margadesrt, so, what's your tz?00:00
margaI was sure you'd be offline at this time.00:00
margaOh, alright.00:00
margaUsually I'm in Munich, but I'm in California for 2 weeks00:05
desrtvisiting the home base?00:06
* marga nods00:06
margaAlso, attending PyCon this weekend00:06
margastupid glib hasn't finished testing yet00:07
desrtmind your words00:07
desrtthat's my stupid glib :p00:07
margaare those your tests as well?00:07
margaI mean, I love tests00:07
desrtsome of them00:07
margaBut not when I want this build to finish already...00:07
margaMaybe it won't finish today...00:09
desrtwell... comment on the bug when you know00:10
margasure thing00:12
marga:( :( Still crashing00:26
margaMost likely I screwed up applying the patch though00:26
desrtya.  that was my thoughts :)00:26
desrtdid you remember to add it to the series?00:26
margaI was fearing this all the time this thing was building :(00:26
margaI did00:26
margaI added it to series00:26
desrtthat's what i always forget to do00:26
desrtis it the same backtrace?00:26
margaLet's see that00:26
* marga curses00:29
desrtthrough real_change_event?00:29
desrtthe patch must have not applied properly...00:30
margaindeed, I'm certain I screwed up00:30
desrtbecause there is a direct check for keys ending with "/" there now...00:30
margaI'll recheck00:30
desrtblame quilt :)00:30
margaWell, apparently when I installed all of the glib build-deps it didn't install quilt... May that be it?00:37
desrtyou installed build-deps for glib or glib2.0?00:37
desrtfwiw, i don't think it would let you build without the proper deps anyway...?00:37
margaI have applied the patch manually (i.e. quilt push) now, and triggered a new build.  But I'm leaving in 20 minutes or so, and I don't expect it to finish before that.00:37
margaI installed the build-deps for libglib2.0-0 or something.00:38
desrtclose enough00:38
margaI'm shocked that quilt was not installed.00:38
desrtya... that does seem a bit weird00:38
desrti don't really know much about debian packaging though00:39
desrtmaybe that's part of devscripts or something00:40
desrtdid you use dpkg-buildpackage or debuild?00:40
margafakeroot debian/rules binary00:40
desrtya.... that's not going to apply patches, i think00:40
margaI just wanted the binary! :)00:40
margaYes, you are right00:40
margaI'm just old00:41
margaI'm used to my old habits00:41
TheMusoThe aptches are only applied if the package is source format 3.0 quilt.00:41
TheMusoOtherwise you have to apply them yourself once the package is unpacked.00:41
margaIndeed, I now see like the 5 ways I screwed up.00:42
desrtcall it a day :p00:42
margaAnyways, it's building faster this time, apparently it doesn't want to retest00:42
margaI'm leaving, will get back to this tomorrow00:44
margathanks a lot for the help!00:44
desrtgood evening00:44
desrttry to visit napa, btw00:44
pittiGood morning05:29
chrisccoulsongood morning pitti06:45
pittihey chrisccoulson; you're up early!06:45
chrisccoulsonpitti, yeah, one of my daughters decided she wanted breakfast at 6am ;)06:46
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tkamppeterRAOF, thank you very much for your LCMS update.07:05
darkxstpitti, so I am running the gnome-shell 3.8 stack on top  of your logind, seems to be working well07:23
pittidarkxst: nice!07:24
xnoxwhat package are the  new "logout/shutdown/restart overlay chameleon" pop ups?08:27
seb128hey desktopers08:56
mlankhorstg'day mate08:57
m4n1shmvo: I guess you missed this merge req https://code.launchpad.net/~manishsinha/software-properties/add-update-after-repo-add/+merge/15018509:01
jibelchrisccoulson, hey, since yesterday ff-trunk mochitest-ipcplugins test fails with "ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.7/lib-dynload/datetime.x86_64-linux-gnu.so: failed to map segment from shared object: Cannot allocate memory" and just before that a message "Maximum number of clients reached"09:04
jibelchrisccoulson, is it a test that requires a particularly high amount of memory?09:04
chrisccoulsonjibel, yeah, not sure what's going on there :/09:04
jibelchrisccoulson, we're currently running with 2GB or memory, we can increase it a bit if it helps09:06
mvom4n1sh: I did, sorry for that09:06
chrisccoulsonjibel, that should be enough. i'll try it locally, but i need to fix the build first09:07
seb128hey chrisccoulson mvo Laney09:13
seb128how are you?09:13
