frankbanrogpeppe1: morning. already asked William, but could you please take a look at our comments in https://codereview.appspot.com/7598043 ?10:36
rogpeppe1frankban: will do. just getting back up to speed.10:36
frankbanrogpeppe1: cool, thanks10:36
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teknicouhm, cannot submit a branch, make beautify stops with this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5610507/12:21
gary_posterteknico, I wonder if this is another case of " we should specify our versions"12:22
teknicoI removed the virtualenv directory, to no avail12:22
teknicogary_poster, probably12:22
gary_posterLet's see if we can figure out what our respective versions of the closure linter are12:22
bacguihelp: i'm trying to run individual tests in the browser but get this:12:22
bacCannot GET /test/index.html/?grep=Go%20Juju%20environment12:22
bacanyone seen this before?  work-around?12:22
bcsaller__remove the / after index12:23
gary_posterhey bcsaller__ (that's a long tail!) would appreciate your thoughts on https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/charms/precise/juju-gui/bug1117896/+merge/15297312:24
bacthanks bcsaller__12:24
gary_posterteknico, I ran virtualenv/bin/python, imported closure_linter, called help(closure_linter) and saw in the file that I had closure_linter-
gary_posternowe making sure that it works but pretty sure it does12:27
gary_posterit does12:27
gary_posterteknico, another possibility: beautify is encountering a particular case in your code that it barfs on.  You could try running make beautify on trunk12:28
gary_posterif it is the same version12:28
* gary_poster goes to look on pypi12:28
teknicogary_poster, same version as mine, yes12:28
bcsaller__gary_poster: I wrote it with the intention that socket_url when defined would continue to work as before. I thought that would be enough12:28
gary_posterbcsaller__, it gives backwards compatibility with the GUI but not the charm, do you see what I mean?12:29
gary_posterIf the charm takes advantage of the new functionality, it will break old versions of the GUI12:29
gary_posterI would like the charm to default to the new, improved behavior whenever possible12:29
teknicogary_poster, make beautify in trunk works correctly here, so your idea about something in my code is plausible12:30
bcsaller__gary_poster: I would as well. When would the charm deploy an old version of the GUI?12:30
gary_posterteknico, does make gjslint succeed in your branch?  If so, you could fix manually12:30
teknicogary_poster, nope, it stops with the same error12:31
gary_posterbcsaller__, first answer is "whenever it wanted to" because we allow configuration of this.12:31
gary_posterteknico, ugh, suck.  I don't know, have not encountered.  You could try putting in a pdb and seeing if you diagnose or at least work around12:32
teknicogary_poster, I'll try that12:33
gary_posterbcsaller__, second answer is that the tests ran the 0.2.1 release, and broke.  They only succeeded when I changed it to 0.2.2.  That's what smelled like a problem we ought to address12:33
gary_posterbcsaller__, corrollary to both of those is that the error condition--the gui spins forever trying to connect to the back end, never succeeding--does not lend itself to knowing what to do to fix the problem12:35
gary_posterI phrased that poorly, but hopefully you know what I mean12:35
bcsaller__I do12:35
bcsaller__I think if anyone saw that I'd rather put it in a FAQ saying redeploy than carrying special code for that case. We already have a screen indicating it can't connect to the backend. If it sits on that screen they will have to read about socket_url anyway so I think it could be solved with docs. *not sure*12:40
* gary_poster is surprised that no-one erupted in excitement at my discovery of chrome://appcache-internals/ . Maybe benji or Makyo will give me a half-hearted cheer later. :-)12:43
benjiheh, I haven't looked at it yet.  I'm sure it will be fabulous.12:50
frankbangary_poster: chrome://appcache-internals/ is awesome! :-) and re: the charm proposal: why do we use {{insecure}} to comment out code in a tempita template?12:50
gary_postergoodspud, benji, frankban thanks! I feel so much better now that my excitement is shared. :-)12:51
