bluesabreIn 13.04 I can't resume from standby.  The only proprietary driver I am using is a broadcom wireless.  What package should I report against and is there anything in particular I should add to the report?09:06
jibelbluesabre, suspend bug is a potential kernel issue, file a bug with the command: ubuntu-bug linux09:11
jibelbluesabre, some guidelines https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KernelTeamBugPolicies09:12
bluesabrethanks jibel09:13
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rawiHi, I have no mail list account. Is it OK to post here a short bug/finding about the Kubuntu Installer?12:01
rawiWell I hope simply, that it will arrive to the right guys.12:07
rawiTrying to install Kubuntu 12.10 in the 1.st partition of a manually created mdRaid1, no problem with copying of files but although right chosen to put grub in /dev/md127 the install tries to put it in /dev/sda12:07
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hggdhso... anyone knows who to contact on wiki.ubuntu.com issues?17:27
micahghggdh: #canonical-sysadmin17:45
hggdhmicahg: thank you dear sir17:53
melodieI would like to ask about an issue I met with, which seems kind of a bug to me... I'd like opinions. Here is what:23:49
melodieI have an install with full openbox environment, and just a few pieces from lxde, not all; I have lxpanel among else, and my console is Sakura.23:50
melodieI also have tint2 installed, and a desktop file for each in ~/.config/autostart, which is ok : I can rename one to "-back" while the other is used (there is also a program which makes the openbox environment use the xdg methods)23:51
melodienow comes the funny part23:51
melodieI had lxpanel and wanted to start htop from the lxpanel menus23:51
melodieno htop23:51
melodieI start it from console, it works23:51
melodienext I try to add "x-terminal-emulator" after the exec= command, just before "htop", in the htop.desktop file and still no go, so I looked into the .xsession-errors file and there I see23:52
melodieeach time htop is called from the lxpanel menu, it is lxterminal which is called23:53
melodieand it is not installed, but it will call each time this one.23:53
melodiedo you think I can consider it as a bug and report it as such in bugzilla ?23:53

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