micahgyeah, sounds like SRU is the best bet if you can swing it00:00
Mamarokmind you, some of the problems are due to upstream gstreamer, but that is a whole different chapter :(00:00
micahgso, apachelogger can get back to me if that's possible/planned00:00
Mamarokwell, SRU is someting new for me, and all I want is having those packages to test, and having to fill in paperwork is equally new, that was never necessary for those before00:01
micahgwell, that's the benefit of PPAs, no paperwork, but the audience is limited as well00:01
Mamarokso if testers have to go through hoops to get actual packages to test you will not get many testers00:01
shadeslayerthe stream issue is not gst specific00:01
shadeslayerit's specific to the phonon-gstreamer backend00:01
Mamarokand I have the problem that I asked for packages and those were denied based on not being sufficiently tested, so a serpent that bits its tail00:01
shadeslayerbut in reality, it's a bug in webkit :D00:01
shadeslayerwe had fun debugging that one00:01
micahgshadeslayer: which package is it?  I"ll throw up a backport for testing if it'll work against the release/updates KDE stack00:02
Mamarokshadeslayer: we have stream bugs that are upstream00:02
MamarokI can give you half a ton of dupes for that, I close 3 a day00:02
Mamarokand that sucks big time, crashes00:02
shadeslayermicahg: phonon-backend-gstreamer00:02
Mamarokon track change00:02
shadeslayermicahg: phonon-backend-vlc for the vlc one00:02
Mamarokanyway, I only want a package for us to test, don't make work for testers more complicated, please00:03
micahgwell, if you're expecting it in the PPA, I can't help, I can give you a package in my PPA (not trying to sidetrack/hurt anything here)00:04
Mamarokthat's fine, I don't care where it is, as long as I getpackages00:04
Mamarokpoint it to markey, he still uses Quantal00:04
* Mamarok doesn't understand why apachelogger couldn't package that somewhere so we could test, he is the maintainer after all, it's all in his interest00:05
micahguploaded to ppa:micahg/ppa, need about 3 hours to build/publish00:05
Mamarokthis time, off to bed00:06
Mamarokmarkey: ^00:06
shadeslayermicahg: for SRU purposes I think https://projects.kde.org/projects/kdesupport/phonon/phonon-gstreamer/repository/revisions/2527727cbc304a66d0a77f66d42fd194a1f003e5/diff is enough00:06
shadeslayerthat fixes the stream issues00:06
micahgshadeslayer: if that fixes the bug and a full SRU isn't feasible, then SRU that fix and I'd still be up for backporting the full 0.6.2 for those who want it00:08
micahghrm, just realized, I threw up the vlc package00:08
micahgvlc is wasy as auralquiz is the only rdep00:09
* micahg throws up gstreamer after a local build00:10
shadeslayerI now officially hate gst people for changing soft api00:10
micahg-gstreamer needs 2 binary tests and 1 build dep test00:13
micahg-gstreamer uploaded as well00:14
shadeslayer2 binary tests?00:16
micahg2 binary rdeps00:17
shadeslayerah I see00:17
micahgthese are good candidates for -backports IMHO00:17
shadeslayerRiddell: gst 1.0 has API changes like these : http://paste.kde.org/694664/00:18
Riddelltidying up is sensible I suppose00:20
shadeslayeryep it is, it's just that I've missed one or two small changes like these00:20
shadeslayerand everything goes kaput00:20
shadeslayerwell, tomahawk works as well00:22
shadeslayerso huzzah00:22
keithzgNot to be a broken record, but, was going to do the "Install (auto-resize)" test on the AMD64 ISO and, that isn't actually an option in the installer then, eh?00:42
Riddellkeithzg: it is but only if the installer recons you have enough free space to do it00:44
Riddelloften on a virtual machine or a full hard disk or a hard disk with lots of partitions it doesn't00:45
keithzgRiddell: Hmm. The disk doesn't have too many partitions; on the other hand, all the free space is within the single NTFS partition, and I've seen many Linux partition utilities sometimes being unable to see space usage, wonky filesystem that it is.00:46
Riddellkeithzg: yeah that could be it00:48
RoeyRiddell:  hey!01:24
Riddellhi Roey 01:25
keithzgHmm, GParted at least appears to report the right amount of space free on the NTFS partition, wheras the installer is wildly off. If I were to report a bug, what should I be reporting it against?01:40
JontheEchidnaubiquity would be a safe bet01:42
xnoxkeithzg: what do you mean by wildly off? cannot shrink?01:43
xnoxkeithzg: ubuntu-bug ubiquity (from terminal started with ctrl-alt-t or ctrl-alt-f1) would be awesome.01:43
keithzgxnox: I mean Windows and GParted (run from SystemRescueCD; i18n issues seem to prevent me from installing it in live session) report ~60% partition space usage; installer reports 93%!01:47
xnoxinteresting. What version of Windows?01:48
keithzgWindows 7 64-bit.01:48
keithzgInterestingly, the 93% is probably about what it was at when I first found it lying around the office earlier this week. So perhaps somehow it's reading an outdated state from the filesystem.01:50
keithzgRunning 'ubuntu-bug ubiquity' actually results in an Apport error for me: "E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_raring_universe_i18n_Translation-en, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened."01:55
* keithzg rebooted and it seems to have worked fine this time, at least from the VT02:03
xnoxkeithzg: but, i'd want the bug report once the partitioning page is visible, as only then the partitioning info is read.02:04
keithzgxnox: yeah, I actually did suppose so I went right to that and let it load before I went ctrl-alt-f1 to run ubuntu-bug. Err, at least I think I did . . . I'll do it again now before I actually submit it just in case.02:06
xnox=) thanks a lot.02:07
keithzgno problem!02:08
xnoxkeithzg: what did you do to between when you found it and started ubiquity? did you change/resize the partitions in any way?02:08
keithzgxnox: nope. The only thing I've done is, from within Windows, deleted a lot of data (tons of now-useless test folders and such from the last person who used it ages ago).02:10
xnoxkeithzg: i fear that windows7 is using LDM by default and we are not handling it right. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_Disk_Manager )02:11
xnoxthus it looks opaque to us.02:11
keithzgxnox: Hmm, that makes sense, especially since the installer seems to see 4 distinct partitions while Windows only saw one drive. I should probably boot back into Windows and double-check that all then, though.02:14
xnoxkeithzg: thanks that would be wonderful. I hack on the installer, but have no access to Windows7/8 and I fear we are regressing in dual-boot install scenario there.02:15
keithzgHmmm, it doesn't *look* like it's using LDM, but I really don't quite know how to tell.02:29
keithzgWell, it does say "Basic" on the disk in diskmgmt.msc.02:32
keithzgxnox: I've submitted the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/115440502:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1154405 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Inaccurate free space calculation for NTFS partition" [Undecided,New]02:41