gary_posterfrankban, ah! yes!  I knew I didn't like that for some reason.  Duh. :-) I'll fix that, thanks12:52
gary_posterbcsaller__, I thought about this.  ISTM that we simply need to invert the precedence of the old/new config options12:52
gary_posterright now, if you provide socket_url, and one of the new variables, socket_url wins12:53
gary_posterthere's no reason for that to be the case AFAIK, and if we invert it, the charm can support old and new trivially12:54
bcsaller__gary_poster: auto generation with manual override seems right to me. I guess its still like that if you delete reference to _port and _protocol though12:55
gary_posterbcsaller__, exactly12:56
gary_posterthe question is what does the GUI do if you provide both, and this solution seems reasonable in the abstract, and solves a problem with the specific case of the charm or other automation that wants to support old and new versions of the GUI12:56
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teknicooh wow, this is not good12:59
gary_posterbcsaller, are you ok with me proceeding with that plan?12:59
teknicogary_poster,  problem was a missing closing curly+round bracket pair13:00
bcsallergary_poster: I think its fine. The other made more sense to me but for the most part people still don't need to define anything for it to work (except in development)13:00
gary_posterright cool bcsaller thanks13:00
gary_posterteknico, eek!  sounds like an opprtunity to become a closure contributor :-)13:01
teknicoreally weird thing was that tests passed, that syntactically invalid file notwithstanding!13:01
gary_poster...wow, that is weird13:01
teknicoand now the test right above fails, so somehow that missing line was causing that test to be skipped13:02
bcsallerteknico: a failure in a test file like that will usually skip the file13:03
teknicobcsaller, yeah, if I really look for it, I can see this in the test output: "SyntaxError: Parse error"13:05
teknicoand with no hint of which file is the offending one :-P13:05
bcsallerchrome's console log should make it clear13:05
teknicobcsaller, I was running "make test-prod", everything looked hunky dory13:06
rick_h_so thought it was cool. At my local LUG a guy was demo'ing ceph and used the juju gui to 'visualize' the environment as he created it and added ceph nodes, gateway nodes, haproxy, etc13:24
gary_posterrock, rick_h_ !13:24
rick_h_worked pretty nice to translate his juju commands he was running to 'wtf that means' in the big picture13:25
bacrick_h_, so he did it all by hand and then just viewed via the gui?13:25
rick_h_bac: right13:25
bacrick_h_ did you point out the obvious?13:25
rick_h_he was ssh'ing into the machines to run ceph status, showed some of the config, etc13:26
rick_h_bac: yea, he mentioned how you *can* do it from the gui, but he was using local charms and had the juju commands scripted out 13:26
rick_h_was still cool to just go to a meeting and be like "Well that looks familiar" :) 13:27
rick_h_he used teh charm to deploy it into his env first 13:27
rick_h_so charm'ing the gui ftw13:27
gary_posterMakyo, when you are around, lemme know and we'll try to arrange a quick call with you, frankban, rogpeppe, fwereade and me to see if we can quickly unblock the annotations thing13:30
Makyogary_poster, 8 minutes?13:52
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MakyoWould like a coffee first.13:52
gary_posterHey Makyo.  Understood.  :-)  I'll arrange something after that, thanks13:52
gary_posterteknico, are you available now?13:53
gary_posteroh duh13:53
gary_postertoday is not Thursday :-)13:53
gary_posternm teknico, sorry 13:54
gary_posterMakyo, frankban call in 62 minutes hopefully, if that works with Roger (and Makyo, join #juju-dev :-) )13:59
frankbangary_poster: ack, thanks14:03
Makyogary_poster, got it.  Will be there.14:04
gary_poster(still no confirmation from Roger though)14:05
hatchaww I was deactivated from the gophers group :'( 14:06
MakyoMe too.14:06
hatchyikes and you're working on Go....I sense a disturbance in the force!14:06
gary_posterAll of us.  Not sure about meaning--seems odd--but not a practical issue.14:08
hatchmaybe it's now an invite only thing - you need to be invited to code Go14:08
benjime too; good, now I can throw away the go code I've been working on ;P14:09