chrisccoulsonhey seb128. i'm good thanks. how are you?09:13
Laneypretty good!09:14
Laneydesrt: I'll look at that SRU for sure09:14
Laneymaybe we can just take .409:15
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm good thanks09:15
seb128Laney, desrt: from memory I looked at glib and it was not a good idea09:15
seb128it has annotation changes breaking gnome-shell09:16
seb128and there was another issue09:16
seb128go -gi09:16
Laneysounds bad for a point release09:16
seb128glib/gtk don't have a tradition of stable point release09:16
seb128gtk rewrites full widgets in point releases09:16
LaneyI thought glib had slightly more sensible maintainers ;-)09:17
seb128Laney, let me check that I'm thinking about the right serie, I'm trying to recall the details, it has been a while09:20
seb128Laney, desrt: one of the issues was09:25
seb128(in case you go for the update)09:26
seb128(what a great idea to change install dirs in a point update)09:26
Laneyah, because they were still on /etc in precise09:32
seb128our bash-completion version didn't even support /usr there09:33
Laneyprobably not the best idea09:33
chrisccoulsonjibel, i did make a change to the way the tests run btw. they now run from an autostart job in a custom gnome session (so we get proper theming / font settings etc)09:34
chrisccoulsonthat shouldn't affect memory consumption too much though :/09:34
seb128Laney, desrt: ok, the other thing I was think about is https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=680310 (see comment #12)09:37
ubot2Gnome bug 680310 in network-indicator "Sorting of access points by strengh not working" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]09:37
seb128Laney, but yeah, everything else looks fine, if you want to give a try to the update please do, just revert the bash completion commit and watch if the annotation issue happens to gnome-shell09:39
mvohey seb128!09:39
Laneywell, the rename part of it is fine and needed if that is to work09:40
Laneybut indeed I'll check it out09:40
seb128Laney, thanks ;-)09:41
chrisccoulsonhi mvo, how are you?09:41
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chrisccoulsonjibel, i wonder if these failures are caused by skew between the binary / source packages11:34
chrisccoulsonbecause i made some changes to the test harness parts in the packaging, but the builds have been failing since for unrelated reasons11:34
chrisccoulsonso i guess it's using the autopkgtest scripts in the latest source, on the old binary11:35
chrisccoulsonok, the tests are running on my local build. i'll respin the PPA build now11:43
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czajkowskigrrrr raring keeps removing  stuff that helps my VMs work  any idea why it would have this crazy idea13:14
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desrtLaney: thanks :)13:37
Laneyif only I could run shell inside my vm ;-)13:38
ogra_Laney, serial FTW :)13:39
Laneynot /a/ shell, GNOME shell :P13:40
ogra_just use a virtual USB to serial adapter to connect to a virtual machine :)13:40
ogra_imagination is key ;)13:40
Sweetsharkdidrocks: how many downloads does the unity ppa get daily? any estimate on that by chance?13:40
ogra_oh, that shell13:40
* desrt wonders who blasts the stones out of their car stereo at 9am13:43
Laneywho needs an IsRunnableHelper13:50
desrtLaney: glx checker bringing you (or your shell?) down?13:50
desrtLaney: fwiw, gnome-shell runs just fine under virt.... not sure what the issue is here :(13:50
desrtunless you're on precise, of course...13:51
desrtllvm wasn't so hot back then13:51
Laneyyes, that one13:51
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desrtLaney: you found the bug, i guess?14:00
Laneywhat bug?14:00
desrt(the SRU request, i mean)14:01
Laneyno, was going to file one14:01
Laneyis there one already?14:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 1154370 in glib2.0 "[precise SRU] crash due to improper handling of "/" in GSettings" [Undecided,New]14:01
Laneyah, yeah, I'm linking that to my upload14:01
Laneywill do a tracking bug for .4 too14:01
desrtah.  gotcha.14:01
pittididrocks: do we really need to put the whole ~ubuntu-desktop into https://launchpad.net/~cupstream2distro-maintainers ?14:02
pittididrocks: for a few weeks now I'm getting tons of email through that (reviews, autolanding notifications, etc.)14:02