* keithzg now scurries home, finishing a long workday, but is extremely willing to be a guinea pig for dual-boot install testing tomorrow if there's anything to be done on this or other issues02:45
Noskcajhas anything happened towards getting bug 1066223 fixed?04:57
ubottubug 1066223 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "kde ubiquity detects Sydney timezone but says Adelaide" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106622304:57
Noskcajalso, something wierd happened to me in the install04:58
=== jono is now known as Guest42688
soeegood morning07:00
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1094360] qt4 apps such as vlc: QGtkStyle was unable to detect the current GTK+ theme unless libgnom... @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1094360 (by Doug McMahon)07:08
lordievaderGood morning07:26
=== mgraesslin_ is now known as mgraesslin
apacheloggerI wonder whatever happened to the SRU08:49
apacheloggerScottK: could you please find out why phonon gstreamer SRU is waiting in new of precise and quantal ... bug 1115276 bug 1115270 bug 1115286 bug 1115277 bug 91868808:54
ubottubug 1115276 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Quantal) "crash when gstreamer cannot be initalized" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111527608:54
ubottubug 1115270 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Quantal) "desktop file validation failure" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111527008:54
ubottubug 1115286 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Quantal) "cannot play audio cd from drive >1" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111528608:54
ubottubug 1115277 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Quantal) "waitcondition timeout too long for short samples" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111527708:54
ubottubug 918688 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Quantal) "phonon-backend-gstreamer seems to have issues playing from http" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91868808:54
apacheloggerJontheEchidna:   File "/usr/share/kde4/apps/muon-notifier/releasechecker", line 28, in <module>09:04
apacheloggerImportError: No module named http.client09:04
apacheloggeralso updater seems bugged in general09:05
apacheloggercan't mark entire categories for updates for example, also nothing appears selected when starting the updater09:05
apacheloggerError, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.09:06
apacheloggerapt-get check says nothing though :(09:06
apacheloggerdpm: do you think the excessive header buisness (around line 56) will be a problem for launchpad? http://paste.kde.org/694898/09:09
dpmapachelogger, yeah, I think it might be a problem, for Launchpad or for every tool that parses gettext headers. I'm not sure what will actually happen: I guess it will either just pick the data for the first header or throw an error. 09:12
apacheloggerhm, ok, thanks09:12
=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
murthyhello everyone09:37
murthyyofel: what happened to the thirdparty update bug in ubiquity?09:41
murthyBluesKaj: are you there?09:49
lordievaderManual partitioning in the i368 raring beta 1 image has double options for filesystem-type, example: double ext4, double ext3, etc.09:57
yofelmurthy: haven't look at it later - is there a bug on launchpad? If not open one10:00
yofelmurthy: bug 1087409?10:02
ubottubug 1087409 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Missing feedback/progress dialog while installing drivers" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108740910:02
murthyprogressbar would be nice10:07
lordievaderThere is a blank button in Ubiquity at the stage "Retrieving file" using: raring beta 1 i386.10:08
murthyyofel: yesterday when i tried to "strace ubiquity kdeui" it doesn't run, the ui parameter for ubiquity is an approx10:21
* apachelogger falls off chair10:35
* jussi offers apachelogger a hand up10:36
yofelkubotu: newversion digikam 3.1.0 http://www.digikam.org/node/68810:39
lordievaderIn the oem-config there is a 'back' and 'continue' button present, when the utility is configuring and setting up stuff. Shouldn't those buttons be removed?10:41
lordievaderThis is still i386 raring beta1 btw.10:41
Riddelllordievader: yep, could you report that?10:42
lordievaderRiddell: As a bug against ubiquity?10:43
Riddelllordievader: yep10:43
lordievaderRiddell: Will do!10:43
apacheloggerthis jussi person I like10:55
apacheloggertada http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-patched-l10n/trunk/view/head:/README 10:56
apacheloggerRiddell: ^10:56
lordievaderHehe, just while I'm done testing i386...10:58
Riddelllordievader: always the way with testers I'm afraid, it's still all appreciated!10:58
BluesKajHowdy all10:59
lordievaderRiddell: I suppose it is yes, I do like the job though :)10:59
murthyBluesKaj: hi11:06
BluesKajhi murthy11:07
murthyBluesKaj: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/108740911:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1087409 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Missing feedback/progress dialog while installing drivers" [High,Triaged]11:08
murthyBluesKaj:  thats our bug11:08
BluesKajnope , my freeze needs a power down reboot , there;s no going back or KB response11:12
lordievaderBluesKaj: X completly freezes? Does the magic-key-combo still work?11:13
murthyBluesKaj: that happens to me too11:13
BluesKajthere is no keyboard response 11:13
murthyBluesKaj: thats because the update process blocks the man process11:13
BluesKajit shouldn't11:14
murthyBluesKaj: no cursor activity?11:14
murthyya it shouldn't11:14
lordievaderBluesKaj, murthy: http://www.howtogeek.com/119127/use-the-magic-sysrq-key-on-linux-to-fix-frozen-x-servers-cleanly-reboot-and-run-other-low-level-commands/11:14
BluesKajit's not the same bug11:14
murthyyesterday was taking a look at the code11:14
murthylordievader: ah i know that11:15
lordievadermurthy: Does that still work?11:15
murthylordievader: but i don't like some of them disabled in ubuntu/kubuntu11:15
murthylordievader: ya11:15
lordievaderYayy, new images to test :D11:16
murthyBluesKaj: can you try after not selecting the "download third part software" option?11:17
murthyBluesKaj: can you try after not selecting the "download third *party software" option?11:17
murthylordievader: :)11:17
BluesKajmurthy, it doesn't get that far into the install11:18
Darkwingaaaaaaaaaaaaand good morning11:18
murthylordievader: for ubuntu alt+print screen+s to do an emergency sync and alt+ printscreen+b to reboot11:18
murthyDarkwing: good morning11:18
murthyBluesKaj: strange11:18
lordievaderHey Darkwing, how are you?11:19
murthyBluesKaj: when you have time, tell me we can try to debug11:19
DarkwingNot bad at all. It's 7:20a, I have coffee so I'm happy.11:19
lordievadermurthy: It's good to do the full "reisub", is cleaner.11:19
DarkwingDay 5 of quitting smoking.11:19
murthylordievader: does it work :)11:20