frankbanme too, this means I will never have one of these: http://www.mikespook.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/gopher.jpg14:12
gary_posterah! ~gophers was deactivated entirely14:13
gary_posterso it's not just us :-)14:13
hatchoh gary, wrecking the conspiracy theories 14:14
benjimy first chance at being an outcast: pfft! it's gone14:14
gary_posterI know, I'm a spoilsport14:14
hatchbenji, first chance? You must not have been a geek in school then...lol14:14
benjiI majored in misstating the truth for comedic effect.14:15
MakyoWell played :)14:15
gary_posterbenji has sarcasm running through his veins, like mello yello, his favorite drink, flowing through...a straw?14:15
gary_posterjujugui, call in 2 in guichat14:27
gary_posterbac goodspud starting without you14:31
gary_posterrick_h_, miss you too :-)14:31
rick_h_gary_poster: all good14:33
teknicobac, shall we hangout, in a few minutes maybe?14:44
bacteknico: yes, i'll ping you in a few minutes14:44
hatchbcsaller, I happened to have the sauce labs account info page open while you were running the tests this am and it was running the FF and Chrome tests at the same time14:51
hatchso if they are using the same back end that could cause issues no?14:52
bcsallerhatch: I don't *think* thats is what happens but I can read up on it. Its odd though as the tests wait for the response so they shouldn't be able to run at the same time14:53
hatchyeah it may have just been spinning the other one up - but there were definitely two 'Running' flags on at the same time14:54
bacbenji: what is wrong with this: tb receive xmpp:nicola.larosa@gmail.com15:00
benjibac: are you getting "ValueError: too many values to unpack"?15:00
benjiif you update it should work (a new version was built 31 minutes ago with a fix)15:01
bacbenji: did the cl change?15:01
benjinope, lack of CI caused me to unleash a bug onto the world15:01
teknicobenji, I'm getting no tb update though15:03
bacbenji: my tb is 0.4.0-1~115~qua and no update is available15:03
benjihmm, let me double-check15:04
hatchIt doesn't look like the lbox is working so I manually triggered this to need review for merge 15:04
benjidarn, it hasn't been pushed to the PPA yet, https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/+recipe/termbeamer-daily says it will take 30 minutes15:04
benjiyou could run it from trunk; other than that I don't know what to do... wait, I could give you a file for you to replace the one with the bug15:06
teknicobenji, thanks, no hurry, we'll work around it for these few minutes15:10
benjiI regret the inconvenience, but am happy that enough people are using it that my screw up was noticed. :)15:11
bacbenji: glad to be part of your vast QA team!15:20
benjiI really have to get CI set up so this doesn't happen again.15:20
bacso yesterday for my flights AA was $356 and DL was a few hundred more.  today they are both $356.  i guess if you wait long enough they will all reach parity on a given route.15:22
teknicobac, false alarm,  I was missing those brackets *again*, test still failing :-/15:24
teknicoI'll try with the wsclient15:24
hatchbcsaller, any idea what the eta on that CI stuff might be? I was thinking I'd jump on the router stuff if you're going to be a while15:37
hatchjust to keep the boat moving :)15:38
bcsallerhatch: feel free to look at it, I was going to override the afterHistoryChange event and attempt the fix there 15:38
hatchalrighty - did you make any changes from trunk so far? 15:40
bcsallerhatch: I don't see anything important, I'd be happy to talk things over with you if you don't see a way to make progress though and hopefully we could pair on it later, but I want to get the CI stuff working better still15:43
hatchsounds good! Right now I'll browse through it and reproduce the error to see what I can come up with15:46
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hatchI think we have a bug in the init code for the GUI on the very first load from make devel it doesn't appear to make the websocket request16:20
hatchit needs to be loaded again to do so16:20
hatchhas anyone else ever seen this?16:20
