 the output04:09
Sir_Letoof vncserver04:09
omenrealAnyone able to help me with a ati related graphics problem?05:54
zukeprimejust throw it out there...someone will answer shortly05:55
omenrealissures with the ati radeon 6450 drivers05:57
omenrealwhen i had looked it up before and "Installed" it after a restart both screens were black05:57
visitor1i want to start xchat with a launcher but i dont get the command right, i start xchat in terminal with  LANGUAGE=fr xchat&, so what do i have to write for the command?06:00
nukkesomething like06:06
nukkecommand /usr/bin/xchat LANGUAGE=fr06:06
nukkewhat does the xchat& do?06:06
zukeprimeomenreal:  are you on Xubuntu 12.10?06:07
nukkevisitor1: first check where the xchat binary is06:08
nukkevisitor1: yeah, just right-click on the desktop, click Create launcher, and point command to /usr/bin/xchat06:09
nukkeand apphend whatever arguments you use to launch it from the terminal06:09
zukeprimeomenreal:  you're going to need to do a few things.  Confirm you have a black screen on boot?06:12
omenrealyes once i booted into xubuntu the screens went black06:13
zukeprimeok.  with the black screen hit CTL-ALT-F1 and see if the terminal comes up.  If so...we're in business06:14
omenrealI reinstalled so i would be able to get here to ask... heh06:15
zukeprimeahh..ok.  good06:16
omenrealSo i supose im asking how should i do it correctly this time?06:16
zukeprimegive me a sec06:16
omenrealcuz without the drivers i keep getting off colored pixels and such... quite bothersome lol06:16
zukeprimebring up terminal, type06:17
zukeprimesudo apt-get install linux-source06:17
zukeprimesudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic06:17
zukeprimethen install amd drivers via command line.  I don't mess with drivers from AMD directly but use the ubuntu repo06:18
omenrealWhere would the ubuntu repo be found?06:18
zukeprimesudo apt-get install fglrx06:19
zukeprimesudo apt-get install fglrx-updates06:19
zukeprimedoesn't matter...the first one is preferred I believe06:19
zukeprimesudo apt-get install fglrx-amdcccle06:20
zukeprimethis is the catalyst control center06:20
zukeprimefinally, before you reboot refresh your xorg:06:21
zukeprimesudo aticonfig --initial06:21
omenrealNeat so cross my fingers and restart time? lol06:22
zukeprimethis process works for me...but very frustrating.  hopefully 13.04 will fix this mess06:22
omenrealwell with any luck i will return to thank you proper lol06:22
omenrealill be right back (i hope)06:23
omenrealzukeprime: black06:28
zukeprimehave you updated your system after the fresh install?06:30
zukeprimesudo apt-get update -or- use the software updater06:31
omenrealhow can i get this black screen off tho so i dont have to reinstall again? lol06:31
zukeprimeCTL-ALT-F1 brings up terminal06:31
omenrealnow what? lol06:33
zukeprimesudo apt-get update06:33
omenrealAlright thats done so should i restart or?06:34
visitor1thanks nukke , but it doesnt work , it doesnt start in french06:35
zukeprimetesting 13.0406:35
visitor1doesnt seem to take the LANGUAGE=fr bit06:36
zukeprimeomenreal:  after sudo apt-get update -->  sudo apt-get upgrade06:36
zukeprimeyou can try to reboot after this.  if black screen still CTL-ALT-F1 then we'll uninstall fglrx.  let me know when you're ready06:37
omenrealSeems to still just be black06:39
zukeprimeok.  we'll remove fglrx -->  sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx fglrx-amdcccle06:41
zukeprimeyou aren't running a dual setup with intel graphics are you?06:42
omenrealWaht do you mean?06:42
nukkevisitor1: try setting it as /usr/bin/xchat -c LANGUAGE=fr06:43
nukkesee if that works06:43
zukeprimenevermind.  just looking into possibilities06:43
nukkevisitor1: you might find more info here http://xchatdata.net/Using/CommandLineOptions#shortcutfreedesktop06:45
zukeprimeomenreal you still up?06:46
zukeprimehave you removed the fglrx packages?06:46
zukeprimeok.  we'll try the fgrlx-updates next06:47
visitor1thanks nukke i will look06:47
zukeprimeconfirm you've done the sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic ?06:47
omenreal1linux-headers-generic is already the newest version06:48
omenreal1So what was the other method of installing this driver?06:49
zukeprimesudo apt-get install fglrx-updates fglrx-amdcccle-updates06:49
omenreal1and what was that one thing you had me do before restarting last time?06:49
zukeprimeif this doesn't work, you can try downloading direct from ATI.  I'll dig up a link06:50
omenreal1I already have the driver downloaded from the website but after my first attempt i got to worried to go any farther without assistance lol06:51