lordievaderDarkwing: Oh, and? How are you taking it? Good job, btw!11:20
DarkwingI take my coffee black11:20
lordievadermurthy: The full reisub asks process to stop, if they don't kills it. Unmounts drives etc. I.e. clean :)11:20
apacheloggerkubotu: order coffee11:20
* kubotu slides a cup of steamy hot coffee down the bar to apachelogger.11:20
apacheloggerand ahoy Darkwing11:21
Darkwinglol Morning apachelogger11:21
BluesKajI'm not going to try again murthy...it's installed now and debugging from here is pointless since there are no written logs. Not going waste my time on it .11:22
murthyBluesKaj: np11:22
apacheloggerlordievader: mhh, technically E will issue a terminate signal which is not the same as a quit signal11:22
apacheloggerit's a nicer than kill, but also not that much nicer ^^11:23
DarkwingHoly... Mumble takes up 33% of my CPU?11:23
Riddellapachelogger: l10n readme looks good, are you needing more feedback/testing?11:23
lordievaderapachelogger: Hmm, ok. Well I don't know the details, just the general outline.11:23
apacheloggerRiddell: if you have bandwith running build.sh would be cool11:23
murthyapachelogger: why are some og the magic keys disabled in ubuntu ?11:23
lordievaderapachelogger: It's better than just pulling the plug, or so I've read ;)11:23
apacheloggerRiddell: I did some changes but since I am on limited bandwith until friday I did not do a full run with the changes11:23
DarkwingRiddell: Did we ever get the SVGs for the business cards?11:24
apacheloggerRiddell: other than that I'll upload after b111:24
apachelogger(needs changes to pkg-kde-tools)11:24
apacheloggermurthy: they are not11:24
apacheloggerlordievader: that's for sure ^^11:24
Riddellapachelogger: need an ec2?11:24
murthyapachelogger: let me check again11:24
apacheloggerRiddell: oh, that'd be nice11:24
RiddellDarkwing: http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/kubuntu-jr.svg ?11:25
apacheloggerlordievader: oh and what no one ever mentions... it is advisble to wait a couple of seconds before going from E to I, as an app may need longer to terminate than what the kernel would like it to11:26
murthyapachelogger: I am getting "SysRq: This sysrq operation is disabled"11:26
RiddellDarkwing: needs someone to adapt it for each person who wants one11:26
DarkwingRiddell: I thought the vote ended with the one that looked like it was being peeled back...11:26
apacheloggermurthy: where do you get that?11:26
lordievaderapachelogger: I just wait between every key press a few seconds.11:27
RiddellDarkwing: I don't think we got an editable version of that11:27
murthyapachelogger: in new tty i guess11:27
DarkwingRiddell: Ahh, okay.11:27
murthyapachelogger: ctrl+alt+f1  and pressed "alt+printscreen+r"11:28
apacheloggercurious enough11:28
yofelapachelogger, murthy: -> /etc/sysctl.d/10-magic-sysrq.conf11:29
yofelsome got disabled11:29
murthyyofel: ya know that, but why?11:29
apacheloggeris that from debian?11:29
yofelmurthy: security reasons11:30
apacheloggeryofel: how does that impact security?11:30
murthyin that case lordievader we cannot do what you said by default11:30
yofelapachelogger: read the file...11:30
Riddellapachelogger: ubuntu@ec2-23-22-206-184.compute-1.amazonaws.com11:30
yofelapachelogger: and seems ubuntu specific11:31
apacheloggerRiddell: merci11:31
murthygood reason11:32
murthyi looked at the code in ubiquity/ubiquity/plugins/ubi-prepare.py and it seems to be only configuring the ui and some settings, there is no processess executed there11:39
murthyyofel: ^11:39
murthyyofel: i may be wrong11:39
yofelno, but it does set the command that is to be run11:40
yofelI didn't find out the actual place it's called at11:40
* apachelogger cold11:41
murthyyofel: ya11:41
murthyi will search for it11:41
murthyapachelogger: run a 1080p flash video and hug the laptop11:43
* smartboyhw says hi12:07
smartboyhwanyone packaging digikam?12:07
lordievaderHey smartboyhw, how are you?12:07
murthysmartboyhw: hi12:09
yofelsmartboyhw: I reserved it, but feel free to take over - bug 115453212:11
ubottubug 1154532 in digikam (Ubuntu) "Please update digikam to 3.1.0" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115453212:11
* yofel didn't start yet12:11
smartboyhwyofel, OK:)12:11
* smartboyhw assigns the bug to himself12:11
Riddellremember: beta 1 testing needed12:12
smartboyhwRiddell, OK I will be download the image using TestDrive and test:P12:12
* yofel does upgrade tests12:13
* lordievader starts testing amd6412:13
smartboyhwyofel, yeah12:13
smartboyhwlordievader, ouch I want to do amd64:P12:14
smartboyhwMaybe I will test the actives then12:14
yofelit doesn't hurt to test twice ^^12:14
lordievadersmartboyhw: More testing is better :)12:14
lordievaderHas the button font for 'Try Kubuntu' and 'Install Kubuntu' changed, they are a lot bigger. Not sure if this is intended.12:15
Riddelllots of different test cases to chose from too12:16
Riddelllordievader: yes agateau did some font changes yesterday12:16
murthyyofel:  ubiquity/scripts/plugininstall.py                       line 122812:16
lordievaderRiddell: Ok, cool.12:16
smartboyhwHmm why aren't the actives in Testdrive?12:17
* smartboyhw files bugs12:17
lordievaderOhh nice, my multi-monitor setup is detected correctly in the live-env. Really nice!!!12:18
smartboyhwWhy does it take so long to bzr branch ubuntu:digikam?12:35
shadeslayerwhy would you branch that12:37
lordievaderThe clock is not detected correctly in the live-env. It is set to UTC should be GMT+1. Should I report a bug, and if so, to what package?12:38
smartboyhwshadeslayer, just to try with full code12:39
smartboyhwbefore using kubuntu-packaging12:39
smartboyhwAnd it turns out to be absolute crap UDD import12:39
shadeslayerwell, usually we grab source from download.kde.org12:39
shadeslayerand packaging from bzr12:40
smartboyhwshadeslayer, yep12:43
Darkwingclaydoh: ping12:44
ScottKapachelogger: Looks like just lack of reviewing.  Looking at it.12:55
bkerensaScottK: Interesting FFE huh12:59
murthylordievader: the package conyaininig the clock widget is plasma-widgets-workspace13:01
murthylordievader: *containing 13:01
lordievadermurthy: But is that the one responsible for looking up the time, during the installer it is detected correctly btw.13:02
murthylordievader: that i don't know, i thought you were talking about the plasma-desktop13:03
lordievadermurthy: I noted the time was wrong. A very minor bug.13:04
murthylordievader: ok13:05
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apacheloggerkubotu: buildstatus jreen13:44
ScottKapachelogger: Done.13:46
apacheloggermarkey, Mamarok: phonon gstreamer 463 in quantal-proposed for testing13:47
apacheloggermarkey, Mamarok: testing particularly need on bug 1115276 bug 1115270 bug 1115286 bug 1115277 bug 91868813:48
ubottubug 1115276 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Precise) "crash when gstreamer cannot be initalized" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111527613:48
ubottubug 1115270 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Precise) "desktop file validation failure" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111527013:48