gary_posterjujugui, I am unable to propose a GUI branch because lbox propose, in the check, fails with the following: Failed to start mocha: Init timeout \n make: *** [test-debug] Error 255 (fuller pastebin http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5611150/).  Anybody know what is up with this?  It looks liek mocha has some kind of timer that I don't know how to configure.  Note that make test-debug works finr from the commandline16:37
bcsallergary_poster: that can be intermittent, usually retrying works16:37
benjigary_poster: teknico had this problem on Friday at the sprint; we investigated until it went away 16:37
teknicogary_poster, I'm having the same problem, and make test-debug times out too16:38
teknicobenji, it didn't really go away, it just occasionally succeeds :-)16:38
gary_posterok will retry bcsaller.  This has happened a few times already.  benji, teknico interesting.  :-/  I'll look a little deeper if I can16:38
benjis/went away/(temporarily) went away/16:38
teknicoalso, in weekly discuss we have a card saying "Remove test-debug from lbox check?" to which I'd emphatically reply "yes" :-)16:39
gary_posterhttps://github.com/metaskills/mocha-phantomjs/blob/master/lib/mocha-phantomjs.coffee#L112 ...16:39
gary_posterI don't agree in theory, but looking forward to the discussion.16:39
teknicorather than removing it we could swap it out for make test-prod, which works reliably16:40
gary_posterWe do both16:40
gary_posterwhich is appropriate if we want both to work after commits16:40
hatchI have run into that issue before, usually trying again and it works16:42
rick_h_yea, I only get that very infrequently. I've only had it once during a local test run and once during an lbox run.16:43
gary_poster.option('-t, --timeout <timeout>', 'specify the test startup timeout to use', parseInt, 6000)16:43
rick_h_I'd not thought it so widespread16:43
gary_posterI have never encountered before.  I assume it is tied to the number of files/amount of code we have16:44
gary_posterhm, increasing timeout does not help.  we appear to have some kind of intermittent hang?16:47
gary_postertimeout clearly is being honored16:47
hatchfaster computers!16:49
hatchlooks like we all need to requisition new computers to be able to do our jobs...16:50
gary_posterneither phantom nor mocha-phantom have any kind of verbosity flag :-/16:50
gary_posteras I said, that doesn't seem to be the problem here16:50
gary_posterit's a hang of some sort16:50
hatchno...it is...new computers....;)16:50
gary_posteror something else that takes > 20 seconds16:50
hatchbut yeah, I have nothing to add here other than every time it happens to me I run it again and it works the second time16:51
hatchI haven't looked into it16:51
gary_postervirtually consistent for me.  and make test-debug now fails as well, which it was not before16:51
hatchhmm that's odd16:51
hatchjcsackett, am i supposed to re-review that branch? 16:51
jcsacketthatch: only if you want to, i was pushing up changes requested for rick_h_.16:52
hatchjcsackett, hmm - I see that you went away from widget to base but aren't using any base methods....is this going to be expanded at some point?16:54
hatchor is it pretty much done?16:54
jcsacketthatch: not sure. there's some work with a view that will use this, and i don't know if it will need to be updated then.16:55
rick_h_hatch: it'll be wrapped in a Y.View() in the future. It's just a wrapper for prettyprint.js16:55
jcsackettrick_h_: it's a *little* more than that man, don't go hurting my feelings now. :-P16:55
rick_h_hatch: the old code needed to be passed an ATTR for the file content and I didn't want to hold onto the file content in JS memory since it's not needed to be reused/etc16:55
rick_h_jcsackett: trying to simplify for hatch :P16:56
hatchoh ok - in that case you can probably get away from Y.Base entirely and go with a Object.create() on a constructor fn16:56
hatchY.Base is pretty heavy - and if you aren't using any of it's lifecycle methods then there is really no bennefit 16:56
jcsacketthatch: you just like throwing entirely new ways to do things at me.16:56
rick_h_hatch: yea, that's true. I guess we can go all the way down and then if we do need something once it's wrapped in the view add it back into play.16:56
hatchjcsackett, haha - best way to learn ;)16:57
jcsackettso, Object.create syntax is documented where now?16:57
gary_posterteknico, does this let make test-debug run for you?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5611209/16:57