zukeprimebefore reboot sudo aticonfig --initial06:53
zukeprimedo you get an error when you do that?06:54
omenrealno i didnt but screen is black again lol06:55
omenrealim still here btw that was my desktop06:56
zukeprimeok... well, if fglrx or fglrx-updates aren't working, you'll have to try the manual download.  Use nukke's link above06:58
zukeprimeand follow these instructions:  http://askubuntu.com/a/23133006:58
zukeprimein his example, you need to make sure you type the filename correctly, whatever you downloaded06:59
zukeprimein general, in 12.10 on a fresh install, i.e. no previous attempts to install fglrx.  you want to install linux-source and linux-headers-generic.  then install the fglrx package07:00
zukeprimeyou may have to wait for someone with a little more experience omenreal.  That's pretty much the limit of my ATI knowledge07:01
zukeprimealso, you could try #ubuntu, more people over there07:02
omenrealJust finished the sites driver install07:04
omenrealHow would i go about uninstalling that one? heh07:05
zukeprimei believe sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx will work.  You'll have to google that one07:08
zukeprimesorry sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx*  <--asterisk is wild card07:09
omenrealWhen i tried that it said it removed nothing07:14
zukeprimesorry my friend...i've got to hit the sack.  a couple of options for you:  try the main #ubuntu channel, there's bound to be an AMD expert over there.  the other option07:18
zukeprimeis a complete reinstall.  As soon as the system is up, update using the software updater, reboot, then install headers and source as before.  then install fglrx.07:19
zukeprimei keep a text file on my dropbox account for NVidia and ATI procedures.  Very helpful07:20
omenrealwell thanks for the help07:21
zukeprimesorry it didn't work.07:22
kennyngstonhi, are there any way, to implement zoom in an xubuntu, without compiz?07:57
RockTeamGood day everyone!08:34
RockTeamIs there any GUI application to view the system logs for Xubuntu? I like gnome-system-log, but the downside is that it was included into the gnome-utils, and after installing there are other unnecessary applications will apply to the system.08:35
LolYangccoolJe suis actuellement en train d'installer Xubuntu sur mon Asus 1215B.10:18
LolYangccoolJ'aimerai avoir des conseils pour bien débuter10:18
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:18
LolYangccoolje ne connais pas trop Linux10:18
RockTeamY at-il une application GUI pour afficher les journaux système pour Xubuntu? J'aime gnome-system-log, mais l'inconvénient est qu'il a été inclus dans le gnome-utils, et après l'installation il existe d'autres applications inutiles s'appliquent au système. Désolé pour mon français.10:29
knome!fr | RockTeam10:32
ubottuRockTeam: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:32
RockTeamVery good. In English. Is there any GUI application to view the system logs for Xubuntu? I like gnome-system-log, but the downside is that it was included into the gnome-utils, and after installing there are other unnecessary applications will apply to the system.10:34
knomeyou can try to install gnome-utils with "sudo apt-get install gnome-utils --no-install-recommends"10:36
knome(no, there's no xubuntu specific app for that)10:36
RockTeamgnome-system-log is a part of  gnome-utils package10:38
knomeyes, i understand10:38
knomebut you said gnome-utils installs a lot of unwanted packages10:38
knomethe aforementioned command should avoid doing that10:38
WizardRockTeam: http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/gnome-system-log10:42
WizardIt isn't part of gnome-utils, gnome-utils is a meta-package. Install gnome-system-log instead.10:43
RockTeamYes I know but I'm searching in All Ubuntu Packages in "lucid"10:43
baizonRockTeam: you can of course write a simple script which opens the log into your wished editor10:43
RockTeamI'll try to use this command "sudo apt-get install gnome-utils --no-install-recommends" when will be at home in evening. Probably it will help to install only gnome-system-log.10:46
RockTeamI can install it from the source code but I can't find it.10:47
knomeRockTeam, you should upgrade your system to the latest LTS 12.04 soon, Lucid (10.04) is going to be end-of-life soon10:48
RockTeamShould I worry about upgrade from Xubuntu 10.04 to 12.04? Is it possible to lose something (applications or something else) as a result of an upgrade? What there is concern? Of course the main rule is to make backup first. But anyway I asked this questions because I haven't practiced it that task yet.10:56
