roaksoaxbigjools: o/05:07
roaksoaxbigjools: yo!05:08
roaksoaxwhats up? :)05:08
bigjoolsshould I ask what time it is there? :)05:08
roaksoax1.10 am :)05:09
roaksoaxi drank colombian coffee and cant sleep :/05:10
bigjoolsI am only 14h ahead of you then :)05:10
bigjoolswhen's the SRU going out mate?05:10
roaksoaxbigjools: i uploaded on friday05:11
roaksoaxgonna ping ppl tomorrow05:11
bigjoolsah it's in -proposed05:11
roaksoax(or later today)05:11
bigjoolsthere's another fix to go in, sadly, but I think you know.  It can wait for later anyway.05:11
roaksoaxbigjools: i can still upload i think05:11
bigjoolsthat'd be good05:12
roaksoaxwill look into that tomorrow/later today05:12
bigjoolsjust need to check the "fix committed" stuff on 1.2 that is not milestoned05:12
bigjoolsI'll release the milestone once it's all in updates05:12
roaksoaxok cool05:12
* bigjools high-fives roaksoax05:13
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah finally we are almost done \o/05:13
bigjoolsit's been a long road ...05:13
roaksoaxbut almost there :)05:14
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AskUbuntuHowto perform OpenStack upgrade from Essex to Folsom on juju maas | http://askubuntu.com/q/26725608:55
AskUbuntuUBUNTU MaaS Region and Cluster Controller in One Box | http://askubuntu.com/q/26728410:07
melmothis there any doc on how to use /usr/sbin/maas-import-pxe-files in an environment not connectetr to the internet ?12:33
melmothlike, downloading the iso manually, and feeding them into maas ?12:33
roaksoaxmelmoth: no... you need internet connection. it is a requirement13:21
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melmothracedo, here i am :-)15:08
racedohey melmoth15:08
racedohi roaksoax melmoth is trying to setup an offline environment with maas using mirrors15:08
melmothso, i have a problem, i m trying to use maas (1.2+bzr1360+dfsg-0ubuntu1~ppa1) on a lab not connected to internet15:08
melmothi have used reprepro to mirror archives.ubuntu.com (main updates security restricted and universe)15:09
melmothi also have mirrored in a separate subdir the ppa for juju and for maas (so i can install maas)15:09
melmothnow, i have maas installed, but when i start a node, it try to contact archives.ubuntu.com15:09
racedomelmoth: when enlisting the nodes, do they try to go online to pull the packages?15:09
racedois it cloud-init configuring sources.list?15:10
melmothi want to be able to tell the machines where are my repos, and not to use the real upstream one15:10
melmothi have no idea15:10
melmothi never had to add anything related to cloud init anywhere before15:10
melmothbtw, this is the step by step doc http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~pierre-amadio/+junk/c6100-isolated-maas-deployment/view/head:/README.txt15:11
melmothbasically just how to set reprepro15:11
melmothi know some people workarouned this by trying to play with name resoltuion15:11
melmothand have archive.ubuntu.com point to the local repo, but i m not sure this is a good idea.15:12
melmoth(plus i m not sure where to do that anyway ;-) )15:12
melmothi would rather have the preseed file changed so they use _my_  mirrors.15:12
racedomelmoth: the images may already contain this, we may have to modify them15:13
racedocheck /var/lib/maas/ephemeral/precise/ephemeral/amd64/2012100815:13
melmoththat s a good idea15:14
racedosudo mount -o loop disk.img15:14
racedoand check the sources.list15:14
melmothyeh, i m trying that15:15
melmothlooks good15:15
roaksoaxmelmoth: its probably easier to makecloud init do the repo change15:19
roaksoaxsmoser: ^^15:19
melmothi dont know, i never used any mirror tool. I first try with apt-mirror, then i have been told to use reprepro because it ll be easier15:20
melmothnote that one of the trick also is, i want to have a mirror with all the ppa stuff needed. reason is, i dont want anything to do with injecting gpg key with ppa styff15:20
melmothcause it ll be just fail too15:20
melmothgrumble, still trying to access security and archive repo15:21
roaksoaxmelmoth: i mean makr cloud iniy use the internal repo15:22
roaksoaxmelmoth: http://askubuntu.com/questions/144393/how-to-let-maas-cloud-init-client-select-internal-mirror15:22
smosermelmoth, you can probably accomplish this. but you might have to chagne the commissioning_user_data and the enlistment_userdata.15:22