hatchjcsackett, one second16:57
teknicogary_poster, I just lot mo' fancier breakage from our friendly "lbox submit": http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5611208/16:58
teknicogary_poster, I'll try16:58
hatchjcsackett, https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Object/create 16:58
hatchand it's being used in assets/routing.js 16:58
hatchjcsackett, it's basically the ES5 way of doing Y.Base.create16:59
hatchand if you want to know the old school manual way of doing it16:59
hatchyou can read that blog post, and the previous one16:59
rick_h_jcsackett: and at this point might as well add it to the prettify wrapper and stick it on a namespace so it's one module vs two.16:59
hatchI haven't had time to write the followup16:59
jcsackettright, i'll just kill fileviewer at this point.17:00
rick_h_jcsackett: basically after the point point, assign a helper to a namespace the module provides and we can use thast17:00
rick_h_jcsackett: sorry :(17:00
rick_h_lol, point point...after the "paste point"17:00
teknicogary_poster, yes, with that change make test-debug worked thrice out of three17:00
jcsackettrick_h_: so to be clear, we'll just update Y.prettify.prettyPrint to take code and container?17:00
gary_posterteknico, for your first and last error I'm guessing that's just because you have the test server already running.  For the rest...I dunno.17:00
gary_posteryay teknico!17:01
jcsacketthatch, you good with that idea?17:01
teknicogary_poster, shall I commit to the code? pretty please? :-)17:01
gary_posterOK, you are trying to submit, right?  see if it works now17:01
gary_posterteknico, yes :-)17:01
rick_h_jcsackett: so in https://codereview.appspot.com/7762045/patch/11001/12004 add a helper function on the ns17:01
rick_h_ns.render_to_node(node, code) kind of thing17:01
jcsackettrick_h_: ok.17:02
hatchjcsackett, sure - it wasn't my intention to say your approach was wrong, just pointing out an alternative approach17:02
hatchI'll let you go whichever approach you feel best suits your task17:02
jcsacketthatch: well, but if we're going to object.create, there's the questino of do we even need the object.17:02
rick_h_jcsackett: definitely still check out Object.create though, good stuff :)17:02
jcsackettwhen i was thinking we stored the code, we needed an object. i think after rick's suggestion it's clear we just need a fn.17:02
hatchthat's valid - I don't know the end goal of what you're doing :)17:02
hatchgary_poster, FYI while Ben fights with the CI issues I have taken over the NS router issues - first step is to convert it into an extension, so that's what I'm working on now17:03
gary_postercool hatch sounds good17:05
teknicoooh, branch landed, coool :-)17:08
teknicoI'm buying a faster computer anyway ;-)17:09
rick_h_teknico: has the right of it. If tests are too slow, need a faster ssd and more ram!17:10
hatchlol faster ssd17:11
tekniconope, not OCZ, not going there :-P17:11
* hatch has an OCZ ssd17:11
hatchit was the cheapest :P17:11
teknico"OCZ: the MySQL of storage"17:11
hatchso does that mean 'general use and reliable' ? ;)17:12
tekniconot exactly :-)17:12
rick_h_intel or bust! :P17:12
teknicoit means "gimme speed now! who cares if your data will be there tomorrow?"17:12
gary_posterwriting to /dev/null is pretty fast, I think17:13
hatchgood thing I have a 3tb synology nas with it's own backup ;)17:13
hatchgary_poster, lol17:13
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gary_posterhatch, bcsaller would appreciate a review of https://codereview.appspot.com/7703047 when you get a chance.  This is the GUI code needed to get the charm to behave as I think we want.17:27
* gary_poster lunches17:27
bacguihelp: anyone have time for a quick review of my gui-only 'get service' branch?  https://codereview.appspot.com/7777045/17:30
bcsallerbac: on it17:31
baci'm reviewing gary_poster's.  don't see a card for it.17:31
hatchbac, yep I can do that17:33
bacthanks hatch17:34
hatchbac, review done!17:40
bacthanks hatch17:47
hatchgary_poster, review done!17:48
gary_posterthanks hatch, bac, and bcsaller!17:48
bacbcsaller & hatch, thanks for your review comments.  it isn't clear to me what you suggest we do wrt the bind.  if not 'this' then what?17:57
bacif not now, when?  if not us, who?17:57