knomeRockTeam, generally, the upgrades are safe, but yeah, backups are always highly encouraged10:57
WizardI've done such update once, everything went fine. I have one more laptop still running 10.04, but I'm not gonna touch it :>10:57
RockTeamWizard me too if to be honest.10:58
RockTeamI'd like to use 10.04 as long as possible but I will be needed to upgrade once.10:59
WizardOfficially, desktop reaches EOL in April.11:00
RockTeamI build my custom driver for Logitech mouse and I am worry that it wouldn't work fine after the upgrade,11:02
donnieI have a 120gb slave drive attached. If I wanted to take oh... 10gb of that and make Swap... Would that help my computer be faster?11:07
RockTeamDonnie how much RAM size do you have?11:14
RockTeamOh, he is gone.11:15
WizardMy fault.11:16
WizardI don't feel guilty ;)11:16
DethlokHello.  I've been using Ubuntu and Linux Mint back and forth for years, I recently switched to Xubuntu 12.04 and now I have no sound.  It's a GigaByte GA-P35-S3G motherboard.  Any ideas?13:01
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.13:02
scottbombIn the past, I've had to make adjustments in alsamixer to get it to work. Runs in a terminal.13:04
DethlokThank you for the links.13:07
DethlokScott, I've tried tinkering around with that, still no luck.13:07
DethlokIt almost seems like a driver issue.  Which is weird because I've been running Ubuntu on it for years.13:08
GridCubeits an integrated card?13:10
DethlokIt's built into the motherboard13:12
GridCubedo you have a live cd you could try, to see if the sound works there?13:14
DethlokI'll have to make one, didn't even think of that.  My friend installed it for me using the alternate installer and setup a raid 5.  This pc is hooked to a tv for watching/downloading movies and tv shows, it's not my desktop13:15
GridCubeits hdmi?13:15
GridCubethe sound i mean13:16
DethlokI got dvi to hdmi cable off eBay for video and use a standard 3.55 mm audio cable for sound.13:18
GridCubeoh, ok13:18
DethlokI'm just frustrated becase we set this thing up, transfered tb's of data to it and didn't even think to test the sound because it always worked automatically before lol13:19
GridCubewell you should check if the sound works elsewhere, like using a live cd/usb and test that the sound cable is not broken, maybe conecting an mp3 player to it to see that its working, if both work properly you should start tinkering witht the software drivers13:20
DethlokYes good idea, thank you!13:22
ViljarWonkaHello, Xubuntu users! I need some help, is someone willing to offer?14:00
baizonViljarWonka: always14:00
ViljarWonkaWell, I have just installed Xubuntu on my other laptop and I can't seem to get the WiFi working.14:01
GridCubeViljarWonka, can you cable it?14:01
ViljarWonkaNot at the moment, but later. Why? Do you think it will help me with the drivers?14:02
GridCubeyou might need to download some, yes, you should do an lspci and look for the wireless information, then search such device on google to see if it has known problems14:03
ViljarWonkaI can't seem to know the device itself but I know the model of it. It is an Packard Bell EasyNote HGL1.14:04
GridCubeViljarWonka, if you type lspci on a terminal you will notice it14:05
GridCubeif its not an usb wireless device, if it is then it will be at lsusb P:14:05
ViljarWonkaThank you, I will try it now.14:05
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ViljarWonkaIs the person that helped me earlier still here?16:22
holsteinGridCube: ? maybe.. whats up?16:23
ViljarWonkaI don't remember the batch command to see what model my WiFi card is.16:23
GridCubeor if its an usb wifi use lsusb16:23
GridCubethough if its the integrated device its lspci for sure16:24
ViljarWonkaWow. That's a long list..16:24
GridCubethose are all the devices, you just need the line that says about wireles, usually at the bottom16:24
GridCubein my case its the very last one :P16:25
ViljarWonkaThere's the ethernet controller.16:25
GridCubethats the standard one, the cable16:25
ViljarWonkaI don't see one that says wireless. D:16:25
GridCubeoh, wlan? network controller?16:26
koegsViljarWonka: maybe you can put the output of lspci und lsusb in a pastebin16:26
koegsViljarWonka: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16:26
ViljarWonkaYes, wlan card.16:26
GridCubehe has not interwebs in the netbook, that being the problem koegs16:26
GridCubeViljarWonka, wlan is wireless lan P:16:26
ViljarWonkaBut it's not on the list.. ._.16:27
GridCubeViljarWonka, you should cable the computer and pastebin the result of lspci for us to see16:27
