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AlexZionHi everyone, I get some strange effect on flash player in chromium, it seems like the transparent mode has problem to rendere properly .png images ....03:31
DegruAlexZion: 64-bit or 32-bit?03:31
AlexZionit was working perfectly until few days ago , so for sure the reasonis on some upgrade ...., 64 bit03:32
DegruAlexZion: So it's not a flash issue, it's an issue with desktop effects interacting with flash windows?03:32
DegruAlexZion: Does flash work correctly?03:33
AlexZionno Degru isa a problem inside web pages just using chromium , so probably a chromium problem or even a flash problem if is different for different browser , but it shouldn't I guess03:33
DegruAlexZion: So it's chromium-browser, not google-chrome, right?03:33
AlexZionyeah chromiun-browser Degru03:34
DegruDoes this persist in Firefox?03:34
AlexZionI don't have chrome installed to check if is the same ....03:35
AlexZionno Degru in firefox it works normally03:35
DegruAlexZion: Try using firefox and seeing if the problem persists03:35
DegruAlexZion: Oh, OK.03:35
DegruAlexZion: I actually have 64-bit kubuntu. lemme see if i have the problem.03:36
AlexZionI guess the problem is in some chromium upgrade, or maybe can be even just a problem in my config ....03:36
DegruAlexZion: I'll install chromium-browser and see if I have the problem. My only problem with flash at the moment is that it's horribly slow.03:37
AlexZionok Degru, I get the problem on my home page http://www.alexgrafic.it the small apps on the left where appears some png images03:37
AlexZionit seems like it doesn't refresh the alpha channel or something like that Degru03:38
AlexZionok Degru here you can see the difference between chromium and firefox in my case  http://wstaw.org/m/2013/03/13/plasma-desktopkd2047.png03:43
DegruOh, so it's that artifact at the bottom?03:45
AlexZionyeah Degru, is an alpha channel integretation regression03:47
DegruI'm having really wierd glitches there too.03:47
AlexZionwell Degru, have you tried !?!, did you get the same ?, otherwise could be just my problem ...03:47
DegruLemme check somehting03:47
AlexZionahh ok ..., and it should be fine in firefox instead , right ?03:48
DegruAlexZion: Sorry if I'm slow. My Internet is intermittent and I'm trying to help people on other channels.03:50
AlexZiondon't worry buddy....03:51
DegruAlexZion: Alright, here's what I'm getting: http://imgur.com/fyfmuc903:51
DegruAlexZion: Even worse than yours03:51
AlexZionyeah , mucho worst :) , but in firefox works fine for you too Degru ?03:52
Degrulemme see03:53
DegruAlexZion: Yeah, it's fine03:54
Degrugoogle-chrome displays it fine as well.03:55
Degrualthough im using the pepperflash plugin. I'll try it with the installed flash plugin.03:55
AlexZionahh ok , so is of course a chromium-browser problem ...., thanks a lot for your help Degru03:55
AlexZioni'll tell it on #chromium channel , it should be the right place I guess Degru ?03:56
DegruAh I see. I enabled the flash plugin that chromium-browser uses in google-chrome and I have the problem. If I use the pepperflash plugin that comes with chrome it works fine.03:56
DegruDegru: Yes, I think so.03:57
DegruIt appears to be a problem with chromium and chrome and the system flash plugin.03:57
AlexZionok I will write there and I'll see, may be can be fix easily03:58
AlexZionthanks again Degru ;)03:58
lordievaderGood morning07:26
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murthyhello everyone09:37
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Jarrisusing a keyfile to decrypt a luks partition, the volum group now stayes inactive and boot stucks... how to auto activate this VG at boot?10:50
Jarristhx in advance10:50
BluesKajHowdy all10:59
BronySXiYLKubuntu keeps crashing.11:13
BronySXiYLIt goes back to the login screen.11:14
lordievaderBronySXiYL: Did you try to install the graphics driver?11:14
BronySXiYLI don't know.11:15
lordievaderBronySXiYL: Since this sounds like a faulty graphics driver to me.11:15
BronySXiYLMmmmmm... SUre.11:15
BronySXiYLJust a note: Before I installed Kubuntu, Windows restarted alot.11:16