ubottubug 1115286 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Precise) "cannot play audio cd from drive >1" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111528613:48
ubottubug 1115277 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Precise) "waitcondition timeout too long for short samples" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111527713:48
ubottubug 918688 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Precise) "phonon-backend-gstreamer seems to have issues playing from http" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91868813:48
ScottKapachelogger: Needs to build first.13:49
apacheloggermarkey, Mamarok^13:49
smartboyhwyofel, whoa the standards version for digikam is 3.8.4...13:52
smartboyhwVERY OLD13:52
=== highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage
JontheEchidnaeh, 3.8.4 was the version right before 3.9.013:54
smartboyhwShould I update?13:55
smartboyhwlintian screams it is ancient13:55
JontheEchidnausually for things like that we just stick with what Debian is using13:56
smartboyhwJontheEchidna, you mean latest version (3.9.4)?13:56
JontheEchidnawhichever version debian is using for digikam right now, we'll stick with that13:57
alleesmartboyhw: :-)  when you are at digikam, there are all those split out libs what are only used internal of digikam.  IMHO we should get rid of them (reducing complexity +  more as in debian distro)13:57
smartboyhwJontheEchidna, let me check13:58
JontheEchidnasmartboyhw: http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/pkg-kde/kde-extras/digikam/trunk/debian/control?revision=19375&view=markup13:58
smartboyhwJontheEchidna, so still 3.8.4 then13:59
JontheEchidnakeeping them the same makes merging with debian easier13:59
smartboyhwHmm I am ready to upload:P13:59
smartboyhwJontheEchidna, good work on Muon :)14:00
ScottKsmartboyhw: Never update standards version relative to Debian.14:03
smartboyhwapachelogger, oh?14:15
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: cool stuff14:16
Sick_RimmitDarkwing: Hi  are you about ? could you help me with the Mumble server for a moment please ?14:18
apacheloggerand of course konversation from archive is out of sync with bzr14:21
yofelsmartboyhw: note that the latest version of the ubuntu policy is 3.8.2, so that's really all we really need to support14:24
yofelotherwise do as jt said14:24
JontheEchidnahttps://launchpad.net/~echidnaman/+archive/qapt-experimental/+build/4366373 here we go again -.-14:24
ScottKyofel: No.  We don't use standards version.14:26
ScottKJust don't change it.14:26
yofelif that were the case the warning should be patched out on a distro level14:27
yofelIt's not like we have any standards older than 3.8.2 I think anyway14:27
yofeland jt already made the point of not changing it14:28
* apachelogger chnages yofel14:28
* apachelogger also typos14:28
* apachelogger congratulates JontheEchidna14:29
* yofel is immutable14:29
DarkwingSick_Rimmit: Give a few moments.14:31
Sick_RimmitDarkwing: Of course, I'm very greatful for your assistance, please give me a nudge when youre ready14:32
smartboyhwSomeone dget -x https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/ppa/+files/digikam_3.1.0-0ubuntu1.dsc and upload please:)14:32
yofelsmartboyhw: I'll sponsor from bzr14:34
smartboyhwWhoa how come Kubuntu Active uses Ubuntu boot screen!?14:35
yofelsmartboyhw: please set version as UNRELEASED in bzr until it's uploaded14:35
yofelnext time14:35
smartboyhwyofel, sorry then14:36
yofelit helps in tracking what's uploaded and what not14:36
yofelalso it influences dch14:36
Riddellsmartboyhw: cos nobody has been bothered to fix it14:36
smartboyhwRiddell, ........14:36
* yofel wonders why the watch file doesn't work again *-.-14:37
smartboyhwyofel, ....14:37
yofelactually nevermind14:38
yofelI don't understand uscan -.-14:38
smartboyhwyofel, paste the watch file:)14:38
yofelsmartboyhw: it works, I don't14:38
smartboyhwyofel, !?14:38
yofelsmartboyhw: it works fine, I used it wrong14:39
smartboyhwyofel, ah <.>14:39
DarkwingSick_Rimmit: ping14:46
Sick_RimmitDarkwing: Hi awesome14:46
DarkwingSick_Rimmit: Have you setup your mic yet>14:47
Sick_RimmitDarkwing: I hink I have Mumble set up and functioning and was wondering if you could help me test it for a sec14:47
=== mck182|lunch is now known as mck182
apacheloggerDarkwing: what's kylin?15:01
Riddellan ubuntu flavour for china15:02
DarkwingFrom what I found, it is the Ubuntu Chinese Group. Daniel Holbach added me to that email. 15:02
* smartboyhw is doing QA for UbuntuKylin too:P15:02
Riddellsmartboyhw: is there any flavour you're not helping with? :)15:03
smartboyhwRiddell, Mythbuntu...... Ubuntu GNOME...... Lubuntu.... Xubuntu (got into conflict)....15:04
smartboyhwI work on three:P15:04
apacheloggeranyone knows why we do not have an animated wallpaper?15:05
smartboyhwapachelogger, we never thought of it?:P15:05
* apachelogger thought of it plenty15:06
apacheloggeralso for the past 2 years I ask this question regularly15:06
DarkwingWhy not?15:06
DarkwingI do remember you asking alot.15:06
smartboyhwDunno. I am new here:P15:06
DarkwingI have not played with building one... maybe I should.15:06
apacheloggerplaying with things is how software is built :P15:07
Riddellapachelogger: because it's distracting and annoying?15:08
apacheloggerhow so?15:08
apacheloggerI don't want a prn movie in the background15:08
apacheloggerbut a subtle animated wallpaper15:08
yofelwaste of CPU power?15:08
yofelunless you freeze it on battery15:09
Darkwingapachelogger: What were you thinking of for animation?15:09
apacheloggeryofel: backlight uses more power than that...15:09
apacheloggerDarkwing: depends on the wallpaper I'd assuem15:10
yofelapachelogger: yes, but it would *additionally* use power15:10
Darkwingapachelogger: For the sake of argument, if we were to create this beauty... 15:10
apacheloggeryofel: tht argument is so wrong it makes kittens cry15:10
apacheloggershouldn't have ktp plasmoid in the tray by that reasoning15:11
yofelI would just like to not have to kill 2 dozen useless things to increase battery life in the end15:11
apacheloggeror desktop effects on by default15:11
yofeldesktop effects off actually doesn't save much these days15:11
Darkwingohhhhhhh this would be so purdy in the installer. https://plus.google.com/118397397518576656139/posts/J9G2MKgpwsC15:11
apacheloggeryofel: orly15:12
DarkwingMaybe add "effects off" in the power menu when on battery? 15:12
apacheloggeryofel: so the argument is we can leave effects on by default because it wouldn't save much to turn them off but we cannot have an appealing desktop because having an ugly desktop doesn't save much?15:12
apacheloggerDarkwing: yofel is right15:13
apacheloggerhis argument is just bullshit15:13
markeyanimated background sounds nice15:13
markeya subtle and slow animation15:13
markeynot too distracting15:13
DarkwingOkay... what is allowed for Kubuntu backgrounds?15:13
* Darkwing goes to investigate this15:13
yofel*sigh* - I don't feel like arguing. Just keep it simple at least15:13