smoseri *think* if you change the preseed that that will get refelected through and 'stick' after installation15:23
smoserdoing this via  proxy "should work" without any tampering from trunk now.15:23
smoserbut i'm not sure about full mirror15:23
melmoththat seems to be for the old version of maas, is it not ? (the above ask ubuntu link)15:23
smoser(personally, i'd recommend proxy)15:24
roaksoaxmelmoth: (yeah but thats somethibg similar)15:24
melmothi did try to change the preseed file in the generic file.15:24
melmothwithout success15:24
smoserthe link above is something that i expect is now fixed.15:25
smoser(as maas tells cloud-init to 'apt_prserve_sources_list: true' itself)15:25
melmotheven if you are behind a proxy, things fail (that s my personnal problem for 3 monthes now), as soon as you need a ppa.15:25
melmothbut anyway, in this particular case, the pre requisite is "completly isolated network"15:26
roaksoaxmelmoth: yeah ppa's behind proxy indeed fail but there are work arounds15:28
smosermelmoth, you can proxy ppa for sure. squid-deb-proxy needs tweaking to make it do that. but you can do it. and it is not 100% offline, but its pretty good.15:28
melmothany link that explain the workaround for hte ppa behind a proxy  ?15:28
melmothmy ppa & proxy issue is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/108938915:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 1089389 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "juju bootstrap fail behind a proxy when a gpg key must be imported" [Critical,Confirmed]15:29
melmoththe "injecting gpg key manually" workaround is not good enough, it must be done withing the zookeeper node during bootstraping.15:30
roaksoaxmelmoth: yeah you need to add late commands to add the ppa and stuf15:30
melmothlike, changing th preseed file so it inject the gpg key manually ? hmmmm15:30
melmothgosh i hate preseed :)15:31
racedodidn't we hit something similar when on site last time?15:31
roaksoaxso that way it is done automatically15:31
roaksoaxracedo: we did15:31
melmothracedo, we currently have such a problem15:31
melmoththat s the whole reason why i m trying to build stuff in an isolated env.15:31
racedoand we injected the gpg keys in the charms?15:31
roaksoaxracedo: i think just in late_command15:32
* roaksoax looks for it15:33
racedoand melmoth for the ppa issue, would this be doable: mount -o loop disk.img, chroot to it and apt-add-repo?15:34
roaksoaxracedo: no need15:34
melmothi dont know15:34
racedoups not really15:34
melmothyou know, i have no real understanding of what maas is actually doing.15:34
roaksoaxyou can modify enlist_userdata and commissioning-user-data15:34
melmothso, if it try to add the repo anyway, even if it still there, may be it ll fail. may be not...who knows.15:35
melmothroaksoax, and those are preseed snippet, right ?15:35
roaksoaxmelmoth: its really not maas itself15:35
roaksoaxmelmoth: it is external factor that we have to workaround in maas15:36
melmothi dont undertsand what are enlist_userdata and enlist file. Looks mor elike bash scrpit than pressed15:38
melmothso i m not sure if i need to add d-i stuff in it or echo > stuff <<EOF15:39
roaksoaxmelmoth: enlist_userdata is cloud15:40
roaksoaxmelmoth: enlist_userdata is cloud init's user data15:40
roaksoaxfor enlistment process15:40
roaksoax/etc/maas/commissioning-user-data is cloud init's user adata for commissioning process15:40
melmothok, as we say in france "c est comme le port salut, c est marqué dessus" (it s written on the name :) )15:41
melmothnow, i need to read doc about cloud init user data then.15:41
melmothahh, yaml...15:43
melmothi need to read doc about yaml :)15:43
roaksoaxracedo: great!! The Paste you are looking for does not currently exist.15:45
roaksoaxReturn to the Pastebin15:45
roaksoaxracedo: all the stuff was in pastebins and now they are gone15:45
racedooh ok15:45
roaksoaxall the tweaks we did in colorado15:46
racedoi think we just include it in one charm15:47
racedonot sure how15:47
roaksoaxracedo: yes, we included it for the cloud archive15:47
roaksoaxracedo: did you or negronjl backed that up?15:47
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racedoi didn't negronjl was the charms person on site that week15:48
racedolet me quickly ping agy15:48
roaksoaxracedo: already did :)15:49
racedooh ok :)15:49