lordievaderBronySXiYL: That is quite likely unrelated. Do you know how to get to a tty?11:16
BronySXiYLI don't.11:17
lordievaderBronySXiYL: Are you chatting from a seconday pc?11:18
lordievaderBronySXiYL: Hmm, would be quite usefull... Unless you know how to use a cli irc application ;)11:18
BronySXiYLI can install one.11:19
vbgunzanyone know why I get 4 prompts that I'll be logging into opendesktop.org when I open up my updates?11:19
BronySXiYLIs there one in the Software Center?11:19
lordievaderBronySXiYL: It's more that you need to know how to use them.... you can no longer get to the Kubuntu desktop?11:21
BronySXiYLI'm on it.11:21
BronySXiYLI'm on the desktop.11:21
BronySXiYLIt's just at random times, it just goes to the login screen.11:22
BronySXiYLSO I log in.11:22
lordievaderBronySXiYL: Ok. Then I fail to understand your problem.11:22
BronySXiYLHmm... Might ave something to do with Minecraft, it only crashed when I was running it.11:23
BluesKaj!info radiance12:01
ubotturadiance (source: radiance): Lighting Simulation and Rendering System. In component universe, is optional. Version 4R1+20120125-1build1 (quantal), package size 4977 kB, installed size 10777 kB12:01
eshackok, best way to share a local folder to multiple users on the same box,  what is the best method?  I read here bindfs, and that does seem like a good method, though a little complex to setup.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Bindfs-SharedDirectoryLocalUsers12:29
eshackHowever I have read several places about setting up a group, adding the users to that group making a shared folder that belongs to that group and presto shared folder.12:29
lordievadereshack: I'd go with the second option.12:30
eshackThat seems simpler, but seems like a potential problem if user A puts a file in there, wouldn't it belong to userA, and therefore userB wouldn't be able to r/w/e it?12:30
lordievadereshack: As long as they are in the same group, and the group has rw to the file. User-b can edit user-a files.12:32
eshacklordievader: right, but that is the catch, if userA decides to copy a picture to the shared folder, it belongs to userA, and therefore, just being placed in a group folder isn't going to change it's permissions, which means the 'share' breaks down, and is no longer a shared folder?  is that correct?  sounds like a permissions disaster in the end with a sys admin clean being the end result.12:34
lordievadereshack: You are probably right. To solve this you could make a cron job to run every hour to correct the file permissions on that shared folder.12:35
eshacklordievader: ahhh, I like that, that is very workable, I was thinking more complex, but cronjob is simple and quick12:36
eshacklordievader: thanks!12:36
lordievadereshack: No problem ;)12:36
calwighow does one move taskbar panel from below to top?12:58
lordievadercalwig: Right click -> panel options -> edge of the screen (from the top of my head)12:59
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calwiglordievader: hmm13:12
calwiglordievader: that is done anywhere on the taskbar?13:14
calwigedge of the screen is what i dont find13:14
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Mamarokcalwig: right click, Panel settings, then you will find it13:15
lordievadercalwig: Euhh sorry, the right-click should be: right-click on the taskbar.13:15
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calwigMamarok: lordievader sure i can do all that, Panel settings comes up. Where does one grab the entire panel to move to the top. That is what i cant find heh14:02
calwigI can add a panel, default panel, but not move a panel14:03
lordievadercalwig: Click and drag the button "Screen Edge".14:04
calwiggot it14:05
lordievaderNo problem, calwig :)14:05
calwigVirtualbox drives one nuts, when the panel is on the bottom, cant click on the menus when its full screen14:05
calwigso Im moving it atop14:06
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jjman6_I'm running Kubuntu 12.10  and i have been having some strange issues.  Namely the system keeps shutting itself down randomly.  Not crashing per se. its actually calling a system shutdown from root somehow.  Feels like a virus to me Any thoughts14:43