apacheloggeras I see it anything that can be done with qml is in the mix of possibilities15:14
DarkwingI'm not going as fat as to promote the animated as default...15:14
DarkwingBackgrounds can be *.png *.jpeg *.jpg *.xcf *.svg *.svgz *.bmp if we go with an image15:14
apacheloggerjpg, pn, bmp, svg at least15:14
apachelogger(svg limited support)15:15
apacheloggerwhat you want to do is build the wallpaper through qml though15:15
DarkwingOr, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APNG15:15
DarkwingBut yes, qml would prolly look better15:15
apacheloggerqml, everything else would be freaky :P15:16
DarkwingProlly be smoother in QML15:16
apacheloggerso for example with the aryia thing we had in quantal (the grey one with the stripes) you'd have the grey as actual background image and then position/paint the stripes ontop of it using qml15:16
apacheloggerthen have the stripes move a bit or something15:16
DarkwingI'd love the new wallpaper in raring to slowly twist like strands of plasma15:17
markeyis there no standard for animated wallpapers, like on Android?15:18
DarkwingNot that I know of... there should be... LiveWallpaper in Android is a good place to start.15:19
apacheloggershadeslayer: bug 115463015:24
ubottubug 1154630 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu) "phonon-backend-gstreamer should not depends on gstreamer0.10-alsa" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115463015:24
apacheloggermarkey: what do you mean by standard?15:25
apacheloggershadeslayer: FWIW I think the bug is inval, because it is a runtime decision and at runtime at the very least alsa is needed15:26
apacheloggere.g. if pulseaudio is defunct it will need a fallback15:26
shadeslayersounds about right15:26
apacheloggerso at the very best it could be depends alsa, recommends pa15:27
apacheloggershadeslayer: please be throwing your opinion on15:27
apacheloggerI always get a weird feeling when working on bugs that I have an upstream opinion on15:27
shadeslayershouldn't it be depending on both PA and ALSA15:28
shadeslayerbecause AFAIK it using PA right now15:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: I also need an opinion on where my code will need merging15:29
yofelhow about recommending -alsa?15:29
shadeslayeris VGO still needed in master15:29
shadeslayerplz be emailing plan to kde-multimedia ML15:29
shadeslayerso I know definitively15:29
apacheloggershadeslayer: merge into master and exclude VGO from build when building against gst115:29
shadeslayerI see15:30
shadeslayerfine with me15:30
shadeslayershould I put it up for review15:30
shadeslayeror just go ahead and merge it15:30
apacheloggeroh and put a warning somewhere15:30
apacheloggershadeslayer: whatever you feel is best15:31
shadeslayermm okay15:31
apacheloggeryofel: from my limited upstream POV that is wrong there is a hard dependency on alsa andor oss andor other random driver thingy15:31
apacheloggeri.e. a setup where pgst can only play to PA but not to alsa is a broken setup whenver PA is broken15:32
apacheloggerand the phonon idea is to avoid having broken setups as much as possible15:32
apacheloggerbut that is why I don't feel comfortable working on ubuntu phonon bugs :P15:33
yofelwell, with recommends it would still be installed usually15:33
yofeland usually pulse will work fine too15:33
apacheloggeryofel: i fail to see the point of the request tbh15:34
apacheloggerthe user gets nothing from this other than the ability to deinstall a tiny package that is really a runtime requirement15:35
yofelwell, the argumentation is as much bullshit as mine earlier15:35
apachelogger#5  0x00007f44df3b5508 in ResourcesModel::resourceByPackageName(QString const&) () from /usr/lib/libmuonprivate.so.115:35
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: does .97 require new libqapt?15:35
apacheloggeryofel: how so?15:35
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: nope15:36
apacheloggerwhy is it going kaput then :(15:36
yofelapachelogger: "remove -alsa because it can use both"15:36
yofelfrom a package dependency definition POV it makes sense15:37
apacheloggernot sure it does15:37
apacheloggerit is a runtime decision whether alsa is used or PA is used15:38
yofelRecommends are supposed to be installed on all but unusual configurations15:38
yofelyeah, but does it *require* alsa?15:38
yofelit can just use pulse15:38
yofelotherwise we can as well argument that both gstreamer and vlc backend should always be installed15:38
apacheloggerarchitecturally what happens is that phonon prepares to use alsa15:40
apacheloggerthen the PA support gets initalized and that decides on runtime whether it will intercept backend calls and direct them at PA instead15:41
apacheloggerdepend on that it will either set the alsasink or the pulsesink15:41
apacheloggeron a technical level it always sets the alsasink though, only on some conditions it will set the pulsesink15:41
apacheloggerwith backends it's in fact an either or15:41
apacheloggeryou either use vlc or gstreamer15:42
apacheloggerif you have both installed and one is defunct there is no mechanism that will switch you to the other backend15:42
yofeltrue, that essentially reverses the situation to dep-alsa, recommend-pulse. Except that pulse should always be used currently15:42
apacheloggerbut the gst stuff is really a policy decision on distro level15:43
apacheloggerdue to the way it is designed you can in fact have pulsesink installed without alsasink15:43
apacheloggerif phonon decides not to use the PA overlay for whatever reason the setup is broken15:44
apacheloggerand ubuntu in general goes to great lengths to retain semi-working sound even if PA is broken/defunct, so from my POV not doing that with pgst seems wrong15:45
apacheloggeryofel: dep-alsa, recommend-pulse is what it should I guess15:45
apacheloggerbut as I said, I suspect the user wants to actively remove alsasink for some reason, so that would not really help him :P15:45
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: oh well, I think I broke my moun ^^15:58
apacheloggerpurged libmuonprivate reinstalled installer still crashy though16:01
Riddellthis sony netboot I got to test uefi has to be the most random machine for booting ever.  this morning is gave me a grub menu and could boot ubuntu but not windows, when I try to put in a usb drive to testkubuntu it says operating system not found.  not the grub menu no longer shows and it boots straight into windows16:01
* genii-around blames Sony16:18
blazewell, qtwebkit 2.3.0 was finally added to repos16:29
blazeand it's so <censored> buggy16:29
blazedid someone test it?16:31
Riddellblaze: what problems do you have?16:34
Riddelllots of crashes on Kubuntu Active in kwin still (currently testing)16:34
Riddellshadeslayer: hard to test this since you turned off the mouse cursor!16:34
Riddellblaze: crashes using rekonq?16:42
claydohDarkwing: pong16:42
blazeRiddel: doesn't matter qupzilla or rekonq16:43
Riddellooh a claydoh16:43
Riddellclaydoh: fancy doing the beta 1 notes?16:43