bcsallerbac: I think we should document that 'this' isn't meaningful to the callback, its most likely not whats expected17:58
bacbcsaller: since the context is not used in the callback, can i just pass null?18:00
bcsallerbac: I don't think so, no, its just worth noting in the docs I think. 18:01
bacbcsaller: null works...at least in the tests18:01
bcsallerbac: I guess that would make it clear, this.<anything> will fail for the most part now18:02
baci'll document it too18:02
baci just thought we needed to bind *something*18:03
gary_posterbcsaller, the CI tests are with trunk, right?  Not the most recent release?18:04
gary_posterthat would seem like the right place to start :-)18:04
bcsallergary_poster: they will be, if you look in the CI config you can see the custom branch we're using pre-merge18:05
gary_posterbcsaller, ok cool thanks18:05
benjiwierd, the go regex library does a "search" when you ask for a "match" and there is no way to actually get a "match"18:10
bcsallerat least I see whats happening with the CI test now, that too way too long to figure out18:10
bcsallerbenji: it doesn't support ^ at the start?18:10
benjibcsaller: it does, but that also means that you are forced to use them, making combining regular expressions harder (you have be continually stripping off or adding on ^ and $)18:11
bacwhite smoke!18:12
bachow long until the cathedral bells start up?18:12
bacguess the bishop here doesn't have the NYT app18:13
benjibac: I assume that means there is white smoke somewhere in the world.18:14
bcsallerat least I see whats happening with the CI test now, that too way too long to figure out. Not sure how to properly handle it either 18:17
bcsallerhatch: got a second to talk through this?18:17
bacand the bells have started18:17
hatchsure one minute let me get to my comp18:17
hatchwhite smoke...bells? what are our CI tests passing? :P18:18
bacyes, saucelabs is going old school18:18
hatchbcsaller, ok in guichat?18:18
bcsallerI am 18:18
rogpeppebenji: you could always do a FindIndex and check that the returned indexes cover the whole string18:19
benjirogpeppe: that is a possability.18:19
rogpeppebenji: unfortunately that assumes that the regexps match with leftmost-longest, which i don't think they do.18:20
rogpeppebenji: (you can get that functionality in tip, but that won't help much)18:20
rogpeppebenji: in general, i just add ^ and $ as appropriate18:21
bacgary_poster: did you check uistage after landing your branch?  it's dead now...one of us did it.  :)18:28
gary_posterbac, no, thanks and sorry.  almost certainly me, with a conflict in config.  will look18:29
bacgary_poster: i've done it18:30
bacrestarting now18:30
gary_posterthank you bac.  conflict?18:30
bacit was you.  :)  i meant to add a reminder during the review but forgot18:30
gary_postersorry and thanks again.  my "card" was the charm card, since that's what this is for, but should have made another.18:31
bachappy now18:31
hatchugh it's getting warm enough for the door to door sales people19:33
* hatch hopes for -40 again19:33
rick_h_interesting, -40C == -40F?19:33
hatchyeah - see at -40 even Americans know to stay the F inside19:33
hatchoh sometimes I crack myself up :P19:34
rick_h_it was -5C earlier...had some fun ice on the way to day care19:34
hatcharound freezing is the worst because then you get black ice19:34
rick_h_woot, up to a light and sunny -2.5C19:34
hatchat least when it's really cold the ice isn't hidden19:34
rick_h_hatch: yea, right at the end of the subdivision I got to keep on going wheeeee19:34
rick_h_I now know the new car can make it in/out of a ditch nicely :)19:35
hatchlol - no car can get out of a ditch here unfortunately19:35
hatchusually a couple feet of snow in them19:35
hatchMy real question is....who goes door to door at 1:30PM? Don't they know people work during the day?19:37
benjicasing the joint?  (most home burglaries happen during the day when no one is home)19:43
hatchentirely possible19:45
hatchMy guess is that they were from one of the many churches in the area19:47
hatchI think there are 5 different kinds within a mile or so19:47
hatchactually there are 3 all on the same corner19:48
benjihrm, go doesn't have negative indexing (i.e., my_string[:-1])19:53
hatchthat's a good thing...no?19:57
hatchwait, nm I misread19:57