calwigkind of windows, it has these shutdown issues like, suddenly shutting down14:47
calwigfor no apparent reason.14:48
calwigjjman6_: check the logs, see what caused tha14:48
jjman6_calwig: which log should i be looking at14:50
awayany directions as how to install a new lightdm login screen theme?14:50
lordievaderjjman6_: I don't think it is a virus. As calwig said check the logs, best place to start would be /var/log/syslog14:52
calwigjjman6_: KsystemLog14:52
calwigjjman6_: dig in there for anything that resembles unstable, perhaps software or hardware14:54
jjman6_well i frequently have problems w/ the shitty intel video card crashing.  but X just crashes and restarts.  (its a laptop)  but thats never forced it to shutdown14:55
RamchandraApteI would be highly interested if it were a virus.14:55
awayspecifically, I added the theme folder to /usr/share/kde4/apps/lightdm-kde-greeter/themes/KDE-4.10-KDM but the theme doesn't turn up in the lightDM menu in system settings14:56
jjman6_Its just suspicious because i've never had these random shutdown's b4 until 12.1014:56
jjman6_only thing i see unstable in there is  " Marking TSC unstable due to TSC halts in idle"14:57
calwigRamchandraApte: same here14:58
calwigjjman6_: so 12.04 worked ok?14:59
jjman6_been having problems getting both netbeans & eclipse working in 12.10 also 8-(15:00
calwigwhy on 12.10. eclipse works on 12.04 no?15:00
jjman6_aha i think i found hte issue  calwig15:07
jjman6_  537.241170] thermal_sys: Critical temperature reached (99 C), shutting down15:07
jjman6_it would seem my laptop is overheating & shutting  itself down 8-p15:07
calwigi thought about it first15:08
calwigbut then I thought, nahh...15:08
calwigIt seems logical. and its not software driven, its cpu triggering it15:09
calwignow go buy a fan15:09
FloodBotK1calwig: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:09
jjman6_lol.  i should have guessed.15:10
calwigjjman6_: im telling ya, i thought about it.... but i couldnt imagine it being so15:11
jjman6_probably means its time to open the laptop up and clean the dust out.  As this 1 is usually pretty good at controlling its temp.15:11
jjman6_calwig: thx for the help.  relieved to know its not something spooky15:12
calwigthat's certainly spooky15:12
jjman6_thats easily fixable tho.   I was starting to believe someone was controlling my computer.   it would shut down at weird times.15:13
calwigit was controlled. by the cpu heh15:14
vincentShi all i'm looking for a way to remove double packages on my system. i have 2 software-updates and software-center one is too many can i just rightclick and choose uninstall ?15:18
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lamarquehi, can someone tell me which NetworkManager version is shipped with Kubuntu 13.04 alpha2?15:24
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lamarquegenii-around: thanks.15:29
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elena-IKfonts in firefox (menu, toolbars, preferences) got bigger over night, they were normal when I shut down the computer yesterday, now they are bigger than in other programs. fonts of viewed websites are normal, only the ones in menus etc are bigger. any ideas? (kubuntu 12.10, firefox 19.0.2 installed from the kubuntu repositories)16:20
elena-IKthunderbird is affected too16:26
genii-aroundelena-IK: You may want to look into qt-curve to unify looks across KDE and GTK apps16:30
genii-around!info qtcurve16:30
ubottuqtcurve (source: kde-style-qtcurve): Unified window decoration for KDE and GTK+ (meta-package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.14-1 (quantal), package size 2 kB, installed size 34 kB16:30
genii-aroundAnd then in System Settings... Application Appearance... you get GTK settings you can tweak16:31
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elena-IKhow do I see if a program uses gtk or qt? fonts are normal in gimp or thunar, don't they use gtk too?16:32
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elena-IKthat worked, thanks16:35
genii-aroundelena-IK: Those are both gtk, yes. Likely some mozilla thing since firefox and thinderbird but not gimp or thunar affected16:36