AskUbuntuCould not internally obtain zookeeper handle | http://askubuntu.com/q/26740915:53
roaksoaxracedo: ping15:57
roaksoaxrvba: ping15:57
roaksoaxrvba: ping15:57
rvbaroaksoax: hi16:01
smosermelmoth, :-( forgot about that bug.16:02
melmothah ah, enlisting seems to go a bit further.16:28
melmothgosh, please tell me i dont have to mirror the sources too16:29
melmothyeahhh, got one node declared \o/16:29
roaksoaxmelmoth: so in your proxy environment, could you try things like this: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --keyserver-options http-proxy= 93EE8CC516:35
roaksoaxmelmoth: or  sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com  93EE8CC516:35
roaksoaxin the first you'd need to specify the proxy you are using16:35
melmothit ll work, it s actually written in th ebug if i remember correctly16:35
roaksoaxmelmoth: ok so something like that is what you need to add16:36
roaksoaxto a late_command16:36
roaksoaxin the preseed16:36
roaksoaxand manually add the ppa repository16:36
melmothahh, yes. that could be an option, in a late command, that, or, as i was just reading cloud init stuff apt_sources: in the cloud init config file16:36
melmothi will try it out next time i have nothing else to do :)16:36
melmothhopefully next week16:37
melmothdepends how this isolated stuff turns out16:37
melmothyes... ready state \o/16:38
melmothhmmm, it does not like my mirror :-(16:46
melmothwhen i bootstrap, the zookeeper node download the Release file from my mirror16:48
melmoththere is a Codename: precise in it.16:48
melmothi can wget it all rightr from the console of the zookeeper node, but still, it complain the mirror does not support the precise release.16:49
roaksoaxmelmoth: are you telling the preseed to use the mirror?16:50
melmothyes, it does it all right, i see it downloading the release file from my mirror16:50
roaksoaxmelmoth: did you remove the proxy option from the preseed? better ocmment it16:51
melmothhmm. not sure16:51
roaksoaxmelmoth: you'll probably need to do that16:52
roaksoaxmelmoth: so installations don't access the proxy in maas, and use the mirror directly16:52
melmothnot sure what to do, there is a /usr/share/maas/preseeds/generic file that define a proxy marco or something16:53
melmothhmm, actually, i already edited this file, to put my mirror ip in it.16:54
melmothi have a strange feeling i have no idea what i m doing.16:54
melmothlet s remove the "d-i     mirror/http/proxy string http://{{server_host}}:8000/16:54
melmoth" line16:54
melmothjust in case.16:54
roaksoaxmelmoth: yeah16:56
melmothnow, it seems to complain because my mirror has no /ubuntu/dists/precise/Release.gpg16:58
roaksoaxmelmoth: maybe you need to correct the path for the mirror16:59
roaksoaxin the preseed16:59
roaksoaxand that would be it16:59
melmothwell, i do not have any file ending with .gpg in my repo.17:00
roaksoaxthen that's probably whhy17:01
melmothi think i start to understand the "VerifyRelease: blindtrust" option i used in reprepro17:01
AskUbuntuHow to PXE boot a virtual machine from another virtual machine which are in same virtual network? | http://askubuntu.com/q/26743517:17
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mrossHi, I'm trying to automate my MAAS cluster with the maas cli. I've written a script to do this but I can seem to get the maas nodes to allocate to a user after they've been released.20:43
mrossMy basic algorithm is:20:43
mrossmaas-cli login mezeoadmin20:43
mrossmaas-cli mezeoadmin node release <system_id>20:43
mross… Do this for all the nodes.20:44
mrossmaas-cli mezeoadmin nodes accept-all20:44
roaksoaxmross: accept-all is only done when they are first enlisted in MAAS20:44
mrossssh -o "StrictHostKeyChecking no" ubuntu@node "sudo reboot"20:44
mrossThen I'm going to the web interface and pressing 'start node' for each node that has been released.20:45
mrossThis seems to work, but I would like to automate it completely off the cli.20:45
mrossWhat am i missing.20:46
mross@roaksoax OK. So I can remove that.20:46
roaksoaxmross: 1. why don't you use juju ? :)20:46
mrossBecause I haven't written a juju plugin for our service yet.20:47
mrossI'm just getting familiar with maas right now.20:47
roaksoaxmross: 2. when you 'Start node' on the web UI, they get turned on to install ubuntu on them20:47
roaksoaxmross: you could use juju deploy ubuntu20:47