bacgary_poster: i went ahead and moved the "'deploy' in juju-core" card.  if rog wants retroactive changes i'll have to do another card anyway to avoid confusion20:12
gary_poster+1 bac20:12
hatchhmm 64 failures after moving the ns routing code into it's own module20:17
hatchme thinks the tests r broken ;)20:17
hatchoh 52 this time....20:18
hatchand now 220:18
* hatch is confused20:18
hatchok it looks like it's decided on 220:19
hatchMakyo, did you ever figure out how to get console logs working in mocha?20:32
Makyohatch, Didn't have time to look into it, sorry :/20:32
hatchno problem20:32
hatchyay they all pass20:35
baccall me crazy, but i don't think this file should be in our tree: state/api/apiserver.go.THIS20:35
hatchyou're crazy!20:35
hatchoh I was too slow20:36
bacoh, i know, to regain sanity i'll check in OTHER too20:36
hatchdoes the file actually end in an uppercase THIS ?20:36
MakyoThat's how bzr does conflicts.  You get a THIS, OTHER, and BASE20:37
MakyoBut you can bzr revert state/api/apiserver.go.THIS if you get a conflict.  Just ran into that.20:38
hatchohh I knew that20:38
hatchI swear!20:38
MakyoI was gettin "  Conflict adding file state/apiserver/api_test.go.BASE.  Moved existing file to state/apiserver/api_test.go.BASE.moved." and resolve fixed that, FWIW20:38
MakyoOn a bunch of files.20:39
MakyoHappened when I switched without committing20:39
* Makyo rambles. Could go on for hours.20:40
hatchmy computer jumps about 15C when I lbox propose haha20:41
hatchcould I get a review of https://codereview.appspot.com/7757046/ plz it's about a 1000+ln diff but most of that is copy/paste 20:44
hatchI lied, I'm that good and wrote 1000 lines of code today20:45
gary_posterI'm looking hatch, while waiting on the charm...again...20:45
hatchgary_poster, are you deploying it on canonistack?20:46
hatchand thanks20:46
gary_posterhatch, no, ec2.  but the tests run, and then they fail, and that took half an hour, and you don't really have diagnostics, so you have to bring the charm up again outside of the tests and investigate, which takes time, and then everything is fine, so you try a different configuration, which takes time...I'm just complaining :-)20:47
hatchhaha yup, that's what we were doing during the sprint20:47
hatchit takes a toll....mentally 20:48
gary_posterhey hatch, you up for a call?  I think I understand everything in your branch...well, almost everything :-P...but I want to ask some questions.  guichat?21:07
hatchyeah sure21:13
hatchMakyo, ol buddy ol pal.... any chance I could get a review on my nsRouter > extension branch? :-)21:25
Makyohatch, need to walkadoggy, can it wait until I get back?  Still have an hour and a half until EOD21:25
hatchoh yeah for sure 21:25
hatch:) thanks21:26
MakyoBack in a few, then.21:26
hatchjcsackett, review done!21:29
jcsacketthatch: thanks!21:29
hatchbcsaller, were you successful with the ip caching method? 21:32
bcsallerhatch: I might be, its take a couple rounds to get right, it wasn't passing through the env properly before21:37
hatchahh, yeah it's such a slow moving process21:52
hatchthanks for the review Makyo 22:08
MakyoThanks for the branch :_22:08
hatchhmm what's the process for resolving lbox merge conflicts? Was it merge in trunk first then submit?22:40
gary_posteryes hatch22:40
hatchok thanks, just wanted to confirm22:40
hatchdoes anyone know of any 'build your own website' services that are any good?22:51
hatchperson I know is looking to put together a quick site for a rental22:51
gary_posterhatch http://www.squarespace.com/ may be more than what the person wants but I had good luck with them for a friend22:54
hatchgreat thanks I'll pass that off22:57
hatchthe only thing I had was templatemonster.com + wordpress host22:57
gary_posterhatch, what's the rietveld for your CI doc branch?  Don't see it on card22:59
hatchit wouldn't rietveld it kept giving me errors about a diff22:59
hatchI manually requested a merge - I'll grab the link22:59
hatchI think I will make a couple small changes though23:00
hatchI want to add a link to the wiki with our u/p's for the various services23:00
gary_posterok hatch, lemme know when that's up and will review.  maybe not tonight. :-)23:01
gary_postercharm landed btw23:01
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