elena-IKstrange, strange. but setting the font in System Setting - Application Appearance - Gtk configuration to Sans Serif 10 fixed it. so thank you.16:40
digitaljediwhats up?16:43
* genii-around slides digitaljedi a coffee and goes back to work16:45
genii-aroundnandhu: Perhaps try /j #bash16:53
buchstabensalatwhen I copy/move/compress/extract something with dolphin, I only get progress notifications in the notification area, and those aren't very verbose. is there a way to get a classical progress window with info about size, time left, speed, %complete? or a way to get that info in the notification area? If I uncheck Notifications Settings -> Pop Up Notices -> File transfers and other jobs, then I don't get progress info at all, neithe17:09
buchstabensalatr as notification nor as progress window. I already asked in #kde, but didn't get an answer there.17:09
roasted_Anybody have any idea why changing my menubar style to top doesn't actually GO to the top? http://ompldr.org/vaHF4Ng/topmenubar1.png17:17
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genii-aroundbuchstabensalat: Are you using the Icon-Only Task Manager?17:25
buchstabensalatgenii-around, yes17:26
genii-aroundbuchstabensalat: Then try: rightclick ... Icon-Only Task Manager Settings... choose Behavior.. un-check "Show job progress on task icon" and save17:28
genii-around( may need a logoff-logon cycle to take effect )17:29
buchstabensalatk, without logoff it doesn't work, I'll try in a few minutes. thanks.17:29
FarsajHello guys? i'am have trouble with muon, muon not update anymore ((((17:41
buchstabensalatgenii-around, thanks, that did the job17:43
lordievaderGood evening18:02
jman074hello everyone18:03
lordievaderHey jman074, how are you?18:03
jman074im good and you18:03
jman074i need your skills once more. after all that work i have to delete all java from my computer and start over. i just need help with the delete part i got the rest18:05
lordievaderjman074: Doing good on this side of the screen :)18:05
jman074i went to the file and it doesn't give me the option to put it in the trash18:06
lordievaderjman074: What file are you talking about here?18:08
jman074the one we installed yesturday jre.1.7.0_1718:10
lordievaderjman074: The one in your Downloads dir?18:11
jman074the one we extracted to the system.18:11
jman074i have to delete all of the java18:11
lordievaderjman074: Huh, why? You've just installed it....18:11
jman074its a long story lol18:12
jman074it won't work with my classes. in short18:13
jman074so i gotta download oracle seven. but i got all the script from webud8team to do that once i get everything off18:14
lordievaderjman074: Tell me, I'm intrigued.18:14
jman074it keeps tellin me that i don't have the right plugins to run the applets for my class. when i tell it to search for the plugins firefox seaches for hours.18:16
lordievaderjman074: Might be actually quite simple, Firefox probably looks in the wrong directories. Let me google this a bit.18:17
jman074okay ill be around18:17
lordievaderjman074: Well here you go: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/manual-plugin-install-linux-136395.html Do you happen to know where firefox stores it'18:18
lordievaders plugins?18:18
lordievaderOk well it's one of these: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Determining_plugin_directory_on_Linux18:19
jman074yay some headway lets see if i can do this lol18:21
lordievaderjman074: I'm sure you can!18:22
jman074lordievader i am running a 64 bit system is it possible that firefox is 32 bit. i looked in the about tab and it doesn't say18:30
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lordievaderjman074: Firefox is probably 32bit, have a feeling it will allow mix-and-match with plugins in mind.18:33
lordievaderThough I might be wrong.18:33
jman074so "if" i have 32 bit firefox and download 64 bit java it may or may not be compatable18:34
lordievaderjman074: I think it will be compatible. Your OS is 64bit right?18:35
lordievaderjman074: One way to find out if it works, eh?18:35
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Kris_awayHow do I get kickoff to go back with my mouse buttons? annoyying having to click all applications to go back19:58
