robert_ancellduflu, did you convert all the propietary bugs to public?02:14
duflurobert_ancell: Yes, after briefly reviewing them02:14
robert_ancellduflu, thanks02:14
robert_ancellCan anyone explain to me what the application name is used for in the connect message?04:11
robert_ancellthomi, is the Mir documentation online?04:15
RAOFrobert_ancell: I *think* that's just a placeholder that'll be replaced by the application's UUID?04:23
robert_ancellRAOF, That was my guess. I'm trying to work out why we don't just use that for the system compositor instead of this lightdm_id04:24
RAOFrobert_ancell: That's how I *set* the lightdm_id.04:25
robert_ancellRAOF, no, there's a separate parameter in the connect call right?04:25
RAOFmir_connect(socket, id, callback, ctx);04:26
RAOFIs what xmir calls; that's the same as what a normal client would call.04:27
robert_ancellRAOF, don't you use mir_connect_with_lightdm_id?04:28
RAOFI don't include that file :)04:29
robert_ancellRAOF, I guess it probably doesn't work then!04:29
RAOFmir_connect_with_lightdm_id, or XMir? Or, I guess, Mir? :)04:29
robert_ancellRAOF, XMir04:30
RAOFIt works as far as I can tell?04:30
RAOFAs in: I can log in and it works.04:30
RAOFI may not have tested user switching, I guess.04:30
robert_ancellRAOF, yeah, it's only going to matter when switching04:31
RAOFIt switches from the greeter to my login session fine :)04:31
RAOFI guess it doesn't switch between users; I haven't tested that :)04:32
robert_ancellRAOF, that one is implicit, because the greeter gets destroyed and since mir is just stacking then the session must become visible (and visa versa)04:32
robert_ancellRAOF, ok, cool. I think I'll just propose we remove the ID04:32
RAOFSounds sensible.04:33
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RAOFReal, honest to goodness emails. Oldschool.07:39
RAOFEarnestly warning me that we're destroying linux.07:41
dufluRAOF: So, you basically designed all of Mir, right ? :)07:44
RAOFThat's right.07:44
* duflu runs07:44
RAOFFrom the GROUND UP!07:44
bryceRAOF, ground up... beef?  to feed trolls? ;-)08:25
RAOFFrom the ground up dreams of wayland developers!08:25
RAOFEmulsified with the tears of linux enthusiasts.08:26
bryceaaa!  choices bad!  we want some choice other than X, but please not more than 1!08:29
dufluLOL. Beautiful summaries.09:05
dufluNice to see that Mir has /supposedly/ revived progress on Wayland for Redhat...09:19
dufluI'd like to see Wayland succeed as much as Mir...09:20
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alan_galf_: did you see my post to mir-devel? (Just checking)13:26
alf_alan_g: hmm, no, I guess we need to subscribe manually13:27
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alan_galf_: we do13:27
mmrazikalan_g: I received it (in case you asking if the mails as such are getting delivered)13:27
alan_gmmrazik: cool - I was really checking to see who has subscribed. ;)13:28
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kdubgood morning, status, working on the nex4 display/hwc support today15:01
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alan_gkdub: are you subscribed to mir-devel?15:10
kdubyes, just checking mail now15:10
alan_galf_: do I need to forward the mir-devel email? (Would like to get some feedback)15:43
alf_alan_g: No need, I can read it from the archives (but I am deep in multi-threaded android code now...)15:45
alf_kdub: I get some failing integration tests on nexus 4. Is this normal?15:46
* alan_g is jealous: he's trying to work out where to submit a patch to google-glog - code is much more tractable.15:47
kdubalf_, i know of one.. haven't debugged it yet15:47
kdubalf_, TestClientIPCRender15:48
alf_kdub: right, and I also get a segfault in AndroidBufferIntegration.buffer_ok_with_egl_context15:49
kdubalf_, yes i see that too15:50
alf_kdub: In AndroidBufferIntegration.display_cleanup_ok I see some very suspicious memory errors with valgrind15:50
kdubalf_, i haven't debugged that yet, but valgrind on android doesn't work that well15:53
kdubunhandled syscalls15:53
alf_kdub: btw, multi-threaded compositing seems to mostly work on the nexus 4 with your branches. I am puzzled, though, because AndroidBufferIntegration.display_cleanup_ok aborts with a double-free when I make current a pbuffer surface instead of a window surface in AndroidDisplay.cpp (no threads involved)15:55
kdubwell, its good it seems to mostly work :)15:56
kdubthat is strange, maybe my plan today will be, branch work, investigate the integration tests for a while, and then hwc work15:57
alan_gthomi: what progress on http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir?16:03
alan_gracarr: are you subscribed to mir-devel?16:06
kdubmmrazik, that shell script split for crosscompile you requested is in btw16:06
mmrazikkdub: I noticed. thanks16:06
mmrazikwas preparing some environment for it16:06
racarralan_g: Hmm maybe not16:06
alf_racarr: good morning16:07
alan_gracarr: if you didn't see my email to it...16:07
racarralf_: Morning :)16:08
racarralan_g: I see the email...I will write back soon I need16:08
racarrto think about that16:08
alan_gracarr: then you're subscribed. ;)16:08