* Laney isn't14:02
Laneypitti: do you have something here https://bugs.launchpad.net/cupstream2distro/+subscriptions ?14:03
pittihow did you make it stop?14:03
LaneyI never got it14:03
pittino, empty14:03
* pitti looks at https://launchpad.net/~pitti/+editemails14:04
pittiI don't see anything there either14:04
pittiLaney: are you in the team?14:04
Laneyyeah, via core-dev14:05
pittiMe -> ~ubuntu-desktop -> ~cupstream2distro-maintainers14:05
* pitti applies the .procmailrc bat for now14:06
Laneydo the mails have a rationale header or something?14:06
pittiX-Launchpad-Message-Rationale: Subscriber @cupstream2distro-maintainers14:06
LaneyI suspect it's coming via some other team membership you have14:06
pittiX-Launchpad-Notification-Type: code-review14:06
Laneyit can't be all core-dev otherwise we'd have surely heard about it by now14:06
pittiLaney: ooh!14:09
pittiLaney: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev has an email address14:09
pittiso that'll intercept those14:09
pittibut as I'm a member through ~ubuntu-desktop, that won't save me14:09
jibelchrisccoulson, ff-next run finished but junit result file for xpcshell-test is invalid, it contains a '^G' at line 1663 (https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/raring-ppa-adt-mozillateam_firefox_next-firefox/ARCH=i386,label=adt/2/artifact/results/testresults/xpcshell-tests.xml)14:09
Laneypitti: I'm in desktop too though14:09
Laneywhich also has an email14:10
LaneyI blame a different team ;-)14:10
jibelchrisccoulson, I guess it's the bell when xpcshell aborts, can you filter it?14:10
pittiLaney: ok, who knows then... procmail it is!14:11
Laneya good solution14:12
* Laney lunches14:15
chrisccoulsonjibel, ah, this test doesn't run on the nightly builds because there's no crash reporter14:20
didrockspitti: well, it's what people/archive admin can edit. I thought opening it would make sense14:35
pittididrocks: yeah, we figured out it's due to my canonical-qa-team membership, not through u-desktop14:36
didrocksSweetshark: we build as an average ~7/8 components a day14:37
didrocksah :)14:37
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Sweetsharkdidrocks: so how many subscriber does that ppa have as an estimate?14:43
Sweetsharkdidrocks: just because the libreoffice ppa had some 43.000 downloads in one week (for the same version, so likely unique users) and I wonder if that is much.14:44
didrocksSweetshark: not sure, and I don't really care, it shouldn't be used14:44
didrocksSweetshark: it's a transiant place for the distro14:44
didrocksas if the tests failing14:44
didrocksit's immediately copied to distro14:44
Sweetsharkdidrocks: ah, k.14:44
Sweetsharkdidrocks: we build in one ppa, copy to the one for users to test -- and if that looks mostly good, we hit the distro ;)14:45
didrocksSweetshark: ok, a little bit different workflow when you do have functional tests :)14:45
Sweetsharkdidrocks: I welcome your patch adding functional test for the 124 file formats that libreoffice reads and writes, some reverse engineered and most undocumented ;)14:47
didrocksSweetshark: meanwhile, you will grow the unity suite and help on the incoming 40 packages for raring? :)14:47
Sweetsharkdidrocks: this is no way to win. we need to team up and push the work on some unsuspecting victim!14:48
margadesrt, I finally got to test that bug, and indeed it's gone after applying the glib patch. Will say that in the bug14:56
desrtmarga: great.  Laney is taking care of the SRU, btw.14:57
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Laneydesrt: it is done15:57
Laneymarga: ^15:57
margaLaney, awesome, thanks15:58
desrtLaney: SRU'd?15:58
desrtthe whole thing or just the one patch?15:58
Laneypending, and .415:58
desrtnice :)15:58
Laneywe already had .3 in precise-updates15:58
desrtya... i saw that15:59
desrtbut it didn't have the fix15:59
Laneyno, but I mean going from that to .4 isn't so big ;-)15:59
jasoncwarner_morning all16:11
seb128jasoncwarner_, hey, how are you?16:12
* Laney eyes mlankhorst 16:13
jasoncwarner_hey seb128 pretty good, thanks! you all? seems laney is keeping a watchful eye on mlankhorst ?16:14
seb128lol, seems so16:14
seb128I think we are all good, busy but good ;-)16:14
LaneyIt's because I've noticed him becoming Australian - too much time on the X team16:15