Novuswhat is the minimum requirments for kubuntu?20:03
Novushard drive space I mean20:03
Novusand also,.. I asume I can do persistant USB with kubuntu?20:04
JoupiNovus, it dehe base systepends on the apps that you will install but t20:05
lordievaderNovus: If you create the live-usb with the build-in Usb-Creator tool, yes.20:05
Novusyou lost me,..20:05
Novusdo I just install it like I would another hard drive?20:06
Kris_awayThere'sa tool to turn a live iso into a usb... unetbootn or something20:06
lordievaderNovus: No, search in the kicker for "Usb-creator:20:06
lordievaderKris_away: Unetbootin is a different tool, Kubuntu has its own build-in20:07
mandoguitunetbootin      see pendrivelinux.com    for more information20:07
Novusubnetbootin is not what I am looking for20:07
lordievaderNovus: As I said, Kubuntu has its own build-in, it's different from Unetbootin.20:08
Novusright, that was for mando20:08
mandoguitwell what are you looking for then?   you mentioned persistence.... unetbootin gives you that option and is also available either via linux or windows side.20:09
mandoguitthat is a live usb stick20:10
lordievaderNovus: mandoguit is right, Unetbootin does the same thing. However why download Unetbootin when Kubuntu has a tool build-in that does the same thing?20:10
Novusyou can't make changes to the ubootin then save it and then on reboot expect them to stay as they where20:10
mandoguityes you can that is what the persistence file is for20:11
lordievaderNovus: You can specify persistence in Unetbootin too.20:11
mandoguityou however cannot (afaik) do kernel updates.20:11
lordievadermandoguit: I have a feeling the build-in tool will not do that either.20:12
mandoguityou can also just do a full install to the usb stick (if large enough)  which will allow full updating20:12
mandoguitlordievader:   never used the kde usb software.  have used most of the other ones though. :)20:13
lordievadermandoguit: Believe it is more a Ubuntu-thing than kde. But I might be wrong.20:13
mandoguitNovus:   for full install just treat the usb stick as you would a usb hard drive20:13
kbanaor there is also www.linuxliveusb.com20:13
Kris_awayThere's distros that use KDE that made for live usb with persistance, although kubuntu works too20:14
mandoguitlordievader:   yes ubuntu related....20:14
Kris_awayhow do i unlock muon to change packages...20:22
lordievaderKris_away: What do you mean unlock?20:23
Kris_awayin synaptic i'd be asked for my pasword, muon just says auth error20:24
Kris_awayso i have to run muon as root? or "gtksudo" but for qt...20:25
lordievaderKris_away: Yes, that would be a workaround: kdesudo muon20:25
lordievaderKris_away: Report a bug against muon.20:25
Kris_awayDo I need a launchpad account?20:26
lordievaderKris_away: Yes.20:26
Kris_awayhmm, even running as kdesudo it says proper auth not provided...20:28
lordievaderKris_away: Does apt-get still work?20:29
Kris_awayapt-get and synaptic both work20:30
lordievaderHmm.. does Muon keep a log, Kris_away?20:30
Kris_awayI 'm running 13.04, updated 2 mins ago in term hoping that wold fix it, hmm20:30
lordievaderKris_away: I'll check if Muon works here.20:31
Kris_awayThe only thing I see in mesg is: QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.20:31
Kris_awayNo other errors.20:31
lordievaderKris_away: Here it asks for a password and works fine.20:32
Kris_awaystrange... last I used ubuntu was LTS and it worked20:33
mandoguitKris_away:    fwiw  13.04 related stuff should be quiried in  #ubuntu+1   afaik.     that said, the muon update manager also has some quirks that have shown up in the last few updates for raring.20:33
Kris_awayI'm switiching from a local repo to the master canonical, it's about 22 hours more up to date.20:35
mandoguitKris_away:    the problem I am experiencing with it right now is that most updates are automatically checked when muon is behaving normally but since the buglet has appeared none are checked and it won't allow them to be checked either.    for now I am commandlining my updates20:35
Kris_awayapt-get is much faster than gui managers lol20:36
Kris_awaySoo many packages these days20:36