claydohRiddell: ya sucks that there are so few of them ;)16:44
blazeRiddell: the source of the problem is destructor JSC::CopyWorkList::~CopyWorkList() in JS Core16:45
claydohRiddell: sure, I can get to it this evening16:46
Riddellblaze: so I'd think it needs testing with 2.3 RC packages which will be after beta 1 then moaning to upstream16:46
Darkwingclaydoh: can add/remove moderators/admins on the Kubuntu G+ page?16:46
Riddells/moaning/reporting a bug/16:46
kubotuRiddell meant: "blaze: so I'd think it needs testing with 2.3 RC packages which will be after beta 1 then reporting a bug to upstream"16:46
RiddellDarkwing: hmm I think I'm an admin there am I not?16:47
claydohDarkwing: no, the owner iirc is the one for that, the mysterious "Kubuntu" 16:47
* Darkwing sighs16:47
* claydoh looks16:48
DarkwingWe really need to have the council hold the power behind the social media pages.16:48
RiddellDarkwing: would be great to have all our social media stuff documented16:48
claydohping him/her16:48
DarkwingRiddell: I'm working on it.16:48
DarkwingAnd I'll send out an email to the users/devel lists trying to grab that.16:48
* claydoh regrets not establishing the kubuntu g+ page and the g+ kubuntu community thingy, he wasn't fast enough heh16:49
DarkwingIt's okay.16:49
DarkwingI'm working with Canonical Legal to get us control of the @kubuntu twitter account right now.16:50
Riddellthe google+ guy was in here once, it'll be in the irc logs16:50
RiddellDarkwing: any ideas about kubuntu_news?16:50
Riddellmust be related to the website somehow16:50
claydohI have had minimal contact with the person on G+ but hw was responsive to my suggestions on the community page for descriptions and the like16:51
Riddelland I've no idea what our facebook story is like16:51
DarkwingI still think at a minimum the council should control the direct Kubuntu name spaces on them. Or, the Council appoint a social media person with all 6 members of the council having the password and access.16:51
DarkwingI'm not on Facebook but, I can look into it too.16:52
Riddellyou're not on facebook?  is that possible?16:52
DarkwingI deleted it about a month ago.16:53
mikhasI'd travel to any place in the world without fear, but I don't whether I am brave enough to delete my FB …16:54
Riddellgosh I have lovely fast fibre optic connection here but I do recoil slightly at the thought of downloading 4.4GB just to try out opensuse 12.316:56
claydohRiddell: I am downloading the kde disk now, about 1gb. I haven't installed a non-*buntu os in quite a while, not counting Haiku17:03
mck182Riddell: is there a way to update to latest raring from quantal?17:11
Riddellmck182: kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade17:11
mck182cool, thanks17:12
Riddellmck182: then report on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/261/builds/39515/testcases17:12
mck182Riddell: erm... http://paste.kde.org/695240/17:13
Riddellerm indeed17:17
RiddellMamarok: yofel: you tested that?17:17
yofelworked in qemu17:17
yofelmck182: what's your version of python3-distupgrade?17:18
mck182yofel: 1:0.190.317:19
mck182oh it's upgradeable17:19
yofelshould be .5 at least17:19
* mck182 updates17:19
mck182yofel Riddell: updating the python3-distupgrade fixed things \o/17:20
MamarokRiddell: I tested the upgrade, yes17:21
* mck182 crosses fingers17:22
yofelRiddell: on that note, we don't have any upgrade option in ubiquity, do we?17:22
Riddellmck182: useful to know17:22
yofelthat test case should probably be removed until we do17:22
xnoxyofel: it's for the best, trust me.17:22
yofelxnox: the upgrade option missing? ^^17:22
xnoxyofel: most lickely it failed to initialise that option, but it is _there_.17:23
Riddellyofel: no we don't, I guess that's a leacy from alternate CDs17:23
yofelxnox: I rather think our UI doesn't even look for it17:23
yofelunless someone added code for it17:23
xnoxRiddell: ubiquity can "upgrade", by doing selective find -delete & slapping new files on top & loads of hope and duct tape for this to work.17:23
yofelRiddell: according to the test case, that's supposed to be for ubiquity17:23
MamarokRiddell: I guess that missing package is no fixed, no use rreporting, right?17:26
RiddellMamarok: yes, thanks17:30
MamarokOK, I reported my findings17:30
Mamarokand seriously, they want an URL for hardware profiles, where are those?17:31
Mamarokno information whatsoever17:31
yofelMamarok: nothing special. Just put the output of lshw on paste.ubuntu.com and link to that for example17:33
yofelor say whatever VM you were using17:33
Riddellxnox, yofel: oh it'll be an option in the partition "Installation type" page which isn't implemented17:33
Mamarokright, that should be mentioned somewhere17:33
agateauRiddell: is the daily iso in a good shape for a fresh install?17:39
Riddellagateau: iso tracker reports several successful installs and no fails17:41
Riddellagateau: so do give it a try17:41
agateauRiddell: ok thanks17:42
Riddellagateau: worth trying an oem install though, that's where some ubiquity issues appear17:42
agateauRiddell: how do I do thatN17:42
Riddellagateau: press F6 at the initial ISO boot menu17:44
RiddellI think17:44
agateauRiddell: ok17:44
Riddellone of the F keys anyway17:44
agateauRiddell: are those bugs caused by my changes?17:45
Riddellagateau: yeah I think so17:45
Riddellnothing that makes it unusable17:45
Riddellbug 115453517:46
ubottubug 1154535 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Back and Continue buttons present in Oem-config" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115453517:46
Riddellis one of them17:46
Riddellalso no slideshow and no background17:46
Riddelltrying ubuntu-gnome here, it does seem to work perfectly well, no idea what the word Activities is doing in the top left corner, seems to be a start menu17:47
Riddellweb browser not very prominant, firefox is there but not in the first level of links, maybe they're ashamed of not using a gnome web browser17:48
lordievaderGood evening18:02
Riddellhi lordievader 18:07
lordievaderHey Riddell, how are you?18:08
Riddelllordievader: I'm great thanks but just going out18:34
lordievaderRiddell: Ok, have fun!18:35
=== highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage
phoenix_firebrdyofel: pm?18:49
Noskcaj has anything happened towards getting bug 1066223 fixed?19:01
ubottubug 1066223 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "kde ubiquity detects Sydney timezone but says Adelaide" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106622319:01
Noskcajhttp://oi48.tinypic.com/2znyecy.jpg this happened in yesterday's install19:01
phoenix_firebrdNoskcaj:  lordievader was testing images, he came across time related issue today, seems the bug is not fixed19:04
Noskcajphoenix_firebrd, ok, thanks. i son't think anyone knows how it can be fixed19:05
lordievaderTrue, I'm at GMT+1, UTC was detected in the live-env. During the install the correct time was detected however.19:05
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: did you comment in the bug report?19:05
Noskcaji think it's different bugs19:06