mlankhorstLaney: Hey I've been breaking my system by forcefully unbinding, one does become insane after a while trying to fix that!16:17
jasoncwarner_Laney, one does not simpley "become australian"...it takes years of treatement it to make a body immune to the challenges of living in Australia. For instance, one needs to become accustomed to hot christmases, eating weird food, ending every word with 'ekkie' and, among other things.16:17
mlankhorsthm weird, it worked this time16:18
* mlankhorst eyes results suspiciously16:18
Laneyjasoncwarner_: Not for me thanks - give me a pint of warm beer and a leaden sky and I'll be happy ...16:22
mlankhorstLaney: in fact for the past few months I've been in the european time zone.. well close enough16:23
mlankhorstmy sleep cycle has been good!16:23
Laneyi'm proud ;)16:24
seb128Laney, warm beer, urg :p16:25
LaneyIt's stout and porter month here this month \o/16:26
Laneythe darker the better16:26
mlankhorstseb128: I think it's an euphemism16:26
Laneychrisccoulson is on my side16:27
* mlankhorst would only drink non-alcoholic beer anyway16:46
mlankhorstbut yeah that sort of defeats the purpose of beer16:47
chrisccoulsonawesome pair of consecutive test failures:16:48
chrisccoulson189199 ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/dom/plugins/test/test_crashing.html | This test did not leave any crash dumps behind, but we were expecting some!16:48
chrisccoulson189200 ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/dom/plugins/test/test_crashing.html | This test left crash dumps behind, but we weren't expecting it to!16:48
dupondjeThere is some bug with empathy in raring? I'm unable to open empathy-accounts :s17:38
sarnolddupondje: the rumours I heard was that's a ruby problem, and ruby ftbfs at the moment..17:38
seb128dupondje, wfm, what error do you get?17:41
dupondjeseb128: I start empathy-accounts from commandline, no output, no screen, nothing :s17:41
ritzhi, I noticed on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2013-03-12, we have IRC log Western edition and Eastern edition. are the meetings held over twice ?17:42
seb128dupondje, can you strace or gdb it?17:42
dupondjerecvfrom(7, 0x1f65ad4, 4096, 0, 0, 0)   = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)17:42
seb128ritz, those are different meetings17:42
dupondjepoll([{fd=4, events=POLLIN}, {fd=7, events=POLLIN}, {fd=5, events=POLLIN}, {fd=3, events=POLLIN}], 4, 854917:42
dupondjeis where it hangs17:42
seb128ritz, the eastern one is for .au and .nz guys (and some americans join it)17:43
seb128dupondje, gdb?17:43
dupondjehmz :) how to gdb it exactly? Only gdb'ed crashes, but not hanging progs :)17:44
seb128dupondje, gdb empathy-accounts17:45
seb128(gdb) run17:45
seb128(gdb) bt17:45
seb128copy the backtrace to pastebin17:45
seb128it will tell you where you stopped which is likely where it's hanging17:45
ritzseb128 , what are the timings for au ? tanks17:46
seb128ritz, not sure with DST, it's like 10pm UTC17:47
seb128ritz, check with jasoncwarner_17:47
seb128dupondje, thread apply all bt?17:47
seb128dupondje, that one suggests its running as it should ... are you sure it didn't open an ui on another workspace, screen or something?17:48
jasoncwarner_ritz: everytimezone.com17:48
ritzUTC is perfect, thanks :)17:48
seb128jasoncwarner_, he was asking at what time the eastern meeting is, I said 10pm UTC but I'm not sure, I could be off by an hour or two17:49
seb128jasoncwarner_, I've not been around for this one since a while ;-)17:49
dupondjeseb128: can't see anything :s17:49
jasoncwarner_ah, seb128 thanks17:49
ritzjasoncwarner_ ty17:49
seb128dupondje, hum, I don't know, maybe desrt has an idea ... there are only stuff from him in there (glib, dconf, ...) :p17:50
dupondjeseb128: ok thx :)17:51
dupondjeseb128: just tested something else. Logged in with my profile on Unity, and there it works. But on Gnome-shell its still broken :s18:11
seb128dupondje, seems like a gnome-shell bug to me then18:11
dupondjeseb128: dunno. I have still 1 account added, but it does not connect to it neither in gnome-shell :s18:12
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desrtSweetshark: so... i was just reading https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/WidgetLayout19:11
desrtthat's pretty .... interesting19:11
achiangcyphermox: reproduced the nm-applet bug and captured logs. uploading in a bit19:18
cyphermoxawesome, you rule19:18