ViljarWonkaI do not have cable available, unfortunately.16:27
GridCubeor maybe if thats not an option, you could take a picture of it and upload it16:28
GridCubeor copy-paste to a txt on a usb device and move it to the computer you are using and pastebin it16:28
ViljarWonkaI could perhaps paste it in a document, transfer it to this PC and give it to you?16:28
GridCubeViljarWonka, maybe, before starting all this, just to know16:29
GridCubehave you tried using the Fn key and the wireless fn-key to try to put it on or off?16:29
ViljarWonkaYes. I have turned on the hardware switch. :c16:30
GridCubemaybe the device its just shut down16:30
GridCubeoh, :) ok16:30
GridCubehave you also checked that the bios has it enabled?16:30
ViljarWonkaYep. Just transferred from Windows Vista to Xubuntu. ^^16:31
GridCube:) ok16:31
ViljarWonkaGood choice, eh? xD16:31
GridCube:D it can be if everything works right16:32
ViljarWonkaThe PC didn't even boot when I had Vista. D:16:32
ViljarWonkaVista really is a nasty piece of work, isn't it? >.<16:34
GridCubeoh, we dont talk about it here, its better not to talk about things you have nothing good to say, we just leave it alone, and hope it dies from starvation or something16:37
ViljarWonkahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5608213/ There the pastebin is, anyway. ^^16:37
GridCubemmm you dont seem to have a wifi device16:38
koegsinteresting, do you have the same for lsusb?16:38
ViljarWonkaI'll try lsusb.16:39
ViljarWonkaIt didn't show up there either. :o16:39
ViljarWonkaWell, it's missing it's driver..16:40
ViljarWonkaEverything else has it's driver, but I can't find the wireless card's driver. D:16:41
koegsit must show up there even ubuntu has no driver for it16:41
ViljarWonkaIt worked when I had windows. :o16:42
GridCubeViljarWonka, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=132801116:42
ViljarWonkaI'll look into it.16:43
GridCubeViljarWonka, http://askubuntu.com/questions/139632/wireless-card-realtek-rtl8723ae-bt-is-not-recognized16:44
ViljarWonkaBut I can't download the driver using the terminal?16:46
GridCubenot if you are not wired16:47
ViljarWonkaI'm not wired. Can I download it here and then transfer it to my other PC?16:47
GridCubemmm you might16:48
ViljarWonkaSo, I just transfer the .tar archive over?16:48
GridCubeyou can try that, yes16:49
ViljarWonkaAnd after that I do what?16:50
GridCuberead the thread in askubuntu and try to apply that to yourself :D16:51
ViljarWonkaOkay, thank you! It's hard being new to Linux! ^^16:52
ViljarWonkaWhat do I do with a ".gz" file?16:54
GridCubeits a compressed file, much like a zip or a rar, just uncompress it17:05
ViljarWonkaThank youuu~ c:17:06
ViljarWonkaI want to be as good as you are at helping people! D:17:07
GridCubeViljarWonka, P: thanks :D its nice hearing that. If you want to help people find information and solve their problems then you might like being a librarian like i am :)17:13
ViljarWonkaActually, my school is having this job-week next week and I was thinking of working at a library that week. :)17:14
ViljarWonkasudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-generic linux-headers-`uname -r`17:24
ViljarWonkaIs that step nessecary?17:24
Unit193linux-headers-generic depends on the most current ones, so as long as your kernel is up to date...17:25
GridCubeprobably, i would guess, but you cant do that17:25
ViljarWonkaOkay then. ^^17:25
GridCube:( im sorry ViljarWonka but you will have to wire your netbook in order to try and fix this17:26
GridCubeor get an usb wifi device17:26
ViljarWonkaAnd I was on a roll here. D:17:26
GridCubeViljarWonka, yep, becuase apt-get will try to download new packages, and as it cant well. it will fail17:26
GridCubeyou can manually download all the files and try to install this manually though17:27
ViljarWonkaWhere do I go from here? D:17:28
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD17:28
GridCubegood thats even better17:28
GridCubeViljarWonka, ^ follow that17:28
Unit193Hah, but nope.  First isn't installed by default, second doesn't work for newer than precise. :P17:29
GridCubedunno then, you need to find the packages you need and download them manually, its a pita17:30
Unit193Could try apt-offline17:30
ViljarWonkaI really only have one choice then. I could go to my friend's house and wire there?17:30
ViljarWonkaWell, I guess I'll be back, then.17:31
GridCubethat would be faster, safer and mmm more efficient17:31
ViljarWonkaGood-bye for now!17:31
GridCubeyou can log in from the netbook from there :P17:31
ViljarWonkaDamn. It's not working, guys! D:17:56
GridCubeits probably broken then17:58