Noskcajmine detected sydney, but said adelaide instead (i.e. the time was correct still)19:06
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: Believe I did in the test report, didn't know to what package I should report the bug.19:07
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: why not ubiquity?19:08
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: Because it ain't ubiquity (or so I think) it's in the live-environment, so earlier a casper bug. Ubiquity isn't responsible for setting up the live-environment right?19:09
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: ya19:10
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: did ask agateau ?19:10
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: did you ask him?19:11
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: Sorry do you mean Ubiquity is repsonsible for setting up the live-environment?19:11
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: you mean to ask the live session ?19:12
xnoxI'm confused why is bug 1066223 discussed at all.19:12
ubottubug 1066223 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "kde ubiquity detects Sydney timezone but says Adelaide" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106622319:12
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: Yes, in there the clock-widget reports the wrong time (UTC)19:12
lordievaderxnox: That is why I didn't report it, too minor...19:12
xnoxIt's a bug in the kde_ui for ubiquity, as the geoip is overly precise, yet the drop down chooses / shows the first matching timezone19:13
xnoxand there are a few cities in australian daylight saving time which have the same time as sydney.19:13
lordievaderxnox: My bug is slightly different, but still too minor, imo.19:14
xnoxphoenix_firebrd: the bug is visible / present in the ubiquity screen =) so it is a bug in ubiquity ;-)19:14
xnoxlordievader: what's your bug?19:14
phoenix_firebrdxnox: so now i know you i get the kde got page in russian everytime19:14
phoenix_firebrdxnox: *git19:14
phoenix_firebrdxnox: thanks thats what i said to lordievader19:15
lordievaderxnox: In the live-environment (live-session) the clock-widget reports UTC time, while my time zone is GMT+119:15
xnoxlordievader: sure, cause we don't change that. It's showing bios clock time which should most of the time match utc.19:15
lordievaderBut it's the live-session not the installer!19:15
xnoxlordievader: it's a live / demo session, nothing is customized in it.19:16
lordievaderxnox: As I said too minor. We shouldn't be wasting out time on it...19:16
xnoxthat's expected it's just a plain stock desktop with no changes applied to defaults, no settings changed.19:16
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: there is grammatical mistake in this page http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2znyecy&s=619:18
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: the sentence starts with 'or'19:19
xnoxphoenix_firebrd: a guy from new zealand wrote that text =)19:21
phoenix_firebrdxnox: :)19:21
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: For correct English you shouldn't address me, I'm not a native speaker.19:22
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: me too19:22
macoAnd/Or/But at the beginning of a sentence is something that can be a stylistic choice. it's usually taught as "incorrect" to prevent overuse and sentence-fragments, but one of the things about being a great writer is knowing the rules well enough to know when to break them19:24
maco(or painter or designer or...)19:24
macothere are a lot of things taught in English classes as "wrong" that are really matters of style19:24
macopassive voice is "wrong," now let's sit down and read a bunch of Shakespeare!  of course, Shakespeare is full of passive voice19:25
macothe prejudice against passive voice is only 100 years old, comes from a single writing book, and that writing book can't even get it right when it comes to what does or does not qualify as passive voice19:25
murthymaco: wow what an artisitc explanation 19:26
murthymaco: its true19:26
mck182Riddell: the upgrade went pleasantly well...good job :)19:26
soeecan someone take a look:19:35
soeePrzetwarzanie wyzwalaczy pakietu initramfs-tools...19:35
soeeupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.5.0-21-generic19:35
soeemodprobe: ../tools/modprobe.c:550: print_action: Assertion `kmod_module_get_initstate(m) == KMOD_MODULE_BUILTIN' failed.19:35
soeeAborted (core dumped)19:35
yofelknown issue, won't cause any problems19:39
keithzg_I see for example at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/U+1/iso-testing-qa#Step_2:_Hardware_Profile that I should be able to submit a hardware profile, but I seem to be unable to figure out what actual utility/program I'd do so with.20:33
keithzg_oh, I see above that the output of lshw is good enough :)20:37
yofelmostly, but I don't know how to use checkbox ;)20:39
yofel#ubuntu-quality might know20:39
keithzg_heh fair enough20:44
keithzg_Aha, as long as I run any test with checkbox-qt and submit with the e-mail I use for Launchpad the fingerprint ends up linked at https://launchpad.net/~keithzg/+hwdb-submissions21:00
Letozaf_Hello, I'm Carla and I am testing Kubuntu Active on Virtualbox VM, I would like to know if it's ok to not see the mouse pointer in the VM21:05
ScottKRiddell or shadeslayer ^^^21:05
* ScottK would think you should see it, but doesn't actually know.21:06
Letozaf_the fact is that you do not know where you're clicking 21:06
Letozaf_so it's hard to test this way on a VM21:07
ScottKNo doubt.21:08
Letozaf_you mean it's better not to test this ISO on a VM ?21:08
keithzg_Letozaf_: I think he just means it's undeniably hard to test when you can't see the mouse ;)21:12
=== keithzg_ is now known as keithzg
Letozaf_ok, I thought that maybe this ISO could be tested also on a VM, but doesn't seem so21:15
shadeslayeroh bleh21:16
shadeslayerthe standard setting is to not show the pointer21:17
shadeslayerI guess it doesn't work out too good if you're not using a actual touch device21:17
Letozaf_no it's a bit hard to21:21
yofelshadeslayer: can't you switch that at run-time? or is that hardcoded somewhere?21:22
yofel(or does it need a session restart?)21:22
lordievaderKscreen is broken again: Cannot load library /usr/lib/kde4/kcm_randr.so wront ELF class: ELFCLASS32. The package kde-workspace-randr is installed and up to date.21:23
yofellordievader: 64bit system?21:23
yofelthat's not kscreen though21:23
lordievaderyofel: Yes 64bit screen, oh thought it was. Anyhow it's broken, worked yesterday again :(21:24
lordievader64bit system*21:24
shadeslayeryofel: probably with a config file for active21:24
shadeslayerby changing the mouse theme21:24
shadeslayerits just a mouse theme21:25
yofellordievader: is kde-workspace-randr or kde-workspace-randr:i386 installed?21:25
lordievaderyofel: apt-get install kde-workspace-randr says it is the newest version, I think kde-workspace-randr is installed. Today lots of kde-workspace packages were updated perhaps it is that?21:28
