czajkowskiif folks get a chance leave a comment on mikes page for his testimonals for his membership https://wiki.ubuntu.com/mikeodonohue14:58
tdr112when is he up15:25
airurandotdr112: hoping to get a few testimonials before signing up for one of the membership meetings.16:01
airurandoczajkowski: sincere thanks to you for a lovely testimonial16:02
tdr112I will do one up16:17
airurandothanks tdr11216:19
tdr112must find me wiki password somewhere16:23
airurandoVictor9098: thanks for the website unblocking tip in the tweet this am.20:17
Victor9098I only came across it last week, brilliant little extension.20:18
Victor9098Until they figure out how to block it20:19

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