ViljarWonkaThe build-essential is not available? D':17:59
GridCubewell thats wrong17:59
ViljarWonkaWhat do I doooo? ;A;18:00
GridCubedid you did a sudo apt-get update before trying to install?18:01
ViljarWonkaI'll try.18:01
ViljarWonkaWow. That's a lot of stuff. :I18:02
GridCubeit has to update the lists18:03
ViljarWonkaIt's downloading my language files as well.18:03
GridCube:) yes18:05
ViljarWonkaThis might take a while. D:18:07
ViljarWonkaDo I need to install the updates as well?18:09
ntzrmtthihu777question about the xfce desktop in relation to the gnome-desktop18:24
ntzrmtthihu777in gnome the menu items are sorted by their *.desktop files "Categories" line, is it such in xubuntu?18:24
ntzrmtthihu777knome: thankya.18:25
ViljarWonkaGuys. I need some help.18:52
knome!ask | ViljarWonka18:54
ubottuViljarWonka: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:54
mikodoHow will MIR affect Xubuntu? Any thoughts?  http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php/.../www.../scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTMyMDk18:55
ViljarWonkaWell, I'm trying to install a driver andit doesn't work. Could you perhaps help with what the problem is? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5608599/18:58
scottbombGood question, mikodo. I was reading and wondering about that this morning. Hopefully it won't be affected at all. I have a feeling that Xubuntu and Kubuntu will work with other *buntus to maintain xorg. At least I hope.18:58
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:58
mikodoscottbomb,  I hope so too.18:59
mikodoscottbomb, A wait and see>  https://plus.google.com/113883146362955330174/posts/P4GFie3VoD819:11
baizonhi hi19:26
kzettsI'm currently running xubuntu, but would like to install the current version of gnome shell. Would it be beneficial to just reinstall with Vanilla ubuntu and then install, or should installing the ubuntu-gnome-desktop package suffice?19:27
holsteinkzetts: should get the sme result in the end.. ubuntu running gnome19:28
scottbomb1pay no attention to this test msg19:38
ponkeno attention paid19:38
slimjimflimhi i have to run xfwm4 --replace19:53
slimjimflimevery time i boot up19:53
slimjimflimso i put it in my rc.local, but that didn't work.  i still have to do it manually19:54
slimjimflimhow can i get that to run after i log in to x19:54
baizonslimjimflim: put it in session and startup?19:54
slimjimflimbaizon: where's that19:55
baizonslimjimflim: http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-session/preferences#application_autostart19:55
slimjimflimcool thanks19:56
maatunixHello there20:24
maatunixI've a little question from a friend (a debutant Xubuntu user): Where is the PDF reader installed on Xubuntu 12.10 ?20:25
knomemaatunix, what is it (s)he's trying to do?20:26
knomemaatunix, the command is evince (so the bin is at /usr/bin/evince)20:26
maatunixknome: Thanks for you answer, I'm just using a personnalized-debian with tropical WM and I just don't know what's the PDF reader on Xubuntu because I don't use it.20:31
maatunixThanks you very much and excuse my very bad english.20:31
WizardTropical WM?20:33
maatunixevil principaly or awesome.20:33
WizardI have that period behind ;D20:35
WizardLast times I was fascinated by these new desktops: Gnome Shell and Unity. I even installed CDE when it was open sourced this year.20:37
Wizardi don't know why I allways return to XFCE ;)20:37
baizonbecause its the best DE ;)20:38
WizardHeh :)20:39
maatunixgood night all, see you (maybe in #livarp if you like original WM) ;)20:39
WizardNo, thank you. Xfwm4 is enough :)20:40
harrisrvcgencmd get_config arm_freq21:26
harrisrcan i use a picture as a certain folders icon21:27
WizardI think yes.21:27
knomeyou can use emblems21:27
WizardDoesn't Thunar respect .directory entries?21:28
Wizardharrisr: Emblems are small pictures displayed in front of file icon.21:30
harrisrhow do i set it up21:30
WizardRight click on one, choose properties → symbols21:30
knomethe tab is "emblems" for me21:31
Wizard1. I'm on 10.04, 2. I'm translating back from quite incompatible language ;)21:31
harrisri only have general and permissions21:32
WizardWhich Xubuntu do you run?21:32
knomeharrisr, that's not xubuntu, and it's not supported in this channel21:34
WizardThis has nothing to do with xubuntu :(21:34
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cgrozahow can i make xubuntu more lightweight?21:43
WizardIt depends what you need. If you need less ram usage I would disable som GUI services, than some system services.21:45

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