racarrstatus today is still working on setting input focus and receiving input I kind of got stuck in circles yesterday16:14
racarrI don't think there are any problems though, I was just scatterbrained yesterday afternoon. have a failing integration test :)16:14
racarralan_g: Hmm re:prepare-session-manager-for-input-focus. I think that makes sense but I am not sure what the object is yet.16:21
racarrperhaps the object is the surface controller and it lives in shell16:21
racarrif create_surface_for is called from ApplicationMediator though16:22
racarrhow does the session come to own the surface?16:22
alan_gracarr: because the session is passed as the first parameter to the call16:26
alan_gobviously create_surface_for() can call session->create_surface()16:27
racarrI understand16:27
racarrI think it's16:28
racarrit makes even more sense if it's called16:28
racarrShell::create_surface_for seems like an appropriate method16:28
alan_gracarr: now reply to that email16:33
racarrI will "reply" I didnt actually get the email16:35
racarreven though I have a verification email for subscribing to the list from before16:35
alan_gracarr: there are *still* merge conflicts.16:38
alan_gdid you forget to "push"?16:40
racarralan_g: ok emailed16:40
racarrjust a second maybe my push hung16:41
racarroh hold habit and I accidentally pushed to ~rocket-scientists instead of ~robertcarr16:41
racarrerr... no.16:41
racarrthe opposite16:42
alan_gracarr: ~rocket-scientists is correct this time16:42
racarrok pushed for real (r502)16:42
alf_kdub: I have the impression that we aren't supposed to deallocate the EGLNativeWindowType created by android_createDisplaySurface(); it's deallocated for us when we call eglDestroySurface() for the associated EGL window surface.16:43
alan_gracarr: looks better16:43
alan_gracarr: where did you email reply? I don't see it, and it isn't in the mir-devel archive.16:48
alan_gkgunn: what's happening with mir-devel ^16:48
kgunnalan_g: let me check16:49
kgunnalan_g: racarr stange....i see alan_g's original mail in the archive16:50
kgunnand i just got a mail of racarr's...with the ability to approve/disapprove16:50
alan_gkgunn: can you see if racarr is subscribed?16:50
alan_g(Sounds like he's a non-member)16:51
kgunnalan_g: ok...looks like he was a member....but the admin interface lets you filter16:52
kgunni marked racarr as someone who should be accepted always16:52
alan_gkgunn: I see it now - thanks16:53
kgunnracarr: i take it back16:56
kgunnyou are not a member16:56
kgunnracarr: i just added you16:58
racarrThanks :)17:14
alan_gracarr: re prepare-for-inprocess-egl-clients - please make better use of the new directory structure.17:15
Cheeryhow is it going around here?18:48
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kdubCheery, well :)20:02
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mmrazikkdub: is the install-on-android script supposed to work? I'm getting these: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5611775/20:12
mmrazikI'm talking about "bash: libboost-system1.49.0: command not found20:12
kdubmmrazik, its not handling the failure in installing protobuf well20:13
mmrazikkdub: isn't there some '\' missing?20:13
mmrazikkdub: this looks a bit suspsicious to me: https://pastebin.canonical.com/86760/20:14
kdubmmrazik, yes, there are20:15
sturmflutHow can I test Mir? I got it to build on my Ubuntu 13.04 install and the server binary runs okay, but all clients segfault after the connection to the server is established and the surface is created22:16
kdubsturmflut, maybe you have a wrong version of mesa...22:49
sturmflutThe libgl1-mesa-dri and libgl1-mesa-glx are at version 9.0.2-0ubuntu122:52
sturmflutkdub: Which versions do I need? I just used the ones from the raring repository22:54
kdubracarr, RAOF ^^22:55
RAOFsturmflut: You need the packages from ppa:mir-team/staging22:56
RAOFsturmflut: You're currently after mesa version 9.1~rc2-0ubuntu0+mir2-jenkins1722:57
sturmflutRAOF: ah, that would explain it22:58
RAOFThe reason why you get segfaults is that your mesa doesn't have a Mir EGL platform, which is how the accelerated clients draw.22:58
RAOFSo the client tries to initialise and EGLDisplay, mesa doesn't find a match, then tries the default (of X11), which segfaults when you don't have a working X11 on the other end of $DISPLAY.22:58
RAOF(This would be a mesa bug ☺)22:59
sturmflutRAOF: Okay, with the mesa packages from the PPA it works. Thanks!23:05
RAOFThere'll be a transition coming sometime soon where I'll break mesa in the process of switching the buffer-passing mechanism from flink to dma-buf; I'll only do that once everything's in place, though.23:07
sturmflutSo when do you think the most basic pieces of Mir and the toolkits (Qt, GTK+ etc.) will be in place? Is the project state on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-mir-converged still correct?23:26
kdubsturmflut, there  is a qpa for qt23:39
sturmflutkdub: sounds good23:43
sturmflutkdub: The target release for the switch to Mir on the desktop is still 14.04?23:43
kdubsturmflut, the blueprints are up to date :)23:46

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