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leandrodoes anyone know why by changing the mouse pointer theme it dissapears? thanks04:55
leandro(the mouse cursor dissapears while moving)04:55
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lubricantHi, am running Lubuntu on a celeron dell inspiron 2200 series. Needless to say problems are with the wifi , can anyone please advice. Bios has wifi on and i have the b43 drivers installed13:33
Silverlionrehi lubricant i may not be able to advice you but maybe you would like to post your problem on http://ubuntuforums.org/?13:39
lubricantSilverlion, was advised to go to linux-wireless not sure which network its on though13:39
* Silverlion neither13:40
Silverlionbut the forums is always a good place to post such questions because there are more people then on irc13:40
lubricantSilverlion, yes - there are already many posts which i have trawled through and cannot find a solution hence asking here13:42
lubricantSilverlion, found #linux-wireless seems its on freenode13:43
Silverlionthen try there ;)13:43
lubricanttrying :-)13:43
lubricantOn another note - am amazed at Lubuntu - am using a spin called lxle and its thrilling - esp after my younger machine died had to move back to this old celeron, lubuntu booted no sweat with no grub parameters required and here i am working away with a niggling wifi problem13:45
lubricantHey, trying a different tack - i have a wifi pci card inserted, how do i figure out if that can work without propreiotory drivers13:50
cerebratelusomehow i disabled my x15:09
cerebratelui usually use lxde15:09
cerebratelustartx doesn't functino15:10
tehCereluennhow do i initiate lxde from terminal15:18
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KamilionHaving a bit of a weird problem, lubuntu 12.10... Doing a bit of flask webdev on my netbook, and every time I reboot, the directory /var/run/uwsgi dissapears and I have to recreate it and chown it www-data.17:59
KamilionAny idea what it is I'm doing that's triggering that? btrfs filesystem, with btrfs-apt-snapshot.18:00
inductiveloadKamilion: http://www.pathname.com/fhs/2.2/fhs-5.13.html18:01
xnoxKamilion: /var/run is a symlink to /run, which is a tmpfs filesystem. It's created in RAM every time you boot.18:01
KamilionHow interesting -- on my server that isn't occuring.18:01
inductiveload/var/run is cleared at boot time18:01
KamilionAnd all the stuff in it's recreated every boot?18:01
xnoxKamilion: i can't remember when we switched to tmfs, but it's a cross-distro move (e.g. fedora, debian, suse are all on board)18:02
xnoxKamilion: yes.18:02
Kamilionyeah -- i'm familiar with systemd's push for this stuff18:02
xnoxKamilion: so is that a package from the ubuntu archive that relies on /var/run/uwsgi, or something you compiled yourself?18:02
Kamilionwhere can I register to have an empty dir created for my .sock files?18:02
xnoxKamilion: no, /run was first proposed by ubuntu security team, and later spread elsewhere.18:03
Kamilionpip install uwsgi, and a simple upstart job in /etc/init/uwsgi.conf to start an emporor18:03
xnoxKamilion: i'd recommend you install uwsgi with apt-get.18:03
Kamilionwon't work18:03
xnoxas that should work properly.18:03
Kamilionway too old18:03
Kamiliondoesn't even take the same --options18:03
Kamilioneverything else is in a venv but pip, setuptools, and uwsgi.18:04
xnoxKamilion: ok. in that case you'll need to extend upstart job to create the dir you want, or possibly have two upstart jobs, one to create /var/run/uwsgi and the real upstart job to depend on that one.18:04
Kamilionlike a preexec?18:04
KamilionI just wrote a bunch of systemd units for another system a couple weeks ago... *goes to look at upstart docs*18:05
xnoxKamilion: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/18:07
KamilionI got it.18:07
Kamilionpre-start script18:08
Kamilion    mkdir -p /var/run/uwsgi; chown www-data.www-data /var/run/uwsgi; # prepare environment18:08
Kamilionend script18:08
Kamilionexec $UWSGI --master --emperor "/var/www/sites/*/config/*.ini" --die-on-term --uid www-data --gid www-data --logto $LOGTO18:08
Kamilioncan I squish that mkdir/chown into a single command somehow?18:09
Kamilion*man mkdir*18:09
xnoxman install18:09
xnoxinstall -d -g www-data -o www-data /var/run/uwsgi18:10
Kamilionahh, great. That feels so much cleaner.18:11
KamilionShould I clean up after myself with a postexec?18:11
Kamilionor just let the bootscript do it's job?18:11
Kamilioneh, i'll let the bootscript do it's job.18:12
xnoxKamilion: the beaute of /run is that you shouldn't clean up, as you will not have a chance if for example it all bursts into flames =)18:12
Kamilionwill keep that in mind18:13
Kamilionafk for a bit; doing some testing on this app coming back to life from coldboot... (yay, znc!)18:13
Kamilionyay, all works well from coldboot now. Thanks, xnox, inductiveload!18:37
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KamilionHeh -- no wonder why I havn't seen this behavior on the webserver19:03
Kamilion19:03:49 up 99 days, 23:33,  4 users,  load average: 0.11, 0.09, 0.0619:04
Kamilionit hasn't reboot for /var/run to be cleared... Better fix that problem before it does!19:04
Kamilionxnox: Thanks, probably saved me a headscratcher in a couple months when someone finally does get around to rebooting it19:08
xnoxyeah, not many servers survive reboots after ages of operation.19:09
Kamilioni've tried to be diligent about making upstart jobs and systemd units on all the systems. I'm pretty proud of my autossh systemd unit, hehe19:10
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cerebratehow do i change the colors of the elements of windows on lubuntu?  i want bright yet subdued hues please22:12

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