clearyhi folks - I'm wondering if anyone could provide some clues on x11vnc usage with ubiquity-dm?00:34
clearycurrently ubiquity-dm is running (pre-any other dm starting), and I need to give vncserver access to display :000:35
xnoxcleary: drop an interesting upstart job which will start on starting ubiquity-dm.00:40
xnoxcleary: and start x11vnc from there.00:40
clearyhi xnox: I've got it running via inetd at the moment00:42
xnoxthat would work to, i think.00:42
cleary...actually, I have a new debug tool I think I can use00:42
clearywill give it a crack -00:43
clearygot it, the x11vnc startup script I'm using is a legacy thing from a bsd admin we had working for us01:00
clearylots of switches I don't understand01:00
clearycut them down to the ones I do and it started :P01:00
clearyxnox: your upstart job idea is going to make this very easy - thanks :)01:15
xnoxcleary: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook see for many examples of how to run gui app (essentially with a DISPLAY var) and how to start your new job before ubiquity-dm, etc.01:17
xnoxcleary: note that there is no inotify support on the livecd, so you may need to use `initctl reload-configuration` if your new job is not in place before upstart starts.01:17
clearyxnox: thanks for the links01:29
clearyI only need it to start with ubiquity-dm, I'm planning to use krfb inside the kde environment once it gets going01:30
clearyso I start it on starting-dm DM=ubiquity-dm01:31
clearyand stop it on login-session-start or desktop-session-start01:31
clearywhich are events emitted by kdm01:31
xnoxsounds okish, test =) to see if it does what you need ;-)01:33
clearyyep, will test the shit out of it :P01:33
clearyxnox: I need some more help if you're still around - the starting-dm event emitted by ubiquity happens before ubiquity-dm is executed03:32
clearyso my x11vnc fails to start due to no x server03:33
clearyI've tried the 'started ubiquity' event03:33
clearythis is still too soon03:33
clearywhat's do you recommend without sticking a wait loop in there?03:33
cleary(or do you recommend a wait loop) ;)03:34
xnoxcleary: ubiquity has hooks dir which is processed shortly before X is started I think....08:26
xnoxcleary: grep for hook in ubiquity-dm script.08:26
plarsxnox: on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1080701 - psivaa says it's not reproducible for him anymore, but some seem to still be having this issue, or one that looks very much like it14:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 1080701 in ubiquity "After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs" [High,Confirmed]14:18
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