cyphermoxbusy hacking on bluetooth for the afternoon though19:18
achiangcyphermox: ok, both logs uploaded - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/78060219:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 780602 in libdbusmenu "nm-applet leaks memory and stops functioning after a while" [High,Confirmed]19:26
desrtwill and i are working at the local library19:35
desrtand i was pacing around thinking about a problem i'm trying to solve and i was looking mindlessly at the magazine rack19:36
desrtand i noticed this magazine cover: http://photos-e.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/430461_340626475973489_100000784196139_919593_773971996_n.jpg19:36
dobeydesrt: and gantt charts ftw?19:54
desrtdobey: close, but not quite19:54
desrtthe data on this chart is very very specific19:54
Laneyyeah, i definitely recognise that graphic19:56
mdeslaurhaha, ubuntu lts support cycle :)19:56
Laneymy god, when trying to find it I came across this http://www.markshuttleworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/tache2011-646x1024.jpg19:57
mdeslaurLaney: gah!19:57
Laneynot quite the same19:58
cyphermoxclose enough19:58
cyphermoxthere were newer ones19:59
cyphermox(I think)19:59
desrtlaney and mdeslaur win :)20:00
Laneydesrt loves the 'tache20:00
desrtLaney: i just set that as my desktop wallpaper20:00
desrtbut ya... in any case, the pattern on the monitor is clearly the LTS thing20:00
cyphermoxis nm-applet still running?20:09
cyphermoxcan you see if you can figure out what process owned either :1.78 or :1.56, depending on which one might still be alive20:10
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cyphermoxI see GetGroupProperties being called twice from two different sources, unless one of the is a piece of the stack, if both are nm-applet then that's probably the key20:11
cyphermoxachiang: I think this is missing information, perhaps it would be best to not leave any messages out from what dbus says20:37
achiangcyphermox: i killed nm-applet to get the logs20:38
achiangcyphermox: i can try again... what should i look for?20:39
tkamppeterRAOF, hi20:40
RAOFtkamppeter: Hi. What was the missing patch?20:45
tkamppeterRAOF, I did not find out the root cause of the segfaults, but simply tried my own method to obtain a patch, comparing the upstream code of our LCMS2 package and the LCMS2 version coming with the GS 9.07 source. This resulted in a patch which seemed once to contain the old patch (your patch) but a lot more. I had a look and most changes looked similar to the ones in your patch and so I simply tried it and the crashes went away.20:49
tkamppeterRAOF, GS upstream developers tell that the extra changes are mainly to get better performance but they also had no idea why they remedy the segfaults.20:50
tkamppeterRAOF, they are sending my patch to Marti Maria, upstream of LCMS2.20:50
RAOFtkamppeter: Has there been an lcms2 release containing these changes?20:52
RAOF(ie: can we just update to that?)20:52
tkamppeterRAOF, AFAIK not.20:53
RAOFBoo, hiss.20:56
Sweetsharkdesrt: ;)20:57
tkamppeterRAOF, probably the best is to simply take my patch for now (debdiff attached to the bug), so that my uploaded GS 9.07 will build and get into Raring.20:57
desrtRAOF: noticed you had just about the most 'popular' g+ post in history...21:02
RAOFdesrt: Yeah, I'm a celebrity.21:04
mlankhorstnow make your million dollars!21:04
RAOFTime to monetise eyeballs!21:05
* RAOF has a big jar of them in his shed.21:06
* desrt thinks that anybody who doesn't understand why we'd want mir simply isn't paying attention21:06
Sweetsharkdesrt: I hope you mean 'interesting' in the 'insane, but right about the amount that could work' way -- of course, the real boon is when the migrartion paths opening, once we are completely with the new format ...21:08
desrtSweetshark: i had a feeling that there might be some foot-in-the-doorism here21:08
jbichadesrt: I heard it was because Canonical wanted to kill the Year of the Linux Desktop for good ;)21:08
Sweetsharkdesrt: there sure is.21:08
desrtgood :)21:09
desrtattente: ssssshhhhhhh21:10
Sweetsharkdesrt: note also that the experimental gtk3 backend port renders _through_ gtk3, not like the gtk2 backend 'rendering in native X and faking to look a bit like gtk2'21:11
TheMusoRAOF: Yeah that is a good post.21:11