yofelnot really, wrong ELF class means wrong architecture o.O21:28
yofellordievader: packaging issue, thanks for noticing21:29
yofel-randr is arch all, not any21:29
lordievaderyofel: Ah ok. No problem.21:29
lordievaderI started to think it was related to muon, usually update through apt-get, today I update through muon to test something.21:29
yofelScottK: can I upload workspace to fix this without causing an image respin? Or should it simply wait till tomorrow?21:30
ScottKyofel: You can upload.  Transitions to the release pocket are blocked.21:30
keithzgLetozaf_: In case you haven't found it, just hit alt+f2 and type in "cursor", should pop up with the cursor theme switcher and you can switch it to any other theme so as to be visible.21:31
Letozaf_keithzg, oh thank you I will try this way!21:32
Letozaf_keithzg, great, thanks it works!21:40
keithzgLetozaf_: No problem :)21:41
=== murthy is now known as murthy_
yofelgrrrrr, some updates today really want me to install gnome-control-center21:55
ScottKyofel: Figure out which one and let's fix it.21:56
yofelnvm, I had network-manager-gnome installed for some reason. So that just leaves bug 1154218 from yesterday21:59
ubottubug 1154218 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "Recommends on unity-chromium-extension installs a lot of gnome dependencies" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115421821:59
shadeslayeryofel: how goes auto-upgrade-tester ?22:24
yofeldidn't have time to look at it today - LXC still doesn't work though22:26
yofellet's give qemu another try22:34
yofelException AttributeError: "'UpgradeTestBackendQemu' object has no attribute 'ssh_lock'" in <bound method UpgradeTestBackendQemu.__del__ of <AutoUpgradeTester.UpgradeTestBackendQemu.UpgradeTestBackendQemu object at 0x7f6f47755c90>> ignored22:38
yofeland it's missing the PAE workaround22:38
yofel, stderr: grep: /proc/cpuinfo: No such file or directory22:38
ScottKRiddell: ktp-desktop-applets in New for you.22:48
yofelhm... now qemu seems to work22:59
yofelif you're ok with it being quite slow and requiring a Gib of memory22:59
shadeslayerdoesn't sound something I can put on my VPS :p23:02
Kris_away1GB VPS is cheap these days :P $7 or so :P23:03
shadeslayerI pay 15 USD for my VPS, for an entire year23:04
shadeslayernow beat that ;)23:04
shadeslayerbut it doesn't have alot of memory23:04
Kris_awayI have a VPS with 100GB storage for $20 a year...23:04
Kris_away256MB of ram23:04
shadeslayeroh, that soulds super cheap23:05
shadeslayerwhich hoster?23:05
Kris_away24k, it was a special offer23:05
shadeslayer( and sounds like a better deal than BuyVM )23:05
Kris_awayBuyVM... I've had problems with them23:05
yofel15G storage would be enough, but 1GiB of RAM would really be good, 512M + swap would be too slow I think23:05
yofelunless that's ssd swap, which would be freakin's expensive23:05
Kris_awayswap is evil and should not be used23:06
shadeslayerwell, if we can use LXC, we won't use alot of RAM23:06
shadeslayerand 256 MB's would be enough23:06
apacheloggerswap is le important23:06
yofelyeah, we'll need to figure that grub thing out though23:06
yofelor maybe work around it by adding some PPA with that file missing23:07
yofelor not23:07
Kris_awayhttp://www.lowendtalk.com/categories/offers Has great VPS deals, although a lot of the hosts are pretty hokey lol23:07
yofelas I think it's the upgraded file that fails23:07
* shadeslayer looks that up23:07
Kris_awayas in... cheap 1-kid things23:07
Kris_awayAlthough some are really good 1-man ops, guys running it as their full job with a lot of experience23:08
Kris_awayBut some are run by kids who got their first copy of cpanel,whmcs, and solus...23:09
Kris_awayMy host can't spell but knows advanced networking... 23:10
Kris_awayPeople go crazy about the memory usage of KDE... but it's not that bad when you multitask, it doesn't grow much since a lot of stuff is already in mem23:11
apacheloggerpeople go crazy because they don't understand memory management on linux23:12
Kris_awaypeople need to stop using top and use htop lol23:12
Kris_awayI should propose that... remove top from the stock isos, alias to htop23:13
Kris_awaysuddenly nubs stop... and people who use top complain instead lol23:14
apacheloggercan't remove top without changeing procps23:15
apacheloggertop is not packaged separately23:15
dmatthi, where are those 13.04 Beta 1 ISOs from topic, which need testing ?23:19
yofeldmatt: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/261/builds23:20
dmattyofel: thanks23:21
Kris_awayI got my iso from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/ 2 days ago, everything worked except for muon, but after i updated... haven't had any other problems23:23
shadeslayerapachelogger: "This will massively increase the space requirements of the PPAs, and prevent you from ever copying the binaries into the primary archive. Do you still want ddebs enabled?"23:36
shadeslayerre ddebs for kubuntu-ppa and kubuntu-ninjas23:37
apacheloggeryes? lol? ScottK?23:39
apacheloggerwhat do I care about the space the PPA requires :O23:39
ScottKWhy did we want ddebs?23:40
apacheloggerso we can ditch -dbg packages23:40
shadeslayerplease be commenting on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/22382923:40
apachelogger500 per-app-source-packages = 1000 binary packages = 500 pointless install files...23:41
apachelogger-dbg is IMO not a durable approach in the long run23:41
ScottKRight, but it's what Debian is using, so if we start dropping them, it's a massive diff.23:41
ScottKNot much per package, but it adds up.23:42
apacheloggervalorie: bug 1115276 bug 1115270 bug 1115286 bug 1115277 bug 91868823:42
ubottubug 1115276 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Precise) "crash when gstreamer cannot be initalized" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111527623:42
ubottubug 1115270 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Precise) "desktop file validation failure" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111527023:42
ubottubug 1115286 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Precise) "cannot play audio cd from drive >1" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111528623:42
ubottubug 1115277 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Precise) "waitcondition timeout too long for short samples" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111527723:42
ubottubug 918688 in phonon-backend-gstreamer (Ubuntu Precise) "phonon-backend-gstreamer seems to have issues playing from http" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91868823:42
apacheloggerScottK: iff debian ever gets around to package the 500 upstream source packages.... :P23:42
ScottKActually svurolea (or whatever his nick is) said he'd be doing 4.10 for Debian later this month under some consulting contract.23:43
ScottKSo soon ....23:43
=== gerlosv is now known as gerlos
valoriedanke, apachelogger23:44
apacheloggerScottK: dunno then, don't care about debugging particularly this cycle23:45

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