roaksoaxmross: and that will simply install ubuntu on the nodes20:47
roaksoaxand on topof that you could deploy your service20:47
mrossSo juju deploy ubuntu to nodes that are in a ready state will install ubuntu on nodes that haven't been allocated?20:48
mrossOr do I have to allocate them to a user then deploy?20:48
roaksoaxmross: nodes are allocated when a user wants to install ubuntu on them, in the case of juju, it will take nodes that are in 'Ready' state to deploy ubuntu on them and install a service20:49
mrossOK thanks. Is this a decent workflow for what I'm trying to do.20:52
roaksoaxmross: so in order words, you do not allocated a machine to a user, so the user can install ubuntu on it20:52
roaksoaxhowever, the user can use a machine from the Ready pool, once it selects that machine to be used, the machines becaomes allocated to the user20:53
roaksoaxmross: personally, I'd recommend you to use juju20:53
roaksoaxmakes things so much simpler20:53
roaksoaxif you need to automate the dpeloyment of your service, you'll need to write a charm that installs and configure your service20:53
roaksoaxa juju charm20:53
mrossAny good examples you can send me for my particular use case?20:54
roaksoaxmross: so for example, you could use: juju deploy wordpress, juju deploy mysql, juju add-relation wordpress mysql20:55
roaksoaxthat deploys wordpress and mysql in different nodes, and adds a relation between them saying that wordpress will use the mysql node as its backend db20:55
mrossOK. I think I know where you're headed here.20:59
mrossAnd where I need to go. Roak thank you very much!20:59
roaksoaxmross: more infomrmation in maas.ubuntu.com and juju.ubuntu.com :)21:17
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bigjoolsroaksoax: re. bug 115480523:35
ubot5bug 1154805 in MAAS "Juju/MAAS does not provide feedback when there are no available nodes are found" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115480523:35
bigjoolsI am pretty sure this is just a juju bug23:36
bigjoolssee the recent thread on juju-dev where I suggested that the user experience is poor23:36
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah i was thinking that, but just to make sure I included maas23:36
bigjoolsroaksoax: it's a provider bug in juju23:37
bigjoolsor perhaps a core bug23:37
bigjoolsI dunno23:37
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah that's why I wasn't sure either23:37
bigjoolsbut maas returns a 403 IIRC23:37
roaksoaxbigjools: maas does show an error23:38
roaksoaxbigjools: but juju doesn't23:38
bigjoolsroaksoax: in the log?23:38
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah maas shows NodesNotAvailable: No matching node is available.23:38
roaksoaxbigjools: but for juju ois just as like nothing happened23:38
roaksoaxbigjools: i'm more concerned on the contraints bug though23:38
roaksoaxbigjools: ppl have been complaining about constraints in customer deployments23:39
bigjoolsah no it returns httplib.CONFLICT23:39
bigjoolsroaksoax: it's definitely a juju bug23:39
bigjoolsit has no notion of not being able to get a node, it just waits for one forever (I think it retries)23:39
roaksoaxyeah maybe, TBH i didn't look much into it since i needed to get that stuff working23:40
roaksoaxfeel free to retarget accordingly23:40
bigjoolsdone :)23:41
roaksoaxbigjools: i think this is more important though: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/115480323:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1154803 in MAAS "Default constraints prevents the allocation of nodes if they are equal to the HW." [High,New]23:41
bigjoolsroaksoax: well that sucks :/23:42
roaksoaxbigjools: yeah i was thinking might be related to node having 1, and the constraints 1.0  amybe?23:42
bigjoolsroaksoax: I don't know who will fix that23:42
roaksoaxbigjools: mgz? :)23:42
bigjoolsit won't be us I'm afraid, we're super busy on another deadline23:42
bigjoolsroaksoax: should be easy to fix if you write a test to re-create it :)23:43
roaksoaxbigjools: sure, I'll try to do it this week, im packed getting other stuff to work23:44
* bigjools hears you23:44
bigjoolsroaksoax: FWIW, all of my team are with me here in Brisbane next week23:44
bigjoolsin case you expected them to be around to ping :)23:44
roaksoaxbigjools: hehe ok :)23:45

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