desrtSweetshark: i'll be more impressed when you're actually using our widgets :)21:12
Sweetsharkdesrt: sure, but enduser actually care for the crazy stuff we do e.g. rendering on a textprocessing canvas. But yeah, together that would be huge win.21:13
tkamppeterRAOF, will you upload my debdiff for LCMS2?21:19
RAOFtkamppeter: Yeah. It'd be nicer if it were a series of upstream cherry-picks, though21:20
* Sweetshark realizes he writes like a drunk bum (which might stem from the dizziness caused by catching an highly annoying cold yesterday) and better walks off for bed. night guys!21:20
tkamppeterRAOF, thanks.21:22
cyphermoxachiang: don't bother, I fixed my setup I can now reproduce at will21:26
achiangcyphermox: ah!21:26
cyphermoxPretty cool too, it seems to reproducibly fail around ID 30000...21:33
cyphermoxIt's as fun as a bag of puppies21:35
cyphermoxachiang: ^^ still fails, even without wifi, it's just slower. I'll write a quick little test case that factors out nm-applet21:36
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thumperhi RAOF22:00
thumperRAOF: nice G+ post btw22:00
RAOFthumper: Yo!22:00
mterryrobert_ancell, poke about lightdm in phablet22:27
robert_ancellmterry, what about it?22:28
mterryrobert_ancell, so I have a branch to add support for linking with liblightdm, but of course it doesn't work fully yet, because we don't run the greeter as a separate executable for lightdm to spawn22:28
mterryrobert_ancell, running it separately would regress the nice sliding animations it uses now.  IIRC, mir will allow for nicer animations between greeter and session?22:29
robert_ancellmterry, nicer but still running as seperate processes. So the system compositor needs to know an appropriate set of transitions22:30
mterryrobert_ancell, how do we tell it that transition?22:32
robert_ancellmterry, lightdm will tell the system compositor switch from session G to U using transition T where G is the greeter session ID, U is the user session ID and T is a transition hint22:32
robert_ancellso there will be a number of transition hints, e.g. Greeter > Session, Session > Greeter, Session > Session etc22:33
mterryrobert_ancell, k.  and lightdm knows a hard-coded list of transitions?  who specifies the hint?22:33
robert_ancellmterry, I think we'll have an enum essentially for each transition type, and the compositor can decide how to interpret those22:34
robert_ancellmterry, not this will be specific to the mir module in lightdm and the unity compositor22:34
robert_ancellother display servers/compositors may choose to do it differently22:34
robert_ancell"note this"22:35
mterryrobert_ancell, and the greeter can specify this transition via liblightdm?22:36
robert_ancellmterry, no, I haven't seen a need for that yet. But we can add that if necessary into the "start session" call22:37
robert_ancelli.e. if we do some complex transition like - start_session ("unity", "logo.x=543,logo.y=612") and then do some complex animation from the logo to the session22:38
mterryrobert_ancell, so I'm gathering that lightdm doesn't support this yet?  (and mir isn't ready for it anyway)22:39
robert_ancellmterry, the lightdm branch tells the system compositor to do the transitions, but not with a hint. The system compositor just brings the switched to surface to the top of the stack so there's no transition animation22:40
mterryrobert_ancell, ok22:42
achiangcyphermox: maybe it's some signed integer overflowing23:10
cyphermoxthat's what I'm afraid of23:10
cyphermoxmy test app is still running...23:10
cyphermoxbut it hasn't reached 30k yet, soon ;)23:11
cyphermoxI'm at ~2430023:11
cyphermoxit's slow, but once it gets just shy of the number it will slow down the updates so I can see what happens23:11
cyphermoxif that fails too, then it's clear it's something like that, in dbusmenu or some piece of the stack23:12
cyphermoxI looked closely though and everything was 32-bit23:12
cyphermoxclosely  = I mean quickly ;)23:12
cyphermoxachiang: hmm... it's failed23:19
cyphermoxbut I didn't get to see where it did23:19
cyphermoxI'll revise the timing and watch it all day tomorrow I guess23:21
achiangcyphermox: can you start the timer at around 24K? :)23:40
sarnoldhey, what's the new way to do this?23:53
sarnoldgsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences auto-raise false23:53

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