jumoithow to get source from this revision, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~canonical-isd-qa/selenium-simple-test/trunk/@362?04:17
thumperno staying power04:41
thumperjumoit: just in case you come back and look at logs... bzr branch lp:~canonical-isd-qa/selenium-simple-test/trunk (as r362 is the latest)04:42
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mahendrahello everyone ! I need to use bzr behind a http proxy which restricting bzr to connect.10:03
mahendraIs there any way so that i can use tor socks proxy with bzr as i am not successful in setting up polipo with tor to get http proxy?10:04
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bob2how did tor get involved10:25
bob2if all you have is CONNECT, just use an https url10:26
mahendrahey bob, i tried that this is my config file [~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf] [DEFAULT] http_proxy = https_proxy =
bob2shouldn't have https// there afaik10:30
mahendrain both case i'm getting this error : bzr: ERROR: Connection error: while sending POST /bazaar/: [Errno 111] Connection refused10:30
bob2well, you'll need to check those urls are correct and that the server is up and that the proxy works10:32
mahendrayup, that proxy is currently working i m using that in firefox but gets same error when i do : $ bzr branch lp:mailman10:33
mahendrathis is the first time i m using bzr before that i worked on git same problem happened if used git protocol to fetch but http gives an alternate option with http proxy.10:38
mgzmahendra: try `bzr branch nosmart+http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mailman-coders/mailman/3.0/10:46
mahendrait gives error : bzr: ERROR: Connection error: while sending GET /~mailman-coders/mailman/3.0/.bzr/branch-format: [Errno 111] Connection refused10:47
mgzokay, so your proxy isn't even responding to GET, or you're not using the proxy10:48
mahendrai am using the proxy by declaring it in config file [~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf] [DEFAULT] http_proxy =
mgzyou have HTTP_PROXY exported?10:49
mgzokay, that config setting is no good10:51
mgzinstead do: `export HTTP_PROXY=` then branch10:51
mahendrastill same error :(10:55
mgzmahendra: so, you really just need to debug your proxy, bazaar isn't doing anything fancy here11:01
mahendrayes thats what i asked first . can we connect bzr through socks proxy (using tor) i strongly believe that our institute's proxy sucks in restricting all these good stuffs also.11:03
mgzif you can tunnel ssh through it, then yes11:04
mahendraok will give ssh tunneling atry.11:05
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mahendrahey mgz thanks for your suggestion. bzr worked after upgrading it 2.5 from default 2.4.1 in the old but my fav lucid version13:55
mgzmahendra: ace.13:56
mahendrathat was 2.1.4*13:57
slestaki am getting an Access is denied error using tortoise with ssh+bzr and sftp transport on win8-pro-64 on a folder in my home directory15:29
slestaktrying to do a branch from a server on my lan15:29
wolfrageslestak: network drives on windows with revision control software is a bad idea...15:30
slestaknot a network drive, using ssh transport15:31
slestaki have a repo on an ubuntu machine15:31
slestaki am trying to branch it to my windows machine15:31
slestaki have permissions on my home dir on windows, so trying to figure out what bzr has issue with.15:32
wolfrageslestak: try ssh first to ensure you can access it normally from the windows machine with out bzr15:32
wolfragegot to go now sorry15:32
slestakssh works and bzr+ssh works from cmd.exe so it appears to be a tortoise only issue15:33
mgzslestak: look in your .bzr.log for more info15:36
slestakwould you happen to have its defaul location?15:37
slestakthe .bzr.log file15:37
slestaki see it15:38
mgz`bzr version` tells you15:39
slestakit seems like bzr's branch feature to use the last component of the from_source as the default to_source does not work on toortoise because it warns me that the destination directory is non-empty15:40
slestakbecause of that, i specified the to_dir.  that dir was created by the tortoise process, but it does nto have permission on it.15:41
slestakTransformRenameFailed: Failed to rename C:/Users/Steve/Documents/projects/addons-oddello-dev/.bzr/checkout/limbo/new-4 to C:/Users/Steve/Documents/projects/addons-oddello-dev/us_statutory_reports: [Error 5] Access is denied15:41
mgzhm, not sure I know enough about windows acls to propose a sane fix15:43
slestakshould i just file a bug on lp and document it?15:43
slestakworks for me15:43
slestakonce it gets assigned, i can help15:44
mgzif you know what to change locally, that's probably worth documenting somewhere15:44
mgzand a bug against tortoisebzr wouldn't hurt15:44
slestaki worked around the issue by not using tortoise, but bzr in cmd.exe15:45
slestaki cant work on this atm, busy with client work15:45
slestaki'll file issue, thx15:45
mgzjust a bug report would be great then15:45
slestakam i correct that tortoise is in the main bzr repo?  its not separate anymore i think15:46
mgzyou want to file the bug against the tortoisebzr project15:47
slestakthx, i see15:47
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vedicI have python programs version control. Is there something like this for bzr?  __version__ = "$Revision: 89db18c77152 $"18:57
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lolekjelmer: ping ?20:27
doublephi. suppose i did 'bzr branch lp:project', made some changes and then 'bzr push lp:~me/project/hack1'. now that changes are "saved" in a branch remotely, how do i switch my local branch to be a clean copy of original project?21:21
bob2bzr switch someurl21:22
doublepi tried that, but it complains: "bzr: ERROR: Cannot switch a branch, only a checkout."21:22
fullermdNo, you probably want more like pull --overwrite.21:22
fullermdThough I'd be a bit leery of workflows that called for --overwrite's or --force's or the like as a regular thing.21:23
bob2switch really should support that :/21:24
doublepfullermd: that worked or at least it looks like what i want now. thank you21:24
doublepyeah, command is a bit weird though21:25
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