lordievaderKris_away: I use apt-get here too. I don't like gui's in general.20:37
Kris_awayoh wow, canada's main ubuntu mirror is not synced up very well for 13.04, some things are more than 1 version behind20:37
Kris_awayI guess only the master canonical should be used for pre-release20:38
Kris_awayOr, is there a list of mirrors that keep right on the edge?20:38
* mandoguit starts checking his repo source list as he's in Canada too!20:38
Kris_away77 upgraded changing from canada to canonical20:39
mandoguitwas canada repo here too........gonna do an update now20:40
lordievaderRun the dutch mirror here, I believe it is quite up to date, daily updates for Raring.20:41
Kris_awaylibreoffice, plasma, kde, grub, lots of stuff, doesn't mention muon though20:41
lordievaderKris_away: You might ask around in #kubuntu-devel they might like to hear your bug, improves the software after all.20:42
mandoguitlordievader:  daily updates on the canadian server too.....am suprise that it lags behind main though20:42
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Kris_awaymandoguit: How many packages did you have behind main?20:42
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mandoguitstill updating right now... will let you know20:42
mandoguitonly about 10 or so.....  in BC here and did my upgrades this morning about 8am.   so really doesn't look as if there is any big difference at this end of things20:45
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mandoguitps I don't have libreoffice installed here so that also cuts down on # of updates too20:48
Kris_awaylibreoffice came with 13.04... kinda weird since kde has it's own suite20:49
Kris_awayAlthough libreoffice is extremely popular20:49
mandoguitKris_away:   yes it came with mine too but I have no need for it so therefore removed it.  :)20:52
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Artakhaok so i posted this in #kde already but figured it'd be more appropriate in here: basically my wireless connection is screwed up, windows can connect to it but kubuntu cannot21:36
Artakhait used to work but doesn't anymore, i piled up some info: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/66055976/wlaninfo.txt21:36
Artakhasaid kubuntu system has only been up for like a day now and the network connection broke21:37
Artakhathe output kind of suggests it somehow got disabled21:38
Artakhawhen i log in, it waits for the network configuration but times it out after 2 minutes21:38
Artakhathe network manager applet thing shows a blank widget with nothing but an unchecked "enable networking" checkbox where used to be proper connection info21:39
Artakhain the connection settings window only the vpn tab is enabled, wired and wireless tabs are both grayed out and i can't access them21:40
Artakhawhat could possibly be wrong here?21:40
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mandoguitArtakha:   maybe try typing    rfkill list all   in a terminal to see if anything is blocked21:48
Artakhai'll go try that21:49
Artakhait seems to be soft blocke22:08
Artakhablocked, even22:09
lordievaderArtakha: To unblock: sudo rfkill unblock wifi22:13
Artakhaah right22:13
Artakhalet's try, then22:13
Artakhawell, so it's no longer soft blocked22:23
Artakhahowever, it still is unable to configure the network22:23
Artakhanothing changed22:24
mandoguitArtakha:    ok make sure that nothing is blocking it and then typ    sudo ifconfig wlan0 up     and then try  iwconfig   and/or  ifconfig    etc       see if you pick up any local broadcasting wireless or get a network address22:33
Kris_awayAnyone know how to toggle something tike "conference mode" in qassel so I can hide and show the leave/join messages?22:55
mandoguitKris_away:   don't use quassel but you may want to check out the following  http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/hide_join_part_messages    Quassel23:05
mandoguitRight click on the buffer -> Hide Events -> Joins, Parts, Quits...23:05
Kris_awaymandoguit: THanks, didn't notice that... now only if I could find where spell check is23:11
Artakhabeh, i cant figure how to make iwconfig enable the wlan0 interface23:44
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