Logan_Does a package that previously FTBFSed in Ubuntu require an FFE, if the package wasn't previously published in Raring due to the FTBFS? The new Debian version builds properly, and there is a sync request for it.00:31
micahgLogan_: If it's got new features, yes00:33
Logan_Well, I mean, the binary wasn't published in Raring previously due to the FTBFS.00:33
micahgLogan_: which package?00:33
Logan_And the only fix in Debian is for the FTBFS, so now the binary would be published.00:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1154211 in libio-async-loop-glib-perl (Ubuntu) "Sync libio-async-loop-glib-perl 0.20-3 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New]00:34
Logan_I tested the Debian version in my amd64 pbuilder, and it didn't FTBFS.00:34
micahgah, it's grandfathered into the release pocket, please sync to raring + SRU to quantal if it works00:35
Logan_So no FFE is required?00:36
micahgno, it's just fixing something broke ATM00:36
micahggenerally binary new requires FFe, but that's when you're adding/restructuring00:36
* micahg is trying in a 32 bit chroot for kicks00:37
micahgLogan_: do you have 32 bit chroots?00:37
Logan_Just amd64 pbuilder.00:38
Logan_Tends to be a good indicator, though.00:38
micahgyeah, catches most things00:38
Logan_If it's a complex package, I usually push it to my PPA to see if it works on i386, etc.00:38
micahgwas fine in 32 bit raring FWIW00:38
micahgso, if you feel like SRUing, that would be great00:39
micahghrm, seems like the build  chroots are stale, it's taking over a minute on i386 just to update the chroot00:40
Logan_I don't think I should SRU, as I don't have a quantal pbuilder00:42
micahgseems to build fine there (I don't have -updates enabled in my chroot though)00:43
micahgLogan_: I'd be happy to upload if you'll do the paperwork :)00:44
Logan_oh lord :P00:44
Logan_I actually have to be AFK for a bit, so I'll probably deal with it later or tomorrow, unless you want to handle the paperwork ;)00:47
micahgLogan_: nah, I'm about to run off myself00:50
xnoxLogan_: there will be about 150 more uploads of no code change, just email change from the same maintainer. Watch out, we generally don't merge if there are no code changes.00:56
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dholbachgood morning07:19
ESphynx'morning :)07:20
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mdeslaurScottK: think you could pull the trigger on LP: #1154581 please?13:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1154581 in Lucid Backports "Please backport puppet 2.7.1-1ubuntu3.8 (main) from oneiric-updates" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115458113:32
* ScottK looks13:32
ScottKmdeslaur: Uploaded.13:35
mdeslaurScottK: awesome, thanks!13:35
ScottKmdeslaur: It got rejected.  Sent you mail.13:39
mdeslaurScottK: oh, how odd...ok, let me upload, one sec13:41
ScottKThanks.  Just give me a ping when it's done.13:41
mdeslaurScottK: uploaded13:47
* ScottK looks.13:48
ScottKmdeslaur: Accepted.13:48
mdeslaurScottK: thanks13:48
ScottKYou're welcome.13:49
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ESphynxgood morning ;)20:19
evckHi, I'm interested in packaging something, and I don't believe it's in Universe. It's the gcc-arm-none-eabi toolchain (https://answers.launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded). I'm not sure if it should be part of the gcc-defaults-armel-cross package, which includes the toolchain for Linux (gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi) targets, or a new package. Any advice?21:37
ScottKinfinity: ^^^ You might know ...21:41
Laneyor hrw21:41
infinityevck: It could potentially be built from the current cross packages, yes.  Patches welcome.21:43
evckinfinity: So this would be a patch to the gcc-defaults-armel-cross package that builds gcc-arm-none-eabi in addition to gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi?21:45
infinityevck: That would seem like a sane way to go, if gcc-arm-none can be built from our current GCC sources.21:46
infinityevck: Alternately, you could do another source package that just builds gcc-arm-none (again, pulling in gcc-4.7-source, ideally), but if it needs a bootstrap to get there, you may end up duplicating a lot of what the other cross source does.21:47
* infinity isn't particularly familiar with how to build the -none- targets, as he doesn't do any bare-metal/embedded work.21:48
evckinfinity: Ok, I have a bit to learn about the packaging process, but I'll take a look into it.21:48
infinityevck: Well, a good first step isn't packaging-related at all, but confirming that you can actually build gcc-arm-none-eabi from the gcc-4.7-source sources.21:49
infinityevck: ie: if this requires an patching from a source other than upstream GCC or the Linaro branch, we'd need to sort that out.21:50
infinityevck: If it's just a matter of passing some configure flags and bundling up the results, it's likely fairly trivial to bolt than on to the current cross builds as another pass.21:50
* infinity hand waves enough to appear to be flailing.21:50

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