vibhavWhat is the property for a button which decides its position in the app?09:33
commandolinevibhav: what are you using? QML? Quickly? Something else?09:35
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oxsavhi all09:40
oxsavhow can i install ubuntu SDK?09:40
commandolineoxsav: instructions here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/09:42
oxsavthank you _o_09:43
commandolineoxsav: this might be interesting to you too: http://developer.ubuntu.com/2013/03/announcing-the-first-ubuntu-sdk-days/09:43
oxsavthis is like android SDK?09:43
oxsavcan we emulate a device to run our applications?=09:43
commandolineI'm not sure if it emulates the complete Ubuntu Phone OS, but it allows you to preview your apps for sure.09:44
commandoline* Touch OS it's called nowadays, isn't it? :P09:45
oxsavTouch OS? Sry didn't understand09:51
commandolineit's not important  anyway, that SDK should work :)09:53
vibhavcommandoline: qml10:19
commandolinevibhav: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qml-positioners.html might be helpful. I'm not very deep into QML myself though, so that link is all I can give. ;)10:30
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vibhavcommandoline: thanks!10:59
aquariusdpm, I thought I might get roped into the SDK Days thing :)11:42
dpmaquarius, hahaha11:42
aquariusyou hate fun, though, scheduling this during pub time on a Friday :)11:42
dpmaquarius, don't worry, if it's too late for you, you shouldn't feel forced to do it11:42
aquariusit is fine. I should drink less anyway ;)11:43
dpmaquarius, well, it's just 5-10 minutes, so theoretically, you _can_ do it from the pub11:43
dpmaquarius, but now on a more serious note, it is quite late indeed, so if you still want to show it during the SDK days, we can perhaps arrange something else or squeeze you into another session11:44
aquariusnah, it's cool11:44
aquariusI shall do it, no worries.11:45
aquariusI am *not* taking my laptop to the pub, though :)11:45
* dpm has visions of torrents of beer spilled over laptop11:45
aquariusit'd be cool to be able to screenshare in a hangout from an Ubuntu phone, mind, but (a) I bet one hundred pounds that you can't and (b) I do not *have* an Ubuntu phone ;)11:45
* dpm has the suspicion that the bet is 100 pounds because aquarius has already tried11:46
* aquarius laughs11:46
aquariusnah, but... has anyone tried installing the google hangouts plugin on a phone?11:47
aquariusscreenshare from a phone, that'd be *sweet*11:47
aquariusmake it so, phone people. :)11:47
dpmindeed, not sure how well the Ubuntu web browser would support the plugin11:47
dpmI think it should be easy to install it, more difficult to actually talk to the browser and make it do something :)11:48
aquariusI do not know whether plugin stuff is entirely handled by the webkit widget or whether the wrapper handles it. mardy or osomon question, that one11:50
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josh__hello. this looks dinda cool13:19
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_ericcchopefully I can be around for this tomorrow, a noob has got to start somewhere :)18:45
ninjaaronquick question about programming for Unity Next (or whatever it's called). Will it be possible to write frontends with QML and back-ends with any languages that hooks into qt5, or is C++ the only option native backends?20:40
ninjaarons/option/option for20:41
JanCninjaaron: what do you mean by frontends/backends?21:03
ninjaaronwould it be possible to do heavier data-prosessing in another language and write a qml wrapper.21:07
ninjaaronI'm working on a program that will parse hebrew verb forms with python, and it might be handy to have in my pocket.21:08
ninjaaronI realize this doesn't have a broad appeal, but as a linguist who uses programming as a means to an end, it would be handy if I could do it for myself and a few others. I haven't learned QML yet, but it might be worth it if can integrate with the tools I already know for doing my work. Mobility is nice.21:11

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